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My First Character Profiles


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For now we will focus on the mecha combat unit.  The specifics can be determined, though I think we will continue the Evangelion inspiration.  It will be a more secretive unit, focused on fighting an inhuman threat of some sort and requiring these younger pilots for one reason or another.  Much of their time will be spent on base, but there could be other locations too.  If other people join who want to do something else, other settings may be added, but it will just be that one for now.  This combat of the story can be covered to a degree, but it is more about the relationships between the pilots.  I am thinking we will start early on, most if not all of them have at least met already, though they probably have not interacted a lot yet and relationships/friendships/rivalries have not truly formed yet, though there may be first impressions leaning towards one in some cases.

My thought on character ages is we will focus on the younger characters, especially early on.  Adults would be around, especially in leadership positions and they may even sometimes get sexually involved with the younger characters, but they are going to be more in the background.

I’m going to start with three characters, one male, one female, one futa.  These will be the characters that get my focus, though I may play varying numbers of minor side-characters at times too.  The idea I mentioned in the polls of a male who is sometimes female is another idea I would like to do.  But that will wait as I would like him to be involved with both male and female characters.



Name: Kouta Takenaka

Gender: Male

Age: 15

Height: 5’8

Hair: Short sky blue

Eyes: Blue

Character Flaws: Extreme Anti-Socialness, Cripplingly Indecisive/Passive.  (Yeah, he is somewhat Shinji inspired, but I intend to make him his own character).

Short Bio: An unfortunate boy who has never known how to interact with others.  He has always needed others to start interactions.  Friendships were rare and easily broken by simple complications he had no capability of dealing with.  He is very quiet, often only says a few words at a time. Intensely private, not speaking much about what he really thinks, feels, or other personal matters.  He avoids people as much as possible with a mix of relief and misery at the same time.  He would like to have friends, and now he is beginning to have an interest in girls.  But he doesn’t know how to deal with any of it.

He has been forced into this unit due to a shortage of compatible pilots.  He is terrified.  He does not think he can fight, even though he knows that would put both his life and the others lives in danger.  He has avoided contact with the rest of his unit as much as possible, though he knows that is only going to get harder.  The fact that the unit seems more female than male (maybe significantly so) would be more a blessing he if thought he could do anything to take advantage of it.  It also makes him feel less like a man in some ways.

Sexual Orientation: Straight



Name: Reina Shimizu

Gender: Female

Age: 14

Height: 5’5

Hair: Short Red

Eyes: Red.

Character Flaws: Sexually Shameless (just with males, for now).  She cares about others more than herself, to a sometimes dangerous level.

Short Bio: Reina is perhaps more well adjusted than many in the unit, but isn’t quite all there.  She has always felt a compulsion to be helpful.  To do what she can to make things easier for others.  She readily shares, not complaining if something is not returned.  She assists others with their work and will even do far more than her fair share.  The idea is to be valued, her own view of what an ideal friend should be.  In the perfect world, everyone would do the same, though she does not complain about the reality, that many do not live up to that standard.

Having been recently been introduced to sex, she developed a similar view point regarding that.  That boy who took her virginity, he enjoyed it so much (she enjoyed it too, but not quite as much) that she wanted to ‘share the love’.  She does not really appreciate the idea of time or place, or that she should not be involved with certain men.  Sometimes she gets away with it, other times she is punished but she does not let the punishment stop her.  That said, she is not constantly having sex.  If a boy touches her in an even slightly affectionate way, she will go all the way in spite any protests.  Otherwise she has her own odd logic about when to initiate it.

She has accepted her place in the unit, she does not like fighting but she is doing her duty to help all of humanity.  And she intends to support her unit too (yeah, Kouta and Reina will be involved with each other to some degree, but being two of my characters, that will be more in the background).

Sexual Orientation: She thinks she is straight, but could be convinced to question it and possibly become at least bi, possibly lesbian.



Name: Ciara Rangorn

Gender: Futanari

Age: 15

Height: 5’7

Hair: Long black

Eyes: Green

Character Flaws: Can be violent at times.  Abuse due to her futanari status (possibly beaten, manipulated, maybe raped).

Short Bio: In this setting futanari are a third gender, that are known to exist but are fairly rare and sometimes secretive.  When it comes to situations where genders are segregated they are sometimes treated as women, sometimes as a third gender.  Some are honest about what they are, and some pretend to be women in public and even among friends, only revealing it to lovers, who they eventually cannot hide it from.  Sexually they like men, women and even other futanari, though many like women more than the other two.

Futanari are not always treated well.  Not quite a woman, certainly not a man.  Many find a way to succeed but for many others they have to learn to either fight back or break.  Ciara learned this quickly.  Accepted by neither the boys or girls around her in childhood, she had to fight back as best she could.  Though some fights you just can’t win and she has both emotional and perhaps physical scars to show for it.

She joined the military because she could.  Because she did not want to hide what she was and did not want to feminize to the degree many futa did (though she does still have a feminine side to a degree).  Everyone in the unit knows exactly what she is.  She can be rather on guard with men, unlike most futanari, she is still capable of being aroused by them but gets hostile when any try to hit on her or sometimes even try to be friendly with her.  Men and women had tried to mistreat her at times.  She could put the women in their place, she had mixed luck with the men.  She will make sure everyone shows her basic respect at least.

Sexual Orientation: Bi (tri technically?)

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While I don't want to pre-plan a lot, I thought I would add a few thoughts about how things might start and the early stages of development with these characters (details will of course depend on the actual character(s) they are interacting with and how the story develops).


Kouta:  So yeah, he isn't initiating anything.  The girl has to do all the work here to get things started (and a significant effort to keep things going, though he could contribute somewhat after a while).  No matter how interested he might be in a girl, he will make no effort to interact with her.  The only hints he might show of interest is looking at her (and especially looking at specific parts of her, and hoping not to be noticed doing so) and potentially an erection if he is a position for that to be noticeable (and of course that is an unreliable hint, since it could mean interest or just be random, it would be up to the girl to interpret it as she wishes).  A girl's initial motive would probably be a mix of a few things - pity sex for him and possibly desperation for her.  If her heart in a better place than many of these characters, she might also do it as a genuine act of kindness, to get closer to him and/or encourage him to open more.  At least to her.  Unless we get more members, with a male character focus, the unit is likely to be heavy imbalanced with more women than men (or futanari).  If a girl wants a boyfriend, or just male companionship, she won't have a lot of options and there will be competition for those options.  Kouta may not be impressive by any stretch, but he may be 'better than nothing' and ironically even something to take pride in or brag about compared to those who can't get anyone.


As far as the sex goes, the first time and maybe first few times are likely to be rather awkward and not very satisfying for either of them.  If they keep trying though, he will slowly become confident but he will still be very reluctant to try new things without the girl suggesting it, out of fear of messing everything up.  He won't become any sort of expert, but he will improve.  Whether it will be enough to make the girl(s) happy, is something that probably won't be known until it is written out.  We can also decide at that point if it is more casual, or if they make any attempt at being a proper couple.



Reina: For now it looks like she is primarily going down the FxF route, with any male interactions (Kouta or minor characters) being more in the background, unless we get more members.  Eventually she is likely to be as shameless with women as men, but that will take some time.  Sure, she knows lesbians and bisexuals exist, but to her the idea of sex with another woman is something she only vaguely understands is possible and does not really understand how it would work.  Even after she eventually starts, it is likely to be more of a novelty than anything at first and it would take awhile before she thinks of it the same as being with a man.  That said she is rather open minded and it may not be especially difficult for another girl to convince her to try it.  Even easier for a friend, but any girl in the unit could potentially do it.



Ciara: Ciara does not trust or open up easily.  Years of mistreatment have made her very cautious.  A man has little chance with her, even if some can still technically arouse her on occasion.  It is very likely she will never willingly sleep with a man.  A girl would find it much easier, but it would still be difficult.  Futanari identity is a complicated thing, not quite man or woman, at different times they want to be treated more like one than the other.  A girl who can figure out how to do this will have it easier, but that is easier said than done.  Even Ciara might not be able to offer advice in many cases, and be frustrated if the girl tries.  Friendship may not be necessary to start with, but developing some sort of trust or bond would make it much easier.  Having a genuine attraction to futanari in particular would also be a bonus, as she is not used to her gender being a benefit.  Though it might take some effort to convince her it is a genuine attraction.

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Name: Mei Li
Gender: Female
Age: 14
Height: 4' 9"
Hair: Very Long Brown
Eyes: Red

Character Flaws: Extreme Anti-Socialness, Past Trauma (Circumstances), Violent Streak

Short Bio: Mei used to be a happy girl before her parents were killed. After that she was left entirely on her own. One particularly traumatic experience had her shackled in the dark to a heating pipe for a couple weeks, forced to act as a plaything for the men who took her. The men lowered their guard while the wore the poor girl down. One night while they were passed out she managed to reach the keys to her cuffs, broke out, and killed the men with a fancy metal pen they had laying around.

She fights because it brings her some level of control and offers her a way to relieve her stress. During a fight she is quite aggressive and incredibly violent, often indulging in this violence to a horrific degree. Outside of battle however she becomes reclusive, not quite trusting people easily. She is especially wary of men and finds herself growing on edge if she is left alone with them. As such if she must be around others she will at least attempt to be with at least one girl. Dark places and restraints also bring her a great deal of uneasiness.

Sexual Orientation: Homosexual


Name: Chibiusa Ito
Gender: Female
Age: 15
Height: 5' 3"
Hair: Long White
Eyes: Lilac

Character Flaws: Naive, Sexually Shameless

Short Bio: Chibiusa is a bit too naive for her own good. She has a hard time mistrusting others and is often led into disadvantageous situations because of this. The fact that she loves helping others doesn't make things any easier either. Even so she is a kind soul and this often helps her through situations. She is also a bright, cheerful optimist! Also she is quite open, enough in fact that she wouldn't mind performing sexual acts in front of others. After all the more the merrier, right?

She fights to help others. Simple as that.

Sexual Orientation: Pansexual


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I'm liking the profiles, just wanted to be sure on what you were thinking with Mei Li's sexuality, and if/to what degree it might shift.  Specifically whether it is simply because of her experiences or something more deep down and permanent that likely would have ended up that way even under better circumstances?  Whether it would be the case that nothing would happen between her and Kouta, at least without incredibly unusual circumstances, or if she might (probably under unlikely circumstances again) warm up to him?  Also was not sure if you were counting a futa as male or female for something like that.  I don't care either way, just wanted a sense of how likely she was to end up with each of my characters.

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Well I don't like planning things out too in depth. I enjoy going with the flow of what happens! However as far as Mei Li goes I'd say it was probably mostly brought on by her trauma. It wouldn't be impossible for her to fall for a boy, or to at least do something willingly with one. Obviously something unwilling would be, well, unwilling. Warming up to a boy isn't impossible, but it'd also be very difficult for her. As for futa that'd probably fall in the realm of her being fine with it, although doing anything sexual might make her a little uneasy.

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Did not want to plan too much either, that was about as much I wanted to know about that.  There might be some opportunities to draw them closer, but what they are and whether or not it actually happens will be figured out as we go.  Of course he has the interesting personality which may infuriate her/make her feel contempt for him but at the same time make him feel less threatening.  Though while his core issues are not likely change drastically and only change slowly to the extent they do, it is safe to say she would not be his first girl if/when that does happen, as both Reina and Chibiusa are likely to warm up to him long before that.

Since it looks like it will just be these 5 plus any minor/background characters one or both of us plays, I'll work on getting something started that will have all five of them together for a little while, before breaking them into smaller groups and we can decide then exactly how to break them up and who to focus on first.

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Oh, alright! Him being less threatening might actually be in his favor towards bettering relations with her. Part of it for her and men is hatred, but another big part is just fear. And yeah I wouldn't be surprised if Chibiusa took the initiative with being with him.

Also that sounds good to me!

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