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    Although fairly new to the site, I have RPed Hentai multiple times and have been RP for several years and am very literature. I tend to RP more hardcore hentai since I have the most fun with that. I'll let you know now that I will not RP any type of Harem or anything that closely resembles a harem due to me losing interest rather quickly. Anything that results in me playing multiple characters who's interests revolves around one person is basically a huge turn off for me(if you wanna do it then I don't care). Anything that I have in the 'Will Not' categories I will not do so don't ask about it please. Anything that is not found in either category means that I am open to it. I am pretty kink friendly and try my best to be open to new things. I am not into playing seductive characters(slutty sure) seductive not really my thing. I'm nowhere near seductive and so fail when trying to RP it, one last thing is that I only play female main characters. an I also have a mild eye problem that cause some minor mistakes but nothing big nor have I ever heard a complaint about it.
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    As for some misc. information, I generally roleplay as loli, imouto/little sister, and trap characters. Rarely I also roleplay teen characters, but only if requested to. Most of my characters are shy and submissive as well, I can't do dominant characters well, so it would be appreciated it if I weren't made to. Cute things are my go to, and I casually stick to wholesome roelplays, but I can do very kinky and rough ones too. Boys also aren't my forte, so please don't request me to play as one (Except traps, I'll happily play one). Im not sure what else to put here...if I need to add anything I'll just add it later, bye~! (=^-^=) Update 1: I've started branching out a lot more and doing older or more teen-like characters. It'll help my writing and broaden my understanding of thingies. I refuse to do any older women, mature women, MILFS, etc. you know what I mean, it's not what I want to do and wouldn't help really If you understand that then you have my thanks! :3
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    Hi there! Please ask me any questions if you need any clarification on my preferences. Some things I might adjust based on mood. I lean onvcd 1x1 private roleplays as I dislike waiting on multiple people. My preferred method of roleplay is through EcchiTexts as it's easier for me to keep track of. If pictures are being used for characters I prefer anime/cartoon fictional-ish type of art. Real life pictures throw off my sense of fantasy. So I did mark off that I prefer long roleplays BUT if the plot is interesting I believe sometimes shorter roleplays can be more fun! I can jump in quickly in an instant or take my sweet time on the juicy erotic stuff just depending on how the plot progresses. Typical length of my posts can go from 3-6 paragraphs but I've been known to go longer if given something yummy to respond to~
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    I like to be used and abused. If you're looking for a slave/master rp or some variation thereof, I'm your bitch. I also like being treated nice if I'm a good girl. maybe a nice leather collar with my name on it? or pets? I don't do scat, watersports, aliens, or gore for the sake of gore (I am however, totally okay with decapitation and necrophilia <.< ) I'm flexible on post length but please put effort in, and I'm very big on communication. If you don't like something, or if you want to try something, ask me. I'm here to have a good time, and make sure you have a good time while we're doing it. I love trying out new species, though my absolute favorite is a neko girl. Furries, I love knotting I also like vore if you're into that, though I know not many people are. I *can* do dom if necessary, but it's uncomfortable for me, so 1) please don't ask unless there's no one else around 2) try to pick a roleplay that I already like. it's kind of rude to ask so much without trying to give back. Kitty likes her milk
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    I've been to the really weird parts of the internet, so I'm really open to a lot of things. If there's something that you really want to try, feel free to voice it, and I'll do my best to accommodate. I will never react with revulsion or disgust. I should also point out that I cannot engage in any RP that expects me to be on at the same time as other players, so no instant messaging or chat-like RPs. I prefer private messages or forum-based RPs and I tend to take a day or two to respond to posts, sometimes up to a week, so thanks in advance for your patience. Right now, I am looking for some fandom RPs, specifically, I would like to RP as a harem including but not limited to Saria, Child Ruto, futa Imp Midna, and Oracle of Seasons Din, all from the Legend of Zelda franchise. If this interests you, let's brainstorm! Other things I'm looking for, if you can RP as one of my anime waifus: Kurotsuchi Nemu from Bleach, or Tsukamoto Yakumo from School Rumble, I will love you forever!
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    Sakura is a horny kitty that wants to have fun but also wants to make other happy. She will do whatever you want as long as you’re happy and satisfied.
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    I have quite a lot of preferences, and my 'turn ons' can run right into some extreme territory. I can be flexible with certain subjects, but if I directly say no, or if it is obvious I am not going to roleplay something, then please, don't push it. I am very adamant with certain things and will most likely not bend to fit someone else's agenda, unless it was okay in my mind. Here are a few rules: ONE: I am not a dominant person. I am always submissive when it comes to roleplaying. I will not force myself to play a dominant character- ever, because I am not comfortable doing so. I will always play as a bottom, point blank. TWO: I can roleplay both in 3rd person, and 1st. I prefer 3rd, but I have no problem roleplaying in 1st person. So, there is no worries for that one. THREE: If you are going to roleplay with me, at least try to have acceptable grammar and punctuation. I don't care much for spelling, as long as it isn't ridiculously wrong. I can take a few misspellings, misplaced commas, but if it is... too much, I will tell you fast, without cutting corners. I like a whole assortment of things, as seen at the top. Here are some of my favorite things to do in roleplay: - Cum dumps - Tentacles - Rape - Incest - Extreme inflation - Futanari Some things I will NEVER do, are as follows: - Scat - Death - Blood - Under the age of 16 And, here are some scenarios I would LOVE to do: - Mother x Daughter (futa, and not futa) / Father x Daughter - Police Officer x Criminal - Princess x Knight / Princess x King - Teacher x Student / Student x Principal - And many more...!
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