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    From the album: Ecchi and Hentai

    One of the most hottest images I have ever seen drawn so beautifully :d
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    From the album: Vergil's Role Playing Characters

    Name: Ishtar Race: Queen Succubus Age: 18 Gender: Female(futa) Height: 5ft. 9 in Weight: 125 lb Sexuality: homosexual Role: (Futa) Vanilla/Dom Kinks: Flexible Blacklist. Vore, death, bleeding, pain, anything too dirty or too extreme. Powers: Queen Succubus's Aphrodisiac- Ishtar status as a queen has given her body a powerful and potent aphrodisiac that will turn anyone with a sexual desire, lust or even a tiny bit of lust become into her puppet. The closer the person is to Ishtar, the most likely they will fall into their own desire and that includes touching, her saliva, her semen, and presence (When near). This power doesn't affect robot and hates them. Personality: Ishtar is a playful queen succubus that loves to tease and charm anyone when they get close one to test her raw power. She gets a bit physical and touchy when she spotted someone that love being submissive to fulfill into their desire. Normally, Ishtar will be wary of her power which will be mindful of and will warn people to stay away from her if they wish to live a normal day. Overall, a cheerful girl that love to have sex to ignore the problem of the worlds and to relieve some stress which will become addicted to others due to her power. Bio: Ishtar was kept a secret due to her status and to keep everyone safe from her power to allure any kind into her charm. The boredom quickly piles up on the girl until she escapes from hell to enter Earth and to find happiness in her life than just being a prisoner of her parents. She seeks for a way to calm down her power and find a lucky person to settle down to have a family together without the need for cheating.
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    From the album: Boo's Boudoir

    Robot ass is mechanically superior to human ass in all ways. True science fact.
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    From the album: Stuff i like <3

    She so damn cute
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    From the album: Want(s)

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    From the album: Neptune's Characters

    Character Identity Information Name: Lexi Jayne Heart Age: 25th April 2541 (Earth year). So she is 23. Gender: Female. Religion: None Species: Taru'zenari. Origin/Nationality: Stoke-on-Trent, England, Earth, Earth Alliance. Specialty: She is a fully trained space pilot with some emergency survival skills. Universe: Andromeda One Universe. Time taken: Earth year 2564. Physical Appearance Height: 5ft1 Weight: 149lbs Eye Colour: A deep, beautiful blue. Hair Colour: Light blonde hair. Physical Description: Lexi is a slender individual, with long slim arms and legs. She has a hint of muscles on her, although she is slightly stronger than she looks due to her genetic heritage. She has wide hips, and F-cup breasts that give her a pronounced hourglass figure. When she arrived on the island, her skin was extremely fair and pale, due to long hours without being in direct sunlight to develop a tan. She has a beautiful, angled face with beautiful Keza’marakian blue eyes. She has high cheekbones, and a natural rosy flush to her cheeks. Her hair is blonde in colour, and is straight and long, going down to the small of her back. In her hair, there is always a blue butterfly ornament. She wears it no matter what she is wearing. When Lexi came to the island, she was wearing a rather functional jumpsuit, despite the fact that she was taken while asleep. It hugs her body tightly, almost like a second skin. It helps protect her skin from injury, as it is made from a tough and durable material. She also has a pair of heavy, steel capped boots that protects her feet from injury. Her jumpsuit is quite waterproof, and good at keeping her dry. Personality, Traits and Abilities General Overview: She is a shy, but sweet girl. Due to her shyness, she can find it hard to deal with strangers, but becomes more confident once she gets to know them. When in a dangerous situation, she can sometimes forget about her shyness and become a leader-like person for people to follow. Her first concern is always the safety of others. She likes to speak and hang out with friends on occasion, but really loves sitting at home quietly reading a good book. Lexi has always preferred her own company to that of others, but tolerates it from time to time as sometimes the presence of friends comforts her and makes her forget her worries. Due to her nature of putting others before herself, she often worries about other people, even if she doesn’t know them that well. She will neglect herself if someone else needs her help. Lexi has a good affinity with animals, and tends to get along with them better than people. In the bedroom, Lexi can turn into a cock-loving, cum-craving little slut that is generally open to doing anything new at least once. Lexi is an unselfish lover, and tends to allow her partners to love and fuck other people, providing she can do the same which is an unusual attitude for a human. Strengths, Skills and Abilities: She is a skilled pilot, if a little fresh out of flying school. Lexi has a good attention to detail and can catch small and fast movements with her eyes, which are skills she uses heavily in flying. She has some basic survival skills, such as how to make a shelter, how to get clean water to drink and how to catch small animals. Lexi is quite athletic and flexible, with good stamina from training she did at flying school. Lexi has average skill as a hand to hand fighter, and is reasonably good with a hand-held weapon of her time. For a human, she is able to take cocks that are of a larger size, which is unusual for her species. Also, due to her Keza ancestry, she has a unique reproductive cycle for a human. She knows when she is at a fertile stage, as every month when she ovulates, she goes into a heat like condition but the need for sex isn't as strong as for a pure breed Keza. Lexi has average cooking skills, and usually needs a recipe book with her to get a meal correct. Weaknesses: Despite being slightly muscled, she is not that physically strong and can be overpowered by a more powerful opponent. Her hand to hand skills are average at best, so again, can be overpowered by a more powerful opponent but she can hold her own. Being human, she tends to be a lot weaker than other races, as well as slower and less agile. Being mortal, she is vulnerable to killer blows, especially in the usual spots of weakness for humans such as the neck (Spinal Cord). Ambitions (Hopes/Dreams): To become a pilot for an exploration vessel. Lexi also wants to, one day, settle down with a husband and have children. Hobbies and Interests: Lexi loves flying ships, as that’s her passion. She loves spending time alone, especially when she has a book with her. Despite her shyness, she loves sex and usually puts out on the first date. Personal Sexual Information Sexual Orientation: Pansexual Turn ons: Having unprotected sex, especially with the risk of getting pregnant Making love to someone she has deep feelings to. Making love to someone she doesn't love, or even know. Rough, lust filled sex especially when she's very horny. She really likes it with a Mako, dominating Coda, or a Zeta. Having multiple partners Sex in public. Her partners being tactile, such as touching and groping her. It makes it feel even more intimate for her, which further turns her on. Turn offs: Being abused, and her partner(s) being violent towards her Gore, Vore and Necrophilia Scat and Golden showers Penis Length: N/A Breast Size: F-cup Sensitivity: Sensitive Additional Sexual Information: She is quite sensitive and she can be made to cum quite easily. She can also take cocks that are much larger than humans easily, and she has a reproductive cycle more similar to that of a Keza than a human. STD History: Clean. Extra Information Father: James Heart (62) Mother: Lily Heart (58) Siblings: Jackie Peterson (29) who is a married stay at home mother. Grandparents: She never knew her grandparents as they died before she was born. Place of Residence: None at the moment. Pet: None. History Awards/Commendations: Best flyer of a graduation class of 152 students (Number One Graduate) Criminal Record: Clean Medical Record: She has been healthy her entire life. She hasn't even had any broken bones that have had to be dealt with. Bio: Born in 2541, Lexi is the youngest child of Lily and James Heart. She has an older sister, whom she idolised as Jackie was an extremely popular girl at school. Due to Lexi’s shy nature, she hardly had any friends, and had quite a lonely childhood. Her parents tried to encourage her to socialise, but Lexi had trouble fitting in with anyone at her school, and was usually bullied for being the shy child. So Lexi spent most of her free time reading as a child. However when she was six, her parents took her on a spaceship to the moon, a rare treat for the family as they rarely could afford holidays. Lexi immediately became fascinated with ships, and even went to chat to the pilots when her family came upon them at the Lunar Cafeteria. Since then, Lexi studied as hard as she could, hoping to one day fly in the graceful machines across the Galaxy. Her parents encouraged Lexi’s fascination, getting as much help as they were able to afford. They felt it was a good career path for the little girl, who would otherwise spend her life poor. When Lexi left school at 18, she immediately enrolled to a Piloting school, which was funded by the Government as they needed pilots badly. Other students had come from wealthier backgrounds and had an advantage over Lexi, but she buckled down and worked harder than anyone. The girl dated a few men during her time at school, and lost her virginity when she was 18. She discovered that she loved sex as much as she loved piloting. Strangely, it didn’t harm her grades at all. In fact it improved them as having sex was a good way to clear her head and improve her reaction times. At the age of 22, she graduated with the highest score in her class, which was a huge achievement for her. Her first assignment was a passenger liner, which at the time she didn’t know would be her last.
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    From the album: Nilaa

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    From the album: Aura's NPC's [Crathiel Kingdom]

    A garish older man who wanders the streets of various towns in Crathiel. He has the guise of a jewelry and antique salesman, but the majority of his income comes from his underground sex trafficking business. He purchases slaves from underground auctions in Selil and then travels the kingdom, forcing his slaves to serve as prostitutes, sometimes even selling them entirely to especially wealthy customers. Though he looks like a plump, defenseless old man, he carries many concealed weapons on his person at all times and has exceptional reaction times including drugs and poisons. Some have tried to rob him of his wares only to end up with a broken arm. Depending on severity of the offence, or his mood at the time, he may go as far as to kill the man or, if it's a woman, force her into his harem.
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    From the album: Boo's Boudoir

    I can't help but think that elvish breast milk tastes a bit like honey. They're magical, so it makes sense to me. And my dick.
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    From the album: Aura's Characters [Utopian Curse]

    Character Identity Information Name: Aurora Abri Age: 16 Gender: Female Species: Nerei Origin: Kingdom of Abri Nationality: Abrian Speciality: Knowledge of sea life; how to safely approach dangerous creatures. Universe: Blackberry Falls Time Taken: Modern era Physical Appearance Height: 5'6 Weight: 112 lbs Eye Colour: Blue Hair Colour: Pink Physical Description: Nerei are known to be exceptionally beautiful at all times and Aurora is no outlier. Her skin is perfectly smooth and her hair is thick and luscious. Nerei remain young and beautiful their entire lives up until their deaths. In her sea form, shown in the main image), she has long, blue fins for ears and a long pink fish-like tail. Her body is protected by a layer of intricately detailed golden armor that is enchanted to prevent any damage to her or her perfect skin. Much of the armor is invisible and the armor itself is designed to accentuate her natural beauty while covering her most intimate parts. The amulet in her hair depicts the crest of the Abri family, the royal family of Abri. In her land form, (shown above) her tail transforms into two delicate human legs, likewise, the fins for her ears are replaced with human ears. When emerging from the water, her armor disappears giving her a much more vulnerable and soft appearance. The only part of her armor that remains at all times is her collar, which must be disenchanted to be removed by anyone other than her or another member of the Abri family. Her vivid pink hair becomes a softer, subtler shade of pink that almost appears white and her eyes become a hazel color that marvelously reflects the sunlight. Personality, Traits and Abilities General Overview: Aurora absolutely loves the sea and all of its inhabitants. She has always dreamed of leaving her home and exploring the vast ocean and meeting the many creatures that line its depths. The existence of pollution making waters near the surface ugly and murky have prevented Aurora from ever finding her way to shore. However, the existence of a world above the water captures her imagination on a daily basis. She is a highly caring individual who often seeks the comfort of even the smallest of creatures. Nothing is more important to her than the safety of as many people as possible and she will rarely allow for even one creature to be left behind. This trait is often criticized by her father for making her a poor leader. As a princess kept safe within her castle, Aurora has very little experience in speaking with others. As a result, she is extremely timid. However, if she sees someone as particularly sinister, she is known to stand up for herself and others who cannot. She is also known to be a bit mischievous, sneaking out of the castle without her father's permission. Strengths, Skills and Abilities: Strengths: Sea Form: When submerged from the waist down in water, her legs transform into a mermaid tail and her ears into fins with gills behind them. This is the true form of a Neiri. It grants her great speed and agility when swimming. Her senses are heightened and, rather than hearing with her ears, she can physically feel the vibrations of sound in her skin and especially in the fins on her head and tail. This gives her a better sense of direction when it comes to sound. Land Form: If Aurora is not submerged from the waist down in water, she will be in her land form. In this form, she appears to be a typical human girl aside from the collar around her neck which would only be recognized by those who have studied her culture. While one would expect a Nerei to smell like fish, once a Nerei has transformed into its land form, any odors trapped on its sea form completely dissappear. Additionally, a female Nerei's body produces a pheromone while in her land form that can cause straight men and gay women to become aroused, especially when her body is fully exposed. The pheromone is especially effective against other Nerei. Enchanted Armor: A key point among the Abri royal family and its military, Aurora has a set of enchanted armor that magically appears any time she takes on her Sea Form. This armor creates an invisible barrier around Aurora's skin. This barrier cannot be broken or pierced unless by a weapon specifically designed to disenchant the armor. This armor cannot be removed by anyone except a member of the Abri royal family or the armor's wearer. Otherwise, it must be disenchanted to be removed. Along with the armor also comes a special trident which will always disappear along with her armor no matter where the trident is, and reappear in her hands next time she is submerged. Knowledge of the Sea: Although it won't help her much on an island in a foreign world, she knows much of the ocean floor around her kingdom like the back of her hand. She is confident that, no matter where she is in the ocean, she can always find her way back home. What may help her, however, is that she also knows much about sea life. She has a broad understanding of what wildlife typically responds to and can generally identify a dangerous creature from a harmless one, even if they appear to be otherwise to most. This knowledge may even transition well to wildlife on land, but she knows very little about the surface world. Telepathy: The Neiri can communicate telepathically to anyone or anything they have developed a close bond to, this includes animals that normally cannot speak. She communicates this way through emotion. Weaknesses: Sea Form: Aurora cannot travel directly from salt water to fresh water or vice versa while in her sea form. When she transforms into her sea form, her body adjusts to the salidity of the water at the moment she enters. She must surface and revert to her land form before submerging herself into fresh water. Otherwise, she will experience extreme pain and exhaustion or even die depending on the salidity of the water. Since she has to be submerged in water, she cannot transform into her sea form simply by getting wet or standing in a puddle or shallow water, either. Land Form: In this form, she isn't much more than a standard human girl. She has very little experience on land so she is extremely weak and clumsy. Unfortunately, the pheromones her body exhibits attract anyone that is attracted to women. This can often lead to a lot of unwanted sexual attention, especially for a woman who knows so little about surface culture. Enchanted Armor: Her enchanted armor only functions while underwater. While above water, it disappears save for the collar. The collar, though, still must be disenchanted to be removed by anyone except her or her family. Knowledge of the Land: Aurora knows very little about the surface. Consequently, she is extremely awkward around people in general and her ignorance can be very easily taken advantage of. Due to her timid nature, she is also extremely gullible and very subject to flirting. Many people on the surface may consider her to be "easy" because of her lack of knowledge on proper public etiquette. For example, one could easily trick her into giving him a blowjob simply by saying it was how people greeted each other. Telepathy: Aurora must form a mental link with another before she can communicate telepathically with them. She can form one only by making physical contact with the other while they are both in a relaxed state. Ambitions (Hopes/Dreams): Aurora dreams of getting married and having her husband carry her to the surface so that they can make love for their first time and have children together. Although, due to her status as royalty, she is set to have an arranged marriage chosen by her father at the age of 18. Consequently, she only hopes her husband is one she truly loves. She also dreams of a world where the waters are perfectly clean throughout and she and her children can come and go to the surface as they please. Hobbies and Interests: Aurora loves to explore the ocean. Although she isn't supposed to be allowed outside of the castle without supervision, she frequently sneaks out when nobody is looking. While exploring, she loves to speak with her friends among the local wildlife and carefully tends to nearby coral reefs and the creatures that inhabit them. Personal Sexual Information Sexual Orientation: Straight (?) Turn ons: Aurora loves a man with a caring heart and who shares her love for the environment, its beauty, and all of its inhabitants. She loves when a man can take charge and guide her in what she should do and where she should go. She wants someone she can trust with her life and whom she can consult for any dilemmias she may face. Turn offs: Agression, general rudeness. While she wants a man to take charge, she hates a man who is too controlling. Breast Size: 34 C Sensitivity: High Additional Sexual Information: She has spent her entire life in her sea form. In this form, her sexual organs are nonexistant. She has a small anal orifice, located in the crotch area, to relieve herself, but the orifice is much too small and lacks the sensitivity to be used for sexual purposes, unless one simply wants to cause her pain. Additionally, her armor would make any sort of intimate contact with her skin impossible as well. For this reason, the Nerei travel to the surface to reproduce. As a result, the surface is often associated with erotic fantasy. Extra Information Father: Crudis Abri Mother: Opiris Abri Pet: Though she doesn't consider it a pet so much as a companion, she carries a tiny Octopus whom she named Viscie. Viscie loves to cling to her body and sleeps in her hair. The two have grown quite attached to each other, though Viscie cannot travel with her on land. History Awards/Commendations: She is the princess of the Kingdom of Abri. Bio: As princess, Aurora had lived a very quiet life in Castle Abri. Her father was highly protective of her and demanded she remain within the castle walls or be under the watchful eye of a royal escort. She was the only child in the Abri royal bloodline, so she had a lot of responsibilities to lead her kingdom. Aurora, on the other hand, hated her role. She wanted to travel the world and explore rather than be restricted to a chair for her entire life. So, she often requested that her father have another child with the argument that, if anything were to happen to her, the throne would be left with no heir. However, for reasons unknown to Aurora, her father refused to have another child with his wife, leaving Aurora the sole heir to the throne. As a result, Aurora had grown quite bitter toward her father. Even during her early childhood, she would often sneak out of the castle through a secret passageway she'd forged. Once outside, she was very careful not to be seen in town for fear that word would spread of the princess' presence. Instead, she would go out into the wilderness to explore the nearby seas and meet the local wildlife. She quickly grew fascinated with the world outside the castle. This was an area where her escorts would never allow her to go for fear of dangerous wildlife. Perhaps due to her ignorance at the time, but Aurora never feared even the most dangerous of animals in the sea. She treated carnivorous monsters no different than any other friendly fish and often found favor in the creatures. Occasionally, she would catch an animal at a bad time and be snapped at, but thanks to her armor, she'd remain perfectly safe, though these encounters would usually scare her away. Still, she always found herself returning. Over many years of living like this, Aurora made many friends in the sea. She devoted a lot of her royal education to studying the various creatures of the sea and learning better ways to tend to them. She has since become somewhat of an expert on sealife in general, even of species that are not native to her area. Her little expeditions became a regular occurrence, and she would always make sure to be back in bed by the time her father would check on her. One night, while exploring a nearby vent in the ocean, Aurora discovered a tinly, trembling, lonely-looking octopus hiding in the cracks of a rock. The octopus looked out of place and was likely chased there by a predator. While Aurora certainly didn't look down on predators for trying to survive by eating their prey, it saddened her to know that this octopus had escaped its predator but now seemed to be lost and scared. She took it upon herself to scoop the octopus into her hands and carry it to a nearby coral reef where she'd assumed the octopus had come from. She gently placed the creature down and turned to swim away as it was nearing time for her to be home. When she arrived at her bedroom, however, she was surprised to find that the very octopus she had rescued had somehow managed to cling to her shoulder. The fact that the little guy wanted to follow her amused her, but she knew she would get in trouble if her father saw her with a creature from the outside. So, she hastily tried to release the octopus, but each time it would simply cling to her on her return. Knowing she was running out of time, she simply allowed the octopus to hide in her hair while she went to meet with her father. Aurora later decided to set up a small home for the octopus just outside her secret passage out of the castle using some fragments of coral she'd gotten from the reef and ever since that day, she never went on another expedition without her little friend whom she'd named Viscie. One day, however, one of Aurora's expeditions took a very unexpected turn. She was exploring the nearby seas, with Viscie hitching a ride, just as she always would, but for some reason, she felt strangely exhausted as she moved and, before she knew it, she had completely fallen asleep. When she came to, she seemed to be in the same blue void she was in before, but when she turned around, her heart began to race as she didn't recognize a single landmark. Although she was confident she could find her way back no matter how far she traveled, she was shocked to find that she had apparently strayed so far from home that she had no idea what direction home was! At this point, getting in trouble for leaving the castle was the least of her worries. She may have loved exploring the wilderness but she knew nothing about surviving away from home!
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    From the album: Temaelrin's Andromeda RP Characters

    Character Identity Information Name: Jen'starr Epsi'rikixi Date of Birth: As of yet unknown Gender: Female Religion: The Order of the ExoSinian Eldyr Species: Epsi'rikixi Origin/Nationality: Epsus Galaxy/EPSI Pirate Occupation: Entertainment Bar Owner which is a front for her real occupation - Weapons, Drugs and Illegal Technologies Dealer and a hidden ambassador of the EPSI Pirates Omega Runes Branch Faction: Omega Runes (EPSI Pirate Clan) Physical Appearance Height: 6ft 6" Eye Colour: Light Blue Hair Colour: Multiple (Purple, Pink and Blue) Physical Description: As the Omega Rune EPSIPirate Clan preform strict selective breeding they try to take the best bits from their clan members and reproduce with those genes. Jen'starr is a rather muscular female which she gets from her part Zeta'mulurian ancestry, and she is rather tall at six-foot-six. She has thin, short fur over her skin, which is a mixture of whites and purples, she has naturally purple hair, two small horns on the top of her head with ears that are double the length of her shoulders. Her tail is absolutely massive, but extremely prehensile. It seems to have feathered fur fins on the end to help with Manoeuvrability, Swimming, Balance as well as a make shift weapon. Similar to a few Epsian's her legs and feet are more Canine like than Humanoid like, she is a Digitgrade which means she actually walks on her paws, not her whole foot, this allows her to bend down comfortably (See picture) and move quickly, much more intricately than someone with plantigrade feet. This has several strengths and weaknesses. This gives her many advantages and disadvantages. (See Strengths and Weaknesses) She has the Omega Rune's emblem on both of her shoulders that go down to the midway of her upper arm, as well as spires that come down to just above where her breasts start. She also has a 'Tribe' like Tattoo across her lower back which comes up over her hips to the white fur around her stomach and abdomen, where they stop. She also has several tribe tattoos on her thighs and face, notably around her eyes. Jen'starr doesn't wear much, which doesn't leave an awful lot to the imagination. However her clothes are practical, she usually wears what's seen in the picture, a thong, thigh highs and a strapped bra to keep her boobs in place. The straps around her lower legs is something she doesn't discuss with anyone, as they illegally used Omega Runes EPSIPirate Clan technology. Personality, Traits and Abilities General Overview: Her bar is just a front, and a rather obviously cliché one at that for an illegal black market trade hub for her clan of the EPSI Pirates, one that is considered extremely high risk. Her views are fairly anarchist as she believes that a Government should have next to no say in how it's civilians should live with a passionate disdain for most authority figures, including Epsian ones. She is described as being Chaotic Neutral in that she follows her own whims, she is an individual first and last, and whilst she values her own liberty - she doesn't strive to protect others' because that's 'Their Job as an Individual'. She avoids authority, resents restrictions and sometimes challenges traditions; Whilst at the same time she doesn't intentionally disrupt organisations be that authority or otherwise as a part of a campaign of anarchy. IE; She stays out of their way and she wishes for them to do the same. To do so would have to be motivated by either Good (A desire to liberate others) or evil (A desire to make those different from herself, suffer). She maybe unpredictable, but her behaviour isn't totally random (IE; She isn't equally as likely to jump off a bridge, as she is to cross it.) Jen'starr is somewhat good at keeping her real thoughts and feelings inside, making her a shrewd business woman, she runs an underground bar that's policies are pretty much anarchy barring three simple rules 'No killing people on the premises', 'Pay up front' and 'No On-Duty Officers of the Law'. Her only apparent loyalty is to her wealth, her money and influence, but most importantly; her clan. She can be open and honest to your face, but she tries to shroud the things she doesn't want others to know about in smoke and mirrors. Strengths, Skills and Abilities: In addition to her selective breeding, she is also genetically modified. This genetic modification was done illegally during Xantallec War I (The Genzi War). Jen'starr is not an easy target to track or take down. Due to her mixture of biology in a fight or flight situation she can employ any number of tactics and situations to fit the need, because she is an Epsi'rikixi she has basic instincts from five different species thus predicting how she'll escape, or fight is difficult. She is an Epsi'rikixi is a mixture species of Keza, Mako, Coda, Zeta and Xeno although there is a hint of Taru'zenari from a distant genetic relation as well as Eldyrannth. As she is a product of extremely selective breeding she's got some desirable traits from her mother and father. In terms of body and muscle mass she's stronger in her legs. Her Digitigrade physiology is a normal part of the Mako'demeri anatomy, it also enables her to run on all fours as well as on two feet. She's a fantastic runner, but not a good sprinter. Her tail is prehensile which means she can balance much more efficiently. She is extremely intelligent. She can sometimes procure things that are otherwise not procurable, for a cost. This includes connections within the EPSI Federation, and the wider Pirate Community. She's learnt some key abilities for her trade; such as operating an illegal ring of one description or another, lockpicking, hacking, planning and pulling off heists with a dedicated and well resourced and trained team, and so on. Weaknesses: Her digitigrade physiology works against her sprinting stamina here. Whilst she has a lot of endurance for running, sprinting takes more effort. She doesn't posses much upper body strength either, which is why she prefers to kick doors open rather than use her upper body strength at all, or use a weapon in a fight. Ambitions (Hopes/Dreams): She keeps her ultimate goal to herself, and locks it away in her mind throwing up false intelligence and scan-traps in every corner. Some believe that she wants to start her own EPSIPirate State; a 'Criminal Empire' to turn the EPSI Pirates into a powerful force especially to counter some of the problems that has recently showed themselves up to them which seems to be backed up by the fact that she's also trying to get a new list of contacts and reliable customers. Hobbies and Interests: There are a number of things that she claims her Hobbies and Interests lie in. Quite frankly she doesn't believe her real hobbies and interests are of anyone elses business. She does have a clear affinity for Making Money/Profit and to that end it could encompass anything that would make her money/profit. Sexual Orientation: Whilst it's not really that much known, as people in her line of business tend not ask. But she's what the EPSI Federation call Aliea-Pansexual. This means she will have sex with aliens and she doesn't care about the gender. Although she is most definitely picky about who she has sex with, and who she has children with. Turn ons/Turn offs: Unknown. Like with her other preferences she doesn't believe it's of anyone elses business. So frequently she won't respond (at worst) with an answer or be vague/misleading (at best) depending on the person and their relationship to her. Anyone who knows her that intimately should learn for themselves and if they understand her enough to get to that point, they should understand why she is like this. Extra Information Family: Jen'starr is a product of selective breeding preformed by the Omega Rune's clan; this is a separate de-centralised agreement amongst the clan member 'administrators' to breed with certain people to pass on certain genetic traits and factors to their children/offspring. Because of how the Omega Rune's clan was before she became an 'Administrator'. This means her mother and father were likely administrators that bred under this code. Although it's only just recently that the Omega Rune's clan adopted the EPSI Federation's standard method of selective breeding; which is down to the individual rather than the group, due to the current administration that believes breeding with someone should be a personal choice; not one that is enforced. Jen'starr is indifferent to this however as she doesn't care either way. She thinks that individuals in the clan can indeed continue the the practice in recommendation, and individuals should be allowed to make these decisions on their own, she also sees her way as not trampling on anyones rights on either side of the fence. Her mother is a Shan'starr and her father is related to her mother as her mother's father who is Hell'starr both are Epsi'rikixi. Due to the Tau'ri (Human) Universal reaction to 'incest' (Despite it meaning something totally different to the Epsian's because it's normal, and considered healthy for their species) she doesn't talk about her parents to any Tau'ri, unless she trusts them not to be a bigot about it. If she has any siblings (Other than her half sister, who is her mother), she doesn't know about them, nor does she interested, at the moment. Ship: EPSIPirate Ship - Omega Odin; her clan's flagship in the Epsus Galaxy. (The Odin is the Mothership of the Omega Runes Clan, and is extremely well armed, and well shielded with weapons that are modified and optimised from EPSI Federation Companies and Corporations). Place of Residence: Civilian Accommodations on Andromeda Station. Pet: None. Additional information: Jen'starr sees very little to no point in getting married, and she doesn't have a lot of relationships either. She's very picky about who she has sex with and she's even more picky about who she has a relationship with, and extremely critical in who she has children with. She is not monogamous, nor does she expect her partners to be, and nor will she allow herself to be pushed into that kind of relationship. However her duplicate which is believed to be operating on the station, is somewhat the opposite. She has a fixation on Christopher - the Head of Security, and has vowed that if she did get in a relationship with him that it would be monogamous, for that specific duplicate. Why an EPSI Pirate who is conducting illegal business on the station would want to get sexually and romantically involved with the chief of security, should be left to the person asking that question to figure it out. Some say it's to bring him on her side, some say it's to blindside him, others say it's about keeping your friends close, but your enemies closer. She won't be open with her reasons to anyone other than Christopher, and even then it'd be up to him to decide if she is telling the truth or not. History Awards/Commendations: Omega Rune's Clan - Sleipnir Medal; for her part in the war against the Alpha Runes Clan. As well as the initiative she used to successfully down a prototype Alpha Rune's Clan Heavy "ARCH" Battlecruiser, of which she also stole the blueprints for so the Omega Rune's Clan could build their own class of heavy ships called the ORC (Omega Rune's Colossus). Criminal Record: Extensive, one jurisdiction or anything is reported to add to this list everyday. Bounties: In order of worth more to Tau'ri/Human Credits EPSIPirate Alpha Runes Clan Wanted: Dead. Bounty: 225,000-500,000 Epsus Pirate Credits For: Downing the prototype ARCH Battlecruiser, and for her part during the war, as well as thwarting their plans and helping the Eldyrannth throw them off of Vorserend. EPSIPirate Tanzin'aar Runes Clan Wanted: Dead or Alive. Bounty: 125,000 Epsus Pirate Credits (Dead) and 175,000 Epsus Pirate Credits (Alive). For: Rival Clan. Commonwealth: All Pirate Factions Wanted: Dead. Bounty: 8,550,000 Commonwealth Credits (Doesn't exchange well outside of the Commonwealth due to extreme hyper inflation) For: Capturing Commonwealth Pirate Stations, and turning all the slavers into slaves, which was then sold to a Pirate Station Kappa-Twelve. Medical Record: She has no official record of medical history or testing under any jurisdiction. Bio: Jen'starr (Born: Jennaea) was born into Talivana’s Orphanage shortly before Xantallec War I (2129). She was genetically modified by an, at the time, unnamed corporation to be a Genzi (A Super Soldier of the GMA; Genetically Modified Army) , where she’d see Talivana as her mum (Not Biological Mother), and Kaylarvara as her dad (Not Biological Father). Although these details were unknown at the time. She was left in a bundle as a baby on Talivana’s door step and no one had any idea that she was one of the Genzi’s earlier works. Nowerdays she views Talivana and Kaylarvana (Now called Kaylarvara) as her Mother and Father respectively. On Tuesday, March the 3rd, 2133 a war broke on out on Xantal’lar that would become known as Xantallec War I (Homeworld War One: Xantallec being Xenovityr'raian for Homeworld, in the context of war, in where the people of that planet are fighting each other). She was just three years old, and was going to turn four years old in July of that year. This war was extremely bitter, and was not going in the Epsian’s favour initially because the enemy were Genetically Modified Epsians who had been brainwashed and corrupted into trying to either force everyone else to become more superior, or be killed and left to die out in the ‘Grand Darwinism’ scheme that they had come up with. Supposedly they viewed that Genetic Modifications to enhance Epsian’s already jacked up abilities was the only way to compete with aliens in space and that it was the only way to win, and everyone who was inferior would be a hindrance to this goal. So unsurprisingly, she took up self defence classes at a young age. As she grew up she frequently took training in fighting, hand-to-hand combat and Kainian Martial Arts from a Cayne Coda’zotoxi who she respected as her teacher in these things. She kept her self very fit and healthy often refusing the luxuries in life such as chocolate, sweets, soda and energy drinks, and yet always refused to eat high-salt processed food in favour of luxury home cooked meals. She’d eat a disproportionate amount of protein and vegetables, but wanted very little in the way of carbohydrates, and loved using hot sauce (400,000 - 600,000 Scovilles) on all of her food, something that hasn’t changed today as she quite enjoys hot and spicy food (6,000,000 Scovilles +). But she’d always work this off with intense workouts, and training sessions with Cayne, so it was no surprise that her extra curricular activities involved lessons in Kainian Martial Arts, and she was the second non-Kaine Coda’s to be accepted into the programme; after Tripp Keza’maraki. She also worked hard in class, and at school with Triavana and opted for extra curricular lessons on Politics with Talivana, and Electrical Engineering, Technological Sciences as well as other assorted courses with Kaylarvana. Later in life she’d touch on physics and astrometrical sciences with Dezrin, but this was something she was only briefly interested in before moving on to Business Studies with several prominent Zoure Zeta business teachers. In her late teenage years she enlisted in a civilian private military with Cayne Coda’zotoxi who was tasked with the defence and protection of Talivana’s Mansion (The Orphanage) as this was a prime target of the Genzi outside the third City. By this point it was 2146 (17 years old) and the war was taking it’s toll on the Epsian’s who had already lost the third city (A major city) to the Genzi where the civilians were either being converted or slaughtered. It was around this time that Talivana started to suspect that something was different with Jennaea, but she had no idea what it was let alone any concrete proof. At the age of 21 she took an initiation test to enter in the Starr University of Xantal’lar, a privately owned university that only allowed one percent of the smartest and brightest students from other schools and universities take the initiation test, of which only a small percentage can pass and enter in admission. She did pass; and she was admitted into the university, where she disappeared from the mansion for a period of 12 years to study at this advanced university after Talivana and Kaylarvara themselves funded the admission fee, as if she earnt her ‘Starr’ title she would be the first student of Talivana’s Orphanage to achieve such a prestigious titleship. At the Starr University of Xantal’lar she studied politics and governance, economics, and a myriad of minor topics. By the time she came out of this university it was 2162 and she was thirty three (33) years old. By this point however the Xantallec War I was taking the last out of the EPSI Federation, as citizens joined ranks with the military, senators and government officials even took up arms and Arcadia (The EPSI Federation Military) started making one last push towards the third city; with everything going to shit all around them, there was no guarantee that they’d win. But it was almost looking like a sure thing that they’d lose. It was semi fortunate then, that on June 6th 2166 that - out of the blue and launched from nowhere, a matter/anti-matter warhead was detonated over the third city effectively crushing the opposition overnight, and ending the war. But such a quick victory came with a heavy cost… Talivana was injured during the explosion, as she was close enough to have received quite a bit a damage from the shockwave as well as debris that was kicked up and made to be flying towards her, but not be killed. Jennaea, now Jen’starr as she had earnt the title of ‘Starr, never left her bedside in the hospital, the moment she found out that Talivana was wounded so gravely. The surrounding days after the attack, some sources from a seemingly grass roots movement started openly blaming Arcadia and the Government for the use of Matter-Anti-Matter warheads on their own state, something that deep down was universally condemned, and these people knew that by fixing the blame on the Government the next stage of their plans could be put into effect. But these people didn’t really have the answers, for Arcadia and the Government repeatedly denied it because they indeed did not authorise it, would have never have authorised it. Even Drake’taour himself said that they were turning the war around and starting to push forwards. Which left Jen’starr with one question: What did the EPSI Federation have to gain by doing this, if they were already winning? Knowing full well that it would alienate public opinion. She didn’t believe that Talivana or any of the Arcadian’s would have authorised it, or even knew about it. Why would Talivana be heading to the third city to enter the front lines knowing that the bomb was going to be dropped there? So then she asked herself another question: What would someone else have to gain by blaming it on the EPSI Federation Government and Arcadia? And for that one she had answers to spare. When Talivana woke up, Jen’starr was there, and had told her everything that had happened. It just so happened that the news was on a TV, in the same room, where these people had built up enough voices and convinced everyone that was with them of their lies (of which they provided no evidence for), that they were at the stage where they had justified violent anti-government protests. But the protests even from Jen’starrs perspective looked too well organised, too well prepared with professional signs and placards mass produced so quickly it left her with another question: Who was funding this? To which there was only one answer with tons of possibilities: A Corporation. A number of Corporations had done very well for themselves during the war, and had that kind of money to kick the Government whilst it was licking its wounds. But then something unexpected happened… The TV Signal was hijacked, everything capable of receiving a signal from tablets, to computers, TV’s, loud speakers, vending machines and radios were all transmitting the same thing, “I am the Dark Wolf. I claim responsibility for the Anti-Matter explosion that rocked the third city, I stopped the war and I am saviour to you all. The Government did not authorise me to do this. Arcadia would have stopped me. I acted with one other individual but we acted independently. Stop giving them them credit. The credit belongs to me~! These protests are useful idiots being lead by liars and deceivers, subverters of good. You want to look for someone to blame, to demonise and vilify. Do so unto me. No one else… Don’t you dare give them credit for my work. This is a warning to you Epsians… Step out of line like you did during the war, again, and the next time I arrive, I will destroy your moons and ride in on the wave of destruction. This is your first and last warning. Dark Wolf - Out.” Talivana and Jen’starr had both seen this at the hospital, to Jen’starrs surprise - she was angry that this man had taken her dad’s face. Her first words were “You talk of deception?! With you and glowing red eyes. You are not my dad. A conman, a copycat, a fraud!” To which Jen’starr asked “Huh?” To which Talivana said “The Daedric Wolf looks exactly like him, my dad, my non-biological father. Except he has purple eyes beset in blackness. This one was glowing red. It’s not the same person. But he’s appeared before, the last time we were in crisis, twenty-ten, a place called the Promiscuous Palace. Last time he threatened us there, and carried out that threat, this time he threatens us again. How bloody dare, he.” This interaction left Jen’starr with even more questions, who was the Daedric Wolf? And who was pretender; The Dark Wolf? Cooler heads eventually prevailed, when they arrived home several weeks later… By now an investigation was underway. It was already discovered the Anti-Matter Warhead came from space- not from the ground. It was never launched from the planet, as seeing as no one, not even a corporation had re-achieved space travel yet, or even sent anything up there past satellites. It was a safe bet that one on the planet was responsible therefore, although reluctantly giving credit to the Dark Wolf’s claim. Although it would be five years later that the Dark Wolf would formally have the charges stuck to him, and was put on the FCI’s most wanted list. But there was something Jen’starr couldn’t accept, and something about all of it that made her feel more emboldened to something she was wanting to do. After the war she moved out from Talivana’s mansion and purchased her own house in Decadencia, Sadist’s Retreat. Where she worked on building her connections and business empire. <Large Chunk Cut Out for now> There had been a space race between Epsilon Dynamics, a subsidiary of EPSICorp and Space Frontiers, a subsidiary of Keza Corp. EPSICorp and Keza Corp’s rivialy was in full swing by this point with Frankie Keza’maraki as the head of EPSICorp, and the first person in the UFF of old to break the FTL barrier leading the charge into breaking the space barrier to get ships back into space. However on the otherside another Keza’maraki in charge of Keza Corp was determined to look like that they were having a good old fashioned space race, but were waiting for EPSICorp to do the hard work, research their findings for much cheaper and whilst EPSICorp was reeling from the costs that they incurred during this venture, to go forth and proceed with the next plan in getting things up there, and controlling the spaceports on the planet. Shortly before 2629, when she was 499 years old, approaching 500, she noticed an increasing use of Corporate Force particularly from Keza Corp and the forever increasing authoritarian slant that the Xeno’vitiri state was heading in. The two were unrelated, but worrying trends that was concerning her. Keza Corp seemed to be hiring lots of people around scientific areas, as well as Starr’s, she had even gotten hold of several requests too. But it seemed that people who refused seem to wind up dead in mysterious circumstances that the Police dismissed as non-suspicious, yet independent investigations conducted by her own people drew up one thing in common: They all got and rejected a job position at Keza Corp. The ones that had accepted were also disappearing, but not turning up dead. It seemed that Epsilon Dynamics was also doing the same thing, hiring lots of scientists. Those that accepted also disappeared, but those that rejected weren’t killed - unless they also rejected Keza Corp. It seemed that by this point EPSICorp and Keza Corp were at a silent war with each other, which had become increasingly obvious to her, as they were in a similar situation with Keza Corp. During this time the colonisation of Mizu (The Fourth Planet in EPSI Prime) as a farming world was well under way, space travel had been opened back up, but was rapidly becoming monopolised by Keza Corp as per the plan. This didn’t stop her either, as she worked with Kularr (Kularr’taour Zeta’muluri) to produce a spaceport in Sadist’s Retreat of which they were going to call ‘The Last Bastion of Liberty’. Of course Keza Corp called them out in the media through paid for news reporters (To give them plausible deniability) to run stories that this was a deeply provockative move by the criminal underworld, and threatened the stability of Xantal’lar. Which told the two and their underworld organisation that Keza Corp were threatened by this posture. Jen’starr then conducted raids on both Keza Corp and EPSICorp to steal designs of ships that they could construct out in Sadist’s Retreat, and improve on, in order to prepare for what was to come - for Jen’starr could see this a long ways off. Whilst the raid on Keza Corp was successful, the EPSICorp raid ended in complete failure, before it even started, because Frankie herself was waiting at their entrance point along with fifty armed campus security agents which surrounded her and her team at the fence. Frankie gave Jen’starr two choices: Leave and both sides will pretend that this never happened - or die here. Obviously, outnumbered and outgunned, Jen’starr took the option where she could leave and work out how the hell Frankie found out about this. The Keza Corp raid was more than successful, but the only information she could really get was that Keza Corp was intending on making the Keza’s exactly what they’re supposed to be - a slave race. But there seemed to be troubles brewing from other departments that were starting to act independently from the Corporation, one name kept cropping up repeatedly in their personnel reports; “Darren Keza’maraki” At the time this made very little sense to her. Frankie - who was a Keza’maraki for a rival corporation didn’t seem to be the type to be a slave at all. Yet with many Keza’s this absolutely explained a lot. Making copies of these files as a secondary objective, Jen’starr and her insertion team retreated back to Kularr with the intel, as well as ship blueprints, and so construction began. The problem with constructing the ships was money - and the only way they could deal with this problem was by selling the blueprints to other factions on Sadists Retreat so that they could have the money to do what they needed to do. Whilst shifting through this data, it seemed that Keza Corp wasn’t the ones ordering the kills, but someone within the Corporation was absolutely using Corporate resources to carry them out, and they were looking at going to the authorities to help them root out the case of the mysterious deaths. Shortly before 2660, before the modified planetary SETA was enabled (6 years later), Jen’starr took several ships and launched off into space - although apparently so did a number of smaller groups. A fair number of them - from Sadist’s Retreat formed a coalition of EPSI Pirates with the same common goals but different agenda’s. From the Alpha Runes, Beta Runes, Gamma Runes, Delta Runes all the way to the Omega Runes - Of which Jen’starr was the ‘Leader’ to use the term lightly, of. It was during this time that Jen’starr took on two suspicious people on her ship, who she knew to be FIA agents; but didn’t seem to be asking her a lot of questions. In this period time everything was moving too quickly, Epsilon Dynamics had even split off two ships into space. One heading towards the jump gate, and one covertly heading towards the edge of the system. The two people she took onboard her ship kept themselves to themselves and pitched in where possible to help. They asked questions - but the wrong kind of questions that Jen’starr was expecting. As FIA agents, she expected them to be asking questions about her, her group and the ship she was on, but if anything they were asking questions about the Xeno’vitiri state; something completely off her radar considering how much was going on around them at the time. The EPSI Pirates didn’t decide to wait around, they had received intel that the second the Grand Council authorised the use of the SETA Keza Corp was going to be taken over by Darren Keza’maraki - the Current CEO’s son, and then all hell was going to break lose. Modifying a probe, Jen’starr thought to add a recording device to it, which would monitor Keza Corp’s movements and send it off at subspace - something she needed help with from a subspace communications expert. At the same time of it recording it would provide false sensor readings to the Keza Corp ships to make it look like they were still in the system, when in fact they had long since escaped through the jump gate, just like Epsilon Dynamics did a few years prior. This worked better than they had expected. As soon as the probe was launched the ships moved towards the jumpgate and left the system. A few hours after the SETA was activated, the Keza Corp ships moved their entire fleet towards the probe with their weapons fully charged and firing on ships that they thought were there - only to find that they weren’t taking any damage. By looking out the windows that they were all gone, as their sensors reported that the ships were there. They eventually destroyed the probe, but it had already sent the footage off into subspace which Jen’starr would pick up in twenty years as it would take that long to reach the destination of where the pirates had fled to. The Pirates had gone into the Toriana’s Wish system; which was in the early stages of colonisation for the EPSI Federation, however they didn’t hang around, and went through another jump gate to head into the Tripp’s Revenge system where they found several large ships around the gate. To the pirates these were alien ships; however they soon identified themselves as being Keza Corp. Jen’starr had no idea how they got these ships, where they had come from or what they were doing, and she didn’t get chance to ask questions. The Keza Corp destroyers started opening fire on the pirates; causing them to flee into the nebular surrounding the system - something that Keza Corp seemed to actively avoid… The EPSI Pirates had headed into this nebular heading behind the jumpgate but right by around thirty to forty degrees, where they discovered a hidden jump gate. A number of Jen’starrs crew members were pleading with her to leave the nebular because they “Could see something massive moving out there”, “Unlike any ship they’ve ever seen.” Indeed other ships closer to the disturbance were confirming that there was something very, very large moving out there, and this became known as the ‘Beast of the Nebular’. Once they made it through the jump gate, they arrived to a clean but empty system that seemed to be devoid of anything but asteroids. In that twenty years, relations between the EPSI Pirates broke down completely. The Alpha and Beta runes had teamed together and were openly attacking and plundering other factions, which started an internal conflict between the groups - one that Jen’starr had the good sense to just avoid completely and bugger off to form a defensible position. The Omega Runes were left well enough alone, until two years before they received the footage from the probe. They were attacked by an Alpha Runes task force, and some of the crews on the Omega Runes ships were captured. Jen’starr would later find out that the women were turned into mere farm animals, and the males were cooked up as food and eaten. The Alpha Runes and Beta Runes had for some bizarre reason - and to the disgust of the Omega Runes Pirates, had resorted to cannibalism. This would force Jen’starr into ordering her ships to retaliate, board other installations to steal data, scientists and other useful technology, as well as anyone they could recover from these farms, before taking themselves deeper into the system. Two years later they received a subspace transmission from the probe - it had confirmed exactly what she had suspected twenty years prior, as if the destroyers in Tripp’s Revenge hadn’t done that already. Her fleet of ships eventually found another jump gate, which she sent scouts through, only to find that there was nothing in the system ahead, exceept for three more jump gates. With eagerness of exploration and moderate food supplies remaining, Jen’starr ordered her fleet to move through to the next system and start exploring with all scouts, whilst the main bulk of the fleet would remain around the gates to defend them incase anyone else had any bright ideas about coming through. A few months later one of her scoutships reported that they had found a jump gate, leading to another system. The scoutship was told to explore the system beyond it, and so it did - only to return a few minutes later with the pilot high tailing it out of there telling them to run. Apparently the pilot had jumped into a system that was apparently a stronghold for an alien race, one that didn’t respond to hails, of which they’d learn later to be a robotic/computer like species that was once used to terraform planets for biologicals but went completely rouge and had morphed into the killing machines that they were today. Shortly after the pilot docked, Jen’starr went out herself in his ship to go take a closer look, against the advisement of her bridge officers. Whilst she was out the other scouts had found other jump gates in the system, located about ninety degrees from each other. Jen’starr jumped into the system, where immediately she was opened fire on by a large ship that had smaller ships near it. It seemed to be a destroyer with the smaller ships being an escort for it, she did return fire on a scout ship, but her weapons were quite ineffective against their shields and if she couldn’t even scratch the shields of a scoutship, her larger ships didn’t stand a chance against theirs, using evasive actions she did gain some useful information: The destroyer’s weapons were like pulses of light - they’d fly through space quite slowly at around three hundred or so meters per second and wasn’t all that accurate. She knew that if her ship was hit by just one of those pulses - she was done for - it’d be a one shot kill. So she left the system and returned back, leaving a probe lodged into the Jumpgate itself to say “This is Jen’starr of the Omega Runes. Do NOT go through this gate. You have been warned.” Knowing full well that the Alpha and Beta runes would most likely go through that gate. By the time she got back to her ship, she found from one of the scout pilots that there was three other jump gates, and one of them went to a system devoid of anything, except there was more jump gates in there. With food stocks at half capacity she ordered that they moved as far away from this system as possible, and head through one of the other jump gates, and so they found a network of systems connected via jumpgates, which they set out to explore, with the aim of finding a home for themselves, as well as mapping out the newly discovered gate network. There were several voices in her own ranks that didn’t believe that she was taking an acceptable risk and even started moving against her; she couldn’t blame them - it was a massive risk, but a massive risk could mean a massive reward. She was completely vindicated when the scouts returned informing her that they had mapped out twenty systems beyond the gate that they called the ‘South Gate’ A name that she didn’t like because it was space, so north-south-east and west was moot. They reported that beyond the south gate was a system with only two gates, and beyond that was a system with four. The East and South gates of that system lead to a closed loop; however the west gate was the most interesting. From the west gate, it went into a system that had only two gates, through that west gate was another system with only two gates, through that system’s south gate, another with only two gates, beyond that south gate was a system with three gates and perfect opportunity to set up a self sustaining economy with nine systems within that loop several of which with habitable planets suitable for colonisation. Their immediate recommendation was to cap off the system after the first south gate, however Jen’starr insisted that the system before then should be the start of their territory putting thirteen star systems straight into their hands. Delighted with this Jen’starr set out with her fleet to colonise, and they colonised very aggressively. By the turn of the century their map looked a little something like this: After the next few years the Omega Runes established a strong foothold in this part of the gate network, building strong defences at Omega’s Reach and the Naeglia systems, so that if the Alpha and Beta Runes started forcing their way through, they’d be severely bottle necked with increasing resistance. She also had formed a Government; although it was one with exceptionally limited powers. A lot of people couldn’t see how a ‘Pirates’ and ‘Government’ could actually go exist, but it was this strong limitation of powers that made it possible. This Government - of sorts - would enforce a strict code; “The Thieves Honour”, or “The Pirates Honour”, and Jen’starr found herself to be the leader of it. The mission of the Government was simple, to coordinate defence of their systems, to coordinate resource production, and to protect their territory from hostile forces. Taxes was almost completely voluntary, if any Government services wanted money they had to rely on being profitable, and their Government was a very Capitalist friendly system believing in total free markets, within the confines of the The Pirates Honour. There was a few things that were illegal on even their markets - such as Epsian Meat (Meat made from Epsian people), Zeta Eggs (For consumption), Unwilling slaves (Unless captured in war) and Children. Everything else was fair game and the public’s money was allowed to vote on what was and was not acceptable. Over the years, their population exploded in size and they had even started producing their own ships with deadly technology, and as a backup to the gate network, they had even produced FTL technology long before the EPSI Federation rediscovered it. Although they had conducted a number of raids against Epsilon Dynamics to achieve it. <Large Snippet Removed> Nearing the final two hundred years, (3966), The Alpha and Beta Runes eventually made contact with the Omega Runes again, and a war started between the two sides, one that forced the Alpha and Beta Runes back up into the system to the north of the system to the east of Omega’s Reach. It was a humiliating defeat for the Alpha and Beta Runes, but they had developed cloaking technology, which allowed them unfettered access to the gate network, which allowed them to get to Vorserend’s Stand (Eldyrannth Space). The Omega Runes had somewhat gotten a defence for the cloaking technology; if a cloaked ship passed through their sensor nets in Naeglia (With their engines active) their ship would leave a wake similar to turbulence, which their sensors would detect and mark out for Omega Runes ships to open fire on, it had the effect of acting as a drag on ships too, so they couldn’t use their inertia to carry them through the sensor net. This prevented Alpha and Beta Rune’s ships from proceeding into Omega Rune’s space. Eventually the Omega Runes learnt of a Alpha and Beta Runes outpost which wasn’t actually all that far away from the Deltron system (An system devoid of planets - but has four stars). From the readings that scouts could pull up, this looked like a very lucious system that the Alpha and Beta Runes seemed to be turning into their new home… And Jen’starr couldn’t have that, no-no-no. She immediately assembled a fleet, complete with newly created and waiting to be tested planet destroyers set out with this massive fleet to take this Alpha/Beta Pirate System, or destroy it. However this proved to be more complicated as the Alpha and Beta Runes had actually set up a base on an uncharted island, on the Eldyrannth’s homeworld - Vorserend, the Eldyrannth had become aware of them, and were dealing with them in their own way, but when Jen’starr turned up with her fleet she caused quite a stir. It turned out that not only was this planet the Eldyrannth’s homeworld, but it was also their home system - Vorserend’s Stand, and the military weren’t too happy to see planet destroyers, and an armada of ships that quite frankly dwarfed their own in numbers, and firepower. Jen’starr had no idea about any of this, and it forced them to call off their plans and resort instead to work with the Eldyrannth to remove this plague from their planet. Which she did. Just as she was about to take her fleet and head back to her home systems, she discovered a sweetcorn like seeds which she had looted off of a dead Alpha Runes pirate. According to their notes it was the most addictive thing ever found, and of course she wanted to control it in the blackmarket - the Omega Runes Government were practically jumping at the chance to own a market of it in the Epsian Blackmarket. It was apparently sweeter than sweet, and far more addictive than heroin. The only problem is that it came from a planet that was similar to a venus fly trap crossed with a Victreebel (Pokémon) without the eyes in that it was able to trap people and slowly digest them for food, and it kept the corn along the bottom of the plant. Because of its similarity to “Space Corn” in the early 21st Century Series ‘Stargate’ this product has been called Kassa, also known as Vorserendian Death Corn. This is something that the Eldyrannth had essentially quarantined and made extremely illegal, and would not let the Omega Runes leave with the seeds, despite the Government’s order to their leader, Jen’starr to bring it back. The Eldyrannth offered something else, Zeta Fruit, which was a good source of the raw materials that made the drug known as cLSD (Which is not LSD, but it similar). cLSD wasn’t chemically addictive, but it was stronger than LSD, and guaranteed a good trip. Zeta Fruit was also quite versatile as it had a different kind of sugar which the body processed much in the same way as water, and yet it was sweet and could enhance processed sugar so foods with sugar could have less of it in and be just as sweet, and actually taste better - with or without the trippy side effects. The Eldyrannth promised that this would make the Omega Runes a lot more money in the long run. Their only condition was - they wanted all of the seeds back. Every single one of them. Not a single seed was to be in their possession. It turns out that the Eldyrannth were extremely protective of this, and did not want it getting out. It was Talrin himself who pointed out that there was only one obvious future for them if they went down this path; their demand would get to be so great that the Omega Runes would not be able to keep up with demand, and would eventually become slaves forever producing the stuff, as people would go to war just to secure their own supply. If they dare raise the prices the customers would get enraged, and if they couldn’t keep up with the demand their customers would get enraged. It was a no win situation all round. It’d destroy so many lives, and for that reason alone the Eldyrannth could not let it be sold, traded or given away. The Eldyrannth had eradicated all but a few plants of it, and the plants that existed were under intense study, of which they were likely to destroy the plants afterwards. Talrin also made it abundantly clear that if they did this, they stood alone. Right now the Omega Runes have powerful allies - but if they did this, they would no longer have those allies. Jen’starr reluctantly agreed to the trade, and handed over the seeds, for the cLSD. Upon returning back home, Jen’starr faced extreme backlash, for her decision. She tried to explain what she was told and what she got in return - allies, Zeta Fruit, and access to ‘Order’ Markets. The other members of the Government made it clear that if she had returned empty handed, they’d be looking at impeachment, however they asked that she resigned for her failure, and leave her son in charge instead. Initially she wasn’t happy about this, but accepted, thinking that it was time for a new leader to take control, even if it was temporary. She was even stripped of her warship, the Odrin. After a few years of enjoying civilian life the public who was in love with the Zeta Fruit she brought back demanded the Government to return her to leadership role. However this time she refused, and instead offered a counter proposal: Her son would continue being a leader, however she’d work with her son, to work external to the Omega Runes, to forge new connections outside of their Government to expand and grow the economy and put the Omega Runes as an independent force on the Galactic Exchange. To truly become their own sovereign state, officially receded from the EPSI Federation and independent, something that she considered to be her end goal, that and to consolidate power to become the ultimate EPSI Pirate faction, so that the other factions who had folded mostly under Alpha and Beta Runes were folded under their rule. The rule of honour. The Government accepted. This started up the Alpha/Beta Runes War again and this time it was the Omega Runes on the offensive. The Omega Runes slowly took system after system away from them, over a period of a century. The Alpha and Beta Runes fought very hard, but it wasn’t enough. There was a period of a break whilst the Omega Runes decided to take on the enemy aliens that they had encountered in the system located beyond the east gate in the system south of Shangri’larr Alpha. Not only did the Omega Runes wipe them out as well, but made off with their technology - of which a lot of it seemed to be focused around AI and AGI. On the final days of the war, the Omega Rune’s rebuilt their forces, they left a large amount in the system just south of the Shangri’larr Alpha System, and sent the rest in via Warp. This turned out to be a good move rather than sending ships in through the gate as the Alpha and Beta Runes had fortified around that gate expecting them to come out of it. However when the Omega Runes jumped into the last system Shangri’larr Alpha - the Alpha and Beta Runes home system, so too did the Eldyrannth and the Aymar’asarian Star Empire, all firing on Alpha/Beta Runes targets. Apparently the Eldyrannth had decided to get even for the invasion of their homeplanet, and the countless lives on Vorserend that those Alpha/Beta Rune Pirates put in danger. Upon destroying several space stations and destroyers, the Alpha and Beta Rune Pirates surrendered, and everyone in charge of the whole debacle was put on trial by the Omega Rune’s Clan shortly after. Those found guilty for the allowing of, farming of, and producing of Epsian Meat, Zeta Eggs and Unwilling Slaves, were executed on live broadcast by the Omega Runes, sending a very chilling warning to the rest of the pirates who folded and joined the Omega Runes to make them the Epsian Pirates. With this victory secured, the region space then started to look like this: After this Jen’starr retired again, but only officially. Unofficially she was still the leader of the Omega Runes - nay, the entire EPSI Pirates now. But instead she had her son doing all that work for her, whilst she went off to forge new business interests to make the new EPSI Pirates alliance a powerful economic force. They had more systems than the EPSI Federation, but that didn’t last long. In 4166, after the defeat of Keza Corp (Which the EPSI Pirates, helped with) the EPSI Federation started expanding greatly, but she wanted their legacy to be forever scorched into the Epsus Galaxy, and thus she started work on forging new alliances and business for the EPSI Pirates; to put them on the galactic economic map. With the EPSI Federation working on the Epsus Galaxy, which allowed the pirates to sell legal goods through them to people they contacted, Jen’starr set off to the Andromeda Station; where she was going to set up a bar. Her dream. But this bar would be front, her job itself was a front. For she was no mere bar owner, she was a secret ambassador for the EPSIPirates. Nowerdays she runs an underground operation that the bar is a legitimate front for, she operated on the Down Below section and provided extremely cheap drinks to the poor population down there as well as a more upperclass drink for clients who were there for other business. The bar was called "The Moist Snatch" although for reasons of Political Correctness it had to have a name change because "Someone" complained to the Station Commander after being open for over twenty years, and was one of the first companies to establish itself on the Station, and brought major amounts of credits in the form of voluntary/donated taxes for the station. No one had ever complained to her about it to either her or the station commander before and the Station Commander seemed to be just as annoyed over this as she was, and she was extremely frustrated with being censored. Unfortunately because of Jen'starrs refusal to capitulate, this escalated until it got completely out of hand and was disrupting station functions. Eventually Alexander told her; “All they requested was that you changed the name. I suggest to you; that they should be careful for they wish for.” She really liked this idea, a lot. She agreed to change the barname to "The Wet Hole" for its renovation which would see her bar branched into two areas; The Wet Hole, on the Lower Decks and Jen's Pleasure Bar (Or The Pleasure Bar) for the upper decks. Her renovations meant she could serve two types of clients, and she has a dedicated team of people (Staff) who run the two bars, however she frequently spends time in either of the two if she's not doing other business. It also allowed her to install holodecks in her bar, as well as serving fresh food via an Eldyrannth Powersource powered Replicator, technology that the station simply didn’t have. Which meant she could replicate fresh eggs, bacon, orange juice, bread, cake, chocolate, meat, milk and more. (Meat would be suitable for vegetarians, because it doesn’t come from real animals - she literally has a sign in her bar that says her meat is “Suitable for Vegetarians and Vegan Pussy’s.”). The upper bar was for people on the station, visitors, staff and otherwise, visitors to the station. Station staff had access to free water and orange juice, and discounted other drinks and alcohol (20% off) and meals (25% off), and sweets (Chocolate, Cake, etc… at 10% off). They were also allowed to use the holodecks providing that they booked in advance for 20% off too. This has made her business on the station extremely profitable, and popular. As a result it’s a hub of social interaction on the station. She has improved the quality of life in the down below sections, and will continue to do so for many years to come. Attached Extra Informations: Jennaea's Bar and Resturant's Company The Wet Hole (Pending) Jen's Pleasure Bar (Pending) The Stuffed Holes (Pending)
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    From the album: Temaelrin's Utopian Curse Characters

    Federal Council of Citizen Records (FCCR) ACTIVE RECORD Name: Rassai Age: Unknown, for his species he's in what's they'd call "Stage-One" which means he's a very small child. Gender: G'ccalonne Religion: Unknown Species: Ggterran using Taru'zenari disguise Origin: From what everyone, including him are aware of; he was born on this island and left here. Nationality: Under EPSI Federation Protection (Pending Asylum) Speciality: He is just a child. Universe: Native. Time Taken: N/A Physical Appearance Height: 3' 9" Weight: 18KG Eye Colour: In his Taru'zenari form he takes on a light blue, somewhat like Epsus Blue, but different. Hair Colour: Reddish Brown Physical Description: Rassai is a small child, he pretty much sticks to his Taru'zenari Form to appear less threatening to other people, he is capable of switching to his real form which is described as being the look of pure evil, hate and fear which are emotions, not descriptions (his main form is indescribable) Rassai comes from a very, very advanced race, however he is just small lightweight child. When coming to the care of the EPSI Federation he is a normal Human Boy. He looks about six years old. Personality, Traits and Abilities General Overview: Rassai is playful, friendly and usually considerate and profoundly insightful. Despite looking six, this Taru'zenari form is a representation of the Stage he is in. Rassai is intelligent, however he hardly ever speaks (yet) and sometimes relies on Telepathy or even a series of facial emotions and actions. He likes hugging people a lot, and see’s Kaylarvana and Wolfrin to be mother figures, and Talrin and Kitrin as father figures, Dezrin as an older brother, and Lexi, Siori and Dizzie as younger siblings who he treats as older because of their maturity verses his. He is absolutely pacifistic at the moment, and will not use violence, under any circumstances, and anyone who fights him is considered as pathetic. Strengths, Skills and Abilities: He has a series of “Godmoddy” powers which are only used in his defence, such as teleporting, a protective shield can form around him and a group of people and lastly his true form which should scare the shit out of anyone who has never seen it before and does not understand. He is immune to dying (Like a Fable II/Fable III child), and if such a thing was to happen he’d likely regenerate with different hair colour. He can shapeshift and take the shape and colours of anything he wishes. He has a lot of random abilities that he’s still learning and trying to control. He is telepathic and possibly telekinetic. His one true ability is that he can copy other people's abilities by watching them, although controlling those abilities once copied is another question entirely. Weaknesses: He doesn’t fight. Teleporting is random, and he cannot seem to control it. The Shield is the same way, and there’s no telling how powerful it is. His immunisation to death is because his species are generally resilient. He doesn’t talk much, and he is a child, that under any other time of day doesn’t use any of his powers except for playing around. He has the emotional maturity of a child, because he is a child. He doesn’t like “cruel” people. He certainly doesn’t like people arguing, although he tolerates it as long as it remains verbal. He only uses his powers in a passive and non-aggressive way, and most of the time when he needs it in combat they don’t work, so he doesn’t fight. His ability to copy abilities doesn't give him the knowledge on how to use them, and in fact this ability is hindrance to him right now. Ambitions (Hopes/Dreams): To get the hell off the planet. Hobbies and Interests: He is uncertain at the moment. Personal Sexual Information Sexual Orientation: This character is a child in this RP who does not and will not have sex. Ever. Don’t even ask; the answer is no. Additional Sexual Information: Too young for sex. Extra Information Father: As far as he's concerned Talrin Eldyrannth is his father. (He also sees Kitrin like a dad) Mother: As far as he's concerned Kaylarvara Eldyrannth is his mother. (He also sees Wolfrin like a mum) Siblings: He has siblings, but they're not here. Pet: None. Although he is seen frequently following a particular moth. History Awards/Commendations: None. Criminal Record: None. Medical Record: This appears to be Rassai from the beginning. Rassai was born with a genetic defect, which essentially turned his morals, reasoning and even empathy back on. For that; his people left him on this island. Bio: Rassai was born on this island, he didn’t know much other than he was left and abandoned to die here by his own mother because he was “Defective”. Ever since he’s been on this island, forgotten. He was so lonely, so sad and when he detected a somewhat strong mind on the island he went to try and introduce himself to them, that’s where he met Kaylarvana not too long ago, but she screamed in horror, and soiled herself before running off, something he didn’t understand. He witnessed her turning into her dragon form and flying away from him as quickly as possible, over the next few weeks he learnt how to imitate that same dragon form, only smaller and cuter, and went off in search of Kaylarvana, whom he found crying on a rock facing the sea several days later. The dragon landed on her shoulder and chirped at her, delightfully, and in the end Kaylarvana never saw him in his true form whilst she was there, he was a pet that hung around her and she looked after. It didn’t appear like she had noticed it was the same person. One day his new friend disappeared and once again he was alone, that was until he saw more people waking up on the beach, he flew into cover up a tree and watched carefully.
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    From the album: Kanna's RP Art

    Rough idea of what Kanna looks like as she grows older.
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    From the album: Kal's Characters

    Name: Chazin Ryoku Age/Date of Birth: April 26, 1804 Gender: Male Species: Chazin is known as a being called an Unversed, or a hybrid caused by the breeding of an angel and a demon (Often forced upon the cleaner of the two). Origin: Chazin was conceived and birthed in England. Nationality: Chazin was born and raised in the United Kingdom, and he often visits his birthplace each year, though not always at the same time each year. Specialty: Chazin has chosen to be a Demon hunter/Spiritual cleanser, both influenced by his parents. Universe: Universe #2 Time Taken: March 23, 2018 Physical Appearance: Height: Chazin is measured to be 2.04 meters (Or six feet and seven inches.) Weight: The last time he was weighed, he was around two hundred and fifteen pounds. Eye Colour: Black with red irises/White with blue irises Hair Colour: Jet black with a streak of blonde near the nape of his neck. Physical Description: Chazin is thin with dark, jet-black hair and nails. A small streak of blonde hair can be found on the back of his head near the nape of his neck. The whites of his eyes are black with red irises, though he can change those at will (normally to white with blue irises). He wears a trenchcoat that is torn and tattered at the bottom over a clean, white tank-top. His look has changed over the years, and this is the one that he’s settled for. His knuckles and neck are tattooed with runes that enhance his abilities farther than that of a normal Unversed. Or even a demon or angel. He wears black jeans and black combat boots. On his chest and back are a series of marks. They often disappear and reappear, completely rearranged. He has pearly white teeth with sharp, elongated canines. His skin is pale, pasty and sort of feels rubbery to the touch. Though they have rarely been shown to anyone, Chazin possesses bat-like wings that are coated with dark gray feathers. They have only been shown to those that he has deemed trustworthy and have proved to be able to keep their mouths shut during extreme conditions. Personality, Traits, and Abilities: General Overview: Chazin is normally cool and collected unless if someone gets to the end of his rather long fuse. When this happens, he does not think clearly and just acts on any sort of whim that crosses his mind. He will not stop at anything to get back at the person or people that pushed him over the edge. He is a person that is not easily able to forgive someone, though he gives mercy more freely than he should. He has a silver tongue, easily able to persuade people into giving him what he wants. When someone is able to counteract his smooth talk, he simply smiles and walks away from the situation. Strengths, Skills, and Abilities: Chazin has amazing strength to match his abilities. He is super quick and smart. And what’s worse is that he likes to flaunt it, though he never gets too uppity as to show off his true potential when it isn’t needed. His abilities are as shown with their weaknesses provided. Reminder: Chazin has tattooed runes on his fingers and around his neck that enhance his abilities farther than the normal Unversed, demon, or angel. Telekinesis: Chazin can lift, move, or control any object/being with a simple thought. This ability comes with a great price, though. He normally has to concentrate extremely hard to work this, and the physical exertion is extreme. The most he has suffered from this had been short term brain trauma. This method is usually a last resort. Abnormal Speed: Chazin is quicker than most people and he uses this as one of his main resources during battle or to just impress someone. This requires an extreme amount of food since his metabolism is through the roof. The weakness of this is his limited amount of stamina, which usually lasts for about half an hour to an hour. Though, he usually can get things done quickly before he reaches this limit. Cloning: Chazin is known for creating clones to trick and deceive people. It is also a helpful trick to use during a fight. In order to use this, he must have an open wound for blood to pour out and make a replica of himself. Another alternative to this technique is to use a portion of his reserved energy. He could possibly suffer from blood loss or fatigue and pass out during battle. This is also a last resort to be used during battle. Telepathy: Chazin can read other's minds or project his thoughts into another’s mind. He is often known for placing false thoughts into another's mind for information or just to play a cruel joke. This takes a lot of concentration, though, and can take up to half a minute to activate the ability. It can make him light headed and susceptible to risky actions on his part. Abnormal Strength: Chazin is stronger than the normal person, demon, or angel. He can easily lift about four times his own weight with little strain on his body. If he pushes himself, he has been able to lift (and throw) an object of maximum ten times his own weight. The weakness with this ability applies with the weakness for his speed, having to eat a ton and exercising to keep himself in shape. Anti-Magic Attacks/Reverse Incantations: Through various training exercises with various trainers, Chazin has learned to counteract any spell or incantation placed against him. These anti-magic attacks or reverse incantations take energy, though not very much. He often only uses these when he needs to get into a building that is barricaded by a spell or against enemies that like to use curses or magic against him. They don't always work, however, and also might backfire against him. Enhanced Hearing: Chazin's ears are so sensitive that once, he was able to hear a pin drop in a room full of noisy people. This ability has many weaknesses, ranging from different pitches of sounds to being completely overwhelmed by a room full of people. He has learned to dial this back and tends to fare just fine when he is in a crowded area, though he does tend to enjoy his peace and quiet when he isn't hunting. He is not normally one to be found at parties unless if he is hunting in that area. Silver Tongue: Chazin is normally easily able to persuade a normal person with his smooth talking. It has a bit to do with his demonic heritage. This ability works alongside his telepathy, where he is able to push anything he wants into one's mind. Anything he speaks will be pushed into the person’s mind to try and persuade them to give him any sort of information or do something that Chazin wants them to do. It doesn't work all the time, though. Those that are able to keep a clear mind can easily deflect this and deny what he is ordering or requesting. Demonic Detection: Chazin uses this ability to track dangerous demons that are nearby. Ones that are an utter threat and cannot be relinquished with a mere exorcism. He can detect demonic activity from a radius of one and a half miles around him. Of course, if the demon is strong enough, then it can be detected a bit outside of the radius. This takes concentration, which is not very helpful in stressful situations Weapons Master: Chazin is very skilled when it comes to weaponized combat. Chazin has learned many types of weaponized combat, but it still doesn't beat his favorite: fist to fist. Though, if he is given the chance to use a weapon in a precarious situation, he won't hesitate to use it. He has learned to use over three hundred weapons, his favorite of which is the mace. Simply out of the sheer damage and mutilation it can cause. The drawback to this is that if he is handed a weapon that he doesn't know how to use, he will simply discard it and settle for his fists, which can be very dangerous for him while fighting stronger enemies. Chef: Chazin is no stranger to cuisine. When he is tasked to make a dish, if he has the right ingredients to produce it, he will do so without hesitation. He has actually cooked for the Pope once, having been invited after saving the elderly man's life from an extremely powerful demon. He had only happened to be in the area (luckily) when he felt the presence. Enhanced Sight: Chazin is able to see three times farther than the naked human eye. He is also able to see perfectly in the dark, almost like it is complete daylight outside. The night is when he normally likes to hunt when nobody is around to witness the sheer brutality that he displays during his battles. It does hurt his eyes when he is out during the day, and he wears sunglasses for that as well. Extreme Immune System: Chazin’s immune system is the best out of any mortal. Once a virus is detected, it is automatically destroyed. Biological warfare does not work against Chazin, and he has never been sick in his entire existence Mixed Martial Artist: Chazin has learned, mastered, and used all commonly known types of martial arts, including some that are not as common as others. He is savage when it comes to hand to hand combat, and he loves to show it off. He mainly uses one type of martial arts, which would be Jiu-Jitsu, but he often likes to throw in various combinations of different martial arts attacks. He can often combine various abilities of his with his martial arts to make him a more formidable opponent. Lone Wolf: Chazin likes to work alone most of the time, which is just enough to take down most of his opponents. He will team up with a friend from time to time, as long as it is necessary and crucial to attain a victory in his hunt. He is hardly seen with any allies unless if they are needed. He travels alone and is often caught up in dangerous situations. He does have friends, though, and he often contacts them to let them know that he is safe and to check in on them. Complete Demon Form: When Chazin is enraged to the point that he is no longer able to think about anything reasonably, he has the ability to change into this form. It rarely happens, though. He has only used it twice and has demolished anything that stood in his way. This form is only in short five-minute bursts. However, Chazin is currently working on a way to control and harness the powers of this form to make it last longer, be able to use it whenever he needs to and to remain completely in control of himself. Complete Angel Form: Recently, Chazin has learned the ability to obtain a 100% angelic form from the angelic DNA in his blood. His hair turns white and his eyes turn a shocking icy blue. His wings take the form of a bird's with pure white feathers and he is able to conjure a bow and arrows made of his own energy. His physical strength isn't quite as strong as the complete demon form, but it is ten times as efficient in magic and energy usage. Weaknesses: For the demon half of him, Chazin is weak to extended periods of being introduced to light. During the day, he is often seen wearing sunglasses to protect his sensitive eyes. He is also weak to any sort of religious incantation performed against his being. He tends to steer clear of churches or temples in case he is found out to be half demon. He does visit them from time to time to pray to God to keep his mother safe from any evil (more on that reasoning in the bio). As the angel part of him, he is less protected against dark magic or demonic attacks. He has found a way to get over this though by taking various sorts of anti-magic classes and cleansing incantations that he learned from his mother before she was taken back to Heaven. He is also weak to Satanic curses, which are harder to get rid of than normal curses. He is still able to be rid of them, nonetheless. Ambitions (Hopes/Dreams): He wishes to keep humanity as a whole safe, even though they themselves are destroying their very being. He would love to get stronger to be able to enhance his abilities. His abilities as a whole grow with him. He would like to track down Diomedes and learn how to get stronger from the Daedric General himself. His long term goal is to hunt down his father and kill him for what he had done to his mother. Hobbies and Interests: His favorite thing to do is fight and to get stronger. His other hobbies include playing cruel pranks on unwitting strangers and (believe it or not) completing jigsaw puzzles. He can normally complete a one thousand piece jigsaw puzzle in about three hours. Personal Sexual Information Sexual Orientation: Bisexual Turn-ons: Chazin enjoys toying with his mate, Being as rough as he is allowed, having sex in public places, small partners, cum inflation, cum control, asserting his dominance Turn-offs: Chazin absolutely despises any kinds of bodily fluids besides cum, scat, vore, being disowned, being tied up or unable to use any of his appendages, being dominated Penis Length: About a foot in length Sensitivity: Chazin is not very sensitive and it takes him about half an hour with a normal human to make him ejaculate, though he does have a sort of weakness for skilled mouths. Additional Sexual Information: Chazin can be brutal in bed, treating his partner like a toy for him to pleasure himself with and he doesn't care whether his partner is pleasured or not. STD History: He has had no history of sexually transmitted diseases because his body automatically destroys the virus once it is detected. Extra Information (This whole part is optional) Father: Agthos Mother: Synthia Careblou Siblings: Rosal Grandparents: Unknown Children: None Grand-children: None House: Chazin has no permanent home, but does not live on the streets. He rents hotel or motel rooms in the area that he is hunting in until the hunted demon is vanquished. Then he moves on to the next destination Car: Chazin owns a black Chevrolet 1996 Corvette Pet: None History Awards/Commendations: None Criminal Record: Trespassing on private property, destruction of private property Bio: When Synthia Careblou had come to Earth in England for a mission, to care for a newborn baby girl, the last thing she'd expected was to be raped by a demon known as Agthos. She was deflowered and bore a half demon, half angel child. An Unversed. She cared for little Chazin Ryoku as best she could until he was the age of eighteen, when her spirit had finally been cleansed enough to return to the place of eternal rest, Heaven. But Chazin would never be able to join his mother. His burning hatred for his father and his love for his mother's line of work, he set out to be two things: a demon hunter and a spiritual cleanser. He trained in many different countries to practice hand to hand and weaponized combat. He has picked up numerous abilities over his lifespan, many of which had been picked up from the various demons that he had slain, such as his silver tongue, telepathy, and telekinesis. He would like to kill his own father and make him pay for what he had done to his mother, and finally, put his mother's mind to rest about the ghoulish father figure. He longs to join his mother but is forever condemned to earth due to his demon heritage. He roams the globe, relinquishing any demon that dare stand in his way or threaten a city or friend. Chazin had finally found what he'd been searching for, the humble Diomedes, while following the trail of a succubus. He had been examined by the Daedric General before he was followed so that his battle skills could be gauged during combat with a more powerful demonic entity. The entity turned out to be Chazin's own half brother, Rosal. Rosal had forced Chazin into his complete demon form, in which Rosal was bested and humiliated utterly before he was taken to the basement of the haunted hotel in Blackberry Falls, Ashaea. Rosal attacked both Diomedes and Chazin in a fit of rage before being tortured in a brisk fashion with his own fears and broken digits. Rosal then accepted his place as a sort of "familiar" for Chazin and served him when Chazin began to work with Rayvenne on behalf of Diomedes
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    From the album: OC's

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    From the album: Ecchi and Hentai

    I’m not ashamed of loving this!
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