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This race profile is for a special that I have created. To my knowledge, I haven't stolen any ideas from anywhere. If you with to RolePlay a Dreshza, then you will need to send me an EcchiText and ask politely. A 'yes' is not guaranteed as I would have to be confident that you can RP a Dreshza properly. Anyone found making a Dreshza character without permission will have the character removed by staff and possible infractions.

Race: Dreshza (Homo binesi)

Clan Name: There are thirteen clans within this race, all specialising in different areas of their culture. A member of the clan takes the clan name as their second name. They are listed below. 

  • Rakthan: The Stealth Clan. They specialise in stealth operations as well as assassinations for their clan and their species. Clan members can be hired by members of other clans to assassinate one another in power struggles.
  •  Ulra: The Authority Clan. They are the police version of this species. They tend to be extremely vicious to law breakers and will not hesitate to kill over the smallest of crimes. 
  • Fenla: The Technology Clan. They are responsible for developing new technology and making sure that current ones operate at peak efficiently.
  • Orgrud: The Intelligence Clan. They deal with Intelligence gathering and sell information to other clans. They usually alert the Rakthan Clan is there is a target to assassinate. 
  • Hanruk: The Entertainment Clan. They specialise in the Entertainment part of the society. From putting on shows to running clubs and pubs. 
  • Drakhu: The Hard Labour Clan. They are responsible for hard labour such as farming and building new structures and making sure that the cities are structurally sound. They also make sure that the cities are supplied with power to keep them running. Many are too proud for this, and tend to capture other species and use them as slaves.
  • XyGoth: The Fighter Clan. They specialise in fighting, and is the largest clan of them all. They are set up into groups where they specialise in long range, short range and using vehicles. 
  • Karane: The Trade and Financial Clan: They are a small clan that keep an eye on the economy and run the banks that contain all of their currency. They also set up trade to expand the empire and boost their economy. This ranges from buying items from other countries and setting up shops. They also sell products to make money for their country. 
  • Varorsorth: The Religious Clan. They run the religious buildings in the cities and are responsible for the teachings of their religion [Look below for details.] as well as religious activities. 
  • Sothdruk: The Medical Clan. They are responsible for keeping the populace healthy.
  • Rendha: The Scientific Clan. They are responsible for all the research that goes on and all the Scientific experiments that go on. These usually involve experiments that would be questionable to other paces.
  • Karuk: The Scholar Clan. This clan specialises in keeping the records of their history as well as teaching the young of the race.
  • Eldyrack: The ‘Royal’ Clan. They are the ones that rule the race and make sure that the kingdom is running smoothly. They make up the government of the race.

Species Age: 5.7 million years. They were one of the Homo races that split off from the apes, however unlike races like the Homo erectus; this race of Homo has not been extinct. It is currently unknown to the Homo sapiens race as the Dreshza pretend that they are human due to their uncannily similar appearance.

Average individual Age: 150 Earth years.

Origin/Location: An unknown island in the Caribbean. It is a medium sized island with an inactive volcano on it. There is a small mountain range where their city is built into to hide them from the prying eyes of the rest of the world. This is where they live and train their elite Clans. 


  • Pre-history: The Dreshza are one of the many homo species that evolved from the ape species. Unlike the other species, they did not become extinct. They went on to evolve like the Homo sapiens. When the species was 3 million years old, they were beginning to form the beginnings of their own society. They were a nice, kind species. However, that was all to change. One day, a demon came from the pits of hell and whispered temptations into the hearts and mind of the Dreshza people. Swayed by the promise of power and glory, they stepped into the demons trap. Now the species are the demons slaves, existing for one purpose and that is to serve Lucifer, the Devil himself. They were granted powers beyond their imagination but at the heavy price. For a few thousand years, the Dreshza did the demons bidding, corrupting the hearts and minds of the human race. 
  • Modern history:  They largely remain hidden from the rest of the world. No human knows what they are. They are still subtly corrupting other races that exist on Earth. Usually when a Dreshza is around, Death is quick to follow. There are some conspiracy theorists calling them the “Black Blade” but many of the theories are very hit and miss. There is one individual, called Devlyn, that existed in modern times. However he was sent back in time by Diomedes to attempt the genocide of the ancient and powerful race known as the Eldyrannth.

Culture: Overall they are civil with each other, but they are extremely racist and fearful of other races. Most of their existence is spent training and making sure that they can support their fighting class in any shape or form. They are rather withdrawn from others and very secretive as they are very prideful. When they are not working, fighting or training, they indulge in what the Christian faith refer to as ‘sins’ such as out of marriage sex and binge drinking, so they have a very established nightlife. 

Communication/Language: Their language is an ugly one that consists of different sounds rather then words. They can make high pitched squawks, clicks, growls, hisses and other such hostile sounds. But it seems to be the way they communicate with one another, a language that no other race on Earth can decipher. They do, however, have the ability to learn the languages of other races so will speak them when needed.

Food and Drink: Consists of mainly meat, with very few greens. They hunt wild animals and usually serve it raw, but cook it on occasion. They have a popular alcoholic drink which they drink a lot of the time. It is 68% proof, stronger then a number of human drinks. It is made using a grape like fruit which they ferment over a few years. To add flavour, they add several chemicals which also add as giving them a quick energy boost. Also, animal carcases are added to add more flavour to it, to give it a more meaty taste. A less energy filled drink is usually served in bars, with the energy one being used on the battle field for an extra boost. 

Sports/games and other pastimes: Being up in the mountains, there is not much for the Dreshza to do. Most of their time is spent drinking, training, learning or working. There are a few sports which they like to indulge in, like racing in the air. This puts members of the species against each other in a test of speed, agility and indulgence in their other form. They do it in small tournaments or in larger, public events. Swordplay is considered another sport, done with sharp swords so that the loser learns from his mistakes. Death is common, but that does not stop them from doing this as a pastime. They fight each other until one submits, or death occurs. Due to their proud nature, they tend to never submit. Hunting is also sometimes made into a sport where they let loose a creature and hunt it. Either on foot or by air, usually with only basic tools. A hunt can last from days to weeks, but the members involved enjoy the hunt as it helps to heighten their sneaking techniques and survival skills. Music is one of the favoured pastime on the island, as they are cut off from the rest of the world and they let out their creativeness by music, however it is the equivalent to the humans Heavy Metal and Scremo. 

Hierarchy: The Governing Clan is the Eldyrack Clan. They are the equivalent to the Royalty of the Dreshza race. Beneath them, there are the Clan Heads and then there are ranks underneath them which are as follows [Which are in English as there are no words for the ranks, so their English equivalent is listed below.]:

  • Clan Head: They deal with giving orders to the assassins and spies that are under them. 
  • Top Assassin: The best Assassins there are in the Clan. This is a much sort out position among members of this clan but only a few gain the privilege as it requires the very highly skilled. High of these assassins is extremely expensive, but they always get the job done.
  • Assassin: A common rank among members of this Clan. They are sent on average level and paid assassin jobs.
  • Apprentices: The lowest rank of this Clan. They are the ones learning the trade to be an assassin. They are generally not sent out on jobs, but occasionally they are hired, but it is low paid. 


  • Clan Head: The Head of the Clan, they are responsible for assigning jobs to the force to keep order.
  • Detective: They investigate into serious crimes.
  • Guards: They guard places like prisons and Eldyrack offices to protect them.
  • Police officer: They are the main force of the Ulra clan. They deal with the small crime and arresting criminals. 
  • Apprentice: The trainee members of the Clan. They can be trained in any of the above ranks.


  • Clan Head: Ordering members of the clan about to make certain projects etc.
  • Researchers: They research new technologies from household items to weapons.
  • Engineers: They keep current technology working at its peak efficiency.  
  • Apprentice: The trainee members of the Clan. They can be trained in any of the above ranks.


  • Clan Head: They are responsible for telling spies what missions to go on etc and the selling on of information to other clans.
  • Sorters: They sort gathered information by the spies into relevant sections and pass it onto the Clan Head.
  • Spies: They do the spying and report any information back to the Sorters.
  • Apprentice: The trainee members of the Clan. They can be trained in any of the above ranks.


  • Clan Head: They are responsible for making sure that members of the clan are doing their job and making sure that the population is happy.
  • Performers: They perform shows.
  • Hosts: They own places similar to our cinema’s and arcades. The most common of this rank.
  • Musicians: They play the music of the race.
  • Apprentice: The trainee members of the Clan. They can be trained in any of the above ranks.


  • Clan Head: Responsible for telling clan members what to do.
  • Contractors: Do things such as build and decorate a house as well as do things like repair paths etc.
  • Cleaners: Keeping the cities clean.
  • Farmers: Farming animals and the plant used for their drinks as well as the very few greens that the race eat.
  • Stone Cutters: They cut stone used for building materials as well as carving into caves.
  • Apprentice: The trainee members of the Clan. They can be trained in any of the above ranks.


  • Clan Head: The equivalent to Generals so they order the troops and making strategies. 
  • Soldiers: They are the main fighting force, having experience in both short and long range. They prefer an areal attack over the ground as the air is their strong point. 
  • Apprentice: The trainee members of the Clan. They can be trained in any of the above ranks.


  • Clan Head: They run the banks and make the decisions as to what trades there are and what countries to trade with.
  • Tradesmen: They are the ones that negotiate trades etc.
  • Financial: They keep an eye on the economy and run the equivalent of banks of the cities.
  • Apprentice: The trainee members of the Clan. They can be trained in any of the above ranks.


  • Clan Head: The equivalent of the High Priest.
  • Priest: They teach others in the ways of the religion and worship their deity. 
  • Apprentice: The trainee members of the Clan. They can be trained in any of the above ranks.


  • Clan Head: Run the medical facilities of the cities.
  • Doctors: Treat the patients like the human doctors do.
  • Nurses: Looks after the patients like the human nurses do.
  • Surgeons: Operate on patients like the human surgeons do.
  • Other: This includes things like Midwives and physiologists. 
  • Apprentice: The trainee members of the Clan. They can be trained in any of the above ranks.


  • Clan Head: Dictate what is researched and studied and decides if it is good enough to carry forward on. 
  • Scientists: Do the studying. They specialise in many fields.
  • Researchers: Research into new things.
  • Apprentice: The trainee members of the Clan. They can be trained in any of the above ranks.


  • Clan Head: They make sure that the Scholar’s and Teachers are doing their job. They also dictate where their clans money is going.
  • Scholar: Keeps records of the species history.
  • Teachers: Teach the young things they know to go further in their clans. There are specialist teachers for each clan. 
  • Apprentice: The trainee members of the Clan. They can be trained in any of the above ranks.

What the race consider as insulting/rude/ shameful:

  • Kindness such as helping with a project as it shows that the person cannot do it themselves and must have help from others.
  • Giving gifts as it means that the person is to poor to get it themselves. 
  • ‘Kissing someone’s arse’. Something that is frowned upon due to their prideful nature. 
  • A gesture where the person puts their forefinger and middle fingers of their right hand into the palm of the left had. If shown to an individual, you are calling them a coward and disrespecting their clan name.

What the race consider as Respectful:

  • Bowing to show authority that you respect it. Can be bowing of the body or the head.
  • Allowing a member to do their task without interfering as it shows that you know that they are more than capable to do it themselves.

Misconceptions/Myths/legends/Old wives tales: That the Thunderbird, their other form, can make the sound of thunder from a flap of their wings, but they can however, create violent lightening storms which can also produce weather such as tornados. It is also believed that they came from North America, although a period of their history was spent there when they were whispering words into the minds of humans to make them violent, this is not the case. They have evolved on the Caribbean island and only travel out when they need to.

Name Style: They have a first name which is followed by “Hru’” And then the Clan name. For example, a member of the Rendha Clan would be like this, “Traliu Hru’Rendha.” The word “Hru’” Means “Of the.” So the name translates as “Tralie of the Rendha.”

General Race Behaviour: They are rather hostile and aggressive towards other races, being quite rude and abrasive. They have no respect for other races and tend to treat them as if they are dirt upon their shoes. To each other they are a bit more civilised, working together to gain a goal, but they are still somewhat aggressive and fights can often break out. They love fighting and will do anything for a good fight, even if they loose. They can be described as ‘sore losers’ and will get their revenge in any way that they can. They can be unfair in fights and often find a way to cheat so that they win.

Love: They do not love like humans do, but they can become possessive over the one that they are mates with at that time. However once they break off the mating, they act as if nothing has happened so there are no complicated love stories in their race. They have been stripped of this emotion by the demons as it gets in the way of their goals. 

Religion: Their religion is based around the fact that the demons gifted them with powers beyond their imagination. It is based on a book, written in honour of the demons, called Jrackyrhza which means “Worship to the Gods.” The gods being the demons that changed them. Over the millennia, they have been warped to worship the demons through this book. The book speaks of the history of their race, saying how they were once lost and the demons showed them the right way to go, giving them rewards like their other form. The book also speaks of in the future where the world is run by the demons and they are their favourite race on the planet where all other races will be killed or enslaved. They would be given slaves and pets by the demons as rewards for their work in helping them open hells gates upon the Earth. The book also speaks of Heaven being over-run and destroyed, where all the souls would be taken down to hell for an eternity of pain and suffering. The book also speaks about the Christian Faith, in reference to people like Jesus Christ, and calling all other faiths on the planet ‘dirty, immoral and filthy’, highlighting the fact that anyone not following this faith need to be eradicated or converted. There are several religious ceremonies which they must abide by:
On the 25th of December, Christmas day: They take a human virgin and sacrifice her in one of their temples. She is stripped naked and tied spread eagled on a stone table in front of a fire. Then, when she is still alive, they cut her chest open and remove her heart. The priest then turns and puts it on a metal plate which one of his assistants hold. The heart is then cut up and shared between the Clan Heads, who devour the heart piece raw. The body is then stripped of its meat and shared out with the worshippers in the temple for them to each raw. Individuals who are unable to witness this, have a raw meat at home, of any kind of meat which they eat. The rest of the day is spent reading from the Jrackyrhza before the evening is spent drinking and praying to the demons, praising them for giving them such power and strength. This ceremony is because they believe that the Virgin Mary was not a Virgin as in the sexual sense, but in fact a raging whore that slept with many people, as well as being a young girl under the age of sixteen. They see this as the God of Heaven lying to the people, something that the demons would never do, and they condemn the God by doing that. 
Easter. The Day of Turning: The same time that Jesus was said to come back to life, the demons came down to the Dreshza people and offered them power for their souls. They get up at sunrise and until midday, pray to the demons and thank them for the wonderful gift that they have received. They then eat a dinner of raw meat, freshly killed before reading from the Jrackyrhza about the day that the demons turned their kind into what it is now. The evening is then spent in their leisure, such as partying and drinking until they can no longer walk. Many times this usually dissolves into an orgy or large fights. Both are accepted.

The race generally have blue eyes, however there are a few that have pure white eyes. This is because they were chosen by the demons for a special task and given extra abilities. Theses people are worshiped by the population as the chosen ones. They are given what they want and treated better than royalty. 

Laws: The laws of this race are pretty lax in most areas, such as murder or mugging, but as they are so strong they are able to defend themselves from that kind of thing which usually results in the death of one or both, so it is rare that it happens as they do not want the dishonour of dying by their neighbours hands. The only exception to this is that no one may harm a White Eye, since they are specially chosen by the demons for the benefit of their race. Anyone caught helping other species, or worshipping ‘God’, then they are killed on the spot to save the species any wrath from the demons. The laws are decided by the demons, so it’s a case of obeying the demon in charge at the time, which can change depending on what demon it is. 


  • Mating: In the mating season the males make their homes all nice and attractive for potential mates. They then transform into their bird form, sitting above their houses and sing potential mates to their home. If a female is impressed, she sings back to him before going inside of his home. The male turns back into his human form and follows her where they mate. Outside of their species, they treat sex as nothing special, and something only for pleasure and stress relief. The male mates with a female before the female leaves. The male then goes back to attracting more mates so that they can mate with as many as they can. The ratio of females:males is 5:1. 
  • Birthing and pregnancy celebration: There is nothing celebrated as children are not treasured as humans are. 
  • Birthing Day: Again, nothing celebrated.
  • Death: Nothing is celebrated. All that is known is that sometimes they do not let the body go to waste and devour it. But those are only rumours, right?

Genetic Diseases/ Common Ailments/ Common Mental problems:

  • Genetic Diseases: None. Any child showing any defects is killed the moment of birth.
  • Common Ailments: Illnesses like colds, and flues, but they are generally a healthy race. 
  • Common Mental Problems: There have been common cases of things such as psychosis, however these people are not treated and in fact their condition is fuelled so that a number of mental issues can arise like Schizophrenia and becoming a sociopath. 

Anatomy and Physical Appearances:

  • General look of the race: They are generally good looking and attractive, due to their curse, which has earned them attention from other species when they choose to venture out of their island. They are mainly slim and toned due to training or the work that they do. The males and females are of the same height, 6ft+ with no one any smaller. They have blue hair and blue eyes, but there are some individuals with white eyes [Explained in Religion section]. Overall, they look just like humans so they can blend in extremely easily. This gives them an advantage when manipulating the human race, especially as they use their looks to their advantage.
  • Hearing: Their shape of the ears are similar to that of the humans; however they can hear a wider range of pitches, similar to that of a Dog. This does however mean that really high pitches that humans cannot hear hurts them like a dog whistle. 
  • Smell: Their sense of smell is the same as humans.
  • Eyesight: Due to having their other form, they have hawk like vision, so they never have the need for glasses or other eyesight aids. They have 1,000,000 per square mm photoreceptors, a very high number of nerves connecting the receptors to the brain, a second set of eye muscles not found in other animals, and an indented fovea which magnifies the central part of the visual field.
  • Touch: They touch in the same way that humans do, by the skin which is covered by nerves. 
  • Feeding: They feed the same way that humans do, with their mouths which are located in the same location as humans. 
  • Organ Function: Their organs are the same as that of humans with no extra organs for extra function. Their stomach, however, has a stronger stomach acid due to the fact that they eat raw meat.
  • Sexual Organs: On average the male penile anatomy is 12”. There are larger and smaller then that, but that is the general average. The thickness is on average 4” in diameter and they are extremely veiny with veins that bulge out across the entire cock. The female anatomy is large enough to accommodate the male penile anatomy. 
  • Features: None.

Thunderbird form:

  • General look of the race: A large bird standing five metres at the shoulder. It is twelve metres from the beak to the tail feathers. The wingspan is twenty four metres wingtip to wingtip. The feathers are blue in colour with white, fierce looking eyes. The feathers sometimes can have a white shimmer to them, however that is only the case if the human form has white eyes. The beak is a massive one metre long itself, looking extremely sharp and is enough to bite a car in half. The talons are large and can pierce metal a metre thick. They can easily carry objects about the size and weight of a blue whale, the largest of the whale species. 
  • Hearing: Their ears are hidden underneath the feathers where they are out of sight. Their hearing is not as good as in their human form as they rely more on sight. 
  • Smell: Their sense of smell is the same as their human form.
  • Eyesight: Their sight is twice that of a hawk, being able to see anything moving on the ground in massive detail. They are however long sighted so close objects are blurred. They have 2,000,000 per square mm photoreceptors, twice that of their human form. 
  • Touch: They can feel the different air pressures around them so that they are able to catch any winds to save energy. This is due to special sensors being on their skin which feel the smallest of movements in the feathers. 
  • Feeding: They feed by the large mean looking beak which they possess. 
  • Organ Function: The same as their human form.
  • Sexual Organs: They do not have any visible sexual organs in this form as they have no need to breed in this form and it might be a weakness in battle if they had sexual organs in this form for the enemy to target.
  • Features: None.


  • Impregnation: The male produce sperm and semen like humans do which they plant in the female during sex. In the mating season, the pair may mate several times to ensure conception. 
  • Pregnancy: The gestation period is 23 weeks before the offspring is born. They experience the same symptoms as that of humans with the hormones running through their body and the young growing inside of them. During this period they cannot shift into their bird form as it would cause miscarriage.

Offspring: After they are born, they are looked after by the mother until they reach the age of ten. Once at that age, they are sent off to the ‘school’ where they stay for ten years learning their clans techniques and are trained in the rank they wish to do. They do not reach sexual maturity until they reach fourty years of age. Once they hit sexual maturity they are moved from the Apprentice rank to their desired rank. The offspring age twice as slow as that of humans as they have a longer life span and they have two bodies in which to become accustomed to as being in their Thunderbird form does not come completely natural to them, and just like hatchlings they have to learn to fly. 

Abilities/ Powers and weaknesses

  • Turn into a Thunderbird: This is their main ability. This form was given to them by the demons as part of their ‘gift’ of power. It is through this form that the demons control them as the demons could take it away just as easily. This would kill them as this form is as much part of them as their heart or brain. In this form they can attack with their powerful beak and talons which can shred enemies apart with ease. They can also summon lightening storms with a single cry. This produces heavy rain, lightening and thunder. They are able to control where the lightening strikes, so they can strike down an enemy if they so wish. The downside is that the rain waterlogged their feathers, so it reduces their ability to fly at fast speeds. They are also able to fly at the speed of sound, but they can only do this for a certain amount of time. The older, the longer they are able to fly for. And in the storms they summon, they cannot fly this fast. As they have limited hearing in this form, enemies can come up behind them without hearing. This is also because their eyes are focused on the front and they cannot turn their head 180o. They have eyesight that is twice that of a hawk, but this means that they are long sighted and cannot see objects near them easily. It also presents a problem if there is a lot of movement on the ground that can distract them from the target that they are looking upon. The feathers on their wings can harden and become razor sharp. They can jerk their wing and send these razor sharp feathers at their target. There is, however, a limit to the amount they have as they do need their feathers to fly. It takes a few days for them to regrow. Along with being able to fire these razor sharp feathers, they can flap their wings to create a gust of wings that they can use to blow away their enemies. They can also allow the razor sharp to intermingle with the wind to make a deadly gust.
  • Fighting abilities: In their human form they are very skilled fighters with a range of skills depending on what their Clan and Rank are. If they are in the fighter Clan, then they will be trained in a range of range weapons like guns, as well as melee weapons. They will also be trained in close, hand to hand combat with their own fighting style which is currently unknown. Those that are in the Stealth Clan are more specialised in sneak attacks and being able to spy on their targets. They can also escape from a battle by using their intuition to distract their enemy and make a hasty escape. They are trained in long and melee weapons, but they prefer guns such as snipers and weapons such as blades which they can make small quick jabs at their enemy. Their fighting style is different from that of the fighter clan as it is more fluid and relies more on speed and agility rather then brute strength. 
  • Control of electricity: They have some power over the element of electricity. They can control its flow and electrocute people. They can fire a bolt of lightening from their hand towards their target, but it is not always accurate as it is attracted to anything positive. The Thunderbird form can do this except from out of their mouth.
  • Agility and Speed: In both forms, they are extremely agile and fast with a great deal of stamina. They can run twice the speed of a human and run for a whole day without needing rest. 
  • White Eye: This is members of the species that have the pure white eyes. They have a special, extra ability given to them by the demons that they worship at birth. It is revealed to them when they are twenty so that they train in the use of it before they reach sexual maturity. This varies from White Eye to White Eye so the specific ability cannot be noted down. 

RP Interaction:

  • Basic Interaction: Members of this species are very rude and very racist, so they come across as insulting and rude. They appear to be sly and cunning, exuding a malicious aura. And this is when they are in a good mood. When they are in a foul mood, it is best to avoid them as they would not hesitate to break someones neck. If a member of this species comes across as nice, then they are clearly up to something and are wanting to use their target for their own advantage.
  • Fighting: As they are a Warrior race, fighting one of these is extremely hard, especially if they are in another form. Only beings able to fight them are ones that have similar advantages then they do and if not, then the person fighting them is extremely hard, if not impossible.
  • Sex with: Sex with this race can be extremely intense, but very pleasurable and satisfying. Not only do they have, by human standards, large dicks that can harm their partner, but they also fuck purely for the pleasure and use their lightening fast speed to their advantage. When having sex with this species, do not expect them to hang around, unless it’s for seconds, as they will up and go as they have done what they wanted and will have nothing more to do with their partner. If pregnancy occurs, as they do not use protection, do not expect them to stay around and care for it, or help financially.
  • Being a Female: Unlike humans, females are not as emotional, or hormonal unless they are pregnant with young. They do not have monthly cycles like humans do, but instead yearly ones. Around the time of mating, they get the urge to look around for the strongest mate. Once they have chosen one, then they mate and get pregnant with the young. Other then that, there are few differences from being a human or a male of this species.
  • Being a Male: Around the time of mating, they get the urge to spruce up their house and go on top of their house and display. They then mate with as many females as they can during the mating season. Once it is over they then carry on as normal with either working, training or partying. 

Again. This is an Original Creation which is protected under site rules. So send me an EcchiText, asking my permission if you wish to RP as one!

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      I’m kind of bored, and I just came up with these RP topics. 
      Note: please don’t message me if you aren’t interested in the ‘required fetishes’ section. And please don’t message me asking to make other changes either. These can’t really be altered or the rp plots don’t make sense. 
      I am seeking MALES who are interested in playing with my female characters. I don’t reply in first person, only third. 
      Required fetishes - rape 
      Optional fetishes - age difference (older man/younger woman), teen sex (my characters are 16-18, but I can go up to 22), place of work/public (some plots rely on it) gang bang... hit me up with suggestions, there’s a lot of sexual stuff (handjob/oral/etc) that I didn’t want to list here because it would be too long.
      🍹 Plot 1.) Home Free 
      you are a homeless man for [insert reason here]. You had a girlfriend who no longer is interested in the relationship, and it’s been a long time since you’ve been sexually active  after some time, you’ve started to recognize one of the women who passes your side of the sidewalk every weekday twice a day. Once in the morning and once in the evening. she’s pretty enough, well, actually she’s very beautiful, you struggle to keep your cock down when she passes and you find yourself thinking about her frequently. Today however, is the day that you are unable to resist the temptation, and she’s taken to [someplace you feel appropriate for this rp] 
      🍹 plot 2.) The princess and the peeve 
      additional notes: fantasy au, Ella only. 
      Elf princess Elisabeth has been captured once again, her knights searching everywhere with little to no luck finding her  her captor? A person who wants to sell her to her rival kingdom for a high price, as a sex item. However, to make sure that she works as a sex item, they “have” to test her out themselves first. 
      🍹 Plot 3.) what a beach 
      you’re at the beach with some guy friends, and spot a girl you had known in high school for being a total bitch to people, you included. As payback for how she treated you, you (and your friends if you want), go and give her what she asked for back in school. It’s payback against her will. 
      🍹 Plot 4.) better miss the bus.
      note: this one has to do with teen sex, so if you’re not into that, don’t message me. 
      its after school and time to go home! Unfortunately the bus drivers kind of kookoo  he doesn’t see public sex as a bad thing, so when your characters board the bus and get frisky with the only girl there, he has no plans of stopping them  
      🍹 Plot 5.)  All bark and no bite
      Note: fantasy AU, two roles: Ella, Rachel, or both.

      Ella and Rachel are both brave fighters of their kingdom - Ella the Elf Princess and Rachel her noble knight and right hand woman. The two are also the strongest fighters in their kingdom, and are commonly praised for their amazing skill. However, one evening they are overwhelmed in battle, and lose the fight. Will one fall while the other is kept? Will they both be kept? Who knows what will happen...
      i hope some of these plots are of interest, please send me an ecchi text with the title of the RP you wanna do if you’re interested 
    • Neptune
      By Neptune
      Warning: This Side Story will contain scenes of a graphic nature. This includes, but is not limited to, Heterosexual sex. If you find either of these themes distasteful, then please do not read.
      Participants: Raeghan and Luna
      Description: During their quest to find a dragon for an ingredient for Luna, she created a potion to turn Raeghan temporarily into a human. One of his desires for when he was human, was to have sex and Luna had offered to help him with just that.
      Raeghan smiled at her nervous question, his thumb stroking against her cheek again, “Well, you relax. I have more experience than you, even if I haven’t done it in a long time. So it would best if, for this kind of dance, you let me take the lead.” He said. Before she would be able to respond, he pulled her face closer before kissing her once again. This time, he deepened it by pushing his tongue past her lips and into her mouth to explore the sweet cavern. Now that she was closer, his other arm wrapped around her waist and pulled her towards him, pulling her up onto his lap. It allowed him to lean back a little, and be more leisurely in the kiss. It was quite passionate and heated, but he did it slowly to allow her to get used to the sensation of a deep kiss. He then pulled away from the kiss, tilting his head a little at her. Now that she was sitting on his lap, her head was almost level with his. A fact that quite pleased him as it made it easier for him to kiss her.
      Going along the theme of being her teacher, he told her, “Sex isn’t just about the pleasure of the one person involved. It’s about the pleasure of all. I know you want me to feel good, but I want you to feel good as well.” As he spoke, one of his hands moved up her thigh, his fingers ghosting on her pale skin before they dipped slightly under her garment but not fully, as he wanted to tease her a little. He once again kissed her lips with a full kiss that only lasted a few moments before he pulled away and pressed his lips against her throat, planting tender kisses along the unblemished flesh. A lot of women he knew liked this, as it sent tingles of pleasure through them. And he quite liked watching their reactions. Some would sigh and tilt their head for more, while others wriggled and moan. He was very curious to know what Luna’s reaction was, if there was one. He hoped that, even as she fulfilled his desire for this kind of contact, that she would get something out of this as well.
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