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Rules for the club.


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While we are very lenient on many things and aspects here, it's still necessary with a few rules to outline the few things to follow. This is a list of such and will be changed as needed:

  • Non-con is allowed until this turn sexual of nature. If so, please put these detail into spoilers AND be aware that rape will have story consequences. This is a public RP and thus these actions will have an impact.
  • No god modding (stuff like immortality).
  • No variants of humans, such as elves or halflings.
  • Hybrids needs to make sense within the context of the overall concept (since monsters have only been in the human world for 10 years now).
  • All staff members and studens must have reference image.
  • Do not make any topics on your own, except your personal dorm room or domicile within Sunveil city.
  • Staff members may have from 4-5 powers/skills.
  • Students may have up to 3 powers/skills.
  • Powers need to be at least somewhat defined. For instance, a character cannot simply have "magic" as a skill/power and thus it needs to be more narrowed down.
  • Human character have skills rather than powers, unless these powers are magic.
  • No killing other characters.
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