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sex Age is a matter of mind

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age play 

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I have several questions and concerns regarding this post. First off, your title is one that seems almost perfectly engineered to spark a debate, and your defense (or explanation of what it's supposed to mean, especially relating to this site) is a grand total of two words: "age play".  This does not help anyone understand what on earth you're trying to say; if anything, it will just confuse people further. It's under the Welcome Forum, with a main tag of "sex", and a grand total of two words. For the benefit of yourself and others, I would strongly reccommend that you elaborate on what it is you are trying to say, and to what extent you mean this. If you are looking for a roleplay partner, specifically one willing to do a roleplay based on age play, then I am deeply sorry for this rant. If you were not looking for a roleplay partner with that as criteria, then I would advise at least putting a few sentences as to what it is you're trying to say.


TL;DR What on earth is this post even saying? 

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To begin with,  I am not trying to say , I am saying it. 

You hit the nail on the head when you say that the title is perfectly engineered to spark a debate. How did you guess that I am an engineer. 

A stout steel nail   , when hit with a powerful hammer, is bound to generate sparks and you did exactly that. 

The sparks should be able to throw enough light to dispel the confusion and , if not , let the mystery remain to encourage further bright responses. 



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    • IsabellaRose
      By IsabellaRose
      Katie Watkins hadn't had this much fun in as long as she could remember. The party was loud, filled with teens, beer, music, food... everything she could imagine. She overindulged in the food and beer, dancing and laughing, random guys and girls joining her on the dance floor, grinding against her for a few minutes, then moving on to some other partner. She was in heaven. She needed to taste everything, hear it all, see what was happening in every room, feel every surface, every body pressed against hers, everything. She was going to do it all tonight. Everything.
      She hadn't always been this free-spirited. She used to be the quiet girl, the bookworm, the one who watched everyone else have fun but never participated. The scared one. The one who didn't take risks, didn't take chances. The one who planned everything out to the last detail and stressed when those details invariably didn't fall in line as she expected. But then she had taken ill. At first she had been tired. Just a bit run down. But in only a matter of weeks she was bed-ridden. A week later she had been hospitalized. She lived connected by tubes and wires to various machines. She had been that way for three years. She had missed her teen years.
      Of course, she studied. She was tutored. Her father could afford to pay for everything, and she only had the best. But it wasn't the same. There were no after school activities, no school plays, no book club, no yearbook club. All the things she thought she had wanted to do had been stolen from her by her debilitating disease. But today, she was back. All that was over, and she was making up for lost time.
      She grabbed another beer and downed it in several long gulps, earning her a cheer from the guys in the kitchen. She flashed them a peace sign, then grabbed another beer and took a sip. She blew a kiss to the shirtless hunk holding the tap and sauntered out of the kitchen and down the hall. She wondered what else she was missing. She'd been in the living room, family room, kitchen, dining room, out on the patio, even in the bathroom where several people were partying. She turned the corner from the hall, headed back toward the living room, when she saw the stairs.
      Of course! She hadn't gone upstairs. That's where people went to make out, or have sex, or whatever they did at these parties. She needed to go up there and see what was happening. She walked casually up the stairs, head swaying in time to the music, hair swinging back and forth in front of her eyes. When she reached the top of the stairs, she looked left, then right, then selected a random door. She checked and it was unlocked, so she pushed it open and stepped inside.
    • Real_RP
      By Real_RP
      I am also looking for a roleplay partner - at least one who is willing to invest in a story.  
      I am starting to think that I am somehow the weird one.  With so much fantasy on offer, I am looking for the strangest of them all - romance.   I want to share a story with someone who is prepared to let our characters learn about each other and experience situations that happen as the story unfolds (and not pre-scripted in a detailed scenario).
      For me, the ideal partner must be a female - I am male and I only want m/f stories.  I do not play female roles because I think they would be a cliche version and probably pretty insuilting to females everywhere!
      I won't do anything unnatural, illegal or abusive.  
      I don't know if I will find anyone here - I remain hopeful that even if I am weird and a bit too normal, there will be someone out there who will say "well I will give it a go".
    • Real_RP
      By Real_RP
      Looking for a female RP partner to share in a romantic long-term RP.  
      No specific scenario - we would work that out when we chat.  
    • TheSourestPatch
      By TheSourestPatch
      So, while I have a few role plays going and, like everyone else, I lose motivation periodically, I'm keeping myself inspired with new ideas. I can never have too many role plays, especially with good partners. So, I have some ideas for role plays that may or may not be intended for private or clubs. Pictures not necessarily related and are just for fun.
      Sexy Fairy Tale Adventure

      A role play about a Hansel and Gretel esque duo (who may or may not be brother and sister depending on what you're into) journey into the black forest and get lost. They always heard stories about the forest after dark, the deeper they go, the stranger things get and the inhabitants are restless... Various fairy tale characters are meant to be encountered in this one, meaning I will be playing more than one character in occasion, if my partner could too and add to the role play that's great, but I will not push. A great deal of wild, maybe taboo sex, but there's story too. I like story. Leave me alone XD.
      The Not-So-Silent Library

      The picture is relevant this time. The idea here sort of is an alternate concept for The Fairy Tale one listed above. I honestly might try to make a club out of this one anyways. There are those of us in this world who have desires, desires which are unfulfilled, and it is to us that the library calls. No one knows how to get there, even if they have been there before and not everyone finds their way back after their first visit. One day, you find yourself walking through the doors of your home, place of employment, etc, and find yourself in an expansive library with endless rows of books extending further than the eye can see. It is silent, behind a small desk in the lobby is a sexy blonde woman, who smiles warmly, greets you and has you look over the terms of membership for the library. You can now open any story of your choosing and live out your wildest fantasies, taking the place of characters in the stories, or entering as a guest... As long as you don't change the ending...
      The Four Kingdoms and the Wish

      A dark fantasy. Most likely a club. This one is story heavy but there should be plenty of room for smut, you beautiful pervs. The aesthetic of the role play world and many of the inhabitants are inspired by Henson fantasies, such as The Dark Crystal or Labyrinth. To get an idea of the bizarre, surreal landscapes and scenery. You can be anything valid in fantasy, man or monster or mythical creature alike. Essentially a D&D campaign without dice, the main party is in search of a mythic artifact that may have been proven to exist, which is said to grant the weirder endless knowledge and even grant wishes. Our characters come to an agreement after banding together, but there are many who are not so friendly in search of it for their own selfish reasons. Expect conflict, maybe a bit of non-con if you want (not my cup of tea but if it fits). There's a lot more to this, this is just a basic idea.
      The Resort

      Could be group of private. I didn't pay much attention to hentai really until this site, I found one about a tropical resort and goddamn. It was kind of a harem, though, and that's not 100% necessary. I don't mind playing a few characters to keep it varied and fun. Not much story here even though I could come up with one, just summer flings on vacation. Or more. Who knows?

      I love monsters. Not necessarily monster girls as we know them in a hentai sense, but I like monsters of all kinds. I want to do a role play about fighting them, maybe if you've seen Castlevania you could get an idea what I want out of this. I could also do a monster girl role play if you want. Or a mix of both. 
      Persona 5

      Also most likely private. I would be maining Joker, you could play as whoever you want. Again, this doesn't have to be a harem. 
      Mecha Mayhem!

      Could be a group or private. It would be fun in a group. The characters could be in school, or not, but in a futuristic world where mech suits are dominant in warfare, even with underground arenas for them to have unauthorized battles for wagers. 
    • Tactical harem
      By Tactical harem
      There is already a very very detailed preference sheet with plots on my profile. I recommend reading it through when you have time. Be prepared... It's long.
      Be advised I lose interest in RPs very very quickly in heavy smut RPs or those who do not put real effort and detailed lengthy replies. 
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