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    I very much appreciate you taking the time to post all of this @Temaelrin Imo, this sort of topic needs to be discussed more because there isn't enough attention on the issue. Being an American, this sort of thing doesn't immediately affect us, but the U.S. is very close with U.K.. So when these sort of things happen I cannot help but worry about how this met eventually effect us over here. I agree with a lot of what you're saying, from the smoke screen and blatant hypocrisy of these closeted perverts to the painfully obvious logical fallacies used by politicians. The issue of the government subverting and taking over the role as Parent is also an issue here in the U.S. that no one seems to care about. I find it alarming, if not terrifying, that people think it is the governments job to parent the children. My own parents had this mentality, leaving the school to teach me every little important thing that life has outside of religion. Like you said, it's worse than a Nanystate, it's some Orwellian nightmare. It makes me think the West is on the way to some V for Vendetta shit. Besides those issues, I also greatly appreciate the strides you've made to both be open about this topic as well as to ensure the security of this sites userbase. Its admirable, to say the least. Although I'm not in the U.K., it sounds to me that The AgePass platform is a wonderful alternative for the current circumstances. I think this just goes to show that the more the government tries to meddle in our personal lives the more they create ingenuity and creativity among the people they seek to step on. Just like with strict parents who don't let their kids out passed a certain time of night, people will find creative ways to get around these things. These Boomers in office and places of legislation dont understand what they're doing or what they're dealing with. Over here in the U.S., it's said that the law is 10 years behind technology. I wonder if that's a thing for the U.K..? Because, if it is, it just goes to show the blatant arrogance these politicians have by trying to regulate things the law as whole is not yet equipped to understand. Things will get worse but things always get worse before they get better. Keep up the good fight & God-Speed.
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    Clarification: I have had a number of people approaching me asking if they can present their ID to me via Discord/EcchiText ahead of this change. All of them have been American's. The answer is no, you're not even affected by this (Unless your Government decides to do this too). The AgePass thing should only bother UK Citizens Subjects within the United Kingdom. Clarification #2: There is some confusion as to who will be handling the data, and if it's secure or not. We won't be handling the data - we won't even have access to it. DO NOT send me pictures of your Passport, or ID. For goodness sakes! If we go with AVSecure, that ball will be in their court. Secondly; EcchiDreams is an SSL enabled site; forced actually (HTTPS). You can't connect to EcchiDreams (Or at least you shouldn't be able to) via an insecure connection (HTTP). It's been like that for years now. --------- Thank you for the comments so far, it's actually nice to hear that there are other people, besides myself, who are just as concerned, upset and perhaps a little bit angry at all of this.
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    Trying to quell the internet anarchy is like trying to help people from North Korea from New York. It's not probable with the internet as it is now. It's a bumbling badlands that everyone sees, and is by now an entity unto itself. The ignorance these governments display in dealing with such an entity is equivalent to a mortal's ignorance of the gods. It's a willful blasphemy, and the further these snakes in human skin realize that their very presence is a blight on the world, i truly hope they set themselves ablaze for the world to see. These creatures are undeserving of any semblence of pity, and i truly wish they would step far enough, anger the wrong individual to the point that they have reapt what they have sewn. You cannot stop chaos. You cannot impede it. You can only call it closer.
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    I think your concerns are completely valid. I have no idea why the UK is doing this specially now. All I will say is I am glad I left and it's in no small part due to things like this.
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    I don't think you're over-reacting. I think you have a valid concern, a concern that I agree with. I do not like this Wank Pass. It's authoritarian. Hide yo butter knives, British guys. Don't forget to ask your local government for permission to wank /s
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    Thanks. I think if it was just one thing, maybe I'd be overreacting. But it's the combination of everything in context that's got me extremely concerned.
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