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  2. ibbyk91

    Can't trust those *thot* waifus.


    • ibbyk91
    • HinaAmane

    You're the BEST, don't ever forget that

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  4. ibbyk91

    I'm going to make the world know I'm here… that somebody is passing righteous judgement on them.

    “I will reign over a new world.”


  5. General Out of Character Chat

    I'm willing to try and write up a post, introducing myself to the town as if I am moving-in, maybe? I've never done Public RolePlay, let alone a RolePlay with multiple participants before. I might need some time, but hopefully I could partake in this story. I'll see what I can do.
  6. ibbyk91

    A hard decicison (pun intended)



  7. Alaniz

    Gonna go get some sleep, will check in tomorrow

  8. Alaniz

    Im new on this site. I might be dropping by whenever wanting to rp or something. Anyways i think il be down for it anytime

    1. Neptune


      Welcome to EcchiDreams, Alaniz! If you need any help, or have any questions, don't hesitate to contact a member of staff :D

    2. SMFoxy


      Welcome to the site, Alaniz. Lovely to have you here!
      As Neptune said, if you need any help, any time, just ask.

    3. otaku54


      Welcome to Ecchidreams :)

  9. Saraphia

    I'm back!-well kinda....I'll be on and replying but slowly so yeah ima back in somewhat action.  ^_^

    1. SMFoxy


      Welcome back (mostly)!

  10. Autumn Updates

    Hello fellow Dreamers, As I softly announced in my status; this announcement will be focused on some areas such as: Revision to Club Information: specifically in relation to Owners, Administrators, Moderators and Members of Clubs. A reveal of a new reaction. Information New Help and Support section (Already live here: https://ecchidreams.com/help/) Information on a staff shuffle and a new member of staff. Plans for our Facebook Fanpage. Clubs I spoke at length about the clubs however since then we’ve made some changes and such that will need a correction article (This one) to explain them in more detail, as well as correct the information that was previous stated as updates have happened since the launch of Clubs. The types of users in Clubs was previously mentioned as “Leader, Moderators, Users” this is no longer the case; as it’s “Owners, Administrators, Moderators, Members and Guests” which with their own low-level (The same across all clubs) set permissions, depending on that permissions they are in any given club. Owner - The owner is obviously the person who owns the club, they have pretty much sole authority over their club and have extensive permissions. They should be able to edit, hide and make posts appear, change the layout of the club or even collapse the club completely. Administrator - Be warned: I think they have the exact same powers as the Owner does, but they can also make other people Administrators! Do not arbitrarily set people to be your club administrator especially if you don’t trust them 100%. They are essentially, co-owners of the club, the only thing they can’t do is oust you, but in the wrong hands they can do some serious damage. Moderator - Moderators are bound by permissions that give them the ability to moderate content posted within the club. Usually these are non-destructive and easily reversible by both Administrators and Owners. Members - Members are people who have joined the club but have no permissions to moderate the area. Guests/Visitors - People who have not joined the club, in question. Private clubs are completely invisible to these people, and closed clubs show up on the clubs directory but the pages are not visible until they become members. Open clubs are visible but not postable in and public clubs don’t require joining to post in. Does this mean an Owner or Administrator of Club A, are an Owner or Administrator in your Club, Club B? No. They would be whatever you set them to be, if they’re even in your club at all. I think Administrators and Moderators might have the same powers; except Administrators can add other Administrators/Moderators. Or they could have the same power as the owners. The documentation wasn’t clear and I’m not able to test it as I have “Owner” abilities on all clubs as a Community Administrator. So please exercise caution. If anyone does find out, please let me know in the comments section, I will happily correct this article. Things to look for: Can Owners or Administrators edit content, unhide content, move content, delete content and split/merge content. New Reaction I am pleased to announce that on Thursday night, I was able to modify the reactions so that like would be represented by a thumbs up button. I also added a new reaction: Love. When you like a post/comment/status/image so much that a mere like just won’t do. The like button now looks like this: The love button looks like this: A love doesn’t add two points; in contrary to my previous article, you cannot do ‘+2’ rep, you can only have ‘+1’, ‘0’ or ‘-1’. As we don’t use ‘-1’, the current reactions will add the following points to the receivers reputation: Like: +1 Love: +1 Thanks: +1 Haha: +1 Confused: 0 Sad: 0 Help and Support We have replaced the Community Help Centre (Center, if you don’t use British-English) with a more universal Help and Support Centre (Again, center if you’re not using British-English). There will be a status indicator on there in the near future that will tell you the expected waiting time for replies; but if you follow your topics there you can be notified instantly when replies are made. The section is a private one-to-one help and support area available to all Dreamers. Only you and staff will see your own posts, much like in the same way that the Sandbox Area works. Currently the three sections in there are: Help and Support - Do you have a question about something related to EcchiDreams or need to ask how some features work? Or perhaps you've run into something you're not sure about? Then that would be the place to put such a request for help or support. Bug Report - If you are having technical issues with EcchiDreams, or perhaps you've found a bug that you'd like to report, even if it's a spelling mistake, please log it here so that we know about it and can fix it quicker. Please include the steps you took to reproduce the error, will help us confirm the bug quicker. Infraction Appeal - Did you get an infraction or warning that you want to appeal against, or discuss, with staff? Then that would be the place to discuss it. You have to fill out very minimal amounts of information and we can do the rest, so setting off a bug report, or help request has never been simpler. Also we now have a central location for Infraction Appeals; where Dreamers can ask the staff more about their infraction, or even getting it appealed if they believed they were warned unfairly (Never happens, but just incase, right?) Although a little warning in advance: if we get “I didn’t know it was against ToS” when it’s clearly stated in the ToS, your appeal will be rejected. It doesn’t matter if you’ve read the Terms of Service or not, they are enforced here, and ignorance of the Terms of Service is not valid grounds for appeal; please make sure that you have read the ToS so you don’t end up in that situation. Instantly Banned members (Usually from Zero Tolerance Offences) can use the contact form, but successful appeal chances in these cases is currently 0%. We don’t give out warnings/infractions lightly and when we do, we’re usually 100% sure about it. May seem pointless, but you never know what could happen. To check it out, go here: https://ecchidreams.com/help/ Staff Shuffle It is with sadness that we’ve had to let @ArdillaVerde93 go from being a member of staff here on EcchiDreams, for private reasons of a personal nature. ArdillaVerde93 posted up sometimes on our Facebook Fanpage, and has put in many years of good work with us, and we deeply appreciate all the hard work they have done. ArdillaVerde93; we hope that you stay and continue dreaming with us dreamers, and that we have many years of good times ahead. I’d also like to congratulate @SMFoxy, who has been around for quite some time now on gaining a promotion to Senior Staff as our Social Media Operations Administrator, and of course, EcchiDreams Moderator. Finally; I’d like to welcome @Whoreo, who is bringing his usual vibrant energy into EcchiDreams, as an EcchiDreams Moderator, for both the site and our Facebook Fanpage. He will start posting, I’m told: "Daily at 18:00hrs (6PM) BST/GMT starting tomorrow." Apparently, he will only be posting high-resolution art work when posting, to promote artists far and wide. He wants to bring some engaging discussions to the page, and we look forward to seeing what he has in store. Such as it is: we’ll be looking at more frequent postings from EcchiDreams on our Facebook Fanpage, and if you have Facebook already (because not many don’t), then why not become a fan of the page and take a look around? We currently have 145 people who like our page, and 150 followers;m which isn’t bad, considering we don’t usually advertise anywhere. So a big thanks to our fans and followers thus far! As always: please leave comments, suggestions, and feedback relating to this article below; I read every single comment posted, and it's my pleasure to. Article Image Artist: Cait Links: Pivix, Twitter, Patreon What can I say: I really like this piece, and I think Cait is an amazingly talented artist. It's Kashiwazaki Sena, from Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai (Haganai: I don't have many friends). That's all I have to really say on it, aside from that, she looks very warm, inviting, and friendly; hopefully a lot like EcchiDreams is. If you like to the picture, I would recommend checking out some of Cait's other work.
  11. Steam Screenshots

    Ah! Awesome! Glad that I have given you this idea :3 Thus I am going to show the screenshot that I posted up in the gallery of the club: Elite Dangerous has some truly beautiful sights. Sometimes I like to just sit there and admire the view :D
  12. Yesterday
  13. Steam Screenshots

    Thanks to @Neptune for (inadvertently) giving me this idea... I'd love for people to post screenshots here. Anything goes: It can be something you found funny in the game, or pretty, or sexy. It can be to show off glitches and bugs, or even just be for bragging rights to show off an Achievement you earned, or your time at the end of a level. Be sure to point out what game it's from, and if in doubt about whether it could be considered a spoiler, please mark it as such, use the spoiler option, and explain why it's a spoiler: i.e. "Third boss from [Video Game]", or some such.
  14. SMFoxy

    Loving the new reaction option! Nice work @Temaelrin!

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    2. Whoreo


      hey that's pretty neat!

    3. Temaelrin


      Thank you, SMFoxy. 😀

    4. SMFoxy


      No, thank you, @Temaelrin, for all the hard work you put into the site.

  15. Corrupted Dreams~

    Wish granted, but the phone puts all your messages, and all the details of what you use your phone for, online for everyone to see. Oh, and sends all your porn to your parents and grandparents. I wish I had a kickass mechanical keyboard.
  16. Game Queue

    I played Antichamber... holy fucking shit that game is a mind-fuck. I had to uninstall it at some point, due to a system restart. But I want to get back into it again.
  17. fullimg_cjqb.png

    i love the outfit
  18. Game Queue

    I want to play NieR:Automata too, and speaking of games that were given as gifts, @Manni gave me both the first and second chapter of The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky, that I really must get round to at some point; I'd love to be able to offer him my opinion on said games, since he so generously gave them to me. I actually have a special category in my Steam Library of games I've queued up to play in the future, including Antichamber, Braid, and many others, including two I have already played outside of Steam, Undertale and VVVVVV, both of which I love. For the number of games I have, surprisingly few of them are AAA, most are Indie titles... Hmm...
  19. fullimg_OhZE.png

    ._. i wanna petpet
  20. fullimg_zJBT.png

    aww! adorable! <3
  21. Game Queue

    So we've had topics about our favourite games, as well as the games we have in our wishlist. But what about the games we do have, and yet haven't had the chance to play? I have a couple that I plan on playing, when I get the chance to. @Manni was kind enough to give me NieR:Automata that I plan on playing as soon as I can. The Long Dark has also been officially released, and I'm waiting for the chance to play the main storyline of that. So what about you guys?
  22. What was the last Achievement you earned in a Steam game? What was the hardest Achievement you remember earning? Sharing time: For me, the latest Achievement I earned was Gem Hoarder (Clear the game with over 6000 crystal shards) in Freedom Planet. As for the hardest... I struggled with Pangu Lagoon Speedrunner (Clear Pangu Lagoon in 8 minutes) in Freedom Planet, but once I learned the trick to it... I'd say the hardest ones to actually get were probably the 'random' ones in Skullgirls, namely The Kitchen Sink (Peacock's character Achievement), and World Warrior Princess (visit every stage in one sitting, only using the random stage option).
  23. Wishlist Games

    I have seven games on my wish list right now. Planet Coaster: Because I LOVED the roller coaster games. They're really fun to play, and I've heard really good things about Planet Coaster. Empyrion - Galactic Survival: It's a space survival game... YES PLEASE! Orwell: It sounded interested, and I liked the look of it. War for the Overworld: This is like a version of Dungeon Keeper, and I loved those games as well. I want this one pretty bad xD Eden Star: Another space/sci-fi survival game. It sounded interesting, so I put it on my wish list. Pulsar - Lost Colony: Same reason as previous. Age of Empire III: Because I loved the games when I was younger, and wanted it xD
  24. Wishlist Games

    Well for me , it'd be "Dark souls 3" , "Sonic mania" , "Castlevania lords of shadow" just to name a few~ I've seen your wishlist on steam and wow its gigantic xD
  25. Wishlist Games

    So, another little topic for everyone, because I'm curious: What game do you not own, that you want? Perhaps a sequel or a prequel to a game you do own? Or just a game that you like the look of? My Wishlist is so insane that I've forgotten almost every game actually on it, but there are a few. One I'm looking forward to that isn't actually out yet is Freedom Planet 2. Another one is a game called Indivisible, by Lab Zero (the creators of one of my current favourites, Skullgirls). For the sake of completing series, I also want Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel. What about you guys?
  26. Current Favourite Steam Game?

    This is actually a tough choice... I have several that are my current favourites. Some of them I haven't played in a while. American/Euro truck simulator (Don't judge me. They're good games and they're really relaxing) Ark: Survival Evolved 7 Days to Die (I'm not really one for horror games, but this is a really good one.) Subnautica Skyrim Fallout games. As you can see, I am quite fond of survival games. I always have been. I enjoy the challenge of surviving against a harsh environment. I have quite a range on Steam, but I do tend to gravitate towards these kinds of games. I have a few games that I plan on playing, but I think that's a subject for another topic xD
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