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  2. lunaluna


    I’m sorry to everyone I’ve been kinda ghosting, had finals this past week and I was at my grandmas house for some family shit this weekend (who doesn’t have internet). We back in business now bois!

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  4. Amy-thyst

    Amy's character inspiration

    I will be uploading on here pictures of characters I may use. Their personality, name and background will be specifically developed for each RP.
  5. PsychoSexual

    • PsychoSexual
    • Amy-thyst

    Welcome to the site!

  6. Kaldor


    im here to (redacted) and drink scotch. i'm out of scotch....

  7. Temaelrin


    Apologies for the small amount of downtime there. There was an unscheduled security update to fix a flaw that was discovered with IPS. As far as we can tell, this flaw was not exploited on EcchiDreams, and we're not sure that it could have been, but regardless it's been fixed and we've updated the software. Sweet Dreams, everyone. 🙂 

    1. Yuuto Hiroshige

      Yuuto Hiroshige

      You're the best dude!

  8. Amy-thyst

    Ruin a Wish

    Granted, but you are in prison and that love life is with an inmate. I wish I was an astronaut.
  9. Rucio

    Ruin a Wish

    Granted, but it's a pool table. I wish I could be happy with my love life.
  10. Amy-thyst

    Ruin a Wish

    Granted, but you realize you are broke and have no money for food. I wish I had a pool in my backyard.
  11. Imouto Kanna

    Ruin a Wish

    Granted, but you die the day after tomorrow. I wish i could eat whatever I wanted but still have the body type I desire.
  12. Amy-thyst

    Amy's preferences

    I just got here and, as usual, I'm looking forward to trying out new things, so consider these preferences a work in progress. If there's anything you don't see in there, feel free to message me, I'll be happy to talk and I might end up discovering a new preference.
  13. Rucio

    Ruin a Wish

    Granted, but they only type in octal. I wish I could get back to a state of good health.
  14. TheSourestPatch


    Ideas, ideas, ideas...

  15. Noah Takumi

    Noah Takumi

    Sorry everyone, I have a turn around again so I won't be on long tonight. I'll be back though for all my sexy friends the minute I can, maybe about 7pm tomorrow my time. Sorry for those I have waiting, but I'll make up for it anyway you'd like.

    -Unbuttons his shirt as he looks towards the camera-

    The same goes for her too. Right Nimiko?

    -Exits the shadows wearing no more then a few strings as she licks her fingers-

    Nimiko: "Right".

    I'll defiantly make time tomorrow.

  16. Mythra


    I would love to have more roleplay partners for the evening, but... huh. I’m just not sure. I have a couple of ideas up my sleeve if anyone is interested in rping, however I will need to make sure our interests match up with oneanother. 

  17. Imouto Kanna

    Ruin a Wish

    Ruin a Wish goes like this: Someone posts their wish, the person who responds after them grants said wish but in a devious way, and then makes another wish. Example: Poster 1: I wish for a million dollars. Poster 2: Granted. You get a million dollars, but it's all Monopoly money. I wish _____. I wish I could find the perfect RP partner.
  18. Geoffb87


    Great and responsive partner. Willing to be what the scene needs dominate or submissive
  19. PsychoSexual

    • PsychoSexual
    • Faith

    Welcome to the site!

    1. Faith



  20. PsychoSexual

    • PsychoSexual
    • sweetangel

    Welcome to the site!

    1. sweetangel


      Thank you!

  21. SataiRolePlayingGuy

    My First Character Profiles

    For now we will focus on the mecha combat unit. The specifics can be determined, though I think we will continue the Evangelion inspiration. It will be a more secretive unit, focused on fighting an inhuman threat of some sort and requiring these younger pilots for one reason or another. Much of their time will be spent on base, but there could be other locations too. If other people join who want to do something else, other settings may be added, but it will just be that one for now. This combat of the story can be covered to a degree, but it is more about the relationships between the pilots. I am thinking we will start early on, most if not all of them have at least met already, though they probably have not interacted a lot yet and relationships/friendships/rivalries have not truly formed yet, though there may be first impressions leaning towards one in some cases. My thought on character ages is we will focus on the younger characters, especially early on. Adults would be around, especially in leadership positions and they may even sometimes get sexually involved with the younger characters, but they are going to be more in the background. I’m going to start with three characters, one male, one female, one futa. These will be the characters that get my focus, though I may play varying numbers of minor side-characters at times too. The idea I mentioned in the polls of a male who is sometimes female is another idea I would like to do. But that will wait as I would like him to be involved with both male and female characters. Name: Kouta Takenaka Gender: Male Age: 15 Height: 5’8 Hair: Short sky blue Eyes: Blue Character Flaws: Extreme Anti-Socialness, Cripplingly Indecisive/Passive. (Yeah, he is somewhat Shinji inspired, but I intend to make him his own character). Short Bio: An unfortunate boy who has never known how to interact with others. He has always needed others to start interactions. Friendships were rare and easily broken by simple complications he had no capability of dealing with. He is very quiet, often only says a few words at a time. Intensely private, not speaking much about what he really thinks, feels, or other personal matters. He avoids people as much as possible with a mix of relief and misery at the same time. He would like to have friends, and now he is beginning to have an interest in girls. But he doesn’t know how to deal with any of it. He has been forced into this unit due to a shortage of compatible pilots. He is terrified. He does not think he can fight, even though he knows that would put both his life and the others lives in danger. He has avoided contact with the rest of his unit as much as possible, though he knows that is only going to get harder. The fact that the unit seems more female than male (maybe significantly so) would be more a blessing he if thought he could do anything to take advantage of it. It also makes him feel less like a man in some ways. Sexual Orientation: Straight Name: Reina Shimizu Gender: Female Age: 14 Height: 5’5 Hair: Short Red Eyes: Red. Character Flaws: Sexually Shameless (just with males, for now). She cares about others more than herself, to a sometimes dangerous level. Short Bio: Reina is perhaps more well adjusted than many in the unit, but isn’t quite all there. She has always felt a compulsion to be helpful. To do what she can to make things easier for others. She readily shares, not complaining if something is not returned. She assists others with their work and will even do far more than her fair share. The idea is to be valued, her own view of what an ideal friend should be. In the perfect world, everyone would do the same, though she does not complain about the reality, that many do not live up to that standard. Having been recently been introduced to sex, she developed a similar view point regarding that. That boy who took her virginity, he enjoyed it so much (she enjoyed it too, but not quite as much) that she wanted to ‘share the love’. She does not really appreciate the idea of time or place, or that she should not be involved with certain men. Sometimes she gets away with it, other times she is punished but she does not let the punishment stop her. That said, she is not constantly having sex. If a boy touches her in an even slightly affectionate way, she will go all the way in spite any protests. Otherwise she has her own odd logic about when to initiate it. She has accepted her place in the unit, she does not like fighting but she is doing her duty to help all of humanity. And she intends to support her unit too (yeah, Kouta and Reina will be involved with each other to some degree, but being two of my characters, that will be more in the background). Sexual Orientation: She thinks she is straight, but could be convinced to question it and possibly become at least bi, possibly lesbian. Name: Ciara Rangorn Gender: Futanari Age: 15 Height: 5’7 Hair: Long black Eyes: Green Character Flaws: Can be violent at times. Abuse due to her futanari status (possibly beaten, manipulated, maybe raped). Short Bio: In this setting futanari are a third gender, that are known to exist but are fairly rare and sometimes secretive. When it comes to situations where genders are segregated they are sometimes treated as women, sometimes as a third gender. Some are honest about what they are, and some pretend to be women in public and even among friends, only revealing it to lovers, who they eventually cannot hide it from. Sexually they like men, women and even other futanari, though many like women more than the other two. Futanari are not always treated well. Not quite a woman, certainly not a man. Many find a way to succeed but for many others they have to learn to either fight back or break. Ciara learned this quickly. Accepted by neither the boys or girls around her in childhood, she had to fight back as best she could. Though some fights you just can’t win and she has both emotional and perhaps physical scars to show for it. She joined the military because she could. Because she did not want to hide what she was and did not want to feminize to the degree many futa did (though she does still have a feminine side to a degree). Everyone in the unit knows exactly what she is. She can be rather on guard with men, unlike most futanari, she is still capable of being aroused by them but gets hostile when any try to hit on her or sometimes even try to be friendly with her. Men and women had tried to mistreat her at times. She could put the women in their place, she had mixed luck with the men. She will make sure everyone shows her basic respect at least. Sexual Orientation: Bi (tri technically?)
  22. Sunstone


    Hi ShadowNyx, and welcome to EcchiDreams! ^^ I like fandom RPs too. xP I hope you are able to find what you are looking for, and maybe more than that! If you need any help with anything, you're more than welcome to write to a staff member (our names are in Purple). Happy Dreaming~!
  23. Yesterday
  24. Alright so, I have so many ideas. I have ideas that range from a father raping his daughter in her sleep after drugging her, to a teacher turning his student into his personal cum dump. But, all of these ideas lead back to lots, and lots of cum. I adore extreme cum inflation, and things like that. Please message me if interested in these types of ideas!
  25. Reven

    • Reven
    • Amy-thyst

    Hey welcome to the site!

    1. Amy-thyst


      Thanks! I'm excited to be here! 

  26. Amy-thyst


    Hi everybody, I just signed up, still trying to understand how things work on here (help!) 

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    2. TheSourestPatch


      Honestly I just lurk, shitpost and find partners through pure luck XD honestly it's just a forum site. There's categories for what the topics are and the users, you can send a message to any time. I haven't encountered anyone yet that's been annoyed by a random message, so creep some peeps and get your ball rolling.

    3. Amy-thyst


      That's what I tought, this looks like a lot of fun. 😊

    4. TheSourestPatch


      It certainly can be.

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