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Ask teh staff and community~!

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Staff: What is the worst or most memorable excuses you read for someone doing something wrong on this site? (No names that would be against your SPA thing of course)...

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I have a few fucking horror stories...

Duplicate Accounting (Section 9) always gives me some funny and stupid ones, I won't mention any names... There are some that are upfront and honest - and fair play to them... But there are some that are not, and they really take the piss:

  • "It's my Twin" - The most popular excuse which has never-ever worked, and so far from a stupid excuse it'd be hilarious if it wasn't so overused. Honestly it seems like everyone on here has a fucking twin.
  • "I brought the phone from someone!" - What and decided to register to EcchiDreams as well... I know coincidences happen but come on. This is actually the second most popular excuse, duplicate accounters use. It doesn't work.
  • "I was making an account for my 16 year old brother" - 🙄 Yes... Really. Despite it being a Section 8, Paragraph 1 and Section 9 violation of the Terms of Service the person in question still did this anyway, and when I told them as such they told me:
    • "I didn't know that either of these things were against the rules." ... See picture below.
  • "I didn't know it was against the rules to have another account." - See picture below. Has also never worked - ignorance of the Terms of Service does not grant immunity from the Terms of Service... Duh.
  • "I wanted a fresh start" - They had warnings, and thought that they could get rid of them by registering again... Needless to say they got more warnings, and their second account got banned. Funnily enough one of them that said this has never been back again.

"I dIDn'T KnoW It WUz aGaINsT thE rULez..."


Oh, give me a break.

Another one is posting pictures that depict, or appear to depict a minor in nude or sexual situations (Section 18), this one is ridiculous, and is by far the most violated rule. The majority of people accept it and move on. Some get a verbal/first time warning and completely lose their shit over it. Like; I'm not even joking here. They go full on thermo-fucking-nuclear, and go on some kind of scorched Earth policy. Some examples:

  • One asshole in particular started an EcchiText with me that started off all well and good and everything, until he then started acting like a child and spiraling way out of control. I told him he wanted to Section 21 (Terminate) his account he was free to do so. Before long he suddenly wanted a second opinion and invited all of the staff into the EcchiText where he then proceeded to (In his mind) Rip me a new arsehole. When (Surprise, surprise) they took a look at the images in question they agreed that it was lolicon and therefore not allowed - he became rapidly abusive to the staff, firing messages off every minute going "What about this image?! TELL ME THAT'S NOT A MINOR!" And gave us so much fucking work as we started investigating each one he was reporting that some of the staff went silent, then when Neptune spoke up he laid in to her about only speaking up then when she was investigating the claims, he started firing conspiracy theories and accusations directed at her. I mean this guy was grasping at straws for goodness sakes; he threw this one up as an example of being under 18 (https://ecchidreams.com/gallery/image/14942-neko-trap/) - to which "That's fine because it's not nude or sexual." was said - He didn't like that answer at all. What did all of this stem from? It stemmed from a small warning he got for posting to the gallery and ended up with all of my staff who were there thoroughly abused and frustrated at this whack job going scorched earth on us before demanding his account to be Terminated - "Or else he was going to continue." We were trying to be helpful to him, after he apologised we showed him leniency for the charge at the time and he not only threw it back in our faces but spat on us and treated us like shit just because we had the audacity to disagree with him. The worst part of it is; this full grown man child is older than me (And he loved using that as an excuse for why he was right and I was wrong). 
    • At one point in the conversation when he learnt how we were investigating the images he was throwing up he brought up that 'Rule34.xxx' was a more accurate site for tags as such so we looked at that site for some of the images that he reported to us; and told him that, that site didn't have a Loli Tag either. So he went to that site and started adding Loli tags to them so I called him out on that in the EcchiText and showed him print screen shots of him doing it. He then started claiming that Rule34.xxx wasn't a reliable site for it, and it was like obvious that he was trolling us at that point. 
    • I was more fucked off by his abuse towards the staff members. I was indifferent to his abuse towards me because he was the one melting down like a child, and quite obviously so. It wasn't funny or anything. It was... Sad. This grown ass man was genuinely mad that he was told that he was wrong, that he was told that he was in the wrong. I was very happy to terminate his account. 
    • This is how Section 20.2 of the Terms of Service (Abuse towards Staff Members) came about. Now we won't tolerate or entertain that shit.
  • We had another case fairly recently that I shouldn't talk about because it'd be obvious as to who it was but this one got less warning points than the first I mentioned did; they got 0 - First Time Infraction, and they managed to bump it up to 100 points very quickly by harassing two other dreamers for what they thought was someone reporting their images but it wasn't them at all. It was me; I found those images and dealt with internally because we do browse around on our own forums just like everyone else does. This again spiraled out of control from a zero point warning to threatening to kill themselves in less than 12 hours, and they started harassing a third Dreamer by reporting everything that Dreamer did via the report system even though nothing that they reported was breaking the rules in anyway shape or form. They then registered a new account after being banned and continued to harass and abuse. For all of three or four minutes - because I promptly banned them again. 
    • We're actually looking at making tweaks to the Terms of Service because of this; especially around Section 10 (Harassment). It's too early to say what exactly we're going to do, but we're not going to water down the definition or anything. That's still fine the way it is. 

There are many more incidents with the Section 18 violations that top even these two, that's mostly been aimed towards me. It's gotten to the point where I've given up explaining it over and over and over and over and over and over again... Usually to the same damn people, that I just made a flowchart and if they still don't get it, then I just copy and paste shit I've already said (I have it in a Notepad++ document ready and waiting to go) and just get on with it. I'm actually going to take it one step further and use the same software that they use in live chat support centres where they push a set of buttons on the keyboard and it pastes it out. Like copy and paste but even lazier. No doubt I will eventually have an auto reply feature that will reply for me so I don't even have to bother reading it.

And of course my all time favourite one is the "Hacker" that "Hacked" someone's account and started threatening to: "Call the Internet Police". Which was done publicly. That was extremely funny and had me in stitches for a long time. 

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Lol you've opened Pandora's box with Tem, here xD

I don't think I've ever had any particularly bad experiences with any dreamers in terms of rule-breaking, it seems like most people vent their anger and frustrations with Tem and Nep. I will say that one of the most frustrating excuses not necessarily for rule-breaking, but rude behavior in general, is the old "I'm depressed/lonely/afraid, etc" argument. I'm pretty sure we have a very significant portion of our dreamers suffer from these types of struggles, so it really urks me when someone tries to play it like it's some sort of free pity card. Especially when they start to talk about or threaten suicide if they don't get their way. 

Don't get me wrong, I'm eager to try and help anyone who's truly suicidal in any way I can, but someone who is actually suicidal isn't going to announce it publicly after being called out for being rude. Faking suicidal tendencies is a pathetic tactic way too many people use in an attempt to discourage the enemies they made out of everyone around them, and it's extremely insensitive to exploit such a subject for selfish gain. 

I honestly don't care if someone has acted rudely in the past, so long as that person can admit that what they did was rude and wrong, then demonstrate a desire to better themselves. But too many people are so prideful that they think they can just get away with whatever they want. I genuinely believe anyone can change and am a strong advocate for forgiveness, but forgiveness is impossible when someone can't even admit they've done wrong.

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On 02/11/2018 at 05:08, Whoreo said:

Staff: What is the worst or most memorable excuses you read for someone doing something wrong on this site? (No names that would be against your SPA thing of course)...

Well now. I guess all I can really do is second @Temaelrin.
I was here for all of those, though as @Aura said, @Temaelrin and @Neptune tend to get most of the shit for warnings.

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