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    As you can see from my list, I have very broad range of fetishes I would like to try out. Although there is some favorites of mine. If you noticed from the title, I love roleplaying in a fantasy world, and in a school. Ironic as it may seem, I never had the chance to do both at once. I love all sorts of characters, though to pick a few, my favorites would be loli, futanari, elf, maids, knights. I hope to have a good time here! Also, I love playing females and futanari. I love to be both dominant and submissive. Mostly submissive against males and futanari, dominant agianst females and futanari.
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    Of course, I can be flexible on some things and I confess that there are a few left unchecked simply because I don't know what they are. Also, here are some fandoms/genres I would love to roleplay: -Harry Potter *especially Hermione/Snape or Draco/Hermione -Marvel *Loki and Captain America are my favorite. -Bleach -Regency/Pride and Prejudice era -Vampires -Criminal Minds: I love Spencer Reid and Aaron Hotchner "Sometimes, in the heat of the moment, it is okay to go ass to mouth."
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    I will roleplay almost anything, as you can see, I'm really open to everything, but my top one's are femdom, feet, mind control and BDSM ... Mind control being by corruption, parasites (aliens) or just hypnosis.
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    hello! here's my thingy. If there's something not listed in yes or no, then i just don't rly think of it....but if it's in no, then, yeah, NO. Also, really, I don't play as men, it weirds me out a bit, and, really, i'm just not in to adult humanoid men. If you wanna talk about a roleplay, feel free to message me thanks for looking?
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    Life is too short; I'll try pretty much anything at least once (read: Good luck trying to find something I won't RP ). I don't care about the gender of the person I'm RPing with, so if you feel the same way, I'm happy to discuss something. Also, I will say that there are probably things not on this list that I'd do, so if you have an idea not involving any of those preferences, feel free to bring it up; there is pretty much no way, at all, that you'd scare me off. I tend to give as good as I get, or at least try to, in terms of length of posts. I'd like to consider myself more than competent with spelling and grammar, and would prefer if a partner is at least fairly competent generally speaking, but that depends on what kind of ideas and enthusiasm you can bring to the table; I'm also more than happy to try and help you improve if you need/want my help doing so. Two general rules that I don't usually like: People 'playing' my characters. This includes but isn't limited to: moving my characters, assuming their responses, etcetera. There are exceptions, like for example if my character is injured, or it could reasonably be expected your character could move them, I have no problem with it (though it doesn't hurt to ask anyway). Making assumptions on what their reactions might be is fine too, but don't assume that is what they did. 'Abandoned' RPs. I don't mind if you don't wanna RP any more, but please do tell me. I'd rather know than wonder. Along the same lines, not finishing one and wanting to start another kinda bothers me too, excluding things like having more than one going, or temporarily setting one thing aside in favour of another. Anyway, feel free to bother me any time. Please do remember though, as a disclosure, that RPing with a Staff Member doesn't mean anything special, and doesn't exempt you from the ToS. If we RP, I would want you to think of me as an RPer rather than Staff in that setting, but if you break the ToS on the forums, I will deal with it if necessary. I'm an RPer... And a friend... But I'm still Staff...
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    Most of the things on my preferences are relative, so under the right circunstances i might be able to try something different from what is in there... Overall, really big fan of soft/vanilla hentai~
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    Also, here is a link to my f-list. Feel free to message me! Im free to rp almost all the time!
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