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    I have a few in mind if you want to bounce ideas.
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    Thanks I think so too! I wanna use her in a role play eventually...
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    I'm looking forward to getting started! x3
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    Ara! Then I hope that will come by soon! Matty has yet to start up the rolepurrlay, but it should be soon I think. Been a while so it’s only an assumption. :33
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    It would be a pleasure to interact with those characters! I've seen them and I can assure you I'll be watching as well! ~ ^^
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    I just realized that this character has some similarities with two of my own characters. I’ll be watching! >:33
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    I like this because sunflowers. (ー)ω(ー)
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    They're just cuddling.
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    Not so proud when getting fucked hard by a stranger
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    TOMOKOOOO!!! I love Tomoko! And that is a very nice drawing. :3
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    Name: Smith, Lyla Hero/Villain Name: [unknown] Age/Date of Birth: 14 Chosen Gender: Female Sex: Female Citizenship: U.S. Ethnicity: Eurpeon Occupation: Hero Student Physical Appearance Height: 5'6 Weight: 137lbs Eye Color: Red Hair Color: White Physical Description: Lyla is a slim female that is carved out in curves, her hair is long and straight but she always has a gentle look on her pale face. (Optional) Hero/Villain Outfit, If any Reference Image: Quirk Quirk Type: Emitter Quirk Name: Frost Blood Quirk Details: It's basically the same thing as Karma's quirk but instead of boiling the enemy's blood Lyla can slow down the blood circuit or basically freeze the blood. All it takes is for her to insert the blood into her own system. Quirk Strengths: Powerful and easy Quirk Weaknesses: Can't put too much in her body or too many people's blood in her body or she'll get sick or pass out. Can only use it a couple times a day, also if she can't get close to her opponent she has to rely on hand to hand combat. Personality, Traits and Abilities General Overview: She's a very shy and quiet girl, usually keeps to herself. But if spoken to she is friendly and sweet. She cares deeply about her family and her friends. Strengths and Skills: Friendly, protective, loving, open minded Weaknesses: Shy, awkward, gets scared easily. Ambitions (Hopes/Dreams/Reason(s) for becoming a Hero/Villain): She wants to be as good as an hero as her cousin is becoming Hobbies and Interests: Food and coffee (Optional) Sexual Information Sexual Orientation: Bisexual Turn ons: Teasing, biting/licking, domination, rough sex, double penetration, scratching Turn offs: Scat/Watersports, Vore/gore, abuse, rape, feet Penis Length: Breast Size: Large C's Sensitivity: Very sensitive around her inner thighs and neck Additional Sexual Information: STD History: Clear (Optional) Family Father: Patrick Smith Quirk Type: N/A Mother: Cecelia Smith Quirk Type: Emitter House: Student Housing Additional information: Karma is her half cousin, while the redhead doesn't know of Lyla yet she plans on getting her attention at H.H.
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    I love thiiiiiiis!!!
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    Sounds like a plan! I'll be waiting to hear from you then. : P
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    Yo if I ever figure that one out I'll let ya know. Until then we can totally just suffer together : ^]
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    What am I gonna do with this burning passion???
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    Character Information Name: Oshiro, Karma Hero/Villain Name: Burn Age/Date of Birth: 20 Chosen Gender: Woman Sex: Female Citizenship: Japan Ethnicity: Asian/European Occupation: Student(Hero) Physical Appearance Height: 5'5 Weight: 125lbs Eye Color: Amber Hair Color: Red Physical Description: She is a very slim female with an hour-glass shape, her hair is straight and goes all the way past her rear. (Optional) Hero/Villain Outfit, If any Reference Image: image has her outfit Adjustments: pretty accurate just without the chest marking Quirk Quirk Type: Emitter Quirk Name: Fire Blood Quirk Details: Her quirk can actually be looked at as villain type. Fire Blood is where she has needles stashed within her clothing, she gets up close to her enemy and takes their blood, then she stabs herself and inserts the enemy's blood into her own body, after a few minutes she can then use her fire strength and make the enemy melt from the inside in a way. The enemy would feel like their blood is boiling and can lead to dealing a lot of damage, killing them, or them offing themselves cause they can't handle it. Quirk Strengths: Strong, usually doesn't take too long to work, doesn't affect user Quirk Weaknesses: If too much blood is administered Karma can actually feel the same burn as her victims do, if she uses it for long periods of time she can get sick and pass out, can only use it against 2-3 enemies at a time. Once she uses her ability she can't use it for a long period of time. Personality, Traits and Abilities General Overview: Karma is an sassy, snappy, and blunt female. She's straight to the point and doesn't like to sugar coat anything. Underneath her attitude she is actually quite sweet and caring. She usually isn't close to anyone due to rudeness. Strengths and Skills: She's able to flex her attitude, very good at trickery. Once she becomes close to someone she wants to protect them at all costs, even if it means life or death. She can be a bit of a motherly figure to. Weaknesses: If she's close to someone and they get hurt or something bad happens she puts it on all herself, carries emotional baggage easily, quick temper Ambitions (Hopes/Dreams/Reason(s) for becoming a Hero/Villain): With losing her mother at a young age from a villain she swore she would become an hero to find that villain and take them out, making sure other kids don't go through that pain. Hobbies and Interests: She knits and likes to sing (Optional) Sexual Information Sexual Orientation: Straight Turn ons: Basic girl stuff, rough sex, hair pulling/ass slapping, choking, biting/scratching, anal, face fucking, bondage, etc. Turn offs: Scat, vore/gore, feet, rape, anything abusive, adult babies, yuri, food play Penis Length: Breast Size: Large, double D's Sensitivity: probably an 8/10 Additional Sexual Information: With her power of fire things can get heated up with her easily STD History: n/a (Optional) Family Father: Oshiro, Taiki Quirk Type: Emitter Mother: Oshiro, Shannon Quirk Type: n/a House: Student Housing Additional information: Karma tends to get herself into trouble, her mother died when she was six years old and her father raised her till she was about twelve before disappearing on her. She doesn't know of any other family she has.
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    Something about petite frames like this that I just love love love.
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