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    I definitely wouldn't mind having this type of connection with you ^^
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    Sounds fun. But please be careful. It's against ED ToS to advertise for off-site RPs (i.e. Discord, in this case). You just about managed to avoid it this time, just wanted to let you know.
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    I don't think there is a required number of people for a club? It's just the last time I made a club.. I got like... 2 people to join it lmao! But I can make this a club if yall want!
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    Ohhhh this reminds me of a similar game I GMed! Basically, the aim of it was to get the protag to fall in love with them but it didn't stop everyone having fun. It also meant others didn't have to actively pursue the character but it did make for some interesting situations. There were different threads for different locations and people could have "flexi" time so they could do multiple scenes and such!
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    Sounds like it could be fun! Especially for mishaps! 8D Have you considered for it to just be a resort for monster people in general? I ask because I feel that it might open the door a little if you allowed for naga, neko, inu, kitsune, etc~
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    The original idea, yes I had a female protagonist in mind for this! But it's open to manipulation
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    Sounds fun! Especially if its multiple people! Like a club!
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    Reverse harem would mean this has a female protag, right?
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