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  2. wetnoodlestuff

    Burning of the midnight lamp.

    Breathing heavily, having expended a copious amount of fluid, Dorian rejuvenated while observing the girls gleefully clean up his orgasmic calamity. While that would make a tremendous band name, Emi and Chiyako enjoyed it in it's current context; licking every drop off of themselves and he, reminiscent of a pair of kittens self-cleaning. Fortunately, their tongues were wet and smooth, and hands soft and gentle as opposed to sandpaper and claws.. shudder.. "Of course." Dorian answered as the two clung onto him, eager for reciprocation.
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  4. NyxAvatar69

    Video Game discussion & Strategies

    It seems to be a running theme that a definitive version of a Persona game is exclusive to one console (and with Sony's recent censorship obsession, things will likely get altered from the original). At least this time they didn't put the game on a dead handheld, but it'll be interesting to see exactly what P5R is going to bring to the table.
  5. Looking for male RPers interested in some RP (primarily sex directed), willing to top and play dominant character(s). Open to different themes, but looking for something with some punishment or noncon.
  6. outstandingoak


  7. littlemissmayhem

    Hentai Focused Roleplayer

    My first time role playing, and he did not disappoint. PsychoSexual gave explanations, gave plenty of input, knew exactly how to get things going, and it was phenomenal from start to finish. Not one issue, and I’m insanely ready for round two with him!
  8. Hey there! At the time of writing this post I'm having trouble sleeping and figure typing out some potential plot ideas on the spot might do the trick. I will only do roleplays through EcchiText. Currently looking for partners with good energy to carry out and add to a plot. I average around 3-7 paragraphs with an honest attempt to write something easy to respond to aaand a pinch of frill for flare. Feel free to approach me with your own plot idead. I purposely leave my own plot ideas open to different possibilities. [ Honor in Serving ] (Long roleplay length) Brave, strong, calculating, heroic. Elena Desrosiers was a mercenary by trade but lead a virtuous life by fufilling higher moral requests. Having good relations with the king of Hyll she has been specifically requested to be the personal guard the prince on his way to meet his future potential wife in a distant land. On their journey with a group of knights an unexpected incident arises causing Elena and the prince to be separated from the rest of the group. Unbeknownst to anyone Elena holds a heavily guarded secret. At midnight the usually calm and reserved woman becomes crazed with lust and a need to be filled. With the future king in need of guarding how can she protect him from the monsters who hunt at night? [ In Loving Arms ] (Long or short roleplay length) (( Note: Needs someone who is willing to play different main characters. )) In this modern world prostitution, brothels, and generally being sexually open is not seen with stigma. But Layla was born with a gentle heart. Much more timid and a dreamer to feel what love is like she goes through a different series of 'romances'. Each man having a different affect on the shape of her personality as time passes. Will add more plots soon!
  9. PsychoSexual

    • PsychoSexual
    • outstandingoak

    Welcome to the site!

    1. outstandingoak



  10. Yuuto Hiroshige

    • Yuuto Hiroshige
    • Jill Valentine


  11. ForgottenSin


    My activity on this site has dwindled

  12. littlemissmayhem

    Hentai (non-human) RP fantasy

    Changed Contact Preference to EcchiText Me!
  13. PsychoSexual

    • PsychoSexual
    • littlemissmayhem

    Welcome to the site!

  14. Yuuto Hiroshige

    • Yuuto Hiroshige
    • littlemissmayhem

    A pleasure to welcome ya here! Hope you have a great time.

  15. littlemissmayhem

    Hentai (non-human) RP fantasy

    Looking for open-minded player to role play a creature or non-human scenario... I would be the human girl and you would play the part of a beast, orc, monster, zombie, tentacle beast—ANYthing you’d like—to meet in any setting that sounds exciting to you. (Can be a well-known story scenario like red riding hood or Resident Evil, or made up) I’d just love to experience RP with what I normally fantasize alone in my hentai stash... It can be soft and sweet, or forced and dom/sub. I need a man who is willing to play the part of a dominate, enticing, sensual male that fulfills my ultimate desires and pleasures. (First time here—not sure what role play preferences sheet is or what EcchiTexts means, so I’m up for being taught too )
  16. Bootybother

    Boo's Boudoir

    Roleplay characters, lewd artwork, and sometimes absurd fashion. Oh, what fun! Redmade after I deleted the original album for reasons. Long story short, there will be no little boy penises here.
  17. Yesterday
  18. Bootybother


    Pussy is also welcome. I just wanna fuck and cum, B.

  19. Bootybother


    I'll be blunt. I need some cock. Shoot me a message~

  20. Harmony Frost

    Going up?

    God, he was a beast. And Giselle was ever so grateful for it. She rode him hard, feeling her climax coming immediately. Especially with the way he was licking and groping her tits. Finally she let out a scream as her orgasm hit her like a bolt of lightning. Her legs choking his waist as his seed shot into her womb and coated her walls. Giselle moaned loudly in Grants ear, her grip tight as she came down from her high. “You’re incredible,” She praised, her chest heaving as she sought to catch her breath. @MarshallWalker
  21. Kendra Love

    Kendra Love

    Been crying all day.... crap.... 😢💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔

    1. Bootybother


      Aww, what's wrong?

    2. Reven


      What's wrong?

  22. Jtcookie

    • Jtcookie
    • Leafa

    Hello and welcome back 

  23. Aurelius


    Back to work after two days off.... blah! Hope everyone has a great evening, and if any girls wants to have some fun tonight, don't be afraid to message me! I'd love to come home to a message or two! 😳

  24. I have so many questions. How do I manage to wake up with a different person in my bed when I go to sleep alone? After shooing you out of my house, I go back to bed, sleeping with one eye open.
  25. Rucio



    Yes, I've been keeping track.

  26. maid lover

    • maid lover
    • Bunbunrose

    welcome on ecchidreams! i hope you'll have a wonderful time

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