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Name: Keitaro Hara
Gender: Male
Age: Thirty
Sexuality: Heterosexual

Main Class

Mathematics, and General History

Teaching style:
Despite his very odd mannerisms when talking, he is a very considerate teacher willing to help his students, but there is a limit to his generosity. Mr. Hara is willing to stay after class for those who do not get his lessons and gives private lessons for those who need them. Anyone that struggles in his class is given a chance for mandatory lessons as he is not too keen on watching people who wish to be better not succeed. This is because he was not given a chance by his teachers growing up, so giving them a chance seems like the right thing.


Mr. Hara takes everything he does very seriously, especially his work as a school teacher. He constantly uses Yakuza-Esque language for everyday situations though catching himself as if nothing happens. It often makes something innocent and straightforward appear ominous, like teaching mathematics. When not in his role as a teacher, he can be a very relaxing teacher to be around as he is not what his students have said when Keitaro is not paying attention. 'He does not have a stick up his ass.' It is nice to know that his rambunctious students like him


He was formerly a Yakuza member though he did not see anything good from investing his entire future in illegal activity. So after some negotiations, he was able to leave and become a school teacher. So other kids and young adults are not trapped with the same options.

Defining Characteristic:

Tattoos cloak his entire backside, behind, and stretch all the way down to his biceps. Usually wears glasses, yet can see well enough without them.

Ons (Character): Mr. Hara enjoys being the dominate one as he can channel his past, even if its for suspense. The well mannered teacher likes to be rough when it comes to sex, but afterwards gives affection and comfort.  Its not something he brags about nor does he bring up with his fellow teachers.
Ons (writer):  Skipped for now
Offs (Writer): The usual suspects;  vore, incest, watersports, etc.

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Name: Akane Niijima
Gender: Female
Age: 41
Sexuality: Bisexual

Main Class: Biology, occasionally English
Teaching style: Akane is very much so the traditionalist type when it comes to teaching. She's strict, and has a no-nonsense attitude during class. She expects her students to do whatever they can to ensure they can keep up, though she tries to remain fair about it. She understands the limits of how many tests one can read for in a week, and does actively work with her students to try to avoid stacking tests over few days and whatnot. On the other hand, if a student were to start falling behind, she'd consider it their responsibility to catch up, not hers to enable it. 

Personality: Ms. Niijima comes off as a very "proper" woman. The way she speaks is distinctly formal, some would even argue a bit machine-like, in the way she rarely shows her real thoughts when she makes a statement. She has a way of carrying herself that makes her easily mistakable as some executive from a well-respected firm. That said, it's mostly a facade she's gotten so used to keeping up, she just defaults to it while working. In her free time, she's wildly different, enjoying all sorts of indecencies. 
Background: Akane has only been a teacher for the last five or so years. She graduated college with a degree in political science, and ended up in a position in the ministry of foreign affairs, and later a position as diplomat in Germany, working out of the Japanese embassy. Though she enjoyed her work a lot, the long stretches of time away from her homeland eventually led to a divorce that soured her relationship with the field of politics, and she ended on reschooling, becoming a teacher instead, figuring she wanted to do something important - Without all the traveling, something that would allow her to settle down. She's currently single, though she has a son from her former marriage who's in the second year.

Despite having left the scene of politics, she still knows a lot of people, which became a large part of why her school got the option of the trip as the pilot project. Though not openly admitting it, to students anyway, she spent a lot of time to push the principal to allow it, having a strong belief in the project's success after seeing the far more liberal attitudes towards both nudity and sexuality around Europe. 

Though she doesn't outwardly deny it, she doesn't typically talk about her background in politics. 

Defining Characteristic: Milf. What else is there to say? Despite her age, she aged like fine wine, add a good dash of curves and you have Ms. Niijima.

Ons (Character): She's an exhibitionist through and through. She loves being looked at, particularly undressed. All the better if it's people who don't usually like her, like a student that doesn't like her particular style of teaching.

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Moon Hound Hati


Name: Minoru Yamauchi
Gender: Male
Age: 28
Sexuality: Heterosexual

Main Class: School nurse and psychologist; also provides sexual E.D. a few times a year.

Teaching style: Very much a scientist through and through, his teaching style is very fact-based and to the point. However, half the time he lectures as if filled with wonder and intrigue, spouting theories and deductive reasoning, which can be kind of awkward for the students since he is teaching them about sex. When it comes to his research, he likes to experiment and will casually hand students things such as sex toys in order to provoke certain reactions and outcomes. It’s not unusual for him to do so with students that come to him for therapy or personal counseling.

Personality: Honest and helpful, but also kind of weird.
Background: As certified a genius with multiple degrees and Ph.D.’s under his belt, he could have had extremely well-paying jobs in a variety of fields, from medical to pharmaceutical. Instead, Minoru choose to serve a greater purpose and joined one of the various government programs set up to stimulate population growth by studying teenagers and figuring out how to stimulate them into having more active sex lives, with the ultimate goal being rising childbirth rates once they’re in a phase of their lives to start a family.

Defining Characteristic: Part mad scientist, part oblivious pervert.

Ons (Character): Minoru likes to figure stuff out. When it comes to sex that means he likes to find out how to best stimulate his partner. That’s not to say he doesn’t have any kinks of his own, though. He has quite the thing for women in nurse outfits and is more than a little familiar with various sex toys.

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Name: Benjiro Daichi

Gender: Male

Age: 43

Sexuality: Heterosexual 

Main Class: Accounting, Finance, and Business readying classes


Teaching style and Personality:  Daichi in the “good old days” was probably a pretty cool teacher. But it’s not 1988 anymore and he’s not a cool guy anymore!!! He’s old...and out of touch with the students. He’s a pushover for female students! He won’t change a grade but he does enjoy spending extra time to help a girl over a guy. 

Generally speaking he’s not a creeper type but wouldn’t refuse a sexy female student if the time/place was right!

Daichi is a smart man. Probably one of the smartest teachers in the school. He naturally speaks well and has general information on most topics. He cares about all student (...but probably the cute female students the most.)


Daichi comes from a wealthy family. He brought a lot of shame to his family by not working for the family business. Both his father and mother are still alive. They are the heads of a very prosperous business. 

Daichi has first hand knowledge about business because that is what his family is all about. His family looks down on him because he chose his own interests over the interests of the family...and because he is on a teacher’s salary. He has a younger brother and sister that are President and Vice President of the company. 

Daichi has been suspected of having sexual relationships with a few students. Looking at him it might seem gross, but the female students definitely never complained. Many reported he was very passionate and an amazing first experience! It was very consensual, but there have been parents who have suspected. He has never been found guilty of an investigation. 

Defining Characteristic: Despite being a non-confrontational teacher Daichi is the advisor for the debate club. He often helps the other teachers with financial matters (investing, financial issues, budgeting, etc.) He has also helped the school as a non-profit business. On occasion he also has helped a few parents (...the cute single mothers especially!) He is seen as a nerd, but is appreciated for his skills. 

Ons (Character): Daichi is very experienced and it shows! He has a collection of sexy toys that he is willing to teach his partner about. He loves a partner in a short skirt. He likes multiple partners but tends to stick on single partners so he can shower them with attention. He likes to be the dominant one in the bedroom but sticks to the rules (safe words, etc.) when manhandling. He enjoys longer more intense sexual encounters instead of quickies.

Offs (Character):  Daichi is not into disgusting practices such as vore/gore and sadistic ideas. He likes pain for pleasure not for the sake of pain. He does not care for bathroom stuff, although many partners have been known to urinate while squirting...but that couldn’t be helped. 

He does not care to be dominated...he’s tried pegging and it wasn’t really for him.


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