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What a beautiful Bar


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The doors of the elevator opened. I walked out in my casual formal attire after working all day long. My eyes were tired after staring at a computer screen all day long. I just needed a drink to get my evening started, but I never had the chance to visit the apartment's clubhouse I kept hearing about from my neighbors.

Music filled the hallway from around the corner. I was already beginning to feel much better as I pulled the door open I peered inside viewing the beautiful wood room before me. At its center was the main bar. Looked like a 5 star bar that belonged in a night club. To the left sat the. Main stage, big enough for a few people to jam in karaoke, but not too big to overwhelm the room. To the right sat an entirely different room shelves reached to the ceiling with books, board games, video games, and movies to borrow. The entire room had areas to lounge in for the residents to enjoy these thing.

What another amazing benefit to living in this building I thought. However I scanned the room again; the place was empty, not even a bartender on staff currently. I slouched over making my way slowly to the bar sitting on one of the stools. I roll my eyes. "One beer please!"

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