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Go! Magical Girl of Eros (Eros Angel x Alexander Bodide)

Alexander Bodide

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[Note: We're not going to worry about much of a plot for this, it's more of a casual thing!]

Our city is under attack by aliens. It's not quite a full-scale invasion, but they've been sending a steady stream of freakish monsters to bother us. Conventional weapons don't faze them. Fortunately the town is under the protection of the talented magical girl @Eros Angel, who can fight the alien menace effectively. She also happens to be a close friend of mine.

As you might expect, she's powered by the magic of love...although she needs something a little more high-octane than your typical magical girl. She must experience sexual pleasure to recharge. The recharge process can take on many forms. Even the nature of her genitals can be magically altered at her whim.

Somehow I got roped into acting as her personal mana battery while she drags me around to 'recharge' even in the midst of battle! If she needs backup, she can share her power with me too; although the frilly and skimpy outfit that goes along with it is pretty embarrassing.

Since we're good friends, I don't really mind being 'friends with benefits'. And it's for the sake of our home! She tends to let it get to her head though, sometimes becoming haughty and mistreating me in various ways -- although between you and me, I don't exactly mind that, either...and I think she knows it.

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