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Name: Britta von Vogelschmerz.
Occupation: Vice headmaster of Academy.
Age: 28
Backstory: Born into a family with big focus on discipline, proper manners and work etiquette. Her whole life has been training for her future in the military as all of them do career in this tradition, with only a few exceptions. She did very well on all of her tests and very early on gained the rank of two star general. She wants to spread her teaching, way of training and so on with the rest of the academy as she sees it as the perfect one for soldiers to live by.
Personality: To most, she seems cold, reserved, always serious and strict. She does attend things such as academy parties, but doesn't drink much and generally comes off as a bit hard to get close to. However, she has limitless love for the academy, the traditions, the loyalty of the cadets and officers. Perhaps you can help her warm up a bit?
Country: Germany.
Fields of speciality: Artillery, fighter jets and machine guns.
Tank: Panzer IV

Plane: Stuka Bomber.

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Name: Alexsandr Senaviev
Occupation: headmaster and founder of the school
Age: 52
Backstory: Alexsandr Senaviev was born on November 3, 1967 in Petersburg, Russia to a military family. At the age of eighteen, Senaviev was conscripted into military service just as the Soviet Union was ending . he always had a thing for older guns like tanks and many other things so he wanted a school for all things like that but he needed money and well e struck oil when on the field and here we are  .
Personality:: laid back, short tempered , simple minded 

tank: KV-1 custom spacer.png 

country : USSR or  russia


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