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Club - Set Up

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So When you have a Club you have topics for topics.....I’m just gonna explain


 ———-Topics At the Top
———————Topic on the Main.

okay, so you got that available so far. But what if you made another option, like changed it so iit becomes.

 ———-Topics At the Top
———————Topic for Topics ——> Topics for Chats

The way you have it, you can only make it the topic once, so you have to make the categorization topics all at the top which ends up either: Making it look messy or making it so you end up with a huge list... I wanna be able to Make One Topic at the Top for example 

The Roleplay a would be the top topic, Then there would be Towns, Then Buildings. 

The World - Towns - Building


The Town - The Buildings - The Rooms


its hard to explain and I hope I did a decent job.


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