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Kurama's Advice for playing

Youko Kurama

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On your turn you can do one of three things.

A)Create a period. Name the period decide where it goes on the timeline and optionally give a very general description of the times.

B)Create an event. To add more detail to a period you can make an event. Events are more specific happenings within the period. Name the event place it in a period and write about a paragraph describing the event.

C) scenes. Scenes add detail to events by rping specific happenings.

In a history a long war could be a period, with battles as events, and multiple scenes withing each battle.


On your turn you have full creative control. Don't feel like your being judged. Just do your best.

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Follow up rule:

Everything players add is true.

The rest of this post is just examples.

If you add a place called "Youngstown" it exists at whatever point in history you added it. That cannot change.

Later an epoch called "The Interplanetary War" is added. On the next player's turn they can add an event "Venusian Separatists Destroy Youngstown with an Orbital Bombardment"

That is also true.

The facts inside a scene; like in this game, Sima's and Jafra's negotiations and alliance, are true. Later though, someone could add a new scene where Simas cheats on Jafra and the alliance falls apart.

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Last major things:

When you create a piece of history you decide if it is Light or Dark.

It's a broad statement of whether the thing is positive or negative. What that means is entirely subjective though.

Every day there is a Focus. A Focus is a theme for the day's posts. It's entirely optional. In a real game it works differently but this modification works for play by post.

 Example of Light and Dark: When I added The Age of Petty Princes I thought it was dark because it sounded chaotic. All these little city-states fighting, backstabbing and breaking deals.

Jafra and Simas are light though. Their alliance is stable at this point in history and they're affectionate (or so it appears).


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