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  • The World of Podius (Humans, Furries, Nekos/etc.)

    Lord 'Boo
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    For this RP, I'm looking for someone that is okay with writing very long posts and has a good grasp of spelling and grammar (or maybe uses something like Grammarly). I'm fine with posts taking time between responses, I'd prefer you give your best and wait days or even weeks if you feel like that's what you need.

    If you're interested in RPing with me but feel like you don't meet the above requirements, feel free to EcchiText me, I've got some other old ideas that I'm sort of sitting on that I'd be fine discussing. My simpler ideas I'm more cool with shorter posts and more lax about grammar/spelling.


    TL;DR: A world with humans, furries, and kemonomimi (nekos and the like); the world was futuristic with Sci-Fi aspects but also augmented with magic (magi-tech Sci-Fi).

    I once upon a time had a roleplay with a fictional world (and some characters) that I was rather fond of, and wouldn't mind revisiting it. I'll try to summarize. I mostly really like the world and want to do something with it again, preferably with a partner that likes both world building and character development, and isn't opposed to lengthier (if somewhat less frequent) posts. The spoilers represent text from the original RP from ages ago. I do my best to do a shorter summary if you don't want to read all of that.



    In the thousands of years of evolution on their small globe of dirt called Earth, humanity nearly destroyed itself with their technology, yet managed to rediscover magic... and this led to an incredible amount of changes. The new power led to new wars... which led to the unification of the world's people under a single leadership, that began rebuilding their home from the ruins of the past.

    Humanity evolved, science and magic being mixed together in ways that were stronger than either one alone. Magic could ignore the laws of physics... but it could be that much stronger when it could work with them, and when wielded by someone that had an understanding of the mundane world... As such, after many years of rebuilding, humanity started exploring space in ways that it could never dream off before. Faster than light travel was easy to achieve when one could bend the laws of reality, or circumvent them entirely... and magical devices could allow even those with weaker powers to achieve incredible feats, far beyond simple technology. Worlds were found, and while life was encountered, nothing intelligent ever rose up to oppose the expansion of humanity in the galaxy.

    Yet all good things come to an end...

    The first encounter between humans and furries happened on the planet code named XP-006 by one side, and World Gama 223 by the other... a hellish world covered in unexplainable powerful storms... at least until it was discovered that the planet was rich in a certain type of crystals that were heavily reactive to magic, being able to store and conduct magical energy in ways that no other natural material could. It was only coincidence that led the two expeditions there at the same time... and only coincidence that had them end up in close proximity... where the magical storms led to an unfortunate accident, that started a conflict between the two before the two expeditions even fully realized that they were having an encounter with another intelligent species.

    To this day, no one knows how the conflict started, but this first meeting led to the beginning of a war between the humans of Earth and the furries of Podoboo....

    Neither side knew what to make of the other at first... the humans were far weaker physically than the furries, they were also far less diverse in their natures, which led to more uniformed armed forces. On the other hand, the furries, while wielding magical technology of their own, had fewer powerful mages than the humans did... and the forces seemed oddly evenly matched, the war seeming fated to last forever.

    The years passed and the war raged this way and that across the gallaxy... and neither side was gaining the advantage... even when members of both races started defecting to the other side, or ending up captured for various reasons... not to mention that there were defectors from both sides that eventually banded together and sought to stay clear from the way and live a life in peace somehow. This inevitably led to the appearance of the so called half-breeds... neither furry nor human, yet ending up on either side of the battle based on circumstances... they were never trusted, and rarely respected, since they didn't truly belong to either race, and as such, many thought that they had to be closely monitored, because their allegiances had to be questionable at best.

    The numbers of these half-breeds continued to rise over the many years of the war... and their position in either society was never all that good... often being viewed with suspicion or even hatred.

    Yet like good things, bad things cannot last forever either... and the war did reach an end...

    With the destruction of the planet Earth.

    It happened not because of the furries, but because of an unknown task force of ships, which dropped out of FTL travel in the solar system... and engaged humanity. They had no magic, no souls, they were machines of such advanced technology, that only the most powerful of magic users could bend the laws of reality with enough intensity that they could ignore these non-magical menaces. Worse yet... they had a weapon, a special missile which had been fired when only the last ship was left in space... that struck the Earth and burrowed within... before fleeing.

    For the next several days, nothing seemed wrong... until unexplainable earthquakes started all over the world... and magical scrying discovered that the missile, right now buried in the very center of the planet had opened an unstable wormhole. The Earth would end up broken apart in a matter of days... giving the humans just enough time to evacuate... but not enough time to study the phenomenon and attempt to stop the process with their magic... Any attempt made... could make matters even worse... and cost them the little time which they did have...

    This cost humanity the war... and left them at the mercy of the furries... Because of the war, neither side had been able to establish major colonies... and as such, the humans didn't have any one planet that could hold all the humans of Earth... nor enough colonies that were spread over the galaxy to handle it... Then, there was the threat of this new enemy, an enemy that made no attempt to communicate in any way... and seemed to be hell bent on eradicating other intelligent species...

    The end of the war, came to pass... if not without its bumps and more deaths as the furries basically took over an started re-organizing what was left of humanity. Especially since both species needed to prepare against this new enemy that could seemingly strike without warning anywhere... They were code named Cybrans... and measures were being taken to prepare for them once they re-appeared... and perhaps one day to even go out there and find them...


    Shorter summary:

    The world of humanity, at some point, managed to rediscover magic[1]. Combining magic with technology, they were finally able to make significant technological breakthroughs including intergalactic travel. They found a planet that was largely uninhabitable but rich in a crystal that amplified magic, but they weren't the only ones interested in those crystals. A race of furries[2] was also there to mine crystals, and this started a long conflict between furries and humans. The furries were physically superior to humans, and had greater technology, and their mages were much stronger than human mages; humans, on the other hand, had the advantage of numbers overall, as well as having mages more commonly among their kind (while furry mages were incredibly powerful, they were very rare; human mages varied in strength but were not nearly as 'exceptional') [3]. Not much about the war or this era was ever fleshed out. I've got some ideas for it, but the short story is that the war was basically equal on both sides for a long time, until Cyrbrans appeared out of nowhere and destroyed earth [4]. Similar to the ending of Watchmen (either movie or comic), when this strange threat appeared, it ended up somewhat 'uniting' the two sides. With humanity's homeworld destroyed, though the humans managed to evacuate before its destruction, humans lost the war against the furries. The furries basically ended up taking them in since humanity had nowhere else to go (due to the war, neither side had much chance to colonize to an extent that humanity could just get another home planet). That's the general backdrop of the RP, the history of the world.

    Present Day:



    Now, it's been two hundred years since the war between humans and furries... and both sides are still recovering from what was nicknamed, 'The Thousand Years War' even though it actually lasted a little longer than that... The two original races and the third one that was born because of their interactions are now mixed all over... including on the homeworld of the furries, the planet Podoboo.

    Yet scars from the wars still remain... and humans are not in as good of a social standing as the furries are... which is not even mentioning the half-breeds... which were never fully trusted by either race, now ended up beneath both.

    Worse yet, the wars led to an all time low in the number of males in all three species... partly also because of weapons meant to target males specifically during the war... This led to new laws, that allowed marriages between multiple partners... allowing a man to take multiple wives... The reverse was possible as well legally, but so far it had not happened...

    In this current situation, a half-breed girl with a high magical potential finds herself in an unusual situation. While attractive, her work in research never gives her the time, or perhaps even the patience, to show it off... and worse yet, she is attracted to more than one guy... and she can't choose who it is that she wants. Yet her research ends up yielding some interesting results... a spell that's virtually impossible to detect... and which allows her to affect a person's brainwaves from afar, implanting suggestions and creating compulsions and feelings that were never there in the first place... or amplifying ones that already exist.

    It's not mind-control.... she tells herself, its just altering a person's view of things... and opening their eyes to what's right in front of them... and maybe now, she can have what she wants... with repeated alterations... she could have anyone she wants... and why stop with only one person?

    In present day, the RP took place on the furry homeworld, which now had a significant human population. Furries, of course, were at the top of the pecking order. They were the privileged class, more or less. Humans weren't necessarily treated awful, but they were much more middle class (by the US definition; if you're in the UK, working class is probably more appropriate) and had much less presence in government or anywhere high ranking. Some humans managed to work their way up the food chain, but generally speaking, the bottom 90% of a company would be something like 80% humans and 5-10% furry, while the top 10% would be 9% furry and 1% human. Racial tensions obviously existed between the two, but other than the occasional radical, there wasn't a ton of challenge to the status quo. Then there was the bottom of the barrel, third-class citizenry - mutts, half-breeds, aka Kemonomimi (nekos, inus, etc.) They were originally born of a union between humans and furries and were looked down upon by either race. Some were products of legitimate relationships, others of rape, but by now they have their own population from offspring amongst themselves as well as the occasional born of an inter-racial relationship [6]. Furthermore, the male population is significantly smaller than the female population due to the war (that explanation was never really fleshed out), and as such, laws were enacted to allow individuals to have multiple spouses; this generally meant one male having multiple wives and didn't really happen the other way around, which was the plot of the original RP - the female lead planning on having multiple partners/mates [7] and used a new form of magic she developed to do so. I had a number of characters and she cast a spell/ritual on them to alter their views/opinions of her. She did this to different extents - one was a friend of hers, one was her boss (who she was most interested in), one was a coworker (that she hated) and the last one was a rich playboy son of a politician.

    1. In the original description, it was after humanity nearly destroyed itself with war and technology. This was mostly background and not a detail I'm married to.
    2. Their planet was called Podoboo and their species referred to as Podians. Full disclosure, the name of the planet is based on my own screen name. Willing to change this.
    3. Some of this was present in the thread, some I'm embellishing because it makes sense to me. Most of these details are open to change if you have suggestions.
    4. I can't actually tell you much about Cybrans. Those were Iexist's creation and they had most of the creative control over them and was kinda secretive about what Cybrans actually were. They clearly had plans, but the thread never got far enough for me to find out about them. What I can tell you is that they're hugely magic resistant, and seem to be soulless robots[5], but other than that, and the fact that they're clearly malevolent, not much is known about them.
    5. I specify soulless robots because, in this setting, it was actually possible to create and imbue a soul onto some artificial intelligence based robots with the use of crystals and magic. Intelligent Devices (I.D.s) are a somewhat prominent part of this world. For the most part, they were just AI based, with programming, not unlike a smartphone, but two of the main characters augmented their I.D.s to have souls and personalities.
    6. While this aspect of the world/RP isn't strictly necessary, I do think the world is more interesting for it. If it's something that makes you uncomfortable, I'm willing to take it out, but would prefer to keep it if that's an option.
    7. This whole thing was basically just to create the plot of the original RP which was supposed to be haremesque. I don't mind keeping it, but I'm also willing to modify or ditch it entirely. I'm more attached to the other aspects of the world than this particular

    If this sounds interesting to you, but you have more questions, either about the world or just me as an RP'er in general, feel free to ask. I copy-pasted most of this from somewhere else and made some edits but if something seems confusing, I probably just missed something so please do ask if there's something unclear to you.


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    You definitely sounds like the kind of roleplayer I like, the thing is, I prefer at most eight lines on computer, because beyond that gets extremely hard to read. Same with the story above. It's so long and kinda boxy.

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    My post length preferences vary based on several factors. I'm fine with shorter posts if they're more frequent (habit from RPing over messengers for years) and if they're less plot intensive. This story I'd like to have the more intensive posts but I'd be happy to discuss doing a different RP over EcchiText if you'd like.

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