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    "Happy birthday :3 This cake should be for you XD"


  3. "Ehh? U-undress? O-okay....." I was surprised at the sudden offer but I was somehow unable to refuse. I remove my clothes which was pretty much soaking with my sweat, pussy juice, and your cum. I grab my arms feeling embarrassed as I could feel your gaze going through my naked body. You look at my slutty body and with my pussy leaking and cum on my face, I was no longer a goddess to you, just a plaything. I look around for a place to bend over and decided to use your bed. I slowly walked over to it and got down on my knees, obeying your orders. I looked back to you and saw you grinning approvingly. I was happy that you enjoyed doing this to me, what a wonderful high priestess, who knew how to take care of humans! "Here I am~ I hope this is going to feel even better!" Completely forgotten about the original purpose of this, I shake my ass in an attempt to be more inviting. I sought the earthly pleasures you are able to give, and slowly I became dependent on you. I would gladly trade my position as a goddess to enjoy this with you forever.
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  5. “What do you need a partner for? ” Divinity called from behind him. Her curiosity peaked when he stated he would need a partner and why he would be gong to the forest to find one. Interesting.. She thought to herself. “Why don’t you rest for the evening. I’m sure your journey here was long and could use some rest. There is bath in the back of the room and I will bring you a hot meal.” Divinity smiles softly, she did not want to appear too pushy with her suggestions.
  6. wetnoodlestuff

    Burning of the midnight lamp.

    Dorian was surprised, pleasantly.. you could even say he was pleasantly surprised, even.. that he had managed to slowly work most of his girth and length inside of Emi. Moreso, she seemed to be enjoying it.. gyrating as he pushed himself inside of her. His hard phallus massaging her tight insides worked her a little bit looser with each thrust.. the slow squeezing inside gradually becoming smoother.. smooth sailing from here on out.. as his.. tempo? Slowly increased with the ease of penetration. "I'm impressed you can take it so well.." he commented, leaning forward as he continued pumping Emi's loins. Pressing slightly against Chiyako, he moved a hand around the blonde's body.. not wanting to leave her out though she was quite busy herself with Emi's finger prodding within her.
  7. Chomp! Chomp chomp chomp! Chomp chomp! By the time TV Head closed in on her Nilaa had already taken a few sizable chunks out of the trunk. TV Head might even notice that the hunks of wood were providing her with at least some energy. If she'd had enough time to go through and eat a few trees then things might have gotten a little dicey. Thankfully the man had enough sense and enough of an idea about her quirk that he knew not to let that happen. In a show of incredible flexibility and skill TV Head managed to wedge himself between the feasting wolf and her meal. A powerful pommel strike drove the air from her lungs yet again, although the shockwave only further damaged some of her internal organs. Not that it'd stop her. She could heal from some incredible injuries while she was frenzied. Her body could probably even handle such a blow if she'd had more time to feed. But alas TV Head was too powerful and she'd been too starved and too drained by the various encounters that she'd endured. And so the little wolf stumbled back, slumping against a pristine barky trunk. Steam poured forth from her mouth and nostrils as injuries were swiftly stitched up within her body. However TV Head would notice that this act also drained the heat until it was at roughly normal levels. Of course she naturally ran a bit hotter than most people. As she drew in deep exhausted breaths the glow within Nilaa's eyes faded away. Ears perked up now while her head rested back against the tree. Her stomach rumbled with hunger. "Nilaa hungry" she whined.
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    underbrush beast girl (Lily)

    Would she still be shy while getting her wonderful books sacked? I doubt it.
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    linus the proud

    Not so proud when getting fucked hard by a stranger
  10. lover of members

    lewd treasures

    the things you can find
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    Hello? Is this thing on?

    That's right. And the walkthrough my aunt used when she played it said it sounded like a name for an 80s wrestler. Fun fact: One time I played the GBA port from 9PM to 4AM. How far have I gotten in that span of time? I'll let you or anyone else guess. :3
  12. ArdillaVerde93

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    From somebody who's known you since you were Wolfess Neptune and NeppyNepNep, happy birthday! I hope you enjoy it to the fullest.~

    1. Neptune


      Thank you, it's appreciated. And I will 😄 

  13. Hearing such kinky words coming from her lewd face could make anyone fuck this naughty kitty hard to try to please her heat. His hands grab her soft butt to impale his throbbing cock into her womb completely stuffing her to the brim of his large cock moving inside of her which has become his personal property. It didn't take long before Elcrest unleashed his massive load into his slut's cunt to fully brim her with his seed and easily fertile her egg inside of her. Nylanie could easily feel womb overfilled so easily while Elcrest moans and wrap his arms around her to pull her close to ensure that his kitty lower mouth is well feed. The semen began to slowly ooze out from her pussy as her stomach bulge slightly at the large amount store inside of her womb and kiss his beloved girls while she took his creampie well. "You did well my dear pet, I hope my kitty breed me our children and I will take responsibility if you do become a mother." Elcrest spoke, softly. Such a thought could bring any woman to smile knowing that they have a man that could take care of her and their future children together like a family despite their current relationship.
  14. Vergil could see a young, beautiful appear on his line of sight since she seems a bit strange but couldn't put his word on it which is something instincts are telling him. After hearing her name with the simple instructions, Vergil follows into Divi's behind to see her hips swaying from left to right rather erotically which easily pull men to easily stare at her soft ass but Vergil resists such lust. After a painful follow toward his room, Vergil enters the luxury room to take a small breath of relief while thinking on what his next move is since the sun is still barely on the sky so he does have a chance to test his power. After all, Vergil does need a partner who can share this experience with and hoping to fully tame a monster to make his adventure easy for him. It was decided, Vergil will use the forest nearby to fetch and have sex with a lucky or unlucky monster to tame them to join their cause. With that in mind, he turns to Divi who remain waiting for him in his room and walk past her to rally message. "Divi, If the queen is looming for me tell her I am looking for a partner bear the forest so I will come back during the night." Vergil spoke, before heading out.
  15. Neptune

    Neptune's Characters

    This album is where all of my characters for this roleplay will be stored.
  16. For a second TV Head had lost sight of Nilaa, causing his head to swivel from one point to another. The infrared made finding her easy though and so did the sound of a tree getting ripped into. Behind the foliage the heat from the wolf was clear as day despite night having already set upon the two. TV Head nimbly avoided the surrounding trees as he swiftly glided to Nilaa's flank. What he saw made him tilt his head in curiosity, confused for a moment by the sight. Never before had he scene someone take a bite out of a tree, much less sallow the chunks whole too. So the little thing had an appetite that paled her in size? That would explain why she had taken to eating everything save for the bones, but even this made TV Head realize that if he hadn't shown up she probably would have eaten that too. The draining energy from her body was probably linked to that appetite, TV Head surmised. Would a tree even do anything for her? That seemed absurd but then again, he bled mercury, so who was he to judge. At this point TV Head had a good idea of how Nilaa's quirk worked and knew now that she could easily take a pounding. Most importantly, she was a natural at putting on a show and that practically made TV Head's heart flutter. But TV Head had seen enough. Not wanting to give her the chance to prolong this at the chance of any Pro's showing up, TV Head decided that it would be best to end this now. She could heal internal an external blows but that didn't seem to keep her safe from the force of an impact. With that in mind, TV Head made his move. In an instant TV Head flung himself in between Nilaa and the tree, his left side to her as he slid in low an under hold on the tree. TV Head's flexibility was impressive, considering Nilaa's size compared to him. His legs were spread wide apart with one stretched out and the other bent at the knee, giving TV Head the room he needed to come in under Nilaa's hungered grip that clung to the bark. As TV Head slid in he launched the hilt of his blade out of its sheath with his thumb, sending it flying through the air with a loud -fwip!- like a blunt projectile into Nilaa's diaphragm. The sound of the shock filled the woods with a -POP-, sending any of the birds that had stayed in the nearby trees scattering for the skies. The shock wave reverberated through an out of Nilaa, rustling the leaves above their heads as TV Head came to a skidding halt. He stayed low to the ground under Nilaa, the hilt of the long odachi still lodged against her diaphragm, waiting to see to if that was enough to incapacitate the frenzied kid.
  17. Nylanie couldn’t think at all, but the only thing on her mind was to please her beloved Elcrest. He was pounding her pussy like she wanted him too, and kissing her so eagerly like a lover. She felt his precum ooze out, feeling it ache the need for his cum but it wasn’t enough. That throbbing cock inside her pussy was more than enough to send her wild. She wanted the thick cum that would spurt out of his hard meaty dick, her body needed it. She was finally getting so close to her beloved, and this moment was just exactly what she wanted with him for all her time together. She wanted his cock to pound her pussy until it was just his, her legs were tightly wrapped around him as she moaned out a response. “G-Give me your cum Elcrest, please!~ My pussy is aching, it needs it~” She moans out loudly, close to her climax.
  18. Yet again the hovering man shifted around with ease, and although Nilaa's eyes were able to follow the rest of her body was simply too dedicated in its attack. Another miss! It didn't help either that she was being predictable at the moment. TV Head's leg made impact with her body once more, although the careful precision meant less broken bones this time. It'd also help to knock the wind out of her! And so as Nilaa went hurtling through the air she found herself completely paralyzed, the air having been forced from her lungs by the impact. Her body tumbled along, racing towards the trees, only to be abruptly yanked by the sudden stop made by a large hand against the back of her head. The moment of reprieve was cut short again as she was struck in the very same location where she'd been recently kicked! Instead of a tree she made impact against the ground. An indent was made and debris sent scattered as she bounced once, twice, once more through some bushes, and finally came to a tumbling stop within a small clearing. Again she lay still, only this time to catch her breath. Air was frantically sucked into her body, claws digging at dirt, gripping painfully while the attack caught up with her. She needed energy. Her reserves had been temporarily bolstered by those within the precinct, however much had been used in her attack and the healing of her body from many bullet wounds. This brief scuffle against the strange man only exacerbated her issues. Instinct drove her to devour anything currently edible. The forest was filled with such things. With one paw gripping the ground Nilaa dragged herself against the nearest tree. She bit into it, cracking wood. It was living. Edible enough. Not nearly as filling as meat was but it was all she had at the moment. And so the wolf started to devour the hearty plant. If she could regain enough energy she could go back onto the warpath. However as her exhaustion started to kick in so too did her more rational thought. Not quite there yet, of course. She was still frenzied. But without energy it would come to an end.
  19. Little mind was paid to the civilians that had surrounded the station. Even going in TV Head hadn't given them any attention. He wasn't in the mood for killing civilians at the moment an above all else that wasn't what he had come here for. Sometimes, TV Head got a bit carried away with a fight, just like he had done with that throw. He should have pulled his punch on that last attack but he was just having so much fun! So his attention was instead focused on the feral wolf child and when he saw the colors of her heat shift, he knew what was going on. The infrared sight afforded to him showed what had originally been a thick red had moved further into her body, the outlines of her form giving into a feint green. Despite this, she still had an impressive amount energy stored up. TV Heat noted that, as well as her tunnel-vision like focus, making sure to remember that for in the future if he got to teach her. When Nilaa launched herself up to TV Head his body shifted around to her flank once more. He noted that her flanks seemed to be rather exposed since her attacks were so linear, figuring that she would need some hand-to-hand training to fix this. She had good instincts, but that only meant breaking those instincts down and building them up with something better would be more difficult. Then again, maybe they could build off that, create her own wolf like style. Yeah. . .teaching her was going to be tough, but definitely worth it if she had the muscle memory for it. TV Head spun himself around Nilaa, sticking his leg out wide like a fouetté until it made contact with her body. This time however, TV Head made sure that it was the calve that made contact with Nilaa's under her ribs, so as to avoid breaking anything or hitting her with his own shin. Still, the force of the blow from so much mass an acceleration sent the naked girl careening for the woods. TV Head followed alongside her, grabbing her by the back of her head before her flight was cut short by crashing into an oncoming tree. TV Head had remembered his previous attack and wasn't about to repeat the same mistake. Instead, he slammed his fist into the same side he had hit in before and let go over her head, letting the force of punch send her skidding across the dirt.
  20. The end result of the spinning hold was quite predictable. With momentum built up the feral girl was launched from the precinct and into the street, blowing out the front doors, one of which ended up wedging itself within a nearby car's windshield. While alarms screamed within the streets Nilaa impacted with a light post, bending the metal frame before it finally toppled over onto a nearby sidewalk. For a few moments the wolf lay still. Then a sudden breath of air was sucked inwards. As the wolf stumbled to her feet steam poured forth from her mouth and nostrils. Nasty bruises concealed by a thin layer of blood disappeared within seconds. Her internal injuries were already repairing themselves neatly. An adept ear might even hear the popping and cracking of bones as they automatically readjusted themselves. Still, TV Head's advanced vision would manage to pick up a drop in overall temperature. It wasn't much, but it was evident enough to be noticed. Her body's extensive repairs took a hefty price. Civilians who'd gathered around due to the earlier gunfire now started to panic and scream! Some fled as well, and some even took out smartphones to record what was happening! They drew the blood soaked girl's attention. She sniffed at the air. Food was present. If she managed to devour them she'd regain a lot of energy. And perhaps she might have taken the wise choice and simply gone after them, but Nilaa was not at all properly trained. She couldn't control herself in this form. Instead a greater threat drew her attention. If she'd been of sound mind Nilaa might have almost been offended by the man's words. Thankfully she was not in the least bit of proper thought. As TV Head expected she was driven in this moment by pure instinct and emotion. The tell-tale spiderweb of cracks formed beneath her as claws dug into the cement. A brief crouch brought her into position. Then with another burst of incredible strength she shot off from the ground like a rocket! Her mouth was wide open in an attempt to chomp down upon TV Head. More importantly: she was going for the jugular. Of course she couldn't re-direct herself midair like TV Head could, so this left her completely exposed to an attack! But then she wasn't thinking straight either.
  21. Matty


    Despite Takeshi stopping it didn't seem to make Aisuru stop, so Takeshi jogged back up alongside her, their gear bouncing against his back. Takeshi dipped his head side to side, thinking to himself about this precarious position he had landed himself in. He had said that his best attribute was that he was observant, but he didn't mean like that she did! Besides, he had other good attributes about himself, like his deftness in his limbs, his quick wit or his dexterity. He was a lot more than just "an observer" and a part of him couldn't help but feel a tad bit belittled by such a simple categorization. Then again, he was talking to royality, so he wasn't exactly surprised that she saw him so one dimensionally. Then again, he could very well be seeing her just the same, as some one dimensional person. Tis the plight of the poor against the royal, they both tended to stick their noses up at each other. That last part though, the part about deciding their fate in battle, seriously put a strain on Takeshi's mood. "Gee, no pressure," he muttered under his breath. But a spark ignited inside of Takeshi's gut, responding to the sudden weight that had been put onto his shoulders. His face twisted in grimace, his voice spiking with attitude. "Oy, your the battle-ready warrior princess here! Why the hell am I supposed to be one 'deciding our fates', huh? That's absurd! You're absurd!"
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    I just completed my profile. I didn't realize I had only 75 percent of the work done!

    Oh well, have a nice day, Dreamers! In particular you, reading this.

    Yes, you, exactly.

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    I feel like dancing today!

    Of course my idea is dancing is just flailing around like a headless chicken, but it is fun nonetheless!

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      Guess we dance very similarly then!

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      True art is often not comprehended by the masses

  24. The sound of Karma's voice exhausted and raw was a stark contrast to here previous demeanor and it pulled Technomancer's attention to her. The robot-like helmet shifted slightly so he could glance down at the student, the sight of tears trickling down her face causing his jaw to stiffen. It was like a wave of emotion had crashed into his gut, pulling the air out of his lungs as face winced in pain. It was moment like these that reminded Technomancer why he did what he did. Honestly, seeing Karma cry like that made him want to cry with her, but he shut his eyes tight and turned his back forward, doing his best to keep any tears from spilling out onto his bronze face. His armor hid his heaving shoulders but Technomancer had let out a heavy breath to let the emotions air out of him. It was hard for him not to be wrought with guilt, especially when it came to TV Head. Even worse, Technomancer knew exactly what Karma was talking about. He would never admit it to anyone, but he had taken pleasure in things that he knew he shouldn't have. "The body and mind don't always line up-. . ." Technomancer stopped himself, pausing for a moment to reconsider his words. ". . .I don't blame you. I can't say that I understand what you were going through, but I know what it's like to get caught up in the moment." His helmet covered his face but his voice was heavy now, solemn in tone as he spoke. "The good thing about a mistake is that it means there's a chance to improve in the future. Pros make mistakes all the time, so if anything, that just makes you more like one of us." Technomancer and Karma started to make their descent into a small clearing of trees, the sound of the wind and repulsion systems finally quieting down as they came upon their landing. Before the two finally touched down, Technomancer turned his head to look down at Karma, looking into her eyes despite the polycarbonate shield and neon lights that separated the two. "You don't need to worry about anyone finding out about this. The cameras were redirected to my helmet, so the police only have static." Technomancer paused as his feet gently hit the ground, his flight systems shutting off, leaving the two with their words. "I'll be honest, this is going to hurt. All of this. And it might never actually leave you." Technomancer continued as he set Karma down onto her feet. He made sure to keep his hands close to her though, in case her legs wobbled or gave out from under her. "It doesn't for a lot of people. But you came here to be a hero and heroes use their painful experiences as fuel. Be a hero and don't let this eat at you. Use it like rocket fuel." He punctuated his words with a tightly clenched fist held to his chest, symbolizing the resolve needed for such an endeavor. "Can you do that, Karma?"
  25. I have several ideas, some will strike better than others. Overall I hope you consider taking one of these ideas, as it'll make things more fun and interesting. Typically I would love to play the female roles. ~He's Fun to Tease~ A simple idea of an RP revolving around a shy guy who isn't all too big where it counts. Despite this he finds his shy self getting corner by girls that really like to take advantage of him. Relentless teasing and femdom will make this shy guy into a personal boy toy, but perhaps it isn't all too bad. After all, these girls keep him around for a reason. ~B-But, What About My Boyfriend!?~ A cute girl is going out with her boyfriend. He's a boring, naive, and just terrible in bed but he is loved by his beautiful girlfriend anyway. However an old man, ugly bastard, or creep decides to frame him or have him as a hostage. In order to save her boyfriend's hide, she has to fuck the awful man. Turns out, she'll like it though. (Boyfriend will be played by me if needed as well as the girl.) ~End By Goblins~ I have a dwarf girl character that has a thinf abiut getting into trouble, perhaps she has been captured by goblins amd made as a sex slave? I'd love to see how that could turn out! Other interesting ideas can be proposed be sure to ask if you'd like!
  26. Herp Mk.ii

    Herp Mk.ii

    I guess I should mention that while I don't like Isekai a lot, I do think most of it comes from the protagonists themselves. Most fantasy anime are like that for me honestly. 

  27. Divinity walks out from behind the throne the Queen was settled into. She steps up next the queen, turning toward her and bowing her head. The queen smiled slightly and gazed back at the hero. The queen did not notice the change in her servant. Good... she thought. The young girl stepped forward toward the hero. The light gray dress flowed behind her as she moved. It was weird being in a human body. It was not as luscious and curvy as her own but she would have to deal with in the meantime. This humans body was still gorgeous, she could feel men's eyes on her. It sent chills up her spine, knowing the power to control humans was so simple and deadly. These humans did not know how to control their lust and greed and it would be their downfall. She approached the hero and gave a soft smile. Her dark blue eyes contrasted her pale blue hair. "My name is Divi. Pleased to meet you. Follow me." She did not wait for the hero to respond before she walked past him into a separate corridor that was kept for guests. Her hips swayed slightly as she began to walk down the long hall towards the rooms. She did not say much because there she knew relatively nothing about this hero that is attempting to stop her reign. She would have to play this carefully and cautiously. Though he appeared human, he was chosen as the hero for a reason.
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