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    Small change here, if it isn't in the 'Yes' section but also not in the 'No' section. Then it is a 'Maybe'. Example: Rape: This largely depends on the story elements, but I will not do Rape as a Sex Only plot.
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    I am extremely open to a variety of kinks and settings, I wouldn't say much is off limits if it will add to a compelling and dynamic story or character. I am uncomfortable with a few things here and there but I'm happy to have a discussion and nothing's really set in stone. A big thing for me though, if you couldn't already tell, is that storytelling and character exploration come first and foremost and the sexual aspects must fit in organically. I'm not saying I don't enjoy creating something in a more sexually-charged universe, but the focus on reactions and repercussions and development in that sense is what I really love. I do tend to lean more towards playing female characters with more submissive tendencies but I can happily play male, trans, nonbinary, dominant or submissive in any spectrum and the such. I can also (and frequently enjoy) playing multiple characters at a time within a roleplay with varied identities, sexualities and tastes. The length of a post doesn't matter all that much to me, depending on context I know I can definitely fall short at times but as much detail as appropriate is definitely appreciated. I'd also like any person I roleplay with to try their best with spelling and grammar, but hey I know we all make mistakes so perfection isn't a hard must. It's also possible for me to do fanfiction roleplays, but I am very selective about my fandoms. As it stands, the only fandoms I will roleplay are Vampyr, Boku No Hero Academia and Silent Hill. There may be more that aren't coming to me, but those are the only ones I have an active interest in for now. So if I do spark your interest, I'd love to hear from you and we can get to talking and hopefully get to creating something we can fall in love with. xxxx Vala
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