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The rocker

The Undesirable

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Kai Daniels was, quite possibly, the most well known girl in the school. Not the most popular, exactly, but it was unlikely for anyone in the school to not know her name, despite having only attended this school for less than two weeks.

Maybe it was due to her style? Despite only being 17, she had two colorful tattoos, one on each forearm. On her right was an orange and blue octopus, and on the left was a colorful owl. Several studs lined the shell of her right ear, but the other had no piercings. Her fashion was top notch, all tight jeans and heeled boots and shirts that hugged her slender stomach and generous chest.

Maybe it was her attitude? On her second day she got into a fistfight with some douchebag jock that thought it would be a good idea to slap her ass. Spoiler alert, she won. On her third day, a rumor started she was caught finger-fucking the twenty-year-old assistant cheerleading coach. 

Maybe it was her energy? Kai was almost never quiet, always happy to talk and laugh and shout. She seemed to want to make friends with most anyone, and sought out even the most shy wallflowers to ask if they want to hang out. She adored playing guitar and singing, and took every opportunity to do so, and anyone who talked to her for five minutes would be shown pictures of her massive pet snakes.

Whatever the reason, Kai was pretty damn well known.

And right now, she was pulling into the school's parking lot in her new, dark grey Jeep Gladiator, rock music blaring from the speakers, which went quiet as she shoved open the door.

Her dark hair was pulled into a rough tail, electric-blue eyes scanning the parking lot for anyone of interest.


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