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    Wants Approach me with any one of these and you'll likely have me hook-line-and-seeker >//< P.S. If you'd like, please feel free to use any of these for your own rps
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    Roleplay characters, lewd artwork, and sometimes absurd fashion. Oh, what fun! Remade after I deleted the original album for reasons. Long story short, there will be no little boy penises here.
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    Name: Akagi Tsuki Age: 17 Race: Human Sex: Female Occupation: undercover Ninja Bio: Tsuki was born to the Akagi family, an infamous family of professional ninjas and assassins for hire. As was traditional for the eldest children of the family, she endured brutal training for most of her life including torture resistance and pain tolerance. Over the course of her life, she was subjected to brutality at the hands of captured targets, who more often than not were told that if they hurt her enough they could go free. She had endured such a life since she was five years old and at last she has been given her first mission..... Observe the outside world and create an identity for herself.... a cover for the assassin who lies beneath the facade. She will receive her first target once she's ready..... Equipment: a pair of ninja swords smoke bombs steel shuriken poisons
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    Images of Kanna, my original character! The style may vary due to me using bases to make most of these images unless otherwise noted~ She is my main rp character as of now and I made a private rp bulletin board which can be found here. Kanna race: human sex: female age: 11/12 (preferred rp age) weight: 93lbs height: 4'11" hair: dark purple hip-length eyes: green distinguishable features: freckles Kanna is a bright and bubbly girl. She is obedient, does well in school, and has the most respect for her brother. You hear people call themselves daddy's or mommy's girls... well Kanna is more a of "brother's girl." SHe has a couple of close friends at school and her mother has informed her recently she has to start wearing a training bra which she hates. When she was younger, like most kids, she was exploring her body but her father caught her and yelled at her for it. Since then she's just avoided anything sexual so she's pretty naive and innocent when it comes to that stuff even though her body has already started developing. However, she is a very curious girl when she comes across something she doesn't know or understand she's almost like a toddler with the amount of questions she begins to ask.
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    This album contains various images used around the RP.
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    Name: Nemune Age: 23 Race: half-elf Sex: Female Bio: For most of Nemune's life, she has lived in the Northern Outpost, a once great fortress that had long since degraded into a small settlement. The town is sparcely populated, with a few farming families, a blacksmith, and a few other essential workers, each of them remembering the purpose of their outpost: to protect against northern invaders into their homeland. Almost everyone learns to fight at a young age, first using their fists, then how to use a bow, and finally knives and blades. Nemune herself had found a love for the wilderness, and when she was old enough, volunteered to man the new North Watchtower, several miles from town. She lives off the land mostly, always keeping an eye open for poachers, runaways, criminals, and invaders. If she could change one thing though, it would be that her life there is oh so lonely, and those cold winter nights often call for the warmth of another for comfort.
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