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The Stolen Princess and The Lost Prince


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Princess Crystal's home is attacked and her father killed. She herself is captured and taken to a far off Kingdom where she is stripped naked, abused and beaten, locked in the dungeon in hopes of breaking her.

Long before this, when she was but a child, she was betrothed to the prince of the neighboring Kingdom. At the age of 10, his Kingdom was attacked and all the royalty was killed. Or so they thought.

Years later, he hears that the princess he had fallen for, had been captured and goes to save her.

Once rescued, he keeps it silent that he is the princess's betrothed and works to place her back on the throne.


Watch as This story unfolds.

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It was a nice sunshiny day and Princess Crystal was out in the courtyard practicing her archery when the call went through the halls. One of her personal guards grabbed her by the arm and started pulling her towards the throne room and safety. She willingly went with him, her bow in hand and sword at her hip.

Everyone thought the king and queen were being way over protective of their only daughter, teaching her how to sword fight and shoot a bow, but they wanted to make sure she could protect herself should anything unexpected were to happen. Like now.

Crystal and her guard ran through the halls towards the throne room, he stopped dead in his tracks. (And I mean that literally) Crystal turned to see what was happening and saw an arrow sticking out of her guards back. She shrieked and turned to run. Her father was coming towards her to help her. Hands shot out from somewhere covering her mouth and pulling her close to them. She tried to scream but got no sound past the bandits hand. She watched as another bandit came forth and began to sword fight with her father.

King Darren had already lost his queen and his sons, he wasn't about to lose his only daughter as well. He fought with all his heart to try and save her, but it was a losing battle. One moment of weakness in his stance spelled his doom. A sword was thrust forward stabbing the king in the chest. He fell to the ground as the bandits took Crystal away kicking and screaming for her father who in turn reached for his daughter, calling her name as he lay there dying.

Crystal fought with her captors until one of them held a sweet smelling cloth to her face, she tried to hold her breath but to no avail. Taking a deep breath the last thing Crystal saw was her father lying in a pool of blood as her hands were tied behind her. Then she saw nothing as she grew sleepy and passed out. A gag was tied tightly around her mouth should she wake up screaming and she was carted off to a waiting wagon.

waking up sometime later she tried to move only to find thick ropes tied around her wrists and ankles. As the wagon jerks and bumps her around, the cloth they tied around her eyes slips away, and she can see that There are no other supplies besides herself, currently trussed up by the ropes of the bandits. She could hear voices talking through the slats ahead of her.

"Can't believe we got to the throne room."

"Seems too easy almost, the adviser sure earned his weight in gold."

"We never would've gotten inside. At least we got the princess now. She'll bring in some good ransom."

"Hey, but not before we have some fun, eh? Let's not waste something good."

Then both of the men laugh and fall silent.

Crystal tried to remember what had happened. How did she end up here? She thought back over the days events. 'THE RAIDERS' the thought slammed into her mind making her wince as her arm jerked at the ropes. Feeling the blind fold fall from her face, she opened her eyes and saw the country side. But she could not figure out where they were or how long they had been traveling.

Crystal tried to re-position herself, her head throbbing from the bruise that had formed. She bit back a scream as the ropes bit into the flesh of her wrists. She heard voices and stopped moving so she could hear what was being said. The adviser? He was the one who allowed her to be taken. Dizziness swept through her as she fought to remain conscious. She Struggled against the bonds that held her hands and feet.

The wagon keeps moving along, the rough roads leading Crystal to believe she's somewhere far from the Capital City, most likely the outer farms and villages of the kingdom's frontiers. Which means they might even be taking her out of the kingdom entirely, and who knows where she might end up at that rate!  She closed her eyes as she fought the nausea that tried to claim her.

Suddenly, the carriage jerks to a stop. Crystal can hear the two drivers talking with someone, their voices rising into a shout. She can hear scuffling as the two guards start moving around.

The back of the wagon opens, and one of the guards reaches for her feet, aiming to pull her free of the carriage. "Alright missy, here's your stop. Gotta put you on a new carriage. To your new home." he chuckled.

The second driver stood nearby, hand on his sword. "Awww, do we have to give her up just like that? She's the prettiest thing we've ever had to steal. A waste really."

The guard pulls down the gag around Crystal's mouth. "Well girlie, any last words to your old home?"

Fear ran through her eyes as the back opened and one of the raiders grabbed her feet. As he pulls the gag from her mouth she spits in his face. "You'll pay for this." She says with a horse voice. "Father will send someone and make you pay with...." Her voice is cut off as she feels a weight upon her throat.

"Oh, I don't think your father will be sending anyone my dear. It'd be rather hard due to his...current position." the man pulling Crystal's feet grins. "Being dead and all."

The man drags Crystal to a small hill right off the road, and looks her over with an evil grin. "Well, maybe we can have some fun..." he says, tapping his chin.

Princess Crystal looked at the man becoming more and more frightened the longer he stared at her. He had re-gagged her so that her screams would not be heard.

"Go guard the wagon." The boss commanded his companions, sending them away.

"Aye boss what ever you say boss." They said and headed back to the wagon.

Once they were out of sight the boss straddled the princess, his hand wrapped around her throat cutting off her breath as he reached for the tie on his pants. She struggled to breathe, struggled to get him off of her but with her hands bound behind her and her ankles bound together, things were growing dark quickly.


Days before her capture and the destruction of her kingdom, she had been sitting beside her father, being spoiled by his love for her. Crystal was the only child since her mother had passed when she was only five and her father had never remarried.

An elderly man had entered the throne room, hurt and bleeding. She had rushed to the man's side just as he collapsed, and he had told them of a battle between two towns having broken out. Her father ordered his men to ready themselves, fast.


Crystal quit struggling. Her breathing came in gasps now as she lay there being choked. *Please, someone help me.* she thought to herself as she felt her dress being ripped.

Crystal was slowly loosing the fight to stay conscious, blackness closing in as he choked the breath from her. She struggled a bit more before her eyes rolled back and her bound body ceased to fight the man on top of her. She lay there, limp beneath him, as he removed the last shreds of her dress, leaving her naked. She could feel him shifting his body on hers as her body began to convulse from the lack of oxygen.

Then there was nothing as the darkness consumed her. She could no longer feel or hear the things around her. She opened her eyes to the darkness in her mind, hoping to find a light, any light, but there was nothing. "Please? Someone, anyone. Help me!!" She called out as she wandered the dark world inside of her mind.


Something happened that Crystal couldn't explain. She could breathe again, but she was very cold. Her eyes slowly fluttered open and looked around. All she saw were dungeon walls all around her. Her mind was cloudy and so she couldn't figure out where she was for a few moments. As she pulled herself into a sitting position though she realized why she felt so cold, She was still naked. Her crotch area felt really sore and she looked down to see that there was dry blood on her pussy. Tears began to fall down her face as she realized what that bandit had done to her. "Hello?" Crystal called out, as she heard light footsteps coming in her direction. "Is anyone there? Please can you help me?" She called out as she noticed a barred door off to her left. She tried to rise from the cold, hard ground, only to find that she was still bound hand and foot. "If you can hear me, please help me."

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