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    Can all my fellow role players who have a terrible sleep schedule please stand up
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    Apologies for the nearly 11 hour downtime there. The server itself wasn't offline, but unfortunately there was networking issues at the datacentre where our server is hosted. These have hopefully been resolved now, and everything should be back online. From us and the datacentre responsible: We deeply apologise for any inconvenience.
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    WOW! We've hit a new milestone: 100 Dreamers have been online in the last 24 hours! Thank you; everyone.
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    IF I ever become a Gold Dreamer I'm going to donate points to people on their brithday....Just thinking of this because mine is on thursday hehe
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    Taking a little break for two hours or so, dinner, family time with my mum... Stuff... Will definitely come back to reply later this evening.
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    So uhhh, next Tuesday is my birthday!
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    Guess who's staff now~ I like the purple Thanks to everyone who supported my application! I hope to be of great help to everyone here! ^^
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    If absolutely nobody wants to roleplay with you, you should probably reconsider how you approach others.
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    Hello everyone! I know I've been away. I need a break from everyone to be honest. I needed to focus on my health and well being. I'm glad I did because it was truly hard to talk to people on most days without crying. I suffer with PTSD and I had lots of symptoms to cope with that took a toll on me. I needed to take care of myself for a bit before I lost it. Roleplaying has always given me an escape for me and when I reached a point where I couldn't do it, I knew I had to get away to focus on myself. Sorry I didn't tell anyone that I was leaving but I just had a difficult time speaking to anyone for that matter. Hope you'll understand this. Each night I was crying and suffering from so many symptoms. If you wish not to talk to me anymore, I'll completely understand and there won't be any hard feelings. Just very hard to try to reach out to people when I'm feeling this way and hating myself for things that I went through. Things got really rough for me and now I'm focusing on myself and my health which is very important to me. So if I'm on for a day or two it's strictly cause I needed a day to myself. I need friends in my life who understand, who will support me and who won't judge me for the type of mental illness I have. I do have some horrible days sometimes, but I'm strong and I've come a long way. So I hope I'll still be able to continue to come here without be judged and treated fairly. Don't ask anything from anyone, if you want to be here for me, I'd love that. If it's something you simply can't do, I'm fine with that too. I don't ask much from anyone. Just thought I should post this up because I'm tired of bottling all of this in and I just need people who I can role play with and feel comfortable. I love role playing and it still continues to be my source of escapism. I love writing and I love RPing. I've been role-playing since my teenage years and I doubt I'll ever stop. I missed everyone on here and I hope to hear from you all again soon!! Love Always, Enchanted Dream
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    Well time for me to make the announcement of my big return~ I will be here from now on and back from that little hiatus so hit me with an Ecchitext to rekindle with our RP~ Also Good night~ =D @~Ava-chan~ @Amber West @Anceril Night @asarenno @Angela Daring @AzumiMoonLove @Alaniz @Blakesmith90 @Çhërry @Crystal Kitty @CuppyPotatoes @CuteNeko @Damask @Dreamlessx @Enchanted_Dream @Fated Melodi @FutaSerena @FelineBeauty @GirlyBoy @Heather @o0Hina0o @HinaAmane @Ikn0wb0ss @Jade @Kai @Karma-Akabane @Laroy @Kayla @Kimpocalypse @Lata fenley @Liily_ @Link @Littlecumkitten @Local Tit Cow @Luna @Maxx @Mash @Mai Seto @Manni @Moshingxmyxdemi @MysteriousMaple @Neptune @NickWantsToRP @Noah Takumi @NyxAvatar69 @o0Hina0o @onearmeddruid @PixelBoi @Rachel Chan @Rei Senpai @Serina @Sexy galaxy @Shadow dreamer @ShuyaHideaki @Aurafox1 @SkylarSlut @SnowFall @SMFoxy @Soukoku @Suika @Platina @Temaelrin @Sunstone @TheJinxedspirit @Violet flames @YokoYamichi @PinkKitten @Yuuto Hiroshige @Zanimus @Zero
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    Is anyone still up? I'm bored and want to meet some new people ^~^!
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    Classes are finished!! I am now a certified food handler!!
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    Here is something cute I meant to put up yesterday! I just think it’s adorable ^-^
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    "Just for anyone who keeps flooding the status area with 'I'm bored' and 'Anyone up for roleplay' things, please consider taking it to the private roleplay forum. Thank you!" Private Roleplay Bulletin
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    I gotta take a second to talk about something serious... by 'talk' I mean I have a string of thoughts in my head that I feel like I need to share. So bare with me a moment, and I apologize in advance if I ruin anyone's mood because I know we are all here to have fun. As most of you know, I work armed security... my daily site is at a high school for troubled kids. Gangs, teenage pregnancy, drug abuse. Some of the kids in my charge have ankle bracelets to let their probation officer know if they leave school. My job is to keep the staff and students safe. I carry a gun on my hip because I am trained and licensed to use one if I ever have to. But today... today I have to do something, I never thought I would have to... we are having a drill for an active/mass shooter. Now, I'm not discussing gun politics or mental illness or any of that other crap, my experience tells me all that does is piss people off and I am not here for that. I just had to get it off my chest that I have to go through this school with the mindset of a mass shooter during the drill and target class rooms and students so we can find better ways to protect them. The fact that I am in this position saddens me.... I am here to teach them how to protect themselves during a situation you can never be prepared for. Anyways I just felt like sharing... hope yall are having a good day besides reading my rant.
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    I'd like to make an announcement! @Lisa and I are currently working on a very unique roleplay club unlike anything this site has seen! We're currently working on piecing together all the details, but I'm excited to get this thing up and running! Since we're still going to be working on some details here and there, I'm not going to say much, but I will say the story will focus heavily on blackmail. I hope everyone is as excited as I am~
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    "Have some hentai ^_^"
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    To all those who were worried about me and/or missed me: Sorry about that~! xP I've been under the weather, and having internet issues. I won't be on much longer tonight, but I'll try and get to everyone waiting.
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    Damn~ it's good to be back~!
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    @Violet flames @PixelBoi @lVergill @Çhërry @NickWantsToRP @Aaron @SMFoxy @Rachel Chan @FelineBeauty @Angela Daring @Lata fenley @Zanimus @Rei Senpai Please pardon my tagging, but I want to show y’all something adorable.
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    Hnngg I just joined and I already love this place
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    So... I kinda disappeared for like half a year... I feel really guilty about it... I am so so sorry too everyone I affected negatively... If anyone remembers me or cares... Throw me a message and maybe... Maybe we can talk a bit?
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    Kicks my door open, slamming it shut behind me. Taking off my shoes, throwing off my jacket and throwing my backpack away. “Whoooohoooo!!! A 95 on my first biology test! Oh yeah!!! やったぜ!!”
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    Here's a photo that I thought looked pretty somehow.
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    Honestly I would normally feel like the happiest person like ever fir getting dreamer of the month but I feel kinda responsible for what happened with Hentai Mistress... I feel really bad about all that and I really mean it... Honestly I am in a better mood kinda for getting Dreamer of the month though! I actually made it my goal all month! This whole ordeal with Hentai Mistress has been difficult and stressful and last night is easily the worst night I have had in a few years... On a more positive note if anyone needs absolutely anything from me please let me know! I’d be glad to help!
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    Thanks a bunch to everybody who wished me a happy birthday. It really means a lot. Even @Neptune took time out of her day to message me with well wishes. You guys/girls/otherkin are the best!
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    Lewd and horny vampire hungry for cocks
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    Best to click the community wall to see the full thing) What RolePlayers think they will get: What RolePlayers actually get:
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    Is this website making me more pervy? I noticed on the poke screen it said poke member and I felt my face turn red! XD
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    Start of the week, worn out from work as usual. Trying hard to write some replies this evening, need some sleep first. Love you guys and our very..... Arousing plays.
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    On my way home from work, what a hot day (not in the arousing way).... Got some catching up to do, hope to get every play up to date in a few hours.
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    After a prolonged (excessive), unannounced, and unexplained Leave of Absence, I have returned to EcchiDreams. It's great to be back, and a pleasure to see all the new faces that have joined us. Hope you all didn't miss me too much.
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    Mmmmm... Hello.. I'm your teacher Ecchitext me and we'll get class started
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    If you fucked Harley Quinn from DC, would you be getting some Insane Clown Pussy?
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    What..? Why are you staring so hard..?
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    Promise, I'm going to keep this short and keep the sappiness to a minimum. I wanted to take a monent to recognize some awesome people who have shown me such wonderful patience, both in RP and Socially! A little over a month ago, I wasn't the easiest person to get along with... hell, I was damn depressing at times. You guys deserved better and now that I am back and into the swing of things, I think it's amazing you all have been so welcoming! I love you all! And you are all sexy as hell! @Shuya "Cheshire" Hideaki @Harmony Frost @Anceril Night @Kitty @Fℓåку @thatonerandomchick @Lisa @PinkKitten I'm looking forward to all our adventures!
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    So, this was me today. Myst while on duty was in the middle of an argument between two disgruntled staff and a student. The yelling was getting intense on both sides. "I need you to calm down, all of you! Or we can have Fort Worth PD escort all of you off property! There are literally seven days left of the school year and-" sound of a doorbell erupt from his phone. "One second." Myst pulls out his phone and opens Ecchi dreams to quickly read a post from a very steamy rp. He puts the phone back up. "Do we have an understanding!? Now let's all go back inside and settle this like adults."
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    On my way to the night job! Im so glad to be back and I will see yall tomorrow morning!- morning my time
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    *waves frantically* Notice meee!!
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    It was a great day I got in my first round of 100 pokes with one person- Read a set of amazing stories Met some cool and nice people I'm exhausted Thanks for hanging out with me
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    Vergil Family Tree~ @PixelBoi - The elder brother, for some reason, Pixel is a carrying and worrisome brother who like to make his sibling happy with life. Pixel prefers their need for this family than his own and luckily land himself with a special someone, @Sunstone. Pixel has the title of Rising sun, for being the brightest in the family and everlasting. Vergil most spend brother and hate Pixel worry about him too much, which he does say quite a lot. @Yuuto Hiroshige - Younge brother of Vergil, Yuu is the most charismatic of the bunch and looking up toward Vergil for inspiration despite him being unique on his own. Unlike Vergil, Yuu is very energy, childish and full of energy to meet people since he wants to be like this big bro someday. Yuu has the title of Forgotten King, for being charismatic with his family and little overshadow of Vergil. Another spend brother he actually enjoys and often pushes Yuu's potential so she can outgrow his potential. @Manni - Cousin, One of the most notorious cousin for coming rarely with his one gag setup and pun which are most welcome. Manni enjoys spending what little time he has with the family and always bring a smile to everyone face. Manni has the title of Everlasting Star, for remembering and adore in the family despite the little time he has. He does enjoy his visit and often talk to him about stuff when alone. @NickWantsToRP - The youngest of the family, Nick is a bundle of joy and full of energy as Yuu but he put his all into art. Being the only family with art on his side, Nick always tries to cheer his family with his unique art and show potential for his gift. Nick has the title of Hidden Gem, for having the potential to grow and yet hard to be noticed. He has respect for the young one and wish him the best of luck. @onearmeddruid - Cousin, Druid is strangely a rare fellow to encounter since he blends well with the crowd and always suddenly appear when speaking which does scare few with that ninja stealth of his. Despite that, he is very loyal to his family and comes just when you need him the most which are good perks to have him by your side. Druid has the title of Loyal Assassin, for being good with his presence control and loyal than anyone else out there. He is rather curious to his sneakiness and sudden appearance which does puzzle him even now. @ShuyaHideaki - Middle brother like Vergil, Shuya is a cool brother who has the potential to learn a bit of everything of what each brother can do which is a rare gift for sure. Shuya can be a bit confidence in his action and spoil his sibling so much since he adores them all. Shuya has the tile of the Wild Card, for learning all and yet master of none. He has some trouble when dealing with Shuya since he learns too much and doesn't show any progress with one. @SnowFall - Uncle, Snow is a caring individual and the uncle that comes a lot more often for a visit of his favorite siblings. Snow, like Cow, enjoy taking orders from his family and does it very well which he enjoys doing it. Snow has the title of Unwavering God, for following orders and being a handsome young man. He has a bit of jealousy due to his good look and often ignores Snow because of his deep jealous. @Zanimus - Youngest sister in the family, Zanimus is your typical shy girl who gets easily flustered by the other's uniqueness and often overshadows by everyone else potential. Deep inside, Zanimus is the lewdest girl in the family and even Vergil is afraid of being alone with her since she shows this side when alone with someone she likes. Zanimus has the title of Sleeping Succubus for being shy and yet having the lewdest of thought of everyone combined. He doesn't like being with Zanimus alone since she is far too hard to handle even he has the control of it. @Local Tit Cow - Oldest sister of the family, Cow is your sweet, kind elder sister of the family and she does care for everyone since she has the biggest responsibility out of everyone. Even with that, Cow does enjoy being told what to do by his sibling and obey their command without any hesitation. Cow has the title of Faithful Goddess, for being faithful to her orders and having a lewd body. He does enjoy taking control and often come for her with some elder sister help. @Ikn0wb0ss - Middle sister, Know is a cheerful girl who enjoys cheering and also apologizing rather quickly for any mistake she has done to someone. Know is always smiling brightly and hardly letting bad emotions slowing this girl down. Know has the tile of The Universe, for being the one to bring forth joy and endless amount of happiness to the family. He spends most of his time with Know since she is popular and easy to get along with. @CuppyPotatoes - younger sister of Vergil, Cuppy is a feisty little girl who is determined to get what she wants and strangely mature for her age. Like Nick, Cuppy has also picked up with art and has the potential to draw which she does enjoy in her free time. Cuppy has the title of Burning Soul, for being confidence and courage with her choices. He enjoys Cuppy company and often the person he can rely on during heavy matters. @Çhërry - Elder sister of Vergil, Cherry has the little time in the family as she spends her time outside and enjoying herself. Despite that, she does enjoy being with the family and often teased during nighttime for a little fun. Cherry has the title of Fallen Angel, for having the less time in the family and yet spending it with her little fun test. He doesn't have any comment on Cherry since she rarely talks to him. @Rachel Chan - 2nd middle sister, Rachel is an energetic girl who likes to look good and be good since she adores anything cute and sweet. Rachel is a bit shy with her lewdness and often pick sibling to calm down her lust in the dark while showing a smile like her sister Know. Rachel has the title of Temptress Neko, for wearing Neko cosplay to lure an unexpected victim to her lewd fun. Just like Zanimus, he does avoid her and know her too well. @Violet flames - Niece, The most frequent niece as she is the mature and silent type that still adore her family like the others. Violet come for the joy of having a big family that loves her and Violet loving her family back with her visit since she likes the sight of them having a big family. Violet has the title of Motherly Figure, for being a good niece and taking care of everyone like a mother would. He talks to Violet a lot since she can handle any subject he throws at her. @Mash - 3rd middle sister, Mash is similar to Zanimus when it comes to shyness but she gets her attention rather fast with her looks and innocent. Mash will always stutter with her words and hide from any attention give to others while acting cute. Mash has the title of Morning Star, for being brightest in the whole family and yet not actually trying to get such attention. He feels strangely happy when Mash hides behind him and away from the others. @Angela Daring - Twin middle sister, Angela, and Keiko are always together and do everything together in the family. Angela is a very outgoing girl with a sense of adventure while Keiko is the opposite, shy and kind to her sibling but together they can pull together as one when need it. Angela and Keiko have the title of Love of Heaven and Earth, for Angela being wild and unstoppable and Keiko being kind with her wisdom. He does enjoy their company since Angela always take him on her adventure and Keiko tagging along. @SMFoxy - Friend/companion of Vergil, Foxy is a mysterious being that suddenly shows up in the family and follows Vergil to his home to quickly bond with the family. Now, Foxy is considered a family member and the most mysterious of the family due to Foxy's origin and reason to stay here. Foxy has the title of Royal Enigma, for being otherworldly and still a good family member to be around Foxy. Best friend without a doubt, he enjoys spending time with his new family member and doesn't hesitate to smile at Foxy's silly requests. Can't forget the family pet, and a good friend to Foxy, Chibimoth! <3 This is Vergil's thought about each family member and title given by him as well. ;) The reason I didn't include the rest is due to less talk with them, hard to put them on the list or having lots of options...like @Angela Daring for example.. You can send me an Ecchitext so I can easily include you in! =D
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    Daily Neko Fanservice #8 Ice cream is good >//-//< <3
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