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A nice crime news headline on the paper...for you!

Elena Ichinomiya

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Okay i already post the one what title you have in some sort of god wrath mini-series. Now let's be a brute and crash the world! But you got caugh! Pity! As if the insult ever stop, now your bad action also written in paper. Let's see how your so called lucky number and your own name gonna give you headline title.

Your first alphabet in your name (ex. Elena Ichinomya, take first letter which mean E)

A,B,C : Virgin                                                  P,Q,R : Woman/Girl
D,E,F : Uncle/Auntie                                      S,T,U : Man/Boy
G,H,I : Old man/woman                               V,W,X : Attention Bitch/Male-Bitch (is this even words?)
 J,K,L : Widow/widower                                 Y,Z : Moms

M,N,O : Brat (or kid if you prefer)

PS : yes i should combine woman and man together but hey, that's where the excitement!

Your month of birth

Jan-Feb : Caught Drunk In Daylight                     Jul-Aug : Caught Sold Sex Medicine To Minor
Mar-Apr : Caught Peeking The Neighbor          Sept-Oct : Caught Streaking Naked
May-Jun : Caught Steal A Bike                             Nov-Dec : Harassing People

Your date of birth

1-5 : Got Beaten up then
6-10 : Got Paraded then
11-15 : Got Screwed then
16-20 : Got Prodded then
21-25 : Got Left Behind then
26-31 : Got Bashed then

Your last number of your phone number

1 : Become stupid                                   6 : Become fugly
2 : End up addicted                                 7 : Won't accept it, screaming like banshee
3 : Become pig                                         8 : Poop his/her pants

4 : Refuse to die                                       9 : Pretending gone mental
5 : Bawl while telling slice of life            0 : Just stare


That's...quite longer than i thought.

Now let's see mine Auntie Caught sold sex medicine to minor got left behind then become stupid

yeah, life can't get a little overbearing huh?

Edited by Elena Ichinomiya
edit the sex medicine part
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