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    Okay... so, my style has normally always been abiut futa stuff. I want my characters to be raped and ravaged and pumped full of cum. Like, it yiu aren't about that extreme stuff, then we probably won't do much xD. The types of ideas I love deal with being a cum slut, a slave for your huge futa cock. I love tentacles and having my character being experimented on. i love being impregnated with eggs too, any kinds of eggs. Any kind of monster (as long as it is somehow a futa monster) can shove their monster dick in me and bloat me with their cum and eggs. Like, I want futanari characters to literally cum in me for d a y s. I need this shit lol.
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    I will be updating this as I learn more about what I want out of my roleplays! (Update March 19th, 2019) These are ideal, but none of this is set in stone. She (me) is: 11/12 years old/loli; just under 5 feet tall; between A and B cup breasts; plump booty; slender; purple hip length hair; bright green eyes; freckles; pale; My only requirements for him (you): 20+ years of age; preferably slender; cock size: 5.5-8 inches ish; nerdy/geeky type; Japanese name (the rest is up to you. I have a picture if you don't care what you look like) I'd love for this to be a long term thing where we could go into past, future, or even alternate timelines with these characters. Possible scene starters with me as the younger sister (I'm open to suggestions as well). 1. I have a bad dream in which I sneak into your room and cuddle you for comfort. You happened to be having a sex dream that you are acting out on me a bit and wake up to find me there still asleep 2. You get a girlfriend to try to ignore your desires for your little sister thus causing one of us to confess to one another OR I pretend to get a boyfriend to see how you react which makes you realize you're in love with your little sister. 3. I blackmail you into teaching me about sex. (I'd be around 14 here) 4. You train your little sister into the perfect sex obsessed submissive. This one would require getting my/Kanna's trust so it will be a long one. I am also requesting particular kinks be involved: bdsm, exhibitionism, humiliation, and name calling. Kinks I'd like to include in this RP but are not necessary: butt stuff , exhibitionism, tickling The main point is you should be trying to groom me into it, not forcing yourself on me. I'm also able to share some hentai I've read regarding where i've gotten some of these ideas from to give you a better idea of what I'm looking for but it is loli) I also always pictured the family to be Japanese (since it's heavily anime/manga based), so the settings and scene should reflect that. (yes im a huge weab. fight me, but not really because im weak af) Important side note: I deal with some mental and physical health issues so sometimes I don't have the energy to be social, I will try my best to communicate when this happens so you're not left on read. I also am a full time university student in my last semester and sometimes I can't respond as quickly as I would like, so I hope you can be patient with my responses.
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