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ATMGlory - JennyDK & aLittleCrow [OPEN]


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In one of the bars in the inner city another ATMGlory is placed within the establishment. The bar is not neither high end or a nasty dive, but just the right place for a good flow of customers to go through and spend their evenings and nights.

The Machine is basically part of a wall somewhere in there in the popular "Rockafé", the bar where rock & roll is the soundtrack of the place and people are nice, friendly and often in need of release as well.

This particular ATMGlory is a bit more special and rare as it houses not just one Catcher, but rather two and twin sisters at that, Crow and Jenny. They have always enjoyed doing these sorts of things together and thus it was a no-brainer once it was a matter of combining their forces and bodies to earn their daily bread and to help the community as well.


  • Double handjob: 50 credits
  • Double titfuck: 80 credits
  • Double blowjob: 100 credits
  • Complete twin service (Includes everything the customer desires as long it is gloryhole based): 250 credits

Crow and Jenny (from left to right):




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