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sex Age is a matter of mind

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age play 

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I have several questions and concerns regarding this post. First off, your title is one that seems almost perfectly engineered to spark a debate, and your defense (or explanation of what it's supposed to mean, especially relating to this site) is a grand total of two words: "age play".  This does not help anyone understand what on earth you're trying to say; if anything, it will just confuse people further. It's under the Welcome Forum, with a main tag of "sex", and a grand total of two words. For the benefit of yourself and others, I would strongly reccommend that you elaborate on what it is you are trying to say, and to what extent you mean this. If you are looking for a roleplay partner, specifically one willing to do a roleplay based on age play, then I am deeply sorry for this rant. If you were not looking for a roleplay partner with that as criteria, then I would advise at least putting a few sentences as to what it is you're trying to say.


TL;DR What on earth is this post even saying? 

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To begin with,  I am not trying to say , I am saying it. 

You hit the nail on the head when you say that the title is perfectly engineered to spark a debate. How did you guess that I am an engineer. 

A stout steel nail   , when hit with a powerful hammer, is bound to generate sparks and you did exactly that. 

The sparks should be able to throw enough light to dispel the confusion and , if not , let the mystery remain to encourage further bright responses. 



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    • Sierrazion
      By Sierrazion
      I had a dream that Love was Real, that when I woke up I wouldn't feel alone. I look outside and feel so lonely, unwanted and unworthy. I wish someone would come along and change all of that.
      Rewrite the script I've come to read. I want to believe in hopeless romance, hope in unbelievable love. I wish someone would just say "Hello" to me. . . 

      I'm looking for a partner. I'm not good at these things, but I'd like to offer to someone who's interested a long building love story. I've always ached in my heart to tell a story about romance with another person with a real connection. 
      I tend to write smut and sexual themed stories, but I really want to try to write something that feels real this time. Please help me, I'm begging. I find that all my smut and erotic writing tends to make me feel alittle hollow inside, lacking anything real. 
      So maybe, just maybe you'd be interested in falling in love with my character while I do the same with yours? 
      Allow me to elucidate what I'm looking for: 
      Long term story starting from two characters meeting to their eventual romantic conclusion. That might mean a wedding, or final sex, or maybe just them kissing in the rain.  Something more than skin deep. People are complicated, and I'd like for them to be too. I need a romantic lead who's alittle more than just a pretty face.  Decently long or multiple paragraph responses. I like to describe in detail alot, I'd like a partner who could do the same.  Someone to share 50/50 in the world building. We don't have to write a complicated AU or world, it can just be Tokyo or Atlanta, or anywhere in the real world.  I am looking for a Drawn/Anime style Slice of Life story. If that isn't your style or comfort then I understand.  Someone who doesn't want to rush and feels comfortable with letting the story breath while making steady contributions in each response.  Male Or female Lead partner to pair with one of my female characters. I haven't chosen a character yet for this story, I like to write based on what other people enjoy.  If you're willing to continue the story with me into marriage, then I would love that too. I find long term couples to be adorable.  Someone patient, I get on daily and respond as often as I can. I'll check more often for pairings and stories that make me feel fulfilled.  I'm open to any alteration to the world or story. It could be any kind of story we really want as long as love, is the center of the story.  Thank you for reading this far, I'm a sweet person, I promise! Please don't feel afraid to message me, I don't open up to new RPs very often anymore, but I could really use this story in my life right now. 
      With all my heart, Sierrazion 💙
    • Neptune
      By Neptune
      Warning: This Side Story contains scenes of a graphicsl nature. This includes, but is not limited to, sex, het, threesome and other such themes. If you do not like, then turn back now!
      Participants: Sophia, Kaylaen and Officer Thomas (NPC)
      Description: After waking up in the hotel to find their items stolen, Kaylaen and Sophia were forced to report to the hotel in hopes to not be saddled with the bill. The hotel called the police, causing Sophia to panic as she worried about being kicked out of the country. However she soon relaxed and used her feminine wiles on the men to wrap them around her finger. Not long after, one of the officers volunteered to return them home, where they decided to drop by Kaylaen's place where things are going to get heated as Sophia's orders compels her to add one more partner to her list.
      As Sophia shifted over to press against the officer, the man seemed to twitch a little, shifting as if he was uncomfortable and yet slightly leaning into her as she rested her head on his shoulder. From the way his hand twitched, he was aching to wrap an arm around her and hold her against him. He smiled when she asked if he minded, “No, no, of course not.” He said, before clearing his throat. He seemed to glance towards the bathroom, before leaning his head a little closer to Sophia to smell the scent of her hair. He pulled away again when she spoke, looking up at him. He cleared his throat and smiled a little at her, “I think I will be able to easily remember that name. Sophia. It’s a nice name. I am Thomas but you can call me Tom or whatever you wish.” He said, his arm moving down from the back of the sofa to rest on her hip. He didn’t move as she shifted a little to swallow the pills, but watched closely as the small bead of water rolled down her neck and along the crease of her cleavage. As she snuggled back against him, he held her again, his hand moving so that it was resting against her stomach, his thumb moving up to press against the underside of her breast.
      Kaylaen watched as Sophia snuggled back up against the man, trying to keep the smirk off of his own lips. From the man’s movements, he didn’t seem sure if he could really press further as if he was unused to being able to take what he wanted. But from where he was sitting, Kaylaen could clearly see the bulge in the man’s trousers. While he seemed hesitant, his body certainly wasn’t. If Sophia were to look down, or even wrap an arm around the man’s lower waist, she could be able to feel how eager this man was to fuck her. 
      It seemed like the officer noticed where his gaze was, as Thomas looked over at him as Kaylaen looked back up. He could see that the officer seemed to freeze for a moment, but relaxed when Kaylaen just smiled a little at him. Thomas then seemed to get a little more confident as the thumb pressed a little harder and moved slightly to caress her through the blanket.
    • JennyDK
      By JennyDK

      Overall premise: Interactions between local hero and villain turn to love and more over time.
      GENERAL VIBE: Think something between Kick-Ass (ordinary people mostly) and X-Men (high tier power usage). There ARE powers and such, but they are on a more down-to-earth level.
      Among these few people, my partner and I will be playing two of such: I can be either the hero or the villain. We can have whatever abilities we agree upon or what may be reflected in our choice of reference picture.
      The villain will start as being aware of the hero's presence and thus begin to have conflicts with them of various degree, but nothing OP like leveling entire cities - the main thing here really is how the two, over time, grow closer and develop their bond from pure enemies to lovers and partners eventually.

      The idea here is that they start to let on more about their lives than they probably should, slowly getting a better understanding of each other and the fights even turning more into an excuse to be closer to the other, before they both fully realize why this is happening
      Our heroine:

      Concept: Full  time vigilante. Works together with a brilliant, secret scientist who helps her with her gear in exchange for her dealing with crimes. Wears massive machinery arms and hands she uses to pummel bad guys. Very tomboyish and hard to get close to.
      Name: Lisa Matterson.
      Age: 22
      Background: Left home at an early age and lived on the street for a few years before she witnessed a middle aged man getting assaulted by violent thugs. She came to his rescue and the man thanked her by letting her live in his home. Here she got involved with his experiments, helping where she could and they formed a deep friendship as well as mutual respect for each other's ability to help the other. From her time on the streets, she knows how dangerous it is out there and thus wants to deal with the crimes police never bother with. So she had her scientist help her make equipment to better deal with the problems.
    • Melethron
      By Melethron
      Hello there my lovelies, and thank you for taking the time to read my interest check here.
      A little about myself before I get into the meat and potatoes of things. I’ve been writing and roleplaying for well over eighteen years now, and have been erotic roleplaying for three years. I have a taste for playing as males, futanari, a male-female couple or even monsters against females or traps. My  kinks include romance, vanilla, lesbians, rough sex, aftercare (a kiss or a lick after some rough stuff is always fun), exhibition / outdoor sex, voyeurism (especially when my partner is masturbating), virgins, incest, threesomes/moresomes, harems, impregnation and breeding. If one of these kinks isn't to your liking, do let me know. I have few hard limitations, aside from the underaged, pain, bathroom kinks, feeding, vore and cuckoldry. All characters should be eighteen or older, and all games set in high school will presume they are seniors of legal age. Otherwise, if you wish me to scratch a particular itch, feel free to ask.

      Elsewhere, I’m known for my romantic, lighthearted romps which meld together plot, roleplay and smut. I’ve had some truly wonderful adventures, and am always looking forward to a fresh romance.
      So why is this entitled ‘My Selfish Needs’?
      The thing is, at times being a romantic tires one out. Sometimes you just want to play an RP where you grab the nearest girl and make love to her, and worry about romance later. Sometimes you want to push down a girl from a fandom you scarcely know, and plant your seed in her belly, marking her as yours. Sometimes, you just want to play as a nobody who somehow becomes the head of his own harem, or a bunch of guys who catch the horny with a bunch of girls, and orgies ensue in the living room. Finding a mushy love story to enrapture me is easy. Finding harems, orgies, or fandoms is hard.
      In short, this is an interest check for RPs I could never quite find the right partner for, or old ideas that never fail to make me feel aroused. I hope you will agree.
      If you are interested in an idea, please don’t post here, but send me a message. We can discuss things from there. 🙂
      Be warned, all links are likely NSFW.

      The Elf King’s Conquest
      M x Multi-F
      It has been one hundred years since the beginning of the War of the Fourth Age. The once peaceful high elves, trustees of the world’s peace, had overseen the rise of the lesser races for thousands of years. Dwarves, nekos, centauresses, lamia and others rose, forming their own kingdoms. All was well after the last war with the Orcs, when the gods proclaimed the Elves would leave the continent for the distant shores of the forgotten Western continent. Most Elves agreed. The king of the High Elves however, refused. Proclaiming his kingdom eternal, he rallied his kind, leading them in a fierce war of conquest against the other races. With their ancient lifespans, superhuman intelligence and superior reflexes, the great Elven civilization could not be matched by the other races. One by one, their great cities fell, and their people taken captive. The greatest of these, are sent back to the Eternal High King’s palace, to serve him as his prized concubines...

      The Goblin Cave
      Multi-M x Multi-F
      Goblins. Perhaps the deadliest creatures on the surface of the world, going strictly by kills. Though weak individually, they are crafty, cunning, and all too able to take advantage of a slip up by an inexperienced adventurer. Such was the case for your adventuring party, when a group of female characters ventured into the depths of a goblin cave to retrieve a missing breeding cow for a wealthy farmer. Little did the would-be heroes know they would be the ones doing the breeding today...

      The World of Detritus
      (Any combination)
      Now and then, there is an anomaly that appears in the cosmos. A brief singularity, not unlike a black hole, briefly appearing before vanishing, pulling everything nearby inside. Most of these go almost entirely unobserved. What this singularity grasps varies. A set of pipes from the Mushroom Kingdom. A ruined castle from Hyrule. Bits and pieces of dozens of worlds. Now and then however, this surge of magic will bring someone else to this dimension. A world made of bits of junk from all over the cosmos. After thousands of years, this dimension has mass enough to form a planet of its own. One where dozens of monsters, men and young women are brought to daily...how long do you think you and your companions will last? Will you ally with a hero in this World of Detritus, or be captured and bred by one of the many monsters out here?

      The Dance
      (M&Fu x Multi-F)
      In the old days, senior school dances were meant to be casual little get togethers. A way for friends to spend time together, romances to form, and for strangers to dance the night away. Alas, things are different now. Maybe its because more women are around than men or futanari. Maybe its because the colonization of Mars, Venus and others has left Earth with a shortage of offspring. Or maybe this world just got a little bit hornier. Whatever the reason, nowadays there is a new type of school dance, used by those of age. These girls arrive naked or in just a little underwear, dancing as a group up on stage, often playing with sex toys or kissing one another provocatively. Its purpose? To seek out studs to fuck, and put a baby in them.

      The Exhibition Club
      M&F x Multi-M/F/M&F
      Our characters have been friends for years, so it was only natural when we went to high school, we would want to join the same club. Our luck was...underwhelming. That year there was a surplus of people joining new clubs and teams, and finding a place with two free slots wasn’t easy. That is, until we came to the last club. The Exhibition Club. A place where members went out to public places and showed off their bodies. What we did varied from week to week. Stripping in the town square to just our underwear, masturbating in public restrooms, walking around after dark in just a trenchcoat like a pervert...it wasn’t our idea club, but it was one where we could do things together. This is the story of our erotic adventures in the Exhibition Club, both together and with the male and female strangers we would meet along the way.

      (Fu&Fu x Multi-F)
      Its unknown who or what drew them. Perhaps it was radio waves echoing out from earth, perhaps one of our probes came a little too close to one of their planets, or perhaps they just wanted a new planet to conquer. Either way, the outcome was the same. On the 29th of July, a fleet of strange spacecraft appeared from just outside our solar system, slipping into earth's atmosphere before anyone was aware they were their. Their demands were simple. Surrender to the Puazi Empire, or face destruction. The resulting scramble to defend humanity would go down in history as the War of Eight Minutes. The Puazi, red feminine aliens, established a protectorate over Earth, mostly leaving the natives to their own affairs outside of annual tribute to their homeworld. An administrative center was set up in New York City, and Puazi could be seen in slowly rising numbers there. It didn't take the Puazi long to realize something strange about humans. Human pheromones had an arousing effect upon the Puazi. Though those stationed on the planet tried to counteract this through medication, it wasn't long before Puazi became more interested in humans as a drug or as slaves than as tributaries. Our story will follow one such pair of Puazi, eager for one of these wonderful Humans, and perhaps some other races, to take to their home with them.
      The Fundraiser
      Multi-M x Multi-F
      Money was low. Stupidly low.
      At first, we had tried the basic ideas. We petitioned donors, we made bake and drink sales, we sold everything we could spare to keep everything afloat. It was only after several months of effort that we had to concede defeat. Fortunately, the girls of our group were not so easily discouraged, and proposed a brilliant idea.
      “What if we just sold our bodies for sex?”
      That was two weeks ago. Now, after a rush to get everything ready, our Sex-Tacular Funraiser is ready to open its doors. Girls wait in special alcoves waiting to be used, and the sexiest of them are currently on a makeshift stage, showing off their bodies, to be auctioned off for a night with one lucky, rich man.

      The Party
      Multi-M x Multi-F
      It had been the biggest party of the summer that far. One last get-together for the graduating class of 2019. Thomas Hatter's house was the obvious choice for the party. With his parents away on a business trip, he and his girlfriend had been left to themselves. A large, spacious mansion with a pool and plentiful entertainment. And of course alcohol. At the height of the party, there were nearly 120 people at the house. As midnight came and went, the house slowly emptied out, leaving just under a dozen people. Seated in the living room, the party's hosts and guests sat and drank with one another, conversation slowly dwindling. Until the suggestion came up. "Hey, what if we played Truth or Date?" Little did the group know that they were on the cusp of a night of lust together...

      Multi-M&F x Multi-F --OR-- Multi-MxMulti-F
      The school had been planning and saving for this for years. Every bake sale, student fundraiser and car wash since the 8th grade had been safely secured to pay for the trip. Travel waivers were signed, backs packed, and many tears shed as the senior class of Ecchi High School climbed aboard the plane the school had chartered. On paper, this was a cultural excursion to Hawaii. A way to introduce the class to new cultures and ways of life. In actual fact, most students were more looking forward to sunbathing, beaches and eyeing the other gender in their swimwear. Alas, this ideal vacation was not to be. Instead, the plane went down somewhere over the Pacific, barely managing a landing outside a small island...
      Now on their own, the wet and horny students must survive away from the world they once knew, building their own little society until they can be rescued. Little do they realize that curious eyes that have never beheld the opposite sex naked before watch from the treeline, their bare bodies quickly aroused by the thought of sexual release...(Can be a class of males on an island of females, a mixed class on an island of females, or a class of females on an island of males, depending upon your preferences~)

      The 'Dating' App
      M&F/M&Fu x Multi-F
      The Uni 'N Me App has been up on the university intranet for about a month now. An invention of the school's higher ups, the idea was the service would allow students to form tighter social bonds. Finding furniture or books for cheap, roommates to share space with, or study partners to improve one's grades. In actuality, the service quickly degraded into a hub for organizing parties, and as a dating service. The secure nature of the app allowed students to anonymously flirt, and arrange dates in privacy, though photos outside the user gallery could only be sent between friends. But no one would take an interest in your characters...would they?

      Romance at Red Petal Ranch
      M x Multi-F
      In a ranch on the edge of town, there is an old ranch that is owned by a hardy farmer and his buxom wife. Or at least, there used to be. After an unfortunate accident, the two have been forced to retire from farming, leaving the farm in the hands of their eldest son. After quitting school to come to the farm, he finds the place an absolute mess. Fences are falling apart, buildings are in disrepair. All that's left are some of the prized Girls kept on the ranch. Driven by a need to honor the family name, he must take what Girls are left on his ranch, reclaim his family's legacy and rebuild the ranch from his youth. (Can be flavored as slaves, monster girls, fandoms, Pokemon, whatever your heart desires.)
      And here is a little list of fandom girls (or 'girls') I would particularly love to see in an erotic RP. Whether because I know them well from their media, because I have enjoyed what I have seen of them online, or just because I think they have a sexy body. I am mostly looking for partners to play them against an OC male/futa or monster, though if you would rather I play as another canon character or a crossover, we can discuss things.  If you have a different canon or a different series you would like to play, feel free to let me know; this list is by no means all-inclusive of my canon tastes, and is meant as a sampling of the characters I would particularly love to play against.
      Monster Girls
      That is all folks. Let me know your thoughts.
    • JennyDK
      By JennyDK
      RP between: @JennyDK and @SunshineFairview.

      It is the very start of spring and the small town of Stardew Valley is all abuzz with the news of someone new moving into town. In fact, in the old farm house located near the village. Its has abandoned and neglected for years since the last owner was there. Pretty much only the mayor as well as the elderly couple of George and Evelynn recalls the man who used to call it his home.
      The new farmer is probably busy unpacking, cleaning and tidying up as none other than mayor Lewis and Robin has been in contact with the newcomer. So nearly every other citizen is eager to meet them and see what kind of person would be entering their already tightly knit community.
      Leah, is at her own little cozy cottage, working on the first sculpture of the year, humming softly to herself while her focus is mostly on the work ahead of her.

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