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    Interested in smutty slice-of-life. Sorry if this post is terribly bland, looking for someone to spark my imagination. My preferences are listed, more leaning towards modern with some taboo or maybe even cheating/consequences at the moment but I am very open minded and quite eager and curious to suggestions. Can play any age range or character. Original characters are preferred, lets cook something up. Message me!
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    Looking for a literate roleplay partner to try out some of my roleplay ideas. I would like to add that these ideas would include actually story lines and depth. If interested in any of them feel free to message me and we can see if we can work something out. ~~~~~~~~~~ Alright, I have a few specific ideas I really want to try out. I will list them in order and if any of them interest you feel free to ecchitext me! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ¤ Thriller/Smut style roleplay. I'm ready to dive into the spooky season. This could mean your character is some supernatural creature on the hunt, a serial killer, or a mixture of the two. My character would be a victim. I can easily switch characters so if one ends up dying, on to the next! ¤ Character comes to life: I've seen this idea before and really want to try. Basically your character(or mine. Whichever you prefer) is a character created in a story/manga/comic and one day magically they appear before the other. Neither know how they arrived but the character from the book needs to adjust to the real word with the help of their creator. ¤ Opposing street gangs: Think something like West Side story. Your character is the leader of one, mine the leader of the other and our gangs clash all the time until things get a little too heated and it turns into more than just a brawl. (We can work on the plot more in ecchitext. This is just the general idea) ¤ Lastly I had an idea about my character could be some sort of celebrity and your character an obsessed fan who stalks and eventually kidnaps mine. Bunch of shit could happen in this one so it could constitute as a thriller as well but yea. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Thanks for taking the time to read~ ✌ Now let's get this party started ××
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    I gotta say, this seems like the perfect site for RPing! Did we all get banned from gaia? I know I did! Lol! Yes, I was too naughty on gaia even though I used PM's. If you can't do weird smutty RP's on gaia...what good is it?? xD I guess I could say my kinks now, but...Oof! Kinda public! I dunno if I'm ready for that! I can tell one person but I dunno if I can put myself out there to that extent! That said...I will say one thing about what I'm into (which is a lot of weird things!): I am into feederism. I think I've heard it called 'food play' too. Suffice it to say I definitely want to feed you crazy boys as much as possible! That turns a lot of people off....not many gaians would put up with me for too long! Hopefully I have better luck on here. I'm also into some other things that have nothing to do with food but most of my kinks are food related. So chances are if you are ok with that you may be able to RP with me. But I definitely have some other fairly ...aggressive...kinks. I don't need all of them to be in the RP though so don't give up on me too fast! About the length of the replies, and yes this is definitely gonna be done in PM's: I think the term "Lazy Lit" applies to me pretty well! I can write pretty well but I don't like to describe every little thing. Especially if I don't care about it much! Anyways, I'll leave it at that. PM me for further details!
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