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The World of Corzoconia


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Ok so this might be a bit different than you are used to. The World of Corzoconia is nothing like anything you have seen. There are several different continents that have a different Time Period on each one. 

Each Continent:

Medieval Times: There are two huge continents in this world. One of which is the Medieval Times. This would include things such as LOTR (Lord Of The Rings) Eragon, Sword Of Truth or any other fantasy medieval story you can think of. Allowed characters would include Humans, Elves, Dwarves, and Fairies (Vampires would be accepted here as well). There are several other types of characters that would be included on this continent but each one would have to pass the test to be accepted. (They would have to be approved by me first and foremost. No Furies or Animal creatures will be accepted except for Were creatures and those are only a select few.)

The Present: The Second of the bigger continents is the present time. This would be anything that would put you in the year 2020. This would include Humans, Angels, Demons, Were Creatures (A select few) and Vampires. There are several cities/states on this continent. Just like the United States. A portion of the stories do take place in Detroit, Michigan as well as New York, New York, California, Arizona, and New Mexico. Or just about any city you can think of. In this world the Covid-19 Virus does not exist so there is no need to worry about that.

The Past: On another Continent, everything from the past lives here. Any thing from the times of King Arthur up to the late 1900s. This continent only has Humans on it and the only magic is that of Merlin. 

The Future: Yet another Continent has everything from 2040 and on, with Humans and Aliens alike living together in harmony. Of course that could change at any moment.

Marvel: This continent is kinda self explanatory. This one houses the world of Marvel, Mostly the X-Men, their enemies and their friends.


This is still a work in progress. More information to come.

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Medieval Time Period: In one area of this continent is a kingdom that was named after the planet. The Kingdom Of Corzoconia. 

Corzoco Pass is located high in the Alaric mountains on the Northern boarder of the kingdom of Corzoconia.  The pass has been carved from the rock through centuries of grinding by the Hombaro river.  The river flows North to South and is the source of most of the local commerce and contact with the outside world.  Traders and merchants routinely move up and down the river in summer and fall between the fallen giant mountains at the river's source to the north and the more temperate climbs of the free coastal cities far to the South.

Corzoconia castle is built into the Eastern wall and is a major strong point in the Kingdom's defense (since it controls virtually all trade between the mineral and lumber rich South and the more populous and industrial North.) The castle overlooks the town of Corzoco on the Eastern shore of the river and commands a breathtaking view of the pass as well as the river as it flows for miles in either direction.

Anything can happen here. From bar fights at the local inn/tavern to weddings at the local church. Day to day life has all sorts of adventures.


Pictures and Maps to come.

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