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Tactical harem

TRAP RP request

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Tactical harem

I thought joining this group there would be a lot of TRAP type characters to RP with. Since I did not see an RP request here I figured it was either not allowed or no one had made one. So here is mine. I would like a MxM trap RP but FxM is fine too. As for the plot or pairings I could easily do-

High School: Student x Student

College: Student x Student

Military: Soldier x Trap, Soldier x Trap Soldier.

Or some Trap form of the plots listed in my very long and complicated Preference page information.

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I’ll rp if you want... but I just started and I’m inexperienced as hell, but if you’re fine with that then I’ll try my best!

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    • ThatLewdCat
      By ThatLewdCat
      Just like Lucy, Alex here was originally a Human-Only character. But later on got a "Furry version" too.
      Alex is an 18yo college student, a cheerleader and a total tomboy. In fact... She's more than just that.
      While her full name is actually Alexandra, she always only uses "Alex" instead since early age. And her actual ID card says that she is a Male. Why? Because she's some kind of a transgender or whatever? Hell no! That's not fun and silly, Alex is not "into" that stuff. Alex is... A FAKE FEMBOY. A double-reverse-trap, you can call it? Basically, a girl... who pretends to be a feminine boy! And yes, she lives in the male dorms... despite actually being a female. It has it's benefits, you know! *wink-wink*
      She's quite sexually open and constantly teases her peers, teachers, coach, the football team and any other supposedly straight males out there on campus or outside during vacations. To playfully and innocently toy around (without true ill intent!) with their "fragile masculinity and sexuality", seeing them fall for the "trap" and actually go sexual for a feminine boy instead of a girl. Or at least... They think they are going for a boy that is. But in reality, it's all just fun and games for Alex! To see the look on their faces when they discover the truth! Let alone explore her curiosity about the ACTUAL "traps" aka Shemales/Futas/girls with extra parts.
      And yeah. no secret there - she enjoys giving oral and taking it "from behind". She even manages to ofent hide the fact that the "bulge" in her panties is fake for the first few times, Thanks to mostly giving oral or anal, you know... Not everyone is attentive enough to care when they are excited - to pull down the panties all the way off, which would clearly reveal the "truth"... Hehe.
      She was created for light-hearted and mostly sexual scenes in college scenery(or outside) based around that whole thing with being a fake femboy, orientation play, polyamory, no serious relationships, possible group sex(a typical locker room scene with multiple football team members!) and more.
    • Sunstone
      By Sunstone
      They can be any fictional character from any game, series, film, book, or any other media. Do you have any favourites? List them below!

      For me it will always be Chihiro Fujisaki. I love everything about him. ❤️

    • danielvaltameri
      By danielvaltameri
      Mood. I want to have someone sit on me like this.
    • Boofy818
      By Boofy818
    • Ashelia
      By Ashelia Deactived
      Hi everyone! I'm looking for someone who's looking to ERP with me, preferably long term (short term isn't of the table however). My character is a college-aged trap/femboy/trans (no offense is meant to those who don't like trap and trans being used together like this). My character is a switch, and has loads of kinks to list, too many in fact, which is why I've decided to just use F-list to list all the juicy bits. Roles and settings are open for debate, but I do prefer to use what's listed in my F-list.
      Here is my F-list, on it is my Discord (which is by far the best way to contact me, but notes over F-list work just as well). 
      <Mod Note: Removed Link as per Section 14, Section 1>
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