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Tactical harem

Most of these groups seem like they are dead

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Tactical harem

I assume you all are already in long form RPs or just lost interest in this. I hardly see anyone post.

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Yeah... unfortunately it's mostly been that way with almost all Clubs ever since Clubs were first introduced to EcchiDreams. I don't exactly know why that is, but I'd theorise that it's because most users are more involved in and dedicated towards Roleplaying (long-term, short-term, in EcchiTexts, or in the Public RP Club) - it is primarily what users come here for, after all.

The same can somewhat be said about the Forums section of the site, which is also fairly inactive and has been known to go through some droughts where no one has posted anything in quite some time.

Within the last two months I have been trying to stick to a schedule I drafted myself in my spare time, where I try and upload one or two images into the galleries of several smaller Clubs to try and populate and bring some attention to them - "resurrect them", so to speak. I think a lot of these Clubs are deserving of playing a far more substantial role in fulfilling the EcchiDreams community, and being seen more like an additional amenity which can foster a variety of recreation, as to opposed to us providing a community that only offers Roleplay, and nothing else.

In regards to my efforts to rejuvenate some of the Clubs, I think my occasional submissions to the Galleries have worked slightly, and I have observed a little bit of activity from others in some of the Clubs I post to regularly.

I do sometimes feel as though the Topics in individual Clubs could be populated too, but fulfilling that is a challenge, especially taking into consideration how... niche and concentrated on a specific genre/basis some of the Clubs can be, thus limiting the amount of potential discussion(s) to be had.

All in all, I do agree with you and I'd say you have raised a good point about the Clubs appearing to be dead. Sadly there is not much I, individually, can do to rectify this. If a Club is going to thrive in prevalence and stability, it is going to require a strenuous and dedicated team effort - a community effort - and that is ultimately up to the people in the aggregate, should they wish to strive for that.

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Tactical harem

Same. I have been trying to post a lot of photos to the groups and comment on others posts and pictures to spark interest for people but I think everyone just got real busy with life. I can understand that. I was away for almost 2 weeks! I am not really a fan of group RPs so I get that. But like you said, one person can only do so much!

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