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  2. Mizota


    Any girls want to erp?

  3. Hiant Giant

    Hiant Giant

    Hello all. Glad to be here!

    1. Aaron


      Welcome to the family. I hope you have a great time.

    2. Sunstone


      Hello there Hiant Giant, welcome to EcchiDreams! Would you like to create an introduction thread in the Welcome Forum? It's entirely up to you whether you want to or not, but here's the link to that where you can post a thread. https://ecchidreams.com/community/forum/7-ecchidreamers-welcome-forum/

      Hope you have a great time here in our Roleplaying community! ^-^ If you need any help or have any questions, you're more than welcome to ask a staff member (our names are in purple), or ask around the community. Happy Dreaming!

  4. Today
  5. SMFoxy

    A Late Hello!

    Whoops I didn't post here; except now I did... Welcome to EcchiDreams Chiyako. I'm late, so there's not really any more that I can add. I do hope you enjoy your time here though, and if you need any help, don't hesitate to ask. Sweet Dreams~
  6. Aaron


    Excuse me guys, but can anyone tell me what are Ecchicredits for?

    1. Temaelrin


      There will be an FAQ covering this soon. But at the moment, to buy things in the EcchiShop.

    2. Temaelrin


      More Information: It was introduced and announced in this update:


    3. Aaron


      Thank you I really appreciate it 

  7. Yesterday
  8. Aaron


    Anyone up for a RP? Sort of bored 😐 

  9. Hakixy


    Sorry for my abscence. had some school stuff to do. Well, very important school stuff. And some RL stuff. And now im currently sick.... :x

    Hopefully i will get better soon so i can reply. I hope i can on wednesday~

  10. Chiyako

    rp: ooc Creaky Tavern

    Well I enjoy just going with the narrative that plays out. If someone mean comes along I don't mind! Luna isn't completely helpless either. But yeah, I just enjoy the story playing out. Although I don't mind waiting either!
  11. Neptune

    rp: ooc Creaky Tavern

    I think the only characters I have in the immediate area of where Luna is, is Devlyn and his partner Yamura. Devlyn is currently busy with one of @Kalvoras Vertal's characters. And Yamura... er, she's not exactly nice xD She's certainly not going to be helpful. I do have a policy where if someone hasn't posted for two weeks without warning but I like to give people a chance at the least.
  12. Chiyako

    rp: ooc Creaky Tavern

    That would certainly be helpful! I mean if you or anyone else has any people who aren't occupied I wouldn't mind stumbling into them but, well, can't help it if there isn't anyone! If that is the case it is okay. I can continue the solo adventures of Luna until something else comes along!
  13. Neptune

    rp: ooc Creaky Tavern

    It's a shame that Rayvenne is currently occupied, although @Solaire hasn't posted since the end of September. But as a monster hunter, Rayvenne would be able to help Luna find a good dragon scale.
  14. KentuckyEevee


    Well, it’s Monday; the one day of the week you wish you could avoid like the plague. Anyone up and want to make today more... Enjoyable~?

  15. Yuuto Hiroshige

    Yuuto Hiroshige

    After preparing the dashi stock and the rest of the ingredients, I finally decided to prepare a meal for everyone to enjoy. Sorting each ingredient to their own space of dashi soup, I crank the heat to medium low and place in fried tofu, soft boiled eggs, naruto-maki, daikon radish, fish balls and mushrooms. 

    Winter meal from Yuuto here, and I present to you guys: "Oden!"

    Offering bowls, chopsticks and spoons, "Dig in guys, warm up the soul for the upcoming holidays!" ^o^


  16. Multiversal


    Makes shots to click on the post to find the comic inside!)



    Remember to take mew’re daily dose of wholesomeness too!

  17. A figure glides above you a couple times, suddenly dive bombing... with a sword...? Link’s down sword! As he comes crashing down, he glances at the roster, spotting Ganondorf. “What is he doing here? I thought he was Ganon last we met!” Link missed the fighters, and pulls out a bomb, about to throw it when... “Somethings off. But what?” He puts the bomb away and observes the others. “Little Mac, Peach, and... what was it, Rosaline and Luna? Deeply sorry, but... who were you, where are we, and what is different?
  18. You know what, I don’t need any picture, I am Link.
  19. Rucio


    It's so cold out here... Would anyone be so kind as to lend a blanket or cuddle?


    1. Multiversal


      Initiate super duper cuddle program!

      *Cuddles without Rucio’s leg*

    2. KentuckyEevee


      *turns into my umbreon OC form and snuggles close, my naked body pressed against yours*

  20. Yuuto Hiroshige

    Yuuto Hiroshige

    To everybody who has snow in their area, I wish I had some too :<

    Rarely get to do any snowball fighting or snowball making since living in the US. I missed it a lot 🙂

    1. onearmeddruid


      fuck snow

    2. ForgottenSin


      More like fuck winter in general for me considering I got a flat tire and was stuck waiting in the cold for an hour which could have been more..... luckily someone was able to help me change my tire 

    3. Chiyako


      I love the snow!

  21. Last week
  22. Yuuto Hiroshige

    • Yuuto Hiroshige
    • lulsa

    Hi hi there, welcome back after a good while o.o

  23. Xaciel


    so is it fine to say "i'm bored" here? i know my RP prefs are redundant, but i seriously can't seem to find anybody to RP with. then again, i do only do private RPs as i am now, so maybe that's my issue....... could anybody tell me how the public RP stuff works if that's the case? i'm craving interaction. TwT

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    2. Multiversal


      Yup yup! As mew can tell, I’m loved the comic. It’s why I use cat puns nowadays, to help me remember all the good stuff it brought with it and it’s fandom. I am glad to see another homestuck lad here.

    3. Xaciel


      i should mention i read Homestuck more than 3 years ago, and remember very little.

    4. Multiversal


      Lol, well it’s fine. I don’t remember much either, but it was still a nice memory. I hope mew have a nice day though!

  24. Aaron

    • Aaron
    • TG_Ren

    Hola denuevo hehe

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    2. Temaelrin


      Section 12; please. This is an English Forum, and therefore all posts must be in English, thank you.

    3. TG_Ren


      Sorry! Wont do it again ^^'

    4. Aaron


      I’m sorry too.. it won’t happen again.

  25. ArdillaVerde93


    Finally, my new Yu-Gi-Oh deck is finished! Yes, I did put a lot of time, money, and thought into my Kuriboh deck. But it was a gimmicky deck, and I went into tournaments knowing that. i wanted to prove gimmick decks can still win. And I did. For this next deck, I chose the Butterspy archetype, which is full of Warriors, which get plenty of support. I wanna do a Harpie Lady deck, and the next set will have Harpie support. But it's a tournament set, so I'll have to play to get them.


    • X3 Blue Mountain Butterspy
    • X3 Morpho Butterspy
    • X3 Swallowtail Butterspy
    • X3 Moonlit Papillon
    • X1 Marauding Captain
    • X1 Witch Of The Black Forest
    • X1 Sangan
    • X1 Elemental Hero Wildheart
    • X2 Command Knight
    • X1 Blade Knight
    • X1 Dark Blade
    • X1 Black Luster Soldier


    • X1 Black Luster Ritual
    • X2 The A. Forces
    • X1 Enemy Controller
    • X1 Shield Crush
    • X1 Monster Reborn


    • X3 Butterspy Protection
    • X2 Butterflyoke
    • X1 Zero Gravity
    • X1 Jar Of Avarice
    • X1 Mirror Force
    • X1 Needle Ceiling
    • X1 Storming Mirror Force
    • X1 Bottomless Trap Hole
    • X1 Cursed Seal Of The Forbidden Spell
    • X1 Kunai With Chain

    Extra Deck:

    • X1 Photon Alexandra Queen
    • X1 Night Papilloperative
    • X1 Photon Papilloperative
    • X2 Traffic Ghost
    1. KentuckyEevee


      And I thought I was the only one here who played! Cool! I used to run deskbots and cyber dragons before link format!

    2. ArdillaVerde93


      Cyber Dragons are actually still perfectly viable, and deadly. They have their own Link Monster now.~

  26. Chiyako


    I suppose I should put stuff here too, huh? So hello to everyone reading this! Usually I post later in the day (or super late, sometimes into the next day's early hours). But don't fret as I will post none the less! Usually within the same or next day and, depending on circumstances (and how awake I am) perhaps within the hour! I don't really know which level of RP or writing I'd be considered. Maybe advanced? If not feel free to correct me on this!

    If anyone wishes to jump into RP I have started within one of the clubs then feel free to speak to me about it! I'm totally open to it! After all that sort of is what this place is about. Or if someone wishes to propose a new club or something I'd totally be open to that too.

    Anyways I look forward to meeting everyone!

  27. ForgottenSin


    And I am back ^_^ 

    who do I owe replies to? 

    1. KentuckyEevee



    2. ForgottenSin


      ok ^_^


  28. Chiyako

    A Late Hello!

    I shall do so if need be! Thanks again everyone!
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