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    I have several questions and concerns regarding this post. First off, your title is one that seems almost perfectly engineered to spark a debate, and your defense (or explanation of what it's supposed to mean, especially relating to this site) is a grand total of two words: "age play". This does not help anyone understand what on earth you're trying to say; if anything, it will just confuse people further. It's under the Welcome Forum, with a main tag of "sex", and a grand total of two words. For the benefit of yourself and others, I would strongly reccommend that you elaborate on what it is you are trying to say, and to what extent you mean this. If you are looking for a roleplay partner, specifically one willing to do a roleplay based on age play, then I am deeply sorry for this rant. If you were not looking for a roleplay partner with that as criteria, then I would advise at least putting a few sentences as to what it is you're trying to say. TL;DR What on earth is this post even saying?
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    Here is some of my art! :0 The first one is my profile picture, second one my character Olivia, and third one my character Leya :3 If you're interested in them and want to read about their information, here's a link~ I use all hand drawn characters for RP! Though- I've only managed to make 2 so far.. >.< but! I'll be sure to make more that I can RP with as time goes by I might turn my profile picture into another RP character as well!
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    My problem with this is that most of my favourite Pokémon are all different types, so I wouldn't be able to use them all... Unless it were theme, rather than type, which would probably end up with me being Elite Four rather than a Gym Leader, like Dragon Cheater Master Lance. For type, I would have to pick Fairy, I think. That or Dragon. My team would likely be some combination of Alolan Ninetales, Mimikyu, Gardevoir, Dedenne, and Primarina, though Mawile and Altaria (Mega) are options too. My main logic for these is the secondary type, even though I'd miss out on Clefable and Sylveon with that reasoning (my two favourite pure Fairy types). A win would get you the Sprite Badge. If I went with Dragon, it would be some combination of Dragonair, Flygon, Altaria (Mega), Alolan Exeggutor, Dragalge, Tyrantrum or Turtonator. If you brought your A game, you'd end up with a Hoard Badge. For E4 theme, it would of course be foxes/fox-like Pokémon. Ninetales and Alolan Ninetales, Zoroark, Braixen or Delphox, Sylveon, and probably Midday Lycanroc to round it out. I know an Eeveelution and an obvious (from the name at least) wolf (and locking myself out of anything that can Mega evolve) is kind of pushing it a bit, but so what? I'm also not saying I would definitely have six Pokémon, but I can't narrow it down further than that... Definitely a late stage Gym if not E4.
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    Hm... I think I'd have to go with the ice type! I've always loved the bright blue and white aesthetic. As for my team, I suppose there really aren't many choices that haven't already been used. I suppose I'd use Alolan Sandslash and Ninetails along with Glaceon, Aurorus, Weavile and Froslass! The badge would be the snowflake badge! Edit: For a more believable in-game setup, I'll make individual teams based on the number of badges the challenger has: 0-2: A Vulpix, A Sandshrew, Amaura 3-4: A Vulpix, A Sandshrew, Aurorus 5-6: Sneasel, A Ninetails, A Sandslash, Aurorus 7: Weavile, A Ninetails, A Sandslash, Aurorus 8: Weavile, A Ninetails, A Sandslash, Froslass, Aurorus Rematch: Weavile, A Ninetails, A Sandslash, Glaceon, Froslass, Aurorus
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    I think there would be only one type for me. Dragon. Dragons are just the best (Yes. I am totally, 100% biased here) I think I would go for a mid-to-late-game gym, more towards the late game. First match: Dragonair Skrelp Gabite Rematch: Dragonite Dragalge Garchomp Hydreigon Tyrantrum Kingdra I think the badge I would give out, would be the "Dragon's Heart" badge.
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    Late-game Normal type Leader. First match: Furret Audino Cinccino Rematch: Furret (with Chople Berry) Delcatty (with Silk Scarf) Wigglytuff (with Leftovers) Blissey (with Jaboca Berry) Audino (with Audinite) Cinccino (with Normalium Z) My badge would be the Charm Badge. A cute badge for a master of cute Pokémon!~
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    Since gym leaders tend to.habe rematches with a full team of 6 Pokemon, I'd say go ahead and make a full 6 Pokemon team, but now that foxy brings it up, I think I'll edit my post to include a team for each gym level.
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    My very first post, and it's in relation to being a hypothetical Pokémon gym leader — sounds about right! My heart tells me that I would go for the Fairy type, if for no other reason than the aesthetic of an underestimated pink powerhouse™ But my head tells me to go for electricity, which is the type of most of my favourites: Raichu, Jolteon, Emolga and Luxray. And I'd probably relinquish the Fizzle Badge, or perhaps the Cannon Badge.
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    "YES" TV Head exclaimed as he pulled Nilaa into this arms. He dashed for the door with the little wolf clasped tightly to his chest before spinning around to face Althea. He saluted her and then dashed out of the storage room with Nilaa still held against him, his extension cord sailing through the air with the two. TV Head didn't even think twice about what the implications of Althea's offer was, he just wanted to take whatever chance he could have to get out of cleaning that disaster of a mess. He had figured that it would be better for him of all people to wash Nilaa off, especially since Althea was a stranger and Nilaa seemed to have taken a liking to him. But, at the same time, TV Head had never bathed with someone else before. And at that, he had never bathed someone else before either. He wasn't nervous but actually rather excited. Nilaa was precious and the thought of giving her the first good bath of her life sounded quite pleasant. It didn't take long for TV Head to make his way through the Proving Grounds to his own room. TV Head's room was a chamber separated from everyone else's and was instead connected to the Observatory room. To get there, people would pass through the main chamber of the Proving Grounds which served as a sort of nexus for the entire complex. From this massive hexagon chamber extended a number of corridors and tunnels, each leading to different parts of the underground campus. The easternmost corridor lead to the student chambers while the nothernmost corridor lead to the teacher and pro chambers as well as the villains Observatory. It was from the Observatory that one would find TV Head's lodging. The observatory was once a forward operating base of what was assumed to be for the commanders or officers from decades ago, whereas TV Head's room was the now retrofired officers barracks for the Observatory. Of course, he had changed it to his own liking. Now the lengthy room was covered wall to wall in plush pillows and colorful blankets while the walls were sprawling with a myriad of posters ranging from anime to Hollywood films. There wasn't so much as a bed for TV Head to rest on as much as the entire room had been practically turned into one big bed. There was a large television on top of an entertainment system to the front of his room with a small table just below it for TV Head to eat at when watching his programs. The room also smelt of pina calada candles! Across from that his room an extending from the Observatory was what had once been a large shower for multiple people but now it solely belonged to TV Head. It was there that TV Head would bathe Nilaa for the first time. But first, the two would need to enter and get Nilaa acclimated to the new environment. TV Head taken the two from one end of the Proving Grounds to the to other quite quickly in an attempt to avoid any wandering eyes but, TV Head was certain that had seen them. He put that out of his mind and rested his hand on a keypad to the right of the metal Observatory door. With a hiss and the whirling sound of gears the door opened with a loud -cer-chunk-, revealing the Observatory to the two. Inside was a long rectangular room with a lengthy oval shaped table made of chrome at its center. On either side of it were several chairs for the top pro villains to sit at for meetings an at the far end of the room were rows of monitors stacked on top of each other inside of the wall. There were several control panels beneath them but their bright lights and glowing monitors were turned off for the moment, leaving the only light to come from the overhead lights that were nailed to the ceiling. To the left far end was the showers an adjacent to the right was where TV Head usually spent his time when he was out an about. TV Head brought the two into the Observatory, the metal door shutting and locking behind them as TV Head made his way over to the showers. "So, you've had some bad times with showers, is that right?" TV Head asked Nilaa, looking down at her in his arms as the two approached the threshold of the showers.
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    Althea let out a sigh, seeing TV Head’s unusual soft side for the newcomer who was still rather hesitant for bathing... however at least he managed to convince her to take a bath. A clean patient will have less of a risk for disease, as well as clean her body properly before vaccinations and blood draws. Still, she wondered why TV Head has such a care for the girl. Emotions weren’t her strong suit, so maybe it was something they knew but she didn’t. “I am glad that Nilaa has decided to take a bath, even if she’s still reluctant. Though she isn’t injured in any way, so she should be able to clean herself properly... however...” Althea would point a finger towards Nilaa, wagging it slowly. “Would you kindly not eat the soap or shampoo. Those things aren’t edible, nor that great in taste. I’m tasking TV Head to wash you up, as I’ll be in here... cleaning after I call for additional help from others. That’s unless he wants to stay behind to clean this up instead.” She glances towards TV Head, expecting him to go along with washing up Nilaa. The girl seemed to be rather soft hearted, something she wasn’t too familiar with when people who had it interacted with her. TV Head seemed to be the best choice as Nilaa seemed to be more attached to him than anyone else.
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    So many big words were exchanged once more! The bag was also closed up. She did wonder what the shiny pokey things were for, but then the thought simply evaporated from her head. The word 'wash' was thrown around again, but she was already snuggled up to her best buddy. All was fine. Surely he wouldn't allow her to be sprayed down like she was before! Right? While she didn't quite understand what a bath was she had to at least assume that it was related to wash! After all that had been what they were speaking about, right? Perhaps even some of the bigger words thrown around were in relation to it. TV Head was saying that they were good though. Maybe she had it all wrong? A hesitant shrug was her simple answer to his question. She didn't know if she was thinking about the right thing and even if she were she didn't know if she really wanted to try one. Still, the patting atop her messy head was nice! Within an instant her frown disappeared, replaced by a smile and an excited wag of her tail! "Nilaa try?"
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    "Oh man it's fine, I'll make sure nothing happens to-. . .Hey what are you getting at Althea?" TV Head tilted his head at the nurse. "You stop thinking like that! Nothing like that is going to happen!" Just the thought of someone taking advantage of Nilaa was enough to put TV Head on edge. He couldn't really blame someone, she was cute as heck, but for some reason TV Head felt an unusual amount of discomfort when he thought about that. If someone had their way with Nilaa and she wasn't okay with it he would most definitely pop their head like a grape in a microwave. But the more Nilaa shouted that word the more TV Head shrunk back into himself. It's not like he could make himself smaller but he sure could try. He never could have expected that Nilaa would have clung to that word the way she was and, while it could have been hilarious, having anyone around hear her shout that was just too embarrassing. Despite this, TV Head noticed how Nilaa reacted to the two mentioning giving her a bath. It was hard not to notice with that kind of reaction, especially with her clinging to TV Head. But even then TV Head still thought it was cute. "Awh, what's the matter? You don't like baths?" TV Head cooed, bringing his hands down an over her head, giving her a gentle pet between her ears. "Bath's are great! They can feel really good." TV Head said as he continued to pet Nilaa. Then again. . .maybe having Althea bathe Nilaa wasn't the best idea? TV Head feared just how forceful she might get with Nilaa.
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    Nilaa sighs at TV Head’s reluctance to wash the undeniably bloody girl, and the said girl seemingly apprehensive with taking a bath. Though the whole ‘fucking’ thing seemed to be getting out of hand, especially if she just spouted our the word without knowing how to even say it properly... or saying ‘Head Nurse’ properly as well. Althea pushes the thoughts aside, she begins to let words flow out of her mouth. “Socialization will be a needed skill for her, but it shouldn’t be a problem when this school is full of many others. Nilaa looks just fine as well, not a single wound I can find on her. However I suggest she’s put somewhere with the more... respectable ones are. I don’t want another patient coming into my clinic asking if they have a sexually transmitted disease... again.” Althea puts away the box of medical tools back into her medical bag, closing it and looking towards the two again. “Washing her won’t be a problem, however she seems hesitant to take a bath. If her wild nature and lack of social interactions does influence it, she might not be used to taking baths in general.” The Iron Nurse finishes, looking at the mess inside the storage room. It was a rather large one... as well as the food budget undoubtedly going higher if Nilaa were to eat that much or more. She should probably find some way to deal with her appetite, unless they wanted to deal with financial problems regarding their food.
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    TV Head wasn't too busy paying attention to Althea. He was just happy to get a lick on the side of his head! It was so cute an it actually felt kinda nice. TV Head was still rubbing his head against Nilaa's until Althea asked him what it was that Nilaa said what she was saying. It made TV Head freeze in place, head stuck against Nilaa's until TV Head slowly began to rotate himself away from Althea and Nilaa. That stare was. . .piercing. It made him shiver. "Hhhhh. . ." TV Head groaned. "Okay! It's not what you're thinking! Alright?!" He spun himself around, ready to face Althea now. With an open hand he gestured towards Nilaa and shrugged. "She asked me what "fuck" was aaaand, upon realizing how fucking hard that word is to explain to someone with literately no socialization, I decided to teach her the word later." TV Head crossed his arms over his chest with a -hmph- and stuck his chin up at Althea. During his pause, while Althea went from eying TV Head to examining some of her supplies, he realized that she had a very good point. Up until now TV Head had never paid any mind to the blood all over Nilaa. It just wasn't something that stuck out to him right away. Weird. . .But he turned his attention back to Althea and shrugged, doing his best to hide the sudden wave of embarrassment when the thought of washing Nilaa was brought up. He quickly pointed back and forth between Althea and Nilaa as he said "Could you. Like. Wash her? Is that cool? I've got to. . . .figure out what to do about this place." TV Head's shoulders slouched over when he looked around the room. The place looked like it was going to take a long time to fix.
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    Althea wasn’t sure how to think of TV Head’s sudden change in behavior. He went from being angry at the girl to cuddling her like a child with a plush doll. However... the blood stains upon the wild girl were concerning. She couldn’t tell if it was her own blood or someone else’s... possibly both. The room was also a mess, although she did tell TV Head he would be responsible for it. The girl didn’t seem to be that injured, and looked just fine on the surface. Her eyes would then shift, hearing the words of Nilaa... before greeting her back. “Hello, I am the head nurse of this school. Be a good patient, and stay still for the checkups ahead... Your appetite is also rather abnormal. Your metabolism levels must be extremely high.” Althea’s finishes talking to Nilaa, before turning her gaze to TV Head. “The new patient you brought in both lacks the vocabulary and understanding of it. It will be difficult if someone doesn’t teach her how to speak properly... May I also ask why exactly she says ‘Nilaa Fook’ and ‘Teach Fook’ as well? Those students from earlier have mentioned something like it, but did you have anything to do with it?” Althea’s gaze seemed to try and penetrate the screen of TV Head, but returned it to normal. If her boss wanted to enjoy himself with this girl, she found it as nothing that bad. Although she would hope that they wouldn’t do anything that ends up with sexually transmitted diseases or other mishaps. Regardless, she reaches into her medical bag, and pulled out a box. It would open, revealing a... large array of small syringes and tubes. “Hrm... I suggest she takes a bath first before I draw some of her blood. I need to confirm if she requires vaccinations, as well as if she’s more compatible with animal or humane vaccines. You are going to clean up this place as she does so, correct?”
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    Once more within the same day Nilaa found herself awakening following a food binge. Only this time she wasn't hungry! Well, okay, she was always hungry, but she was was fulfilled enough that it didn't really bother her too much. Besides, this time was different! She was being held by some woman she didn't know! Also TV Head was snuggling up against her! Perhaps being smooshed against a television might be uncomfortable for some people, but Nilaa was a creature used to discomfort. This? This was nice. Also she could have sworn she'd heard yelling but, well, nobody was yelling now! Poor Althea was right as well: Nilaa's entire body was coated in a layer of sticky red paste. Mostly blood. It had dried somewhat already. With sleepy eyes fluttering open a smile stretched across the wolf's lips. Her tail started to wag behind her, first slowly although swiftly gathering in excitement. Thin arms reached up, latching onto the strange man with a hug! She even gave his boxy head a single lick! "Hi!" Then she turned towards the stranger! She gave them a meek wave, mostly because she didn't know them. However if TV Head knew them then that meant they weren't food. No, that meant be friendly with them! Nilaa could totally do that! Unfortunately big words were being thrown around again. Also familiar unfamiliar ones! "Nilaa fook? Teach fook? Nilaa eat!" Oh right! Greetings! Her frantic tail wagging halted for just a moment. "Nilaa is Nilaa" she responded, only to continue the erratic tail wagging once more!
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    Althea noticed TV Head’s strange behavior. She did manage to hear something about ‘Fuck’ and the new girl, but she just assumes it was the students here having sexual thoughts. It wasn’t uncommon for some of them to make remarks regarding the appearances of others. Though she found it stranger to find that TV Head had a... gift... for her. Did she ask for a souvenir from Hawaii?... she hasn’t even thought about going there. Regardless, she took it while eying it curiously before speaking to him. “I’m... thankful for this gift?” Althea said it more as a question than a reply. She barely received gifts in general, but it at least felt comfortable. She folded it, before peering into the box with emitted the sounds of snoring. Her gaze looked into into it, and indeed finding a nude wolf-like girl. She... needed a bath undeniably. “I trust that you will keep on eye out for her quirk’s abilities then. Nilaa seems to need to rely on movement considering she must have a mutant type quirk. Another thing to note is that she needs to be cleaned, as well as checked if she needs vaccinations.” A pair of hands reached towards Nilaa, before attempting to pick up the girl. Althea isn’t always to rough with her treatments, but she only makes it so if her patient isn’t making it harder for her to do so. A sleeping girl should be fine, at least until she gets her vaccinations done if she needed them.
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    Once Althea had opened the door TV Head floated past her an out of the room, dragging the cable along with him. Now he was leaned back into himself, one hand in his hoodie pocket with the other arm hanging out to hold the cable wrapped around it. Behind him were some passing villains, whispering about the new nude little girl that was talking about learning "fuck" from their number one villain. It took every fiber of his being for TV Head not to snap his head over to them like it was on a swivel, instead doing his best to keep his focus on Althea. It was. . .so embarrassing. And the way Althea talked about TV Head like he was a spread sheet or an ID card was almost as embarrassing. She was so exact with her words, never refraining from the upmost honesty. It made TV Head give an awkward an embarrassed laugh in response in an attempt to vent those feelings. "Yeah yeah, I know I know. I would have given her a quick once-over before heading back but I was all over the country today. Oh! That reminds me-!" TV Head suddenly pulled out a rolled up white T-shirt from his hoodie pocket and tossed it to Althea. It was a graphic-t with the letters "I Hawaii" on it. "Picked you that up today while I was out. Thought you'd like it." TV Head teased. It was absolutely a gag gift that he had swooped up on his way out of the state. As the two made their way from the clinic to the cafeteria store room TV Head had kept his pace alongside Althea, his body turned to face her the entire way as the extension cord slowly unrolled from around his arm. "I'd definitely like to know how this quirk of hers works. It's a bit odd? Seems to have stages to it which is more than unusual." As the two approached the storage room for the cafeteria, the feint sound of snoring could be slowly heard getting louder the closer they got. Soon, the snoring was clear an obviously coming from Nilaa, who TV Head left in there. Before entering, TV Head motioned with a hand to Althea as a way to brace the two for what they were about to see. "Oh. And. She's like. Totally naked. Fair warning."
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    Althea... couldn’t think of a proper reply for TV Head’s joke. She knew this was just something he did, although... it was difficult to think of decent enough responses for his words. She couldn’t even remember if she had a grip of a concept for sexual matters! Though she decided to put those thoughts to rest. Standing up, her arms stretched behind her head and letting out a small grunt as she did so. “Your jokes will ever elude me as to why you even bother with telling me such things. You know I don’t always understand these matters despite it being a common knowledge to many others.” After she finished her long stretch, Althea’s arms went to her sides and walking to the door TV Head could have oh so easily opened up with his own hands. It was sanitary, though she thinks it was just his nature of laziness at times. He only ever decides to put out his energy when it comes to things that entertains him. He enjoys his ‘shows’ greatly after all, as long as the ones he’s interested in are good enough to put on one. Her hand turned the door knob, stepping past him before waiting for him outside the door as she spoke with a hint of curiosity. “So Nilaa is going to be a new patient here, and more so with a regenerative ability? Though she has a wolf-like appearance, so I’m assuming it’s only benefitting herself. Though if it is food consumption that induces her regenerative ability, I do not think she will be that injured.” Althea says, an arm reaching inside a medium medical bag on her left hip, checking inside to see if there was anything she had missed. It was not like the hefty large ones during her missions, but it proved to be useful to have medical supplies on hand at all times. Luckily there wasn’t, so she continued on with her words. “Even if you injured her greatly, from what I have heard about from her in the food storage room, I doubt she is in a grave state. However, I never turn down a medical inspection when it comes to the patients I come across. Hopefully, next time you decide to use your x-rays to see if anyone’s wounds are healed. Yours work rather more accurately than most common versions anyways.”
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    "Okay okay, if you're going to jerk me off like that at least give me a little warning next time. You'll make a guy blush, I swear," TV Head quipped as he waved a dismissive wave to Althea. Obviously she was doing no such thing, but making a joke out of her constant reminders was a fun way to try snake his way out of it. The rips in TV Head's hoodie was unexpected though since he had no idea how or when that could have happened. Maybe with Nilaa. . .? She did get pretty close a couple of times so maybe TV Head hadn't given the wolf girl the credit she really deserved. Which reminded TV Head, Althea needed to check out this new recruit. At the very least they needed to document her quirk as well as get some studying done on her since she was quite oddity. That quirk of hers was very special and very powerful. If TV Head wanted to train her properly and, if TV Head wanted to make sure Nilaa was taken care of properly, then they were going to need the info. TV Head stretched himself out with a groan, finally feeling the energy return to his body like a warm blanket covering his body. His cracking copper bones filled the infirmary with several loud pops and snaps before TV Head floated his way back to the door. "You really should come check out this Nilaa girl. She might be hurt? From what I can tell she regenerates from expending energy but I don't know if that regeneration is made active when she's hulking out or if it's a constant factor that depends on her food consumption. He began grabbing and wrapping the cable of his extension cord around his arm as he continued to speak. "And I totally threw her around a bit so you should like, definitely maybe make sure she doesn't have anything broken. I could have given her an x-ray but, you know, energy levels an all that annoying shit." TV Head next to the door now, waiting for Althea to open it up for them. Sure, he could have opened it, but he was feeling oh so very lazy at the moment.
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    Althea stares blankly at TV Head about his... attempts for sexual matters arise again as her arms would cross beneath her bust. She never understood why he always asked her that, nor why he calls her Mom. Maybe it was due to her being a medical professional? She thought about it a bit more, as she lightly messed about with her uniform which seemed rather tight around her body.. She always considered it a necessity to have it work like so, it wouldn’t limit her movement by much at all. Unless stepping had some sort of medical benefit, she wouldn’t consider it by much. Althea stopped thinking before speaking up. “You were always an... interesting person. I can’t imagine anyone finding such things as sexually attractive. Though please keep a close eye on your energy consumption next time. Your jacket is slightly ripped, and I know your clothing is important for you in battle. ” Althea said in response to the floating entertainment system, adjusting her gloves. She couldn’t ever find words that were sexual, nor was there a need to. Besides, her main goal is healing, not to become a sex machine... like that floating man in her clinic. She would the continue on to speak. “However, loss of clothing isn’t as bad as loss of life. As well with you being alive in general, things will be fine here. You were always managing to encounter the most interesting people though, even the pro heroes would find you unique enough to keep an eye out for you.” Althea finishes, turning her attention back to TV Head. That man was still someone she found interesting, from both his normal hobbies to his fighting. She would even go as far as to say he was a master in one on one combat, though decides to keep that compliment to herself. She never was good at forming compliments either, much less simple ones. Althea could only sigh as she had crossed her legs, paying attention to what else her easily excitable patient had to say.
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    TV Head let out a heavy sigh of relief and euphoria when he felt himself get plugged into the extension cord. It was a very, very, very long extension cord. One cable connected to another cable that connected to another cable and so forth. It gave TV Head the freedom he wanted to move around the Proving Grounds whenever he needed to recharge. Normally, someone laying hands on TV Head was just as uncommon as the length of that extension cable but Althea was different matter. The best thing you could do in a room with her was just to let her man handle you. In fact, TV Head had grown to enjoy it over time. But there was another groan from him as he rolled over onto his side, TV Head's gaze looking past Althea's legs an off into the distance. The place was spotless. As usual. Did she even leave this place outside of getting food? And had Nilaa really created that much of a ruckus that Althea would already know about the wolf girl? Well. . .that wouldn't exactly surprise TV Head. But he just groaned again before floating himself up to eye level with Althea, although he didn't bother to change positions. "Look, MOM, if you man handle me some more and maybe throw in some stepping, maaaybe then I'll consider taking care of Nilaa's mess," he replied playfully. TV Head brought a hand up to rest his head against, still laying on his side despite floating in front of Althea. He knew Althea wasn't very sexual, so it was fun to tease her with stuff like that. Even if she didn't give much of a reaction he still found her responses to be very unique to herself and very fun because of that. "Besides, I got a bit excited is all. You know how I can get sometimes. I get all exciiiiited and next thing I know I'm on the other side of the world with half a battery to keep my going. Shit happens. It's whatever," TV Head said with a lazy shrug.
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    The door would open swiftly, before a pair of gloved hands would drag the barely floating TV Head inside, before the familiar sensation of the extension cord being plugged into his body could be felt. Overhead was was a red eyed woman staring down at him with a cold expression, although this was her expression for a lot of people. Her name was Althea, head nurse and only nurse in the clinic!... As well as the only one in the entire school allowed to get away with spitting on others. Regardless of her usual actions, she would adjust TV Head so that at least he was leaning his back against the wall before standing up. “I’m assuming you were the one to bring in a wolf-like girl who ate everything in the storage room. Be responsible for the mess she has caused.” She paused for a brief moment to close the clinic door, and sitting down on her chair across from TV Head. “Regardless of her... it’s unusual for you to be low on energy. I would’ve thought you’d control your energy usage. I was in middle of attending the new patient before you came by whining out for me and your cable. It’d be nice if you could make this portable so I won’t have to worry about you running out of power before getting back here. I am a doctor, though carrying people is always a must if they are too weak to move themselves.”
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    The sound of Nilaa howling echoed throughout the tunnels and beyond into the main network, bathing TV Head in the sound of Nilaa's howl. It practically made TV Head shiver. So loud. So feral. So happy. Christ that little girl was scary. It even distracted TV Head for a moment and with that low energy of his, TV Head found himself on the ground face first. He groaned louder and louder until what was incoherent discomfort turned into another yell for Althea. TV Head didn't bother to strain against gravity and push himself off the ground but instead just started floating himself towards the infirmary as he was. His legs and arms dangled beneath him, his fingers dragging against the concrete as his head dropped low and facing the ground. He groaned as he passed other villains and criminals and kept groaning the entire way to the infirmary door. There, he groaned louder and rammed the top of his head against the door. TV Head was low, close to the ground, and scrapping at the door with this his hands. "Altheaaa! The coooord.....the extension coooord! Althea open up! Fucking, noW PLEASE?! Aaaaahhhhhgggg. . . ."
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    And so Nilaa had finally arrived in Heaven! There was food everywhere! All sorts of food! She could smell the delicious dishes, the fruits, the not as great but still yummy enough vegetables! And the meats! So many meats! Fresh meats! Some were frozen but that was still fresh enough for her! "FOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD!" she howled out, lunging into the nearest crate! It was torn open to reveal smoked meats! Mostly sausages, but she was totally down with sausages. She loved sausages. In fact she got arrested because of sausages! They had led her to TV Head in the first place! It only made sense then that they'd be the first to be devoured. One after another they were shoved into her mouth. Each chomp took out half, sometimes even full sausages for the smaller ones! She certainly could fit the big ones though! It was a tight squeeze, sure, but certainly worth it! Crate after crate were torn open. Fruits made for a delicious after meat refresher. Vegetables were torn apart into a makeshift salad within her mouth. Milk was chugged. Frozen fish were crunched between absurdly powerful jaws. Even the scales were eaten like little silver chips! It was a pity for whoever had cleanup duties in the kitchen. Not only would their food supply be greatly ravaged, but the mess left behind was going to be horrendous! Not to mention the occasional blood smudge from the naked wolf.
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    When Nilaa entered the room the motion sensor lights turned on, revealing a large storage chamber filled with crates of different foods. Some were simply containing meats and cheeses while there were more complex and savory dishes pre-made. In the far end of the room was a large metal door with netted glass at its top, it was the freezer room. In there was a plethora of fresh meat ranging from chicken, beef, pig and turkey. There was also a number of vegetables in there while the shelves of the rest of the chamber either had fruits being grown or boxes placed there. All around Nilaa was food. Everywhere she looked. Food. Meanwhile, TV Head was barely floating his way back through the tunnel, making his way to. . .wait. Where did he leave his extension cord? Did Arthea have it? "Altheeaaaaaa!" TV Head whined. "My extension coooord! Althreeeaaaaaa, where is my extension cord?!?" His electronic voice echoed through the halls as he made his way to the clinic. God willing the extension cable was there. Between everything that had gone on and his foggy head he couldn't remember where he had left the damn thing. Hopefully Althrea had it.
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    I’m new here and you guys are free to talk to me and rp with me. I’m excited to see what this site has to offer and look forwards to the rps I will have.
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    A sadistic smile twisted on Hunter’s lips as he watched the figure in front of him as they seemed to twist on the spot as if lost. To most people, the figure would be barely visible within the dim lighting of the abandoned warehouse as shadows seemed to cling to every surface, unyielding to the meagre light of the mid-afternoon Chicago sun that attempted to peer in through the murky windows. He tilted his head as he continued to observe the man. To Hunter, the man looked pretentious in a rather flashy looking blue and white costume that looked to be something one of those figure skaters would wear. It was skin tight, allowing Hunter to see the curves of their body. He had pale skin that almost seemed to glow, made even more noticeable by his pitch black hair. He had the haughty expression that Hunter had seen on many heroes before. The kind of expression that made him laugh. He watched from the shadows as the hero brought his hand up, a shard of ice appearing in his grip. The man threw the shard, and Hunter watched the projectile as it sailed through the air, before impacting the wall of the warehouse, penetrating deep. It was also nowhere near him. Hunter let out a derisive snort before saying in an almost singsong voice, “Missed me~” He then laughed as the hero quickly turned towards him and threw yet another projectile. But he was too slow. Hunter was in his element, hidden within the shadows of the warehouse which were numerous and all he had to do was move along the shadows, quicker than the hero could run. He shifted until he was standing behind the man, who was completely unaware of the danger that lurked so closeby. He was a fool to have followed Hunter into the warehouse. When he had first confronted Hunter, he had claimed that he was going to bring Hunter to justice, to cash in the bounty that was on his head. And yet the fool knew nothing about the prey he hunted. If this was the standard for heroes, then Hunter was sorely disappointed. This hero wasn’t as entertaining as he had been hoping. In fact he was rather boring, only able to fire these pathetic little ice shards that did no damage to him while he was in the shadows. At this point, Hunter was merely playing with the man. As silent as smoke, he emerged from the shadows before taping the man on the shoulder. Even as the man jumped in surprise, Hunter melded into the shadows, watching as the hero turned around and threw another ice shard that seemed to land where Hunter was however it wasn’t able to do any damage. He laughed again, “You’re so God-damn pathetic. Are you, like… retarded, or something? I thought you were here to cash in my bounty.” Hunter laughed again, mocking the man as he quickly moved away so that he was behind the man again. He emerged from the shadows, bending over as he picked up a piece of wood which he then threw at the hero before shrouding himself in the shadows once again. The wood hit the hero on the head causing him to turn around and shout, “Come on out, you coward!” Hunter couldn’t resist but to roll his eyes, or rather the equivalent of. This hero was beginning to really bore him. He made a tutting sound before he said, “You’re very pathetic, you know. You say that you’re here to collect on the bounty that’s on my head, and you can’t even hit me with the most basic of attacks. You couldn’t fight your way out of a paper bag.” “Shut up.” The hero snarled, “I don’t have to listen to this.” Hunter emerged from the shadows in front of him, his upper lip curled in a snarl of disgust as he tilted his head a little, looking down his nose at the hero, “You know nothing about me. You just saw the dollar signs on my name, and felt the chance to give yourself a feel good wank like all you heroes do. You take down anyone that disagrees with you, and then stand around congratulating yourselves in one massive circle jerk. You’re just a bunch of liars that think of nothing but looking and feeling good. You don’t actually care about helping people and you don’t care about the people that you kill with your incompetence. You’re a bunch of hypocrites.” As Hunter watched, he saw the hero’s face twist in anger before the man threw another shard at him. A tutting sound escaped Hunter as he once again blended into the shadows, causing him to completely evade the attack despite the fact that the shard struck with pinpoint accuracy. In a rather mocking tone, he said, “Let me tell you something, hero. When someone does the same thing over, and over again and expects a different result… that is the definition of insanity. That perfectly describes you… and the rest of your do-nothing organisation.” “I’ll make you pay for that!” The hero growled before running towards where Hunter’s voice had come from. Hunter sighed a little before he moved behind the hero in a flash before he emerged from the shadows. The whites of his eyes had turned a solid black as his own shadow moved across the floor like a sinister snake. As it wrapped around the ankle of the hero, the man tripped and fell to the floor face first with a might crack as his nose collided with the concrete and snapped the bone in half. The man let out a scream of agony, but he didn’t seem to notice the shadowy hand that crept up his leg and torso before wrapping around his neck. Hunter stepped up to the side of the hero, tilting his head a little as he looked down at the hero who twisted on his side to look up at Hunter as blood flowed freely from his nose like a river. The gangster smirked down at his victim and said in a mocking sympathetic tone, “This is the end of your career, I’m afraid.” The shadowy hand on the man's neck suddenly tightened, causing the hero to let out a choking sound. He reached up, attempting to claw at what was strangling him, but his hands met nothing but thin air. Hunter’s sadistic smirk widened as he said, “Just a few more moments, and it’s goodnight.” He squatted down, his gold and black eyes intent on the hero’s face. The hero seemed to realise that these were the last few moments of his life. His blue eyes went wide with panic, the eyeballs bulging from their sockets. His mouth opened and closed, making him look like a gaping fish. His body twitched before he began to writhe on the floor in a pathetic attempt to escape the cold grip of death. But there was nothing he could do, and Hunter watched with a certain glee as the man's struggles began to lessen. His face had turned pale, as his lips turned a shade of blue due to the lack of oxygen. Hunter tightened the grip of the shadow, his own jaw clenching as he watched the hero’s eyes become dim before a lifeless look settled in them as his body went still. Hunter watched for several long minutes before he reached forwards and pressed his fingers against the man’s neck, searching for the tale tell pulse that would indicate that he was still alive. When he could not find it, he pulled his hand away and stood up as his shadow retracted. With a blink of his eyes, the whites had turned to their normal colour. He kicked the body of the hero so that they were on their back before he spat on their corpse. This was not the first hero he had killed, and he felt no remorse for their death. After all, they had been the ones to come after him. Why should he feel bad about defending himself? Besides, he held contempt for heroes in general. He had not been lying when he called heroes liars and hypocrites. They were. All they cared about was making themselves feel good about themselves. It made him feel sick to his stomach because they dared to say that he couldn’t use his Quirk the way he did. Still, at least with the death of this latest hero, his bounty might increase which could mean more heroes will be coming after him. Which meant he could kill more of them and he quite liked that idea.
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    For the most part the blood wasn't Nilaa's. Okay, some of it was. Her power regenerated wounds, it didn't clean up what they left behind. But much of it belonged to the poor unfortunate snacks she'd happened upon. Anyone with a proper sense of smell like she had would notice many, many different sources. Dozens. As for her injuries, well, they were no longer present. Even internal ones had been healed up! Not that it was easy to tell from looking at her, and certainly not in her current state. "Hi Heed Noose" replied the ignorant wolf, tail flopping around just a little more excitedly while she said the words. Unfortunately she knew nothing about metabolism, or checkups, or vaccinations, or really most things the woman spoke about. Even the box of pointy things went over her head! Such things were not feared by her. At least it'd make checkups easier. Maybe. "Nilaa fook! Nilaa fook!" Whenever the word was used she shot a fist out into the air, repeating those treasured words! Althea said it twice. "Nilaa fook" was her response yet again when TV Head repeated the word! "Nilaa fooking? Friend teach!" Wait. Wash. She knew that word! Last time someone said that word they ended up spraying her down with a hose! Her tail puffed up, somewhat apprehensively. In fact she even clung just a little harder against the man.
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    "AAAAAAHH! The food! The fucking food-! It's all gone! What the fuck?!" TV Head wailed as he flew into the room past Althea, his hands clinging to both sides of his box head. The place was a disaster! It looked like a tornado had come through there and there was hardly even a crumb left behind! The amount of money this would cost, the amount of time it would take to restock and clean all of this up. . .it was devastating! These sort of chores weren't supposed to be handled by a number one villain like TV Head. No, that sort of thing horribly boring, painfully boring. But what if Althea held TV Head to that? Then what? He wouldn't hear the end of it for months. No! Years even! TV Head spun around towards Nilaa, his screen glowing a brilliant white as his hand went for his blade. He would make her vomit that food up with a quick dose of radiation sickness! Yes, that will teach her a lesson! "Oh Althea look at her, she's all tuckered out!" TV Head exclaimed, suddenly cuddling the little wolf girl against the side of his head. It was impossible to stay mad at Nilaa when she looked so cute. TV Head was rubbing the side of his up and down against Nilaa's, cooing and swooning over the cutie. His screen even had a pixelated " [x" on it as he smothered the little girl. "She's so fucking cute Althea. Can you clone her? I'd like twelve please and thank you."
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    Little did Karma know but if she thought Takeshi's battle-suit was a robot then she'd think the same of the school. It was essentially a massive technological complex with automated protocols but, of course, it required Technomancer or specific government personnel to flip those switches. Similar to the battle-suit. Now Takeshi was starting to realize how flighty Karma was becoming. It was noticeably different from how she was acting before an during their travel in the tubes. It made Takeshi wonder if she was always this way or if it was just something that happened time to time with her. Karma was definitely becoming more interesting the more time Takeshi spent around her. It was exciting to consider what she might have in store for the school now since she was starting to seem like quite the wild card. "Hm? Oh. Must not have read. . .anythin'. Ehm-." Takeshi muttered to himself placed his hand on the brass knob. When Takeshi turned to look at Karma, he noticed it. That glint in her, the mark of mischief. Takeshi of all people could recognize that look. A sadistic expression appeared across his brow as Takeshi answered her. "Why, yes, they are." He didn't know what Karma could be plotting, but that look in her eye was something that resonated with the resident kid inside of him. He always up for good fun, especially when it was clever which Karma most definitely was. The battle-suit remained by the gate as Takeshi pushed the towering door open to the apartment complex. Inside was as cozy as Takeshi could make a place. While there was a slight hint of prestige to the place it maintained a rather rustic aesthetic. There were white painted wood pillars on either side of the foyer and beyond the pillars were two large rooms with accompanying hallways on either side of the rooms. The floors of the foyer would made from dark brown wood panels the two rooms had red a simple grey and brown carpet. It was done with the intention of making the puffy deep red cushions of the furnitire in the rooms pop more. Of course, all Takeshi's design. The building itself had a cross shaped floor plan. The foyer entered and let to the cross-section where it would continue forward but was intersected by another walkway. Following the foyer up lead to a corridor accessing a number of the dormitories amenities; a game-room, a small gym, a small indoor pool with a hot tub as well as a kitchen and an elevator. It was a corridor filled with options to relax and bond the students. The wooden pathway that intersect this lead to two other corridors in opposite directions. These lead to the first floor rooms and the bottom of the stairwell that would take students up to the other four floors. It was a simple design but Takeshi reasoned less was more in this sort of situation. Takeshi turned to Karma once she had walked in an opened his arms wide to display his creation. "Well-? What do ya think?" Takeshi asked with a smile and wide excited eyes.
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    TV Head tossed his head back and gave Hunter a hearty laugh in response to his comment of ruining surprises. The lone wolf had a sense of humor? Well well well, things were actually starting to look better for TV Head! First that Karma girl, then Nilaa and now Hunter? They were all so entertaining in their own ways. It almost made TV Head want to cry with joy, or well, make a crying emoticon that is. With his box head tilted back TV Head took the opportunity to take a look at the sun, turned his head side to side as he considered his schedule. "Schedule". It wasn't like he had much planned for the day outside of Hunter. "Hmmm. . ." TV Head leaned his head back forward, facing Hunter once more. "Yeah. I've got time." After turning away towards the hole TV Head had just created, he looked back over his shoulder for a moment to say "I'll just wait here for you. If I get lucky maybe some heroes show up for me to play with." TV Head made a pixelated winky face with its tongue sticking out before hunching himself over to enter back through the hole. TV Head reasoned that this Icicle fellow probably came here alone without telling anyone so as to keep all the glory for himself. However, TV Head wasn't too sure if this guy had any friends looking out for him. In fact, he didn't know a thing about this hero considering his lack of popularity. But, usually, people stuck around people that were close to their level so if someone did show up looking for Icicle, TV Head doubted it would be of any concern. "Make sure you don't forget anything! We don't know the next time we'll be back up here," TV Head shouted back to Hunter as he slipped in through the hole. He'd give the guy half an hour an, if Hunter didn't show, he'd just give the city a quick once-over to find the guy before heading back to Colorado. But, consdering how Hunter was talking to TV Head now, he didn't think Hunter would stand him up.
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    "You have been chosen to take part in a rather important..." the AI began speaking with a foreign but seemingly high brow accent before they paused to consider the words they were about to say. "....Experiment, the result of which will have a large bearing on Altech's Future. Now, before you ask, there are things that I cannot disclose to you at this present time due to my agreements...no, my programming. Question dealing with subjects such as my employer/designer and the exact nature of the experiment are examples of subjects that I am not permitted to answer." *This...was interesting, especially the mysterious slip of the tongue and the AI's choice of words...if they indeed an AI construct. Now, in Altech, AIs and robots were quite a commonplace thing and quite advanced but there were still certain things that they were not permitted to do or become as part of the law of the land. This was mostly to allay concern of humanity being made redundant by machinery and also to allay fears of not being able to appropriately distinguish between an organic and artificial intellgience. Whether Soma would make much of this was up to them but if they did, they might consider not raising the issue as there were certainly a large information assymetry between the two and goodness knows what kind of information this AI or whoever this was had. Soma might feel they may need to tread carefully in this strange environment, given that they really did not know what they were getting themselves into.* "I see you have been familarizing yourself with the Hero OS and have selected your primary loadout. That is good to be prepared. Now, in the immediate, I will be helping you further familiarize yourself with the Hero OS' other functions such as the Shop and your task for today." *Now while the hammer shaped weapon didn't look threatening as it was comically large and almost game peripheral-like (plasticy toy), the fact was...it was a deadly serious weapon and could actually do damage...and kill someone though it doesn't look like it. The AI looked calmly and unfazed at Donovan, though it would be impossible for Donovan to tell as the expression on the helmet never changed. Which might make Donovan ask what kind of AI construct looked like this? Seriously? Looked like something out of a kid's cartoon. The AI readied itself for close combat, as it looked around the area for 'things it could use'. Now the AI had 'instructions' to take it easy on Donovan and not to mess them up too badly. After all, they needed them and whomever else got the HERO OS alive and well. Its instructions didn't prevent the AI from having 'fun' with the candidate and if they showed them a few tricks at the same time, it would be fine wouldn't it?* Alright, it's GAME START! the AI seem to think to itself, as they started on the offensive by starting to run straight at Donovan, seemingly intent on directly attacking him head-on. Now, this would be normally a stupid idea given that this person's hammer was at a small range disadvantage versus Donovan's sword, which was slightly longer. Also, given the height difference, you would think the AI wouldn't be able to reach Donovan that easily. However, the AI was moving a fair bit faster and was more agile on their feet than one would expect in such a bulky and unwieldy suit. How would Donovan react to the AI's upfront approach? The AI's eyes were seemingly looking straight at him, but Donovan could not be sure if they were eyes or just part of the design of the suit, like a mask. A few steps before the AI would reach Donovan and probably get hit by Donovan's sword, it didn't something unexpected. It jumped! And quite high at that! It appeared that the frontal assault idea was a ruse! But for what purpose? Now Donovan could still seemingly attack the AI as it was seemingly wide open...
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    Well that certainly was a different face than Takeshi had expected from Karma. He perked an eyebrow up as she paced around him, a slight grin from his amusement appearing as he watched her. Takeshi let her stew just for a few seconds, indulging his more sadistic side. It was kind of cute watching someone who seemed so cool and rough get antsy like that. She seemed a lot younger than she held herself when she got like that an it made Takeshi feel a little bit more at ease next to her, even if he didn't realize it immediately. "Ah, right. That reminds me. I figured your luggage was destroyed with the plain so I put in an order for some clothes and toiletries on my way to Hawaii earlier. I did my best to ask them to get ya some stuff to your likin', so I hope it serves its purpose until you can get the rest of your stuff from the airport." Takeshi's expression seemed rather forlorn when he brought up the event at the air port. A part of him was still lamenting those events and bringing it up like just re-opened the fresh wound. He was going to need to spend some time meditating on that issue, so as to move on and prevent it from festering. As Takeshi finished his sentence the battle-suits propulsion system ignited and sent it flying across the campus to the H.H. main campus building. He had a change of clothes that he was dying to get into that the battle-suit would go get for him. The sooner Takeshi got out of that skin-tight plug suit the better. Just thinking about getting out of it an into some clean clothes made him self-consciously tug at the neck of his costume. Takeshi nodded towards the student dorms to their far left and started walking down the brick path that was set out before them. It stretched out several yards with rose bushes on either side. In fact, the campus had a great deal of rose bushes that required a great deal of upkeep. But the smell an aesthetic was well worth it to Takeshi. "But if you've still got the energy then sure, I don't see why ya shouldn't see the new campus. Usually students get a tour with the rest of the class but you're an exception I suppose," Takeshi said over his shoulder to Karma, the pained expression gone and replaced with a warm smile.
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    "Ms. Hot Stuff, something that isn't a threat is not a distraction. If your opponent knows what you are doin' ain't a threat, then they won't pay it no mind." Takeshi replied as he and the battle-suit stepped out passed Karma. The two of them had been taken out into an enterance small bunker nestled on the side of a mountain, just next to the H.H. Main Campus. Several yards away from them was a large building with several floors, made up of warm earthy browns and reds. Between them and the campus was a large open field of soft green grass, on left being the fitness field and track, the Delta Gym, while to their right was another large dome like structure, the C.S.R.. A little ways passed the Delta Gym were the student dorms, where Karma would be taken to soon. On the other side of the campus an out of sight of the two were the training grounds, the Alpha an Omega Grounds. All around them and the campus were mountains, surrounding the school grounds an anyone inside. They were high up in the Colorado mountains now, with clear blue skies an a refreshing Spring time breeze. Takeshi had noticed how Karma had tapped her foot when she thought and made a mental note of her little mannerism. Thinking hard was a good look on her. "Anyways! Enough of that noise. Welcome to the High School of Heroes, brought to ya by Colorado Springs!" Takeshi said with wide open arms. "I'd offer to show ya around, but I imagine that you're exhausted, so I'll take ya to the dorms for now."
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    The redhead had been looking around curiously. This was very different than U.A., she smiled a bit. Deep down she did like change, it was like a rebreather. She watched as Takeshi and his battle suit went off to a keypad. She noticed it was blocking her view but she really didn't care, she slightly yawned as she just moved closer to the wall. She looked at him with a blank look when he began speaking. "Usually I'll bluff back or do a poker face as well. I can be really patient unlike others, me doing that pisses them off and brings them closer to me which can give me an opening if I'm wise." She stated. "But if they are as patient as I can be sometimes then I try to find a trigger. Something that riles them up." Karma had begun pacing in a small circle as she spoke. "Like for TV Head, he hated when I called his blood vile and ugly. It riled him up badly, but then again skill wise and quirk wise he was going to win anyway." She explained and gave a small sigh as if she was pouting about the fight. "Which of course was hideous, stupid silver color." She grumbled more as to herself. "Anyway, another example is you." Karma then stopped her pacing as she stood in front of him, a pale finger pointing at him. "You got flustered when I got super close to you. You weren't expecting me to get close and do what I did. Hypothetically speaking if we were on the same experience and skill level, I could've pricked ya. Then it'd be done for you since I'd then boil your blood," she licked her lips as she mentioned blood and the same glint as earlier appeared in her amber eyes. "Since I can't do long distance fighting, I'd be a good undercover prospect. Or at least I would find a way to bring the enemy closer to me. Hence my trickery and my nonsense chatter." She dropped her finger and went back to pacing. "I'm pretty useless if I can't get someone's blood. I know hand to hand combat but there's a weak spot there too. If I go up against a say...animal mutant quirk person and I have to physically fight I'd most likely lose due to differences in strength." She paused for a moment to rustle in her clothing and she pulled out one of her needles. "I hide my needles because I don't want an opponent targeting a certain area of my body. They are very small and thin." She walked over to Takeshi to show him. "My needles have air pockets in them, so when I prick someone" she then turned her free arm over and put the needle in. "The air pockets break and immediately suck blood out of the body." She explained as she drained some of her own blood. "Also, they are made out of steel so if I drop them," she dropped the needle on the ground. "They won't shatter and I won't lose my chance of winning." Karma bent over to pick it up before popping back up. "Then there's a tiny button on the end of the needle so when I inject it into myself," she then stabbed her own thigh and pushed the button, only releasing about half of the needle amount into her body. She pulled it back out and looked at him. "But I can't inject too much blood into my system. If I would've injected this entire needle then I would feel the same effects as my enemy. I'm not immune to my own power. I also can only put no more than three different people's blood in my system per day. If I do too much then I will get sick or pass out." She sighed as she twirled the needle between her fingers. "Plus, I can't use the same needle after it's entirely used. It's unsanitary, and if my opponent is sick or something, I can catch the same thing since technically our bloods would be mixing and flowing through my veins." She then slid the needle back into her clothing. "Another reason I hide my needles is that I don't have anyone trying to break or ruin them. I'm always up on stock, my style is the chance of surprisal. Can't do that if my opponent sees my weapons," she rubbed the side of her head as she paused for a minute. "My quirk is powerful but it's not when I can't use it. Besides that, I'm pretty useless," she bluntly stated.
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    There was only silence left between the two as Karma stepped past Takeshi an out of the tube. Karma was greeted by a very familiar scene except for one detail. The tunnel they were in wasn't so much as a tunnel as it was a small loading area. Just past the platform she had stepped onto was a small walkway that lead up to a large elevator but the environment was made in the exact same fashion as the previous tunnel, concrete and lights an all. Takeshi had been left standing there, watching Karma and thinking about what she had just told him. While he wouldn't normally appreciate being toyed with like that, Takeshi couldn't help but be entertained by what Karma had done. It showed promise, if anything. If her issue was people with faces or masks, then her little trick was nothing more than a one-trick pony and could easily be exploited if someone knew what they were up against. Takeshi nodded to himself, deciding that he would need to teach Karma how to read someones body language as well as how to get into their heads without having to rely on a face. If her current trick was to trip someone up then there's definitely promise of improvement. Goodness, Karma was already turning out to be quite the transfer student. Takeshi smiled, pleased with both his decision to invite Karma to H.H. as well as her decision to accept the offer. Takeshi stepped out of the tube, his battle-suit following along behind him before it passed the two and walked over to the elevator. It entire body blocked Karma's view of the keypad, entering a few digits as Takeshi began to speak again. "So, if the villain has a mask or a helmet, that doesn't work? And what if the villain has taken actin' lessons or is good at bluffin'? All it takes is a poker face and that one-trick pony of yours doesn't really work." Takeshi's tone was equally sincere as it was curious. He wasn't passing unnecessary criticism but was rather trying to discuss such a tacit with Karma. "How do ya deal with somethin' like that?" Takeshi asked as he gestured with an open hand. He had his arms crossed over his chest again, leaned up against the concrete wall as he waited for the elevator to descend. He was still blushing from earlier but he wasn't aware of it.
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    "Ah! Spoken like a true villain!" TV Head exclaimed as he turned to Hunter, clapping his hands in praise. "You know when you're better than someone else, I like that. That kind of self-respect is in short supply these days, a real shame." Honestly, TV Head had not expected it to be that easy. He had assumed a fight would ensue and had taken the necessary measures to ensure that he was prepared for such an event. Hunter had given TV Head a pleasant surprise, agreeing with him instead of taking offense. It showed maturity and wisdom on Dark Star's part and TV Head appreciated that. He almost felt an inkling of respect too, which was unusual for the villain. TV Head floated his way over to Hunter, closing what had originally been several yards of distance into just a few feet. He slid his hands back into his front pockets and tilted his head to one side, his gaze focused onto Hunter now. "So like, do you need to grab anything before we leave? Maybe a bite to eat? I hear Chicago has pretty good pizza if that's your sort of thing." TV Head wouldn't be able to enjoy the food but he definitely could appreciate the aesthetic appeal of pizza. Something about melted cheese dripping from a slice of pizza or stretching from a person bite was kind of enjoyable to see. Maybe it was all the cartoons that he watched, he wasn't sure, but he definitely enjoyed watching other people eat. "The rooms at the Proving Grounds aren't exactly five star or anything like that but you're more than welcome to make a home out of it." TV Head nodded in affirmation of his own words and continued. "So if you want to bring anything now's the time."
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    The redhead chuckled softly as she just finished with her cookie. She licked her lips and looked at him. "Your question before about asking why I kept looking at you and your battle suit. I analyze people's emotions and facial reactions." She murmured as she tapped her fingers on her knees. "It's quite easy to get someone flustered like that while in battle, gives me the upper hand for a moment. Doesn't last long cause after that they figure it out and aren't bothered by it anymore." She gave a sigh, as if she was sad about that. "Trickery is one of my strong suits, I can mimic people's faces. I guess I'm better at trying to trick them before taking them head on. TV Head was a different story...cause well..he doesn't have a face but a screen. Which is impossible to mimic." She mumbled on and pushed back some of her hair from her face. "See how uneasy I made you? In a short time, I got you all riled up. It's pretty useful in a middle of a battle when the opponent is not expecting it." She looked him up and down, taking note on how different he was acting. She kept in her seat till in the corner of her eye she saw the doors open from the cylinder. Karma then pushed herself to her feet, making sure not to leave a mess on the table before walking past Takeshi and out the doors, her eyes went to analyzing everything once again.
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    As Karma spoke Takeshi's glowing emerald eyes watched her with a different kind of focus from before. What had been analytical eyes had turned to intrigue with a sharp an energetic glimmer to them. Takeshi couldn't help himself when it came to sharing personal opinions, especially if it meant the chance for a conversation over topics like this. He brought his hand up to his skin, cradling his chin in his open palm. Gradually, the more Karma spoke, the more a grin started to spread across Takeshi's face until he was smiling wide. "A-haa, so ya fear that which you don't understand. Gotchyaa," Takeshi replied teasingly. "Tell me, what's so natural about humans, hm? Just look at us compared to anythin' else on this planet. Do these tunnels or tubes look "natural" to you? Is there anythin' natural about what you, or I, or anyone else with a quirk can do?" Takeshi tapped a finger against the side of his face, that grin ever present. "Let's do a little thought exercise. Think about just the basic human anatomy, I'm sure ya familiar. Our bones or muscles aren't even remotely similar to our closest cousins an the manner in which we live is totally different from anythin' on this planet. When ya look at every other single piece of life on this planet, not one of it does what we as humans do. We are a phenomenon that makes up less than .1 percent of this planets population and an even smaller percentage than that when ya start lookin' outside our mesosphere. Hell, we still can't even agree on how we got here and you're sayin' we're "natural"?" Takeshi paused, taking a moment to pour himself some coffee with three sugars into a cup. It was a hazelnut blend which Takeshi wasn't particularly fond of, but it made good silence to build anticipation. Takeshi brought the saucer and cup up and, rather than taking a sip, proceeded to down half the glass before setting it back onto the table. "Just think about it. Machines are made from earthly minerals just like you an I are. We both come from the ground and both can be programmed. The muscle memory you an I use only a daily basis is a testimony to that programmin'. You an I both went to school to be programmed mechanically and socially while the very routines of our lives have been programmed to facilitate civilization as we know it. See, I think you just need to do some more research, is all. I'm sure if you knew more you'd had have a different opinion. Tis the way knowledge works after all." Takeshi finished his coffee with a satisfied smile and then poured himself another one. Their ride would be over soon and he wanted to make sure he got as much coffee in as he could. It was also surprisingly delicious. But of course, he doubted new information would change the mind of someone like Karma, especially with her kind of attitude. However, Takeshi couldn't help but tease karma a little bit at the end, since he knew she probably wouldn't show herself agreeing with him. She hadn't yet anyways. "Oh, and that's not a "robot". It's just a battle-suit that I can control. If ya did your research ya'd know that, Ms. Hot Stuff," Takeshi finished with a sly grin.
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    Suddenly TV Head had gone quiet! Did he not hear her? No. He was super close. There was no way that was the issue. Maybe he hadn't thought about it before? Could it really be that her question was so mind blowing that he hadn't thought of it?! Or asked it? Was she the first?! At least there were other things to distract her while she waited. An immense corridor. Many large doors with strange symbols. She could get lost in here if it weren't for her incredible sense of smell, and even then it'd be quite difficult to maneuver without first figuring out what and who were where. Which one of those doors contained the food? Someday she would find out. Maybe. Hopefully. Also were they going slower? Finally the man spoke up! He sounded sad. "No eat?!" The very idea astounded and saddened her! No wonder he was so bummed out! Eating was the best thing in life! He kinda did talk at least still. She didn't know about kissing. Other people seemed to enjoy it. It was like eating faces. Except without the eating part. Mock eating? It was really weird. But then perhaps it was one of the things TV Head wished he could do. People usually wished they could do things that they couldn't. So in a show of affection she leaned over one of the man's shoulders, nuzzling her cheek against the side of his boxy head! "It okay. Nilaa eat double for friend. Nilaa kiss friend too!" And with that she planted her best kiss against the man's box! A quick, somewhat sloppy, clearly inexperienced kiss, really just her pushing her lips against the television and holding them there for a few moments! Although it did beg the question, one which she actually came out and asked him. "Why people kiss? Is like eat face. Eat each other. But no eat. Is weird."
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    The door creaked shut behind the two as the old cogs and gears of the place worked to push it back into place. Finally, the cold was cut off from the two and TV Head could unwrap his cord from Nilaa. For a moment TV Head wondered just what the hell kind of conditions Nilaa had lived in to think that this was cozy. This was just an elevator shaft for crying out loud, they hadn't even got to the good part yet. He started to say that she could get off, but when the little wolf girl started nuzzling against the back of his neck, TV Head just quieted himself as his shoulders slumped over and shivered with pleasure. "Hhhhhh. . ." TV Head wasn't used to this level of affection and was completely baffled on how to handle it. So, he simply decided not to handle it just let it happen. "Yeah. . .friend. . ." TV Head repeated to himself. That wasn't something that he had heard before. Was he making the right decision bringing her to a place full of villains? There would be plenty of people who might try to take advantage of her good nature. . .that just meant that TV Head would have to keep an eye out for her. This level of affection an innocence was starting to make him feel a level of responsibility that was unheard of from him. Villains were allowed all the freedom in the world but that meant they were permitted to keep each other in line with their fists if things got out of hand. The feeling TV Head had welling up inside of him was starting to remind him of his anime's, it almost made him feel like an older brother. 'My fantasy can come true! OH Dear fucker up above, please let this be true. . .oh please let it be true.' "Friends? Yes! Friends! Absolutely! We can be the best of friends!" TV Head replied as he approached the dark shaft. There were lights on the side trailing down to the bottom but from up there the lights barely illuminated the bottom of the tunnel. Instead of waiting for the elevator TV Head stepped out into the air and slowly floated the two down. As they made their descent, TV Head noticed Nilaa's notoriously loud stomach, it's growl echoing throughout the tunnel. TV Head looked back over his shoulder to Nilaa, saying "Aye, someones hungry. I don't blame you after that fight we had. By the way! Nice fight! You could use some practice but you're totally a natural, a real talent." TV Head finished finished his words with a 'nice' thumbs up.
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    Karma made an pouting face at first about him pointing out her obvious mistake of not researching before coming here. "I like surprises," she mumbled in an retort back to that comment. She leaned her elbows on her knee as she just put her face between her hands and stared at Takeshi. "Sounds like a lot for an drive," she murmured and blinked slowly as she made bullet points in her mind of everything he had just said to her. She then sat back up straight and stretched out her arms, yawning a bit. "Well let's get on with it, no point in waiting" she rubbed her face before putting her hands down at her sides and looking at Takeshi, her face blank and not really showing any emotion as of this moment. How she usually kept her face.
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    Clink! So it was like a normal television! Interesting! The little noise brought a smile to the girl's lips. It was a pleasant noise. She wanted to poke it some more. The way he rubbed at the spot also clued her in to a few things. First, he could feel things on his head! Secondly, it didn't hurt him too much to be poked by a claw as long as she was careful! Thirdly, it was a real television! What could she watch on it? How did he see through it? Was it his actual head or did he have a head inside? So many questions! But for now her main focus was on food. When she felt cords coil around her body she briefly tensed up. Shackles were not something she enjoyed. But she soon relaxed herself. He seemed nice enough that she didn't need to worry. After all he was getting her food! He couldn't be a bad person, right? "Nilaa is sweet? Nilaa not taste Nilaa." The thought did make her curious. What did she taste like? Actually, what did he taste like? She was busy wrapping herself against his body and so she didn't really have a good way of tasting herself, but tasting him was as simple as dragging her tongue against the back of his big head! And so she did just that! One solid lap of her pink tongue against the box shaped head. "W-what?" So many words! Some she didn't understand at all! Socializing was difficult for her. But she understood some things. And, as best she could, she shouted out alongside her new friend, voicing her agreement with the few things she did manage to get through her head! "No hungry! Bad cops! Bad people!" she called out, thrusting a fist in the air between each statement while they flew forth through the forest! "Nilaa want eat with friend! We eat all things! All meat! All candies! All steaks!" She didn't mind sharing so long as she had her proper fill!
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    The sound of Karma's voice exhausted and raw was a stark contrast to here previous demeanor and it pulled Technomancer's attention to her. The robot-like helmet shifted slightly so he could glance down at the student, the sight of tears trickling down her face causing his jaw to stiffen. It was like a wave of emotion had crashed into his gut, pulling the air out of his lungs as he winced in pain. It was moment like these that reminded Technomancer why he did what he did. Honestly, seeing Karma cry like that made him want to cry with her, but he shut his eyes tight and turned his back forward, doing his best to keep any tears from spilling out onto his bronze face. His armor hid his heaving shoulders but Technomancer had let out a heavy breath to let the emotions air out of him. It was hard for him not to be wrought with guilt, especially when it came to TV Head. Even worse, Technomancer knew exactly what Karma was talking about. He would never admit it to anyone, but he had taken pleasure in things that he knew he shouldn't have. "The body and mind don't always line up-. . ." Technomancer stopped himself, pausing for a moment to reconsider his words. ". . .I don't blame you. I can't say that I understand what you were going through, but I know what it's like to get caught up in the moment." His helmet covered his face but his voice was heavy now, solemn in tone as he spoke. "The good thing about a mistake is that it means there's a chance to improve in the future. Pros make mistakes all the time, so if anything, that just makes you more like one of us." Technomancer and Karma started to make their descent into a small clearing of trees, the sound of the wind and repulsion systems finally quieting down as they came upon their landing. Before the two finally touched down, Technomancer turned his head to look down at Karma, looking into her eyes despite the polycarbonate shield and neon lights that separated the two. "You don't need to worry about anyone finding out about this. The cameras were redirected to my helmet, so the police only have static." Technomancer paused as his feet gently hit the ground, his flight systems shutting off, leaving the two with their words. "I'll be honest, this is going to hurt. All of this. And it might never actually leave you." Technomancer continued as he set Karma down onto her feet. He made sure to keep his hands close to her though, in case her legs wobbled or gave out from under her. "It doesn't for a lot of people. But you came here to be a hero and heroes use their painful experiences as fuel. Be a hero and don't let this eat at you. Use it like rocket fuel." He punctuated his words with a tightly clenched fist held to his chest, symbolizing the resolve needed for such an endeavor. "Can you do that, Karma?"
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    The scene in the police station was truly a spectacle to behold and TV Head was loving every bit of it. The box head rotated, scanning the station, taking in the scene. From the walls and ceilings painted with the cops blood to the entrails that had been scattered this every which way. Blood had been smeared across the floor from both ends of the building, one from the cells and the other from the offices, which guided TV Head's attention. His gaze followed the trails to a corner where he finally laid his sight on the culprit. A small, naked thing, with grey-blue fur that had been matted with blood. The villain tilted his head to one side as he gently settled his feet down onto to the messy floor. He bent his knees to squat down, bringing himself level with the little hound as he titled his head to the other shoulder. He had scene similar mutation-type quirks before, although that sizzling was definitely new. TV Head's vision switched into the thermal spectrum, letting him get a better look at what was going on. It was probably for the best to analyze the situation with something that could probably sink its teeth into him with no problem. The only thing he could tell was the obvious though, that the heat radiating off of her was immense. TV Head reasoned this was an indication of built up energy, probably from her feeding, and that she would have plenty to spare if she lunged at him. This also meant that the heat would only help her in digging into him, so that should probably be avoided. But that's if she could hit him and, if she did, she probably wouldn't enjoy the taste of carbon-steel muscles and quicksilver blood. TV Head kept one hand on the hilt of his blade while the other rested comfortably atop his thigh, danging his fingers between his legs. When she spoke, after whipping her face with more blood, TV Head felt a shiver go up his spine. Now this could be a real villain! A spine tingling sensation of excitement was always a good sign! TV Head had started to run his mouth but he still noticed Nilaa's nails digging into the cement underneath her. The popping cracks it made was a dead give away and was a loud and clear warning to TV Head of what was about to happen. "Aaaahahaha, food? Aren't you the least bit full?" TV Head motioned with his free hand at the carnage Nilaa had wrought. "Don't get me wrong, I love what you've done with the place, I can see why you'd be hungry. But I am definitely not a happy meal." If this thing did lunge, it'd be easy for him to dodge. Moving for TV Head was as simple like being in the middle of a moving bubble. All he needed to do was reorient his field relative to the planets own field and he wouldn't even need to move a muscle. So, he sat their comfortably, just a few feet from the feasting pup. "This is pretty good damn work if I do say so myself! It's a little rough around the edges, but nothing the Villains Syndicate couldn't fix." TV Head nodded to himself and then motioned to the door with a thumb. "If you'd like, we could pack up some of these meat sacks as a to-go snack for the road. What do you say? Interested?"
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    TV Head didn't know whether to feel more turned on or angry at this girls response. She had all the makings of a villain but she still wanted to be a hero?! "You're insane!" he growled, the screen blinking on a scowling face of pixels. But his body loved it, that level of arrogance and stupidity, the sheer fucking heartlessness of her rationale. He felt his balls twitch as it rushed its built up load, finally pushed over his edge. TV Head reached up with his other hand, gripping Karma's throat in a rage induced grip of lust. His other hand was still pulling Karma's sanguine hair back, keeping her face locked with his. "I fucking love it!", TV Head exclaimed. With one final thrust he drove his rod deep into Karma, sinking his meat into her as the first wave of his load came bursting out. Karma's fingers stabbed into his broad shoulders, electrifying the villains body and sending his head back into the air. Ecstasy bathed his nerves, sending a spine-tingling orgasm throughout his entirety. His cock convulsed and twitched against Karma, pumping wave after wave of cum into her until it could only gush out from the two, coating his cock in his thick cream. TV Head didn't pull out until he had finished filling Karma up with his seed and, when he did, her abused hole was left wide open. The villains cum spilled out from her pussy, painting her ass and the tarmac with their mixed juices. In one explosive orgasm Karma had completely drained TV Head of every last drop he had. His thick meat flopped against her stomach, coating her abdomen in their cum before TV Head shakily stood up. Finally, he had pulled himself away from her, leaving her on the ground covered in their mess. He rested a hand against the side of his boxed head, doing his best to regain his wits. But TV Head suddenly looked to the sky as though he had just noticed something and then brought his gaze back down onto the fucked-silly student. He squeezed his cock with hands, pulling them down along its shaft to clean himself of their juices and then shook his hands off, sprinkling Karma with their cum as one final act of humiliation. "Normally, I'd stay for round two, but I'm thinking that's my que to leave." TV Head quipped and pointed out to the sky. In the distance, something shimmering was approaching. And fast.
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    A winking emoticon flashed across the TV screen before it blinked back to blank. "Heh? That's not very hero-like of you, Karma. Aren't you supposed to be resisting?" TV Head chirped back. Oh, if only Karma knew what she was asking for. An unfortunate side effect of TV Head's mutation had given him the blessing and the curse of hardened nerve ends. It was going to take a lot more than what Karma was used to to make this one satisfied. TV Head's hands grabbed Karma's petite waist as he slid his cock back to her needy entrance before slamming himself back deep into her. "Oh, such a slutty pussy!" TV Head taunted back as he began to work Karma with his cock. He drew his hips back again an again, letting the two feel his cock edge against her entrance every time before slamming it back down into her depths. The more TV Head moved himself in an out of Karma's dripping honeypot the more he groaned against the pleasure of their friction. Slowly he began to make a mess of the two, his balls and thighs slapping against Karma, splashing their mixing juices onto each other with every thrust. "But you want this villain's cock, don't you? Look how wet you are! You're so pathetic, begging for the enemies cock like this!" The more TV Head talked the harder he fucked her, as though their banter was like fuel to his lust. "Just you wait Karma, I'll fill that whore cunt of yours and leave you begging for more~!"
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    TV Head was actually surprised with Karma's composure. To his discredit, he had assumed that his display of violence would have stunned her, but this was still a wonderful surprise! However, to Karma's own credit, her moves showed experience. In a flash she had made her away across the tarmac and was on top of him although. . .TV Head didn't even bother to move. Instead, he had simply stood there and watched, seeing just how much Karma had to give. Moving away from someone as sluggish as her would be too easy. This was more fun! "Not a bad view!" TV Head teased, admiring the firm legs that wrapped around his neck. "Mind if I cop'a feel?" Suddenly heavy hands had grabbed Karma in an iron grip. Before Karma had wrapped her legs around him, TV Head already had a hand up to his neck, waiting for her legs to land exactly where he predicted. The hand had given him the room he needed to twist his body in a way that would even make a contortionist blush. This let his other hand move onto her approaching wrist faster than Karma had moved on top of him. The pressure from his hands felt like a vice grip as her bones and muscles strained and popped to resist him. With one fluid motion, TV Head ripped Karma from his body and flung her high into the air. TV Head followed alongside Karma's ascension into sky, hands held comfortably in his pockets as he made sure to stay at an arms length. "Next time the bad guy just stands there, maybe you should stop and think for a sec." He suggested before giving her a bonk on the head, sending her falling back to the tarmac.
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    Humming quietly and throwing side glances to Panzerschrek was what she's been doing for the past two hours. The hero was so boring to her, wouldn't even talk to her. The redhead was beyond annoyed with him. Her amber eyes flickered to out the window, to be honest the young woman was quite nervous. Unsure of being in a new country. Sure her mother was from America but she lived her whole life in Japan and never thought of leaving. Till she had an offer from H.H., something she couldn't ignore. She sighed and pressed her cheek against the window as her thoughts wandered. U.A.'s principle was so dedicated to convincing her to go to H.H., of course she decided on her own but with a little help she made an final decision. It's not like she'd be leaving anyone behind, she hasn't seen her father in years and she doesn't know of any other family she may have. Plus, really her only friend was Midnight who was so happy to see her intern under her. Karma didn't complain either when she took the internship. The redhead was beyond relieved once they landed, she even danced a bit as she stretched her legs out from the long flight. Panzerschrek still not talking to her. But then...the commotion made Karma's skin crawl as she slowly turned her head around and her eyes widened. The screams and noises flooded her ears and she even slightly covered them. What in the actual fuck?! Her eyes darted around to see who the attacker was. Maybe America was as messed up with villains as Japan is. But then suddenly she was pushed away, she had fallen and tumbled a bit and once she whipped her head up to yell she saw the hero that stayed with her fall. She stared at his body, unsure of what to do. He's dead...I don't think there's anything I can do. Slowly Karma pushed herself to her feet, her amber eyes moving to someone speaking. She watched him blankly, pushing her emotions away as she watched him. "Oi. Your making this situation very annoying and distasteful." She sounded irritated as she scratched the back of her head, when she did that the needles she had under her sleeve slid into her hand but no one could see them. She knew this guy is something else, this won't be an easy fight. But suddenly she was off, charging towards him. Like a serpent she snaked around him, now her hanging upside down on him, her thighs wrapped around his neck as she went to try and stab his leg, hoping she could get at least a tiny bit of blood, her cheeks flushed at the idea.
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