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Gun Information

This is a document that outlines the kinds of guns that will be around in Talvania. If you wish for a character to have one of the rarer weapons, please speak to the GM about it. I would like to thank @Dozle The Crusader for writing up this list for me.

Rare and unique weapons

Neppy Repeater

The Neppy Repeater was one or the frew repeating rifles of its time to have about a 25 round in its sampers and it has range with its stopping power the down side of this mighty rifle there was only 20 ever made between 1888 to about 1890

Tem Revolver

The Tem Revolver is the only 6 shooter of its kind, and not just for its color black and purple colouring. It is the only 6 shooter that shoots rifle rounds instead of the standard revolver rounds like every other revolver. It is slow to reload, but it packs a significant punch… that is, if you are lucky to find the 3 that was ever made and its proto type. It was made in 1890 but only the three were made, as it was deemed too crazy to make for mass.

Crusaders pump shotgun 

The Crusader pump shotgun is one of a kind shotgun. Its looks will say it all. Silver and brass and gold across, on the right side where the stock starts on the metal and there is a small crusader helmet around the trigger ring. What is really rare about this pump shotgun is that it shoots out fire rounds, little hot fire balls instead of iron balls like a normal shotgun shell. There is only one of its kind and its gage is not a 12 gage, it is 189 gage for the holy servants of the pope back in 1527. The creator of this mad gun is a russian in a small store located in Kvor.


Colt 1836

The standard revolver every man or boy knows of its kind  made by Pat Colt . every law man or local gun store has these cheap 6 shooters up on stock or on sale weakest 6 shooter but the easiest to come by and cheapest 

Walker Colt 1847

This colt is about 4 pounds heavier than the stander Colt. You will see these heavy revolves around the northernmost climates more than any others, because the weight of them makes them less prone to rust from the cold. 

Double Action Colt 1877

This colt is one of the faster shooting revolvers around, best with two on your holster because only one does very little damage to a man. But it's one of few fastest shooting 6 shooter you can get. It is a little bit pricey out of the cheap guns but sold as a pair it's a deal due to the rapid rate of fire that makes up for it’s weak punch. 

Lawman Colt revolver  1873 

This revolver is a single-action revolver. It shoots a .45 round instead of the standard used by normal revolvers.  This can shoot at a longer distance. The drawback for its range is that it can only hold 5 rounds.

Smith & Wesson .44

This heavy 6 shooter is a piece for both lawmen and outlaw out there. It fires a .44 caliber bullet. It is one of the early strong revolvers but not the cheapest and will cost you a fair amount of money.

Dragoon Colt

This is a horse wielding colt used in the army. This is what the 3rd gen of the standard colt 1836 becomes, a bit better and hits a little harder than the standard colt 1836.

Colt army 1860

This 6 shooting revolver is a .44 version for the army just like the Smith & Wesson but this one was built with the colt in mind so its built more strength then the standard colt.

New Army navy colt 1890

This is the mass product version of the colt 1836 for both the Army and the Navy. It shoots a 36 round bearing and it loads a little faster then the standard colts out there and has a better stopping power.

LeMat Revolver 1850

This revolver is more like a rifle than a revolver with 9 shots and a shotgun seek under it. Slow read aloud but with 9 shots and a build in shotgun shot it is good for mid to close range. 


Carbine Repeater 1840

This is a standard 14 shot. The gunpowder and the rounds are loaded up into the stock of the rifle. Compared to a standard rifle, you can shoot this fast mid range repeater for much cheaper. It has a greater rate of fire, just less powerful with each shot. 

Evens Repeater 1850

This 22 shot repeater holds the most rounds in any rifle to date in 22 unlike the better Neppy Repeater it has almost little damage. It shots a little slower and it is not a cheap gun to purchase but rather widely available.  

Winchester 1876  

This repeater is used for heavy game hunting animals such as a bear. It hits a bit harder then the standard and you find these more up north where it's colder. It uses either a .45 or .75 caliber rounds. It is not a cheap weapon either.

Henry Repeater 1866 

This fast loader shots a .44 caliber round. It is a lever action repeater known to be used by army and law men. It holds up to 16 shot in the magazine, a little more than standard the newer ones could use. 


Double barrel shotgun

This gun can shoot double buckshot or slug rounds. It has a strong kick for those who can't hold on tight with it meaning that it takes quite a strong arm to be able to handle one of them. Many store owners own one of these and many farmers do as well due to their effectiveness in combat.

Saw off double barrel shotgun

Just like the standard double barrel shotgun with less range but more stopping power if you pull both triggers. It can be holstered like a revolver making it a lot easier to carry around on your person.  

Lever action shotgun 1887

This 6 shell or slug shooting shotgun shots faster and holds more rounds then the newer pump shotguns but are a bit cheaper than the lever charcen shotguns. This weapon is seen in the army and the navy, meaning that one can only gain possession of it through them. 

Pump shotguns 1890

The state of a line 5 shell and slug pump handle shotgun is great for hunting deer, ducks or even for a good close defense. They are newer than the others so very few places have them for sale. It is only possible to find them in the big citys right now such as Shangul.


Thuyan Pistol 1888

This Pistol is made in the Thuyan Empire. It has a 10 round clip and has great range but it does not have the same stopping power than the revolvers.The flip loading is faster for this particular pistol. In Talvania, it is only bought or found on the rich or Thuyan Raiders.

Pocket pistol 1889

This is a 3 shot very short range pistol. The bullet for this gun does have enough power to stop a human heart but only if it is in range which requires rather close quarter combat. At long range it will either miss or not cause that much damage. Typically this gun is owned by the rich or gamblers. It is small and compact, allowing it to be carried around hidden within a piece of clothing which is why it is so popular among the elite.


Varmint rifle 

This .22 caliber is for small game like rabbits squirrels it is a pump but not a strong one like the shotgun and any farmer has one for protecting their chickens from foxes or other small predators.

Springfield rifle 

This is the standard hunting rifle that holds 5 shots with a bolt. it's great for deer hunting and can be bought at gun stores and can shoot long range or standard and hits harder than the varmint rifle. 

Winchester box rifle 1890

This rifle is called a box rifle because it comes with a clip unlike any rifle, but it shoots only 5 shots and if you pay extra you are able to get one with a scope. Army and navy have them and they are very expensive.

Buffalo rifle 1839

These high powered single shot rifles are old, powerful rifles that are known to shoot and kill mighty buffalo and it is one of the strongest rifles... if you can find a working one, that is.


Hunting/skiing knife

An 8 inch bowie knife made out of steel. It can be good at skinning or self defense and is great for thiefs without guns.


A Hatchet is a small iron or stone axe and it is great for chopping, or you can throw it if you have the strength and dexterity to do so. The Tomahawk is a primitive version of the hatchet and it's way better to throw than the hatchet. They are often found on tribe members.

Cavalry sword 

This 12 inch sword of steel. It is light and great for horseback due to its versatility. It typically comes with a Disc-guard and a single knuckle bow hilt. It is seen in the hands of leaders or generals. 

Pirate cutlass

These are not a weapon that tends to be found commonly. They are often found at the bottom of the ocean from a downed Pirate ship, or found in swampy areas where pirates met their fate in the jaws of alligators. They can be found as a collectors item, but don’t expect someone to give it up so easily. If you are able to find one of these 13 inch steel blades, then you will have a great metal melee weapon 


This is a 10 to about 20 inch steel blade with a saw back for cutting sugar cane or corn. It is a heavy swinging blade and makes a good weapon but it's really slow.

Crusader sword in the stone 

There is rumors there is a two handled broadsword out on the snowy mountains somewhere but it's too dangerous to go there with the weather animals and people live close to there 

Heavy Weapons

Gatling Gun 

A hand crank machine gun. It has a very fast fire rate, able to fire up to 100 bullets a second. The ammo comes in boxes of 500000, allowing for a wide spread of bullets in a short amount of time.One must use it careful as it could jam. It is typically seen mounted on wagons or even the war wagon.


This massive cannon fires a iron ball of death but you must have gunpowder and must light the line to trigger the internal explosion that fires the cannon ball.

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