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  2. Location: Rosayia Forest, along with Ageon River, heading Northbound Rowan spend several minutes watching the rain, before he noticed that the girl had not said a thing since he had returned. He turned his head to look at her, only to see that she was fast asleep. He blinked before he smiled slightly. He couldn’t blame her; she had, had a very exciting day and she had been exhausted when he had first stumbled across her. So he decided to leave her to her rest because she needed it. Instead he began picking up the sticks and, as quietly as he could, snap them down into smaller sizes as he placed them in a small but neat pile near one side of the cave. He picked up several stones and ringed them around the sticks so that the sticks, nor the coal when it had burnt down, could get kicked easily around the cave and hurt them. Once everything was in place, he pulled out a flint and steel from his pocket as well as a box of tinder. He pulled some of the tinder out, placing it on the ground in front of him, stowing the rest away, before striking the flint against the steel to produce sparks that descended onto the tinger. After a couple of tries, the tinder started to smoke and Rowan put the flint and steel aside before gently picking up the smoking tinder and gently blowing on it to make the fire start. Once it was going merrily, he moved it over to the small campfire he had made and place it among the sticks, shifting them so that they caught alight. He tended it for several moments until they had a good fire going, the smoke rising and coiling around the ceiling before leaving the cave. He had deliberately picked up the driest sticks he could find to create the least amount of smoke as possible. The fact that it was raining would help as well, since it would dampen the smoke and not let others see it either which will prevent anyone from figuring that there were people here. But the most important thing about it, was that it was going to help keep them warm while waiting for either the rain to stop, or the next morning. Rowan sat back against the cave wall, crossing his legs as he turned his gaze outwards. Despite the fact that he had not slept since he had left Selil, he wasn’t going to let his guard down. Not after they had just so narrowing escaped the Hounds, something that they were extremely lucky to do. He was glad that he didn’t frighten the girl too much with the Wyvern, but unfortunately the Hounds were too clever for the usual tricks to avoid detection from predators. Their human-like intellect made them extremely hard to escape from if one was not properly armed to deal with them. And even then the chances of survival dropped dramatically the more of them there were in a pack. Thankfully, the girl had remained calm despite the bizarre situation she found herself in… Rowan paused in his thoughts, glancing at the sleeping girl as he realised that he didn’t even know her name. He couldn’t simply keep calling her ‘that girl’. Surely she had a name… he would ask her when she woke up, providing she was willing to hand over that piece of information. He knew little about her, or her culture. He certainly wasn’t familiar with this ‘Cera’ that she had referred to. Perhaps some deity that she worshipped, but it was of no religion he knew about. Her culture might be of the opinion that names held great power. It certainly wouldn’t be a new concept. He turned his head and stared at the girl, wondering exactly who she was. She appeared to be some kind of elemental, perhaps. Like how his people had elementals among them… But he had never heard of human elementals. But then again, elementals had never been widely accepted and were often targeted. It was why he kept his ability to himself, because it would strike many as too close to that of an elemental, which would likely make him hunted. I knew his father wouldn’t, and wouldn’t stand for it either. His father was quite a fair man, and was well known for taking a shining to eccentrics. Despite her youth, she also had white hair which was very unusual for humans. Either she was human-like and not human at all, or she was a very rare human. Either way, sitting here thinking about it wasn’t going to provide answers for his questions. He would wait until she woke up later. He turned his eyes back to the rain outside, which was now like a solid curtain of water, as he stood guard over her.
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    General Out of Character Chat

    Absolutely @Aurafox1, offense has not been taken. As I said last time:
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    Wilted Lily (guy_sas x Headless)

    That night, Lily didn't go home. Instead, she strolled through the streets in her bizarre outfit, considering her options. She knew very well about the three largest slavers in the city. This wouldn't be her first job against any of them except maybe the Eresidae. Her sisters had always forbidden her from doing anything that would get on the bad side of the Erisadae, and while Lily didn't know much about the group directly, she'd heard rumors from others. None of them were good rumors. In fact, even just thinking about it sent Lily shivers down her spine as she cast a furtive look behind her. What if one of them was watching her right now? Damn, that would be creepy. Anyways, she didn't even know where to even begin looking for the Eresidae, and being no informant type herself, she had to give the Erisadae up as impossible. The Feltons were immediately off the table. They were off even before the Eresidae, actually. It wasn't shiver-worthy, but Lily simply despised dealing with the Feltons. They were definitely suspicious people and the way they couldn't get along with even each other struck a nerve in her. She supposed that was a good thing for her, though. They were all people she had no doubts were suspicious, and in some ways that made it easier to talk to them. Granted, the same could be said of any of the other leaders. Anyways, Lily figured that if she worked the Feltons well enough, she might be able to figure out where they kept their stones. Then it was easy as a breeze, but just thinking about talking to them gave her a headache even if she had never talked to them in her life. Besides, they wouldn't have a lot of stones, anyways. Any of the hard won information Lily would pry out of the hands of the Felton's would go to waste sooner rather than later. That left... the Goldenleafs. For some reason, Lily felt a chill run down her spine as she considered her final option, already halfway to settling on it as her choice. Why did the choice feel so suspicious? She admittedly felt bothered that it was the obvious choice, and felt inclined to reconsider the other two simply to pick a less than obvious choice. However, she had just gone through all the good reasons why she shouldn't choose them. It would be silly to choose them anyways. Lily shrugged off her fears, assuring herself that there was nothing she had to be suspicious about for her own decisions. Hm... Though, maybe she should tolerate the Feltons for a little before striking the Golden Leafs. She could set the groundwork necessary to coax their secret hiding spots out of each of them if she played her cards right after the Golden Leaf hit. She could attack the Golden Leaf and then, once news spread and the Feltons' suspicions marinated for a bit, she could hit them when they were weak. It took her hours to formulate the simplest of plans for this set-up against the Feltons, and she hadn't even decided on how she was going to infiltrate the Golden Leafs. It was the middle of the night, now. The dead of the night in respectable parts of the city, but perhaps not so in this ratchet neighborhood Lily's feet carried through. She wasn't here just by coincidence. She had come to this particularly seedy part of town in search of the Feltons using whatever she happened to know about the habits of these gang leaders. She hoped to meet each of them alone and act as a false messenger.
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    What do you call a pessimistic rabbit? A Watership Downer! XD

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    Hi all❤ How is everyone❤

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  9. Location: Rosayia Forest, along with Ildran River Natia couldn't help but giggle softly as Rowan licked her face. Her people were never particularly concerned about hygiene considering how easily all of such problems could be solved with their abilities, so she didn't really think twice about the trail of saliva that lingered on her face until the stickiness bothered her enough to wipe it off with her hand. She blushed softly when Rowan transformed back into his more humanoid form. She had already gotten so used to the wolf that she had nearly forgotten about this form. "I-I don't mind." She spoke in a soft tone in response to Rowan's apology. "I thought it was cute." She continued, her lips curving into a subtle smile. She nodded as Rowan explained his plan, he really sounded a lot like her father. He seemed to know a lot about the monsters and hazards of the land. Perhaps that was why she found herself being able to trust him despite the suspicions she still had. Either way, his tone only helped her to relax and he's done nothing but help her this whole time. "You didn't scare me too much, in fact, I thought it was quite clever. I was thinking more along the lines of using something like mud to cover our scent, but I suppose it was Cera's guidance that we happened to stumble across a dragon to fend them off for us!" She almost sounded excited in a way, although the more she thought about it, the more concerned she felt for the beasts. However, she didn't want to bother Rowan with concerns such as those at the moment. She probably shouldn't keep him too long before he could go collect firewood. As Rowan left the cave, Natia began to eat the bread. Being used to foods such as berries and fruit, the bread was unexpectedly dry to her. Yet it also had a light and fluffy texture to it. For a moment, she even found herself questioning if it was even food at all, it almost felt like some sort of fabric, but she knew that bread was quite a common food among most species. Besides, Rowan generously offered it to her when she had nothing else to eat, so she was more than grateful enough to finish the small loaf. By the time Rowan returned, Natia had dug out the blanket that he had told her about and was curled up in it, fast asleep. She hadn't rested at all since passing out from pure exhaustion before, so it hadn't taken long at all for the small girl to fall asleep.
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    Sibling's Bonds [Vergil x Amira-V]

    Raelyn thought it might be over as he pulled out but her eyes widened when he flipped her over so she had to face him now and he laid on top of her. "No! Not-" She tried to yell out before he kissed her, his cock rubbing along her dripping pussy once again. She cried through the kiss and tried to resist but she had no choice, she was at his mercy now and she was beginning to realize that there would be no stopping until he wanted to stop.
  12. "O-oh okay...Turn around" I say, a bit embarrassed that I have to take off my clothes in front of a stranger. Seeing that you've turned around I undo the buttons on my dress and slip that off. I take of my socks and shoes, now leaving me in my pastel pink lace bra and panties. "Okay ready, you can turn around." Not wanting to be caught in your stares I walk over to the pond. I bend down and place my hand in the water. For a pond in a cave it was pretty warm. I look over at you for a second before jumping into the pond. "Come on! I can't look at this myself!"
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    Sorry for not being on for ages... Some personal stuff happened and I wanted to get that stuff out of the way before coming back on here. 

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      "No problem ^_^ We missed you as well ^_^"

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    I chuckled a little bit as I calmly grabbed the documents and the keys "yeah, I can't deny that this town really does have its perks" I said smiling, noticing how he was trying to hide that there was something bothering him, he seemed to be worried about something and I assumed that it was related to the ambulance that I heard passing nearby, seeing Temaelrin on that state made me ponder if I should bring the hole thing about the lack of info in the monster database, after all, he probably had his hands full already, however, as I thought about that I noticed what seemed to be a faint motion on the back of the room we were in, it could have been nothing, but in my line of work, letting little things like that slip can bring heavy costs later, at the same time tough, I didn't want to make Temaelrin even more worried than he already was, I would have to be discreet. "Hey by the way, you seem to be worried about something, what is wrong?" While you were focused on answering my question I quickly turned my attention to the back of the room again and used of my special abilities called predatory eye, for a split second my right eye flashed yellow enhancing my vision during said time before turning back to it's natural blue, I just didn't want him to learn about my... secret unless it was absolutely necessary, still, thanks to my ability I was cable of detect a transparent creature hovering a little below the ceiling, it had a humanoid appearance, but with no legs and very slim arms, all covered in something that resembles a torn sheet and on it's head a single small red eye focused on us *shit! that's a specter! why is this thing here? well, that could explain the ambulance, but still...* I thought to myself, gripping my right hand and trying to hide as much as possible how worried I was at that moment *fuck, I have to kill that thing before it can cause more problems, but if I don't plan this carefully Temaelrin will be in danger, came on! Think dammit!* The first thing that came to my head was to analyze the 'battlefield', I had to came up with a reason to look around the place without raising suspicion "You know, now that I've to the think of it, it's a pretty damn nice office you have here... the color of the walls... the chandelier..." I said already beginning to look through the place, seeing if there was something that could help me while also keeping track of the specter that was now slowly moving near chandelier *ugh I probably look like a idiot bringing random stuff out of nowhere like this, but at least I know that I can use the chandelier in my favor now, I just need to...* I calmly placed the documents and the keys back on the desk and began to focus some energy on my right hand materializing a 6ft length katana on it. I sighed to calm myself a little before speaking "Oi, Temaelrin, I know we've just met and all, but I need you to trust me and get down for a second ok?" My eyes we fixed on my prey, that just beside the chandelier now, it was possible to see some sort of purple-ish spark flowing through my left hand "oh and sorry in advance" I took a step away from the desk to get some more space "GHOST SPARK!" I shouted before launching a small electric bolt from my left arm, hitting the chandelier, popping the lightbulb and creating a electric area of effect that was small enough to hit only the specter, immobilizing the creature, causing it's camouflage to dissipate, revealing the dark gray sheet covering it's body, with only the pale skinny arms out of it and making the monster groan in pain, I quickly jumped, unsheathed my katana and impaled the creature with it, falling near the door right after "Ha! I got you!" I said to the specter that, to my surprise, still had strength to fight, it grabbed my shoulders with it's arms and opened a dark, seemingly bottomless, hole in it's chest, from which a vacuum came "Trying to suck my life essence huh? well sorry to disappoint you, but that's not gonna happen!" I moved both our bodys, pointing the monster's back to the door, after confirming that there was no one in there I channeled more of my energy, preparing a final attack "QUASAR WAVE!" I shouted once again, as big amount of my ghost spark flew through my body and sword, causing all the electric light within twenty meters to flick like crazy for a few moments and vaporizing the monster in seconds. The energy flow quickly dissipated and I sighed once again to calm myself a little, then I quickly turned back to the inside of the city hall to check on Temaelrin "hey! You ok there? Still breathing?" I said looking under the desk with a slightly tired and worried tone
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    Wilted Lily (guy_sas x Headless)

    William stayed seated as he gave her the address to his manor. "I can expect that information is safe with you," he said as he relaxed in his seat. After she left he spent a couple minutes relaxing, and thinking about how he was going to manipulate her. Despite her slow speech, he felt pretty sure that she was both careful and perceptive, two interesting points. He was even considering that she might've been faking the slower speech pattern, just to try and convince other people that she wasn't all that bright. Either way, he knew one thing for certain, that he would have to be very careful going forward. He stood up and started to make his way out of the bar. He knew of three major Slavery rings in the city. The first was the Felton's, the weakest of all the Slaver rings in the city. It was run by a small group of men so paranoid that they often tried to screw each other over, even to the detriment of the whole organization. They had little to no man-power, and because of paranoia, it was said that all valuables were stored in hidden spots, known only to one of the three men. It was even rumored that they would leave fake information of what they had and where, just to confuse the other two. The second, and much stronger family was the Eresidae. The leader of that group was a woman known simply as black widow. They were known to be well organized, and had close ties with the local underground organizations of theft and assassination. They are said to be the sole reason the black market still exists. However, they are also the organization most hunted by the law, so they've been forced to go far underground. Even finding out who is a member is hard, finding and getting to the stones they have, might be impossible. Of course, they also almost certainly have the largest share of stones. The last family, and the one that William bet that she would go after was the goldenleafs. They are on the surface a very well off meadery, but anyone connected with the criminal element knows they deal in slaves as well. The only reason they haven't been caught is because of their close ties with local politicians. Years of only having to barely hide their illegal acts has supposedly made the leaders complacent. One serious detriment William could think of off the top of his head though, was that if they caught her, their ties to the city guard could make things a lot more difficult going forward. Though, he didn't think that was enough to stop her. As William made his way into the streets, he considered informing the Goldenleafs to a potential break in, just to see what would happen. But that would be far too risky, after having just established the job. Instead he was content to spend the week in his manor, and learn what happened from her, or from one of his underground contacts.
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    Wilted Lily (guy_sas x Headless)

    Lily shrunk back with the appearance of the smile, once again plagued by uncertainties that silenced her. However, business was business. She received the handshake, her grip light, flighty, and letting go as soon as she courteously could. Still dumb with her new wave of hesitation, Lily merely nodded in agreement at first. Then, while delayed, she gave the verbal affirmative, "Yes. Then, once I receive your contact information, I shall leave." True to what she said, Lily stood up as she talked. "Expect me in a week... and I will warn you not to have high expectations. My initial runs for the stones will be focused on surveying."
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    I want to be tied up so painfully. I don’t want to be able to move 

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    Yes please~

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    Wilted Lily (guy_sas x Headless)

    William matched her stare for a moment, and then the smile appeared on his lips again, for just a second. He was a little surprised, and impressed at her rebuttal, perhaps this whole job might be fun too. "Alright, fair enough. It sounds like we have a deal." He reached across the table to offer her a handshake. "So, I'll let you figure out when and how you want to steal the stones, and when you do, you can meet me at my manor. I spend most of my time there, and I'll instruct my servants to let you in, and to direct you to my office. From there we can sort out prices. Does that work for you?"
  22. Headless

    Wilted Lily (guy_sas x Headless)

    "My charity goes to those I trust," Lily bluntly communicated. How was she to know if this man or his client had ulterior motives for the stones? "And I will determine the cost of the risks myself when I assess the situation during each of my 'trips.' For now, however, it's meaningless to haggle future prices, and since you've already given away your ability to pay the present price, I think it's also too late to take it back." Lily spoke her bold words quietly and hesitantly, as if she was cornered and with her back to a wall. Figuratively speaking, she'd begun to feel like she was pressured by the information superiority she supposed William to have. The slaver stones... She'd caught glimpses of them during her other heists, so she knew it was well within her reach to obtain a few. However, she'd never gone specifically for them, so she was left with only speculations on how difficult it would be to pilfer more of the highly secretive stones. In the face of her uncertainty, she wasn't sure what to do other than remembering something her sister had beat into her head for such a situation like this: If she doesn't know, then try to keep as many avenues of possibilities open until she does know. "Besides," she put in a bit of her own thinking and threw William's words back at him, "if you feel like I'm too expensive, then shouldn't knowing that you are paying someone who also despises slavers suffice for the extra cost?" with a side of cold logic, "More than just emotional fulfillment, it's a better guarantee than most anything you'd find down here that your name won't slip from my mouth if things go south. I may not trust you, but I will give you the benefit of the doubt that you really are working on overturning the slave industry."
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    I totally wasn't offline for a few weeks because I forgot my credentials and the email I used for ecchidreams

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    General Out of Character Chat

    Yeah, I don't think I have much interest in coming back to this roleplay. No offense intended, I'd just rather focus on my more seriously developed characters in the other clubs. Hope everyone has fun here!
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