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I Remember That WICKED SUMMER ( Teppo x Room 1334 )

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Camp Monsoon.  It stood deep in the woods, possessing amenities common to any summer camp: Cabins, a great fire-pit for building large bonfires, a lake for swimming and boating, and ghost stories.  One such story was that a dark phantom liked to lure young girls away at night and change them.  They became different, twisted.  Some might even say promiscuous.  But rumors are just rumors of course.

Morning arrived boisterously and uninvited.  Zoey groaned as rays of sunlight beamed across her face.  Her face screwed up into a frown as she pulled her blankets over her head.  The darkness of night held a much more comfortable aura for her.  She was the very definition of a night-owl, staying awake until the wee early hours of the morning.  But the shouts of the other kids and the noises of the counselors getting the camp ready for morning activities disturbed her attempts at continued sleep.

Reluctantly Zoey slipped out bed, momentarily confused as where she was.  That's right.  Her parents had forced her to attend Camp Monsoon this summer.  They felt that she spent too much time in her room, gaming, watching tv and playing D&D.  They felt that if she got more sunshine and interacted with more people around her age, she'd grow out of her "phase" and become a normal "girl".  She chuckled.  Joke's on them because she managed to sneak a couple of games into her bag.

A small groan escaped from her belly.  Deciding that food was important, Zoey decided it was time for breakfast.  She started to head out of the cabin before remembering that she hadn't yet dressed.  Yup.  As she looked down at herself, she saw that she was still wearing her black sports bra and a pair of black panties.  With a yip she ducked back into the cabin, hoping no one had noticed, to don a white T-shirt with "Camp Monsoon" stamped across the front and short pair of denim shorts.  Pushing her glasses back up her nose, Zoey left the cabin and headed to the Mess Hall to grab her breakfast.

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Travis Cumberland was up as usual before the crack of dawn. Not that it was mandatory but it's just how he was, the epitome of the early bird; he preferred to start his day before everyone else, or at least he grew accustom to doing so as a son of a strict military man Travis was forced to get up early his whole life. His father always told him the best way to get ahead is to get up first. That discipline never left him, and every day he would be up whilst the day was still dark and exercise. Sometimes 3 or 4 am in the morning, depending on how busy his day would be. As a camp counselor that meant Travis was often the only person up in the entire camp grounds; or at least that was the case most years. He could have sworn that while on a run this morning, off in the distance he saw a light coming from the teenage girl cabin! But it was like 4 in the morning, so he just assumed it was some kid using the bathroom and thought about it no more.

Travis had been attending Camp Monsoon since a child, and then he attended college on scholarship to play sports while majoring in childhood development. He wasn't good enough to go pro, so he took his studies seriously and when it came time for an internship he applied at his old summer camp senior year. Now at 23 he had been started working their fulltime after graduating college

It was 8am! Time for the camper to get their days started! Things were pretty leisure at Camp Monsoon, breakfast was at 9:00, the day started at 10:00. So he was out by the cabins watering the grass when he caught a glimpse of a teenager who just so happened to still be in her pajama clothes, he immediately cocked his head, eye wide, and stole a glance. The sun was shinning brightly, blindingly even, so he couldn't clearly make out her face but her plump, porcelain, posterior was on full display for just a moment until she darted back inside the dorm. "Wow...I should not be thinking this, but got-damn!" shaking his head in disbelief, that such a body could belong to a teenager her age!  Then a voice sounded over the loud speaker with the customary Monsoon Morning Prayer, pledge of allegiance, and activity announcements. By then all the kids were supposed to be in the Mess Hall seated and prepared to say grace, and listen to the announcements as they sat an ate quietly, but there was one student who was late so when she got to the hall the doors had been closed, he noticed as he made his way to Mess Hall for monitor duty just as prayer was finishing up

"How in the world are you late on the first day of camp?" he teased at the kid, "if you're late 5 times you know that's Chore Duty for an entire weekend?"

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Zoey noticed that the Mess Hall door was closed and could hear the droning of morning prayers finishing up.  Oh, what a relief!  The young girl didn't consider herself to be of the religious sort and found sitting through that stuff to be tedious at best.  She'd never really given much thought to the afterlife, so was still fourteen after all!  That was, like, a lifetime away.

As she reached her hand out to open the door, a man approached her.  As Zoey looked him up and down, she was struck with two thoughts:  First, she thought that his skin looked exactly what milk chocolate made flesh would look like.  Briefly she wondered if it would kinda taste like that as well.  The thought was entirely innocent, but would have sounded naughty if said aloud.  Not that Zoey knew anything about that kind of stuff.  Secondly, from his dress and the way he carried himself, she theorized that he might be a camp counselor.  "What a pain in the ass."  She muttered under her breath, hopefully quiet enough that he wouldn't hear.

"Uh.....um, well.......technicallyI'mnotlateuntilthemorningprayersarefinishedwhicharerightaboutnowokbye!"  She nervously and fast, so fast that her sentence ended up turning into one big word.  Anyone listening would probably be confused and need a minute to actually understood what she said.  Which was exactly her intent.  As she spoke, Zoey opened the door a crack and squeezed inside.  Comically, in her haste, the door smacked into her butt, eliciting a yowl as she disappeared inside.

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Before Travis could get another word in the teenager had spouted off some hardly audible, jibberish he couldn’t comprehend and then scurried away inside the doors. “Kids these days,” he grinned,  with a sigh. Standing outside for a few more minutes to see if any others were late. During the prayer and announcements the kids were supposed to remain quite, Mess Hall monitors were tasked with making sure they did just that, afterwards however they were allowed to converse amongst themselves at a reasonable level with kids at their table. It was set up so kids could meet new campers each week so the kids were given seating charts at the end of each week it was a 6 week camp! 

He looked at his watch it was 9:07, kids were supposed to be in the Hall by 8:30 to be served breakfast or get breakfast depending on the age group and seated by 9am. Making good time! He thought! 

It was just as he remembered the Mess Hall, even thought he not been back since senior year of high school. All wood floors creaked a bit with each step, circular tables for the tots, square for the pre teens and octagonal ones for the teenage campers.  Rows and rows of oakwood columns stretching up to super high ceilings where lots of natural light beamed in from stain glass windows depicting the camp’s surrounding nature on one side and on the other its Judeo-Christian roots dating back to 1938 when it was first founded as a missionary training facility!

The tardy girl was predictably standing in line to get her meal, behind all the Camp Counselors trying not to stand out, Travis got in line behind her! And what a behind she had, he couldn’t help but notice, in her demin jean shorts that looked a size too small, the squishy thigh meat slightly protruding out the sides stimulated his imagination!

Thought you could escape me huh? But in the end, Im inevitable...” his smug expression marched the tone in his confident silky voice” The line was about 11 or 12, not including them!The aroma of hearty breakfast the camp prepared made him salivate, he was starving from his work out earlier! There was something to accommodate any appetite or food sensitivity, but he always went for the turkey bacon, vegi-omelet and fruit medley with a tall glass of orange juice. “Just a little fyi, actually if you’re not seated by 8:45 then you are automatically late, even if you are inside before 9, or as you put it, when the grace is finished...unless that is, you have a tardy pass or get escorted by a counselor such as myself.”

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The nerdy girl rubbed her booty where the mean door had smacked it, "Ouch, that wasn't very nice."  And then headed towards the food line, wondering the counselor she had just met.  There had been a rugged handsomeness to him, with his shaved head and well-groomed beard.  His well-toned body suggested that he was athletic.  But unfortunately, he was much too old for her.  More importantly, Zoey worried that he'd be watching the doors every morning.  If he did, then she'd have to find a way to get up earlier or outsmart him.  After all, she didn't plan on going to bed any earlier.  She had demons and villains to slay!

Stepping in line behind a bunch of camp counselors, Zoey cringed.  It looked like they had set up a seating chart, forcing groups of kids together.  Ew.  She really didn't need to get to know the other teens, they were always worried about dumb things like who was dating who.  Or what dress they were gonna wear to what dance.  To Zoey's mind, people her own age were more or less idiots.  Oh well, she'd just have to find a way to avoid them during meal times.  Or drive them away.  That could work!  All she'd need to do is figuring out what annoyed each of them.

Someone stepped in line behind the raven-haired teen and spoke to her, "Oh damn."  She whispered, recognizing the voice as the counselor she had met just a few minutes.  "Oooooh."  Zoey drew out the word, like she hadn't actually known that, "Well...I guess it was a good thing you were escorting me."  She said, with a sweet and innocent smile as she leaned her head back to look up at the, as of yet, dark stranger.  "Soooooooooo, does this mean you're gonna be following me everywhere?"

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Travis had not expected her to just, lean into him like that, her flintiness really caught him off guard! She was a petite little thing, short and cute in a nerdy way, but her body was very developed for her age, he couldn't stop thinking about that girl he'd saw this morning for just a glimpse; think to himself maybe this is that girl....I mean how many other 14 year olds would be packing an ass like that? Her head burrowed into his chest, he stood like a whole foot and a half over her, as he stared down into her gaze with that innocent smile gleaming back at him, their eyes met. His own, a hint of hazel and light green, the light shimmering through stain glass gave the man a seductive sheen to his big o'l eye balls as the two relative strangers exchanged a glane.

"Un--no, but nice try pipsqueak, but that's not what I would call it. Seemed more like I caught you coming late to the first official day of camp, you're off to a horrible start!" He laughed and teased the teen with pinch , nipping at the girls nose "I don't know who you think you are, but I outta start calling your Pinocchio, I think it's growing!? He pretended to look shocked then gently nudged her on the back of the head but not before taking a whiff of her scent; was is her shampoo or perhaps some fragrance? No she didn't strike him as a perfume kind of girl, probably just her body wash?

"I don't lead shawty, I follow, so yeah...Unless that is, I'm GUIDING, like so..." He put his hand on her shoulder and stirred the girl to the front of the line, demonstrating his assertive nature and rather impressive strength the way he maneuvered the girl with ease, she tried to resist but was helpless. "Sorry guys, my bad, Avery, Jane, Kyle, Crystal, we had a late camper o'l Pinocchio face here, well she loves to sleep in, but we can't have her falling any more behind than she already is, so just excuuuuuse us, please so she can get her meal and take a seat..." he was all smiles and gracious apologies as the two made way to the front of the line. The cafeteria lady asked her what did she want to eat. The spread was very impressive, as it should have been, Camp Monsoon wasn't cheap, and they spare no expense to make sure the campers were well feed and well taken care of during their stay with lots of activities and stuff to do!

"I'm going to grab an omelet, once you're done here meet me over there at the juice bar so I can properly escort you to your table and let your team leader for today know what's up," he winked and walked away. The way it worked was, most days the campers would have the same team leader, which will guide them to their activity destinations and just keep an eye on them. That team lead would be seated at the table with them and be responsible for them taking attendance, answering any questions they might have and just monitoring them in general to see how they interacted with each other. Each team lead had a group of about 7-10 kinds all around the same age group. Travis was a camp counselor, just above a team lead, and under a Camp Guardian, who were under the Camp Sheppard, sort of a nod to their Christian roots, they helped guid the whole "flock" of campers goers and emoployees.

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Well, that was weird.  For a moment, Zoey's eyes and the man's met, like a scene from a romance novel.  Like this was supposed to be the part where she was supposed to fall head over heels for the main protagonist of the story.

Yeah, fuck that.

Sure, Zoey thought that he might be nice and all, but she was completely disinterested in love and romance.  She simply wanted to game and enjoy her life.  And currently she was not at all enjoy the way he teased and pinched her nose.  In revenge, Zoey stuck her tongue out and licked his hand, making sure really lay on the saliva.  Maybe she could gross him out and he'd leave her alone.  Either way, she'd answered her question.  He did not taste like milk chocolate at all.

Then he grabbed her and wheeled her to the front of the line.  She'd tried to resist at first and then thought, Why struggle?  She was actually getting a free pass to the front of the line.  Plus she was still starving and didn't have to wait.  Score!  She decided to tell him so, "You know...it would probably be more of a punishment to actually make me wait.  Getting a free ride to the front of the line is actually pretty great.  Thanks!"  It probably wasn't the smartest move to make, but once more her mouth had moved faster than her mind.

She got a plate full of scrambled eggs and sausage links.  She wondered briefly if she should try to eat healthier, since all the fatty foods seemed to be going straight to her butt.  With a shrug she decided not to worry about it.  More importantly, Zoey waited until the strange counselor was engaged in conversation with another counselor then dashed back outside.  For some reason she couldn't place, the man grated on her nerves and made her feel like her life's mission was to find any way she could to disobey.

Walking fast, Zoey headed to the public bathrooms.  With everyone inside, she could eat her meal in peace.

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His hand was still wet from where she had licked it, which had not grossed him out at all, in fact it had some quite the opposite, rather it piqued his interest, as he wiped the saliva on his pants leg he was approached by Julie!

Travis had only been distracted for a split second, or so he thought, while talking to Julie; a beautiful senior counselor he had had a crush on since middle school.  He’d grown a few inches since she last saw him four years ago, in more way then one, and now he was all manly so he was shooting his shot and it appeared to be working, they had plans to take a hike together next weekend after things calmed down. Then he realized, Zoey was no where in sight!

What the fuck he cursed her under breath as his jowl clinched tight, jaw muscles flexing. After whipping his hear back and forth for a few moments Travis tilted back his head, and dropped his shoulders as a groan of irritation dragged on from the pit of his stomach.

 “Why, why why me...Its the first dang on day,?” 

Julie couldn’t help but giggle at his misery, because she knew that feeling, commenting better you than me, as she sauntered away, her hips and ass  almost hypnotizing him, as she turned back and mouthed t e x t me slowly so he could make it out. 

Thats little brat wasn’t technically his responsibility, as he was not assigned to a group, yet anyways, he was just doing special activities, but he did feel somewhat responsible for letting her out his sight but ultimately it was on someone else; who he wondered so he to do some investigation and found out she belonged in Missy’s group. He went over to her table and filled her in just as Missy was starting to get concerned where her missing camper might be. He didnt own up to losing her but simply admitted he saw someone come into the Mess Hall after the prayer hut wasn’t sure where she went off too, with a rather nonchalant shrug! Then he found his way to the Counselor’s tables to eat. He wasn’t going to let that little twerp stress him out!

The bathrooms were separate from the showers and designated male female, and a little off the beaten path. Zoey would surly have her coveted alone time but not for long. Someone had barged into the lavatory grunting in agonizing pain, breathing heavy, as they staggering  into the stall next to Zoey’s fiddling frantically at their belt and pants cursing under breath fuck fuck fuck come on, please dont shit yourself as they hurried to put down toilet paper on the seat! With in seconds the putrid  odor engulfed the atmosphere as the person one stall over bemoaned with each sploosh into the porcelain bowl saying thank you Jesus in relief every time! 

Mean while back in the Mess Hall Travis was wondering where that little troublemaker had gotten off too but, shook the thought from his mind as he gulped down the last of his orange juice, and the campers were set to move on to their first activity of the day! But after all the other kids were basically gone from the Hall he saw Missy was about to freak out, he offered  to go take a look around for her, out the kindness of his own heart. “Dont trip, she’s probably just really introverted and wants to eat alone, I think I might have an idea where she could be...”  He actually had no clue but decided to start looking in the dormitories or perhaps the benches on the pathway not that far from the bathrooms!

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Zoey had successfully escaped to the bathrooms.  And by extension, the counselor that had been following her around.  Feeling triumphant, the young girl began to scarf down her food, stopping only long enough to wash down it with a gulp of juice.  Fortunately she had been nearly finished when another person made their way into the bathroom and began to absolute WRECK the stall.  Deciding to beat a hasty retreat, Zoey left her tray and uneaten food.  She had had every intention of cleaning up after herself, but after that someone else could clean it up.

Deciding that it was a nice day to read a book in shade, Zoey walked back to her cabin to grab the book she'd been reading:  A Summer Nightmare.  It was a horror story about a young girl going away to a summer camp only to be kidnap and taken to a mysterious location by one of the camp counselors.  The girl in the story was smart and feisty like Zoey.  Despite her situation, the girl manages to outsmart her captor.  It was quickly becoming one of her favorites.  Finding the desired reading material, Zoey went back outside to find a nice, shady tree somewhere along the edge of camp.

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