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    Hello!!! I’ve been working on a story for a long while And I wanted to separate it, like I will continuously write the story but the separate role play could go into another direction. And I wanted to know who would like to assist me or rp with me. I have to find my notebook where I’ve written it down first though >~<
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    Looking for a Femdom RP based on DDLC, Monika seduces and hypnotises her player into her little love slave, using him to fulfil many kinks of her's, but at the same time a degree of a wholesome relationship outside of the bedroom/hypnosis. I'd be the player in this RP, anyone interested?
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    Hey are you lonely? Is your current GF flat chested? Well either way make room for a large chested goth in your life with my new RP! While this is a romantic rp, you know us goths have tons of kinks. We can keep vanilla or we can get freaky with 24/7 sub. Brat or needy. Or maybe a strict dominatrix is in your future. But how could I forget petplay a classic. Plenty to discuss with a guy or gal! So ecchitext me and my one true love, my very large heart.
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    Ive been wanting to try this for a while. Male or female is fine to work with on this. But the idea is that during the zombie apocalypse my character stumbles across yours. And we get taken in by another group of survivors before a horde comas. But the goal of the is to survive and find a cure. But also some romance as well. I'm willing to change some parts of my idea as well Its up for discussion. Comment here or ecchitext me either is fine.
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    Number One: Blackmailing a Model POSSIBLE RAPE, FUTA ALLOWED Roseanne Parks has been your target for a while. If you managed to get her, then you'd die a happy man/woman, you just didn't know how to do it. See, you blackmail women into sleeping with you. You manage to get a hold of information that would literally ruin them if it got out, so to say that you've been successful is a understatement. You are a smart man/woman, with a high college education and quite a lot of friends in various businesses. So, nothing can really get past you when you're arguing or fighting. Roseanne is your every day wet dream, she is your diamond trophy. So, you managed to get some dirty information on her. You managed to find a fact that would kill her career: Roseanne didn't start at the bottom, no, she has always been on the top of the chain becasue she has been sleeping with her company's CEO, and he does all the rest. But, getting her alone is the tricky part. But one day, you managed to catch wind of the fact that Roseanne was going to a semi-private resort for a vacation for about a week. So, you pulled some strings and got yourself tickets for the week. After the first day, you spotted Roseanne walking back into her room, wearing only her tight swimsuit and a cover lightly tied around her. You looked around and quickly followed, watching as the door closed. You then picked the lock easily, and snuck in, seeing Roseanne lounging on her bed. When she saw you, she gasped, "what are you doing in here? Get out!", she said. You smirked, "Roseanne, I would suggest against that. I think you should listen to me," you said. Reluctantly, Roseanne listened, her eyes immediately widening when she heard of the information you had on her. "What do you want from me?" Roseanne asked. You smirked once more, "for this week, you will let me fuck you whenever I want, whereever," you said. Roseanne gasped, "escuse me? Are you serious?!" Roseanne huffed, looked away, and crossed her arms, "...fine." Number Two: Teacher Student Relationship NO RAPE, NO FUTA Hannah Barton is a senior in high school, and has always liked her math teacher. Turns out, her math (Pre-Cal) teacher was just as perverted as her with this, and returned her feelings. A forbidden relationship became of them, and they did a rather good job of hiding it. It was after school now, and Hannah was rather horny, so of course she was going to her teacher, since he always stays later. She walked into the classroom, closing the door behind her. She smiled as she made her way over to his desk and sat upon the desk, "hey," she said, "are you busy? I'm horny," Hannah huffed. Number Three: Bus Molestation RAPE, NO FUTA Lucy King is a 19 year old college student, majoring in English. She is a beautiful, busty girl, and that does put a target on her by some perverted individuals. But, she had no idea what she was getting herself into as she walked into a train. The ride was going to be for 30 minutes, but she found herself in a train car with only a small group of men. She wasn't worried, not at first at least. She had no idea that these same men had raped other girls on this same train car, but still haven't been found out. And, she was their next target. And, it was perfect because oh so coincidentally, the ride was going to be delayed for so much longer- why? Because of a well planned out blockage so the group of men would have much more time with their next victim.
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    I've really been wanting to try one of these out for awhile, and I figured I might as well post it up and see what comes out. The plot goes a little like this... A cruise ship breaks down and a life boat containing the characters for the RP arrive on the island. There is no way off as far as they can see and the boat is damaged, forcing them to go in looking for help, food, fresh water, and shelter. But little do they know that the island is quite inhabited. The Island is split into three parts. The largest part of the Reserve, which is a huge swath of jungle and wild lands which are used by Dr. Vavos, a mad scientist, to house his various genetic experiments. He pays for this with another part of the island, called the Castle. A large resort full of unethical pay customers who come to partake in the things only the good doctor can offer. Here men can hunt the creatures, purchase and enjoy slaves, and even have their slaves modified by the doctor to be exactly what they want them to be. Recently the crazy has been centered around feminine boys and men being turned into pleasure slaves, the doctors science helping to make it a reality. Then lastly there is a small portion of the island sectioned off to contain the original savage inhabitants of the island, the Odo tribe. The Odo men are huge and starved for proper females, and take often kidnap slaves from the reserve to use for themselves in their strange, savage ways. The set up would be this, two characters, one for you and one for me, both traps. We can go together or wander alone of the island, and we will play the island for each other. Whether its being hunted and captured by some billionaire with some dark fetishes, being painted up, tied down, and gang banged by the mysterious aboriginals of the island, or being bound and milked by one of the Dr.'s straight creatures, there is a lot that can happen. Check my preferences for my fetishes, the main ones are going to be S&M, bondage, mind break, slave training, cum milking, humiliation, and domination. Alternatively, I could be the only one who plays a trap and you could play the island. I am open to either by I would really like to play as a trap who gets subjected to whatever your twisted mind can dream up Contact me if you think this is for you!
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    It dawned on me recently that I originally came here looking for a little sister... and still haven't found one! I mean.. I've had some bites here and there but nothing has really gotten started or people disappear. I'd like a partner who likes to do a lot of set up and backstory and have it be kind of a slow burn across multiple scenarios we can discuss. The gist of it being.. the brother and sister were very close growing up. He's older, but by a couple years. She always looked up to him and he took care of her, but as they grew older he started to look at her differently. Once she began to mature he started taking notice. We can even play this across a few scenarios.. from him walking in on her accidentally.. or she wears skimpy outfits around the house, not really thinking much of it.. or a pool/beach scene where she unveils a new bikini that's quite revealing and he can't help but gawk at her. Then I kind of want to build it where he tries not to think about it at first, but as these things keep happening he can't get her out of his mind and starts to become obsessed. Then he starts perving out on her.. deliberately trying to catch a peek.. sneaking photos of her that he can "enjoy" later and even stealing her panties or the aforementioned bikini to do nasty things with. All of this builds and builds until he decides he must have her one way or another. Whether you'd want to do a rape scene.. I could give or take.. but regardless he eventually manipulates and takes advantage of her.. convinces her into doing it. She hesitantly relents, but is never really ok with the idea. What starts as a one time thing begins to happen again and again as she becomes submissive to her brother. We can play with different scenarios here.. him sneaking into her room.. taking her in different places. Could have him share her with his friends.. taken by multiple guys at once if you're ok with that. I can even have him take it more romantic, if you'd prefer. But that's my basic idea. If you're interested but want to tweak some of the details I'm open to discuss it. Send me an ecchitext if you're interested. Hope to hear from somebody so I can finally have a little sis to play with.
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    I hope to find a girl who will play either a pet, slave or a stepsister. Preferebly a loli. The rp wont be too long and will eventually end in a cumbath... Ps. Its important the partner is female irl!!
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    Looking for a commited Female roleplayer, I really enjoy incest and age play, under 15 I try to match your detail
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    What I'm mainly look for is a roleplay partner (a futa) who will do some short, yet vivid and rather lewd futanari scenarios!
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