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Ashley's and Leigh's fun time.


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I am at another boring and drawn fundraiser for the big tops of the celebrity scene. While most would be happy and excited to participate in such events, I really don't feel like I belong here or have anything in common with most of the people showing up here.
Still, I am sort of obligated to do these things due to the position of my husband and what is expected of someone in his position and social status.

A deep sigh runs past my lips as I am standing at the balcony from the large pent house apartment and looking over the large city below, the darkness of the night mostly erased by all these lights. It makes me long for something much more simple and easy. It's times like these I quite regret marrying so young and naively.

I sip a bit from my champagne glass and try to force myself to have fun and not be this dull and depressing.

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Leigh Collier was new to the rich and famous lifestyle, and in truth was still riding the coattails of her friend, Jenny Jay. Jenny was a world famous supermodel and everyone knew her. Leigh was the proprietor of a "pet shop" that was barely a cover for what was essentially an intergalactic whore house. She did not belong here with the celebrity elite, but here she was, at Jenny's insistence. Jenny who was chatting with Johnny Moviestar or whatever his name was and had left her to fend off two wrinkly old men who probably thought she was an aspiring starlet and would sleep with them for a shot at super-stardom. She had feigned illness and made her way out here to the balcony, snagging a champagne flute off a passing servers' tray on her way outside.

She leaned against the railing, the too tight, too short dress hiking up her thighs as she took a long drink from the glass. She glanced sideways at the bombshell beside her, blonde and curvy and definitely rich. The dress alone would cost more than a month of Leigh's salary. Still, she looked less than thrilled to be here, so not an up and comer. Perhaps a bored studio exec? A spouse? 

"You look as excited to be here as I feel," she said, attempting to break the ice. She smiled at the blonde and turned to hold out one hand. "I'm Leigh. Leigh Collier."

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Part of why I went out here, is because it was solitary and quiet, letting me have some time and space to myself.

Though, before long my attention is brought to a younger woman who speaks to me, suggesting neither of us seems very interested in this whole shindig. A soft sigh escapes my lips as I am kind of confronted with my lack of enthusiasm and interest. Still, I guess it is not too hard to tell anyway. Despite being brought out of my own little world, it does not bother me too much, for some reason. There is just something...mysterious, about this person.

It would be rude not to at least return the introduction and greeting, so I extend my one arm to shake your hand."I am Ashley Baxter, bored celebrity wife...", I reply with a stifled small laughter."I don't think I have seen you before. Are you one of the new wives of one of these other big wigs?", I ask as I recall that a fair number of the men here get new wives every few years it seems.

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"Oh no, nothing like that," said Leigh with a smile. "I'm just a guest. My friend Jenny invited me. You probably know who she is. Jenny Jay? The model?"

As she waits for Ashley to realize who she's referring to, she puts on a pensive face, as if trying to recollect something. Then she gets an 'a-ha' look and speaks.

"Ashley Baxter," said Leigh as if she recognized the name. "Married to William Baxter?"

Ashley's husband was famous, the kind of famous that usually made Leigh uncomfortable. The same kind of famous as her friend Jenny Jay, who was the only reason she was even at this party. In fact, if Leigh remembered correctly, which she always did, Jenny had only come to this party in hopes of working on a deal with William Baxter. She was working on expanding her career from just modeling into other fields, including the field that made William famous.

"That's him, isn't it?" Leigh pointed back in through the wall of glass that separated them from the party. "Up there on the balcony, talking to... oh, my friend Jenny. That kind of figures. Everyone wants to talk to Jenny."

She looks back at Ashley, trying to gauge her reaction. Knowing Jenny, it was highly likely that her flirt game was on full force talking to Baxter, and Leigh was curious to see Ashley's reaction.

"I promise, she's harmless. Your husband is safe from her irresistible charms." She laughs then. "It's all for show. Jenny didn't sleep her way to the top, and she's not about to start."

She turns back to the railing then, looking out over the pool, the water lit from below casting shimmering reflections around the lush lawn and manicured gardens. She knew Glob was down there in the  garden, trying to remain unseen, waiting for her to come down so they could leave.

Tentacle monsters were known now on Earth, but still not socially accepted everywhere. In Southeast Asia where their pet store was located, tentacle monsters could wander freely. But the United States was behind the times and still fairly xenophobic. Glob didn't dare come out, especially not out from behind a bush on a celebrity estate. She knew he was waiting, and he probably wanted to go.

But there was something about the blonde celebrity wife that made her want to stay. She flashed a surreptitious signal to the bush where she thought Glob was hiding, the sign to head home, she was okay and would find her own way.

The tip of a tentacle waved back from a different bush, but she missed the signal. Was that "okay, Glob out", or "No, come now, I need my tentacles in you"? She couldn't be sure.

She looked at Ashley, the her smile, wider than any of her other smiles so far, spread wide across her face.

"Ever meet a tentacle monster?"

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Honestly, the list of people and remembering who is who or what more and more smush together for me and I have cared less and less to keep up with it. So the name, honestly, does not ring a bell in my mind.
So I shake my head lightly and look back at you."No, I don't recall that name", I respond back and try to look like I am sorry for not being able  to.

Then you do recognize me however, which does take me a little by surprise which is pretty easily seen on my facial expression."Uhmm...yeah...yeah, that's me. And yes....", I reply back, sighing softly before going on,"....that's my husband. Always so present and caring of my needs and enjoyment...", I say in the flattest tone of you voice you have ever heard in your life and the flirting does not really seem to faze me, so even if she aim to seduce him it doesn't look like I am that taken back by it, at least judging from my reaction.

I take the last pathetic sips of my champagne whilst looking blankly ahead into the night sky, thinking now that topic of my husband is over, there is not much to talk about since that is practically the only reason most speak out to me. Then I hear something I would never ever have thought to be asked and I loudly spit the content of my mouth. A shocked expression makes its way past my otherwise stoic and stone walled face."H...h.have I...I what?", I exclaim, coughing lightly to get the champagne out of my throat.

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Leigh turns and leans on her elbow on the railing, sips her champagne, and gives Ashley the once over. "Let me guess. Trophy wife. Bored at home. Unsatisfying sex life."

She doesn't wait for a reply, but instead leans closer with a grin and a sly wink. "This may sound crazy, and definitely a little forward, but what if I told you that I know of something that will make you feel more like a woman than you've ever felt in your entire life?"

She motions down toward the pool. "I don't mean skinny dipping in some celebs pool, or a late night lesbian tryst with yours truly. I mean, a genuine, real life, close encounter of the tentacle kind."

She looks down into the yard, but doesn't see Glob where she expected him. Is he still there? Only one way to find out.

She looks back to Ashley. "Tonight could change your life," she says and heads toward the door. "You coming, or are you going to stay bored and unsatisfied your entire life?"

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I take a step back, not really because you offend me by your words, but because...am I that easy to see through or what? The look of shock is clear on my face and look unsure what to do or say for a moment or two, at least until I regain my composure once more and I straighthen myself up once more and grab the railing once more. A sigh leaves my lips and I look even more depressed.

Your other words strike a chord in me. It very much oozes with...well...of sexual nature. Can I...should I...even ask more? A part of me tries to cling to the minute and miniscule hope for my marriage to work. It has to work, right? While I stand there and contemplate what to do. Your final words bring me out of it. It seems to have been the right moment as I simply answer out of pure instinct and not letting my doubts fog my mind.

"Yes...yes, I do. Anything but this dull party, my shit husband and this lifeless life of mine". I then realize what I said and I look back at you, amazed and shocked I said that.
Still...I feel it was needed to be said. This life...is simply not for me."Please, I want to know", I finally add, still sounding resolute.

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Leigh smiles, and she crooks her finger at Ashley. "I promise, you will not be disappointed."

With that she leads the other woman off the balcony, down the stairs, and out of the house. No one seems to pay them much attention as they make their way around the back of the house to the fenced-in pool. She opens the gate, steps through, and as Ashley follows her, she turns quickly, standing face to face with the gorgeous woman.

"Are you adventurous, Mrs. Baxter?" She stands uncomfortably close, her lips close enough that Ashley could even believe she was about to be kissed.

She watched the expression on the other woman's face. She could kiss her now, the gorgeous thing, but would that make her think this was all just a ruse for a lesbian fling? If it did, would that be a bad thing? Leigh would definitely enjoy being intimate with this woman.

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((Just wanted to say I really appreciate you putting time aside for this :3 ))

I nod softly in response, very unsure what you are dragging me into, but my curiousity and eagerness to get out of this snorefest and less than attentive husbands overcomes any doubts or slight desires to stick to the situation I know so well. So I slip my way outside with the mysterious new woman whom I just met a few minutes ago. She does have great beauty and an aura of allureness about her, so I am more inclined to follow suit to where she is taking me.

I have honestly never been this close to a woman before. While it doesn't really bother me much, it is still very unfamiliar and such. Though I still look into your eyes, slightly mesmerized. I can even feel your hot breath on my face. Adventurous? Me? How? Why? The many questions dart around in my skull, but the tension makes my body move on its own and soon my lips lock with yours. Arms wrapping around your waist as I pull closer and our racks smoshing together. Without realizing it, I kis you deeper than I have ever done with my husband and my head already starts to get a bit foggy with the thrill and intimacy.

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Leigh is surprised by the sudden and intensely passionate kiss, but responds in kind. In no time, her hands are on Ashley's face as their kiss grows in heat and intensity. Warmth floods her body, her already heightened state of arousal growing as their hands move over each others' bodies. Ashley has a marvelous figure, her curves were made to be touched, her hair the perfect length to pull back and exert some control.

But it is the tentacles that will control them both, if only Glob would... oh! Leigh feels the tentacle wrap around one leg, the tip sliding ever upward. She breaks the kiss with Ashley and stares at the other woman.

"You are... wow!" She lets out a quick laugh. "You are amazing," she says. Glob's tentacle is teasing the hem of her skirt.

"So about that surprise," she says, as another tentacle begins to encircle her waist, "and my question from earlier..."

The penis-headed tip of a tentacle moves up her thigh and under her skirt, and Leigh stifles a giggle. "Would you like to meet a tentacle monster?"


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I have never felt such a recipocration of my advances or bodily needs and lust or even passion. This alone beats any time I have been with Bruce - the few times we ever do it a year. Not yet fully sure how to progress, I mostly improvise to the best of my ability. At least this is pretty innocent, right? A low humming goes past my lips and against where our lips brush and rub against one another. One of my arms stays snaked around your waist and I seem to really want to savour the moment. The second arm extends its hand to rub up and down y our back, taking in every curve of it, every soft spot, every sensation of heat.

I have yet to notice anything weird, but the kiss ends and I get to see your pretty and flustered face. Small pants escape my mouth and I hardly believe how lovely it felt."Mmmm, thank you...it is my first time..kissing another woman, but I am glad you like it", I reply back with a light blush adorning my face.

Then the surprise gets very heavily hinted and then outright spoken. I stiffen up heavily, unsure if I heard or saw right. I look again...once more...and one final time. My face is even redder and hotter. The look is frankly...tantalizing.

"Ohhh...you..w.whatt..uhhmm...I............yes", I stumble over my words several times before finally uttering a very low approval.

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"Kiss me," says Leigh, and leans forward, letting their lips meet again.

As they do, Ashley can feel the smooth and warm surface of a purple tentacle slowly moving up and around her perfectly toned calf. It encircles her leg, sliding ever upward. Leigh's hands on her waist steady her as the tentacle moves upward.

As it does, another encircles her waist, moving Leigh's hands out of the way. The two women break the kiss and Ashley can see Leigh also has a tentacle around her waist, and one around each thigh. Leigh is lifted effortlessly into the air as a tentacle lifts her dress, exposing her sex. She wears no underwear, and two tentacles slide easily up and inside of her despite the apparent inhuman girth of one. Her expression gives the impression that despite how she muse be getting stretched, it doesn't hurt at all.

"The tentacles..." she says breathlessly, her voice heavy with arousal, "secrete an aphrodisiac of some sort." She moans with each movement of a tentacle into her pussy. "The slightest touch feels... amazing."

Ashley can attest to that. The tentacle feels amazing on her leg, and it slides ever upward, under the hem of her dress, moving inexorably toward her most private spot, its penis-shaped head hungry for her body. Ashley is lifted slowly by the tentacle around her waist, tentatively, as if the tentacles want to make sure she's okay with it before lifting her to remain face to face with Leigh.

A large, purple tentacle moves between their faces, it's head almost too large for a human mouth, it's tip secreting some sort of viscous fluid. Leigh stares at Ashley past the penis-tentacle and licks it seductively, her eyes inviting her new friend to join her.

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My face, naturally stays very red and if physically possible, steam would come out of my ears from how hot and bothered I am already as just the idea of what this implies, reaches my consciousness.
Before I can manage to pull out of this and into more comfortable territory, your lips find mine once more and it takes off the worst of the fear from how tender and lovely and hot it feels and my eyes close fully.

Then it starts happening: tentacles slithers around both our bodie and the kiss ends with me pulling back as I inhale loudly and sharply, due to a mix of shock and awe. I watch it pull Leigh up high and shamelessly do these indecent things to you while my own seems to mostly encircle my parts. The view is extremely lewd and arousing and I can feel a heat below I have never thought I would feel, the scent of pheromones surely reaching the hyper sensitive tentacles and the body they are attached to.

Then my body is lifted as well, though not as fast and more securely than Leigh and meanwhile tentacles explore and roam my form more and more and the mere touch feels better than anything my husband has done so far and my panties are soon a wet mess and my breathing fast and hard."Ahhhh...nnghhh...they..theyyy feeell soooo niiiiiiice..gaaaah....mmmmmmmmm...", I groan out before we are both facing the massive and wide crowned mushroom shaped tip and I instinctively lean in to kiss, suck and taste it. The taste amazing and sensation even better."MMMMMMMMMMM", I can only groan against it.

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