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First of all, this can be done with either a FxF or FxM pairing, so long as your'e ok with playing a futa.....there's an isolated private island in the South Atlantic that's home to a society of futas, or she males.  No men are allowed on the island.  Their numbers have been steadily dwindling and they have gotten desperate.  They decided to offer totally free vacations but to women only...boyfriends and husbands not allowed.  What the vacationing women don't know is that they'll be drugged kidnapped from their hotel rooms, then bound gagged and raped constantly to keep them pregnant.

I will play a unsuspecting vactioning woman, maybe two.....I', searching for someone willing to play the head futa, or more than one of them....obviously bondage is a MUST and if your'e into BDSM, even better

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