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What's the weirdest plot/story you've thought of?


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Okay, so in the spirit of boredom, and trying to find my focus, I pose the above question.

I've been thinking about a Strike Witches fic idea I thought up at one point that goes like this:


Every umpteenth number of years, there's an event called "The Night of Witches' Love" in which the moon turns red, and the witches' familiars cause them to go into heat. In preparation, the witches pair off with a romantic interest; these are either another witch, or someone invited to the base prior to the event. In the meantime, the male soldiers have to take up the night witches' watch while they're dealing with the heat. But, there's also some groups of soliders hoping to break into the base and rape the witches for... Well, the reasons depend on the individual intruders.

So, the story would cut between couples having sex, and a group of male OCs getting into fights with these attempted rapists who come up with increasingly ridiculous ways to break into the base, only to get their asses kicked. In the end, a neuroi shows up, and the OCs have to go blow it up.

Then they have pancakes in the morning.

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Hmm... do you mean a plot/story for a Roleplay? Or for anything in general? I can answer both!

For a Roleplay? Probably one I did ages ago where I Roleplayed as an older sister who, in celebration of her younger sister's (person I was RPing with) birthday, had to bring her downstairs into a dungeon to be imprisoned, raped and impregnated by some extra-terrestrial monster as part of a "ritual". Yeah. ._.

As for the weirdest plot/story for anything? Probably the synopsis for a film called Antichrist. Absolutely mental.

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The weirdest plot I've thought of for RPs was one I did in private with @SMFoxy. Fluttershy's pet rabbit, Angel, somehow gains the power to freely control and alter her. This leads to extreme humiliation, diapering, and various instances of physical and mental abuse.

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