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Preference sheet addition: sub/dom.

Alexander Bodide

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Alexander Bodide

Here's something I run into a lot. Let's say I'm looking to be on the recieveing end of femdom, as I often am. I look at the preference sheet of a bisexual roleplayer and...alright, they have "female domination" marked yes! BUT that only tells me part of what I need to know. Now I need to ask them if they marked that because they like to be the one doing the dominating or if they just like to be submissive to other girls. A lot of people don't think to clarify in their preferences whether they like to play sub or dom. It leads to me having to ask people something I think is pretty basic info that should have been on their page to begin with.

I propose a new dropdown menu in the preference sheet, labeled "Sub/Dom Preference", with the following options:

  • Unspecified
  • Submissive only
  • Submissive lean
  • Switch
  • Dominant lean
  • Dominant only

Of course, Unspecified is a valid option for those who prefer not to include sub/dom dynamics in their roleplays.

There's a lot I'd like to see done with preferences, but this is probably the most glaring omission in my eyes. It would tell me at a glance whether I should bother getting in touch with someone or not.

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