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Today, we have a rather short update, but we've got some fairly significant progress towards the completion of our little project here!


First of all, in anticipation of our next dungeon, I went ahead and purchased a new friend area: Waterfall Lake. This area is only used for two pokemon we've yet to run into, but we might in this dungeon!

gARlZrx.png Q48pKpw.png

This time, we're going to be taking on the last of these optional side dungeons: Waterfall Pond. This dungeon is available after clearing the main story. However, in order to access the dungeon, we'll need the HM for Waterfall which we got from the locked chamber on floor 15 of Solar Cave. This was the one that didn't require a pokemon to cross water. Waterfall is a slightly weaker version of Surf that has an extra PP. Surf is generally better, but the difference between the two is incredibly minor, so it isn't too terrible of a downgrade to just swap the moves out. We can always teach Surf with the HM again after we get back, and giving Waterfall to Allia can help free up a space in our inventory.

160.png 003.png 355.png

I came along with Allia, Nature, and Grim the Duskull who we recruited in Darknight Relic. I have my reasons for bringing him along.



Waterfall Cave

MDBag_Pok%C3%A9_RTRB_Sprite.png MDBag_Stone_RTRB_Sprite.png MDBag_Cheri_Berry_TDS_Sprite.png MDBag_Oran_Berry_TDS_Sprite.png MDBag_Pecha_Berry_RTRB_Sprite.png MDBag_Seed_TDS_Sprite.png MDBag_Seed_TDS_Sprite.png MDBag_Seed_TDS_Sprite.png MDBag_Drink_RTRB_Sprite.png

The items available in this dungeon are incredibly rudimentary: Poke; Geo-Pebbles; Ceri, Oran, and Pecha Berries; Blast, Heal, and Warp Seeds; and Max Elixirs.

Sticky_Trap_RTRB_TDS.png Grimy_Trap_RTRB_TDS.png PP-Zero_Trap_RTRB_TDS.png Seal_Trap_RTRB_TDS.png Mud_Trap_RTRB_TDS.png Warp_Trap_RTRB_TDS.png

The traps are also fairly simple: Sticky and Grime Traps; PP-Zero and Seal Traps; Mud Traps; and Warp Traps. Sticky Traps are an annoyance but they aren't too much of a hassle. Just come prepared with a Cleanse Orb or two.


Waterfall Pond [B1F - B2F]

258.png 270.png 060.png 118.png 339.png

For the first two floors, you can find a variety of Water-type pokemon. The types of pokemon you'll run into here shouldn't be too much of a surprise. They're of course pokemon that live in rivers and ponds. You'll also quickly find that this is another locaition where you can recruit some pokemon you could potentially start as. In this case: Mudkip, who requires Peanut Swamp alongside Barboach. Lotad and Poliwag both require Tadpole Pond. Lastly, Goldeen requires Rub-a-dub River to recruit.

Be mindful of Poliwag's Water Absorb ability, especially if you have a new recruit with you. Barboach's Magnitude can also wreak some havoc on your team, so make sure to take them out first!


While exploring this dungeon, I was able to recruit a Mudkip which I named River!



New Recruit: Team Recover


River (Mudkip); Lv. 28


Item: None

Ability: Torrent; Moves: Water Gun, Growl, Foresight, Take Down


Waterfall Pond [B3F]

258.png 270.png 060.png 118.png 339.png 194.png

On B3F, Wooper will join along. Like the other Water/Ground types, Wooper also requires Peanut Swamp to recruit.


Waterfall Pond [B4F - B5F]

060.png 118.png 339.png 194.png 283.png

Mudkip and Lotad bow out on B4F, making room for Surskit who can be recruited with Tadpole Pond.


Waterfall Pond [B6F]

194.png 283.png 158.png 341.png

On B6F, Poliwag, Goldeen, and Barboach leave in favor of Totodile and Corphish. Of course, Totodile requires Rub-a-dub River while Corphish requires Turtleshell Pond.


Waterfall Pond [B7F]

283.png 158.png 341.png 129.png

On B7F, Wooper is gone but, in Blue Rescue Team only, you can run into Magikarp! Magikarp, of course, seems incredibly useless on the surface. However, once you get it out of the dungeon and evolved, it becomes a powerhouse! Granted, I'm not sure how worthwhile Gyarados really is. Be mindful that he is a Size 4 pokemon, so at that point you might want to bring in a legendary like Kyogre instead. But, if you want Magikarp, you can recruit it with Waterfall Lake.


Waterfall Pond [B8F]

158.png 341.png 129.png 007.png

Squirtle takes Surskit's place on B8F. Another starter! Squirtle requires Turtleshell Pond to recruit.


Waterfall Pond [B9F - B10F]

158.png 341.png 129.png 007.png 061.png

Poliwhirl joins in on B9F. As an evolved pokemon, it has a -19% recruit rate.


Waterfall Pond [B11F]

341.png 129.png 007.png 061.png

Totodile is gone on B11F.


Waterfall Pond [B12F]

341.png 007.png 061.png 284.png

Magikarp will no longer appear on B12F, and instead you'll start to find Masquerain. Masquerain is a fully-evolved pokemon, so it can't be recruited.


Waterfall Pond [B13F]

061.png 284.png 271.png 259.png

B13F bids farewell to Corphish and Squirtle and brings along Lombre and Marshtomp. Both of these pokemon have a -19% recruitment rate.


Waterfall Pond [B14F]

284.png 271.png 259.png

Poliwhirl is gone on B14F.


Waterfall Pond [B15F]

284.png 271.png 259.png 195.png 340.png

And Quagsire and Whiscash join on B15F, neither of whom can be recruited.


Waterfall Pond [B16F]

284.png 271.png 259.png 195.png 340.png 349.png

In Red Rescue Team only, Feebas will join the fray on B16F as a counterpart to Magikarp. Like Magikarp, Feebas can be recruited with Waterfall Lake as well. Unfortunately, it's not quite as easy to evolve as Magikarp since you'll need an item we don't have access to just yet. Just like Gyarados, Milotic is a Size 4 pokemon, so it's probably not really worthwhile to commit so hard to a new recruit, but the option is there if you want it.


Waterfall Pond [B17F - B18F]

284.png 259.png 195.png 340.png 349.png 062.png

On B17F, Lombre will leave and Poliwrath will join in. Poliwrath can be a bit annoying. Once again, Water Absorb is a bit of an annoyance in a dungeon full of Water-type recruits. In addition, it can soak up quite a bit of damage. Of course, he can't be recruited, either.


Waterfall Pond [B19F]

284.png 195.png 340.png 349.png 062.png

On B19F, Marshtomp bids farewell as well.



And that's the end of the dungeon! It doesn't serve much of a purpose aside from allowing you to obtain more water pokemon, perhaps to get a decently strong pokemon capable of using the Water-type HMs you've received recently? It's probably not a very difficult dungeon for a reason. After Darknight Relic, this was a nice, relaxing dungeon to go through. And thankfully, I think our next destination will probably be pretty easy for us as well. Next time, we'll finally be able to progress through one of the multitude of plot threads we've opened up.

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Once again, there wasn't much in the way for us as far as missions go, so we can finally turn our attention toward our various plot threads, beginning with the Northern Range so that we can investigate the mysterious TM Thief from the other day.

In order to trigger this story event, you must accomplish two things:


First, you must have access to the Southern Island Friend Area, which is available at Wigglytuff Club for 9,500P during the postgame.


Secondly, you must have obtained the HM for Surf from floor 20 of Solar Cave. While it's generally best to obtain this HM with a pokemon capable of traveling over water, you can also obtain it by having an enemy Claydol wander over it to pick it up. Though the Surf HM thankfully isn't required to reach the dungeon like Dive for Stormy Sea, it is a requirement for the dungeon to become available in the first place.

Once these two requirements are met, you should see the previously covered cutscene in which a mysterious thief makes off with a variety of TMs from the Kecleon Shop and heads off towards the Northern Range. It's up to us to seek this thief out and recover the stolen goods!

160.png 329.png 355.png

It's worth noting that this dungeon is filled with Flying-type pokemon, so I decided to leave Nature at home and bring along Bite and Grim. This is a super-mobile team capable of traveling over water as well!



Northern Range

MDBag_Pok%C3%A9_RTRB_Sprite.png MDBag_Scarf_RTRB_Sprite.png MDBag_Scarf_RTRB_Sprite.png MDBag_Scarf_RTRB_Sprite.png MDBag_Scarf_RTRB_Sprite.png MDBag_Scarf_RTRB_Sprite.png MDBag_Scarf_RTRB_Sprite.png MDBag_Scarf_RTRB_Sprite.png MDBag_Scarf_RTRB_Sprite.png MDBag_Scarf_RTRB_Sprite.png MDBag_Scarf_RTRB_Sprite.png MDBag_Glasses_RTRB_Sprite.png MDBag_Stone_RTRB_Sprite.png MDBag_Iron_Thorn_RTRB_TDS_Sprite.png MDBag_Silver_Spike_RTRB_TDS_Sprite.png MDBag_Cheri_Berry_TDS_Sprite.png MDBag_Oran_Berry_TDS_Sprite.png MDBag_Pecha_Berry_RTRB_Sprite.png MDBag_Rawst_Berry_RTRB_Sprite.png MDBag_Seed_RTRB_Sprite.png MDBag_Seed_RTRB_Sprite.png MDBag_Seed_RTRB_Sprite.png MDBag_Seed_RTRB_Sprite.png MDBag_Seed_RTRB_Sprite.png MDBag_Drink_RTRB_Sprite.png MDBag_TM_RTRB_Sprite.png MDBag_Wonder_Orb_TDS_Sprite.png

We've once again got a pretty standard array of items available to us: Poke; Def., Pecha, and Warp Scarves; Gold, Heal, and Joy Ribbons; Persim, Power, Racket, and Stamina Bands; X-Ray Specs; Gravelrocks; Iron Thorns and Silver Spikes; Cheri, Oran, Pecha, and Rawst Berries; Blast, Heal, Hunger, Quick, and Reviver Seeds; Max Elixirs; and assorted TMs and Wonder Orbs.

Pok%C3%A9mon_Trap_RTRB_TDS.png Explosion_Trap_RTRB_TDS.png Selfdestruct_Trap_RTRB_TDS.png Sticky_Trap_RTRB_TDS.png Grimy_Trap_RTRB_TDS.png Summon_Trap_RTRB_TDS.png Warp_Trap_RTRB_TDS.png Gust_Trap_RTRB_TDS.png PP-Zero_Trap_RTRB_TDS.png Seal_Trap_RTRB_TDS.png Poison_Trap_RTRB_TDS.png Spin_Trap_RTRB_TDS.png Slumber_Trap_RTRB_TDS.png Slow_Trap_RTRB_TDS.png Mud_Trap_RTRB_TDS.png Chestnut_Trap_RTRB_TDS.png

In the trap department, we've got lots of fun ones: Pokemon Traps; Explosion and Self-Destruct Traps; Sticky and Grimy Traps; Summon Traps; Warp and Gust Traps; PP-Zero and Seal Traps; Poison, Spin, Slumber, Slow, and Mud Traps; and then petty Chestnut Traps.


Northern Range [1F - 5F]

163.png 267.png 291.png 085.png 189.png

The pokemon available on the first floor are Hoothoot, who can be recruited with Flyaway Forest, Beautifly, Ninjask, Dodrio, and Jumpluff. Only the former of which is actually recruitable. The rest are all fully evolved pokemon. Among them, Ninjask is probably the most annoying since it likes to boost its stats before coming into range of any of your attacks. But some gravelrocks can easily put a stop to it before it becomes too much of an annoyance.

Right off the bat, you can see that, not only are there a lot of Flying-types, but most of them are fully evolved as well! And it's quite true. Most of the pokemon in this dungeon are unfortunately unrecruitable. The few that are recruitable just happen to be around in dungeons we've already visited. So there's really nothing super special about this dungeon in terms of new recruits.


On the 4th floor, you'll run into a random weather effect. In my case, cloudy.


Northern Range [6F]

267.png 291.png 085.png 189.png 167.png

On the 6th floor, Hoothoot is replaced with Spinarak. Spinarak can be recruited with Secretive Forest.


Northern Range [7F]

291.png 085.png 189.png 167.png 277.png

Beautifly is gone on the 7th floor but in comes Swellow! Thankfully, Swellow isn't quite high enough level to utilize that dreaded Endeavor. Of course, it can't be recruited.



Northern Range [8F - 11F]

On the 8th floor, the dungeon shifts to this slightly smoother design compared to the rough stone we've been traveling over before.

167.png 277.png 018.png

Many of the pokemon from earlier disappear here, but Pidgeotto joins in. Pidgeotto, too, is fully evolved and can't be recruited.


On the 11th floor is another random weather effect: Fog for me.


Northern Range [12F - 13F]

277.png 018.png 166.png

Starting on the 12th floor, you'll start to find Ledian in place of Spinarak. Their SuperSonic can come at really unfortunate times. Not to mention Reflect and Light Screen can make them take a while to kill, so don't underestimate them.


Northern Range [14F - 16F]

018.png 166.png 178.png

The next pokemon to join in is Xatu! Unfortunately, not the friendly Xatu who likes to share his wisdom with us. He can't be recruited either!


Another random weather effect is ready to meet you on the 15th floor. In this case, Snow.



Northern Range [17F]

On the 17th floor, we've reached the snow-capped peaks of the mountains!

166.png 178.png 022.png

You'd think that'd mean a notable shift in the types of pokemon we encounter, but no, more birds. This time, Fearow takes the place of Pidgeotto.


Northern Range [18F]

166.png 178.png 022.png 176.png

Another unrecruitable, Togetic, joins on the 18th floor.


Northern Range [19F]

178.png 022.png 176.png 164.png

On the next floor, Hoothoot's evolution, Noctowl, joins the fight. But again, fully evolved, so no recruits.


Northern Range [20F]

178.png 022.png 176.png 164.png 336.png

The 20th floor brings along Seviper who can be recruited with the Wild Plains.


Nothern Range [21F - 24F]

022.png 176.png 164.png 336.png

For the remainder of the dungeon, Xatu ceases to appear.


It might seem a little late, but this deep in, you could potentially start to see Spike Traps in addition to the other traps you've been stumbling over the whole way up.


Furthermore, specifically on floors 23 and 24, you can start to find Link Boxes!


On floor 23, I recruited a Seviper! While I'm pretty sure I already have one, I figured the extra teammate might come in handy. We're at the end of the dungeon anyway and literally no other pokemon are recruitable, so we may as well let him tag along. I named him Toxin.



New Recruit: Team Recover


Toxin (Seviper); Lv. 25


Item: None

Ability: Shed Skin | Moves: Glare, Screech, Bite, Lick


ylQK1gI.png KaMcFmF.png

On the 25th floor, you'll reach the end of the dungeon where you'll come face to face with the thief from before!

t01rlyu.png I0Uh88I.png FnBJ1y2.png

The thief introduces himself as the Eon Pokemon Latios! And as a Legendary Pokemon, he refuses to back down just because he's been cornered!



Team Recover

160.png 329.png 355.png 336.png


Allia (Feraligatr); Lv. 35


Item: Stamina Band MDBag_Scarf_RTRB_Sprite.png

Ability: Torrent | Moves: Dig, Scary Face + Surf, Ice Beam


Bite (Vibrava); Lv. 38


Item: Special Band MDBag_Scarf_RTRB_Sprite.png

Ability: Levitate | Moves: Dig, DragonBreath, Sand-Attack, Crunch


Grim (Duskull); Lv. 35


Item: [Sticky] Def. Scarf MDBag_Scarf_RTRB_Sprite.png

Ability: Levitate | Moves: Curse, Pursuit, Confuse Ray, Foresight


Toxin (Seviper); Lv. 25


Item: None

Ability: Shed Skin | Moves: Glare, Screech, Bite, Lick




Vs. Latios

Believe it or not, it actually wasn't a mistake to enter this fight with a full party. Latios cannot actually be recruited the same way as the other legendaries we've faced, so you may as well come at him at your full strength. 

UmTsTGl.png pby2CHT.png FGp4Qmb.png

This battle was actually quite a joke thanks to Allia's Ice Beam and Bite's DragonBreath. With these two moves, we can hit Latios with super-effective hits from any range. In addition, Grim's Confuse Ray can send Latios wandering off in random directions, giving us the edge to swoop in with some free pot shots while he recovers from confusion! It wasn't long at all before the dungeon was cleared.


OyMelsB.png LQ81m1o.png 942bKUv.png

Even after defeat, Latios seems insistent on not giving up. It seem she must have an important cause to fight with such resolve, but he's pushing himself too far and winds up falling unconscious.

FzJwtLS.png TUR7qq4.png

So, we bring Latios back to Pokemon Square where he can explain what's going on. Not only can we make him atone for his crimes, but perhaps we can help him with the apparent larger problem at hand.

vCHSQ0p.png vLDWJwj.png xfy3uhD.png

Kecleon of course has a few choice words for this thief, but Alakazam insists we hear his story out.

rKnfrlQ.png vpT8Twb.png

Unable to fly due to his injury, Latios has no choice but to explain why he's so desperate. He explains that his sister, Latias, fell into a place called Pitfall Valley, a location that seems shocking even to Alakazam. That might be a little more unnerving if this weren't the guy who inexplicably got his butt kicked by Groudon.


When asked about Pitfall Valley by Nature, Kecleon insists that the place is said to be incredibly dangerous, that it's a place that cannot be escaped from. I suppose even Rescue Badges aren't capable of teleporting you out of this place?

3xTARnV.png 0MYUmbu.png 9hHC0U9.png

Latios continues to explain that Latias had been struck by a falling meteorite and fell into Pitfall Valley where a rescue seems utterly hopeless...

uArawMC.png 3KnTG50.png

Nature suggests that the meteorite Latias was struck by may have been a chunk of the meteor destroyed by Rayquaza. In which case, even though it was for the greater good, we just might be able to consider ourselves partially to blame for this tragedy, so we might have a duty to perform this daring rescue... but how can we achieve a rescue from such a dangerous place?

iJJeOw5.png ScqK517.png

Latios goes on to explain that he went to Pitfall Valley in an attempt to rescue Latias, but couldn't get very far before being forced to retreat. Out of desperation, he turned to stealing TMs from Pokemon Square in an effort to become stronger.

BPONFTv.png iAwIMVf.png 27DlfmA.png

Alakazam quickly recognizes a major flaw in Latios' plight. He intended to navigate his way to the depths of Pitfall Valley, but... with no way out, he would only become trapped in the valley alongside his sister.

B8t7i98.png m8ScdCa.png

Of course, this has crossed Latios' mind already, but he asserts that he would rather die by his sister's side than allow her to remain alone to her own demise. This assertion is immediately dismissed by Alakazam as foolish. Surely Latias wouldn't wish for Latios to become trapped as well. Thinking about it from this perspective, it's almost selfish for Latios to sacrifice his life just because he misses his sister. No, there's certainly a better solution: A rescue.

dfdYQNf.png hGbYJfR.png

When asked about how a rescue from a place like Pitfall Valley could be possible, Alakazam suggests that we use the Teleport Gem.

Obviously, the Teleport Gem got destroyed in the explosion at the end of the story. However, the tiny fragments still hold enough power to teleport us a short distance. While we can't use it to get to the sky anymore, we should be able to use it to get outside from the depths of Pitfall Valley!

CRxoGfW.png jLaKxhy.png

With this idea in mind, Nature jumps at the opportunity to accept the rescue request! It's a job only we can do, of course! With that, Pitfall Valley is now available!

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Once again, there was still no pair of missions to take care of yet, so I went off to our next destination. After having heard Latios' plight and learned of the danger his sister Latias was in, I think there's no dungeon we should be making our way toward besides Pitfall Valley.



Pitfall Valley

This dungeon is where Latias found herself crashing after being struck by a meteorite. It's said to be so deep that no pokemon can escape from it, but with a shard of the broken teleport gem we used to get to Sky Tower, we should be capable of breaking that limitation and performing a rescue that would otherwise be impossible.

The dungeon itself more or less just feels like a more difficult version of Northern Range. There are a lot of Flying-type pokemon, so I once again left Nature behind. I opted to enter the dungeon with only two teammates due to a small misunderstanding. I saw that this dungeon only allowed you to enter with a team of three pokemon and assumed that meant I couldn't have more than three pokemon on my team, that is, I'd be unable to recruit any pokemon. As it turns out, I was mistaken and actually was capable of recruiting pokemon with a team of three which I'd soon find out on accident.

Just a heads up, I strongly recommend packing some extra Max Elixirs and Reviver Seeds. You might need 'em.

MDBag_Pok%C3%A9_RTRB_Sprite.png MDBag_Scarf_RTRB_Sprite.png MDBag_Scarf_RTRB_Sprite.png MDBag_Scarf_RTRB_Sprite.png MDBag_Scarf_RTRB_Sprite.png MDBag_Scarf_RTRB_Sprite.png MDBag_Scarf_RTRB_Sprite.png MDBag_Scarf_RTRB_Sprite.png MDBag_Scarf_RTRB_Sprite.png MDBag_Scarf_RTRB_Sprite.png MDBag_Scarf_RTRB_Sprite.png MDBag_Glasses_RTRB_Sprite.png MDBag_Stone_RTRB_Sprite.png MDBag_Iron_Thorn_RTRB_TDS_Sprite.png MDBag_Silver_Spike_RTRB_TDS_Sprite.png MDBag_Cheri_Berry_TDS_Sprite.png MDBag_Oran_Berry_TDS_Sprite.png MDBag_Pecha_Berry_RTRB_Sprite.png MDBag_Rawst_Berry_RTRB_Sprite.png MDBag_Seed_TDS_Sprite.png MDBag_Seed_TDS_Sprite.png MDBag_Seed_TDS_Sprite.png MDBag_Seed_TDS_Sprite.png MDBag_Seed_TDS_Sprite.png MDBag_Drink_RTRB_Sprite.png MDBag_TM_RTRB_Sprite.png MDBag_Wonder_Orb_TDS_Sprite.png

The items here seem to be identical to the ones in the Northern Range. They include Poke; Def., Pecha, and Warp Scarves; Gold, Heal, and Joy Ribbons; Persim, Power, Racket, and Stamina Bands; X-Ray Specs; Gravelrocks; Iron Thorns and Silver Spikes; Cheri, Oran, Pecha, and Rawst Berries; Blast, Heal, Hunger, Quick, and Reviver Seeds; Max Elixirs; and then an array of TMs and Wonder Orbs.

Sticky_Trap_RTRB_TDS.png Grimy_Trap_RTRB_TDS.png Pitfall_Trap_RTRB_TDS.png Warp_Trap_RTRB_TDS.png Gust_Trap_RTRB_TDS.png Summon_Trap_RTRB_TDS.png Pok%C3%A9mon_Trap_RTRB_TDS.png Explosion_Trap_RTRB_TDS.png Selfdestruct_Trap_RTRB_TDS.png Chestnut_Trap_RTRB_TDS.png PP-Zero_Trap_RTRB_TDS.png Seal_Trap_RTRB_TDS.png Spin_Trap_RTRB_TDS.png Slumber_Trap_RTRB_TDS.png Poison_Trap_RTRB_TDS.png Mud_Trap_RTRB_TDS.png Slow_Trap_RTRB_TDS.png

The traps you encounter are also much the same save for the addition of Pitfall Traps. The traps include Sticky and Grime Traps; Pitfall, Warp, and Gust Traps; Summon and Pokemon Traps; Explosion and SelfDestruct Traps; Chestnut Traps; PP-Zero and Seal Traps; Spin, Poison, and Slumber Traps; and Mud and Slow Traps. Be wary that, while Pitfall Traps can helpfully progress you to the next floor, they can potentially instantly KO one of your allies if they're unfortunate enough to step on one before the leader.

160.png 329.png

While venturing into this dungeon, I brought Allia and Bite.


Pitfall Valley [B1F - B3F]

277.png 018.png 165.png 083.png

For the first three floors, you'll find Swellow, Pidgeot, Ledyba, and Farfetch'd. None of these are too scary, but be wary of the range on Swellow and Pidgeot's Quick Attack. Of course, Ledyba's Supersonic can also be a pain. But all of these guys are pretty easy to pick off. Swellow and Pidgeot of course cannot be recruit. Ledbya can be recruited with Mist-Rise Forest and Farfetch'd with Wild Plains.

I failed to get a screenshot, but on the 3rd floor, you'll run into a random weather effect. In my case, it was Fog.


Pitfall Valley [B4F - B6F]

277.png 018.png 165.png 083.png 187.png 021.png 020.png 012.png

Starting on the fourth floor, the pokemon you can find are doubled with the addition of Hoppip, Spearow, Raticate, and Butterfree. Hoppip can be recruited with Beau Plains and Spearow with Ravaged Field. Raticate and Butterfree, nautrally, cannot be recruited. These guys don't change the game much at all.


You'll find a random weather effect on B6F. Snow for me.


Pitfall Valley [B7F - B8F]

187.png 021.png 020.png 012.png 084.png 333.png

The first four pokemon will stop appearing on the seventh floor to make room for Doduo and Swablu. Doduo can be recruited with the Safari while Swablu can be recruited with Flyaway Forest.


On B8F, I was able to recruit a new teammate! Cover the Swablu!



New Recruit: Team Recover


Cover (Swablu); Lv. 24


Item: None

Ability: Natural Cure | Moves: Sing, Fury Attack, Safeguard, Mist


Pitfall Valley [B9F]

021.png 020.png 012.png 084.png 333.png 193.png

On B9F, Hoppip will give way to Yanma who can also be recruited with Mist-Rise Forest.


Pitfall Valley [B10F - B12F]

084.png 333.png 193.png 284.png

The second wave of enemies is now gone starting with B10F, with the unrecruitable Masquerain taking their place.


On B10F, you'll find another random weather effect. It's a Sandstorm here!


And on B11F, the dungeon's aesthetic shifts from the desert-like tileset to a cave theme.


Pitfall Valley [B13F - B14F]

193.png 284.png 123.png

On B13F, the party's thinning as Doduo and Swablu leave the fray and only Scyther joins to fill their gap.


Pitfall Valley [B15F]

193.png 123.png 188.png 142.png

On B15F, Masquerain disappears and is replaced with Skiploom, a -19% recruit, and Aerodactyl who can be recruited with Ancient Relic. Aerodactyl, of course, is just as obnoxious here as in Sky Tower. It can take a beating, baiting you into using your strongest attacks and tanking their already-low PP with its Pressure ability. Then it's got its own powerful attacks to dish out against you. If you aren't prepared, these guys can seriously mess you up. And you're going to be seeing a lot of these annoying beasts. Max Elixirs are your friends here.


B15F is also home to another random weather effect. Hail for me.


Pitfall Valley [B16F - B18F]

123.png 188.png 142.png

Yanma is gone! Unfortunately, that really just means we'll be running into Aerodactyl even more consistently now.


On the 17th floor, I was able to recruit another new member: a Scyther! I named it Sickle. It might seem odd for me to accept another teammate now, but Sickle here is not only much higher level than Machete, but Machete is evolved, meaning I technically don't have a Scyther on my team anymore. May as well fill out our friend areas as much as we can!



New Recruit: Team Recover


Sickle (Scyther); Lv. 32


Item: None

Ability: Swarm | Moves: Slash, Wing Attack, Agility, False Swipe


Pitfall Valley [B19F - B20F]

188.png 142.png

Scyther ceases to appear on the 18th floor, leaving you stuck with even more Aerodactyl!!


Pitfall Valley [B21F - B25F]


And if you thought the game might let up, think again! For the last five floors, Aerodactyl is the only pokemon that can spawn, meaning every pokemon that appears will be an Aerodactyl. Just be thankful there aren't any Monster Houses in this dungeon. What a nightmare that would be! I can't stress enough how important it is to bring Max Elixirs into this dungeon because you really will need them here. Or at least some Warp Seeds or Warp Orbs and the like to get them away from you. The good news is this is absolutely the best place to come to recruit Aerodactyl for your team!


Just like before, you'll start to find Link Boxes in the last few floors as well. Considering the Aerodactyl walls, you might need these to re-link your moves.


In addition, you'll start to run into Spiked Tiles as well, so keep your eyes peeled for those, too.



Thankfully, no boss lies at the end of the dungeon, so you're home free once you've braved the endurance round of Aerodactyl.


yqP4ghw.png xsA1UVO.png IZAuNyW.png

We've finally reached the depths of the valley and found Latias! We check on her and find that she's thankfully unhurt! Well, she's injured from the meteorite, but she's managed to stay safe for the rescue!

 CWQKKmQ.png QZvDqSJ.png

Using the fragment of the Teleport Gem, we're able to successfully escape from the valley!

QuV3hwH.png DcEtict.png d3Es11q.png

Back home, we get a genuinely sweet reunion between the two siblings which just makes your heart happy to see! The fact that they animated these two hugging is just the sweetest thing to me!

yK9nhiR.png zcRZS97.png

And it seems I'm not the only one getting emotional over it.

Xvv5Byz.png wSlfMCk.png OmBzWWY.png

Latios offers an emotional thank-you speech for us considering the hopeless situation we saved his dear sister from. But it's nothing, really. This is exactly why we became a rescue team in the first place! Not to mention, as I suggested earlier, justified or not, the accident was arguably caused by our intervention in the first place, so it was only right that we perform the rescue.

hcmkFd8.png 2qYN6Pb.png

With no way to pay us for our rescue, Latias and Latios offer their service instead. They wish to lend their power to us as members of our rescue team!

4kBCkNO.png vLf1p8i.png swPx5LN.png

Of course we can't say no to an offer like that! And not one, but two legendary pokemon for free? I can't think of any better reward!



New Recruits: Team Recover


East (Latios); Lv. 30


Item: None

Ability: Levitate | Moves: Memnto, DragonBreath, Safeguard, Helping Hand


West (Latias); Lv. 28


Item: None

Ability: Levitate | Moves: Water Sport, DragonBreath, Safeguard, Helping Hand


381.png 380.png

Since every legendary we've recruited so far has had a 4-star size, you might've been under the impression that these two could never be on the same team together. Fortunately, Latios is actually a 2-star size pokemon, a size that's quite rare, actually, while Latias is regularly sized at 1 star! These two can easily fit on a team together with room to spare! You might actually get quite a bit of use out of them!


Since you have to buy their friend area, Southern Island, in order to gain access to the Northern Range in the first place, these story recruits unfortunately don't mean any potential free friend areas.

And with that, we've resolved our first post-game plot thread! It was a brief introduction to what we can expect out of these postgame threads. Next time, it seems like we've gotten the most pressing concerns out of the way, so we can set some time aside to finally start investigating that strange Spinda's mirage pokemon quest. Next time, it's off to Fiery Field!

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Last time, we finished up the plot thread following the story of Latios and Latias and recruited the both of them! Now, it's time to look into Spinda's plight to seek out the mirage pokemon. Xatu told us to head northwest to the Fiery Field for answers about the clear wing we were given. I went into a little bit of prep work first.


Before continuing onward, I went ahead and bought the Crater from the Wigglytuff Club.

218.png 240.png 322.png 324.png

The Crater allows you to recruit Magcargo, Magby, Numel, and Torkoal who could all previously be found in Mt. Blaze. Needless to say, these generic Fire-types are going to be found a lot here in a dungeon called Fiery Field.



In addition, I also taught East Fly by HM and Dragonbreath by Gulpin in place of Memento and Psywave.


JL2v26o.png baQtSte.png

Fiery Field

This dungeon is unlocked as a part of the Spinda storyline. In order to open the way here, you'll need to visit Xatu at the top of the Great Canyon after receiving the Clear Wing from Spinda. In order to get here, you'll need the HM for Surf from Solar Cave as well. Since Allia knows Surf already, she can cover that requirement with ease.

The big threat here, however, is the special game rule. This is our first time seeing anything like this. The game will autosave upon entering the dungeon. I originally assumed that this meant you couldn't return to the base after departing, sort of like the Fugitive story arc. However, I found out the hard way that this save actually serves a completely different purpose: It prevents you from save scumming if you happen to fail. If you turn off the game without autosaving and before successfully exiting the dungeon, the game will treat it as though you were KO'd and you'll lose your items and money. A really harsh punishment, for sure. I found this out the hard way when I started my first run by stepping on a sticky trap as my literal first step...

MDBag_Pok%C3%A9_RTRB_Sprite.png MDBag_Scarf_RTRB_Sprite.png MDBag_Scarf_RTRB_Sprite.png MDBag_Scarf_RTRB_Sprite.png MDBag_Scarf_RTRB_Sprite.png MDBag_Scarf_RTRB_Sprite.png MDBag_Scarf_RTRB_Sprite.png MDBag_Scarf_RTRB_Sprite.png MDBag_Scarf_RTRB_Sprite.png MDBag_Scarf_RTRB_Sprite.png MDBag_Glasses_RTRB_Sprite.png MDBag_Stone_RTRB_Sprite.png MDBag_Iron_Thorn_RTRB_TDS_Sprite.png MDBag_Silver_Spike_RTRB_TDS_Sprite.png MDBag_Stick_RTRB_TDS_Sprite.png MDBag_Apple_TDS_Sprite.png MDBag_Cheri_Berry_TDS_Sprite.png MDBag_Chesto_Berry_RTRB_TDS_Sprite.png MDBag_Oran_Berry_TDS_Sprite.png MDBag_Pecha_Berry_RTRB_Sprite.png MDBag_Rawst_Berry_RTRB_Sprite.png

MDBag_Seed_RTRB_Sprite.png MDBag_Seed_RTRB_Sprite.png MDBag_Seed_RTRB_Sprite.png MDBag_Seed_RTRB_Sprite.png MDBag_Seed_RTRB_Sprite.png MDBag_Seed_RTRB_Sprite.png MDBag_Seed_RTRB_Sprite.png MDBag_Seed_RTRB_Sprite.png MDBag_Seed_RTRB_Sprite.png MDBag_Seed_RTRB_Sprite.png MDBag_Seed_RTRB_Sprite.png MDBag_Drink_RTRB_Sprite.png MDBag_Drink_RTRB_Sprite.png MDBag_Drink_RTRB_Sprite.png MDBag_Drink_RTRB_Sprite.png MDBag_Drink_RTRB_Sprite.png MDBag_TM_RTRB_Sprite.png MDBag_Wonder_Orb_TDS_Sprite.png

The dungeon's items change up in some notable ways later on, but for now, we've got some interesting items throughout the majority of the dungeon. Among them are Poke; Bounce, Pierce, Racket, Special, and Zinc Bands; Def. and Sneak Scarves; Diet and Joy Ribbons; No-Stick Caps; X-Ray Specs; Gravelrocks; Iron Thorns; Silver Spikes; Sticks; Apples; Cheri, Chesto, Oran, Pecha, and Rawst Berries; Allure, Blast, Blinker, Eyedrop, Heal, Hunger, Quick, Reviver, Sleep, Stun, Totter, and Warp Seeds; Calcium, Iron, Protein, and Zinc; Max Elixirs; TMs and Wonder Orbs.

MDBag_Drink_RTRB_Sprite.png MDBag_Drink_RTRB_Sprite.png MDBag_Drink_RTRB_Sprite.png MDBag_Drink_RTRB_Sprite.png

Among these items, you may have noticed, are the vitamins Calcium, Iron, Protein, and Zinc. These items work similarly to the way they do in the main series: They'll permanently increase the respective stats and, going forward, these are likely to be your main source of stat growth at this point in the game and they're incredibly useful!

Explosion_Trap_RTRB_TDS.png Selfdestruct_Trap_RTRB_TDS.png Sticky_Trap_RTRB_TDS.png Grimy_Trap_RTRB_TDS.png PP-Zero_Trap_RTRB_TDS.png Seal_Trap_RTRB_TDS.png Warp_Trap_RTRB_TDS.png Spin_Trap_RTRB_TDS.png Mud_Trap_RTRB_TDS.png Slow_Trap_RTRB_TDS.png Slumber_Trap_RTRB_TDS.png

The traps include Explosion and Selfdestruct Traps; Sticky and Grime Traps; PP-Zero and Seal Traps; Warp Traps; Spin Traps; Mud Traps; Slow Traps; and Slumber Traps.

160.png 381.png 355.png

I brought Allia, East, and Grim along for this adventure. In hindsight, it probably would have been helpful to bring Davy Jones instead of East and Grim, but I honextly expected this dungeon to be really easy thanks to Allia, so I figured it was a good opportunity to bring some teammates I wanted to level a little.


Fiery Field [1F - 3F]

037.png 322.png 218.png 217.png

For the first three floors, you'll run into Vulpix, Numel, Slugma, and Ursaring. Vulpix can be recruited with Darkness Ridge while Numel and Slugma can be recruited with the Crater. Ursaring can't be recruited but is the source of all of your terror for these first few floors. I could never have predicted this in the slightest, but these demons from hell are capable of wreaking havoc with their Fury Swipes which does an absurd amount of damage, even at their lower levels. I'm talking each individual hit from Fury Swipes dealing around 250 damage. If they hit you with just one of these, they can tear through your reviver seeds like candy.  Stay as far away from these monsters as you possibly can. It's not a bad idea to use any Blowback or Warp Orbs you might have if they happen to get in close. Remember that you can switch leader to whoever is closest to them to use these items, too. You'll quickly find in this dungeon that, though you're not dealing with a bunch of Pressure pokemon like before, you will still be running low on PP a lot just because of how much you'll be relying on your attacks to take care of the bulkier pokemon you can find here. Try to pace yourself and use moves where you need them because you will need them here.

It's worth noting burns are pretty inevitable. You might feel pressured to use items to heal burns, but I'd honestly say don't bother. Burn damage won't be fast enough to overpower the damage you recover from walking and you're probably better off using that inventory space to carry Oran Berries to heal damage off manually to make up for the inhibited HP recovery.


On the first floor, I recruited a Slugma!



New Recruit: Team Recover


Heat (Slugma); Lv. 28


Item: None

Ability: Magma Armor, Flame Body | Moves: Yawn, Ember, Harden, Rock Throw


Fiery Field [4F]

037.png 322.png 218.png 217.png 126.png

On the 4th floor, Magmar will join the fray.


Fiery Field [5F]

218.png 217.png 126.png 004.png

Vulpix and Numel are gone on the 5th floor and Charmander will join the squad. Charmander can be recruited with Mt. Cleft.

This floor is also sunny which will power up the fire attacks of your opponents and weaken your water attacks. Thankfully, Allia's Dig is unaffected!


Fiery Field [6F - 7F]

126.png 004.png 240.png

On the 6th floor, Ursaring is gone (thank God!) as well as Slugma. They're replaced with Magby who can be recruited with the Crater. The dungeon will mellow out for a little while, but you're not quite in the clear just yet.


Fiery Field [8F]

004.png 240.png

Magmar is gone on the 8th floor, leaving only Charmander and Magby.


It was here where I picked up a TM for Shadow Ball which I didn't hesitate to teach to Grim over Leer.


Fiery Field [9F]

240.png 324.png

Charmander is gone on the 8th floor and replaced with Torkoal who wants nothing more than to build up his defenses and waste your time. Needless to say, I'd much rather deal with Charmander here. Torkoal can be recruited with the Crater as well.


Fiery Field [10F - 14F]

324.png 136.png 078.png 132.png

On the 10th floor, we're met with a refreshed party of foes! Now we can find Flareon, Rapidash, and Ditto. Among these new pokemon, only Ditto can be recruited. You can do so with the Decrepit Lab.

On the 10th floor, it's sunny again!


Fiery Field [15F - 16F]

136.png 078.png 132.png 323.png 156.png

On floor 15, Torkoal is gone but we're now met with some more annoying pokemon: Camerupt and Quilava. Camerupt is really bulky and its Magnitude can cause a lot of problems. Quilava likes to hit you with Smokescreen which makes it just as efficient as Torkoal at walling you. Of course, Camerupt can't be recruited but Quilava has a -19% recruitment rate.


The weather is Sunny yet again on the 15th floor.


On the 16th floor, Heat leveled up and learned Amnesia which I taught him over Harden.


Fiery Field [17F - 20F]

132.png 323.png 156.png 067.png 219.png

Flareon and Rapidash are gone on the 17th floor and replaced with Machoke and Magcargo. Once again, don't underestimate Magcargo's bulk and Machoke is, though admittedly much less unhinged, still capable of dishing out massive damage just like Ursaring, so make sure to keep your distance from them as much as possible.

The weather is sunny again on the 20th floor.


Fiery Field [21F]

323.png 156.png 067.png 219.png

Ditto is gone on the 21st floor.


Fiery Field [22F - 24F]

156.png 067.png 219.png 256.png 005.png

On the next floor, Camerupt is gone and replaced with Combusken and Charmeleon. A good trade, I'd say, but not totally free. Watch out for Charmeleon's Rage.


Fiery Field [25F]

067.png 219.png 256.png 005.png

Quilava is gone on the 25th floor.


And the weather is sunny here again.


Fiery Field [26F - 29F]

256.png 005.png

For the next handful of floors, you're only going to be dealing with Combusken and Charmeleon.

On the 29th floor, the items you'll find are changed up significantly.

MDBag_Fire_Stone_RTRB_Sprite.png MDBag_TM_RTRB_Sprite.png

The only items from previous floors that are available are the TMs. In their place, you can find Fire Stones!


Fire Stones probably don't need an introduction, but they're an evolution item capable of evolving a handful of pokemon!

037.png -> 038.png

058.png -> 059.png

133.png -> 136.png

The Fire Stone can be used to evolve Vulpix into Ninetails, Growlithe into Arcanine, and Eevee into Flareon!


CEPYlqq.png sIWuKyV.png MraJZfL.png

On the 30th floor, we'll run into the Legendary Volcano Pokemon Entei! As seems traiditon with these legendary encounters, he doesn't seem too happy to see us. It looks like we'll have to fight first and talk later!



Team Recover

160.png 381.png 355.png 218.png


Allia (Feraligatr); Lv. 36


Item: Stamina Band MDBag_Scarf_RTRB_Sprite.png

Ability: Torrent | Moves: Dig, Scary Face, Surf, Ice Beam


East (Latios); Lv. 30


Item: Joy Ribbon MDBag_Scarf_RTRB_Sprite.png

Ability: Levitate | Moves: Helping Hand, Safeguard, Fly, DragonBreath


Grim (Duskull); Lv. 36


Item: Def. Scarf MDBag_Scarf_RTRB_Sprite.png

Ability: Levitate | Moves: Pursuit, Confuse Ray, Curse, Shadow Ball


Heat (Slugma); Lv. 29


Item: Used TM [Sticky] MDBag_Used_TM_RTRB_Sprite.png

Ability: Magma Armor, Flame Body | Moves: Yawn, Ember, Rock Throw, Amnesia




Vs. Entei

This fight is, naturally, incredibly terrifying. I'm low on all my supplies and, over the course of the adventure, I've lost all my Reviver Seeds and used up a lot of my support items. I decided to open up by setting up a Dig attack to deal some damage to Entei on his approach. Unfortuantely, due to PP-Zero traps, Surf and Scary face aren't linked anymore so I couldn't rely on that. In all honesty, this fight was a little bit scary to approach.


After some back and forth, and some incredibly scary close encounters, we were ultimately able to prevail thanks to the combined efforts of Grim's Curses and Allia's Scary Face.

nbVtEpD.png 7acykjn.png

Upon his defeat, Entei calms down and asks us why we've come to the three fields.

l0qDuVy.png QZko5kp.png c9G1JFY.png

We present Entei with the Clear Wing and he seems to not only recognize it, but understands exactly what to do with it.

4UPdajT.png ZF6C3Xn.png

Entei blasts the Clear Wing with fire which causes it to change color into a fiery Red Wing!

01VmO9y.png 4LDh9Jg.png 8LmlGT1.png

He returns the newly formed Red Wing to us and tells us the way to our next destination: The Lightning Field! We'll need to bring the Red Wing there to find out what comes next in our quest.

Ed48tUc.png t9p9BvY.png

And with that, we've received the Red Wing and the way to Lightning Field is revealed! Next time, we can try to make our way there! But if I'm being honest, I'm not entirely sure how confident I am in going there just yet... This dungeon turned out to be a lot more challenging than I initially expected, and I was already thinking the Lightning Field would be more difficult. I might need to take a detour and get a little stronger before I return to this quest, but I'm not sure what exactly I'm going to do... maybe a little bit of grinding? Missions? I'll figure something out. 

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Alright, well, after mulling over the concerns I had in the previous post, I've decided I'm going to have to make another executive decision. Going forward, I'm going to be a bit more liberal about my use of save states in this and other Mystery Dungeon games. At least, for the postgame content.

I've come to understand that this, much like the Battle Frontier, is meant to be a long-term game that you might play over the span of an entire year. Imagining playing the game without any guides seems to heavily suggest that. You're not meant to do much of anything on your first visit to a dungeon. I think it's expected that, between dungeons, you go out of your way to do a bunch of missions so that you can replenish your used supplies as well as gain some extra exp and find gummis in earlier dungeons to further boost your new recruits' IQ. As it turns out, beyond Stormy Sea, Gummis cease to appear in dungeons. The game doesn't tell you much at all about the sealed chambers and where they can be found, it seems like you're expected just to stumble across them and waste a key opening it just to find out you don't have a pokemon that can even reach in there and grab the item, so you have to come back again later just to be able to progress. 

Over the course of this thread, I've mentioned time and time again that I like to throw myself at RPGs while underleveled so that I can justify the use of more interesting strategies. However, doing so comes with a huge risk of loss and, in Mystery Dungeon, the penalty for failure is just too great. Not only do you have to travel to the depths of the dungeon again, but you lose all of your items and money as well. Normally, you can save scum to work around this, but in these Three Fields dungeons, the autosave at the start guarantees that you suffer the consequences of any failures, further penalizing you for going in not fully prepared.

I understand this might be exciting to a lot of players, but I personally find it incredibly stressful under the circumstances. I am trying to get the genuine experience out of these games, but I'm also trying to explore everything they have to offer. If I'm being honest, I think the "genuine experience" for me playing Mystery Dungeon would be to simply stop playing around this point. The game just gets incredibly stressful with the knowledge that I won't be able to continue without a rescue if I die, or that I'll lose everything I've invested into the journey just because of some unexpected BS like Ursaring's Fury Swipes. It's hard to properly use Escape Orbs to save yourself from a bad situation if you have no idea what's coming in the first place, and these more difficult dungeons have only shown me that it just gets harder and harder to judge how many hits a pokemon is going to take or how long you can last against them. You never really know where your PP is best used and often experimenting with that just seems to lead to your own death.

I think if I use save states more frequently, I can alleviate a lot of that stress and power my way through the rest of the game. Granted, I'll still need to go back to previous dungeons to replenish supplies and the like. I just want to be able to finish the game without having to devote whole days to grinding. This has been a thought in the back of my mind ever since I started to notice how low my supplies were getting, and catching up in Red Rescue Team is sounding like more and more of a headache. I think when it comes time to doing the sequel, I'm going to make my primary playthrough on emulator and my secondary playthrough will only promise to go up to the end of the main story on official hardware.

With all that said, let's go ahead and continue with our story!



In the previous post, Entei told us to travel west from Fiery Field to the Lightning Field. Of course, with a name like "Lightning Field," we can guess that a Water-type is probably not the best suited for the dungeon, so I changed up my team.


Since Allia will be taking the bench, I decided to teach East Surf over Fly. Thankfully, you don't have to worry about overriting HM moves in this game through some special NPC. You can freely overrite them like any other move. I do intend to teach Fly back after the fact, though.


Just like Firery Field, Lightning Field requires a quicksave before entering, so you're fully committed to any losses inside.



Lightning Field

In order to gain access to this dungeon, you'll need the HM for Surf and you'll also need to have completed Fiery Field at least once before. This dungeon is a part of the Mirage Pokemon story thread.

MDBag_Pok%C3%A9_RTRB_Sprite.png MDBag_Scarf_RTRB_Sprite.png MDBag_Scarf_RTRB_Sprite.png MDBag_Scarf_RTRB_Sprite.png MDBag_Scarf_RTRB_Sprite.png MDBag_Scarf_RTRB_Sprite.png MDBag_Scarf_RTRB_Sprite.png MDBag_Scarf_RTRB_Sprite.png MDBag_Scarf_RTRB_Sprite.png MDBag_Scarf_RTRB_Sprite.png MDBag_Glasses_RTRB_Sprite.png MDBag_Stone_RTRB_Sprite.png MDBag_Iron_Thorn_RTRB_TDS_Sprite.png MDBag_Silver_Spike_RTRB_TDS_Sprite.png MDBag_Stick_RTRB_TDS_Sprite.png MDBag_Apple_TDS_Sprite.png MDBag_Cheri_Berry_TDS_Sprite.png MDBag_Chesto_Berry_RTRB_TDS_Sprite.png MDBag_Oran_Berry_TDS_Sprite.png MDBag_Pecha_Berry_RTRB_Sprite.png MDBag_Rawst_Berry_RTRB_Sprite.png

MDBag_Seed_RTRB_Sprite.png MDBag_Seed_RTRB_Sprite.png MDBag_Seed_RTRB_Sprite.png MDBag_Seed_RTRB_Sprite.png MDBag_Seed_RTRB_Sprite.png MDBag_Seed_RTRB_Sprite.png MDBag_Seed_RTRB_Sprite.png MDBag_Seed_RTRB_Sprite.png MDBag_Seed_RTRB_Sprite.png MDBag_Seed_RTRB_Sprite.png MDBag_Seed_RTRB_Sprite.png MDBag_Seed_RTRB_Sprite.png MDBag_Drink_RTRB_Sprite.png MDBag_Drink_RTRB_Sprite.png MDBag_Drink_RTRB_Sprite.png MDBag_Drink_RTRB_Sprite.png MDBag_Drink_RTRB_Sprite.png MDBag_TM_RTRB_Sprite.png MDBag_Wonder_Orb_TDS_Sprite.png

The items here aren't anything too surprising. More or less the same as Firey Field: Poke; Bounce, Pierce, Racket, Special and Zinc Bands; Def., and Sneak Scarves; Diet and Joy Ribbons; No-Stick Caps; X-Ray Specs; Gravelrocks; Iron Thorns; Steel Spikes; Sticks; Apples; Cheri, Chesto, Oran, Pecha, and Rawst Berries; Allure, Blast, Blinker, Eyedrop, Heal, Hunger, Quick, Reviver, Sleep, Stun, Totter, and Warp Seeds; Max Elixiers; Vitamins; and assorted TMs and Wonder Orbs.

Much like Fiery Field, the items are mostly consistent save for the final floor before the boss. Can you guess what item is there? It's a puzzle, I'm sure.

Warp_Trap_RTRB_TDS.png Sticky_Trap_RTRB_TDS.png Grimy_Trap_RTRB_TDS.png PP-Zero_Trap_RTRB_TDS.png Seal_Trap_RTRB_TDS.png Spin_Trap_RTRB_TDS.png Slumber_Trap_RTRB_TDS.png Slow_Trap_RTRB_TDS.png Mud_Trap_RTRB_TDS.png Explosion_Trap_RTRB_TDS.png Selfdestruct_Trap_RTRB_TDS.png

Your traps are all pretty standard too. I'm sorry if it bugs you that I keep reordering these traps. I don't lik ethem being ordered alphabetically the way Bulbapedia does, but I keep going back and forth on how they should be grouped together. I'm trying to keep more dangerous traps to the left, but I'm also trying to group together traps with similar effects which causes me to go back and forth on the order a lot of the time. Sometimes I just get lazy with the ordering as well.

You've got Warp Traps; Sticky and Grimy Traps; PP-Zero and Seal Traps; Spin and Slumber Traps; Slow and Mud Traps; and Explosion and SelfDestruct Traps.

381.png 003.png 329.png

I decided to journey in this time with a team that fully resisted Electric-type attacks. Nature will be tagging along this time, he hasn't gotten much screentime in a while and he'll be pretty useful here.


Lightning Field [1F - 5F]

179.png 309.png 081.png

For the first three floors, you'll be running into Mareep, Electrike, and Magnemite. Mareep and Electrike can both be recruited with Thunder Meadow while Magnemite requires the power plant which you're not only automatically given near the beginning of the game, but you also should already have a Magnemite unless you parted ways with it. Still, the Magnemite here are significantly stronger than the one you got from the story, so if you're seeking evolution, you might want to recruit one here, too.


If it wasn't for online guides telling me the weather effect was random, I might've assumed the Rain here was pre-scripted, but on the 5th floor, you'll encounter a random weather effect which just so happened to be rain for me.


Lightning Field [6F]

309.png 081.png 025.png

On the 6th floor, Mareep is gone and replaced with Pikachu! Pikachu is another starter pokemon, though it's the only starter pokemon that is technically an evolved pokemon. Unfortuantely, that means Pikachu has a -19% recruitment rate. If you want to recruit one outside of your starter, you'll probably want to find a Pichu.


Lighting Field [7F]

081.png 025.png 180.png 311.png 312.png

On the 7th floor, Electrike is gone and replaced with Flaaffy, a -19% recruitment rate evolution to Mareep. In addition, you can find either Plusle or Minun here depending on your version. Both can be recruited with Thunder Meadow.


Lightning Field [8F - 10F]

025.png 180.png 311.png 312.png 135.png

Magnemite is out on floor 8 and replaced with the unrecruitable Jolteon.


Another random weather effect is present on the 10th floor.


Lightning Field [11F]

180.png 311.png 312.png 135.png

On the 11th floor, Pikachu is now gone.


Lightning Field [12F - 13F]

180.png 311.png 312.png 135.png 332.png

Cacturne joins on the 12th floor! He's unrecruitable, though.


Lightning Field [14F]

311.png 312.png 135.png 332.png

Flaaffy is gone on the 14th floor.


Lightning Field [15F]

311.png 312.png 332.png 101.png 239.png

Jolteon is gone on the 15th floor as well and is replaced with Electrode who is equally unrecruitable. You can find Elekid, too, who can be recruited with the Power Plant which you should already have access to thanks to the story.


Floor 15 has another random weather effect.


Lightning Field [16F - 17F]

311.png 312.png 332.png 101.png 239.png 181.png

The unrecruitable Ampharos joins on the 16th floor.


Lightning Field [18F - 19F]

311.png 312.png 101.png 239.png 181.png

And on the next turn, Cacturne is gone.


Lightning Field [20F - 21F]

101.png 239.png 181.png 082.png 357.png

Plusle and Minun are both gone on the 20th floor and replaced with the unrecruitable Magneton. Tropius also joins and he can be recruited with the Jungle. Be wary of the bulk of these new pokemon, and Magneton's SonicBoom is also a ranged attack, so be especially wary of his approach.


Floor 20 has random weather.


Lightning Field [22F]

239.png 082.png 357.png

Electrode and Ampharos take their leave on 22F.


Lightning Field [23F - 24F]

082.png 357.png

Elekid also leaves on 22F, with only Magneton and Tropius remaining.


It was on 24F where Magneton's range with SonicBoom became dreadfully apparent to me after Nature got unfairly sniped from across the screen right after we'd stepped on a SelfDestruct trap... if I'm being honest, this is the exact type of BS that makes this game so stressful to me when trying to play without savestates. This deep in the dungeon, I would hate to have to use an Escape Orb and lose so much progress. But I suppose it's all part of the experience. You're supposed to just try, try again. It's unfortunate that I just don't have the time to play the game like that anymore.


Lightning Field [25F]

082.png 357.png 310.png

Floor 25 introduces the unrecruitable Manectric.


And, once again, another random weather effect is here.


Lightning Field [25F - 28F]

082.png 357.png 310.png 026.png

You'll start to encounter Raichu on floor 28.


Lightning Field [29F]

357.png 310.png 026.png

On the 29th floor, Magneton is gone leaving you with some more bearable opponents.


The only items you'll find on this floor are ThunderStones!

025.png -> 026.png

133.png -> 135.png

The ThunderStone is used to evolve Pikachu into Raichu and Eevee into Jolteon! This might be an important stop for you if you started with either of those two.


Chkz2ff.png Bxs4m3r.png

On the 30th floor, we come face to face with the ruler of the field: Raikou.

n83pAYs.png 5XDhRWX.png 72QGCZ0.png

NXpLnVZ.png 5G8wFgz.png

Of course, we can only expect that he isn't too fond of our presence and wants to fight us. Really, what is it with these legendary pokemon?? The only one who hasn't wanted to beat us up on sight was Latias and that was only because she had a broken wing.



Team Recover

381.png 329.png


East (Latios); Lv. 31


Item: Stamina Band MDBag_Scarf_RTRB_Sprite.png

Ability: Levitate | Moves: Helping Hand, Safeguard, DragonBreath, Surf


Bite (Vibrava); Lv. 39


Item: Joy Ribbon MDBag_Scarf_RTRB_Sprite.png

Ability: Levitate | Moves: DragonBreath, Crunch + Sand-Attack, Dig



Vs. Raikou



I opened up by immediately switching leaders to Vibrava so that I could hit Raikou with Dig on his approach.


This led to a bit of a scare where he nearly KO'd East in a single hit, so I used a Totter Seed to confuse him. My original plan was to rely on Nature's typical Toxic, Leech Seed, Sleep Powder combo to stun-lock him, but with Nature being unfairly eliminatied, we had to turn to relying on our seeds! It's worth noting, I'd run out of Reviver Seeds thanks to some unfortunate misses here and there.

Anyway, thanks to the confusion, we were able to get Raikou to wander away a bit so that we could get some pot shots at him and East set up some Helping Hands to boost my DragonBreath further.


In the end, when he got close again, we used a Sleep Seed to put him to rest while we ganged up with some heavy damage.


It wasn't too much longer before Raikou wound up getting completely KO'd.


jl0758U.png drRSXr6.png VgWQ6bj.png

Raikou provides his obligatory response to his loss and decides to hear us out.

PCEhezb.png bKvwiSu.png

He responds to the Red Wing in much the same way that Entei did, zapping it with his powerful electricity for us to transform it once again.

AYocP8j.png bK3dHt8.png bfcmiUk.png

The Red Wing is upgraded now to the Sunset Wing! Raikou then tells us to take the wing and travel Northeast from here to the last of the three fields: The Northwind Field and to seek out the last of the legendary beasts: Suicune. He implies that it'll take some level of luck to see Suicune which already is a pretty scary thought considering the difficulties I've had so far.

oOFsT92.png hGaxw9A.png

With that, we receive the Sunset Wing and the way to Northwind Field is revealed! We can make our way there whenever we so choose. This time, however, regardless about how we feel about using safe states, we're definitely going to want to restock on items a little bit. I've just used up the very last Reviver Seed I had in storage during this dungeon, so I definitely need some time to recover. So next time, we might end up devoting a day to restocking our inventory and doing some minor missions here and there.

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As I've alluded to recently, this time my session was focused almost exclusively on gathering up lost resources. My top priority was finding Reviver Seeds, but I also would like to find a few Gummis because the lack of IQ on my newer recruits has started to become a bit of a pain when it comes to navigating around traps and the like. Above all, I'd really like to get a Blizzard TM for Allia as I've been really hurting for a good room-wide attack on something outside of Articuno.

My process for this was rather simple. I simply started completing missions. I emptied my mailbox and began completing missions, starting with the lower level ones and moving my way up to the more recent postgame dungeons. I'd occasionally throw out things like obnoxious escort missions. These escort missions get kind of absurd the later in the game you get. Often if you have to travel through floors with random weather effects, your escortee's low level means they'll only be able to take a handful of hits from the sand or hail unless you're regularly feeding them Oran Berries. That's on top of the threats of random traps and pokemon with long-range attacks.

Between missions, I'd also check in with the Kecleon Shop to see if they were selling any good TMs or Reviver Seeds.

Anyway, this is a short update as a result of not making much progress at all, but I've definitely gotten myself to a bit more comfortable of a position. Here's some of the accomplishments I made along the way:

First, I purchased a few friend areas. If I'm going back through older dungeons, I may as well try to get some new recruits.


Bountiful Sea

This is one of many friend areas that's home to pokemon that live in the sea. Specifically, it appears to be some sort of undersea reef.

072.png 079.png 090.png

Tentacool, Slowpoke, and Shellder are the pokemon we've seen so far that can be recruited here. All of them were at the Stormy Sea.


Ancient Relic

This friend area is home to many pokemon from ancient times. Curiously, this does not include most fossil pokemon who are instead found in sea-based friend areas.

142.png 343.png

The pokemon we've met that can be recruited here are Aerodactyl from Sky Tower and Pitfall Valey and Baltoy from Mt. Steel and the Desert Area.


Frigid Cavern

As its name suggests, Frigid Cavern is an icy cave.

220.png 361.png

The pokemon we've met who can be recruited here are Swinub from Sinister Woods and Snorunt from Frosty Forest.


vms9XuX.png vBwGhbx.png

We also got some good use out of these friend areas by recruiting new members from two of them!



New Recruits: Team Recover


Tent (Tentacool); Lv. 25


Item: None

Ability: Clear Body, Liquid Ooze | Moves: BubbleBeam, Acid, Constrict, SuperSonic


History (Aerodactyl); Lv. 25


Item: None

Ability: Rock Head, Pressure | Moves: Wing Attack, SuperSonic, Agility, AncientPower


I have to say it's pretty nice to have an Aerodactyl on my side!


My missions also brought me back to Lightning Field where Bite wound up reaching Level 40! This is significant because it boosts his recruitment rate further to 7.5% rather than the standard 5% from level 30.

I decided I'd go ahead and give recruiting Raikou a try with Bite since I did have that extra percentage boost, but it's worth noting that the Legendary Beasts are significantly harder to recruit than the birds. I'll explain shortly why that is and why we probably won't be going out of our way to recruit them, or at least not anytime soon. Long story short, I unsurprisingly failed to recruit Raikou.

MDBag_Key_RTRB_Sprite.png MDBag_Key_RTRB_Sprite.png MDBag_Seed_TDS_Sprite.png MDBag_Seed_TDS_Sprite.png MDBag_Seed_TDS_Sprite.png MDBag_Seed_TDS_Sprite.png MDBag_Seed_TDS_Sprite.png MDBag_Seed_TDS_Sprite.png

In the end, while I wasn't able to get everything I wanted, I was able to gather a handful of gummis from Stormy Sea and various other early dungeons alongside some keys and Reviver Seeds! One of these keys are going to be pretty important for what's coming next in the story, so this is definitely an important find. I also now have six Reviver Seeds, four of which I gathered from dungeons, one from a Kecleon Shop in a dungeon, and another from the Kecleon Shop in Pokemon Square. With all of this in addition to a few extra levels, I'm pretty confident in my ability to take on the next dungeon! With some new restocked supplies, next time, I think we'll make our way to the last of the three fields: Northwind Field!

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NOTICE: This is the first post since the official release of Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl. As a result, resources I usually use from Serebii and Bulbapedia may experience difficulties. Some images may not update properly. I will try to fix this ASAP. Here's hoping this isn't a repeat of the travesty that happened during my XD playthrough...


bSt0vZ2.png dnYsQhW.png

It's finally time to head off toward Northwind Field! I would recommend bringing a key with you before entering this dungeon. I actually forgot to do this my first time through, so I had to make a second trip.


I also went ahead and purchased a new Friend Area: Final Island. This strange island floating over the face of the sea is an odd sight and home to a single pokemon we've yet to meet. However, it's the current most expensive Friend Area in the game and, since I want to purchase them all, I decided to go ahead and get it now while I could afford it.


Just like the other two fields, the game will require you to save before entering, so it's especially important that you come prepared!

160.png 145.png

I decided to go into the dungeon with Allia and Storm, expecting a lot of Ice, Water, and Flying types given the dungeon's theme.



Northwind Field

MDBag_Pok%C3%A9_RTRB_Sprite.png MDBag_Scarf_RTRB_Sprite.png MDBag_Scarf_RTRB_Sprite.png MDBag_Scarf_RTRB_Sprite.png MDBag_Scarf_RTRB_Sprite.pngMDBag_Scarf_RTRB_Sprite.png MDBag_Scarf_RTRB_Sprite.png MDBag_Scarf_RTRB_Sprite.png MDBag_Glasses_RTRB_Sprite.png MDBag_Stone_RTRB_Sprite.png MDBag_Iron_Thorn_RTRB_TDS_Sprite.png MDBag_Silver_Spike_RTRB_TDS_Sprite.png MDBag_Stick_RTRB_TDS_Sprite.png MDBag_Apple_TDS_Sprite.png MDBag_Cheri_Berry_TDS_Sprite.png MDBag_Chesto_Berry_RTRB_TDS_Sprite.png MDBag_Oran_Berry_TDS_Sprite.png MDBag_Pecha_Berry_RTRB_Sprite.pngMDBag_Rawst_Berry_RTRB_Sprite.png

MDBag_Seed_RTRB_Sprite.png MDBag_Seed_RTRB_Sprite.png MDBag_Seed_RTRB_Sprite.png MDBag_Seed_RTRB_Sprite.png MDBag_Seed_RTRB_Sprite.png MDBag_Seed_RTRB_Sprite.png MDBag_Seed_RTRB_Sprite.png MDBag_Seed_RTRB_Sprite.png MDBag_Seed_RTRB_Sprite.png MDBag_Seed_RTRB_Sprite.png MDBag_Drink_RTRB_Sprite.png MDBag_Drink_RTRB_Sprite.png MDBag_Drink_RTRB_Sprite.png MDBag_Drink_RTRB_Sprite.png MDBag_Drink_RTRB_Sprite.png MDBag_TM_RTRB_Sprite.png MDBag_Wonder_Orb_TDS_Sprite.png

The items are pretty standard among the fields: Poke; Bounce, Pierce, Racket, Special and Zinc Bands; Def. and Sneak Scarves; Diet and Joy Ribbons; No-Stick Caps; X-Ray Specs; Gravelrocks; Iron Thorns; Silver Spikes; Sticks; Apples; Cheri, Chesto, Oran, Pecha, and Rawst Berries; Allure, Blast, Blinker, Eyedrop, Heal, Hunger, Quick, Reviver, Sleep, Stun, Totter, and Warp Seeds; Calcium, Iron, Protein, and Zinc; Max Elixirs; TMs and Wonder Orbs. These items are consistent throughout the majority of the dungeon.

Sticky_Trap_RTRB_TDS.png Grimy_Trap_RTRB_TDS.png Warp_Trap_RTRB_TDS.png Explosion_Trap_RTRB_TDS.png Selfdestruct_Trap_RTRB_TDS.png PP-Zero_Trap_RTRB_TDS.png Seal_Trap_RTRB_TDS.png Mud_Trap_RTRB_TDS.png Slow_Trap_RTRB_TDS.png Spin_Trap_RTRB_TDS.png Slumber_Trap_RTRB_TDS.png

The traps include Sticky and Grime Traps; Warp Traps; Explosion and SelfDestruct Traps; PP-Zero and Seal Traps; Mud and Slow Traps; Spin and Slumber Traps.

The Explosion and SelfDestruct traps are made mostly useless throughout the majority of this dungeon thanks to the prominence of wild pokemon with the Damp ability. The Damp ability seems to affect the entire floor, so you don't have to worry about explosions much at all unless you're just really unfortunate.


Northwind Field [1F - 2F]

060.png 313.png 124.png

For the first couple of floors, you'll run into Poliwag, Volbeat, and Jynx. Poliwag can be recruited with Tadpole Pond and Volbeat can be recruited with Rub-a-dub River. Jynx, however, is unrecruitable as a fully evolved pokemon.


Northwind Field [3F - 4F]

060.png 313.png 124.png 184.png

Azumarill joins in on the 3rd floor.


On the fourth floor, I was able to recruit a Poliwag which I named Rain.


Rain (Poliwag); Lv. 50


Item: None

Ability: Damp, Water Absorb | Moves: Hypnosis, Rain Dance, Body Slam, Belly Drum

Yeah, I was really surprised to see such a high-leveled pokemon! It definitely didn't seem so strong while I was dealing with them. I guess the high level offsets its low stats as a first-stage pokemon? This might actually prove to be incredibly useful if I ever need a pokemon to recruit a tough pokemon with as it's a tier above even Vibrava and now gets a +10% bonus to recruitment rates thanks to its level!

Belly Drum is also a move that's notably different from the main series. Instead of cutting your HP, it reduces your belly to 1 and maxes out your attack. This can make you an incredibly terrifying force at the cost of a mere Apple. If I'm being honest, I think this makes the move even more useful than in the main series!


Northwind Field [5F - 6F]

313.png 124.png 184.png 342.png

Crawdaunt begins to appear on the fifth floor, where Poliwag ceases to. Crawdaunt can be a bit annoying thanks to Protect, but keep in mind Protect can be circumvented with Gravelrocks! Get as much damage as you can while its guard is down!


The fifth floor is drenched in rain.


Northwind Field [7F]

184.png 342.png

Volbeat and Jynx no longer appear on the 7th floor.


Northwind Field [8F - 9F]

342.png 301.png

On the 8th floor, Azumarill is gone as well but Delcatty begins to appear. Delcatty can be a little annoying thanks to its Cute Charm ability in addition to Attract, Sing and DoubleSlap. Thankfully, it doesn't seem capable of doing too much damage.


Northwind Field [10F]

342.png 301.png 061.png 134.png

Poliwhirl and Vaporeon begin to appear on the 10th floor.


The weather on the 10th floor is rainy once again!


Northwind Field [11F - 16F]

301.png 061.png 134.png

Crawdaunt is gone after floor 10.


Allia leveled up partway through floor 14 and tried to learn Slash, but I really value the moves Allia already has more, so I'm not too worried about making room for this move.


Northwind Field [17F]

134.png 225.png 089.png

The 17th floor says goodbye to Delcatty and Poliwhirl and hello to Delibird and Muk. Delibird can be recruited with the Frigid Cavern. Delibird's only natural move is Present which can potentially be a really powerful attack, but also has a chance to do next to nothing or even heal you. Muk is annoying, though, for all the same reasons as Grimer. Stench can be a pain, but I think we're better equipped to deal with Muk than we were with Grimer in Magma Cavern.


Northwind Field [18F]

225.png 089.png

Vaporeon is gone on the 18th floor.


Northwind Field [19F - 23F]

225.png 089.png 062.png

The next floor brings in Poliwrath.

V9oUtYz.png EfXtvql.png

On Floor 20, the dungeon's look changes and this is a good tell that it's time to search for the Sealed Chamber on this floor! That's right, we're not done with those!


If you brought a key with you, you'll find the Lunar Ribbon inside!


The Lunar Ribbon, much like the Sun Ribbon, helps pokemon who evolve at night.

133.png -> 197.png

Just like the Sun Ribbon, this evolution requirement is only used for one pokemon: Eevee! With the Lunar Ribbon along with an IQ of 2 stars, Eevee can evolve into Umbreon at Luminous Cave!


If you're already in possession of a Lunar Ribbon, you'll find a Link Cable in its place. But if you've got keys to spare and are looking for Link Cables, then I recommend searching Solar Cave instead as you'll find three in one trip, only two of which require keys.


Northwind Field [24F]

225.png 089.png 062.png 055.png

Golduck joins the party on the 24th floor.


Northwind Field [25F]

225.png 089.png 055.png 186.png

On the 25th floor, Poliwrath disappears and Politoed takes his place. Politoed is by far the most terrifying pokemon in this dungeon, even compared to the boss. Why? Because of one simple abomination of a move: Perish Song. This devastating attack works exactly the way it does in the main series. It adds a Perish Count to every pokemon in the room. Once that count reaches zero, the pokemon gets instantly KO'd. It's absolutely absurd that they thought this move was okay in a game with such a heavy penalty for death. This is exactly the sort of reason I've elected to start openly using save states.

Anyway, if a Politoed wanders into the room with you, I strongly recommend using whatever items or moves you have at your disposal to get rid of it ASAP. Every move you spend with a Politoed in the same room as you could be the turn you spell your own doom. As far as I can tell, there's no way to get rid of the perish count either since there's no switching. The only way to help yourself once you've been hit by Perish Song is to use a Heal Seed to recover from it. Considering it hurts everything in the room, though, it's kinda miserable...


Northwind Field [26F]

055.png 186.png

Delibird and Muk are gone on the 26th floor.


Northwind Field [27F]

055.png 186.png 008.png 159.png

Wartortle and Croconaw join in on the 27th floor!


Northwind Field [28F]

055.png 186.png 008.png 159.png 359.png

On the 28th floor, Absol makes its appearance!


Northwind Field [29F]

186.png 159.png 359.png

Golduck and Wartortle both leave on the 29th floor. Unfortunately, Politoed is still around on this floor...


As you stealth your way around this floor, you might notice that all of the items are replaced by Water Stones, who'd'a guessed??


The Water Stone, of course, is an evolutionary item.

061.png -> 062.png

090.png -> 091.png

120.png -> 121.png

133.png -> 134.png

271.png -> 272.png

The Water Stone can be used to evolve Poliwhirl into Poliwrath, Shellder into Cloyster, Staryu into Starmie, Eevee into Vaporeon, and Lombre into Ludicolo.

Be careful evolving Poliwhirl into Poliwrath as doing this will make sure that Poliwhirl will never evolve into a Politoed! Naturally, the same is true for Vaporeon and all the other Eevolutions. Isn't it typical that the most useful of these three evolutionary stones just happens to be the one where these items are littered all over a floor plagued with singing frogs.



On the 30th floor, we're stopped by a voice that commands us to stop and demands to know why we've come.

wRFZNU2.png WTNHb6e.png fTdLUYK.png

The voice reveals itself to belong to none other than the legendary pokemon of the North Wind: Suicune!



Team Recover


Allia (Feraligatr); Lv. 38


Item: Scope Lens

Ability: Torrent | Moves: Dig, Scary Face + Surf, Ice Beam


Storm (Zapdos); Lv. 47


Item: Stamina Band

Ability: Pressure | Moves: Agility, Detect, Fly, ThunderBolt


Rain (Poliwag); Lv. 50


Item: Water Stone [Sticky]

Ability: Damp, Water Absorb | Moves: Hypnosis, Rain Dance, Body Slam, Belly Drum




Vs. Suicune

Right off the bat, I found it critically important to open up with an Agility followed by ThunderBolt. Suicune actually knows Aurora Beam, so it could be problematic if he opened up with a Super-effective attack on Storm. Detect can shield me from damage and put Suicune in an awfully awkward spot where he has to spend a turn moving in order to attack one of us. Meanwhile, Agility boosts the number of attacks we get to hammer him with. From here, it's really just a matter of making sure Storm keeps his Detect up and spams ThunderBolt and Fly as much as possible.

3dHYHGm.png dBhkCBo.png

It isn't long at all before Suicune goes down thanks to Storm's sheer power.


kATvxVG.png PGBy1SF.png

Of course, it's time for our obligatory follow-up scene where Suicune concedes and hears our plea.

4fHyAqr.png JkdTZXl.png HX5eGQc.png

We present Suicune with the Sunset Wing and, like the others, he immediately understands and imbues the wing with his own power.

pRx90oH.png SZkYyI1.png

And now the Sunset Wing has revealed its true colors: It's now become the much more familiar Rainbow Wing! It's actually really pretty here as the colors are constantly flowing through it like a river.

tTOsyIQ.png SeyYW8k.png NbHZIrc.png

From here, Suicune teaches us where our final destination in this quest lies: We must bring the Rainbow Wing to Mt. Faraway! That is where this mirage pokemon lives.

vKBnEG2.png JaoJSow.png

With this, we now have access to our next destination: Mt. Faraway! Can you guess who this mysterious mirage pokemon is just yet? It's not exactly difficult to piece together, but I'll continue to play coy just a little while longer! Next time, we'll make way for Mt. Faraway!

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8Yf7vqu.png OILSWtK.png

To open up this session, I decided to go ahead and evolve Rain to his peak. He came at Level 50, so I figured he'd actually be incredibly useful for me. I also had an abundance of Water Stones so I felt there was no reason to wait. I don't have any particular need to evolve him specifically into Politoed, anyway.



New Evolutions: Team Recover


Rain (Poliwhirl); Lv. 50


Item: None

Ability: Water Absorb, Damp | Moves: Rain Dance, Belly Drum, Hydro Pump, Body Slam


Rain (Poliwrath); Lv. 50


Item: None

Ability: Water Absorb, Damp | Moves: Rain Dance, Belly Drum, Hydro Pump, Body Slam



In addition, I taught Rain Brick Break via TM. With this, he should be pretty well prepared to take on a lot, I would think. As a huge missed opportunity, however, I completely forgot to feed him all the Orange Gummis I'd been saving up this whole time. I'll have to remember to do that soon!


With all that preparation, today we'll be heading off to finish the quest for the mirage pokemon by making our way to Mt. Faraway and meeting the pokemon we're after.



It probably doesn't come as a surprise but this dungeon, like the three fields, requires you to save before entering, meaning you won't be able to soft reset to avoid the penalty for a failure. You'll also need the HM Surf in order to reach this dungeon.

145.png 160.png 062.png

I brought along Storm, Allia, and Rain for this one. I figured Rain's Rain Dance would be incredibly helpful against the Mythical Pokemon since it's pretty obvious which pokemon that might be at this point, but admittedly I went with a full team because of an oversight I realized partway through. I intended to part ways with some of my teammates at the end of the dungeon so that I could recruit this mirage pokemon since it actually has a surprisingly high recruitment rate, but I somehow forgot that you can't recruit these pokemon on your first time around. Oh well, looks like we're getting no new recruits this time.



Mt. Faraway

MDBag_Pok%C3%A9_RTRB_Sprite.png MDBag_Cheri_Berry_TDS_Sprite.png MDBag_Seed_RTRB_Sprite.png MDBag_Seed_RTRB_Sprite.png MDBag_Seed_RTRB_Sprite.png MDBag_Seed_RTRB_Sprite.png MDBag_Seed_RTRB_Sprite.png MDBag_Seed_RTRB_Sprite.png

Contrary to the Three Fields, Mt. Faraway doesn't have nearly as much of a variety of items. Instead, we've only got Poke; Cheri Berries; and Allure, Blast, Blinker, Hunger, Sleep, and Totter Seeds. If you want to make it to the top, you'd better come prepared with your own Reviver Seeds, Apples, Max Elixirs and the like. You won't be finding them here!


In addition, I strongly recommend you bring with you a Key. This time more than ever before, especially if you have an interest in recruiting every pokemon in the game because the item you'll find in this dungeon is incredibly important for 100% completion. Even if you aren't interested, it's still incredibly helpful for perhaps getting a specific pokemon you might want to recruit. Especially if it's a rare one!

Sticky_Trap_RTRB_TDS.png Grimy_Trap_RTRB_TDS.png PP-Zero_Trap_RTRB_TDS.png Seal_Trap_RTRB_TDS.png Warp_Trap_RTRB_TDS.png Spin_Trap_RTRB_TDS.png Mud_Trap_RTRB_TDS.png Slow_Trap_RTRB_TDS.png Slumber_Trap_RTRB_TDS.png Explosion_Trap_RTRB_TDS.png Selfdestruct_Trap_RTRB_TDS.png

The traps are standard fare again. Sticky and Grime traps; PP-Zero and Seal Traps; Warp Traps; Spin Traps; Mud Traps; Slow Traps; Slumber Traps; Explosion and Selfdestruct Traps.


Mt. Faraway [1F - 5F]

337.png 107.png 361.png

For the first five floors, you'll find Lunatone, Hitmonchan, and Snorunt. Lunatone can be recruited with the friend area Mt. Moonview while Snorunt can be recruited with Frigid Cavern. Hitmonchan, however, can't be recruited as he's fully evolved. You may want to be wary of Hitmonchan's Counter attacks or Snorunt's room-wide Powder Snow, but nothing on this floor is too terribly dangerous as their attacks are all pretty weak.


Floor 4 has a random weather effect.


Mt. Faraway [6F - 9F]

107.png 361.png 338.png

On 6F, Lunatone is replaced with Solrock who can also be recruited with Mt. Moonview.


Another random weather effect is active on Floor 8.


Mt. Faraway [10F]

361.png 338.png 259.png 076.png 288.png 184.png

Floor 10 introduces Marshtomp, Golem, Vigoroth, and Azumarill. Swampert and Vigoroth both have -19% recruitment rates while Golem and Azurill are completely unrecruitable.


Another random weather effect is here.


Mt. Faraway [11F]

361.png 338.png 259.png 076.png 288.png

Azumarill seems to have gotten cold feet because it immediately goes away on the 11th floor.


Mt. Faraway [12F - 19F]

259.png 076.png 288.png

Snorunt and Solrock disappear on the following floor.

IUGtp4q.png AQ4I04L.png

There are random weather effects on floors 14 and 17


Mt. Faraway [20F]

184.png 047.png 351.png

Azumarill returns on 20F along with Parasect and Castform. Castform can be recruited with Thunder Meadow. You'll want to watch out for Parasect's Spore which is a room-wide attack that will put all enemies to sleep. This can quickly spell bad news for your team in a bad situation. They also have Effect Spore as an ability and Stun Spore to slow your assault further. They may not be very strong in the main series, but in Mystery Dungeon, Parasect is a little terrifying. Be prepared to deal with them at range.


Starting on this floor, in addition to the other traps throughout the dungeon, you might run into Summon Traps as well.


Mt. Faraway [21F - 29F]

047.png 351.png 210.png

Azumarill is gone again on the 21st floor and Granbull takes its place. Granbull is where the firepower starts to get pretty serious, so watch out for his attacks. Thankfully, he's no Ursaring with Fury Swipes, but his attacks can still catch you by surprise. Especially if you get paralyzed by Lick. Be careful!


The dungeon's design shifts here to reflect the interior of the icy caverns.

CiqkFpm.png VdG1WiI.png 2hjDrRA.png

The weather is random again on Floor 22, 24, and 28.


Mt. Faraway [30F]

210.png 184.png 110.png 051.png 159.png 362.png

Floor 30 reintroduces Azumarill yet again alongside Weezing, Dugtrio, Croconaw, and Glalie, most of whom are unrecruitable, and Croconaw is evolved so he has a -19% recruitment rate. You might want to be wary of Dugtrio's Magnitude which, if you're unlucky, can potentially be more powerful than Earthquake! Glalie is also pretty scary with its ability to soak up damage like a sponge. It also knows Ice Beam to attack you from a distance.


The weather on this floor is random. But even if you get Sandstorm or Hail, don't rush straight for the stairs! Remember that key?


There's a sealed chamber on this floor. If you brought a key with you, you'll definitely want to make sure to seek it out before you move on.



Inside the hidden chamber is an incredibly rare and valuable item: The Friend Bow. This held item dramatically increases the recruitment rate of any pokemon the holder defeats. The recruitment rate is increased by 10%! Considering you have to be level 50 in order to gain that kind of boost from your level alone, that's an incredible boost! To make matters even better, this boost stacks with the recruitment rate boost from your level, too! So, at level 50 like Rain, that's a 20% boost for all recruitment possibilities! That number is especially signficiant because, now that we have a 20% recruitment bonus, it's now officially possible for us to recruit first stage evolved pokemon! That said, it's still significantly easier to just recruit their previous forms and evolve them most of the time. These -19% recruitment rate pokemon still only have a 1% recruitment rate after this bonus is applied. The only way to boost the rate further is to reach level 60, 70, etc. to increase the level boost further. Still, if you're interested, keep in mind that entire evolution families always share friend areas, so any evolved pokemon you might be interested in recruiting will share a friend area with its earlier form. This item also makes a lot of legendary pokemon a lot easier to recruit as well! Just bear in mind you'll need to sacrifice a held item to use it.


Mt. Faraway [31F - 34F]

110.png 051.png 159.png 362.png

Granbull no longer appears after floor 30.

r9X0Uus.png cEgIc5s.png

You'll need to deal with random weather effects on floor 32 and 34 as well.


Mt. Faraway [35F]

110.png 051.png 159.png 362.png 184.png

Azumarill returns one last time on Floor 35 before disappearing for good.


Mt. Faraway [36F - 39F]

110.png 051.png 159.png 362.png

For floor 36 through 39, Azumarill is gone and the pokemon you find are the same as the floors before. Unfortunately, there are no special evolution items or anything you can find on the final floor, so just make your way to the staircase!


Floor 36 once again has a random weather effect.


OOVVe6w.png vfW7yjP.png FTweLbp.png

When we arrive at floor 40, we're met by a mysterious voice that congratulates us on reaching this far.

2Pm78Qx.png lxwlCCn.png wqdU60Y.png

Unfortunately, the voice tells us what we pretty much already know. We do still have one final trial to overcome in our quest to witness the mirage pokemon.

mBJyF6j.png 1m1AmDC.png

The Mirage Pokemon reveals itself to be Ho-oh! And Ho-oh wishes to test our strength by battling with us at the mountain's peak. We've come this far, so there's no sense in turning back now! Let's see this through to the end!



Team Recover

145.png 160.png 062.png


Storm (Zapdos); Lv. 48


Item: Stamina Band MDBag_Scarf_RTRB_Sprite.png

Ability: Pressure | Moves: Agility, Detect, ThunderBolt, Fly


Allia (Feraligatr); Lv. 39


Item: Scope Lens MDBag_Scarf_RTRB_Sprite.png

Ability: Torrent | Moves: Dig, Scary Face + Surf, Ice Beam


Rain (Poliwrath); Lv. 50


Item: Friend Bow MDBag_Scarf_RTRB_Sprite.png

Ability: Water Absorb, Damp | Moves: Rain Dance, Belly Drump, Hydro Pump, Brick Break



Vs. Ho-Oh

W6edpa9.png 8hf4cku.png

Right off the bat, I got into setting up here. With Storm, I used Agility to boost my team's speed, then went into the menus and toggled the AI's ability to use their ranged moves. I've gotten into the habit of turning off their ranged moves so that they don't use them to pick fights and cause trouble while exploring the dungeons. I've found it's caused a lot less headache in trying to prevent my teammates from attacking when I don't want them to. In times like this, you just have to remember to turn them on.


After that, I set up Detect in order to put Ho-oh in an awkward position where he'll need to move in order to be in attacking range of any of us.


Soon, I switched over to Rain and used Rain Dance to reduce the power of Ho-Oh's Fire Blast while also powering up my own Hydro Pumps.


It was a bit of a struggle, a Reviver Seed or two were used, but we wound up overcoming Ho-Oh in the end!


After that, the dungeon just... ends... and we wake up the next day as normal. No cutscene played out at all after defeating Ho-Oh. With all that buildup, I thought we were getting into something really cool, but... this is a rather anticlimactic ending to the whole quest, isn't it? Well, there is one minor step that we have left, but there's an extra optional step we can take to get a more interesting ending to this quest, so I think it's for the best we save that for next time. But yes, I definitely do think the ending to this quest is incredibly anticlimactic which is unfortunate given how difficult it was to get there. Still, the three fields are incredibly useful dungeons for evolving pokemon, so there's that!

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Booting up the game following the completion of Mt. Faraway, you'll find Ho-oh's portrait displayed on the file select menu. Strangely, none of the Legendary Beasts are included. I suppose Ho-oh is the stand-in for all of them.


244.png 243.png 245.png

Well, today's going to play out a little bit differently than normal. Instead of pressing onward, we'll be covering the recruitment process for Ho-Oh and the Legenary Beasts. More specifically, why the Legendary Beasts are probably going to take a lot longer for us to recruit.


The first thing I did was purchase the friend area Rainbow Peak from the Wigglytuff Club for 6500P. Unlike previous legendaries, you actually have to purchase the appropriate friend area ahead of time for these four. It is a tall mountain high above the clouds surrounded by radiant rainbows.


Rainbow Peak is the exclusive home for Ho-Oh.


Another friend area I purchased today was Sacred Field for 6500P. This location is more or less just a green field with a bunch of special-looking rocks. It's significantly less visually interesting than Rainbow Peak, but it's a pretty important area regardless!

244.png 243.png 245.png

As you can probably guess, this location is home to the three Legendary Beasts Entei, Raikou, and Suicune.



244.png 243.png 245.png

Now, before we talk about our progression today, I want to mention the recruitment process for the Legendary Beasts. It's nothing too crazy. You just have to purchase Sacred Field from Wigglytuff and then battling them over and over until you recruit them, just like before. The reason I'm treating this differently, however, is that these guys are significantly harder to recruit than the Legendary Birds. They only have a base recruitment rate of 0.1%. That's technically possible, but incredibly unlikely. It's especially troublesome considering these bosses are significantly more challenging to defeat than the Legendary Birds were and their dungeons are also a lot more challenging. Of course, you can't recruit these pokemon your first time around. You'll need to revisit them.


It's clear that you're meant to travel to Mt. Faraway and retrieve the Friend Bow before trying to recruit these Legendary Beasts. But even that will only boost their recruitment rate to 10.1% which means, statistically speaking, you'll need to crawl through the dungeons 10 times before you can expect to recruit just one of them. Keep in mind you'll also have to defeat them as well.

One thing that might make the Legendary Beasts easier to recruit than the Legendary birds, however, is that they all have a size of 1. It seems reasonable that you should be able to recruit these pokemon even if you aren't alone, but don't quote me on that. I'd solo these bosses anyway just in case.

The reason I'll be putting these guys off until later on, if I do them at all, is that it'll be significantly easier to recruit them if I'm higher level. Currently, my strongest pokemon is in the threshold of 50-59 which is an additional 10% to the base recruitment rate. Coupled with the Friend Bow, that's a flat 20% boost to all recruitment rates. However, that still leaves the Legendary Beasts with a 20.1% recruitment rate which just isn't high enough for my liking. If you come back with a higher level, you can get that number up to as high as 34.1% between the levels 90-100. To my knowledge, you can't get any higher than a 34% recruitment rate boost from being level 90 and having a Friend Bow. Perhaps this will put into perspective just how necessary the Friend Bow is. Even then, it'll still statistically take around three or four tries before I can expect to have each of the Legendary Beasts recruited.



As for Ho-Oh, this one is significantly easier, so I have no problem dedicating today to recruiting it! Like the Legendary Beasts, Ho-Oh cannot be recruited the first time around. You'll have to climb to the peak a second time in order to defeat it in a rematch. Unlike the Legendary Beasts, however, Ho-Oh has a recruitment rate of 99.9%! Even without any bonuses, you're all but guaranteed to recruit him just by defeating him alone.

2MYgnWz.png whInZsF.png

The process is simple enough, just get to the top of Mt. Faraway and solo the boss with your toughest fighter. Make sure they're small in size! To help with this task if you find Ho-Oh challenging, use Totter Seeds and Sleep Seeds to stop him from attacking and, if you're lucky, put some distance between you. Bring plenty of Reviver Seeds, too! Remember that Reviver Seeds double as free Max Elixirs in a pinch, too, so you can just wail carelessly on Ho-Oh until he falls as long as you have enough Reviver Seeds.


If you have even a tiny recruitment rate boost, you'll have a 100% chance of recruiting Ho-Oh!



New Recruit: Team Recover


Mirage (Ho-Oh); Lv. 50


Item: None

Ability: Pressure | Moves: Whirlwind, Fire Blast, Gust, Recover


bdOXT9F.png zToZZjv.png

Shortly after recruiting Ho-Oh, however, we're met with a cutscene! It's been a while since something like this happened, so this must be pretty important...


We find Charizard wandering through a strange dungeon.

sZunvwr.png oLXNOu8.png tRG6uXD.png

Listening to their conversation tells us that this was a new dungeon discovered by Blastoise. Charizard came with him to explore the dungeon, but it's proven to be incredibly challenging even for Blastoise!

rHM39QZ.png nbgvIb7.png ybpBJdP.png

V48sQUJ.png fffIKd3.png

After some encouragement from Charizard, the two begin to push on...

vpcEEzy.png 19JboFJ.png 1qehzAm.png

Blastoise is stopped by a faint voice he hears. The voice grows louder as they listen for it...

gJ2qxxf.png 9QgCI9P.png

Charizard demands the owner of the voice to reveal itself.

ZzP5qlM.png nBNt5hY.png ecuxTSi.png

The voice explains simply that he was created for the purpose of fighting and that he is the most powerful of all pokemon. Once again, I think we have enough info to go off of to figure out just what that means, but for now, we'll let the game do the talking.

AR6oN8G.png UiVgYOQ.png QAbi7rw.png

Shortly after, the duo is assaulted with powerful attacks that knock them both out.


AsbGaEV.png NHnTeJ5.png 1jEJIF6.png

As we cut back to Pokemon Square, we find Bellsprout and Lombre having a discussion, ironically enough, about who the strongest pokemon would be. Lombre thinks that Rayquaza must be the one since he destroyed the meteorite, but Bellsprout argues that Groudon couldn't even be defeated by Alakazam's team.

SLMyxIy.png cw6FprO.png esXRqsE.png

When Allia arrives on team, everyone asks her what she thinks about the discussion. We're given the option to choose between the three. I think I'd honestly have to say I'm the strongest, at the very least of these three! I was able to defeat both Groudon and Rayquaza, after all!

EAVbotM.png 4PEei7l.png

lsH3UH8.png 4bG3bSp.png

It seems that nobody is amused by my assertion, but come on! We could take 'em on!

nvtiHJY.png ZVyTFtp.png

RrcVyLU.png OzPaBAM.png

Wynaut soon speaks up about a rumor he's heard about a pokemon created just for fighting. A pokemon that can think of nothing more than defeating anything it comes across. Lombre and Bellsprout both seem to agree that it's a pretty intense idea...

XPcb35H.png rZzcVTP.png EWLD6Hf.png

Soon, Charizard and Blastoise arrive and confirm the rumors. They stumble weakly onto the scene, completely defeated. It seems this pokemon really exists.

iq7ZlJN.png fezsy7i.png paKUnxg.png

Blastoise and Charizard together explain their experiences exploring Western Cave and being defeated by this pokemon that's supposedly stronger than even Groudon and Rayquaza...

gElb7n6.png 4l0hnGM.png

After this, it seems the Western Cave is open! But... we're probably going to want to put this one off for a little while. We don't really have any pressing reason to go there at the moment, after all. It's purely curiosity that would motivate anyone to go there. However, perhaps there's a story behind this strange pokemon. We'll want to go sooner or later. But for now, we'll put it off.



After the events of that cutscene, we return to the base and continue where we left off. I think it's time to finally conclude the Mirage Pokemon arc.

7e73lrS.png 3Oxkq7a.png

Though it doesn't matter much and there's no direct reward either way, for the best-feeling ending, I think Spinda would like to see the Mirage Pokemon himself! So, we'll have Mirage pay him a visit in Pokemon Square.

0kchvNf.png 4s4rdBz.png 2Rftbvz.png

At first, what's happening goes completely over his head. He asks about the Mirage Pokemon we've seen, as he would if we approached him normally.

3CDH5Yq.png 3jdXfY7.png iUE6lsl.png

As soon as Spinda is told we are Ho-Oh, his little mind is absolutely blown and ends up fainting!

rMC9ceT.png 5i5tJHm.png

nxAUTcR.png c9U8bpw.png XoFWfaz.png

uWzeU85.png vhagV04.png

Spinda thanks us for our visit and promises that he'll keep this memory in his heart for as long as he lives.


And then he just totters off the way he always has. Yeah, it's still pretty anticlimactic, but at least it has some sort of resolution.

With that, the Mirage Pokemon storyline is over and a new one begins: The Story of the powerful pokemon of Western Cave. This one we're not going to be pursuing just yet as there are actually a few other plot threads I'd like to start and explore first. We'll be looking into those soon.

Today's the day after Thanksgiving, so I hope everyone in America have had a good one and filled up well! Next time, we'll have to figure... something out!

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  • 3 weeks later...

It's been a while since we've made an update! Aside from finishing up my semester along with other irl responsibilities, there's also been a bit of behind the scenes work being done in preparation for today's update!

Before we advance to our next dungeon, we need to gather a few more keys! We'll need three keys, specifically. Along the way, we'll be completing some missions as well.


During our preparation process, we purchased the friend area Serene Sea! This friend area isn't home to any pokemon we've seen so far, but it will unlock some bonus dungeons we'll be exploring later on. (Honestly, this is mostly just because I actually didn't notice these dungeons getting unlocked at the time.)

Cwvq033.png pJdT5Xk.png

Thanks to our Friend Bow, getting new recruits happens a lot more frequently! We were able to gather some new recruits!



New Recruits: Team Recover


Smoke (Houndour); Lv. 11


Item: None

Ability: Early Bird, Flash Fire | Moves: Howl, Ember, Leer


Howdy (Wynaut); Lv. 20


Item: None

Ability: Shadow Tag | Moves: Destiny Bond, Safeguard, Mirror Coat, Counter



Finally, I brought Scatter the Kadabra to Luminous Cave to evolve him with one of my Link Cables!



New Evolution: Team Recover


Scatter (Alakazam); Lv. 18


Item: None

Ability: Synchronize, Inner Focus | Moves: Teleport



One last measure I recommend you take before your first trip to the Buried Relic: Make sure you have the Final Island friend area purchased from Wigglytuff Club. All will become clear soon enough.

ZunRSPc.png 6jKmkjX.png

Now, with all of that out of the way, it's time to prepare for our trip. I think it's about time we finally delve into the Buried Relic! This is going to be the longest dungeon we've explored so far, so preparation is going to be important. First of all, you're going to want to make sure you bring three keys. In addition, you're going to want a pokemon like Duskull who can walk through walls and hover over difficult terrain. In additionn to this, be prepared for challenging boss fights as well! With the amount of stuff we need to bring with us, sticky traps are a little scary, so you'll also want to bring a Cleanse Orb or two. If all of your cleans orbs become sticky, you might want to use an Escape Orb to leave and try again.

In addition to being prepared, you're also goign to want to be mindful of inventory space. There's a handful of items you're going to want to hold onto during your first trip through this dungeon. You may even feel more comfortable making multiple trips. There's nothing waiting for you at the end, so really, you might be better off just going until you get what you're after, then use the Escape Orb to leave. Remember the importance of making sure you always have an Escape Orb at the ready. If your last Cleanse Orb is sticky, it's not worth the risk to continue at the potential cost of your Escape Orb also getting sticky. Likewise, if your Escape Orb becomes sticky, use your Cleanse Orb right away. Don't risk it getting stuck as well!

003.png 160.png 355.png

In preparation for this journey, I entered with Nature, Allia, and Grim. Ultimately, I did end up having to make multiple trips through the dungeon, during my second runs, I've finally realized the sheer power of an item I've dismissed before: The Warp Scarf.


I initially disregarded this item as being "near useless" because warping just meant separating yourself from your teammates. But when I recognized that basically meant you could effectively respawn on a floor several times over in a matter of a few turns, that means you can keep warping until you land next to the stairs. Beyond that, you always have the freedom to simply take the scarf off to explore a room and collect any items. In a more endurance-focused dungeon like this one, this can really save you some headache. Just be wary that you may find yourself accidentally warping right next to a dangerous enemy, and the strategy doesn't work as smoothly on floors with large rooms. If you're going to apply this strategy, I strongly recommend setting your allies to "Get Away" so that they'll try to avoid battling with other pokemon. This is effective since you don't need them to follow you anyway. If they're capable of traveling over special terrain, they can also take shelter in areas where most enemies can't reach them.


G9J6A6Y.png wDo54Ux.png

Upon entering the dungeon, you'll once again have to save the game. Thankfully, no HMs are required to access the dungeon.

In order to unlock Buried Relic, all you have to do is defeat Rayquaza at the end of the main story. From there, Buried Relic will become the topic of discussion around town and you'll need to get the dungeon's location from Shiftry.

Ah4CI86.png OSGWSR6.png

My first visit actually ended pretty early on. I happened to recruit a pokemon on the first floor and decided I didn't want to travel the entire dungeon with a level 15 new recruit, so I used an Escape Orb to quickly preserve my new teammate!



New Recruit: Team Recover


Chill (Sneasel); Lv. 15


Item: None

Ability: Inner Focus, Keen Eye | Moves: Screech, Quick Attack, Taunt, Leer



Buried Relic

[Unfortunately, due to ongoing issues with Bulbapedia, I won't be providing images for the items. I'm really hoping this doesn't persist or I'll just have to find an alternative source for sprites. Bulbapedia used to be incredibly convenient for this purpose. To see the sprites of these items, you may need to check the bulbapedia page.]

There are lots of interesting items available in this dungeon: Poke; Bounce, Detect, Patsy, Persim, Pierce, Power, Racket, Special, Stamina, Twist, Weather, and Zinc Bands; Def., Mobile, Pass, Pecha, Sneak, and Warp Scarves; Diet and Heal Ribbons; No-Stick Caps; Insomniscopes; Lockon and X-Ray Specs; Scope Lens; Gravelrocks; Iron Thorns; Silver Spikes; Sticks; Apples; Cheri, Chesto, Oran, Pecha, Rawst, and Sitrus Berries; Allure, Blast, Eyedrop, Heal, Hunger, Quick, Reviver, Sleep, Stun, Totter, and Warp Seeds; Max Elixirs; a large collection of TMs, Wonder Orbs, and Link Boxes.

As you can see, people weren't fooling around when they called this place a treasure trove. There are lots of useful items to be found here and that's just scratching the surface. There's actually more to this place than meets the eye, especially when we start to explore what's inside the walls... but that's for another day.

Anyway, among these common items you'll find on the floor, there are a handful of new ones you may have noticed!


First, the Mobile Scarf allows you to travel over difficult terrain.


The Lockon Specs increases the accuracy of thrown items.


The Sitrus Berry is a new and very powerful item! If you eat it, it'll recover your HP to full. But, if your HP is already full, it'll permanently increase your maximum HP by 2!


While I don't normally cover individual Wonder Orbs, the Fill-In Orb is of special note as it will replace difficult terrain with regular ground tiles, allowing you to travel across the road.


In addition, the Stairs Orb is a really useful orb that will mark the location of the stairs on the map, allowing you to make a beeline straight for it. This can be helpful in getting out of floors with annoying enemies.


The last orb I'd like to mention is the Luminous Orb, which reveals the map of the entire floor as well as all enemies on it. Being able to see the entire map of the floor is incredibly useful for finding hidden chambers if you know which floors they'll appear on.

As for traps, I think I'm just going to stop detailing the various traps you can encounter unless a new one pops up. Just expect the worst in each dungeon. They're pretty consistent overall. 


Buried Relic [B1F - B3F]

042.png 215.png 360.png

For the first three floors, you'll find Golbat, Sneasel, and Wynaut! Sneasel will always be recruitable since it only requires Darkness Ridge while Wynaut requires Echo Cave.


Buried Relic [B4F]

042.png 215.png 360.png 020.png 293.png 066.png

These three will be joined by Whismur and Machop. Whismur requires Echo Cave while Machop requires Mt. Discipline


Buried Relic [B5F]

020.png 293.png 066.png 163.png 107.png 106.png

The next floor replaces the first three with Hoothoot, Hitmonchan, and Hitmonlee. Hoothoot requires Flyaway Forest while Hitmonchan and Hitmonlee are unrecruitable. Hitmonchan can be a little overwhelming if it gets Agility up, so be wary.


Buried Relic [B6F - B8F]

020.png 293.png 066.png 163.png 107.png 106.png 137.png

On the sixth floor, you may find the next version exclusive which is perhaps the strangest one of all: Porygon can only be found in Red Rescue Team. Why this is strange, we'll cover a bit later. Porygon can be recruited with the Decrepit Lab.


Buried Relic [B9F]

163.png 107.png 106.png 137.png 092.png 096.png

Gastly and Drowzee join in on B9F at the cost of Raticate, Whismur and Machop. Gastly can be recruited with Darkness Ridge while Drowzee requires Wild Plains.


Buried Relic [B10F]

107.png 106.png 137.png 092.png 096.png 233.png 063.png

B10F introduces our next version exclusive: Porygon2. Which is exclusive to... Blue Rescue Team. I think the reference here is pretty obvious. Porygon is supposed to represent the lower graphical capabilities of the GBA in comparison with the higher quality of the DS. Hence, Red Rescue Team gets Porygon and Blue Rescue Team gets Porygon2. But, beyond that neat little detail, this is a baffling decision that arguably makes Red Rescue Team the superior version. Obviously, Porygon can be evolved into Porygon2, but, while Porygon2 is a special exception among fully evolved pokemon where he actually can be recruited with a 10% recruitment rate, with no breeding mechanic or anything, Porygon can never be obtained. That is, without a special tool we'll be addressing in a future post. But, in normal gameplay, not a chance.

Alongside Porygon2, you can also find Abra on this floor. Abra can be recruited with the Decrepit Lab as well.


Buried Relic [B11F]

107.png 106.png 092.png 096.png 233.png

Abra and Porygon will disappear on B11F.


Buried Relic [B12F - B13F]

092.png 096.png 233.png

Hitmonlee and Hitmonchan are now gone.


Buried Relic [B14F]

092.png 096.png 233.png 304.png 316.png

B14F introduces Aron and Gulpin. Aron can be recruited with Mt. Cleft while Gulpin requires Poison Swamp.


tgf060d.png dt4xOSA.png AMUBOGg.png


Buried Relic [B15F]

When you arrive on B15F, you'll be met by an unexpected surprise! Regirock will begin to attack you as soon as you arrive! Be prepared for battle!


Thanks to Nature, this battle is actually pretty simple. Like most legendaries, Regirock can't actually be recruited the first time around. At least, not without jumping through some hoops, so there's no need to stress about that. For now, we'll just lay on the pounding!

DE83w8M.png JBgI8Nw.png 8PLj6Yu.png


After his defeat, Regirock will drop a strange item called a Rock Part. Handle this item very carefully! It'll break if you so much as try to use it. Just keep it safe in your inventory, but make sure to keep it with you! Its use will become incredibly important soon! If the Rock Part breaks, you'll have to retrun here to fight Regirock again in order to get a replacement.

Once you've claimed your part, it's time to advance by stepping on the teleport tile!


Buried Relic [B16F]

233.png 304.png 316.png074.png 164.png 132.png

On B16F, the pokemon from B14F return alongside Geodude, Noctowl, and Ditto. Geodude can be recruited with Mt. Deepgreen while Ditto needs the Decrepit lab.


Buried Relic [B17F - B18F]

233.png 304.png 316.png074.png 164.png 132.png 307.png

Meditite joins the fray on B17F. It requires Mt. Discipline to recruit.


Buried Relic [B19F]

304.png 316.png074.png 164.png 132.png 307.png 202.png

Porygon2 is gone on B19F! In its place is Wobbuffet.


Buried Relic [B20F]

074.png 164.png 132.png 307.png 202.png 063.png

Aron and Gulpin are now gone on B20F, but Abra is back!



Buried Relic [B21F - B22F]

The atmosphere changes on B21F as you arrive in a deeper part of the ruins here.

132.png 307.png 202.png

Geodude, Noctowl, leave and Abra does yet again as well.


Buried Relic [B23F]

132.png 202.png 097.png

On B23F, Meditite is replaced with Hypno.


Buried Relic [B24F]

132.png 202.png 097.png 237.png

B24F brings in Hitmontop!


dykaDaW.png kFW9JBS.png


Buried Relic [B25F]

It probably isn't terribly unexpected that you'd be encountering the other two Legendary Golems during your adventure through the Buried Relic. On the 25th floor, you'll run into Regice!


While it took a bit of finagling thanks to Regice's range attacks and Nature's weakness to Ice, Regice ultimately faced the same fate as Regirock.

ANTjl8y.png zZZJx4p.png


Perhaps not unexpected once again, Regice drops an item called the Ice Part. Just like the Rock Part, you're going to want to hold onto this one and be extra careful not to break it by interacting with it!


Bured Relic [B26F - B29F]

132.png 097.png 237.png 292.png

On B26F, three of the four pokemon from B24F return with Shedinja replacing Wobbuffet.


Buried Relic [B30F - B34F]

132.png 292.png 296.png

Hypno and Hitmontop disappear on B30F in exchange for Makuhita who can be recruited with Mt. Discipline


On B33F, I did manage to recruit a Makuhita. However, it was rather inconsequential because I soon came to a better opportunity that I couldn't turn down!


OXPIXl6.png LMA3Ki3.png HsFMbxG.png


Buried Relic [B35F]

On the 35th floor, you'll find the last of the three Legendary Golems: Registeel! 


Once again, the fight was pretty short-lived and Nature was able to make pretty quick work of him.

hmG1bdc.png senCE0I.png Fwc0ZTY.png


Similarly to the other two, Registeel drops the Steel Part. With the Rock, Ice, and Steel Part coming together...

9bl8SPk.png Fp2FILN.png


The three parts join together to form a Music Box! Just like the three parts, do not interact with this item directly or it will break forcing you to have to battle the three legendary golems all over again in order to get another one. Just keep it in your inventory while exploring this dungeon and its effect just might present itself soon...


Buried Relic [B36 - B39]

292.png 027.png 151.png

The only pokemon that returns here from before is Shedinja. Other than that, you'll find Sandshrew who can be recruited with Furnace Desert. Far more exciting, however, is the mythical pokemon Mew! Mew is an incredily special case, however, and I'm not going to go over the best strategies for recruiting Mew, but it's a strong candidate for the most difficult pokemon to recruit in the entire game! That mainly comes down to the limitations of recruitment in conjunction with its rarity. I do plan to dedicate a post towards the end of my coverage of this game on the most difficult recruits in the game and I'll probably go over Mew in more detail there, but if you're interested in it now, just know that it appears incredibly rarely, and you must have the Music Box created from the parts left by the three Legendary Golems in your inventory for Mew to even spawn at all. Also bear in mind that Mew will usually transform before arriving on screen, so you're probably not going to know who it is until you KO it. There's some nuance to how you can sus out Mew, but for now, let's just say don't get your hopes up too high.

In order to recruit Mew, you'll need the Final Island Friend Area which is why I so heavily suggested that area earlier.


Buried Relic [B40F]

027.png 151.png 064.png

On B40F, Kadabra joins the fray.


Buried Relic [B41F - B49F]

027.png 151.png 064.png 239.png

Elekid joins in on B41F. He can be recruited with the Power Plant.


On B45, you'll want to stop what you're doing and seek out a hidden chamber. You can simplify this process using one of those Luminous Orbs if you've happened to pick one up.

fnGbrUc.png CXlv6K1.png


Using a key on this one will reveal the HM for Rock Smash! If you already have this HM, you'll find a Link Cable instead.


Buried Relic [B50F - B59F]

027.png 151.png 239.png 122.png

On B50F, Kadabra disappears making room for Mr. Mime.


B51F changes the aesthetic up once again to this deeper red, brick-like texture.


Buried Relic [B60F]

151.png 122.png 247.png

B60F introduces Pupitar in place of Elekid!


On this floor, you're going to want to watch out for a strange formation like this one where you can find another HM surrounded on all sides by solid walls! There's a couple ways to get this item, but the easiest is to make use of a Ghost-type. If you don't have one yet, your best hopes of getting one are in Darknight Relic. Other than that, you could also theoretically make use of Explosion or Self-Destruct. There are also high-level IQ skills that can allow any pokemon to travel through walls! Another solution might be to use a Trawl Orb to drag the item to you. I'm not actually sure how effective such a process would be. But for now, I'll just be relying on Grim to do the dirty work.


The HM in the center of this mess of wall is the HM for Strength! It'll be replaced with a Link Cable if you already have it, of course.


Buried Relic [B61F - B64F]

151.png 122.png 247.png 111.png

Rhyhorn joins the fun on B64F. Rhyhorn can be recruited with the Safari Friend Area.


Buried Relic [B65F - B67F]

151.png 122.png 247.png 111.png 024.png

Arbok joins in on B65F.


Buried Relic [B68F - B69F]

151.png 122.png 247.png 111.png 024.png 275.png 303.png

Shiftry and Mawile begin to appear on B68F! Mawile can be recruited with Echo Cave.


Buried Relic [B70F]

151.png 247.png 111.png 024.png 275.png 303.png

Mr. Mime is gone on B70F.

YRGKzKA.png oMG4yFC.png

And it's on this floor that you'll find another hidden chamber with the HM for Flash hidden away inside! Once again, if you already have the HM, you'll find a Link Cable.


Buried Relic [B71F - B73F]

151.png 111.png 024.png 275.png 303.png

Pupitar is gone on B71.


Buried Relic [B74F]

151.png 024.png 275.png 303.png 075.png

Graveler takes Rhyhorn's place on B74, watch out for its explosions!


Buried Relic [B75F - B79F]

151.png 303.png 075.png

Arbok and Shiftry are gone on B75.

8RgQnqa.png Q4SN0qD.png

It was on B79F where I saw a very peculiar notification! Mew used Transform! It was at this point where I realized that perhaps bringing a new recruit through this dungeon was a bit of a foolish choice. So, I said farewell to my newly recruited Makuhita in exchange for just a chance at recruiting this new Mew.

yjKcoOm.png LgocIW6.png

And... it was successful! ...kind of. I had to play around with a lot of options and... er... definitely didn't scum around with save states to get this to happen. But eventually, I did recruit Mew!



New Recruit: Team Recover


Origin (Mew); Lv. 40


Item: None

Ability: Synchronize | Moves: Pound, Transform, Mega Punch, Metronome



Though it's usually a blessed convenience, recruiting Mew actually instantly forces you to escape from the dungeon. Since we were so deep and didn't quite make it to the end, we also still have another key to use and were actually just about to reach its door, I had to climb my way all the way back down.


Buried Relic [B80F - B81F]

151.png 303.png 067.png

As always, these later floors are where things start to get a little scary with Machoke running around. These guys can take some hits and deal some damage, so watch out! They replace Graveler from previous floors, though, so no more surprise Magnitude 10's!


On B80F, you might stumble across this particularly large hidden chamber.

TL8dEqX.png yid7aMM.png

Cracking it open will reveal not one, but two obstacles between you and the HM it houses. You'll need to be able to cross over this water as well as pass through the wall that blocks your way. There are a few ways over both of these obstacles and your reward is... the HM for.... Cut. Yeah, I don't get it either. But, with Cut here, I do believe we now have all 8 HMs! We should no longer be barred access to anymore dungeons, perhaps? That is, outside of story limitations, anyway.


Buried Relic [B82F - B87F]

151.png 303.png 067.png 093.png

Haunter joins the fray. Ghost types are never fun to see! But we're nearing the end of the dungeon! Just a little longer to go!


Buried Relic [B88F - B90F]

151.png 303.png 093.png

Machoke is now gone after B87F!


Buried Relic [B91F - B93F]

151.png 093.png 076.png

To add insult to injury, Golem is now here alongside those pesky Haunter! And Mawile is no longer there to help soften the blow!


Buried Relic [B94F - B98F]

151.png 076.png

Thankfully, Haunter is gone on B94. Unfortunately, that really just means a lot of Explosions and Magnitudes the rest of the way.


Buried Relic [B99F]


Strangely, Mew doesn't appear at all on B99F. The only pokemon you'll find this far down are Golem, Golem, and more Golem. But, once you find your way to the exit, you're as good as gone!



And that I did. Good lord was this a doozy of a post to string together! Unforunately, this is just one of many 99F dungeons in the game. We've still got quite a ways to go... We'll have to wait and see what we stumble across next time, I suppose. I might start getting to work on those new dungeons I got access to from Serene Sea.

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After recruiting Mew, its portait will show up on your file select screen! Lovely bragging rights!

Today, we're going to be taking a bit of a break from the more serious postgame dungeons and exploring some more Friend-Area tied dungeons. First and foremost, I've gotten plenty of money from my two forrays into the Buried Relic, so let's get into some money spending!

With the amount of money I currently have, I was nearly able to purchase every friend area that remained in the Wigglytuff Club. Unfortunately, due to the issues I've been having with bulbapedia, I'm going to have to be pulling images of these friend areas from Serebii. These images don't capture the full art of the friend areas, but it's the best I have access to right now. It's really unfortunate and I hope that Bulbapedia links start working again soon!


Shallow Beach


This friend area is home to the Wingull from Stormy Sea along with other pokemon that live just offshore we've yet to encounter.



Deep-Sea Floor


This place is home to many pokemon that live in the deepest depths of the ocean. It's needed to recruit Omanyte in Stormy Sea.



Treasure Sea

318.png 347.png

Established around a sunken ship filled with treasure, this friend area is home to pokemon that like to make their homes in tiny crevices underwater. It's needed to recruit Carvanha and Anorith from Stormy Seam.



Cryptic Cave

This mysterious location is home to a pokemon we've yet to see. Thanks to the use of Serebii's images, I guess it's already pretty blatant who that is. We'll get there when we get there!



Mystic Lake


The mythical aura of this lake is perfect for the magestic Dratini from Wyvern Hill!



Aged Chamber AN

The name of this friend area is pretty self-explanatory as to what you can recruit here. But again, we'll get there when we get there!


The only friend area that remains in Wigglytuff Club is Aged Chamber O? Not much to really expect out of such a location, but we now have the majority of all friend areas in the game!



Grand Sea

With all that out of the way, let's get onto our new dungeon! Grand Sea is one of two dungeons unlocked upon purchase of the Serene Sea friend area and its where our focus is going to be today!

Compared to what we've been through recently, this dungeon is a bit of a joke. It requires Dive in order to access, so make sure you have that one! If you still need it, you can get it once from Whiscash at Whiscash Pond. If you need a new one, make your way to Solar Cave!

The items here include Poke; Bound, Curve, Detect, Patsy, Power, Racket, and Stamina Bands; Diet, Gold, Heal, Joy, and Plain Ribbons; Pecha, Sneak, and Warp Scarves; Insomniscopes; Scope Lenses; Whiff and X-Ray Specs; Geo Pebbles; Gravelerock; Cheri Berries; Allure, Blinker, Heal, Sleep, and Totter Seeds; and then TMs and Wonder Orbs.

You may notice that the only berries here are Cheri Berries. You may want to bring an Oran Berry or two just in case. You never know when a Monster House might ruin your day and you're not going to stumble across random oran berries to heal off your damage.

Among the Wonder Orbs, a new one is the One-Room orb which destroys all the walls on the floor and transforms the entire floor into one giant room. I suppose you can consider this an improved version of the radar or scanner orb depending on how well prepared you are to deal with the dungeon's enemies. On the contrary, if you're in a more dangerous dungeon, it may not be too good of an idea to use this one.

Of course, come prepared to deal with your typical traps, but your biggest threat this time around is really just confusion and long-range attacks like BubbleBeam. There's nothing too major.


Grand Sea [B1F - B4F]

278.png 211.png 072.png

For the first four floors, you'll be running into Wingull, Qwilfish, and Tentacool. Wingull of course needs Shallow Beach to be recruited while Qwilfish requires Serene Sea which you should have in order to explore this dungeon. Tentacool requires Bountiful Sea in order to be recruited.


Grand Sea [B5F]

278.png 211.png 072.png 140.png 222.png

The 5th floor introduces Kabuto and Corsola. Kabuto requires Deep-Sea Floor while Corsola requires Shallow Beach.


Grand Sea [B6F - B9F]

211.png 072.png 140.png 222.png 079.png

Slowpoke replaces Wingull on B6F. Slowpoke requires Bountiful Sea to be recruited.


On B6F, I recruited Cover the Kaubto!


New Recruit: Team Recover


Cover (Kabuto); Lv. 28


Item: None

Ability: Swift Swim, Battle Armor | Moves: Mud-Shot, Leer, Harden, Absorb


Grand Sea [B10F]

140.png 222.png 079.png 116.png 149.png

On the 10th floor, Qwilfish and Tentacool leave. You'll begin to find Horsea who requires Treasure Sea, but you might be really surprised to stumble across Dragonite!


Grand Sea [B11F - B13F]

140.png 222.png 079.png 116.png

For the following floors, Dragonite disappears.


Grand Sea [B14F]

079.png 116.png 347.png

Anorith replaces Kaubto and Corsola on the 14th floor. It requires Treasure Sea to be recruited.


Grand Sea [B15F]

116.png 347.png 098.png 120.png 149.png

On the 15th floor, Slowpoke no longer appears and Krabby and Staryu take its place. Krabby requires Shallow Beach while Staryu requires Bountiful Sea. Dragonite also returns here!



You're going to want to take the time to explore on this floor, however, because you'll find a DeepseaScale!

366.png -> 368.png

By offering this item alongside a Link Cable at Luminous Cave, you can evolve Clamperl into Gorebyss! Just remember this is a branched evolution, so you'll need to recruit another Clamperl if you also want Huntail.


If you already have a DeepseaScale, this will of course be replaced with a Link Cable.


Grand Sea [B16F - B19F]

116.png 347.png 098.png 120.png

Once again, Dragonite only sticks around for a single floor and is gone on the next one.


Grand Sea [B20F]

116.png 347.png 098.png 120.png 134.png 149.png

On the 20th floor, you might run into Dragonite again as well as Vaporeon!


Grand Sea [B21F - B23F]

347.png 120.png 073.png

Lots of pokemon disappear on the 21st floor leaving only Anorith and Staryu around alongside Tentacruel.


Grand Sea [B24F]

120.png 073.png 141.png

On the 24th floor, Anorith is replaced by Kabutops.


Grand Sea [B25F]

120.png 073.png 141.png 080.png 099.png 149.png

Slowbro and Kingler appear on B25F alongside Dragonite for another return!



On the 25th floor, you'll want to explore the floor again because you'll be able to find a DeepseaTooth!

366.png -> 367.png

When paired with a Link Cable, this item can allow Clamperl to evolve into Huntail!


And just like the DeepseaScale, this will be replaced with a Link Cable if you already have one.


Grand Sea [B26F]

073.png 141.png 080.png 099.png

Dragonite and Staryu are gone on B26F.


Grand Sea [B27F - B29F]

073.png 141.png 080.png 099.png 117.png

Seadra appears on B27F.


Grand Sea [B30F]

073.png 141.png 080.png 099.png 117.png 134.png 226.png

Vaporeon returns on B30F and, as a version exclusive, Mantine will appear on B30F only in Red Rescue Team.



And with that, the dungeon is over! Like I said, this dungeon was a bit of a joke. The one we play next time I expect to be significantly more challenging, however, so we'll see how that goes.

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  • 2 weeks later...


Another update! Today we'll be focusing on the other dungeon that opened up when we obtained along with the Serene Sea friend area: Far-off Sea!



Far-off Sea

Just like Grand Sea, you'll need access to the Far-off Sea friend area in order to gain access to this dungeon. In addiiton, you'll need the HM Dive. However, there's an additional limitation in that you'll also need a Water-type pokemon!


Since I'm being forced to bring along a Water-type anyway, I went ahead and taught Allia Dive for the sake of having more inventory space. I have plenty of Dig TMs at this point, so I can easily re-teach this.

This dungeon is significantly longer than the dungeon we explored last time.

MDBag_Pok%C3%A9_RTRB_Sprite.png MDBag_Scarf_RTRB_Sprite.png MDBag_Scarf_RTRB_Sprite.png MDBag_Scarf_RTRB_Sprite.png MDBag_Scarf_RTRB_Sprite.png MDBag_Scarf_RTRB_Sprite.png MDBag_Scarf_RTRB_Sprite.png MDBag_Scarf_RTRB_Sprite.png MDBag_Scarf_RTRB_Sprite.png MDBag_Scarf_RTRB_Sprite.png MDBag_Scarf_RTRB_Sprite.png MDBag_Scarf_RTRB_Sprite.png MDBag_Scarf_RTRB_Sprite.png MDBag_Scarf_RTRB_Sprite.png MDBag_Scarf_RTRB_Sprite.png MDBag_Scarf_RTRB_Sprite.png MDBag_Glasses_RTRB_Sprite.png MDBag_Scope_Lens_TDS_Sprite.png MDBag_Glasses_RTRB_Sprite.png MDBag_Glasses_RTRB_Sprite.png

MDBag_Stone_RTRB_Sprite.png MDBag_Stone_RTRB_Sprite.png MDBag_Cheri_Berry_TDS_Sprite.png MDBag_Seed_TDS_Sprite.png MDBag_Seed_TDS_Sprite.png MDBag_Seed_TDS_Sprite.png MDBag_Seed_TDS_Sprite.png MDBag_Seed_TDS_Sprite.png https://archives.bulbagarden.net/media/upload/4/44/MDBag_TM_RTRB_Sprite.png MDBag_Wonder_Orb_TDS_Sprite.png

The items you'll find throughout the dungeon include Poke; Bounce, Curve, Detect, Patsy, Power, Racket, and Stamina Bands; Diet, Gold, Heal, Joy and Plain Ribbons; Pecha, Sneak, and Warp Scarves; Tight Belts; Insomniscopes; Scope Lenses; Whiff Specs; X-Ray Specs; Geo Pebbles and Gravelerocks; Cheri Berries; Allure, Blinker, Heal, Sleep, and Totter Seeds; as well as assorted TMs and Wonder Orbs.

MDBag_Key_RTRB_Sprite.png MDBag_Key_RTRB_Sprite.png

I strongly recommend bringing with you two keys this time. In addition, you'll want to make sure you're well-stocked on food and max elixirs because you won't be finding anything useful in that regard for quite a while. You'll notice there aren't any apples and the only berries you'll find are Cheri Berries. Be prepared for a long trip as this is unfortunately one of the longer dungeons of the game. In fact, this is perhaps one of the more difficult endurance dungeons because you actually cannot switch leaders in this dungeon. You're stuck with whoever you enter as and you can't switch to an ally to help out directly in an emergency situation like you may have grown comfortable doing in the postgame. For this reason, I strongly advise against the Warp Scarf strategy unless you're really confident in your teammates' ability to handle themselves.

Unfortunately, due to an error on my part, I didn't actually notice that I needed to bring keys with me this time around, but there is hope even in such a situation. You still have a chance to get at least one of the rewards!

003.png 160.png 062.png

I decided to enter the dungeon with Nature, Allia, and Poliwrath. Let's see how it goes!



Far-Off Sea [B1F - B5F]

090.png 138.png 098.png

The early parts of this dungeon are covered in water as one would expect from its name, meaning Allia can actually make use of her Dive move here! This is actually pretty nice as Dive is significantly stronger than Dig for a Water-type pokemon. The only reason I'm running Dig is because it's more consistantly useable. Anyway, the pokemon you'll find on the first few floors include Shellder, Omanyte, and Krabby. Shellder requires Bountiful Sea to recruit, Omanyte requires Deep-Sea Floor, and Krabby requires Shallow Beach.


Far-Off Sea [B6F - B8F]

090.png 138.png 098.png 079.png 086.png

The next floors bring in Slowpoke and Seel. Slowpoke requires Bountiful Sea while Seel requires Ice Floe Beach.


On B7F, I was able to recruit a Krabby which I named Claw!


New Recruit: Team Recover


Claw (Krabby; Lv. 32


Item: None

Ability: Hyper Cutter, Shell Armor | Moves: Mud-Shot, Harden, Vicegrip, Stomp


Far-Off Sea [B9F]

138.png 098.png 079.png 086.png

Shellder departs on 9th floor.


Far-Off Sea [B10F]

098.png 079.png 086.png 363.png

Omanyte joins Shellder with Spheal rolling in to take its place. Spheal also requires the Ice Floe Beach friend area to recruit. Watch out for Spheal's Ice Ball attack! It can rack up some serious damage if it catches you off guard!


Far-Off Sea [B11F - B13F]

079.png 086.png 363.png

Krabby is gone on the B11F leaving only Slowpoke, Seel, and Spheal around.


Far-Off Sea [B14F]

079.png 086.png 363.png 347.png

Anorith joins on B14F, requiring Treasure Sea to be recruited.


Far-Off Sea [B15F - B19F]

363.png 347.png

Slowpoke and Seel are now gone, leaving only Spheal and Anorith.


On the 16th floor, the dungeon changes tileset to that of an undersea cave.


Far-Off Sea [B20F]

347.png 088.png 139.png 134.png

B20F almost brings in a whole new roster, replacing Spheal Grimer who requires Poisonous Swamp to be recruited as well as the fully evolved (and consequently unobtainable) Omastar and Vaporeon. Omastar can take a few hits to take out and Grimer can always be annoying thanks to Stench.


Far-Off Sea [B21F - B23F]

347.png 088.png 139.png

Vaporeon disappears as soon as it appears.


Far-Off Sea [B24F - B25F]

088.png 139.png

Anorith is gone on the 24th floor.


Far-Off Sea [B26F - B29F]

088.png 139.png 099.png

The fully-evolved Kingler joins the fray on the 26th floor.


Far-Off Sea [B30F]

099.png 080.png 318.png 134.png

Grimer and Omastar disappear on B30F and in their place stands Slowbro and Carvanha. Carvanha can be recruited with Treasure Sea but Slowbro is fully evolved. Be wary of Carvanha's Rough Skin which deals counter damage against any pokemon that makes contact with it.


Far-Off Sea [B31F - B34F]

099.png 080.png 318.png

Vapreon is gone again on B31F. 


On B33F, you'll find the dungeon returns to its familiar water-centric undersea tileset.


Far-Off Sea [B35F]

099.png 080.png 318.png 121.png 168.png 364.png

Starmie, Ariados, and Sealeo are all found on B35F. Sealeo is tough to recruit and you're better off recruiting Spheal from an earlier floor.


Far-Off Sea [B36F]

080.png 318.png 121.png 168.png 364.png

Kingler is gone!


Far-Off Sea [B37F - B39F]

318.png 121.png 168.png 364.png

And so is Slowbro!


Far-Off Sea [B40F]

121.png 168.png 364.png

And a few floors later, so, too, is Carvanha!


Far-Off Sea [B41F - B44F]

121.png 168.png 364.png 320.png

Wailmer joins in on B44F where they're actually kinda pushovers. They require Serene Sea to recruit which means they should be recruitable whenever you enter the dungeon.


Far-Off Sea [B45F - B49F]

320.png 370.png 131.png

On B45F, you'll find that Starmie, Ariados, and Sealeo are all gone. You'll instead begin to find Luvdisc, who can be recruited with Treasure Sea. In Blue Rescue Team only, you can also find Lapras in here. Lapras is a size-4 pokemon, so you'll need to make sure you have room in your party if you're looking to recruit one. Lapras requires the Mystic Lake friend area to recruit.

Luvdisc are a little annoying because they like to layer status effects like Confusion and Infatuation on you. In addition, Lapras then comes along with the move Perish Song... oh god. Thankfully, Lapras is typically pretty easy to KO, but try to take it out from a distance if you can. Needless to say, since it's a version exclusive, this dungeon is far less stressful in Red Rescue Team.


Far-Off Sea [B50F]

320.png 370.png 131.png 147.png 199.png 134.png

On B50F, you'll also find Dratini, who also needs Mystic Lake for recruitment, and Slowking who is fully evolved and cannot be recruited. Vaporeon also returns yet again!

wBAAFKi.png MPIYEoh.png

If you're smarter than me and actually brought keys into this dungeon, you'll want to stop on this floor and seek out a secret vault.


Inside this vault, you'll find an incredibly rare TM for a move called Wide Slash. Wide Slash is actually a Mystery Dungeon original move. It's a typeless attack that damages pokemon in the three tiles immediately in front of you and adjacent to you. (That's, straight ahead and two diagonals, or two straights and one diagonal if you're facing diagonally). This move is special not only in that it's an original mystery dungeon exclusive attack, but also in that it is a typeless attack similar to your basic move. Unfortunately, since I didn't bring a key, I'll have to pass on this item for now.


If you already own a Wide Slash TM, this one will be replaced with a Link Cable.


Far-Off Sea [B51F - B54F]

370.png 147.png 199.png

Starting on B51F, you'll no longer find Wailmer and Lapras. Vaporeon predictably disappears again as well.

MDBag_Key_RTRB_Sprite.png deepseascale.png deepseatooth.png

deepseatooth.pngPerhaps more interestingly are the items that are added to the pool on this floor and lasting until the end of the dungeon. For the rest of the dungeon, you'll be able to find Keys, and, oddly enough, DeepSeaScales and DeepSeaTeeth. I find those last two incredibly odd because you'll never need more than one of either of these items unless you want a second Gorebyss or Huntail. I find these especially odd considering they were treated as one-of-a-kind items in Grand Sea, but apparently that's simply not the case here. Even though they're replaced with Link Cables in Grand Sea if you already own one, you can find multiple copies of these items here.

More importantly for me, though, the ability to obtain Keys down here gives me an opportunity to get that latter secret vault that I missed!


Far-Off Sea [B55F - B59F]

147.png 199.png 087.png 224.png

Dewgong and Octillery join in on B55F in place of Luvdisc. If Lapras' Perish Song wasn't enough to make your blood pressure rise, you now have Dewgong's Sheer Cold to watch out for! Octillery is completely overshadowed compared to the risk of potentially getting OHKO'd out of nowhere! Neither of these two can be recruited as they're both fully evolved.


Far-Off Sea [B60F]

087.png 224.png 089.png 319.png 365.png 134.png

Dratini and Slowking peter out in favor of Muk, Sharpedo, and Walrein who are basically just thicker counterparts to their unevolved counterparts earlier in the dungeon. Thankfully, no Sheer Cold from Walrein. It just takes a solid beating to wipe out instead. Vaporeon also makes yet another appearance here.


Far-Off Sea [B61F - B64F]

087.png 224.png 089.png 319.png 365.png

As expected, Vaproen dips again on the next floor.


Far-Off Sea [B65F - B69F]

089.png 319.png 365.png 366.png

Dewgong and Octillery are gone on the 65th floor and I'd say that's the last of the roughest pokemon the dungeon has to offer. The worst you have to deal with now are mostly just pokemon that overstay their welcome with bulk. You can find Clamperl here who can be recruited with Deep-Sea Floor.


Far-Off Sea [B70F - B75F]

366.png 230.png 321.png

The final five floors consist of only Clamperl, Kingdra, and Wailord. Wailord may look imposing, but you can usually just run right through it. He's just a big lug.

0EesmOO.png XY5QFap.png DVo2Xr7.png

When you reach the 72nd floor, you'll once again want to seek out the secret vault where you'll find another original TM!


This TM contains the move Vacuum-Cut. Vacuum-Cut inflicts a flat 35 damage to all enemies in the same room as the user.


Of course, if you already own a Vacuum-Cut TM, this one will be replaced with a Link Cable.



And finally, we reached floor 75! Far-off Sea doesn't seem so Far-off anymore! With that out of the way, I do believe there is only one remaining dungeon tied to friend areas we've yet to explore, but it's a short one and we should be able to explore it soon! Other than that, we've also got another plot thread to explore, so that's probably the direction we'll be headed. But, we'll have to wait and see what our next session brings! We're finally nearing the end of this game, but we've yet to face our greatest challenges.

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Ahh, while I was typing up my post last time, it seemed like the images from Bulbapedia were working better, but it doesn't seem to be getting better anytime soon. That's fine, I suppose. I guess I'll just have to stick with using Serebii's images for now.

Anyway, today is going to be another short update. To my understanding, this is going to be the last one as everything left in the game are pretty hefty chunks of playtime. So, let's get into it.

ewYoTfF.png gQDxNZM.png

vKJPq98.png 3d8j86G.png

First of all, I went through and did a few missions with Machete and Roast. Thanks to our Friend Bow, we were able to get a healthy amount of new recruits as well!


New Recruits: Team Recover


Heat (Magby); Lv. 17


Item: None

Ability: Flame Body | Moves: Ember, Leer, Smog


Mount (Numel); Lv. 14


Item: None

Ability: Oblivious | Moves: Growl, Tackle, Ember


Relic (Baltoy); Lv. 5


Item: None

Ability: Levitate | Moves: Confusion, Harden, Rapid Spin


Dumbell (Beldum); Lv. 5


Item: None

Ability: Clear Body | Moves: Take Down



In addition, I purchased our final Friend Area: Aged Chamber O?. With this, I believe we do now have access to every friend area in the game! At the very least, that's all of them available through the Wigglytuff Club. If you have every friend area purchased from Wigglytuff and still find yourself unable to recruit a certain pokemon, remember that some friend areas are given as rewards for completing missions. If you struggle to find them, I'll be covering a feature later on that might make them easier to seek out.

Anyway, just like Aged Chamber AN, this area is home to pokemon we haven't met yet but, even without the thumbnail, doesn't take too much thought to figure out.


If it somehow isn't clear yet, purchasing both Aged Chamber AN and O? will unlock a new dungeon that will most certainly reveal the purpose of these friend areas! Naturally, we'll be heading there today!


AncientChamberAN.png AncientChamberO.png

Unown Relic

In order to gain access to this dungeon, you'll need to purchase Aged Chamber AN and Aged Chamber O? from the Wigglytuff Club.

The items aren't anything too exciting. Poke; Gravelerrocks and Geo Pebbles; Cheri, Oran, and Pecha Berries; Heal, Quick, and Warp Seeds; Max Elixirs; and a small selection of Wonder Orbs.

There really isn't anything I recommend bringing into this dungeon in particular besides the basics: Escape Orb, Cleanse Orb, maybe an Apple or two but you're not likely to need it. Even status healers really aren't all that important here. This is probably the shortest, simplest dungeon we've explored in a long time. There's also no real reason to complete the dungeon at all.

062.png 003.png

I decided to enter the dungeon with Poliwrath and Venusaur.



Unown Relic [B1F]

So, this dungeon is all about one pokemon and one pokemon alone: Unown! But of course, Unown is famous for coming in many different shapes. Internally, each form of Unown is actually treated as a separate pokemon. If you're interested in gathering them all, you may want to bring a lone, high-level pokemon with a Friend Bow to get the highest chances and have three open slots in your team. Just keep in mind you'll have to babysit them all to keep them from getting killed. And the way Hidden Power works in this game, being random power and type each dungeon visit, these little guys have the potential to be deceptively powerful. But they're still pretty weak stat-wise, so they'll go down quickly enough. Don't let yourself get overwhelmed, though!

201-a.png 201-b.png 201-c.png 201-d.png 201-o.png 201-r.png 201-u.png 201-z.png

On the first floor, you can find Unown A, B, C, D, O, R, U, and Z.

It probably isn't too difficult to guess which Unown require which friend areas. Any Unown from A-N are recruited with Aged Chamber AN while Unown from O - ? are recruited with Aged Chamber O?. Since both of these friend areas are required to access this dungeon, this shouldn't be an issue at all. Simple enough, right? This dungeon is entirely about comming to fill out these two friend areas with as many different Unown as possible.


On the first floor, I recruited an Unown R and named it Rune!


New Recruit: Team Recover


Rune (Unown R); Lv. 20


Item: None

Ability: Levitate | Moves: Hidden Power


Unown Relic [B2F]

201-e.png 201-f.png 201-g.png 201-h.png 201-p.png 201-s.png 201-x.png 201-!.png 201-qm.png

The next floor brings in Unown E, F, G, H, P, S, X, !, and ?.


Unown Relic [B3F]

201-!.png 201-qm.png 201-i.png 201-j.png 201-k.png 201-l.png 201-t.png 201-v.png

B3F brings in I, J, K, L, V, while ! and ? stick around.


Unown Relic [B4F]

201-!.png 201-qm.png 201-m.png 201-n.png 201-o.png 201-p.png

B4F brings in M and N while O and P return from the first two floors. ! and ? Are still around as well.


On this floor, I was also able to recruit a second Unown: Unown O! I named him Origin.


New Recruit: Team Recover


Origin (Unown O); Lv. 20


Item: None

Ability: Levitate | Moves: Hidden Power


Unown Relic [B5F]

201-!.png 201-qm.png 201-c.png 201-g.png 201-j.png 201-q.png 201-r.png 201-s.png 201-t.png

B5F keeps ! and ?, brings back C, G, J, R, S, and T from previous floors. Q is new, though!


Unown Relic [B6F]

201-!.png 201-qm.png 201-c.png 201-e.png 201-u.png 201-v.png 201-x.png 201-w.png

B6F retains !, ? and C from the previous floor as well as bringing back E, U, V, and X.


Unown Relic [B7F]

201-!.png 201-qm.png 201-a.png 201-b.png 201-k.png 201-z.png 201-y.png

B7F brings back A, B, K, and Z, and introduces Y. At this point, every single Unown is available across all the floors. You never actually have to go deeper than B7F in order to recruit them all. You can simply use an Escape Orb to jump out of the dungeon and head back inside for the others. But, if you do continue...


Unown Relic [B8F]

201-c.png 201-d.png 201-g.png 201-h.png 201-m.png 201-q.png 201-s.png 201-u.png

! and ? finally go away on B8F and you can find repeats of C, D, G, H, M, Q, S, and U.


Unown Relic [B9F]

201-e.png 201-i.png 201-j.png 201-k.png 201-l.png 201-p.png 201-r.png 201-s.png

B9F brings along E, I, J, K, L, P, R, and S.


Unown Relic [B10F]

201-j.png 201-p.png 201-h.png 201-n.png 201-o.png 201-q.png 201-t.png 201-v.png

B10F keeps J and P around while also bringing back H, N, O, Q, T, and V


Unown Relic [B11F]

201-o.png 201-q.png 201-c.png 201-e.png 201-g.png 201-i.png 201-k.png 201-m.png 201-s.png

B11 keeps O and Q from B10, along with C, E, G, I, K, M, and S.



And that's it! Like I said, an incredibly short and simple dungeon. The only major threat here are the traps, but across a mere 11 floors even those can only hurt so badly. You're probably not going to struggle at all in this dungeon. At worst, you'll get surprise KO'd by an unexpectedly powerful Hidden Power, but a quick rescue shouldn't be hard at all to pull off if you don't have the Reviver Seed to protect you from such a fate.

Anyway, with that, we should now have all of the dungeons completed that were unlocked from friend areas! All that's left, I believe, are some additional miscellaneous dungeons and dungeons tied to plot threads. We're drawing closer to the end of the game, but things are going to get much tougher than they've ever been before. Next time, we'll start to look for some more plots to explore!

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So, in light of recent issues with images breaking, I've decided to switch sprite sources. From now on, I'll be using images from a mixture of Serebii and a new site called pokencyclopedia. Unfortunately, neither source has exclusively transparent sprites for some reason, so I'll be switching between the two. I'll be retroactively changing the image sources around sporadically, so you'll still see broken images here and there. But from now on, we will be using a new database which does come with some bonuses! For one, I now have animated sprites for Mystery Dungeon! So you'll be noticing a lot more life being brought to these posts, hopefully.

Anyway, last time we finished off the last of the friend area-tied dungeons, so all that remains are dungeons tied to individual plot threads. So, let's get started on those!


If you wander up to Whiscash Pond after reuniting Latias and Latios, you'll find Team Meanies, sans Gengar, hanging around up here.

 iSeDemZ.png Gd6BJmi.png n9zWT34.png

It seems these two have made some sort of great discovery that they want to keep a secret. They're even agreeing not even to let Gengar in on it!

VwtsJ8d.png y5RYgHl.png DUas6lf.png

Of course, as soon as the two catch you listening in on their conversation, they both immediately clam up. Well, Medicham does anyway. It seems that Ekans is quite fond of running his mouth.


The two run off and leave you behind. Certainly suspicious. We'll need to keep an eye out for them.

0LsdzsX.png uu2cfG0.png 6ys5CWj.png

Another change you may have noticed is that Alakazam is now standing by the path up to Whiscash Pond. IF you speak with him, he'll tell you about a massive cyclone in the sea near the Legendary Island where Moltres, Zapdos, and Aritcuno reside.

LIL8s88.png ADIjZLv.png

If you have access to the Legendary Island friend area, he will ask you to travel there to investigate the oddity. Remember that you don't actually need to obtain the Legendary Island in order to recruit the Legendary Birds. The friend area comes for free with the birds.


Before moving on, there are actually a few evolutions we can go ahead and do which I've been neglecting for a while. I figured now's as good a time as any to do this.

zBy6NpK.png Vkb5uvK.png tABCMNQ.png

5QznUFI.png MQWTryN.png

Thanks to the levels they were recruited at, Claw the Krabby, Club the Cubone, Buddy the Totodile, River the Mudkip, and Howdy the Wynaut can all evolve into Kingler, Marowak, Croconaw, Marshtomp, and Wobbuffet respectively!



New Evolutions: Team Recover


Claw (Kingler); Lv. 32


Item: None

Ability: Hyper Cutter, Shell Armor | Moves: Vicegrip, Harden, Mud Shot, Stomp


Club (Marowak); Lv. 28


Item: None

Ability: Rock Head, Lightningrod | Moves: Bonemerang, Leer, Focus Energy, Headbutt


Buddy (Croconaw); Lv. 29


Item: None

Ability: Torrent | Moves: Scary Face, Bite, Water Gun, Rage


River (Marshtomp); Lv. 28


Item: None

Ability: Torrent | Moves: Take Down, Mud Sport, Foresight, Bide


Howdy (Wobbuffet); Lv. 20


Item: None

Ability: Shadow Tag | Moves: Destiny Bond, Safeguard, Mirror Coat, Counter



In the process of clearing some missions, we also obtained a new recruit: Howl the Poochyena!



New Recruit: Team Recover


Howl (Poochyena); Lv. 20


Item: None

Ability: Run Away | Moves: Odor Sleuth, Bite, Sand-Attack, Howl


gN8bPj8.png svWaL6h.png tpopwjK.png

If we return to Whiscash pond the next day, we'll find Medicham and Ekans continuing to discuss their scheme. Apparently they've discovered some dungeon capable of granting wishes? The two discuss the wishes they want granted. Ekans wants a wider jaw to swallow larger foods while Medicham wants a quiet place to meditate where no one will bother her.

e0pm6F0.png 31lzSi3.png

Just like before, as soon as they notice you listening in, they scurry off. For now, we'll just have to let this go and go check out Legendary Island instead.


gbc22sO.png SDom6qh.png


If you have all three Legendary Birds recruited, after speaking with Alakazam about the weather anomaly and returning to the Legendary Island, the three birds will fly up together.

SVQdx5B.png lr2iqhI.png liQ14jL.png

In a manner similar to the Legendary Beasts and the Rainbow Wing, the three birds combine their powers to create a strange stone.

5h2EMKZ.png VXaQoPV.png sztDQxr.png

bOHcN0s.png XDLlJAK.png

1KqT7Yc.png fsMFjCO.png A6Yczpv.png

JD6Ex2R.png arkGTNV.png 3RXT0oO.png

The three Legendary Birds explain that their arrival at the Legendary Island must have awakened the guardian of the sea. By combining their powers and creating a Vortex Stone, we should be able to reach the whirlpool and reach a dungeon called the Silver Trench to find this Guardian of the Sea.

mgOUZXK.png TME5ZfZ.png

So, we now have our heading! Off to the Silver Trench!



Silver Trench

In order to gain access to this dungeon, you'll need to obtain the Vortex Stone from the Legendary Birds on Legendary Island. This requires completion of the TM Thief plot as well as the recruitment of Zapdos from Mt. Thunder, Moltres from Mt. Blaze, and Articuno from Frozen Forest. At this point in the game, these recruits should be tremendously easy and their dungeons don't even have traps, so you're good to go. If you have the Friend Bow from North Wind Field, it'll make recruiting them easier. Just make sure you have space for a size-4 pokemon in your team!

In order to actually enter the dungeon, you must bring a Water Pokemon with the move Dive or the HM itself with you.

Pokedollar.png Ribbon.png Ribbon.png Ribbon.png Ribbon.png Ribbon.png Ribbon.png Ribbon.png Ribbon.png Ribbon.png Ribbon.png Glasses.png Glasses.png Glasses.png GrimerFood.png GummyB.png Cheri.png Oran.png Pecha.png Rawst.png Seed.png Seed.png Seed.png Seed.png Bottle.png TM.png Ball.png

In the beginning of the dungeon, you'll find the following items: Poke; Def., Pass, Pecha, and Warp Scarves; Detect, Patsy, Persim, Power, Stamina, and Twist Bands; Gold and Heal Ribbons; Insomniscopes; Scope Lenses; X-Ray Specs; Grimy Food; Blue Gummis; Cheri, Oran, Pecha, and Rawst Berries; Heal, Sleep, Totter, and Warp Seeds; Max Elixirs; TMs and Wonder Orbs. You may notice that this is the first dungeon in a while that has Blue Gummis! I definitely don't recommend coming here looking for them, you can definitely get them in more convenient places before, but it might be nice to have a few additional boosts to IQ.

I strongly recommend utilizing the Warp Scarf strategy for this one as it's going to be a very long dungeon and I encountered quite a handful of Monster Houses to boot.

ani_mdrt_145_ss.gif ani_mdrt_003_ss.gif ani_mdrt_160_ss.gif

Allia still knows Dive from our previous venture, so I decided to march on ahead into the unknown with Storm the Zapdos, Nature the Venusaur, and Allia the Feraligatr! Just a heads up, you might want to avoid making any new recruits throughout this dungeon your first time through, just a fair warning. Zapdos has the Warp Scarf and I also kept a Stamina Scarf to replace it with throughout the dungeon.



Silver Trench [B1F - B4F]

ani_mdrt_278_ss.gif ani_mdrt_072_ss.gif ani_mdrt_090_ss.gif ani_mdrt_138_ss.gif ani_mdrt_211_ss.gif

For the first four floors, you'll be running into Wingull, Tentacool, Shellder, Omanyte, and Qwilfish. Wingull requires Shallow Beach to recruit, Tentacool and Shellder require Bountiful Sea, Omanyte requires Deep-Sea Floor, and Qwilfish requires Serene Sea.


Silver Trench [B5F]

ani_mdrt_278_ss.gif ani_mdrt_072_ss.gif ani_mdrt_090_ss.gif ani_mdrt_138_ss.gif ani_mdrt_211_ss.gif ani_mdrt_140_ss.gif ani_mdrt_222_ss.gif

Kabuto and Corsola join on the 5th floor. Kabuto requires Deep-Sea Floor while Corsola requires Shallow Beach.


Silver Trench [B6F-B8F]

ani_mdrt_072_ss.gif ani_mdrt_090_ss.gif ani_mdrt_138_ss.gif ani_mdrt_211_ss.gif ani_mdrt_140_ss.gif ani_mdrt_222_ss.gif ani_mdrt_079_ss.gif ani_mdrt_086_ss.gif

Wingull disappears on B6F and is replaced with Slowpoke and Seel. Slowpoke requires Bountiful Sea to be recruited while Seel requires Ice-Floe Beach.


Silver Trench [B9F]

ani_mdrt_090_ss.gif ani_mdrt_138_ss.gif ani_mdrt_211_ss.gif ani_mdrt_140_ss.gif ani_mdrt_222_ss.gif ani_mdrt_079_ss.gif ani_mdrt_086_ss.gif

Tentacool no longer appears on the next floor.


Silver Trench [B10F - B13F]

ani_mdrt_140_ss.gif ani_mdrt_222_ss.gif ani_mdrt_079_ss.gif ani_mdrt_086_ss.gif ani_mdrt_363_ss.gif ani_mdrt_116_ss.gif

Shellder, Omanyte, and Qwilfish all disappear the next floor. Spheal and Horsea join along in their place! Spheal requires Ice-Floe Beach while Horsea requires Treasure Sea. As always, watch out for Spheal's Ice Ball attack. It can build up lots of damage real quick.


Starting on B10F, you'll begin to find Gravelerocks.


Silver Trench [B14F]

ani_mdrt_079_ss.gif ani_mdrt_086_ss.gif ani_mdrt_363_ss.gif ani_mdrt_116_ss.gifani_mdrt_347_ss.gif

Kabuto and Corsola are now gone on B14F and replaced with Anorith who requires Treasure Sea to be recruited.


Silver Trench [B15F - B19F]

ani_mdrt_363_ss.gif ani_mdrt_116_ss.gifani_mdrt_347_ss.gif ani_mdrt_098_ss.gif ani_mdrt_120_ss.gif

Slowpoke and Seel disappear on the next floor with the introduction of Krabby and Staryu. Krabby requires Shallow Beach to recruit while Staryu requires Bountiful Sea.


On the 15th floor, you'll be met with a bit of a surprise! The entire floor is one massive room! And this whole room is always going to be a monster house! Storm's Agility is incredibly useful in these rooms as it allows you to weave in and out of these crowds without having to invest a bunch of PP into taking them all out. The Warp Scarf can also help you get out of sticky situations. In fact, throughout the whole dungeon, I've found Agility to b e far more useful for getting away from battles rather than strictly for in-battle purposes.


Silver Trench [B20F]

ani_mdrt_116_ss.gifani_mdrt_347_ss.gif ani_mdrt_098_ss.gif ani_mdrt_120_ss.gif ani_mdrt_088_ss.gif ani_mdrt_139_ss.gif ani_mdrt_134_ss.gif

On the 20th floor, Spheal no longer appears. In its place, Grimer, who requires Poison Swamp for recruitment, and Omastar who is unrecruitable, appear. Vaporeon also appears on this floor for the first time.

Cheri.png Oran.png Pecha.png Rawst.png Seed.png Seed.png Seed.png Seed.png Bottle.png

This is the final floor you'll be able to find the berries, seeds, and Max Elixirs. So make sure to seek them out if you're running low.


Silver Trench [B21F - B23F]

ani_mdrt_347_ss.gif ani_mdrt_098_ss.gif ani_mdrt_120_ss.gif ani_mdrt_088_ss.gif ani_mdrt_139_ss.gif

Horsea no longer appears on the next floor.


Silver Trench [B24F]

ani_mdrt_098_ss.gif ani_mdrt_120_ss.gif ani_mdrt_088_ss.gif ani_mdrt_139_ss.gif ani_mdrt_141_ss.gif

On B24F, Anorith is replaced with the unrecruitable Kabutops.


Silver Trench [B25F]

ani_mdrt_120_ss.gif ani_mdrt_088_ss.gif ani_mdrt_139_ss.gif ani_mdrt_141_ss.gif ani_mdrt_364_ss.gif

The next floor sees Krabby replaced with Sealeo. Just like with Spheal, watch out for Ice Ball!


Silver Trench [B26F - B29F]

ani_mdrt_088_ss.gif ani_mdrt_139_ss.gif ani_mdrt_141_ss.gif ani_mdrt_364_ss.gif ani_mdrt_099_ss.gif

Staryu is replaced with Kingler on the next floor.


Silver Trench [B30F]

ani_mdrt_141_ss.gif ani_mdrt_364_ss.gif ani_mdrt_099_ss.gif ani_mdrt_080_ss.gif ani_mdrt_117_ss.gif ani_mdrt_318_ss.gif ani_mdrt_134_ss.gif

Grimer and Omastar are replaced with Slowbro, Seadra, and Carvanha. Carvanha can be recruited with Treasure Sea. Vaporeon also reappears for this floor.

GrimerFood.png GummyB.png

This is the final floor you'll be able to find Grimy Food, but more importantly, the Blue Gummi. Seek them out if you still want them!


Silver Trench [B31F - B33F]

ani_mdrt_141_ss.gif ani_mdrt_364_ss.gif ani_mdrt_099_ss.gif ani_mdrt_080_ss.gif ani_mdrt_117_ss.gif ani_mdrt_318_ss.gif

The next few floors are the same but without Vaporeon.


Silver Trench [B34F]

ani_mdrt_141_ss.gif ani_mdrt_099_ss.gif ani_mdrt_080_ss.gif ani_mdrt_117_ss.gif ani_mdrt_318_ss.gif

Sealeo disappears on the following floor.


Silver Trench [B35F]

ani_mdrt_099_ss.gif ani_mdrt_080_ss.gif ani_mdrt_117_ss.gif ani_mdrt_318_ss.gif ani_mdrt_073_ss.gif ani_mdrt_121_ss.gif ani_mdrt_348_ss.gif

On the 35th floor, Kabutops ceases to appear and Tentacruel, Starmie, and Armaldo begin to appear.


This floor is yet another floor-wide monster house! I forgot to take a screenshot, so this one just depicts the one from the previous floor. Just use your imagination!


Silver Trench [B36F]

ani_mdrt_080_ss.gif ani_mdrt_117_ss.gif ani_mdrt_318_ss.gif ani_mdrt_073_ss.gif ani_mdrt_121_ss.gif ani_mdrt_348_ss.gif

The next floor says goodbye to Kingler.


Silver Trench [B37F - B39F]

ani_mdrt_117_ss.gif ani_mdrt_318_ss.gif ani_mdrt_073_ss.gif ani_mdrt_121_ss.gif ani_mdrt_348_ss.gif

Slowbro leaves the party on the 37th floor.


Silver Trench [B40F]

ani_mdrt_073_ss.gif ani_mdrt_121_ss.gif ani_mdrt_348_ss.gif ani_mdrt_134_ss.gif

The following floor, Seadra and Carvanha can no longer be found. Vaporeon returns here again, of course.


Silver Trench [B41F - B44F]

ani_mdrt_073_ss.gif ani_mdrt_121_ss.gif ani_mdrt_348_ss.gif ani_mdrt_320_ss.gif

Wailmer joins in on B44F! He can be recruited with Serene Sea.

IronS.png SilverN.png

Starting with B41F, you'll begin to find Iron Thorns and Silver Spikes.


Silver Trench [B45F - B49F]

ani_mdrt_320_ss.gif ani_mdrt_370_ss.gif

Tentacruel, Starmie and Armaldo leave Wailmer behind on B45F, but Luvdisc comes in to join it! Luvdisc can be recruited with Treasure Sea.


SIlver Trench [B50F]

ani_mdrt_320_ss.gif ani_mdrt_370_ss.gif ani_mdrt_147_ss.gif ani_mdrt_199_ss.gif ani_mdrt_223_ss.gif ani_mdrt_134_ss.gif

Dratini, Slowking, and Remoraid repopulate the board on B50F. While Slowking can't be recruited, Dratini can be with Mystic Lake while Remoraid needs Treasure Sea. Vaporeon returns again here, too.


Silver Trench [B51F - B54F]

ani_mdrt_370_ss.gif ani_mdrt_147_ss.gif ani_mdrt_199_ss.gif ani_mdrt_223_ss.gif

All the attention seems to scare Wailmer off on the next floor.


Silver Trench [B55F - B59F]

ani_mdrt_147_ss.gif ani_mdrt_199_ss.gif ani_mdrt_223_ss.gif ani_mdrt_087_ss.gif

Luvdisc follows suit on the next floor and is replaced with Dewgong. Dewgong is easy to underestimate, but watch out for its Aurora Beam which can attack from wide ranges! Sheer Cold is also potentially devastating. Try not to get too close!


B55F is another floor-wide Monster House. Make a beeline for the stairs! Dewgong are especially scary in these wide-open rooms. They can snipe you from across the entire floor!


Silver Trench [B60F]

ani_mdrt_087_ss.gif ani_mdrt_089_ss.gif ani_mdrt_224_ss.gif ani_mdrt_319_ss.gif ani_mdrt_365_ss.gif ani_mdrt_134_ss.gif

Things are starting to get pretty serious at this point. On B60F, Dratini, Slowking, and Remoraid disappear in favor of Muk, Octillery, Sharpedo, and Walrein. Octillery has all sorts of ranged attacks it can hit you with. Walrein also know both Ice Ball and Aurora Beam! Sharpedo's Rough Skin allows it to deal counter damage whenever you make contact with it and Dewgong's still hanging around for a little while with its terrifying Sheer Cold attack. This floor also has Vaporeon.


Silver Trench [B61F - B64F]

ani_mdrt_087_ss.gif ani_mdrt_089_ss.gif ani_mdrt_224_ss.gif ani_mdrt_319_ss.gif ani_mdrt_365_ss.gif

The only difference with these floors is that Vaporeon is no longer here!


Silver Trench [B65F - B69F]

ani_mdrt_089_ss.gif ani_mdrt_224_ss.gif ani_mdrt_319_ss.gif ani_mdrt_365_ss.gif ani_mdrt_366_ss.gif

Clamperl appears on the next floor in place of Dewgong. Clamperl is a bit of an obnoxious pokemon, but I'll take it over those terrifying Dewgong any day! Clamperl can be recruited with Deep-Sea Floor.


Silver Trench [B70F]

ani_mdrt_366_ss.gif ani_mdrt_170_ss.gif ani_mdrt_230_ss.gif ani_mdrt_134_ss.gif

Muk, Octillery, Sharpedo, and Walrein all disappear on the next floor, making way for Chinchou, Kingdra, and the return of Vaporeon. Chinchou can be recruited with Deep-Sea Floor. If you're relying on ThunderBolt for crowd control like I have been, you might find these little guys to be incredibly dangerous with their Volt Absorb paired with Confuse Ray and Thunder Wave. But what makes them truly terrifying is their partner in crime: Kingdra. Kingdra likes to use Agility. Under most situations, this isn't too much of a problem, but... well, we'll get to the most terrifying floor soon enough.


Now, if you're for whatever reason interested in the Gravelrocks throughout the dungeon, this is the last floor you'll be able to find them.


Silver Trench [B71F - B79F]

ani_mdrt_366_ss.gif ani_mdrt_170_ss.gif ani_mdrt_230_ss.gif ani_mdrt_368_ss.gif

Gorebyss begins to appear on B79F. Gorebyss' Water Pulse is yet another attack you'll need to watch out for.


And when you reach B75F, you'd better have a pokemon with Agility or still be packing some Warp Orbs because you are NOT going to survive this floor-wide Monster House for long on your own. The Kingdra that appear in this floor won't hesitate to boost their speed with Agility. But the terrifying part is that Agility doesn't just boost their speed, but the speed of all their allies on the same floor. That means all those Chinchou, Clamperl, and Gorebyss not only have the advantage of numbers, but you can't simply outspeed them with Agility anymore! If they're faster than you, they'll catch up to you in no time and start pummeling you several turns in a row. Storm had to use Agility just to keep up and still needed to rely on Detect to actually survive. Keep in mind, even if you have a pokemon with Agility, there are several Kingdra on this floor who can use Agility to boost each other while the others don't even have to waste a