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  2. Brennan887


    You can count on us if you want some help with that, my friend.
  3. Randomchick66


    *Working on replies, please do not disturb*

    1. Xeno


      Sorry to interrupt but this is a super serious interruption. From a scale to 1-66 how random are you? 

  4. EnchantedNymph


    When you've had too much coffee and are bouncing off the walls. 


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    2. Xeno


      I meannnnnn you haven't lived life until you've tried my French vanilla creamer coffee, two shots of espresso, some of the vanilla creamer from France 🇫🇷 and a lil bit of chocolate syurp cuz I don't drink it all that much. But black coffee gets the blood running for me. 

    3. EnchantedNymph


      Oh my gods, that does sound good!

      Blood running huh interested kevin nash GIF

    4. Xeno


      Oh yes, but mainly on upper half, there are other things I like to drink in to make my lower half's blood running 😉

      It's water. Like alot of water. So my bladders explode (what did you think I was gonna say I don't drink in hot bodies of people ew) 

  5. Today
  6. Xeno


    Sooooo uh, whats uh, what's poppin' everyone? I regret this I feel like a 56 year old step dad trying to connect with a 16 year old, oh god. 

    (but please do tell me, how are you and wasssupppp) 

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    2. EnchantedNymph


      ice cube conan GIF by Team Coco

      Stay up there in that tower. I'll climb up and rescue you.

      merciless evil laugh GIF

    3. Xeno


      Oh sweet Prince save me! 200.gif

    4. EnchantedNymph



  7. Kittyslave01

    Femdom roleplay

    Any dominant girl who needs a submissive character for any kind of femdom roleplay just need to send me an ecchi text. I have a lots of ideas for a scenario so I can even make the starter
  8. Mysthero


    Will be back when I'm out of Kansas and have signal again! Lol

  9. YaBoyKagi

    Rp Preferences

  10. Alex Flinn

    Alex Flinn

    Waiting on coffee store to open, already falling asleep in my car. XD



  11. Harmony Frost

    Harmony Frost

    “I love yo titties because they prove I can focus on two things at once.”

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    2. Kittyslave01


      I love your high heels because I can be stepped on two different area by the same person 

    3. Harmony Frost

      Harmony Frost

      Sounds painful....

    4. Kittyslave01


      Yes I agree 

  12. Nnyte

    Just Pull it Asideeeee~

    propose at me like this sometimes
  13. Mysthero


    Fun note.... Kansas has some of the worst cell phone coverage I have ever experienced! >.< Nebraska was pretty bad too.

    1. Alex Flinn

      Alex Flinn

      I hate driving through Nebraska, no cell service. And incredibly flat.

  14. cutiepieyuki

    Ashley x Maggie - Blooming Flowers

    Maggie blushed even deeper. "Y-you're teasing me.... There's no way you think I'm... I mean... I'm not THAT cute, am I?" she moan as their pussies rubbed together, sending sparks through her body with every thrust. There was an appeal to the violence of it, the roughness as Ashley slammed their hips together again, changing the angle and force often enough that Maggie never seemed able to get a mental rhythm going. "I-i've cum before... P-plenty of times! Dozens! Scores, even!" Maggie objected as her grip tighetned on the other girl's slender arms, her own eyes rolling back in her head. "J-just not used to... o-other people being... involved...." Maggie mewled, staring at the ceiling, doing everything she could to hold back as Ashley slammed her hips into her again. She knew she couldn't hold out much longer, and wanted to enjoy the floating, dizzying feeling of arousal for a little longer before it was all over, at least for a little bit. Her back started to arch and she inadvertantly thrust her freckly chest into Ashley's face as she felt herself pass the edge.
  15. EnchantedNymph


    It's only nine a.m and I'm already ready for a nap. 

    1. Mysthero


      Like.... I feel you... on a spiritual level.

    2. EnchantedNymph


      I may just end up taking one at some point today. 😂

  16. Kittyslave01


    Hi everyone 👋

  17. Mysthero


    That moment where you are determined to stay up... but you fell asleep before coffee arrived.

  18. Art


    Will do canon x oc/ oc x oc Will not do canon x canon Animes/Shows that I like - Rick and Morty - Bnha (All Might, Overhaul, ect.) - Hetalia I draw a lot and have lots of OCs and I'm very LGBT+ friendly! (Trans/Poly/Pan) I will do Erotic rp, msg me if you wanna share rp ideas or OCs!
  19. Mysthero


    Phew... replies are finished and I got 10 hours before my next drive!

    Hmmm sleep... or coffee and writing...

    Sleep < coffee and writing?

  20. Sunstone



    legit tbh

    (I watched this movie as a kid. I was bored and randomly decided to search on the internet for it and found this on YouTube, and I KNOW that rating ain't right.)

  21. Brennan887

    What are your favourite Anime/Manga/Hentai?

    Bible Black series is fire, same thing with discipline and Milk money
  22. Sunstone


  23. SuZu~nyan

    ~.:| RP Characters :3 |:.~

    Some characters I'll be using in RPs~ =w= Some of them may just be there to support other characters though, so not all of them will be roleplayed by me.
  24. SuZu~nyan

    ~.:| SuZu's Pervy Lil' Gallery |:.~

    My lil' gallery where I post some images I like ;3 I'm open to roleplaying a few if anyone would like, otherwise please enjoy my findings =^-^= Each picture should have a title plus commentary, some may not if I don't have time or I'm too horny >w>
  25. Brennan887


    Much obliged!
  26. Sunstone


    Hello Brennan, and welcome to EcchiDreams~! We hope you have a wonderful time here in our community and find what you are looking for, and possibly even more~. If you have any questions or need any help, please don't hesitate to reach out to a staff member (our names are in purple, and a whole list of all staff members can be found here). Happy Dreaming~!
  27. Brennan887


    Greetings! I just joined in, the site really catched my eye, I feel that I'll really have some good time and experience here, you people can stop by and have a word with me, let's be friends. Thank you. Best regards, Brothers and Sisters.
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