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A door opens into a lobby, decorated in various shades of pink and lavender.  A picture of Miss Rae hangs on the wall showing a young petite woman. She is not very tall, slight of build, with small breasts. She is dressed in an pastel ivory-pink blouse with a butterfly pattern and she has a kind smile. Her auburn hair frames her face and caresses her shoulders.

A simple cardboard sign sits on the counter.


* Miss Rae - Available ** 

"Come into my world and be mine. Explore that which lies hidden in your soul. Surrender yourself into my care."

Miss Rae offers a full range of services for distinguished clientele.  

  • Slave and pet play
  • Punishments ranging from light to extreme 
  • Bondage and rope play
  • All genders welcome

Disclaimer: All transactions are non-refundable and establishment reserves the right to refuse all services at any time.. Humanoids only unless previously arranged. Clients must provide certificate of health and sign a waver.


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      Hey! So was just meandering in mah noggin, and had an interesting thought. I generally like to play villainous or mischievous guys, especially lately, but it's always nice to do a change up. Soooooo.... I had an idea for a genderbent twist on a rp writer's beloved Greek tales: Hades and Persephone. 
      General idea is MC will be a Male Persephone, and YC will be a Female Hades. I'm thinking very fem dom heavy on this one just because I like it and I think it would fit the story well. Other kinks can be discussed and figured out. I was thinking modern fantasy or maybe even historical fantasy for the setting. And I don't have an exact story plot or direction I want to go with. I'm interested in seeing what kinds of directions people want to go with this change in gender/roles 😁 so let me know if this interests you 
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      I will play the cute boy and any other character you would like to add to this story. There will be limitations, of course. This story's focus is female domination, magic, mindcontrol, transformation to female and futa are ok, bdsm, toys etc...
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      Jen is new in town and doesn't have any friends. She's a bit timid and avoids confrontation. Students, teachers, and parents will discover that she will do whatever she is told to do. She will accept friendships where she can find them, and will try to please others. 
      How will you treat her? Will you exploit her vulnerability and need for acceptance? Will you be a friend, bully, or both? 
      Female Age: 19 Height: 167 cm (5'6") Build: slim, small breasts, small butt Hair: long (waist length), dark Skin: pale with freckles on her nose and cheeks Wears mandatory school uniform at school. Prefers tank tops, sweaters, and pants outside of school. Doesn't wear makeup and doesn't really know how.  Has an eating disorder (doesn't eat enough and will purge if she gorges herself). Likes boys but is too scared to talk to them. Is curious about girls.  Likes authority figures.  Doesn't like making her own decisions. Freezes when scared. Is scared of confrontation, animals of any kind (except kittens), the dark, being alone, displeasing someone. Will cry silently and try to hold it back.
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      If you think you could play such a character, lemme know  LITERACY IS A MUST!!! NO ONE-LINERS!!!!

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      Hello everybody. Not much to say about me. I'm just a person who likes femdom, corruption, and monster girls.
      What I'm Looking For In A Partner:
      Someone who enjoys long-term games. Someone who contributes to the story and world building. Don't be afraid to add things and please don't leave all the work to me. This is a collaborative effort. Someone who doesn't mind a slow partner. Someone who doesn't mind a slow build to erotic situations.  
      The Kind of Kinks I Enjoy:
      Nurturing Femdom & Female on Male Non-Con [Please read the 'Femdom: A Deeper Explanation' down below for more information.] Male on Female & Female on Female Non-Con Monster Girls Corruption Mind Break Lactation Breast Expansion Hand Holding Bondage Hypnotism Energy Drain Transformation Tentacles  
      I have separated my roleplays into three different categories; Femdom, Corruption, & Mixed. Click on the category you’re interested in to go to their page.
      Femdom, obviously, contains roleplay plots where you would play as a dominant female. Corruption has roleplays for those who want to play as a submissive female. Something to note is that I have no interest in romance for these plots and my main will be a villain. I don't enjoy roleplaying romance when I'm writing dominate male characters. Mixed contains both Femdom and Corruption.  
      Femdom and Corruption make up the core of all my roleplays. Below is a deeper explanation of my two favorite kinks and what to expect in general from my roleplays.
      Femdom: A Deeper Explanation
      The kind of Femdom I enjoy is not the Femdom most people are familiar with. Tell me my dear folks; when I say the word 'Femdom' what images come to mind? Whips? A man being sissyfied by being forced to wear girly clothing? Being humiliated? A Dominatrix clad in tight leather with a permanent scrawl on her face? Everything I described was what I encountered when I tried to look up Femdom for the first time a decade ago. I hated it. Although my heart wanted nothing more than to be dominated by a wonderful lady, everything I found during the time turned me off and scared me away. It took years for me to discover the type of Femdom I've come to enjoy.
      Mainstream Femdom is a major turn off for me and I'm sure I'm not the only one who feels this way. What I love is two particular subsets of Femdom that I don't see outside of very niche areas of the internet; Non-Consensual Femdom & Gentle Femdom.
      Non-Consensual Femdom
      Sometimes referred to as 'Reverse Rape' (A title I greatly disagree with, but that's a discussion for another time), this is a sexual fantasy that involves a female raping a male. It's also incredibly niche to the point that some people can't comprehend it exists. I'm dead serious. I've encountered a surprising amount of people who were convinced that any piece of work containing female on male rape was suppose to appeal to gay men. I've even been called gay for liking it. The idea that a straight guy would be into being the one who 'gets raped' instead of the one playing out the raping is lost on some people. This is why whenever I list it as one of my kinks, I make sure to write 'Female On Male Rape' instead of just 'Rape' or even 'Femdom Rape'. Otherwise, people automatically assume I want to take the dominant role even when I put 'Femdom' right next to it.
      As you can imagine, finding Non-Consensual Femdom is difficult. Certainly not impossible, but anyone interested is going to need to do a bit of digging. Monster Girls are the biggest source of this kind of kink and a major reason Monster Girls are prevalent in my Femdom focused plots.
      Nurturing Femdom
      Also known as 'Ara Ara ', this type of Femdom involves dominating with a soft, but firm touch. This type of Femdom emphasizes femininity a lot more than the previous one. Instead of forcefully subduing men, they dominate using more gentle means. This can range from petting, cuddling, hold-holding, light biting, being told you're a 'good boy' and kissing to hypnotizing, light bondage, and orgasm control. Its most common form is an older experienced woman leading a younger inexperienced man.
      Corruption: A Deeper Explanation
      Like Femdom, the subset of Corruption that I enjoy is quite niche. The most common form of Corruption that people are familiar with is Bimbofication. I'm not fond of it. Although the moral decay and nymphomania is right up my alley, the transformation into a 'Bimbo' and complete loss of intelligence turns me off.

      When it comes to Corruption, there are two types I absolutely love; Monsterization & Moral Decay.


      This involves a woman transforming into a Monster Girl. This type of Corruption often involves the woman completely loses her inhibitors and exchanging her human morals for monster ones. These 'monster morals' often involve forcibly pinning down a man (usually someone she was pining over while she was human) and raping him senseless. Unlike Bimbofication, where the woman becomes obedient and submissive, the transformed monster girl becomes powerful and dominate.

      Moral Decay

      Similar to Monsterization, the woman completely loses her inhibitors and her original morals are twisted. There are a three key differences. The first is that it doesn't necessarily involve any physical transformations of any kind. The second is that the woman becomes obedient and submissive to the one who corrupted them. And finally, the third difference is that they become evil once the corruption is complete. Typically, this involves someone holy or pure such as an Angel or Priestess. This makes their fall from grace all the more impactful and enjoyable.
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