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Welcome to the Town of Dragons Eye


The Town of Dragons Eye has existed in Craethiel for a long time, since around 1200BC which is roughly 2400 years before the start of this roleplay. It has not changed much during that time, other than new buildings to replace the old and crumbling ones but its purpose and spirit remain the same. It is an idyllic trading town located in the Terarr Mountains, nestled within a deep valley, close to the river Ageon as it emerged from its mountainous origins and down by the Dynz desert. It has grown from a small trading outpost, to the town it is this day. Most of the buildings are made solidly from stone and are actually made up of a mix of architecture from several species including human, Keza’maraki, Zeta’muluri, Coda’zotoxi and Mako’demerian. 

As the main purpose of this town is trading, there are a large number of warehouses that traders and merchants are able to rent out to store their goods while waiting for them to be sold. There are also a number of shops in Dragons Eye, and they even have their own blacksmith, and butcher due to how large the town is and how prosperous it is. This town is uniquely build and designed to accommodate traders, with large storage barns, stables and a market square which allows for traders to set up their wares to sell them. There is only a small amount of permanent residents, who are people such as tavern owners, shop owners and the mayor of the town. Otherwise the population of the town is quite fluctuating, due to the number of traders that come and go. The town has been here long enough that they have carved out an easily navigable path from the Ildgara forest, on the opposite side of the river from Delwore. It is large enough for traders to bring through wagons lead by teams of horses. Characters are free to come and go from this town, but troublemakers will face consequences of their actions.



The Town of Dragon’s Eye began as a small trading post around 1200BC. This occured when the reigning Queen of Vorserend, Jyravana the Sixth, decided to put aside the Eldyrannth’s policy of isolation after being convinced by her new King, Temaelrin the First, who used persuasive arguments to point out the folly of complete and utter isolation. This allowed other species within Craethiel to travel to their City to trade with them, an opportunity that most were drooling over and it wasn’t long before they were flocking towards the city not only to trade things to the Eldyrannth, but to trade things from them. But, they were quite conscious and aware that they did not want to crowd the Eldyrannth too much and nor be too much underfoot. So a number of Zeta’s, Mako’s, Coda’s and Keza’s set up a small outpost which acted as a halfway point between the rest of Craethiel and Vorserend, especially since it sits in the middle of the only path through the mountains which can get you to the ancient city. 

The Town is only a few hours walk away from Vorserend, and thus allows traders to come to the Town and rent a room to spend the nights, while spending a few hours in Vorserend to sell their wares. As such, the Town has rather extensive accommodations that are rentable for short periods of time, and only a small number of permanent housing. The town not only acts as a means to trade with the Eldyrannth, but the Zeta’s as well as they are rather isolated on their nearby volcanic island so they use the town as a means to trade. Due to this, the outpost rather quickly evolved into a town with a bustling, fluctuating population.

The Eldyrannth were not actually aware of the existence of this town until the young Crown Prince, Talrin, and his friend Leametrin came across it on their way to a cave that was close by as they had wanted to explore it. As they were walking along the path, they encountered the town and informed the King and Queen to its existence. King Temaelrin came along, and inspected the town to determine its purpose and its threat level to the City of Vorserend. But he found that the town was quite peaceful, and they were only interested in trade so the Eldyrannth had no problem with the town being there, and allowed for it to continue despite its close proximity to their beautiful mountain city. 

Since then, the town has continued to flourish due to the large amount of trade that it becomes involved in, and is the central hub for trade when it comes to the Zeta’muluri and Eldyrannth. However, since the start of the roleplay the Town has had a major setback in the fact that Vorserend was completely destroyed. They had heard the fighting from their town, but were powerless to do anything and were even too afraid to go and have a look, until the current Crown Princess (And technically new Queen at this point), Talivana came along afterwards with the news that Vorserend had fallen. The town still remains, as the Zeta’muluri still use it for their own trade, but it is not as prosperous as it once was. 

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The Eldyr Horns

The Eldyr Horns is the largest tavern in Dragons Eye and it is ran by a Zeta’muluri by the name of Jakh’zoure. He runs a respectable business, serving drinks to the population of the Town as well as to the travelling merchants that come and go. He also offers rooms up to rent for a time, which is perfect for travellers that are just passing through or only staying for a few days. He serves not only good drinks, but good food that is often cooked fresh within the tavern kitchen. 


Name: Jakhanarr’zoure (Jake-her-a-narr-zoure). Often shortened to Jakh’zoure (Jake-her-zoure).
Date of Birth: 26th June 100AD
Age: 1,100 years.
Species: He is a full breed Zeta’muluri. Within this scope he is a mix of a Eldyrr (Fire) and Tau’rarr (Earth) Zeta although he has tiny amounts of Zephourre (Air) and Xentarr (Exotic) types.
Height: 8’8”
Weight: 250lbs
Nationality: Ze’taourian.
Occupation: Tavern owner of The Eldyr Horns.
Information: Jakh’zoure has been within the Town of Dragons Eye for a very long time. Not long after it was set up as a trading post. He has built his tavern with his bear hands, using materials from the surrounding mountains and forests. He is a great-grandson of Jan’taour, the mate of Drake’taour who is the Taour clan leader. However his family on his mother's side comes from the line of Tal’ontarr and Temael’ontarr rather than Drake’taour or his father, Thor’taour (The previous mate of Jan’taour). Instead, it is his father’s side that comes down from Drake’taour. He is a proud and powerful Zeta, who like many of his family, are extremely honourable and take his honour extremely seriously. As such, he will never cheat his customers and will never swindle them. He’s a good man, with a good heart who is more than happy to help those in need but will not stand for those willing to take advantage of his kindness. He has a low tolerance of those brawling in his tavern, drunk or not. He will not hesitate to throw them outside and tell them to brawl outside like real men. Due to the fact that he is partly an Earth Zeta, he lacks the wings that other Zeta types have but his muscles are extremely dense making him extremely strong. He is not one to trifle with. 


Name: Kaetie Sin-Keza’maraki
Date of Birth: 9th September 1179AD
Age: 21
Species: Keza’maraki
Height: 4’6”
Weight: 77lbs
Nationality: Craetharian
Occupation: Bartender, maid, slave.
Information: Kaetie is a young Sin-clan Keza’maraki that came to the Town of Dragons Eye with the man who raised her, raising her into servitude. It is a role that she actually finds very rewarding and she is happy being a slave serving her Master as long as she has a roof over her head, food in her stomach and a nice cock to keep her satisfied. She was bought from her old Master by Jakh’zoure, as he wanted her to help him run the Tavern and she was much cheaper in the long run then hiring someone. She makes the beds in the tavern bedrooms, keeps the entire place clean and helps her Master at the bar serving customers. She sleeps with her Master in his bed, however customers are able to take them to one of the rented rooms, for a price. 

The Bar.

Most of the space in The Eldyr Horns is given away to the main room which characters will see upon entering the front door of the establishment. Along the right side of the room is a long, polished bar where the bartenders serve food and drink to the customers. There are stools sitting up against the bar, and a couple of tables with stools nearby. However most of the tables have benches that allow for more people to sit down as they enjoy their time at the tavern. At the far end of the room, opposite the bar, is a stone fireplace that usually has a merry fire burning to keep the place warm, especially in the winter, as winters can get very cold in the mountains. 



Tavern floor:


The Eldyr’s Horn has a fully furnished kitchen where they cook food all hours of the day to serve to customers. Some of their vegetables are grown in their own gardens, but they buy fresh food ingredients from all over Craethiel. Their kitchen staff are well able to serve food for all species within the Kingdom, from highly spicy Zeta food to rather tame human food such as a nice meaty stew. The food will cost, although if a person rents a room for the night then they have the option to have the food included in their price, for a slight discount which will feed them three meals in that day. 


The Eldyr Horns has a second floor, which has twenty rooms that are rentable to travellers. Each of the rooms has two single beds in it, so it is possible for travellers to save money by sharing a room together, while only paying the price for the room which would half the amount of money they’ve spent. The beds are freshly made with each customer, with the mattresses made with fresh straw to provide people with a comfortable nights sleep. While Jakh’zoure does not care what someone does within the rooms, he will not tolerate someone damaging his property and will make them pay for the damages that they’ve done. Each night that someone stays will cost ten copper pieces, fourteen if they want food included.


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Town Governance.

The Town of Dragons Eye, much like many other towns, has a system of governance that runs the town and make sure that things are running smoothly, as well as to make sure that the citizens and visitors to the town are safe from harm. 

Town Mayor.


Name: William Harraldson.
Date of Birth: 12th November 1161AD.
Age: 39.
Species: Human
Height: 5’11
Weight: 137lbs
Nationality: Craetharian. 
Occupation: Mayor of the Town of Dragons Eye.
Information: William is a good hearted man that is quite fair in his dealings with the people within his town. He is a rare breed in politics, in that he is not a corrupt man and is not willing to take bribes. He takes his duties and responsibilities extremely seriously and works hard to make sure that the citizens of his town have nothing to really complain about. However he is rather firm on people who make really silly complaints. He is also the kind of man that will not run away if trouble comes knocking on the door. An old knight in the Kings Army, he has the training and knowledge to pick up a sword and help with the defense of the town. Despite the fact that most humans are seen in bad light by Zeta’s and Mako’s, William has earnt their respect.

Town Arcadian.


Name: Faelor Mako’demeri
Date of Birth: 6th June 1140AD
Age: 60
Species: Mako’demerian.
Height: 6’6”
Weight: 141lbs
Nationality: Craetharian.
Occupation: Chief Arcadian of the Town of Dragons Eye.
Information: Faelor is one of the very few Mako’s that are not associated with The Black Ones, a large megalomaniac clan of Mako’s which make up most of the Mako population. Instead, his association is with the likes of The Dark Star Wolf (Talor), The Daedric Wolf (Temaelor) and The Death Star Wolf (Talia). He is a trained Arcadian, and takes his job of defending the town of Dragons Eye very seriously. He is quite slim for a Mako, however it would be a huge mistake to think of him as weak. He is almost as strong as a Zeta, proven by the fact that his favourite weapon is a huge heavy hammer that can deal a huge amount of damage to his enemies. He is in charge of not only the defence of the town, but the general policing as it is his guards that roam the streets. They are very tough on criminals, but very friendly to those that need help.

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      As he distracted her with his mouth, his fingers moved up underneath the tunic that she was wearing. He delighted in the feeling of her soft flesh under his fingertips, both soft and warm at the same time. It made him desire more of her. Already his own cock was reacting, but he ignored it in favour of putting his entire focus on Natia. His hands slipped up further, causing the tunic to hitch up as he ran his hands up her sides as he explored her small, slim body. He marvelled at how delicate she felt, and yet he couldn’t help but to want more. His hands moved around her back, before pulling her closer to him so that their bodies were pressed against each other, sharing their warmth with one another. A groan almost made its way out of his throat, because of how perfectly her body molded to him, as if she belonged there. He just wanted to clutch her to him, and never let her go.
      As his lungs started to protest the lack of air, Rowan pulled back, panting softly. He couldn’t help but to give her sweet lips one more kiss before pulling backwards slightly. He looked at her, an amused twinkle in his eyes before he suddenly pulled the tunic up and off of her. Instead of throwing it aside though, he put it down in front of him so that he could use it to make Natia more comfortable, so that the sticks wouldn’t be poking up into her painfully. Considering what she was like, and how her people lived, it seemed fitting that her first time would be outside in the wilderness like this. But now that she was naked, he pulled back to roam his eyes over her body as he drank in the sight of her flesh on full display, “Beautiful…” He murmured softly before looking up into her eyes once again before leaning forwards and capturing her lips for another searing kiss. He was having trouble controlling his lustful desire for her, but he was managed to keep a leash on himself. His desire to make her feel good, to give her mind-blowing pleasure far outweighed his desire to just fuck her. She was too precious to him to simply use to get his rocks off. His hands moved once again, moving up her sides before lightly gripping her shoulders. With his grip on her, he shifted them, moving them so that Natia was now lying down on the tunic that he had stripped from her. He pulled back from the kiss, gazing down into her eyes to see her reaction.
    • Akira
      By Akira
      Character Identity Information
      Name: Izanagi Durum
      Age: 23
      Gender: Male
      Species: Born human, but had his body demonified and his soul fused with Oduim, the demon that incorporates the deadly sin of hate, against his will through a ritual
      Origin: City of Hitsuyo, Japan
      Nationality: Asian
      Occupation: None
      Rank/Title: Refugee
      Physical Appearance
      Height: 5,9 ft 
      Weight: 75 kg
      Eye color: Left eye blue and right eye red
      Hair color: White
      Physical description: Izanagis skin a little pale and despite his super strength he is by no means a muscly guy, which leads to most of his adversaries underestimating him.
      Personality, Traits and Abilities
      General overview:Izanagi is overall, a cold person and because of his past he has difficulty when it comes to socializing with others despite his efforts. He will, however, defend his friends and any person he holds dear to the last breath if necessary. Thanks to his relationship with Odium, the demon won't try to possess him all the time and they do trust each other to a certain extent. Despite finding it hard to understand the feelings of others, Izanagi tries his best to help those in need when he can, in an attempt to atone for his sins.
      Strenghts, skills and abilities: 
       Super human status: such as strenght, speed and resistence, the more his body merges with Odium the stronger he gets, but there is always the risk of losing control.
       Hell's Chain: a weapon that cames from Izanagi's own soul, they are black chains that can be summoned from thin air through small portals, nearly indestructible, while it's maximum lenght is unknown, it can be extended to nearly unlimited sizes and can be spawned with a small blade at the tip, so it can attach to most surfaces or pierce through light to medium armor. All of the chain's rings are magically linked in a way that what happens to one also happens to the others, for instance: if one or more of the rings are set on fire on heaten up, so will all the others.
       The Evil One: a 4,9 ft long katana linked to Odium's soul, the blade is dark grey with a few orange runes in it and the handle is white and red, can manifest Wrathful Flame to deal extra damage.
      Wrathful Flame: a blood red colored flame that is three times hotter than normal fire and can only be extinguished by the caster or by specifics spells. Being the embodiment of wrath, Odium has total control over the flame and can use it to execute special attacks with it, Izanagi does have some control over it, but not as much as Odium. 
              Wrathful Blast: fires a projectile made of Wrathful Flame that can be exploded by will, blast power and radius depends on the amount of energy used.
              Wrathful Fist: a punch that hit it's victim with explosive force, killing or at least sending the target flying, power determined by the amount of energy used.
              Wrathful Slash: requires a bladed weapon in hand, creates a wave of Wrathful Flame around the used blade and fires it towards the target, with the right amount of energy, it can cut pretty much anything.
      Weapon mastery: through all these years travelling Izanagi met all sorts of people, some of then even tought him how to use different types of weapons, nowdays he is very skilled with pretty much any type of bladed weapon, but he still prefers to use a katana, after all, Izanagi's skills with as a quick-draw style katana user are legendary.
                Quick Slash: quick-draw special move, Izanagi moves hia arm too fast to be seen by the eye, quickly cutting a single targed in close to medium distance, can be used in quick succession.
                 Dimensional Slash: cuts pretty much everything in a certain area, during a short period of time, Izanagi moves so fast that he is able to cut through dimensions, can hit multiple enemies at the same time and ignores armor.
       Soul Eye: his right eye glows dark purple, allows him to see better in the dark and to see people's souls, useful for detection of illusions and a few other things...
      Weaknesses: his biggest weaknesses is the constant risk of losing control of his power, while Odium isn't actively trying to take over all the time, it's still a risk.
       Using the Hell's Chain costs energy and if Izanagi doesn't pay attention to that he can get vunerable, plus, if one of the chain's rings is broken, as unlikely as it may be, so will the entire chain, forncing Izanagi to summon it again. 
        Despite having super human stats he doesn't have any way to heal himself.
      Ambitions (Hopes/Dreams): His main objective is to find a place where he can live without being descriminated, somewhere he can just relax and be himself.
      Hobbies and Interests: After learning how to keep his powers at bay so he wouldn't hunt anyone by accident, Izanagi developed a taste for fighting strong enemies (he probably got that from Odium), mainly monsters.
      Awards/Commendaitions: None
      Criminal Record: Killed all of the seven poeple involved on the ritual that demonified him and had to steal food a few times to survive.
      Medical Record: Nothing relevant.
      Bio: He had lived his childhood in the city of Hitsuyo, Japan. When he was 13 years old the entire country broke out into a civil war which eventually resulted in his father's death on the battlefield, giving Izanagi his first real taste of the despair and pain that war can bring, as result he bacame the men of the house, forcing him to mature a lot quicker than he should have. The government was desperate to end the war as fast as possible so they decided to take desperate measures. They kidnapped Izanagi along with a few other children of the city, who they knew it wouldn't be missed by anyone important, and submitted them to the demonificaton ritual. Izanagi was the only survivor and soul was fused with Odium the demon of wrath.
      When the ritual was over Odium took control over his body, and as result all of those involved in the ritual were killed by them before Izanagi could assume control again. He didn't want to go back home and risk killing his mother, so he snuck into a boat to flee the country, traveling through the world looking for a place that he could call home. 
      With time, Izanagi learned how to keep his demon half under control and eventually even formed a bond with him, however, should Izanagi became overwhelmed with negative emotions, especially hate, the demon can try to take over the body.
      When tapping on the demon's power Izanagi's skin gets covered by a dark energy that represents his body merging with the demon, kinda like this:

      But if he loses control, the transformation can be completed and Odium will show his real form.

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