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Down at the Pool


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The door clicked as Derek opened the door leading to the pool area. What a plus to this amazing apartment with such an amazing pool!

Derek scanned the entire patio. The pool was quite large, in fact, it could probably hold all the residents and then some. Different areas marked out different depths. Ankle high water, to waist height, to about 10 feet (3-4 meters) deep! Several hot tub spas scattered out around the pool, perfect for small groups to lounge in. Shrubbery, flower patches and trees lines the outside of the pool making for a beautiful view that covered the tall white privacy fence that blocked the outside world. 

Derek closed his eyes, listening. The walls did a great job of blocking out sound too, as the passing cars and people down below on the streets could barely be heard. 

Derek again scanned the various lounge chairs that littered the brick payment around the pool. He frowned. Not a single person was enjoying this gem. He walked slowly over to a chair claiming it for himself tossing his belongings and towel over it as he removed his shirts and made for the shallow end of the water. 

Got about ankle deep before laying down and letting the water surround him as he stared into the sky. (Switching to first person) My eyes began to flutter as the water was quite calming and just what I needed after a long day. I slowly drifted off into sleep.

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