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What would you want in rebirth?

Yuuto Hiroshige

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Let’s say after death, instead of heaven/hell, reincarnation or nothing but darkness...say your life restarts with no memory. Like you are born on same day again, same year, same family and friends etc. What would be the one thing you want to have changed?

Ill start off first, what I would changed? “My parents didn’t divorce, my parents, my siblings and I living together in one house T~T”

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My extensive list of regrets is hard to make a single selection from, but if I was conscious enough of a past life to make a change, I would tell my mother to ask for an ultrasound from her incompetent doctors when she went in asking them about pain in her mid section. That's all it could have taken to catch cancer early enough to hopefully beat it, and she could still be with us today.

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