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    From the album: Owner's Album

    Saw this, and I thought it was mildly amusing.
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    From the album: My Art

    It's a bit late, but my actual Valentine's was a little too busy to post. But have some of my perfect Valentine's girl, Allora! From my longstanding RP with @CMMDR-Viper. I'll possibly post an alternate version or two soon-ish, so be watching out for that if you like my art! ^^
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    From the album: NPC's

    Name: Kurtis Pierce Role: Blackmailer Age: 47 Summary: Kurtis is an older man who's lived a lonely life. Due to his loneliness, he often found himself attracted to young, middle and high school age girls. Perhaps due to a longing to relive his childhood. He's always been socially awkward, but due to not having this treated, this has developed into extremely antisocial behaviors. His obsession with school girls led to him abducting many young girls and forcing them to accept him as his father. He uses various forms of physical and psychological abuse to get these girls to forget about their previous life and to manipulate them into loving him. More often than not, however, his torture proves to simply be too much and his victims often end up dead. When he met Halie Rowe, however, things were different. No matter how brutally he treated the poor girl, she just clung desperately to life. By slowly tearing her life apart bit by bit and even torturing a girl she'd had a crush on to death right in front of her, he'd managed to break the girl down completely to rebuild her from a blank canvas. He since gave her the name "Anhara" and ever since Anhara has become reliant and addicted to her "daddy"'s body. Now, Kurtis spends most of his free time at work at a local corporation. It's not uncommon for him to come home to find Anhara presenting a new "toy" for him to play with. Although his obsession is now focused entirely on his baby Anhara and her "sister" Halie, he will always find time to entertain his little girl's ambitions, spoiling her with anything and everything he can.
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    From the album: Character Bio: Nemune

    "mmmn, good morning~<3"
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    From the album: Character Bio: Nemune

    alright, so maybe she did have some more lewd reasons for choosing her post~
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    From the album: Ecchi and Hentai

    I forgot where I got this from x_x
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    From the album: Ecchi and Hentai

    One of the most hottest images I have ever seen drawn so beautifully :d
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    From the album: My small spot of refrances

    My basic character look only blue eyes ^.^
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    From the album: Myst's Resort Characters

    Name: Tilly Weiss Age: 22 Sex: Female Species: Human Height: 5'2 Weight: Fuck off? Eye Color: Green Hair Color: Red Physical Description: curvy, freckled, tomboy Hobbies/Interests: Computers, Video Games, Writing Fanfics and Math. Sexual Orientation: Pansexual Turn Ons: Taking control in the bedroom Turn Offs: Alcohol, cigarettes Sensitivity: Above Average Additional Sexual Info (OPTIONAL): Romantically Submissive but Sexually dominant Breast Size (Females/Futas): C Cup Siblings: Dameon Weiss Car: Bicycle Criminal Record: 1 citation for public indecency Medical Record: Healthy Bio: If Dameon Weiss is the body and strength of the Weiss' then Tilly would be the brain and heart. A genius with an IQ of one hundred and eighty. Tilly uses her many talents in support of her brother's ambitions. Dameon may have the job and title officially but to anyone in their inner circle, he would have a much harder time if it weren't for Tilly's knowledge and skills. With Tilly's accounting and Dameon's management, the two are a force to be reckoned with. Tilly's downtime is much more different than Dameon's. She is rarely found without a game system or computer within ten feet of her person. In reality she is often subservient to her brother and the need to dominant surfaces in her through video games and with her sexual partners.
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    From the album: Myst's Characters!

    Restless, thrill seeking and rebellious at times
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    From the album: Shuya's Characters

    Character Identity Information Name: Lance Sullivan Age/Date of Birth: January 2, 1988 Gender: Male Religion: Atheist Species: Human Origin: Delwore Nationality: Ashaea Physical Appearance Height: 6’4” Weight: 198 lbs (89.81 kg) Eye Colour: Corn Yellow Hair Colour: Black Physical Description: Lance is a tall, thin male with black hair that reaches down to his shins. He has a blue tattoo on his left cheek that reaches up to his forehead and another tattoo just on the left side of his nose. His eyes are a yellow that is most similarly related to that of corn, and his eyes are often narrowed Personality, Traits and Abilities General Overview: Lance is not what most people would call the most stable of people. He is often prone to angry outbreaks and was known in his life before The Kings to be a kleptomaniac. He reacts to his people problems with aggression, often attempting to injure anyone that gets on his nerves. Rarely anything catches his eye in the now desolate wasteland of Ashaea, but if he sees something he likes, he will do his damndest to get his hands on it. He is quite smart, but doesn’t really think on his actions when put under too much pressure Strengths, Skills and Abilities: Stealth: Because his previous hobby was thievery, Lance knows how to sneak around quietly without gathering attention to himself. This has proven useful to The Kings for missions where stealth is most needed. Physical Strength: Despite being quite thin, Lance wields a surprising amount of strength for his build. He is often found in the gym/weights room area of the compound. Though the strongest muscles in his body are in his legs, his upper body and arm strength come in second. Close-quarters Combat: Lance specializes in hand-to-hand or close quarters combat, in which he can get up close and personal with an enemy to beat the senseless or unconscious. His fighting style is mainly Jiu Jitsu. Ranged Firearms: While Lance is mainly a fist fighter, he also excels at using medium to long ranged weapons, normally focusing on sniper rifles when he has the chance to. He isn’t too fond of close ranged firearms due to the higher chances of being injured in combat. Weaknesses: Hair: Lance knows that his long hair is a hindrance, but he refuses to cut it since he enjoys the way that it feels to be able to have his hair any way that he wants it, unlike how it was when he was in the military. Having long hair means that it could be yanked on or caught on something and cause a severe disadvantage for him. He usually keeps it tied up in a braid or a bun when out on missions, though. Overconfidence: Lance has the tendency to be overconfident about what he can and can’t do. He will often pretend to be able to do one thing, but then fail to be able to carry through with it when given the opportunity. He is fairly lucky that most everyone already knows what his capabilities are. Quick Temper: Lance isn’t the most patient man in the world, and he isn’t really able to control his temper when faced with things that annoy him. He isn’t very easy to get back under control and is prone to attack when aggravated. Ambitions (Hopes/Dreams) : His only hopes that he has in life now are to get the fuck off of Ashaea and find somewhere safe to live without the aid of the raiders. Hobbies and Interests: Lance is fairly good at puzzle games, since they allow him to take his time and focus on the task at hand. He can often complete challenges or puzzles in short times, since he is fairly adept at working with time limits. Personal Sexual Information Sexual Orientation: Lance is pansexual. If it has a pulse and a mouth, ass or pussy, he will fuck it if it interests him. He is currently very interested in one of the other raiders that he works with. Turn ons: Rape: Lance loves to take his victims by force, often restraining their legs and arms before gagging them before having his way with them. His favorite way of doing this is with groups of victims instead of individual ones. Unprotected Sex: Due to the lack of friction when using a condom compared to the friction of raw sex. He also loves to defile his victims with his cum, making them take it and wallow in their grief of being soiled. Sadism: Lance enjoys inflicting pain on others, often being extremely rough with his partners and using “toys” that are known to inflict harm on others. He enjoys using a dog choker on his victims and giving gentle tugs with a leash, just barely enough to draw blood with the dull edges of the inward pointing spikes. Oral: Lance with almost always start off a sex session with making his partner go down on him. He enjoys the maneuverability of the tongue and feeling his partner gagging on him when he forces himself down their throat. Turn offs: Scat/Golden Showers/Vomit: Lance isn’t to keen on having his victims or any willing partners defecating themselves or vomiting while in sexual intercourse with him due to the horrible smell it brings and how disgusting it looks Receiving Pain: Lance hates feeling pain at all, as it causes him anger and he will punish whoever has caused him pain if he has the chance to. Being Dominated: Lance enjoys being the one in charge, and will never let his partner take control of his actions. He only lets the higher-ups control him because he knows of the consequences of if he disobeys. Penis Length: 10½” Breast Size: N/A Sensitivity: Lance has normal sexual sensitivity for a human male STD History: None History Awards/Commendations: N/A Criminal Record: Lance has been charged before on multiple counts of battery, aggravated assault, and assault with a deadly weapon Medical Record: Lance has before been treated for bullet wounds, stab wounds, and blunt force trauma wounds. Bio: Before the apocalypse, Lance was a veteran army private who had been released from the force due to assaulting and seriously injuring a fellow team member after being told that he was “a little bitch who can’t take care of himself”. He spent a few months in jail before being released and since then getting in trouble with anyone that has cared to piss him off. Lance was picked up by raiders from The Kings almost directly after the apocalypse and he was almost made into a sex slave when he assaulted his captors and was then approached by Tobias King, who offered a position as expedition leader in exchange for his freedom from slavery.
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    From the album: Chiyako's Characters

    Character Identity Information Name: Katsumi Yamato Age: 16 Gender: Female Species: Human Origin: Mega City Two Nationality: Altechian Occupation: Criminal GAME + Genre: World of Anarchy - Open World Rampage Physical Appearance Height: 4' 10" Weight: 80 lbs Eye Colour: Amethyst Hair Colour: Black (With red tint.) Physical Description: At a little under five feet tall Katsumi isn't the sort of person who screams 'intimidating'. Her pale petite form, often mostly on display due to her somewhat revealing outfit, has a slight hourglass shape thanks to her wider hips. The only mark on her body would be a scar across her right eye and she typically keeps her eyebrows shaved a little shorter than usual. She has small breasts and, thanks to her wider hips, fuller thighs and a nicely curved butt. Katsumi's hair is black, although the tips are kept red. If she were to let it loose it'd fall down beneath her rump, although save for a few rogue strands she tends to keep it parted into two long loose ponytails and a couple of small tight buns. Her eye is an amethyst color, although the pupil contains an odd white mark in the center. Most strangely of all however would be her teeth: they are incredibly sharp and pointed, almost shark-like in nature. Katsumi's attire is far from normal. A pair of simple black and pink shoes show off much of her feet. Her dignity is covered by a pair of very skimpy black spats. She wears a top which covers her chest and even features a red tattered tie, although it splits off near the bottom, revealing even more of her pale skin. Small armor plates protect her mid-thighs and forearms, but otherwise she likes to keep flexible and mobile when it comes to her attire. A black eyepatch covers her right eye, marked by a red crosshair pattern. When she activates her powers a few upgrades are made to her outfit. Weapons appear in the form of cannons held to her ankles and a pair of heavy chains held to her wrists. A pair of metallic antennae appear connected to her hair buns. She even gains a set of large connectors on her back which are able to hold even more weapons and equipment. Of course as she levels up these changes might increase. It is difficult to tell what emotions are at the forefront of Katsumi's mind. She is a girl unafraid of showing her emotions, often times allowing them to be free without worry. However she is also a vicious schemer who enjoys playing with people. Lying is a gift she has mastered. Of course most of the time she is just having fun, and because of this her primary expression is one of immense excited joy. Her body is quite soft and quite smooth to the touch, but it is also unusually warm. She keeps herself well groomed and her body quite fit. Katsumi tends to smell slightly of cherries. She is ambidextrous. Personality, Traits, and Abilities General Overview: Katsumi is usually very direct with people, sometimes to the point of being considered rude. Most of the time she will be completely honest, although this is bound to change when it best suits her. She can be very loud at times and in fact finds it difficult to remain quiet. So excited and hyper is she that stealth is an issue for her. She would much rather attack a problem head on with brute force, although she is quick to change gears if things aren't working out in her favor. Her apathy leads to her typically trusting others with private information, and while she doesn't dislike people she typically won't go out of her way to help others unless there is something in it for her. If a fight breaks out she will enthusiastically join the fray, if only because it will allow her to blow things up. Her favorite color is red because it is one of the primary colors associated with her favorite thing in the world: explosions! She loves everything about them: the heat, the pressure blast, the glorious bright appearance, the destructive forces, even just the smell of an explosion is enough to get her heart racing. If there was something she had to say that she didn't like then it'd probably be something boring like reading. She would much rather be moving around and doing things. Her least favorite color is brown because it reminds her of books and her least favorite food are brussel sprouts. Katsumi doesn't really have any fears. Strengths, Skills and Abilities: As with everyone within the city, Katsumi possesses the Arm Computer. She has the Hero OS that allows her access to the special abilities of her game and genre. In battle she wields an unusual array of weapons including chains, miniaturized cannons, missiles, and chain guns. Of course these are bound to change or improve as she does the same. Ability One - Queen of Boom: While she tends to keep quick on her feet believing that it is her greatest asset is a terrible mistake made by most of her opponents: in fact her true gift is her incredible durability. Katsumi is immune to any damage done by explosions. In fact they are a nifty method of transportation for her and by properly timing her explosives she is even able to achieve a form of flight! Powerful enough explosions can even be utilized as a shield by the mad bomber: the concussive forces alone are often enough to block or deflect projectiles, let alone people who get too close to her. And of course explosions are also big, flashy, and smokey, allowing them to be utilized as distractions, sensory decimation devices, and even smokescreens allowing her to make an escape or set up traps. Besides explosions other forms of damage typically fail to do too much harm to her. Ability Two - Destroyer of Cities: Katsumi's armaments consist primarily of explosive weapons: seeker missiles, rocket barrages, grenades, mines, and so forth. As she unleashes more destruction these weapons unlock for her, further fueling her destructive nature. The most dangerous weapon not counting her finishing weapon would of course be her personalized cannons. A set of miniaturized 46 cm naval guns attached to her ankles are both her primary method of fast transportation and offensive power. While they are incredibly small all the power and weight normally found in said weapons are condensed within her portal types, packing a massive punch whether they are firing into a target or being utilized as weapons during close quarters combat. Suffice it to say that wielding such weapons takes an immense level of strength, strength which she utilizes to cause further destruction upon her environment. Finishing Move - Boom Bonanza: For a minute Katsumi's body is covered with brilliant neon red flames. During this time anything she hits or touches in general may be detonated by her. Weapons firing munitions instead fire incendiary explosive versions of said rounds. Even items thrown by Katsumi may explode, either by will or by contact, with larger items creating larger explosions. Her already monstrous strength also drastically increases, allowing her to throw larger objects for even larger explosions. Things which wouldn't normally explode through contact, such a cement pillar, will explode during this time, creating devastating chains of explosions. And, finally, foes defeated by her during this period also detonate with explosive size and power depending upon their personal power. Weaknesses: Most of Katsumi's weapons depend upon ammunition or replacement by other weapons. This requires her to seek out ammunition drops during battle should they exist or constant destruction against her foes and environment in order to spawn new weapons. If she doesn't finish off her opponents by the time she manages to completely decimate her game field then she might be at risk of running out of weapons to utilize, forcing her to fall back on close quarters combat. These explosions also blind her to the battlefield around her, so until she can fix that issue they will also be a hindrance to her. Fighting with allies is also very difficult for her as they are highly susceptible to friendly fire. And finally despite her incredible durability Katsumi is still mortal and may be killed if she somehow loses all of her health points. Ambitions (Hopes/Dreams): Katsumi wants to live in a world of fun and explosions! But she also hopes to figure out a way to bring her powers out of the game and into the real world. After all there are so many things to explode in the real world, and wouldn't those explosions just be that much better if they were actually real? Hobbies and Interests: Katsumi loves to play games and cause explosions! Other things with people are fun too, as long as she gets to keep physically active. Also fighting. Even if a fight starts as close quarters (which she is entirely familiar with) it may very well lead to explosions, and so it too ranks as one of her more enjoyed activities! Personal Sexual Information Sexual Orientation: Pansexual Turn Ons: Dominating her partners (or being dominated should they earn it). Explosions. Multiple partners. Unprotected sex. Turn Offs: Gore, Vore, Scat, Necrophilia. Pain. Penis Length: N/A Breast Size: A Cup Sensitivity: Sensitive. Additional Sexual Information: She hasn't had sex yet, although not for any sort of prudish reason. For the most part she's simply not found anyone worth her time during the few times she is actually available for such things. Most of her time is spent having fun in other ways. Her breasts, although small, are somewhat more sensitive than average. STD History: Clean! Extra Information Father: Unknown Mother: Unknown Siblings: Unknown Grandparents: N/A Children: N/A Grand-children: N/A House: Katsumi lives alone within a long forgotten nuclear bunker within the city. It has the basics: a kitchen, a bathroom, a bedroom, and a living area. Car: Katsumi tends to ride around on a black and neon red motorcycle. Pet: N/A History Awards/Commendations: None. Criminal Record: Katsumi is wanted on charges ranging between jaywalking all the way up to first degree murder. Medical Record: Perfectly healthy! Bio: Katsumi grew up never knowing her real family. She was ditched at orphanage when she was born. Her first foster family was pretty kind to her until she was six. When her foster father started to get a little too close to her she ran away. Eventually she was picked up but her testimony to the police ended up tearing that family apart. Her second foster family was not so kind. The kids were mostly kept around for tax reasons. Her siblings didn't like her and often picked on her, but at least she got to join in their games. She was always made fun of for her teeth until she ended up biting whoever did the teasing. It generally stopped after that. When she was twelve Katsumi witnessed her first fireworks. She was instantly entranced. Overnight she went online, seeking out all possible information on them. Introduced to a world of explosives she started to study them in as great a depth as she possibly could. On more than one occasion the police ended up visiting her household, but she always managed to avert drawing any suspicion to herself. Eventually she started to put her studies into practice: first with homemade fireworks and later onto more dangerous creations. While she was out getting ice cream one of her experiments unfortunately went off, destroying her home and the family within. From that day forward she was considered for all intents and purposes to be dead within the system. Eventually she managed to stumble upon the bunker she now uses as her home. She tends to survive off the occasional robbery.
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    From the album: Roleplay Characters Appearances

    © Anime-Pictures

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    From the album: Roleplay Characters Appearances

    © Anime-Pictures

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    From the album: Roleplay Characters Appearances

    © Anime-Pictures

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    From the album: Shuya's Private RP Characters!~

    Name: Garuda Badazai Age: 843,157,184,194 years old (In other words, far older than our universe, and many others.) Sex: Male Species: Bahira'mantailawbura (Eternal Entity) Height: Physical Form - 7'9"/Spiritual Form Weight: Physical Form - 237 LBs/Spiritual Form - 708,000 Eye Color: Carrot Orange Hair Color: Midtone Grey with red tips. Nationality: Not of Earthly origin. Physical Description: Garuda is a tall man with upturned horns on either side of his head that are made of the hardest known substance in the fifteenth universe, Doahengie. He has rectangular scales on his sides and down his arms to his forearms where he likes to keep them, but he can extend them to any part of his body at will to serve as an external shell for protection. These scales are made from a substance known as Gahinalsey, which is eighty six times stronger than titanium. Some of these scales also serve as shoulder plates. His ears are similar to that of an elf's, and they are extremely sensitive to sound. Though he does have the ability to lower and highten the amount of decibles he can make out. His musculature is perfectly toned, which he likes to show off with a partially opened cloak that he wears often. He heas a red zigzag type of tattoo on his left wrist, and a small dragon on that he conceals under a black, fingerless glove on the right. His hair extend down to just barely past his navel. His eyes are naturally glaring, a trait that proves his hatred of most living things that he doesn't find any interest in. His fingernails are long, black, and sharpened into points. THey are fifty eight times harder than titanium and are made of a substance known as Karyquali. His skeleton is made of an even harder substance of twenty five times known as Binoladurcy. His skin is pale, and completely white in some areas. Hobbies/Interests: Believe is or not, this Eternal Entity enjoys playing games of chess. He has never once lost a game, as he is a master of strategizing. His first move is always perfect. He is an extraordinary cook, having had billions of years of perfecting his culinary skills, even learning to make utterly delicious confections that some chefs can only dream of serving. He is an avid hunter, having perfect aim with any sort of long ranged weapon, even guns (which he will rarely ever use). He loves to wach battles from afar, and even participate in some of them as a soldier. He does not choose one side to be with, rather enjoying the feeling of destroying everyone in his wake. He is an amazing hand to hand combatant, using skills not even seen to from those that have lived through the beginning of the second universe (The one Earth resides in) Sexual Orientation: Garuda is pansexual and will fuck everyone that he takes interest in, whether it be consentual or not. Turn Ons: Nonconsensual sex (giving), NSA sex, anal, being bitten (or anything to do with masochism), exhibitionism, dominating his partner, impregnation, cum control, cum inflation, causing harm to his partner, forcing himself on a partner while family and friends of the victim are watching Turn Offs: Vore, vomit, urination, and defecation Sensitivity: Garuda is not very sensitive at all. He can fuck for a half hour straight before ejaculating once, and he isn't ever finished after a single ejaculation. Additional Sexual Info (OPTIONAL): He is very aggressive during sex, and can often intentionally hurt his partner or make his partner hurt him for added sexual pleasure. He doesn't care if there are other people watching, as long as he gets to have his way wtih his partner, whether consentual or nonconsentual. Penis Length/Girth (Males/Futas): 25 inches in length with 17 inches of girth. He has soft fleshy spikes going all the way around the circumference of his cock. Criminal Record: Kinda hard to have a criminal record when you've never been caught or have been slumbering in a spiritually formed cave for a decade. Medical Record: None. Bio: Will work on this later.
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