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Thoughts on being switch

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So I wanted opinions on how many people believe in the Sexuality of switch, because some think there is no middle ground, for men especially because theres always a small stereotype that man are suppsoed to be the Dom or just the sub, no in between, its just a coin, but for me, I am a switch, I am a dom and sub at times, and some days i just feel like i want to be dominated and some days i just want to get dirty and rough and dominate someome else, I feel like being switch is very underrated, i have never had a partner that was dom, usually just sub and I'm bored of being the dom, i want to be dom so i just want your opinions on being a switch as a male or a female, is it more fun that way? Or should a person just follow the two sides of a coin with no inbetween. 

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I honestly believe (as a female) that being a switch is a lot more fun than just being one or the other. I guarantee that being a switch certainly keeps things interesting, but that's just my opinion. Like I love being dominated, but I also love the opportunity to mix things up and be the dominant one.

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That's the kinda thing i want too! Like i just want some days where i feel helpless and have accepted that im being used, but yea I really support that!! @Pip

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A switch probably does have more fun, but I can't do it.

I have a profound admiration of submissives, that ability and desire to give yourself, to trust someone else with your being is admirable, noble even.

But admiring it and wanting to do it or being able to do it are very different things.

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Well said, i agree with you as well yea, the commitment to being submissive is very noble

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