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This will be a very large RP which will consist of 6 Arcs with each one taking a while to complete and only having one to focus as of right now due to the extreme length of one take. This long RP will be a focus on a small group of four people and no more since it will take an even longer time to finish even one "dungeon." I do have three people in mind with this RP so I will pick those say partner and decide on the fate of this RP~ Let's begin with the Arc I. (Also! I will be updating this topic with Arc(s) and idea(s)~ =P )

Arc I

The mortal world of this RP is called Avnas which was created by five powerful deities and knows as the Creator of Avnas among the six continents that reside inside of Avnas. Of course, there is another world beyond Avnas which was a balance good and that place is hell for demons to rule with utter chaos but a rare few hold such information of this place but also not important in Arc I. One of this continent and the place where Arc I take place has a major problem with a certain female know as The Dark Queen as she causes a continental war between two kingdoms inside of Burtasiash. Although the tension lingers from the previous war, the two kingdom are somewhat at peace but cause a major division between the land and untrust among each other due to past history with The Dark Queen. The solution to this mistrust that the queen created and the finding her was the creation of a small group known as the Grand Hunters. This new group purpose is to hunt for The Dark Queen to kill her with the accused of causing a past war between the two kingdoms and forming this group from these two kingdoms to regain some trust. Slifin, the kingdom of magic which is ruled by a queen as they have the most advanced magic in the continent and the kingdom wanting the creation of the Grand Hunter for the purpose to stop The Dark Queen from causing another war among each other. Kallan, the kingdom of swordsmanship which hold many wide knows phenomenon swordmen and the one being a major effect on the influence of Vel'kaze, the Dark Queen. The Grand hunters made of two from Slifin and Kallan Kingdom with the sole purpose, for now, is to hunt and kill Vel'kaze for causing an unknown war in the past. The story will begin with the group being formed inside the castle of Slifin by the queen herself as Vergil and another person from Kallan will have to travel there with their own motive of joining the cause of the Grand Hunters. Each character will have a purpose to join the cause but that will be up to the person to decide when to reveal and how long it will be enough to trust your companions as they travel all over Burtasiash to find Vel'kaze and her minions. 

Slifin's Dungeon(s)/Location(s)

The Forest of Beginning

This "Dungeon" will be the Grand Hunters first test run as a group and mostly use as a training ground for Slifin to use their magic but now, this is a training ground for them. This place is filled with rather weak monsters and while hiding a rather strong "boss" as a major goal of the Hunters to defeat and pass as a team before heading for the next objective being The Tower of Beginning. A good starting point for the group to interact among each other and letting them know of how well they are capable of handling the job and each other which will be bad at the beginning. 

The Tower of Beginning 

The next dungeon will be their last training objective as they have to climb the top of this large tower while fighting wave of enemies living inside of there which only orc of many classes live and a leader orc leading the charge while he remains in the top floor. Again, another easy way for the group to interact and a while for them to arrive here as well which mean bond time! or worse depending on their taste and behaviors... 

The Outer wall of Slifin

Solar Beach

Orc's Hideouts 

The Heavenly Fire Dragon's Den

Kallan's Dungeon(s)/Location(s)

Elven Forest 

The Lion Crossroad

The Dark Swamp of Death

Doom Forest

The Lost City 

?'s Castle (Goal) 

Grand Hunter(s)

@lVergill - Vergil (Kallan) 




World Map


The world where every living thing is residing and created by the Creator to create life. 








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