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Describe one of your sexual experiences in a short story


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The title says it all 🙂 Choose one sexual experience (of any kind, may it be with yourself or with someone, actual sex or something else) and write it down in a short story, maybe like you would write it in a role-play. Maximum length is one post 🙂

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The first time I came :
It's late at night I was playing a porn game, I was 24 yrs but had never masturbated before, I had a raging boner from the game, I started rubbing my dick through my clothes after a few minutes I came I had never felt that it was a totally new sensation. 
Sorry if isn't much but someone had to start this 

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Okidoki, I'm trying not to be shy 😄

NSFW content from here on 🐨



You push my hands down onto the wooden floor. I look up to you and just wish that I could get out of my clothes and could get you out of yours. This is our game. Aggressive flirting, you have called it. Yes, indeed. I try to wiggle free from your grasp, but can not, could not with all my strength. You're just holding me down with one of your hands. The other one is around my neck. You don't say anything and just look at me victorious. Then you lean forward and kiss me. A wave of heat rushes through my body and fills me through and through. You draw back from the kiss and let go of my wrists and my neck. I sit up and look at you, there is nothing in the room but you and your lips and your eyes that look at me hungrily. I take off my pullover and my shirt, take off your shirt, admire how incredibly beautiful you are. I'm not into guys that have a lot of muscles. I like the ones that play music, the ones that tell me stories and write me songs, the ones that are fine and soft and almost elusive. But then there are you, with your wide shoulders and your thick and curly hair that falls onto them. You will not write me songs, no. But that's okay I guess.

You're on top of me now, pushing yourself inside of me. Goosebumps cover my body and a soft moan escapes my lips. I'm always surprised how wet I get for you. You move in and out of me slowly and smirk at my reaction. My hands find their way to your hips and pull them towards me as you increase the speed and intensity of your movements. I close my eyes, all I hear are my moans, your moans and for a very short second I think of your roommates next door and how they must hear us but as quick as the thought came up to my mind it is gone again. I open my eyes again and push you off of me, sit down on you, facing away from you. I move on you and I know that you like it, hear that you like it, contract and let go every time that I make you you slide in and out of me.

The next moment you're on top of me again. Your hand has closed around my throat, the other pins down my wrists into the pillow beneath my head. My eyes are closed, my head feels heavy and light at the same time, I can't hear anything but myself breathing heavily and moaning out with every of your movements. Your hand closes tighter, everything is filled with this moment, I am not sure whether I can still breathe. The next second you relax your grasp and kiss me. "Are you a good girl?", you ask me, breathing heavily. "Yes, I am a good girl.", I say, drawing your body closer to mine as your movements get even faster and harder. Then you come. I could watch you forever.

My hand is tangled in your hair. Your tongue moves steadily over my clit, my whole body tenses up every time you touch it. You look up to me and then look back down, move your tongue on me until my breaths get shorter and shorter. I feel my body pushing itself against you, feel my legs shivering and my hands tingle. I'm almost there. Everything around me dissolves, the only thing that is left is me and you and your tongue that moves and moves and..The next moment my body arches and I open my eyes gasping and moaning out at the same time. My hands are dug into the sheets of the mattress, I feel myself quivering and contracting. Then I fall back into the sheets and laugh. You crawl back up to me, smile at me and kiss me. Your kiss tastes warm and wet and wonderful. Then I nuzzle against your chest and listen to your heart still beating fast until is has returned to its normal pace. I look at you and smile. Maybe this time it is time for me to write a song for someone.



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1st pov of the time i lost my v card 😛


Shes slowly starting to fall asleep but im feeling so horny, i start rubbing my boner up and down her ass. She reaches behind and starts rubbing my dick through my pants. I take this as a sign to keep going so i work my hands into her pants and slowly slide them off. While this is happening i take off my pants and underwear and she takes off her panties. My parents were in the other room and this was both of ours first time, shes 17 im 18, so this was pretty stupid. she gets on top of me and sits down very slowly and before she could pass my tip she jumps up and lets out a little yelp she tries again but the same thing happens. She looks at me with hurt eyes and says with a shaky voice "i think youre too big for me" i refuse this and decide to slide it in slowly but i kept going she had her mouth wide open and her eyes rolled back while i slowly went inside her. Once i was completely inside her she told me to wait and she layed down on top of me and i can hear her moaning softly. I dont know how she was getting so much pleasure from my dick just being inside her but it was turning me on. looking down and seeing our pubic hair fuse together and our skinny pale white bodies being as close as possible to each other. i start lifting her up and start thrusting in and out my bed started creaking every once in a while and wed stop and look at each other and exchange some laughter. It was quick and i didnt climax but it was amazing.

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.my first se experience was at very young. I was just 17 then. Raju 40+ was staying in rent adjacent to my house. Most morning I get to see him bath near handpump. He was not that good looking but as at that time i was very despo for man so i was falling for him. Most evening i would used to meet with him near gate and have chat. like that one evening there was no one in house just me. I was talking with him backside of our house. Then i feel his hand on my body but i didnt oppose. Then slowly he started to freely feel me up and that was making me crazy. Then he took me to his room and without wait he strip me naked. Then he had his way with me and i too enjoyed it. After that for six month i had sexsual relationship with him. he was rough during sex but i also enjoyed that.

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