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Age is a matter of mind


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I have several questions and concerns regarding this post. First off, your title is one that seems almost perfectly engineered to spark a debate, and your defense (or explanation of what it's supposed to mean, especially relating to this site) is a grand total of two words: "age play".  This does not help anyone understand what on earth you're trying to say; if anything, it will just confuse people further. It's under the Welcome Forum, with a main tag of "sex", and a grand total of two words. For the benefit of yourself and others, I would strongly reccommend that you elaborate on what it is you are trying to say, and to what extent you mean this. If you are looking for a roleplay partner, specifically one willing to do a roleplay based on age play, then I am deeply sorry for this rant. If you were not looking for a roleplay partner with that as criteria, then I would advise at least putting a few sentences as to what it is you're trying to say.


TL;DR What on earth is this post even saying? 

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To begin with,  I am not trying to say , I am saying it. 

You hit the nail on the head when you say that the title is perfectly engineered to spark a debate. How did you guess that I am an engineer. 

A stout steel nail   , when hit with a powerful hammer, is bound to generate sparks and you did exactly that. 

The sparks should be able to throw enough light to dispel the confusion and , if not , let the mystery remain to encourage further bright responses. 



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