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    *Well, this wasn't exactly what the person what the other end was expecting. This person was certainly NOT acting like an ordinary person. If it was any of their business, which it wasn't, they would have asked if this person had some sort of brain damage. Hell, they wasn't even the person whose money was in the bank she had robbed and poor car she had exploded. They were just some employee in the Consortium's Communication Division, with the appropriate clearances who was making this call. Not that they cared whom this person on the other end was or what happened to them, they were just doing what they were told and were being appropriately compensated for their act. Anyway, this call had to continue and at the very least, give her the information she needed.* "Well, no. You do have many people interested to see you, but unfortunately, most of those people want you in jail or dead. Mostly because they're the people you've either robbed or whose property you've destroyed. Anyway, the purpose of this call is to inform you that we have an interesting proposal for you, if you accept it. We have this very interesting piece of technology ready and waiting for use but we would like to do some final testing. We would invite you to be the test subject for this technology, I think you would like it very much. After all, it involves blowing things up. Yes, a fun game where you get to blow things up. Now, if you would kindly accept this offer, we can 'politely' ask the authorities to leave you alone while we come to escort you to your new home." It would be obvious to Katsumi that these guys had some clout and would be able to force the authorities to lay off Katsumi for an indefinite amount of time, probably for as long as they found her useful. Though what was this game they were asking her to test?
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    Hey to all crazy people like myself.. and hi to the rest as well! I'm fairly new to forum based RPs, though I'm quite expirienced with private ones^^ so I'll most likely stick to that for now. Short summary about myself following, I'm 25y/o wierd person that enjoys rps waaay to much. I'm looking forward to have some some fun, meeting new people, making new contacts, misspelling a lot of words and getting on good and bad sides of people.. ya know the usual stuff.. enough said? i think so.. should i stop asking questions and answer them myself? maybe... would that be any fun? NOPE! So all in all: Hi there^^
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    19cm here, so about 7.5 inches hard?
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    That sucks to see. I hope it turns out well. Just keep on looking forward to when it's over with and you're doing better. Good luck and here's to hoping for the best!
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    I hope they find out what's wrong and you start getting better soon!
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    I am 33 and I find my sex drive is all over the place. Some days I have no sex drive at all while others I just can't help but have the need to "Relieve" myself up to 5 times a day. (Was 7-10 before I was sexually active!) I find it mostly happens in the springtime for me. :x My sex drive has usually been high since an early age and it wasn't until I was in my late teens that I lost my virginity. After then it was just downhill. With a mixture of shit self-esteem and being hypersexual (at the time) I would sleep around with anyone I could. I never really had a stable relationship until my current one and even now my partner has problems keeping up with my sex drive. Thankfully I have toys so I don't wear him out!
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    Hanako Health: 100 Hunger: 99 Hydration: 99 Sanity: 85 Items: AA Batteries (4) Blanket Box of Aspirin (16 Tablets, 8 Doses) Box of Co-Codamol (14 Tablets, 7 Doses) Box of Crackers Box of Ibuprofen (16 Tablets, 8 Doses) Box of Paracetamol (16 Tablets, 8 Doses) Box of Tylenol (16 Tablets, 8 Doses) Family Picture (Sentimental, non-use item) Machete Map Small Knife Small Knife (Dull) Vitamins (3 Doses) Location: Hideout, Suburbs, Taiom, Ashaea. Time: 19:10, Wednesday 5th August, 2020. A hand moved up, running through her hair. She glanced repeatedly between Wolfe and Zoe. On one hand keeping things secret would be difficult and could end poorly. On the other hand Zoe was in no condition to move or fight should things go bad. And if he was a raider? Well things would go poorly either way unless they killed him. But she really did not want to kill him. Not unless she knew for certain that she had to. They did need a bath, yes. And they did need to tend to wounds. But that brought up another problem. "Are we sure he's going to stay in the garage? What if he is a raider? What if he signals others while we're tending to all that? What if he exits the garage and plans on killing you, who he believes is alone, while you wash up? Or what if he gets out of the garage and ends up finding Zoe? Do you trust him alone with her?" She sighed softly. There was no winning here, huh? Really it came down to only two options in her mind. She was good with either one but, ultimately, she'd leave the choice up to Wolfe and Zoe. "Way I see it we're either locking him up good and tight and keeping me and Zoe a good, quiet secret until she recovers, or we let him know about our existence. In which case, if that happens, I suggest maybe the three of us sharing a bath. Means Zoe is safe and we keep an eye on him." Hanako Stat Changes: Health: N/A Hunger: -1 Hydration: -1 Sanity: N/A Items Consumed: N/A
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    Wolfe Health: 44 Hunger: 98 Hydration: 100 Sanity: 45 Items: Map (Quest item) Katana Sword Box of Crackers Map Cash: $53 Cold/flu medication Compass Lisa’s Diary (Sentimental, non-use item) The Hungry Caterpillar book (Sentimental, non-use item) Empty bottle 4/5th Bottle of disinfectant Duct tape Gloves Bottle of water Unclean bottle of water (river water) Cotton buds Chocolate bar Pot of Strawberry Jam Tylenol (16 pack, 8 doses) Antibiotics (Necrotacin) Antibiotics (Amoxicillin) Dinosaur Toy (Sentimental, non-use item. For Penny) 4 matches Zoe Health: 33 Hunger: 99 Hydration: 95 Sanity: 70 Items: Woodcutter axe Clothes (One top, one leg cover, one set of shoes) Cash: $77 Tea Bags Chocolate bar Sewing kit Location: Hideout, Suburbs Taiom, Ashaea. Time: 19:10, Wednesday 5th August, 2020. Wolfe let out a soft sigh as he placed his mug down on top of the box before he shrugged his shoulders, “I’m not entirely sure.” He admitted, tapping the mug a couple of times before saying, “I have Penny watching him at the moment. She’s fine. He seemed to quite like her, and I don’t think he’s the kind to hurt a dog.” He pushed the mug away slightly before he then added, “But I don’t feel comfortable kicking him out. Not out of a humanitarian compassion, but because he knows where our little base is. If he was a raider, then he would be able to lead them back here. If not… then he still knows where we are, and I don’t feel comfortable. I think we should keep an eye on him in the time being. As I said; I’ve locked him in the garage for the time being.” He ran a hand through his white hair, feeling a little annoyed. It seemed that they were not going to get the peaceful night that they were hoping for. “We still need that bath… and to tend to our own wounds. I won’t let him know about you if you don’t want me to. I can keep him ignorant of that for the time being, until you feel more comfortable.” Wolfe said. “What do you think of him?” Zoe asked, keeping a tight hold of the other girl. Wolfe considered that for a few long moments before he said, “I don’t think he’s a danger to us. I get the feeling that he’s a pretty decent guy. But I still want to be cautious.” He looked at Hanako, “I’ll take Penny’s food down to her. Then afterwards we should get ourselves clean and tended to. I want to keep an eye on him, but we have our needs that must be met.” He said, before looking at Zoe who blinked back at him before she looked up at Hanako. Down in the garage, Penny watched Cole with silent brown eyes as her tail wagged a little from side to side. She stood up, moving away from him as she began to explore the room, disappearing behind some boxes. A few moments later, she emerged once again and trotted over to him with something in her mouth. She dropped it down in front of Cole before looking up at him with an expectant look as a tennis ball rolled slowly and bumped against his shoe. (@Kalvoras Vertal: If you want Cole to play fetch with Penny, feel free to control her for that) Wolfe Stat changes: Health: +1 Hunger: -1 Hydration: -1 Zoe Stat changes: Health: +1 Hunger: -1 Hydration: -1
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    Myst: *quietly enters the room to write a post* Daniel: *instantly wakes up and slaps Myst across the face* Let me sleep you fucking prick! Myst: ow! I just thought you might want to go look for supplies while there was still some daylight! Daniel: After what you made me do!? I'm sleeping until morning! Myst: .... it was for character development... Daniel: fuck.... you...
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    Cole Health: 70 Hunger: 96 Hydration: 96 Sanity: 70 Items Customizable Rifle Half a pack of Paracetamol Compass Duct Tape Screwdriver Set + Monkey Wrench Box of Aspirin (15 Tablets/7.5 Doses) Clothes Hot Chocolate ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Location: Hideout, Taiom, Ashaea Date: 19:10, 5th August, 202 Cole watches as Wolfe tends to the bandages in the pot before putting down the stick and nods in reaction to Wolfe telling him what will happen for now. He looks at Penny and gives her ears a gentle scratch behind each of them before rubbing her back. He sets his stuff back down, feeling a bit foolish thinking that he was going to be allowed to leave so soon "I understand. It would be dumb to think that you'd trust me after just a patch-up job and small talk" Cole chuckles softly and sits down in place again, rubbing Penny's back and scratching gently under her chin. She seems like a nice, protective dog more than capable of protecting her owners. Admirable and beautiful. He continues petting her, falling into silence as he watches Wolfe walk back into the house and listening to the lock click as he his sealed inside of the garage for the night. He looks through his backpack and sulks, finding that there was nothing to eat for the morning. "Guess I'll just have to go hungry in here for however long until he lets me out of here..." Stat Changes Health: N/A Hunger: -1 Hydration: -1 Sanity: N/A
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    Wolfe Health: 44 Hunger: 68 Hydration: 72 Sanity: 45 Items: Map (Quest item) Katana Sword Box of Crackers Map Cash: $53 Cold/flu medication Compass Lisa’s Diary (Sentimental, non-use item) The Hungry Caterpillar book (Sentimental, non-use item) 2 Pot noodles (beef) Empty bottle 4/5th Bottle of disinfectant Duct tape Gloves Bottle of water Unclean bottle of water (river water) Cotton buds Chocolate bar Pot of Strawberry Jam Tylenol (16 pack, 8 doses) Antibiotics (Necrotacin) Antibiotics (Amoxicillin) Dinosaur Toy (Sentimental, non-use item. For Penny) 4 matches Zoe Health: 33 Hunger: 99 Hydration: 95 Sanity: 70 Items: Woodcutter axe Can of Spam Clothes (One top, one leg cover, one set of shoes) Cash: $77 Tea Bags Chocolate bar Sewing kit Location: Hideout, Suburbs Taiom, Ashaea. Time: 19:09, Wednesday 5th August, 2020. Zoe smiled at Hanako’s description of her brother. She nodded her head slightly in her agreement, “I know. On all counts.” She said. She was aware that her brother had, had some relationships before. He always took care of his partners. He never lied, nor cheated them. He was always very open and honest, and most of those that he had dated, both men and women, genuinely liked him. Although Zoe knew that her brother wasn’t exactly a jealous type, either, and she recalled him being in an open relationship with someone but she couldn’t recall their name. Either way, it didn’t matter at the moment. She turned her eyes to Hanako, watching as the girl ate. She then chuckled a little at her statement, reaching out and curling her fingers around Hanako’s leg as she was craving some kind of comforting touch at the moment due to her worry about Wolfe, “That’s good. It’s nice to have someone else to talk to.” She pulled a slight face, “I’ve spoken more to you in these few minutes than I have in the entire year. But then, in these times, you need to be quiet, don’t you?” She asked rhetorically with a sigh as she turned her eyes up towards the ceiling of the attic. In the garage, Wolfe watched the stranger from the corner of his eye as the man stood up, but he merely took out a shirt from his backpack and put it on to hide his chest from view. Penny let out a disgruntled sound now that the petting had stopped and she moved over to Wolfe who reached down with his splintered arm and gently petted her behind the ears. He then let go of the pole as the man introduced himself as Cole. It was an interesting man. He turned slightly, looking down at the offered hand before reaching out and taking it in his own hand in a very firm handshake. He then let go and said in a dry tone, “I’ll leave that job to the raiders. Too much hard work for me.” He then grinned slightly. He looked back at the pot and pulled out the last couple of bandages before he looked back at Cole, “I need to go and do something. I should be back soon. I hope you don’t mind, but for my own safety, I’ll lock you in here. I don’t quite trust you yet but I will leave Penny here with you to keep you company.” He said, before looking at Penny and ordering, “Stay.” Penny tilted her head up at him before she sat down, wagging her tail slightly. He smiled at her, giving her one last pet before he picked up his bag and swung it into his shoulder. There was no way he was going to leave his supplies with Cole. Allowing him to stay with Penny was showing enough trust as it was. He went over to the door of the garage, closing the door behind him as he stepped into the study. He turned the key, locking Cole inside before he quietly went up the stairs to the landing. He reached up and gently knocked on the attic door to warn the two that he was back, before he pulled down the door and allowing the ladder to extend. He then climbed up the ladder and moved to the boxes so that he could see over them to look at the two, where his meal had been left forgotten, “Are you two alright?” He asked quietly. “Yes. What’s going on?” Zoe immediately asked, struggling a little to raise her head but then flopping back down when it caused the wound to ache in protest. “A guy knocked on our door. He was hurt and begged for treatment. Traded some matches for it, so I patched him up. I’ve locked him in the garage, for now. He doesn’t know about you two either.” Wolfe reported, picking up his bowl of food and beginning to eat it, relieved that it was still somewhat warm. “Is he… alright?” Zoe asked, feeling more than a little concerned about a stranger being in their hideout. Wolfe shrugged, his mouth too full to answer immediately. But he swallowed his mouthful and said, “He seems alright. He’s got a gun, and could have come in guns blazing. But he didn’t. In fact he gave me the perfect chance to steal his gun and use it on him. Thus far, he’s given me no reason to think of him as a threat.” He continued eating, making quick work of his food before draining the broth. He felt a lot better with having something in his stomach. He put the bowl down and picked up his mug of water which he drank down. Wolfe Stat changes: Health: No Change (Hunger and thirst too low) Hunger: + 30 Hydration: + 30 Items consumed: 2 Pot Noodles (Beef) Zoe Stat changes: Health: +1 Hunger: -1 Hydration: -1 Items consumed: Can of Spam
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    Hanako Health: 100 Hunger: 74 Hydration: 74 Sanity: 85 Items: AA Batteries (4) Blanket Box of Aspirin (16 Tablets, 8 Doses) Box of Co-Codamol (14 Tablets, 7 Doses) Box of Crackers Box of Ibuprofen (16 Tablets, 8 Doses) Box of Paracetamol (16 Tablets, 8 Doses) Box of Tylenol (16 Tablets, 8 Doses) Can of Spam Family Picture (Sentimental, non-use item) Instant Noodles (Chicken) Machete Map Small Knife Small Knife (Dull) Vitamins (3 Doses) Location: Hideout, Suburbs, Taiom, Ashaea. Time: 19:09, Wednesday 5th August, 2020. Hanako reached over with her free hand, sipping upon her mug of water while she pet the injured girl. Oh yes. That felt great! She hadn't had anything to drink in days! Water would help fill her up a little too. When it was finished off she settled the mug aside. "He is a very kind person. Brave. Strong." Nice on the eyes too. "He's going to make someone very happy once we're out of all this." Her hand was removed from atop Zoe's head. Now she picked up her own bowl, quickly scarfing down one spoonful after another! It was good to eat it while it was warm. Also it was good to have the energy in case something broke out down below. Who knows what was happening? The little red-head smiled. She was trusted. That actually felt a little nice to hear. "I trust you both as well. With my life." Hanako Stat Changes: Health: N/A Hunger: +26 (Spam Ramen) Hydration: +26 (Spam Ramen Broth and Water) Sanity: N/A Items Consumed: Can of Spam, Instant Noodles (Chicken).
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    Cole Health: 70 Hunger: 97 Hydration: 97 Sanity: 70 Items Customizable Rifle Half a pack of Paracetamol Compass Duct Tape Screwdriver Set + Monkey Wrench Box of Aspirin (15 Tablets/7.5 Doses) Clothes Hot Chocolate ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Location: Hideout, Taiom, Ashaea Date: 19:09, 5th August, 2020 Cole watches as the man goes through his backpack and then takes out his customized rifle to examine it. He raises a hand and rubs the back of his head before nodding at the compliment to his weapon. It was one that he had spent many tedious days of working on and perfecting before he left to find a way out of Ashaea. Rather proud of it, it's his prized possession that he couldn't bear to give up to anyone. "Er, yeah. I made it myself. It shoots both shotgun, hunting rifle, and sniper rifle ammo" Cole pets the dog again before standing up and taking the last shirt from his backpack and slipping into it. He finds that it feels rather nice to not be in a blood soaked shirt and he hangs his coat over his shoulder and slinging his backpack onto his back. He looks up at the man who has finally introduced himself as Wolfe, which was a rather fitting name with that white hair of his. He looks exactly like a white wolf. "My name is Cole. Cole Norton. It's nice to meet someone who's not interested in mugging or killing me for once" Cole gives a soft chuckle at that last statement, jabbing at the damn raiders that are only interested in either killing people or making slaves for themselves. He holds a hand out to Wolfe for a handshake, looking up into his eyes before giving a small smile. Stat Changes Health: N/A Hunger: -1 Hydration: -1 Sanity: N/A
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    Wolfe Health: 44 Hunger: 69 Hydration: 73 Sanity: 45 Items: Map (Quest item) Katana Sword Box of Crackers Map Cash: $53 Cold/flu medication Compass Lisa’s Diary (Sentimental, non-use item) The Hungry Caterpillar book (Sentimental, non-use item) 2 Pot noodles (beef) Empty bottle 4/5th Bottle of disinfectant Duct tape Gloves Bottle of water Unclean bottle of water (river water) Cotton buds Chocolate bar Pot of Strawberry Jam Tylenol (16 pack, 8 doses) Antibiotics (Necrotacin) Antibiotics (Amoxicillin) Dinosaur Toy (Sentimental, non-use item. For Penny) Zoe Health: 32 Hunger: 100 Hydration: 96 Sanity: 70 Items: Woodcutter axe Can of Spam Clothes (One top, one leg cover, one set of shoes) Cash: $77 Tea Bags Chocolate bar Sewing kit Location: Hideout, Suburbs Taiom, Ashaea. Time: 19:08, Wednesday 5th August, 2020. When the bowl was lifted to her lips, Zoe unconsciously brought up her own hand as if to help steady it as she drank the broth. As she drank, Hanako kept talking and the dark haired girl focused on her words. It certainly sounded like Wolfe to have been so wary of a stranger, especially if they were watching him. Wolfe had never liked to be watched like that, it had always made him uneasy. When the last of the broth disappeared down her throat, she let out a soft groan and licked her lips, almost wishing she had more. But she was comfortably full, a feeling she had not had in a long time. She clenched her teeth as Hanako helped her lie down before before she sighed softly. She twitched her eyes up towards the girl when she started petting her hair. It felt a little strange, but Zoe didn’t mind it in the slightest. She then chuckled a little at what was said next, before she winced with a low hiss as the movement of the contracting muscles caused pain to race through her abdomen, “Okay, please don’t make me laugh… that was painful… And it doesn’t surprise me that Wolfe offered to help when he noticed that you were hurt. He can’t really help himself; he’s a compassionate man.” She then turned her eyes back to her companion, “I’m glad things turned out alright as well. It’s hard making new friends at a time like this… and I never thought I would ever run into someone I used to know… even if it was a long time ago. The chances of that…” She trailed off and shook her head slightly before she said, “I know that you’re someone I can trust.” Downstairs, Wolfe raised an eyebrow at the words the man said. A gun? He had not been expecting that. Warily, Wolfe moved over to the bag and opened it up. There wasn’t really that much in there. A half a pack of paracetamol had no interest to him, neither did the compass as he had one as well. The duct tape was useful, as was the box of matches. He saw a screwdriver set, and a monkey wrench, some clothes, a pot of hot chocolate and a box of aspirin. The only item that Wolfe would really want was the matches. However he saw the gun and picked it out with his good hand before he inspected it. It wasn’t like any gun he had ever seen before. “Customised? Nice.” He commented before he slipped it back into the bag and picked out the boxes of matches. He opened it up and took out half of them before putting the rest back, “I’ll just take some of your matches. I don’t have any and I had to make that fire like a fucking caveman which, as you can imagine, wasn’t easy to do.” He said, lifting his splintered arm for a moment. He closed up the bag and put it back down. Now that he knew the man had a gun, and had not come in waving it around made him relax a little. Not to mention that the man had let him look through his bag despite knowing that Wolfe could simply pick up the gun and turn it on him, unless it wasn’t loaded. In which case, that would have been a foolish move in this world. Wolfe stood up, putting his payment for the medical treatment in his own bag before he moved over to the pot and stirred its contents with his good hand before he said, “I’ll need to check the wound in a few days. If it’s healed over nicely, then I’ll take out the stitches otherwise they’ll grow into your new skin and that would not be a good thing.” He glanced at the man before he said, “I’m Wolfe, by the way. What’s your name, stranger?” He used his pole to begin taking the bandages out, allowing them to drip before laying them on the side so that they could cool down a little before he could wring them of their water. He had spied a washing line earlier, but at the moment he wasn’t taking his eyes off of the stranger. Wolfe Stat changes: Health: No Change (Hunger and thirst too low) Hunger: -1 Hydration: -1 Zoe Stat changes: Health: +1 Hunger: -1 Hydration: -1
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    Cole Health: 70 Hunger: 97 Hydration: 97 Sanity: 70 Items Customizable Rifle Half a pack of Paracetamol Compass Duct Tape Box of Matches Screwdriver Set + Monkey Wrench Box of Aspirin (15 Tablets/7.5 Doses) Clothes Hot Chocolate ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Location: Hideout, Taiom, Ashaea Date: 19:08, 5th August, 2020 Cole continued petting the dog and watching it quickly getting used to him as he gives a soft smile. He rubs the top of its head before nodding at the news about the stitches and grabbing the shirt in preparation for when it comes. God, he fucking hates needles. He's hated them ever since he was a child. He winces and gives soft little hisses as the disinfectant comes in contact with his wound, cleansing it and making the flesh sting as he takes a deep breath through his nostrils "Really? I guess that makes me extremely lucky" Cole chuckles softly before wadding up the shirt and shoves it into his mouth, biting down roughly on the fabric as it muffles his small exclamations of pain as the needle is maneuvered to suture his wound and close it up. He gives a few soft pants once it's finished before spitting out the shirt and gently rubbing the dog's ears again. He relaxes as the warm bandages are wrapped around his shoulder to cover up the wound and he gently massages his shoulder before digging into his pocket and popping another aspirin pill to help with the renewed throbbing pain in his shoulder. "Thank you. A lot. Now to hold up my part of the deal... You can look through my backpack and have anything you want. All but the gun, at least." Stat Changes Health: N/A Hunger: -1 Hydration: -1 Sanity: N/A
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    Hanako Health: 100 Hunger: 75 Hydration: 75 Sanity: 85 Items: AA Batteries (4) Blanket Box of Aspirin (16 Tablets, 8 Doses) Box of Co-Codamol (14 Tablets, 7 Doses) Box of Crackers Box of Ibuprofen (16 Tablets, 8 Doses) Box of Paracetamol (16 Tablets, 8 Doses) Box of Tylenol (16 Tablets, 8 Doses) Can of Spam Family Picture (Sentimental, non-use item) Instant Noodles (Chicken) Machete Map Small Knife Small Knife (Dull) Vitamins (3 Doses) Location: Hideout, Suburbs, Taiom, Ashaea. Time: 19:06, Wednesday 5th August, 2020. The spoon was set aside. It wouldn't be needed anymore. However the soup wasn't finished. There was still the broth which, arguably, was just as important. It'd keep her belly fully. It'd provide sodium. It'd provide fluids. And it was honestly the part which warmed one's soul the most. At least that was her opinion on the matter. "You'll be strong. We'll make certain of it. Here. Drink." She lifted the bowl up, carefully tipping it to assist the girl with slurping down the broth. Zoe had just been cleaned so she needed to make certain not to spill any. Besides, that could also be wasteful! One could not be wasteful these days. "When I first met him I was watching him. Waiting to see what he'd do. I planned on avoiding him and moving on. But Penny spotted my position and they approached. I didn't know what to think, especially when he drew his sword. I had my weapon out and he had his. Things could've gone bad. I mean, I probably would have tried running, but if he gave chase, or Penny gave chase, I probably would have turned and fought." When the bowl of soup was finally emptied she settled it aside. Carefully she helped Zoe to lay down once more, one hand moving to pet atop the girl's head. Hanako liked it. She found it comforting. Perhaps Zoe would as well. "I'm glad things didn't turn out that way. He was injured. I was injured. He saw that and said he could help. I guess that's all it took. Kind of funny, huh?" Hanako Stat Changes: Health: N/A Hunger: -1 Hydration: -1 Sanity: N/A
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    Wolfe Health: 44 Hunger: 70 Hydration: 74 Sanity: 45 Items: Map (Quest item) Katana Sword Box of Crackers Map Cash: $53 Cold/flu medication Compass Lisa’s Diary (Sentimental, non-use item) The Hungry Caterpillar book (Sentimental, non-use item) 2 Pot noodles (beef) Empty bottle Bottle of disinfectant Duct tape Gloves Bottle of water Unclean bottle of water (river water) Cotton buds Chocolate bar Pot of Strawberry Jam Tylenol (16 pack, 8 doses) Antibiotics (Necrotacin) Antibiotics (Amoxicillin) Dinosaur Toy (Sentimental, non-use item. For Penny) Zoe Health: 32 Hunger: 73 Hydration: 96 Sanity: 70 Items: Woodcutter axe Can of Spam Clothes (One top, one leg cover, one set of shoes) Cash: $77 Tea Bags Chocolate bar Sewing kit Location: Hideout, Suburbs Taiom, Ashaea. Time: 19:06, Wednesday 5th August, 2020. “Maybe…” Zoe responded to Hanako’s assurances regarding her feelings about staying behind while Wolfe was the one that went out and hunted for supplies to keep them alive. It was just really bad luck that the first time she really came out, was the time she had almost died from being hurt. She blinked when she felt a small nudge from Hanako’s head and smiled slightly as she felt the gesture to be more comforting than the words. She happily opened her mouth and accepted the next mouthful of food, chewing on it slowly before swallowing it. The dark haired girl then tilted her head again when Hanako began to speak again, explaining about how bullies thought and how their mind worked. How the enemies minds might work. Zoe hated the fact that they had to think this way, just to survive. To be suspicious of everyone because of the chance that they would hurt you. She found it to be quite depressing. She stiffened a little when Hanako moved on to say that hesitating might get her killed, which in turn would affect her brother. She frowned a little as Hanako said that someone could use her to get at her brother, to kill him. Or even hurt him. Zoe couldn’t stomach that thought. She had already lost her parents. She hated the thought of losing her brother as well. Almost mechanically, she opened her mouth and accepted the next mouthful. She then sighed as Hanako continued with her rather cold practicality. But Zoe supposed that she had learnt all of this from experience. And not just from the outbreak. She grimaced a little, and privately couldn’t blame the girl. But what she said made sense. She wanted to help her brother. And she wanted to try and protect him, in her own way. He had done so much for her. She knew that he had promised their father that he would get her out of here alive, and he would do everything in his power to ensure that, but she wanted him to be with her. She didn’t want him to die while trying to keep that promise. It would break her apart. She accepted the last spoonful of the noodles and swallowed it down, “Okay… I want to be strong for him. I need to get better…” Zoe said, before she then gave a smile, “Thanks for helping him, by the way… And for not hurting him. He must trust you to let you be here with me, alone.” Zoe was a little worried that Wolfe hadn’t returned yet, but she couldn’t hear any signs of fighting nor any other kind of ruckas. She hoped that Wolfe was alright. Down in the garage, Wolfe shifted his gaze from the man’s well muscled back to the back of his head before his eyes moved back towards the still bleeding wound, “Delwore, huh? I don’t think I ever went there. A factory town, I believe…” He said, his voice trailing off for a few moments before he spoke up again, “This is going to require stitching. I advise you use something to bite down on. We could do without you screaming and attracting zombies.” He stood up again, seeing that he was going to need a cloth to wipe away the blood before he could begin stitching. It would also give the man time to find something to bite on. He went over to the pieces of cloth that he had set out to dry before carefully picking one up. It was still hot from, but not enough to scald him. He squeezed it, getting rid of excess moisture before returning to the mans back. By now, Penny seemed to be putty in the man’s hands, her tail wagging as she leaned into his caress. Wolfe began to clean up the dried blood around the wound before he began to carefully clean the wound itself. As he dabbed at it, he saw that it was at least a few inches deep. Deep enough to be of concern, and to definitely need stitches. He picked up a cotton bud and the disinfectant, unscrewing the top and dabbing some of the disinfectant onto the bud before he warned, “This may sting a little.” He then dabbed the cotton bud against the wound to disinfect it. He was as careful as he could, to avoid causing unnecessary pain, but knew for a fact that it would sting for the man. Once he was done, he sat back a little as he opened the sewing kit and pulled out the slimmest needle before pouring some of the disinfectant into the cap of the bottle and carefully dabbed the thread into it before pouring it over the needle. Once he had it prepared, he sat a little closer again and said, “I’m about to start stitching it up.” He used his splintered arm to press his fingers on either side of the wound, ready to press the two sides of the wounds together. He paused before doing anything and said, “Another reason why you’re lucky? I was training to be a paramedic before all this shit went down.” He then carefully began to stitch up the wound, being as quick as he could while keeping it as neat as possible. Luckily, it wasn’t a large wound, so it didn’t take long for him to stitch it close. When he was done, he dabbed a little more disinfectant on it before pulling back a little, “Okay, I’ve stitched it up…” He stood up went over to the boiling pot and picked up the pieces of cloth. They were damp, not entirely dry, but at least they were now completely clean, “Just let me bandage it up.” He said as he went behind the man and folded one of the cloth and pressed it against the wound before using the other piece to wrap around his shoulder to keep the pad in place, keeping it tight but not so tight that it caused discomfort. When he was done, he tied it up and stepped back, “Done.” He said before he put the lid back on the disinfectant and tidied away the sewing kit. Wolfe Stat changes: Health: No Change (Hunger and thirst too low) Hunger: -1 Hydration: -1 Item changes: Fifth bottle of Disinfectant. Zoe Stat changes: Health: No Change (Hunger too low) Hunger: +30 (Large Meal) Hydration: -1
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    Hanako Health: 100 Hunger: 76 Hydration: 76 Sanity: 85 Items: AA Batteries (4) Blanket Box of Aspirin (16 Tablets, 8 Doses) Box of Co-Codamol (14 Tablets, 7 Doses) Box of Crackers Box of Ibuprofen (16 Tablets, 8 Doses) Box of Paracetamol (16 Tablets, 8 Doses) Box of Tylenol (16 Tablets, 8 Doses) Can of Spam Family Picture (Sentimental, non-use item) Instant Noodles (Chicken) Machete Map Small Knife Small Knife (Dull) Vitamins (3 Doses) Location: Hideout, Suburbs, Taiom, Ashaea. Time: 19:04, Wednesday 5th August, 2020. For a little bit Hanako went quiet. She'd probably just spoken more than she had in almost a year. It was actually kind of sad, but then current world affairs meant that it was also very normal. Their world was not a kind one. Often times she wondered if she'd even live to be twenty. Probably not. "Its smart. Staying behind helps both of your chances if you know you're not up to bloodshed, even against the undead. It means he can leave supplies with you, travel lighter. It's easier to move quietly when you're alone, easier to lose tailing zombies. Don't think of it as being a hindrance." Another spoonful of food was fed to Zoe. She gave the girl a nudge of encouragement with her own head. While Zoe spoke again she listened. She was having doubts about killing people. Hanako got that. She hadn't killed anyone yet thankfully. In fact she didn't know if she had it in herself. But she probably did. She was sure that she did. Wolfe also took care of his sister's bullies. Hanako certainly had the advantage there, having had plenty of first-hand experiences. Training was a good idea though. Hanako even had a few ideas about that. After feeding yet another spoonful to Zoe she continued. "Everyone has those doubts. Even the bullies. The very same people who might hurt you will have a moment in which they wonder whether or not they want to go through with it. But here's the thing: they're already used to answering those doubts. They won't take as long to come to a conclusion. And those thoughts won't be considering your welfare, it'll be considering their own. 'Can I get away with hurting her?' They'll answer it quickly. You need to be answer it more quickly in your mind. Yes, maybe you don't want to hurt people. That is admirable. But always remember this: you are not alone in this world. You have a brother who loves you, who sacrifices and risks so much for you. That moment of hesitation? It might get you killed. It will affect him. Kill him a little bit inside. But they might not kill you. They might take you. Capture you. Then they can use you, and not just for their own means or desires, but also to get to your brother. And then they can kill him." She paused again to blow on another spoonful of food, holding it up to the girl's mouth. Of course the pause was also so things could sink in before she continued to speak. "It's not wrong to care, to want to give people second chances, but this world is too dangerous for that. If ever a time comes where you're put into that situation then you need to act quickly and decisively, because if you won't then they will. Keep that in mind. It will help. Trust me. Use it against the undead, use it against the living, and you will be helping your brother more than you know. As long as you have someone to live for you focus on them. You use them as a source of strength." The soup was almost finished. Another big spoonful was wrapped up and brought to the girl's lips for consumption. "Training is a good idea if we're careful. I'll try and help as much as I can. Just worry about getting better so you can be stronger. Okay?" Zoe and Wolfe. Each had someone to live for: each other. They would make it out of this. Hanako would make certain of it. Hanako Stat Changes: Health: N/A Hunger: -1 Hydration: -1 Sanity: N/A
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    Cole Health: 70 Hunger: 99 Hydration: 99 Sanity: 70 Items Customizable Rifle Half a pack of Paracetamol Compass Duct Tape Box of Matches Screwdriver Set + Monkey Wrench Box of Aspirin (15 Tablets/7.5 Doses) Clothes Hot Chocolate ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Location: Hideout, Taiom, Ashaea Date: 19:05, 5th August, 2020 Cole nods and happily obliges to the request of taking his shirt off, stripping off the wet clothing to expose his back, red with blood, before dropping it with his coat and his backpack. He gently pets the dog, first running his fingers against the side of its muzzle and then gently scratching at the underside of its jaw and behind the canine's ears. He felt a little bit more at ease from petting the rather cute dog and, strangely, meeting the man currently tending to his wounds. "I'll be sure to let you know as soon as possible if any of those things happen. I sure hope it doesn't, though..." Cole looked back at the man as he mentions that finding the hideout was slim to none, and suddenly, Cole felt like he was the luckiest man alive. He gives a soft sigh of relief before relaxing his shoulders and giving a soft chuckle. He occupies himself with petting the rather friendly canine before pushing the damp hair out of his face and off of the eyepatch. His breathing and heartbeat have thankfully calmed itself and he rubs his hand over the top of the dog's head. "No shit? I guess I'm the luckiest person on Earth, then, huh? Well, I guess not... The lucky ones are already dead or away from this damned place..." Cole smiles at the dog, enjoying the peaceful feeling that it continues to give him before stroking its ears and rubbing the insides of them with his thumb to massage them a bit. The entire place gives him a feeling of peace here, but also a certain intensity with his arrival. Thankful as Cole is about finding this place, he can't help but help that he's made everyone worried about their own safety the second he had knocked on the door. Again, he looks back as he is asked the question of whether he'd lived in Taiom or not "Actually, no... I've lived in Delwore my entire life, but we'd visit here occasionally to see family and friends" Stat Changes Health: N/A Hunger: -1 Hydration: -1 Sanity: N/A
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    Wolfe Health: 44 Hunger: 71 Hydration: 75 Sanity: 45 Items: Map (Quest item) Katana Sword Box of Crackers Map Cash: $53 Cold/flu medication Compass Lisa’s Diary (Sentimental, non-use item) The Hungry Caterpillar book (Sentimental, non-use item) 2 Pot noodles (beef) Empty bottle Bottle of disinfectant Duct tape Gloves Bottle of water Unclean bottle of water (river water) Cotton buds Chocolate bar Pot of Strawberry Jam Tylenol (16 pack, 8 doses) Antibiotics (Necrotacin) Antibiotics (Amoxicillin) Dinosaur Toy (Sentimental, non-use item. For Penny) Zoe Health: 32 Hunger: 74 Hydration: 97 Sanity: 70 Items: Woodcutter axe Can of Spam Clothes (One top, one leg cover, one set of shoes) Cash: $77 Tea Bags Chocolate bar Sewing kit Location: Hideout, Suburbs Taiom, Ashaea. Time: 19:04, Wednesday 5th August, 2020. When another spoonful was raised, Zoe obediently opened her mouth and took in the mouthful. It wasn’t the best food she had, had in her entire life but it was the best she had, had in a long time. And it was nice and warm. She couldn’t remember the last time she had a hot meal, and she was savouring every moment of it. She then looked to the side at Hanako as she spoke about her own experience when it came to fighting. Hanako was smaller even than she was, and neither of them looked as if they put up much of a fight with their small height and slender frames. Granted, Zoe was stronger than she looked but compared to her brother, she was pretty weak. Pathetically so. She let out a humourless chuckle at Hanako’s assurance that she would learn, “Maybe… Unfortunately, I’m so much of a coward I don’t like going out of the hideouts that Wolfe picks.” She said, shaking her head. She felt quite disappointed with herself. If it had not been for Wolfe, she would have died a long time ago. Absently, she took another mouthful of the noodle soup, chewing on the piece of meat. The rather mechanical taste of the meat was lost due to the flavourings of the noodles, much to her relief. She listened carefully as Hanako continued speaking, coaching her in ways that she could survive and even defend herself. Despite the rather confident way the girl spoke, Zoe still had her doubts that she could do all of that. She swallowed her mouthful before saying, “I… I don’t know if I can. The thought of… of… killing someone… I… I don’t think I can. I’m not that kind of strong. Wolfe was the one that took care of my bullies. He’s always been taking care of me…” She trailed off before taking a deep breath before wincing as it caused a sharp stab of pain from her wound, “Maybe… maybe when I’m better I can do some… training. I guess? Would that even help, do you think?” The last part was said in an entreating tone, as she was looking to Hanako for her thoughts. With the stranger, Wolfe listened to him explain his encounter and he frowned a little. That sounded like his last few major encounters. Getting hurt while trying to fight, or run away from zombies. He nodded slightly to himself when the man described the nail and gave a time estimate. He was one of the most forthcoming patients Wolfe had ever had, and for some reason that thought amused him. He then tightened his hand around his katana as the man slowly stripped off his bag and coat, before he relaxed as the man pushed the items away slightly and made himself as non-threatening as possible. It was making Wolfe relax, and Penny seemed more relaxed as well for she sniffed at the man's hand again before reaching up with one of her paws and batting at it gently before nuzzling her muzzle against his fingers in a plea for affection. Wolfe watched the canine as the stranger confirmed that he had been vaccinated. He slid his katana back into its sheath, as he knew he would need both of his hands for this before he sighed, “Yes… vaccinations aren’t very pleasant. And with tetanus, you have to get three of them while you’re a kid. And usually with a wound like this, you should get a shot of tetanus immunoglobulin, the antibody that fights against it. But it is not ideal times for that. If you get anything like a stiff jaw, or muscle spasms, let me know.” He returned his attention back to the wound once again, “Remove your shirt as well, please. You’re pretty lucky, you know. I have a sewing kit and disinfectant… and I’ve got cloth boiling for bandages. The chances of you stumbling on… my hideout, are pretty slim.” He said, clicking his tongue against his front teeth. He wasn’t going to reveal that he had people up in the attic, just yet. Not until this man proved that he wasn’t a threat. As the man was doing that, Wolfe moved over to the campfire and used his pole to stir the bandages before fishing a few out, being careful as he was only using his good hand. He let them drip a little, before he he hung them over the side of the pan. The cloth was steaming slightly, quickly drying out the material. He then moved over to his bag where he pulled out his disinfectant, cotton balls and sewing kit. He looked back over at Penny who by now looked completely at ease with the stranger. Wolfe returned to the stranger, analysing him carefully before he knelt down behind him and asked, “Did you use to live in Taiom?” Wolfe Stat changes: Health: No Change (Hunger and thirst too low) Hunger: -1 Hydration: -1 Zoe Stat changes: Health: No Change (Hunger too low) Hunger: -1 Hydration: -1
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    Hanako Health: 100 Hunger: 77 Hydration: 77 Sanity: 85 Items: AA Batteries (4) Blanket Box of Aspirin (16 Tablets, 8 Doses) Box of Co-Codamol (14 Tablets, 7 Doses) Box of Crackers Box of Ibuprofen (16 Tablets, 8 Doses) Box of Paracetamol (16 Tablets, 8 Doses) Box of Tylenol (16 Tablets, 8 Doses) Can of Spam Family Picture (Sentimental, non-use item) Instant Noodles (Chicken) Machete Map Small Knife Small Knife (Dull) Vitamins (3 Doses) Location: Hideout, Suburbs, Taiom, Ashaea. Time: 19:03, Wednesday 5th August, 2020. Hanako's head relaxed to the side, resting against Zoe's. It was more comfortable and it'd help to support the girl further. Two birds one stone. Also they could speak more quietly this way. That meant she could listen more easily to what happened below and, more importantly, they could go unnoticed should something happen in the first place. She did feel a little sorry for the girl. Zoe wasn't a fighter. Even a zombie was difficult for her to strike, so difficult in fact that it'd gotten her injured! And then Wolfe had carried her from the last town all the way over here! Not only did she understand the guilt that might bring upon Zoe, but it was also a very impressive feat on its own! If it weren't for the present situation Hanako might have developed a little crush then and there! Although perhaps she already had one? Stop. Thinking. About. That. Focus! Another spoonful was lifted up. She made certain that there were plenty of noodles bunched up around it before she blew on it. Then she held it out for the girl. "Do not beat yourself up over it. I was much the same. Actually I still try not to fight them. Um, kind of because I'd probably lose. They're strong. I'm not. But also because its like, what if there is someone still in there? It's not easy. But you learn." She paused, scooping up more soup. After blowing quickly upon it she held it out, prepared to continue. After all, Hanako had to learn things the hard way. So many times she had to learn the hard way. There was no reason for Zoe to be stuck in the same boat. "Your brother is very strong. He can fight like normal. Us? We need to use what we have. Be quick. Be smart. Be precise. Keep away. Don't get caught. If you're caught you're dead. Avoid them when you can but strike when you can't. We're smaller. We can go places they can't. We're lighter. We make less noise. If someone tries to hurt you then you strike where it hurts most. Groin. Throat. Pressure points. Eyes. Nose. Ears. If you can then you strike to slow them or, better still, incapacitate them. Achilles heel. Wrist. Inside of the thighs. Arteries. Use the element of surprise whenever possible. That is how we survive. And always remember: a bully cares not for compassion. They will put their needs, their desires, and their advantage over yours. Don't give them that opportunity. If you have the chance? Finish them. Before they finish you." Hanako Stat Changes: Health: N/A Hunger: -1 Hydration: -1 Sanity: N/A
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    Daniel Health: 70 Hunger: 74 Hydration: 74 Sanity: 85 Money: $24 Items Woodcutter's Axe Instant Noodles Full pack of Paracetamol Blanket Scissors Bottle of Water Gloves ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Location: Suburbs, Abandoned House, Taiom, Ashaea Time: 1850, Wednesday 5th, August 2020 What was worse? The hunger? The thirst? The looming threat of being eaten every fucking day? Right now, Daniel would settle for his arm to just stop hurting. At least he wasn't infected but that didn't help that it still hurt like a bitch. The streets were littered with grabbers, avoiding them wouldn't be as easy as it was on the road, but at least for the most part they were still stupid and relied heavily on sight to hunt prey. As he made his way between the houses, he noted that only a few appear as if they hadn't been broken into yet, at the very least they hadn't had their doors kicked in. The house Daniel had selected was lightly defended, two grabbers shuffling aimlessly on the porch by the door. Even with his arm messed up, they shouldn't be too difficult to handle. Daniel checked the street first to make sure that he wouldn't get attacked from behind like last time. With a deep breath he readied his axe and walked onto the porch. Usually it was very easy to sneak up on a grabber. They relied almost entirely on sight to hunt their prey with the exception of loud noises which seemed to attract them by the score. Just as Daniel got near the floorboard of the porch beneath him creaked loud enough to draw attention of the nearest grabber. They met eyes for a moment and Daniel brought the haft of his axe over his shoulder and used both hands to swing the the blade. The wedge shaped head striking the side of the creature's skull to cleave the bone apart and hitting the intended brain within. Having lost basic motor function, the creature dropped to it's knees which allowed Daniel to bring a boot to it's face and apply enough pressure to clear it from his axe. The next grabber didn't notice the scuffle and was still mindlessly staring at the front door. Daniel raised his weapon again and the next swing connected with the neck of the grabber. The force of the swing snapped the neck not unlike splitting firewood. The grabber garbled helplessly as it was meeting it's last few seconds of existence. Daniel pulled the blade back and swung again, connecting with the same spot to carve through the remaining flesh and sinew. The head hit the porch first after rolling off it's shoulders, the body followed in a slump beside it. Daniel already felt tired after the two take downs. It was bad enough that he was wounded, tired, hungry and thirsty, but the axe was such an unwieldy weapon. If it wasn't for the effectiveness of splitting heads open, he would have gone for something a little more easy to handle. He leaned against the wall by the door for a moment to catch his breath and to keep an eye on the street to make sure the wandering grabbers were still going about their business. "Okay." He said to himself as he knew delays would only make things worse. He reached for the handle and of the door before testing it. 'locked.' He thought to himself, which was good in it's own way, maybe the place hadn't been looted. The first window he checked however was unlocked and he lifted it open without any fuss. The mesh screen behind the window was the only barrier now which was knocked out of it's grooves with enough pressure from his hand. It was also dangerous going into a building, no matter the size or the state it was in. A locked door could mean anything just as much as it could mean nothing. Daniel lifted a leg and swung it inside the house before ducking through the window and pulling his other leg in behind him. He took the time to close the window behind him to hopefully cause less disturbance. He ended up in what appeared to be a living room. It was small, a couch and a love seat positioned to face the television. Pictures of a family on the mantle beneath the television caught his attention. He looked around carefully as he went up to the photographs. A picture of a nice looking family, nekos as could be seen at a glance. It was a graduation picture of a girl with her aged parents. Valedictorian, nice, she must have been a smart kid. The picture beside it was of the same girl a human female around the same age, must of been friends, or girlfriend. Next picture was of the same neko at a party with the human girl and a bunch of same age people with alcohol and smiles. Both of those seemed like relics of a lost age now, the smiles.... and the alcohol, god Daniel wanted a drink. Leaving the pictures, Daniel decided to check the kitchen first, as it was closest to the living room. It was a small galley kitchen and Daniel could only surmise that the girl was a college student and couldn't afford much in renovation yet. The small fridge was his first target, although he didn't hold much hope after the last one. Maybe there was a jar of pickles or something with a long shelf life that could serve as a proper food source. He opened the fridge and his nose was assaulted by a new level of smell he had yet to encounter before! Tai food, dear god, why was it always asian food that smelled the absolute worst after confinement in a sealed environment! Before all this started, he thought rotting fish was bad but no... leftovers... leftovers were the absolute worst thing! He quickly closed the door and tried to desperately ventilate his nose by covering it with his arm and smelling his sleeve. That was awful! Still had to search the kitchen rest of the kitchen. Cabinets were empty and even the ramen packages that held promise had long been picked clean. It was hard to tell if it was from scavengers or a hungry college girl. He turned his attention to the counter and found a coffee pot. The coffee inside the pot was long gone but the coffee tin was still there. A shake of the tin brought a small smile to Daniel's face as it seemed to still have some powder inside. If nothing else, the coffee grounds would make for a good stimulant. After he placed the tin in his pack, that was when he noticed something off about the kitchen. There was a camera on the counter, placed in the corner on the counter to get a wide angle of the kitchen. Daniel walked over and noticed it was a webcam, ran out of battery a long time ago but still felt strangely out of place. Leaving the kitchen back to living room was when he noticed a second webcam, this one was mounted under the mantle, pointing at the couch and love seat. Daniel would have been concerned for the poor girl's safety had the world not fallen apart already. There were only four rooms left to check, and the nearest was the laundry room. Daniel poked his head inside the laundry room and didn't see anything out of the ordinary except the detergent bottle and been placed upside down so the soap would settle in the lid. He continued down the hall to the guest room and tried to quietly open the door. Looking inside he found a very plane and simple guest room, the bed was unmade and some lotions were on the bedside table. But it was the blood on the carpet that warranted further investigation. He opened the door more and stepped inside, a bloody hand print on the wall had been placed a long time ago with a trail of it leading to the closet. A suitcase full of girls clothes was between him and the closet so he quietly moved them aside before readying himself at the closet. He took a quiet breath and reached for the door and swung it open! Despite what he was prepared for, what he saw still surprised him. It was the human girl from the photos, she had turned a very long time ago and was clearly a victim of the early outbreak but that didn't stop her from being recognizable. She had beautiful black lingerie on that when she first wore it, it must have fit her body beautifully. But now, as time had gone on, her body had shriveled, her skin leathery and sunken in. Hair already falling out of her head and those dead eyes staring back at Daniel without any emotion beyond hunger. Her brassiere hung loosely on her shoulders causing the cups to hang off of her shriveled breasts that were no doubt much fuller when she was alive. The bite marks on her neck and shoulder were clearly visible and cause of her turning. Her black thong was barely clinging to her hips and threatened to fall with each movement. She shambled towards him with outstretched arms pitiful and weak. Daniel took a breath before delivering a kick to her chest to send her back into the closet. Before she could recover he held his axe overhead and brought it down right through the top of her skull. The thunk and crunch of the axe hitting it's mark allowed Daniel some respite as he pinned her to the wall with his foot to pull the axe out. Another grabber brought down. Daniel left the guest room for a moment, knowing he would have to go clean that mess up in a minute. The main bedroom was next and Daniel tried very hard to steel himself for what he was going to find on the other side. The bloody hand print on the door already told him what heeded to know, that whatever infected that girl was behind this door. He considered kicking it in but worried about noise, instead he opted to gently open it. He could hear the raspy breathing inside and walked in to face the other occupant. He expected to maybe find the neko girl, but instead he found another neko. Different coat and breed but about the same age. She was completely nude facing away from Daniel when he walked in. That alone caused a small moment of hesitation as he thought this house belong to... Before Daniel could finish that thought, he felt a pair of small, delicate but surprisingly strong hands grab him from the side. The snarl was loud and caused Daniel to recoil in surprise as the neko from the picture tried to grab and bite him. "Fuck!" He exclaimed as the other neko turned to face him. While he should be focused on staying alive, that was when he noticed the unknown girl was wearing a... a strapon? His eyes went wide for a second before he grabbed his attacked and threw her to floor. That was when he discovered she was nude too! A million questions filled his head but his axe did most of the thinking for him. The He swung for the strapon wearing neko first, hitting her in the knee to bring her down to the floor. He next swing connected with her head to finish her and send her to the floor. The neko from the photos stood up and reached out for Daniel to attack. "I'm sorry." Daniel whispered before bringing her to peace. He was exhausted, Daniel even dropped his axe to the floor between the two corpses because it had gotten too heavy. He quietly took a look around the room and found an assortment of sex toys, lotions, lubricants, packages of condoms were on the bedside along with a few cameras. A computer was opposite of the bed with it's own assortment of cameras along with passwords for various cam sites. Seems she was struggling to pay for college and had to make her own living. A small cam recorder with a bloody note on it stated 'Play Me!' over the lens. He needed to catch his breath for a moment anyway and it seemed like someone left a message. He pulled out the computer chair and took a seat before checking the batteries on the recorder and hitting play. The video starts with the neko girl's graduation, clearly a present from her parents. She had a bright smile and was greeted by the human girl who gave her a kiss of congratulations. Next was obviously a very private moment, the two were making love and the human was recording it. The neko's head was between her thigh, the sounds of licking, suckling and fingers pumping in and out of the camera girl as she moaned sweetly in response. "Why are you recording?" The neko asked as she peeled her tongue away. "I want to remember this forever." The girl replied. Normally Daniel would have had no problem watching these two go at one another but considering he just brutally killed them both in their home, he found it very unsettling to say the least watching a very intimate moment between them. He skipped ahead to the more recent clips. "Kelly, why are you always following me with that camera?" The Neko seemed flustered in this one and slightly annoyed as they walked down a street together. "Because, I'm a film grad and I film what I like looking at!" She could be heard laughing a little behind the camera. "Besides! It's your big day! New job, new school! Not to mention we're getting married next this weekend! You should be happy!" "I am happy Kelly, I'm just really nervous too! We don't know if I have the job and tuition is due... and we don't even have enough money to pay for the marriage license." She stopped walking and the Neko clearly had tears welling in her eyes. "Sarah..." She paused for a second to really think of her suggestion. "If we need money... I think I know a way to get some." The screen flashed to the next bit where the camera had been set down in mid shooting of filming a video. "The fuck Sarah! When I suggested we make videos and stream together, I didn't mean for you to whore yourself out!" "He's paying two thousand dollars to have dinner with me! That's all!" "Do you think I'm stupid!? That all he wants is to have dinner with you!?" "Kelly, it'll be fine! He said he got attacked by some homeless guy yesterday and he's on this new medication where he can't even get hard. It's just dinner!" "Fine, but who the fuck is Sheryl!?" "You said we needed to bring more viewers to the stream! Sheryl is pretty and... I thought she could come by this weekend and we could all do a show together. Just once so we can get enough to go on that honeymoon we always wanted! Sheryl always gets good tips!" "Do you even hear yourself?" The screen cuts to the human girl sitting in front of the camera in lingerie. She was wiping tears from her eyes while the sounds of Sarah and another girl could be heard moaning in the background. "I, I just wanted to... apologize to Sarah's parents. I never meant for this to get so out of hand. We just needed money and I thought." She sniffed and began to sob in front of the camera as she tried to maintain her composure as the sound of Sarah climaxing could be heard in the next room. "I'm leaving, because you were right about me... I was a bad influence on Sarah and I'm so sorry for that. I just wanted her to be happy. Sarah, when you watch this, I want you to know that I still love you, and I always will. I can't do this, I didn't want this to be our life together. I'm going to go in there, I'm going to do things to you that Sheryl never could... but tomorrow morning when you wake up. I'll be gone, I hope the money we make tonight is enough to satisfy you. I love you Sarah, goodbye." The video ended and Daniel stared at the black screen for a moment in contemplation. He turned off the camera and removed the video card so that something so private and intimate wouldn't go around beyond him. Some matches were on the desk too, an old lipstick stain inside with the name of a local strip club on the cover. A full set of matches too, that's handy. He placed them in his bag and stood up to start cleaning the place. The three girls he dragged out of the house and threw them on the porch with the other two grabber corpses. It wasn't much of a burial, but then, they weren't really the girls they used to be either. He closed and locked the door, reclaiming his axe and investigating the last room. It was a bathroom, small, like the rest of the house with a bathtub, sink and toilet. The emotions Daniel had buried surfaced violently and he sobbed and cried over the lives that had been destroyed in this world, and how his life wasn't going to last much longer at the rate he was going. Tears streamed down his face and he dropped his axe in response to the overwhelming emotion. He closed the bathroom door and locked it to act as another barricade in the even that the front door doesn't hold for some reason. Daniel walked over to the tub and stepped inside, sitting down for a moment while he collected his thoughts. His arm still hurt, even worse now from the killing done today. He couldn't take it anymore! He reached for his bag, taking the water, instant noodles, and the paracetamol. Tonight he would feast, such as it was! He quietly at the instant noodles before taking a dose of the pills with the water. He tossed the empty water bottle onto the bathroom floor along with the noodle package. The pills went back in the bag while he took his blanket and covered himself in the tub. It felt more safe than a bed, and less intrusive. He laid back against the side of the tub and rested his head on the room. He sniffled and sobbed once more before his eyes were caught by the webcam set up to stream the tub. He looked at it for a long time before swiping it off the tub with his boot onto the floor. He adjusted positions quietly in the tub before trying to get some sleep and let the pills take care of the pain. Stat Changes: +20 (small food) Hunger +30 (water) Hydration -10 (Zombie Attack/Trauma) Sanity +10 (Common Medicine) Health +1 (Stats normalizing) Health Inventory Changes: + Matches +Coffee Powder - 1 Dose of Paracetamol - Instant noodles - Bottle of Water
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    Location: Along with Ageon River, North of Rosayia Forest. While Natia was eating the bread and cheese, Rowan quietly ate his own food as he watched Baellator. The Aelda was contently munching on the grass that was within the clearing. The Keza had noticed that the animal had pretty much trimmed the grass around them, clearly taking advantage of their rather extended stay. The thought made Rowan’s lip twitch in amusement as they had spent most of the day before having sex. He certainly felt better for it as well, as he had slept very well. But then he always slept better when he had someone else to warm his bed and to cuddle within his arms. And Natia was small enough to fit very well and for him to curl around her protectively. He could certainly get used to sleeping with Natia at night. A selfish part of him didn’t want them to stumble upon her family, because he had grown to really love her company. He felt at ease with her, and she was incredibly sweet. But he knew that he couldn’t stop her if she wanted to go back to her family. All he was interested in was her happiness. He was pulled from his thoughts when he felt her head leaning against his shoulder. He ate the last piece of his meat and smiled back at her, shifting his head so that he could nuzzle the top of her head. His ears twitched a little when she spoke, and he listened quietly. He then smiled fondly before pulling his head back up and shifting to wrap an arm around her. He then pulled her up onto his lap where he wrapped both of his arms around her and held her close, one hand lightly resting on her thigh as he stroked it soothingly, “Don’t worry, love.” He said, kissing the top of her head, “The mark doesn’t last long even on Keza’s either. I don’t think the bond itself has much to do with the mark. I have no idea how it works but… the bond we did was only the first level. There is a deeper level where both parties would bite, draw blood and then kiss… mix the blood together, before swallowing it. That creates a deeper bond. But I don’t think that would work for us.” He sighed a little before he then smiled, “So a bite mark will have to do… I can keep reapplying it.” His smile then turned into a smirk, “Especially since you seemed to have enjoyed it so much.” He then teased. Location: Craethiel Wilds, near Lake Ryomar. Raeghan cawed a little in amusement at her questions regarding summoning, finding her panicked ramblings amusing. Yes, he rather liked this little person. She wasn’t quiet and withdrawn like Rayvenne, although Raeghan knew the dark haired woman well enough to know her moods and when she was in a more talkative state. She was only this cold and distant from those she didn’t know well, and it was only with persistence that someone could penetrate that cold exterior of hers. His head tilted the other way when she made her proposal. He looked up at Rayvenne, who looked down at him with an arched eyebrow. He then looked back at Luna, “Well, I wouldn’t be after a permanent fix anyway. I quite like the way I am. So perhaps. That is, if you’re capable of doing something like that.” Raeghan said, before he then addressed her earlier questions, “It could be possible that you summon a soul not compatible with you. But if you do it right, then nothing of that sort should happen to you. I know the spell, but I can’t exactly write it down for you.” He looked at Rayvenne and asked, “Did you save her spell book?” “Yes. I didn’t want it falling into the wrong hands.” She answered from where she was picking at grass and weaving it into a small, grass basket. The raven looked back at Luna and said, “There we go. The spell should be in there… if you ask Rayvenne nicely enough. I’m sure she’ll let you borrow the book.” He looked back at Rayvenne. The dark haired woman lowered the small basket she had been making, giving Raeghan a flat stare before she gave a small shrug and replied, “Sure. Just to look at that one spell, though. I’m not giving you the book, not letting you steal Maed’s spells.” She then looked back down at her basket and plucked another piece of grass from beside her which she weaved into it with quick, deft movements.
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    Be careful what you wish for xD Especially since Kane and Lance (Once Shuya actually manages to finish him) are on the edge of Taiom. If they encounter any of the survivors they will either kidnap, or kill. If a character is kidnapped, they'll either be turned into labour or sex slaves. Hanako and Zoe would be made into sex slaves, for sure. For the others, it is likely to be labour slaves. They'll be treated like shit, and not get much food and water but hey, they'll be safe from the zombies at least?
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    Daniel Health: 70 Hunger: 75 Hydration: 75 Sanity: 85 Money: $24 Items Woodcutter's Axe Instant Noodles Full pack of Paracetamol Blanket Scissors Bottle of Water Gloves ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Location: Outskirts, Taiom, Ashaea Time: 1859, Wednesday 5th, August 2020 Two days, two long agonizing days of walking with little to no sleep. Avoiding the occasional grabber or hard was not made any easier by his injury. He was still trying to learn the best methods but it appears their sense of smell isn't as strong as when they were alive. What bothered him was the fact he had failed to find any other survivors along the way! Looted out buildings, old abandoned camps, but not once had he found someone alive and well. It was disturbing to say the least that he may have to come to terms with being one of the last survivors. If he wasn't, he would have to try and convince them he wasn't infected, but honestly a few days ago, he wouldn't have taken that risk. His arm still ached from the slowly healing wound on his arm and his boots felt really heavy after spending so long on the road without rest. 'Taiome' the sign about a mile back said he was getting close. He wasn't sure what he expected to find but he knew what he needed was shelter until he could formulate a plan to get him out of this hell. There was also a question of supplies. There was no way he was going to last much longer on what he had! Though his last attempt to scavenge earned him a nasty souvenir. In truth he didnt have much hope for surviving another week much less any long term plans. There was nothing for it, he would need to get to supplies and hold out somewhere until he could travel again. But where to go? Daniel cradled his injured arm in his hand before examining his options. The suburbs served him well in the last city, if Taiom hasn't been completely looted it may do well again. His good arm lifted over his shoulder to pull his axe down to ready himself for what came ahead. Survival meant taking a risk and nothing spelled risk like wandering aimlessly from home to home in a grabber infested suburbia. He took a deep breath and started walking, each step still feeling heavier than the last. Doom or Salvation awaiting just a few miles ahead. Stat Changes: -1 Hunger -1 Hydration Health (No Change, stats too low)
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    Slim pale legs dangled over one arm of the couch, gently kicking back and forth. Who was this stalker person? What did they look like? Were they cute?! Was it a boy or a girl? She'd probably swing either way. Heck, she'd swing both ways! Maybe even at once! But this was probably just one person. Regardless she was already checking over the computer while she listened to the person on the other end. Katsumi was good with electronics. She had to be for her bombs. One wrong wire and boom! Could she back-hack the system? Maybe given enough time. But the authorities would arrive long before that ever happened. Not that she actually wished to defy these people. After all this was simply one elaborate business proposition! Of course her looking over the computer did occasionally cause the camera to drift further down, exposing the arm squeezed against her tiny breasts, even offering glimpses of her flat glistening belly! Oolala~! But she was careful enough not to expose anything further. Eventually she grew bored of the inspection, snapping the camera right back up towards her face! "Lots of people don't like Katsumi. Their loss. I don't really care who I'm stealing from though. Not like I choose anyone specific! Money is money. The banks insure it anyways. They don't really lose anything at all, ya know?" A game with explosions? That was all they wanted from her? To test some new technology? It was obviously a trap of some sort, but then traps were also very exciting! They were offering a new home too. "Katsumi accepts! Wait. Does Katsumi get to ride in a limo?! Does Katsumi get to meet Mister Stalker?! Kinda hungry too. Can we get food? Do I gotta pack up my things? Is this a date?! Does Katsumi need to dress up?! I think I got something nice around here. Somewhere." She raised her free hand up, fanning off her face. "Moving in on the first date. Mister Stalker sure is forward! Or Miss Stalker? Oooh Katsumi is excited!"
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    Lucia watched the man as he read her waver and could tell from his body language that he still felt uncomfortable about the prospect of taking her to the island, even with the assurance that he and his colleagues would be blameless in the event that something were to happen to her. This made the redhead more curious about the mysterious island. What was it that they were so afraid of? So afraid that she had to go through all this trouble just to get transport there? She took the note he gave her and looked at it for a few moments before putting it in her jacket. She gave a nod to his conditions and took no issues with them. If anything the plan made sense and it would also give her time to prepare herself for the task before her. It wasn't often that she was put into situations like this and she would need to come up with different plans for if something went wrong while she was on NWG. During the negotiation, she had noticed that they had an evesdropper but paid no mind to him. He had been spotted by others and no one seemed alarmed by his presence and she herself was curious about her new admirer. What business did he have with either of them? Whatever the case was, she played dumb to the fact he was there and just carried on her business. "Sure thing." Lucia understood that they would need to take cash before it happened. After all, they were taking a risk and she might not come back, thus wouldn't be able to pay them for their part of the deal. She took out her leather wallet from her jacket and counted out five twenties and an extra one. "For your troubles." She said before returning her wallet to the inner section of her jacket. "I have some different coloured flares on me. I will shoot green once I reach land and again once I am ready to come back." She then paused for a moment. A small frown could be seen on her features as it was clear she wasn't used to uttering the next part before. "I will shoot red if I have encountered something and am in trouble." Once the fisherman was done checking the money she asked. All that was left was a place to stay. Once that was out of the way she could then get to work on preparing herself for tomorrow. It was going to be a hell of a day. "Is there a place where I could stay the night?" Almost as if on cue, the soft breeze picked up and it started to spit from the sky. Well, this was a good sign...
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    Hello, I'm Leafa, i'm new here. I'm a big fan of Sword Art Online. (also undertale, i also roleplay as a female Chara). hope to be welcomed. nice to meet everyone.
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    Hi there, Alex Flinn. Welcome to EcchiDreams. We've already poked back and forth a bit, but this is the first time I've said hi... xD Hope you enjoy your stay, and have fun, but if ever you need any help, don't hesitate to ask. Sweet Dreams~
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    I feel terrible because I'm not sure what to suggest to help you in this... I'm not really a medical expert either... but the situation you described does some troublesome. I hope you'll be okay and that you'll get through this. I'm sending luck your way~
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    Zack found her whimpers and protests to be one of the cutest things he had ever heard. Especially when she had wriggled on his lap, only causing friction for his aching cock which was begging for some kind of attention. But he was ignoring it in favour of concentrating his efforts on the nameless girl sat in his lap. His smirk widened when she claimed that she didn’t like him touching her clit, and yet he could feel her pussy becoming quite wet. He chuckled down into her ear, “You don’t like it, hmm? Then why are you getting so wet, so quickly? I think you’re enjoying this far more than you claim.” He told her, allowing his breath to ghost over her ear. The fingers on her clit moved down her slit, spreading her pussy lips apart as they became coated in her sweet, virginal juices. He lightly ran his fingers against the entrance to her vagina, feeling the slight resistance of her hymen before he pulled back and moved back up to her clit. Now that she was wet, he was able to quicken his movements. He could feel that her clit had swollen slightly due to his ministrations, and he began to press a little harder against the button, swirling his fingers around as he stimulated it. His cock twitched against her, remaining rock hard as he pleasured her against her will. It almost felt as if he was raping her, and for some reason that thought didn’t make him recoil in disgust. He had never thought himself capable of raping someone, but it seemed that the anger towards his wife and the long period of time in which he had not had sex was bringing out a darker side of him that was actually relishing the resistance of this girl. Enjoying her humiliation and enjoying staining her innocence. His other hand continued to grope her breast, his fingers pinching her nipple hard enough to cause pleasure but not hard enough to hurt. He was aiming to humiliate her, not cause her pain. At least, not much pain. He did tighten the pinch every now and again to cause small amounts of pain as he enjoyed hearing her whimper. But with the stimulation of her clit, he hoped to really confuse her, and to make her squirm on his lap. He doubted that he could make her beg for his cock, but he certainly hoped to make her cum hard.
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    Kuri grins and continues pounding into Catherine's soaked cunny, feeling the flesh wrapping around him and squeezing as he picks up the pace and begins to fuck her ever harder and faster. He pants heavily, his mind clouded in the pleasure of her pussy succumbing to his cock and giving itself completely to him. Kuri leans down and kisses at her neck before baring his teeth and biting down roughly on the side of her neck before starting to suck on the fragile skin to leave a love bite on her. To mark her as his, and his alone. Her moans and gasps were melodies to his ears, and he could listen to them all day and night if he could. Kuri's crimson eyes are left in darkness as he closes his eyes and lets his body fully take in the feelings and sounds of her body as he claims it completely as his. He trails kisses down from his love bite on her neck down to her breasts and giving teasing kisses to the sides of her breasts before taking the nipple of her left breast into his mouth and applying a small amount of suction to it. His teeth clamp down gently, rapidly, and he gives occasional soft tugs to them as his hips continue to move fluidly in and out of her tight little cunt. "As you wish, princess~"
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    The fisherman looked down at the waver for a second, a little startled by it. He took a moment to read over it, muttering the words back to himself as he did. Finally, after a moment, he folded it and put it in his pocket. He looked at her again and sighed, as he stuffed his hands into his pockets, and pulled out a small notebook. He began to jot down something on it, before he ripped a page out and handed it to her. On it was a simple nine digit number, and a name. "Well, I guess if you're determined, I can take ya over. I'll take ya first thing in the morning, anything you need to get done ya can. Besides, while my men will probably finish hauling everything off by six, that still means we'll approach the island by sunset, and I don't want to be anywhere near that place when it gets dark," he took a look at the note he handed her, "anyway, we'll meet back up here at eight, and that's my number if anything comes up. More importantly, if you can get a signal on that island, I want you to call me to get you off it. Either way, I'll probably come by after a week to get you? That sound good?" One more pause, before he snapped his fingers, "and for payment. I hate to do this, but how about, one hundred for the trip?" From behind a building, a tall, lean figure leaned out, and seemed to watch them both. The figure wore a thick black jacket, black baseball cap, and shades. Though it was clear that whoever it was, was trying to be inconspicuous, their outfit made them stick out much more. Several workers, were clearly looking in their direction, though most choose to ignore the strange person.
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    Lucia folded her arms and frowned slightly at the news that there would be no way to ferry her vehicle over to the island known as "New World Gift." (Which she simply referred to as NWG.) This meant she would have to load up whatever supplies she could and take them with her. It wasn't something she was happy and it would mean she would have to be very selective on what equipment she took with her. It also meant she might have to look for manual ways to create some of her equipment once she got to the island too which she really wasn't looking forward to. Once the fisherman was finished talking there was nothing but the machines and men at work as she thought through her options. Lucia could tell he wasn't deceiving her and was genuinely looking out for her wellbeing, and despite her neutral expression, she appreciated it. "The price is irrelevant. As long as someone can get me to that island I am willing to pay whatever the fee is." Her tone showed professionalism, despite the inconvenience that would usually make others hostile. It was obvious this man was used to and expecting this to happen from her. Luckily for him, she was logical and understood where he was coming from, therefore, had no hard feelings towards him. While this was a bump in the road, she wasn't going to let a few months research and the heartbreaking tearful pleas of her clients be for naught. She was determined to get to the bottom of whatever was causing these mysterious disappearances and was willing to push herself to her limits. If it meant she had to survive on basic supplies then she would make do. She hadn't been in this line of work for so long for nothing and she wasn't about to let this get in her way. "I thank you for your words of caution, however, I have no choice but to go to this island. Much like you, I have a job that has sent me to this location." She told him, with a small friendly smile to show she wasn't angry with him. "If it helps make you or others feel better I will be willing to pay extra to get me there. I will also sign a waiver." Lucia then got out her notebook and began to quickly write up the waiver before signing and dating it. She only hoped that this put the man at ease since he seemed genuinely frightened of the tales that came from NWG. True or not, it was clear something had caused these rumors to be passed down the generations...
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    I simply sat by the campfire as Deadrin began to prepare the fishes, saying that it had been quite some time since he ate that type of white meat before. I smiled a him gantly and nodded a bit in response "That makes two of us then" I said with a slight chuckle "My homeland was located in an island and was quite well known in the region for having really good fishing seasons. Back when I was a kid I used to eat fish almost every day. Of couse, ever since I fled home I..." I sighed a little bit due to the bitter sweet memories of my time with my mother and father, back when I still had a complete and happy family "Well... anyway. Yeah, it has been quite some time since I ate fish too." Simply urned my gase to the fire, watching the flames dance over the burning pieces of wood, heating up the pot over it and cooking our dinner. *Hey Odium, do you think we can use the wrathful flame to cook something?* I began to wonder as my thoughts took flight due to boredom *Are you seriously planning to use one of deadliest powers in our arsenal to cook a stew?* The demon responded in a indignant tone *No... well, not to cook a stew anyway...* As we were waiting for dinner to be ready Deadrin began to speak his mind about how much he loved the mountains, which was something we shared even though he probably liked them even more than me. I simply kept mysefl where I was, closely listening to my friend talking about where he grew up, how beutiful that place was and that he was planning on going back there some day for a visit, even if it was a short lived one. By the time he was done the stew was ready, so I grabbed the two bowls and spoons nearby and served us both a generous amount. I handed Deadrin his meal and then sat again near the campfire "I have to agree you with you, the mountais sure are an incredible sight. I saw a lot of impressive things through my time travelling around, but these sure are special." I chuckled a before taking another spoon of stew "As for the visit... I think it is a very good idea. Everyone needs a break every now and then to relax a bit and keep his head in the right place. And hey, if said place can be same place you spent your childhood that is even better right?" I smiled softly and my friend and kept eating a bit more "Sometimes I think about going back to my homeland... to see what happened, if the war ended and... how my mother is..." I sighed a bit clearly a bit saddened by thinking about what happened to my mother and how left her "I often find myself wondering if what I did was right, but I guess it doens't really matter now anyway... it has been so long after all... I don't even know if can go back and face her... well, nevermind. I might have spoken a bit too much." I rubbed the back of my head a bit before finishing my meal and setting the bowl aside, placing it near the campfire. "So, if I recal correctly is your turn to watch the camp first right?" I stretched my arms a bit and made my way to the sleeping bags "Good night" I said as made myself confortable inside my bag and closed my eyes, quickly falling asleep.
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    Xenoth chuckled as he observed his little pet panting and moaning like a good little fuck slave. Her cheeks were flushed with the arousal that she could do nothing to stop as he thrust into her body mercilessly, the head of his cock ramming into her cervix. Her pussy still felt delightfully hot around his cock, a fact that he quite liked. Her cunt was one of the best he had ever fucked. There was no way he was going to let this one go anytime soon. It was then that he noticed that she let out an even louder moan than before. The walls of her pussy clenched around him, twitching and caressing the length of his cock with her heated flesh. He could then feel her hot cum squirting over him, causing him to let out a small groan of pleasure that was lost in the sound of her moan. His eyes locked onto hers and he could see a flash of fear. That almost made him cum there and then. Seeing the fear in her eyes for disobeying him. His hand lashed out, wrapping around her neck and squeezing it hard enough to cut off her air supply, “You better be sorry, pet.” He snarled at her. He began to speed up his thrusts, knowing that he was close to cumming hard and wanting to finally claim her fully as his own. His other hand raised before spanking her sore and red arse hard, knowing that it would cause a lot of pain. He spanked her other arse cheek, enjoying the harsh slapping sound that filled the room. He continued to relentlessly spank her in time with his thrusts, just to let her know that disobedience came with a harsh punishment. It was something he wanted to instil in her early on. To cower her into obedience. Finally, before Aiko was about to pass out, Xenoth slammed his hips against hers and forced his cock as deep as he could inside of her. He was unable to stop the powerful orgasm as it took over. His seed fired out the tip of his cock, as the entire length of his dick twitched and throbbed inside of her. The flash of pleasure that rocked through his body was so intense that it blacked out his vision and thoughts for a few moments, and a low growl escaped him. He rolled his hips, almost massaging his cum into her body to make sure that it got as deep as it could. As the orgasm died down, he pulled his hand away from her throat so that she could breathe again before he pulled his cock from the depths of her body. He then moved around her and put his fingers underneath her chin and lifting her face, hoping to see her humiliation at her defilement. He smiled cruelly down at her, “You’re now completely mine, pet.” He purred.
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    While Izanagi disappeared off to hunt for some meat, Daedrin set up the campfire and constructed a spit which he hung their cooking pot from. He took their sleeping bags from the horses and lay them down near the fire, closer to the protection of the tree but allowing them to benefit from the heat that the fire generated. He then returned to the fire and began to prepare their stew, pouring water into the pot from their own water supply. Luckily, he knew that there were several fresh water streams in the mountains that they could take advantage of. Certainly tastier than river water, that was for sure. As he was preparing them, he looked up as he could sense Izanagi returning. His red eyes lit up in appreciation at what his friend brought back, “Those are some fine fish you have there.” He commented with a grin as he took the fish and looked at them closer, “Certainly enough for the both of us.” He said before laying them down on a nearby rock. He finished what he was doing with the vegetables before picking up a flattish rock. He inspected it for a few moments before brushing it clean and putting it close to the fire to heat up. He then turned his attention to the fish, pulling out a dagger. At first, Daedrin used the blade of the knife to descale the fish as he knew that wouldn’t be particularly appetising. He then sliced the fish open, gutting it to remove the guts and other unpleasant organs that they wouldn’t want to eat. He then neatly sliced the flesh off, taking off as much of it as possible before slicing it up into smaller pieces. He placed them on the flat rock, giving them a slight sear on the surface before he threw them into the pot. Once he had finished all of the meat, he threw the rest of the ingredients into the pot and put the lid on, “A good fish stew. I haven’t had one in a long time.” He said before he picked up the leftovers of the fish and carrying it a distance from the camp. Using telekinesis, he dug out a small pit before burying the disgards. He then returned to the camp and washed his hands before taking a long drink from. He then returned to the fire and sat himself down, turning his red eyes towards the mountains as if drawn to them. A slight smile tugged at the corner of his lips as he felt a feeling of nostalgia rise up inside of him. Without even realising it, he started to speak, “I have a very special love for mountains, you know. I grew up in a mountainous valley, in a castle keep. It was a very peaceful place, and I feel quite privileged to have grown up there. It was so beautiful. The mountains were always capped with snow, no matter the time of year. And at the very bottom of the valley was the clearest lake you could have ever seen. So clear you could see the bottom of it, and all the fish that swam within it. And just beyond the valley was a forest that stretched as far as the eye could see… I rather miss it.” He let out a soft hum, not taking his eyes off of the mountain before he then added, “I will go back, one day. It won’t be for a very long time, though.”
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    Natia frowned as Rowan questioned her shame. "It's... a bit more complicated than that... You see, the only reason we're capable of using our magic is because we are created with a perfect natural balance of the elements within us. Other races have different proportions of elements within them, even other races that use magic, it usually comes from a different source. In order to preserve this perfect balance, we have very strict rules on breeding. It's a great taboo to even make contact with an outsider, let alone have relations with one. We try to stay hidden for fear of the outside world corrupting the purposes we use our magic for. We do not want our powers to be used for war over territory or goods. We do not believe any living thing has a right to claim land or possessions as their own and since society often fights over such things, we have a tendency to look down on it and try to avoid being brought into it at all. Most outsiders don't even know we exist, we're just a myth. But unfortunately, as you know, there are slavers who know enough about us to track us down and lure us into traps... I was only captured because I carelessly neglected our tribe's rules... but that's a bit of a tangent, I guess... Anyway, we also have a fear that having sexual relations with an outsider would throw off the perfect balance of elements within us... For example, if you were created with an excess of heat in your body, then your seed might create an excess of heat inside mine and thus make me no longer able to use my magic, or at least stop me from being able to use the elements of fire and water. But even beyond that, there are all sorts of sexual laws we're expected to abide by. Inbreeding is strictly forbidden and since we live in such small tribes for the purpose of remaining undetected, each tribe very quickly becomes one large family over the course of only a few generations, and we will only be able to breed if we find a new tribe to join together with. It's a very rare occurrence and most Aequu just go their entire lives assuming they'll never be blessed with a child... it's really not our purpose anyway. We aren't intended to populate the world in high numbers, just to manage it and keep it in balance." She hadn't expected to give Rowan a lecture on her customs, but he did ask and she felt like she had to provide a sufficient answer. Rowan was very pleasant to have discussions like this with, so she didn't feel like she had to hold anything back from him. Natia shook her head when Rowan suggested that he would help her find her family. "No, Rowan, you've already done so much for me, I can't ask any more than what you're already doing. Not yet, anyway. Right now, I want to help you with whatever you need to do first. I mean, without you, I'd be torn to shreds by those monsters in the forest... And even after you saved me, you just as easily could have taken advantage of me and raped me or sold me into slavery..." She paused for a moment and shuttered before looking up at him. "Why didn't you, anyway? The men who kidnapped me kept going on and on about how much money they could make off of me. They kept talking about how they could probably rape me and still sell me off as though I was perfectly new... Don't you realize you could have done that, too? You could have satisfied whatever desires you had and still made hundreds of thousands off of me... You could buy yourself so much more clothing, better food, you probably could have even bought some other slave who would be forced by law to serve you... But you gave up all of that just to help me even though I was going to be nothing but a burden to you..."
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    @Neptune I think now would be a good time to create that thread for Anhara and Rose, since things are about to get a lot more intimate, I think I'll start the thread when I can get around to it if you agree. ^^
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    Location: Craethiel Wilds, near Lake Ryomar. Well she was probably right about that. Of course Rayvenne had more experience with all this than she did. Probably. Maybe they wouldn't need bait? Heck, the woman even had a good idea on where they could get ambushed! And if they were well-entrenched then maybe, just maybe, they could gather more supplies too! Who knew what a bandit hideout might hold! "Oh, don't you worry! The wagon won't be any issue! Nope!" Luna smiled, nodding excitedly. Oh yes. A witch had many tricks! There were plenty of times before where she couldn't exactly move easily with her wagon. It had been remedied long ago. In any case she continued to happily devour her soup until, at last, it was all finished! With a content sigh she'd settle the bowl aside, patting her belly. "Other monsters huh? That could actually help a great deal! I could get lots of materials if we end up bringing more down. Especially trolls! Trolls are excellent for alchemy. Also witchcraft too." With an excited nod she stretched her arms overhead. A troll had many, many uses. They were especially essential when it came to medical brews, but their flesh was also vital in a combat regeneration potion. All of this was only making her even more excited! And if she could befriend a dragon? Well perhaps she could learn some things! Maybe even stuff useful in witchcraft! like a spell!
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    Zack’s eyes were fixed on her arse as she bent over slightly, allowing the curve of her arse to press against the material of her skirt in a way that made him want to reach out and touch her. But he resisted the impulse, content with watching as she slowly pulled her skirt down, slowly revealing her smooth, bare arse. But she stopped halfway before she touched her fingers to her chin and gave her an innocent look as if she hadn’t meant to do that. He smirked back at her, pleased by the action. Shy she might be, and humiliating she might find this, but she clearly had some talent with the whole teasing thing. He had never had someone pull off such an innocent, playful look before. His eyes were then fixed on her arse as she wiggled it from side to side, slowly causing her skirt to slip down further on her hips in a tantalizing way until gravity finally took over and caused the article to drop down onto the floor to pool at her feet. His eyes then moved back up as she tucked in her arms to pull the rest of her top off completely. His then saw the tattoo that was stamped across her back. He recognised it, as symbol of the Vipers. It looked like a branding. A marking of their property. Its presence caused one of his eyebrows to raise. He was surprised that she was a virgin, if they had gotten their hands on her. They weren’t exactly known to be like gentlemen when it came to women. But he knew that she was going to be the property for as long as she remained useful to them. Once they had run out of use for her, then it was likely that she would be just thrown into the rubbish heap. That’s how it was with any kind of gang and their whores. They were kept as long as they were useful. He wouldn’t be surprised if this girl ended up dead in a ditch one day. Not that he really cared about that. He had his own problems to worry about. He shook himself from his thoughts as he looked at her standing completely naked in front of him. His eyes moved down her curved frame and the round cheeks of her arse. He smirked a little before saying, “That was quite a good little show. You pull the innocent act so very well. Now, take off your high heels and stay where you are.” He reached over to his bag before pulling out a length of rope along with a blindfold. He stood up, shredding the last of his own clothes before he came up behind her once she had taken off her shoes. He quickly slipped on the blindfold so that she could not see, “Don’t try and take it off.” He instructed, keeping his voice firm to let her know that he wasn’t going to put up with any tricks. He then took her tiny arms in his hands and brought them behind her back before he tied her wrists together. It was tight enough to prevent her from wriggling her way out of them but not so tight that it would actually hurt her. He wrapped the rope up her lower arms, tying them together. He then pulled back a little to admire the result before he smirked, “Beautiful.” He commented, before looking up to the back of her head to see her reaction to being tied like this.
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    As Deadrin and I rushed through the corridors of the mansion we could hear the carking noises getting louder and louder by the second as the whole building around us trembled with bigger intensity by the second. Soon enough the walls began to fall to pieces along with the roof. Under normal circunstances evading debris wouldn't be a problem since my speed and agility allowed me to simply dodge them without much effort, however, due to tired and hurt I was at the moment I was actually having some difficulty with that task. Thankfully the adranaline curently flowing through my body was providing me the boost necessary to keep going. It was also a good thing that Deadrin seemed to have some idea of where we needed to go, because I was honestly lost like a blind man in a shootout. After what felt like forever we reached a window. I never tought I would ever feel so happy to see something so common, but those circunstances were anything but normal. Deadrin went though first and followed him shortly. We didn't stop however, after we had reached the outside of the mansion we still rushed a bit to get to the wall surrounding the buiding that now was nothing but a big pile of rubble and dead corpses. We were both panting really hard after we finally stopped near the wall to catch out breath. In the mean time I couldn't help but to think that maybe taking the relic away was the cause of the sudden collapse. They were taking energy from it after all. "You alright?" I asked my friend as we were both recovering from the recent mansion escape. Thankfully neither of us got really hurt during the rush. "Came on, let's get back to the horses" I said in a calm tone after we maneged to catch out breaths again. "Do you think that taking the relic away caused this?" I asked as we made our way to Deagrin and Lucky "The cultists were taking energy from it after all... I just don't know what for..."
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    "Get up slave!" It was as a good a greeting as any with the exception of the boot to his back. The impact shook Alfric awake before the pain had started to sink in, causing him to wince in shock and no small amount of agony. Alfric wasn't sure if he liked that more than the bucket of water, but at least the water allowed him to have a small drink first thing. He slowly rose up off the floor before taking a look around at his bunk mates, many of which were in the process of being chained and readied for sale. The lack of breakfast was not entirely uncommon on this side of the market and Alfric knew his best chance at a new life was to be sold quickly before he starves or gets beaten to death for breathing too much of the marketeer's air. He quietly reached up to rub the back of his aching neck from sleeping on such a hard flat surface for the past few days. It was better than the boat however, the boat had leaks. Alfric stood and examined himself quickly to make any last minute adjustments. Though he wore the domestic servant garments given to him by his previous master, they had clearly seen better days. Fraying at the shoulder stitches along with rips and tears from the abuse the journey has had on them. Not to mention the whip marks across the back of the fabric from where he was beaten for having the unfortunate circumstance of standing in the wrong place in the pen. He quickly brought his thumb up to wipe away a smudge of dirt on his cheek so he could look more presentable just as one of the guards grabbed him by his neck and placed a collar and chain around it. As Alfric stood up, he barely had time to turn when the chain was pulled and nearly caused him to lose balance! He wondered how many of these other slaves were here because these marketeers murdered their masters to resell the merchandise. Before his last master's throat was slit, Alfric remembered enjoying the time in service and dedication. There is a sort of comfort in servitude, knowing that good service reap good rewards for those willing to bend the knee. Alfric wondered if he would get any bidders today, and for that matter... if his new master was going to be at least somewhat pleasant. Time for contemplation would come later however as he was dragged from the pen and walked like an animal into the daylight where he could hear the hustle and bustle of the city, The markets had a lovely smell of baked bread that was strong enough to pass through the filth of the slave pens. Alfric was brought to the stage just as the auctioneer's gavel hit the marker to solidify a winning bid. The woman on the stage broke into tears as a greasy pig of a man just walked over and grabbed her by her leash to take her away, as was his right. Alfric was brought up to the stage next. He watched as the chain to his collar was attached to the floor between his feet to prevent him from running. Only now as his eyes had adjusted and he started to become more awake did he catch a glimpse of the crowd! It was a decent size and it looked like many of them were somewhat wealthy! Perhaps one of them would be in need of a domestic servant.
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    Wolfe Health: 44 Hunger: 75 Hydration: 79 Sanity: 45 Items: Map (Quest item) Katana Sword Box of Crackers Map Cash: $53 Cold/flu medication Compass Lisa’s Diary (Sentimental, non-use item) The Hungry Caterpillar book (Sentimental, non-use item) 2 Pot noodles (beef) Empty bottle Bottle of disinfectant Duct tape Gloves Bottle of water Unclean bottle of water (river water) Cotton buds Chocolate bar Pot of Strawberry Jam Tylenol (16 pack, 8 doses) Antibiotics (Necrotacin) Antibiotics (Amoxicillin) Dinosaur Toy (Sentimental, non-use item. For Penny) Zoe Health: 32 Hunger: 78 Hydration: 79 Sanity: 70 Items: Woodcutter axe Can of Spam Clothes (One top, one leg cover, one set of shoes) Cash: $77 Tea Bags Chocolate bar Sewing kit Location: Hideout, Suburbs Taiom, Ashaea. Time: 18:50, Wednesday 5th August, 2020. “This is kinda embarrassing.” Zoe mumbled as Hanako slipped the shorts onto her. Wolfe smiled at her and petted her slim arm gently, “Don’t worry about it.” He assured her, watching as Hanako tugged the shorts into position. He helped Hanako get Zoe to sit up slightly, causing the girl in question to hiss in pain as the movement aggravated her wound but she otherwise remained silent. When she was lying back down, she let out a huff of air before she smiled, “Thanks guys.” She said, her eyes fixed on the red-headed girl who mentioned about checking for dinner. Her eyes brightened, “What are we having for food?” She asked. “Noodles with spam. Normally, nothing that special but these days… a fucking feast.” Wolfe replied, grinning at her before he then nodded at Hanako, “Good idea. I’ll join you in a few minutes. I just need to give Zoe her medication. Take the bucket of water with you, please.” Zoe groaned, “Do I have to?” She asked with a pout, causing Wolfe to raise an eyebrow at her, “Yes.” He said with no sympathy. He wasn’t showing it, but he was relieved that she had enough energy to be able to joke around. It made things seem a bit better than he knew they were. Once Hanako had disappeared down the ladder, Wolfe turned back to Zoe and rummaged through his bag and pulling out the box of Amoxicillin antibiotics. He opened it up and popped out a couple of the pills before dropping the box close to the bed. He handed her the pills, which she placed in her mouth before he gave her the mug of water. She had to shift, lifting her upper torso up a little before swallowed the pills with water. As she was doing that, Wolfe opened up the Co-codamol box and popped out a couple of the pills before handing them to Zoe who took them before pulling a face. Wolfe smiled at her, “All done. Now drink your water. We should be back up soon with food. Noodles don’t take long to cook, after all.” Zoe nodded, tilting the mug and downing the rest of the water before handing it back, “Thanks, brother.” She said with a slight smile before asking, “Is that a splint on your arm?” “Yes.” Wolfe replied, knowing it was useless to lie to her, “After I met Hanako, we ran across a horde. I broke my wrist when trying to get away. It’s alright, though. We’re alive and safe… relatively.” He said, causing her to frown a little at him in concern. She then sighed and said, “I don’t suppose I can convince you to stay here?” “No. We need supplies, like food. Otherwise we’ll starve to death. Don’t worry about me, Zoe. I’m a survivor.” Wolfe told her. He leaned forwards and kissed her forehead before he pulled back and moved over to her bag. Knowing that they were going to be treating wounds, he opened her bag and removed the sewing kit and slipped it into his own bag. He smiled at her before he picked up his own bag, slinging it over his shoulder before he climbed down the ladder carefully. He decided to leave it down, as they were going to be climbing back up to give Zoe her food. He turned and paused when he saw Penny standing in the doorway of the Master bedroom, tilting her head at him before making a curious sound. He petted her on top of her head before he turned and quietly went downstairs. Penny followed after him, moving just as quietly. When she came to the makeshift trap, she stopped and sniffed at it before crouching and moving past it, causing Wolfe to smile a little. He then turned and went through the study and into the garage, “So how is the food coming along?” He asked. Wolfe Stat changes: Health: No Change (Hunger too low) Hunger: -1 Hydration: -1 Item addition: Sewing kit. Item Consumption: 1 dose of Co-Codamol (Item in Hanako’s list) and 1 dose antibiotics (Amoxicillin) Zoe Stat changes: Health: No Change (Hunger too low) Hunger: -1 Hydration: +30 Item removal: Sewing kit.
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    Zack’s gaze grew appreciative when he saw her breasts. So young, and perky and without a single mark or flaw upon them. His fingers were itching to touch and play with them, but he kept himself firmly in place as he wanted her to be completely naked before he moved onto the next step. He couldn’t wait to see her reactions when he touched her and hoped that she would remain her shy self as he defiled every inch of her body. That thought was keeping his cock rock hard, despite how slow she was going. Had he been anyone else, he would have gotten bored by now and just pushed her down to finish the job. But not him, he was finding this exciting. He could smell the humiliation coming off of her and his sharp eyes watched her like a hawk. His eyes moved down her slim body as she took a deep breath and an awkward smile twitched at the corners of her lips. He watched as she hooked her thumbs around the hem of her skirt and lifting it up to show her left thigh. Zack smirked, his eyes glinting in appreciation for the sight of her thigh being revealed to him. Just like her breasts, her skin was pale and flawless. Even though her movements were a little awkward and graceless, she had potential. He nodded his head slightly in encouragement, “Very nice. Show me some more.” He instructed, his eyes glued to her, unable to tear them away in fear of missing a single moment. He couldn’t wait to be able to see her entire body in all of its naked glory. With her slim frame, and small breasts, she really did look like his wife when he had first met her. She had been just as shy when he had first taken her to bed on their wedding night. But with this girl, there was a hidden fear and reluctance, unlike with Silvia. And yet he was finding this even more satisfying.
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    Location: Craethiel Wilds, near Lake Ryomar. Rayvenne simply nodded to Luna’s thanks, her eyes fixed on the moving spoon that stirred the pot automatically. As the excitable girl hung the rabbits feet up to dry, Rayvenne unstrung her bow and put it away in her saddlebags. She then returned to the fire and sat down, crossing her legs in a very un-ladylike fashion. She looked up, watching as Raeghan perched himself on the top of Luna’s wagon, watching the two with interest as the bunny girl came and sat down near Rayvenne. At her question, the dark haired woman stiffened and her hands clenched into fists as she replied tightly, “No. I am not.” She hoped that by her tone, Luna would leave off any further questions. Rayvenne didn’t like talking about herself, especially to complete strangers. It was not the first time someone had asked her that question, nor would it ever be the last. People often mistook her for a witch, as she was able to perform a couple of spells. But that was only two, and even then they were quite low powered. She knew more alchemy than she did spells. Granted, she knew some theories but she had watched her old friend long enough to be able to pick up these things on her own. There was a blur of black feathers as Raeghan swooped down and landed on the grass in front of them. He tilted his head slightly before letting out a caw of laughter before he looked over at Luna and said, his voice like the caw of the raven he was, “I can assure you that she’s not a witch.” He shook his head slightly, ruffling his feathers a little, “But she did know my old mistress, before she died. I was her familiar. But after she died, I decided to tag along with Rayvenne since it would be a lot more exciting to travel around and deal with monsters.” Rayvenne glowered at the raven before she said, “You just can’t learn to keep your trap shut, can you?” Raeghan laughed again, his blood red eyes almost gleaming with mischievousness, “No. Besides, it’s been a long time since I’ve spoken to a witch.” He looked back at Luna and bobbed his head up and down, “It’s a pleasure to meet you. My name is Raeghan.” He introduced himself.
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    Zack watched her closely as she slowly stood up, her cheeks flushed a beautiful red colour that stood out against her pale skin like a single rose in a bed of white lilies. He watched her carefully, seeing the emotions flicker through her eyes which only caused his cock to stir with even more excitement. He could see the shyness and the humiliation that radiated off of her. Even if she just stood there and just stripped, it was going to be sexy. To him, at least. But it wouldn’t do for other customers. She had to get over her shyness if she wanted to make any meaningful amount of money. He doubted that she was really doing this of her own free-will, but he didn’t care. All he cared about was getting his end away. To bask in the glow of humiliation and degradation. He remained silent as she stood there, frozen, waiting for her to do something. If she didn’t do something soon, then he would make a move and would make it even more humiliating for her in the long run. He could see the conflict in her eyes. She needed this money, and yet she didn’t want to be doing this. His eyes roamed across her scantily-clad body before moving back at her furiously blushing face again, a slight smirk tugging at the corners of his lips when he saw that her arms were finally beginning to move. He watched each movement carefully as she slipped her thumbs inside of the collar of her top before pulling it down to cause her two small breasts to pop out, much to his delight. His smirk widened a little when her face went bright red and she looked away while covering them up again. “Now come on, don’t be like that.” Zack said, in the chiding tone he had used with his two daughters when they were young and were doing something naughty, “You need to do better than that. You’re supposed to be putting on a show for your client. I won’t be the last to ask you to do a nice sexy strip for them. I’ve seen plenty of women naked before, so you haven’t got anything I haven’t seen before. Look back at me. Give me a sultry look and slowly strip. Be a tease. Use your assets for your advantage.” He said, coaching her on how to properly do it. He hoped that she would follow his instructions, learn from him so that she could take away what he taught her and use it on her other clients. A small piece of corruption.
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    It's the perfect plan! Lmao!
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    The perfect recruiting technique. Step 1: Capture smol. Step 2: Offer smol (or a spot in the fun) for joining. Step 3: ??<3??? Step 4: Profit!
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    Location: On the road. Dried meat could work well in a stew! It'd get rehydrated! Bread was also a very fine idea! She didn't know if the rabbit thing was just a joke or not. A glance around proved that it wasn't. But her dainty shoulders shrugged once in response! She didn't mind! After all she wasn't a vegetarian! As long as they didn't go overboard. Plus, rabbits feet were useful in alchemy! It really depended on what Rayvenne wanted. "Well, sure! If you'd like to hunt I say go for it! Bread is a great idea too! So is the dried meat! I'll leave that choice up to you!" With a hum she skipped into her wagon. Alchemical ingredients were set aside for sorting further later, along with the preparations required for keeping them in a good state. The greens required for their meal were kept in the basket, as were the berries. Her pre-made stew spice jar was settled into the woven container alongside a tiny vial of bluish-silverish liquid, a needle fastened to the side of the little glass jar. After picking up a small black cauldron Luna skipped right back outside! A fire was quickly setup. She poured in a bottle of orange liquid and another bottle filled with fresh water. Then went the many plants, only keeping the berries behind. She hadn't managed to find too many that were properly ripened, but they wouldn't need too many either! The vial of strange liquid was opened up and the needle dipped into it. One poke was made into each berry. After wiping off the needle it was settled back into place and the vial was closed up! Within seconds the berries started to grow, ballooning up to the size of apples! From the basket she retrieved a wooden spoon, carefully stirring the stew now while it cooked. A few dashes of her special spice blend were also tossed in for good measure! "Mmm! Already smells good!"
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