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Saturday Morning RPG: Did someone call for superheroes?!

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It's so awesome that you incorporated my Mimic idea. But I agree with Neptune. A lot of cool ideas here.

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Thinking of altering the base story a bit to suit some new things I've got. What do you guys think of the following story idea?


We are still in a mega-city of sorts but one split into two! One side is Authority owned and the other side is Dissident owned. There is a split because each side has a different theory of what exactly is causing the re-appearance of the Outsiders, which cause monsters to appear and attack the city. Each side thinks the other is causing the crisis based on what data each side has. Each do their best to beat the crap out of the monsters that appear which trying to figure out what's going on.

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That does sound interesting. A possible conflict of the two sides. I like it. Each side think that they're good, while the other side is bad. 

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There is also a 'third' side to the conflict, those that receive a mysterious program from an unknown source with a mysterious email on their arm computer.

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Going to talk to those interested in the RP about numbers and where to go from here...

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Here are the modified Base  LV 1 Classes!

Knight: A tanking class that has high defense and a relatively good grip on weapons. No magic but higher than normal magic resistance. 

Warrior: A DPS class that's all about using weapons and dealing as much damage as possible. Can use most weapon very proficiently except exotics. Good all-rounder. 

Samurai: Restricted to swords and katanas at the start, a technique orientated class. 

Ninja: Speed and stealth orientated offensive class that's designed to do max damage while trying to minimize risk to user. Great for surprise or back attacks but not so good for frontal assault obviously. Not so good defensively to start. 

Thief: A utility class that specialises utility abilities like stealing. Second most agile class, just after ninjas. Not very high stats.

Mechanist: For making, repairing and disabling mechanicals and even computerized things, this class is king! This class is a offensive support class that builds items, equipment and battlefield control devices. Average stats except for Intelligence. 

Cleric: A defensive support class that's for buffing, debuffing and healing! High mystic score and tied with Thaumaturge for arcane knowledge. For defeating undead and demons, they are tops!

Thaumaturge: Offensive magic class! For blasting enemies with their elemental weaknesses!

Psychic: An unusual  class that uses psychic skills instead of magic! Said to be a component of other classes!

Monk:  Melee combat expert whether unarmed or using exotic arms. Does not use traditional weapons well. 

Spiritualist: A master of summoning arts that can either use their summons offensive or defensively.

Gunslinger: Gun combat expert that obviously use projectile weapons like guns!

Mimic: Special class that mimics the skills and abilities of other classes. 



Now for the base abilities of the base LV1 classes. Obviously, the advanced classes have the skills of the classes they comprise of and maybe something extra~. The Legendary Classes get even more stuff!



  • Well armoured and the Ability to use Shields offensively and defensively!
  • Main use is to tank, receive aggro from the enemy and Protect weaker Units!
  • Weapons are mostly traditional melee weapons.
  • Think of them as a Wall.


  • The good all rounder with an encyclopedic knowledge of weapons and fighting craft.
  • Easy use of most weapons, excluding exotics.
  • Their stats are well balanced and are good all round units to have.
  • The most common starting class.


  • Specialised melee unit that specialises in bladed weaponry and the use of esoteric weapon techniques.
  • Only able to use bladed weaponry to full effect but very good effect. 
  • Excellent counter to those that rely that melee or close combat. 
  • One of the first classes to be able to attack and counter almost at the same time!


  • Super speedy and stealthy, the master of suprise attacks of all forms. 
  • Restricted to light weapons and armours that do not restrict their movement.
  • Access to Exotic Ninja Weapons and Equipment. They obviously wield them with great skill.
  • Famous of their Ninpo Techniques.


  • The apprentice of the ninja in speed but an eye and mind for treasure!
  • Like ninjas, they are restricted to light gear but are the best at trap detection and disarmament (as long as it's not tech). 
  • Thieves favour practical weapons especially long range weapons.


  • Very useful if you need help with technological or computer based stuff.
  • Best class to take on mechanical or tech opponents. Or to do on-field or off battlefield repairs.
  • Great at inventing things, especially new items!
  • Can also salvage and recycle!


  • The healing and support class that does the business...ON your party and not on inventions or tech things.
  • Not very hardy and their equipment is not meant to do straight damage.
  • Obviously best at medical knowledge and can interpret arcane writings (but can't cast Thaumaturge spells even if they can read it)
  • If things don't seem to die, ask these guys.


  • The offensive elemental caster that's a nightmare to most! Except those that absorb or nullify magic.
  • Like the Cleric, not very hardy and their equipment is not meant to be used offensively.
  • Great at using the arcane to achieve objectives by direct methods. 
  • Can enchant weapons with magic!


  • Best at gathering information from biological beings discreetly, negotiation, data processing or anti-espionage among other uses.
  • Their equipment and weapons are considered too strange to be used by other classes.
  • Great at data anaylysis! Not so good at telling you what to do...unless given terms of reference.
  • One of the odder classes.


  • The close range specialist! Uses their fists or Exotic Martial Weapons!
  • They have the ability to fight unarmed and unarmoured increasingly well!
  • Their physical attack prowess is not beaten by many, even if armoured!
  • High endurance but their defense is not that high overall.


  • A class that is not usually taken but has its own rewards if one is patient.
  • Communicates with the 'universe' through unknown means but is able to draw on real power!
  • Best for handling intangibles that even clerics can't. 
  • Only class that with the ability to commune with the dead or those not of the place...


  • Obviously, a long range specialist that uses long range weaponry!
  • Can use guns and modern hand explosives with great ease.
  • Can make and make use of customized ammo to take on a variety of opponents.
  • Will their high accuracy, good speed and high reaction and dodge make up for lower defense?


  • The oddest class.
  • Its primary abilities is to Mimic or copy the ability of enemies, including the Outsiders!
  • Can learn to mimic MORE than just abilities...
  • Very hard to master.


Lv 2 Classes are just combinations of 2 Lv1 classes. 


Here are some combinations

Archmage: Thaumaturge and Cleric

Spy: Thief + Mechanist.

Master Ninja: Ninja and Warrior

Soldier: Gunslinger and Warrior

Master Samurai: Samurai and Knight

Spirit Master: Summoner and Spiritualist

Iron Fist: Monk + Knight

Warrior Priest: Warrior + Cleric

Eastern Monk: Monk + Spiritualist


Lv 3 Classes!


 Lv 3 Ninja Classes:

Rampaging Ninja: Ninja + Samurai + Monk

Ninpo Ninja: Ninja + Thaumaturge + Knight 

Assassin Ninja: Ninja + Thief + Warrior 

Lv 4 Ninja

Shadow Ninja: Ninja + Thief + Thaumaturge + Samurai 

Lv5: Shadow Ninja + Mystery

Max Level: Lv5 + Bigger Mystery


Lv 3 Gunslinger Classes: 

Super-Cop: Gunslinger + Mechanist + Knight 

Super Soldier: Gunslinger + Mechanist + Cleric

Hitmen: Gunslinger + Thief + Ninja 

Lv 4

Gun-Fu BRAVE: Gunslinger + Monk+ Spiritualist + Mechanist

Lv5: Gun-Fu Brave + Mystery

Max Level: Lv5 + Bigger Mystery


Lv3 Thief Classes: 

Super Spy: Thief + Mechanist + Ninja

Saboteur: Thief + Mechanist + Gunslinger -

Pirate: Thief + Mechanist + Knight

Lv 4

Phantom Thief: Thief + Ninja + Mechanist + Psychic 

Lv 5: Phantom Thief + Mystery

Max Level: Lv5 + Bigger Mystery.


Lv3 Monk Classes: 

'Soft' Fist: Monk + Spiritualist + Psychic - 

'Hard' Fist: Monk + Warrior + Knight

Middle Way: Monk + Warrior + Cleric 

Lv 4

Enlightened One: Monk + Spiritualist + Psychic + Cleric 

Lv 5: Enlightened One + Mystery

Max Level: Lv5 + Bigger Mystery


Lv 3 Mechanist Classes: 

Adventurer: Mechanist + Cleric + Warrior

Combat Engineer: Mechanist + Gunslinger + Knight


Lv 4:


Max Level: Lv5 + Bigger Mystery


Lv 3 Psychic Classes: 

Psychologist: Psychic + Spiritualist + Cleric - All three must be Mastered

???: Psychic + Mechanist + Mimic

???: Psychic + Thaumaturge + Warrior

Lv 4

Psycho: Psychic + Spiritualist + Mimic + Mechanist 

Lv 5: Psyco Psychic + Mystery

Max Level: Lv 5 + Bigger Mystery


Lv 3 Thaumaturge Classes: 

Mage Knight: Thaumaturge + Knight + Cleric -

Magimaster: Thaumaturge + Cleric + Spiritualist -

Lv 4:


Max Level: Lv5+ Bigger Mystery


Lv 3 Cleric Classes

Paladin :Cleric + Spiritualist + Knight

Exorcist: Cleric + Spiritualist + Monk 

All Round Support: Cleric +Mechanist + Psychic

Lv 4

Angel: Knight + Cleric + Spiritualist + Psychic

Lv 5: Angel + Mystery

Max Lv: Lv 5+ Bigger Mystery.


Lv 3 Samurai Classes

Samurai Gun: Samurai + Gunslinger + Ninja

Soulsword Warrior: Samurai + Knight + Spiritualist - 

Shogun: Samurai + Warrior + Monk 

Lv 4

Blademaster: Samurai + Spiritualist + Monk + Knight 

Lv 5: BladeMaster + Mystery

Max Level: LV5+Bigger Mystery


Lv 3 Mimic Classes:

Tech Hacker: Mimic + Mechanist + Thief

Freelancer: Mimic + Warrior + Cleric

Soul Hacker: Mimic + Spiritualist + Psychic

Lv 4

Faceless: Mimic + Spiritualist + Psychic + Ninja

Lv 5: Faceless + Mystery

Max LV: Lv5 + Bigger Mystery


Lv 3 Knight Classes:

Heavy Soldier :Knight + Gunslinger +Warrior

Heavy Medic: Knight + Cleric + Warrior

Walking Tank: Knight + Gunslinger + Mechanist

Lv 4

Master-At-Arms: Knight + Warrior + Monk + Samurai

Lv 5

??? - Master-At-Arms + Mystery

Max Level: Lv5 + Bigger Mystery

Edited by Manni

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Hello fellow RPers, just wanting to know what those interested this in this RP think of the following idea...

- All RP characters receive a special USB stick in the 'post' the same day that they receive the mysterious email with the mystery program with it! Keep the USB stick! As it is the key for winning against the various opponents in the RP...for it is the Hissatsu Waza ( 必殺技 ) or Final Special Attack Initiating Key.  All classes have at their disposal a final special attack accessible only in specific conditions. Most of the time, it is when opponents reach their 'Critical State'. At that time, the arm computers of the combatants will react and display a 'CRITICAL MOMENT!!' splash screen on their screen and their USB stick will start glowing! Depending on what is needed for the Final Attack, the USB will be need to be plugged into a port on either the equipment or a special slot on the arm computer. At that time, the computer will announce a CRITICAL FINISH!

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I have an alternate suggestion (though there's no reason the two couldn't potentially work in tandem).

How about if there was some kind of 'special screen' on the computer (maybe that would actually require some minor effort to get to, so it's not so easy, or something) that displays stats? Say, for example:

Health : ||||||||||||||||||||          |||||||||||||||||||| : (Some other stat)

T-Stats:                                           E-Stats:
|||||||||||||||                                     ||||||||||||||||||||
|||||                                                    K.O.
||||||||||                                            |||||||||

The wrist computer things could interact in some way that allows them to display the stats of both sides while combat is ongoing (maybe also including their key type?), but what would basically be something similar to fighting games displaying a health bar and a special gauge, or something. Then it's a case of trial and error, finding out when a critical attack would be most effective against a given class, or a given 'level', rather than just a massive "FINISH HIM !!" flashing up on your screen.

Explanation (if necessary) :
The top stats are yours. T-Stats are your team, and E-Stats are the enemy team. In a case where it's one on one, your opponents stats would just be displayed below yours in the same format.

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I was thinking that the wrist computer would display something like an RPG HUD in combat, that gives the party an idea of what each person status is like and the enemy's condition. That's what I had in mind when I wrote that. I just forgot to put it down. LOL.

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Basic Abilities of Classes:


Here are some of the ones I came up with! If anyone has any suggestions, feel free to jump in! These abilities are basically the ones that players start off with when they first get their classes. At the moment, I think 2-3 actives and 2-3 passives per class at the beginning will be good, with opportunities to expand later. 



Defensive Stance - Boosts Defence a lot but lowers evasion and speed since you don't attempt to dodge attacks but tank them! *Active*

Protect - Used to Protect others from all direct damage by putting yourself in harm's way.  *Active*

Defence = Offense! -  Allows users to increase their attack power by including their defense power in the calculation. *Passive*



Focus Spirit - By harnessing the power of their fighting spirit, Monks can increase their effectiveness in battle. Using it multiple times is effective but only up to a point. Takes up One turn and it only stores 3 'charges' *Active*

Flurry of Fists -  If unarmed or using Monk weapons, Monks gain an extra attack opportunity per round of combat. *Passive*

Better Bare - By not equipping anything more than clothing and Monk weapons,  Monks gain a substantial stat bonuses which increases with level! *Passive*



Frenzy - By pumping themselves up into a 'battle state', Warriors gain a significant boost to attack with a related drop to defense.   *Active*

Blood is Fuel - If HP is under 50%, killing mooks restores a small percentage of HP per kill. *Passive*

Second Wind: Once per battle, Warriors can survive an otherwise lethal attack. *Passive*




Edited by Manni

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Yes, still working on this. Trying to get more ideas.

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This is MANNI's Saturday Morning RPG Project 3.0!


Welcome to Version 3 of Manni's Saturday Morning RPG Project! After a lot of thinking, reviewing and gaining inspiration, I've decided to go on a different track how this RP will operate!


Story Synopsis:

On the continent to Altech, there are two remaining megacities belonging to Humanity left existing. Yes, there are only these two Human megacities left after the invasion of the Outsiders which devastated the rest of the world 200 years ago. So much devastation was wrought on the world due to the war against the Outsiders, aliens to this planet and universe, that much of the world was reduced to ruins. Though Humanity survived and defeated the Outsiders...there was not much to look forward to afterwards as whatever unity amongst humans was left simply disappeared. The nations and people that were left fought amongst themselves over the left overs...and the mysterious spoils left by the Outsiders defeat. Ironically the result of the Outsider War was more war, when humanity differed over the amazing spoils left by the defeat of the Outsiders. However, there were those that did not follow the pattern of depravity and ruthlessness that the other nations showed. On the continent on Altech, where two powerful nation-cities (who were very powerful mega-cities in their own right before the War) came together as one during the Outsider War, decided enough was enough and refused to involve themselves with the pettiness and cut themselves off from the rest by erecting what is now known as the Wall, a seemingly impenetrable barrier that totally cut them off from the outside world. That happened 50 years after the Outsider War. Ironically, it was rather well timed as not long enough after that, things went to shit outside...or so everyone in Altech thinks. No one actually knows for sure but since there is abundant resources for everyone on this continent, no one complained. Ever since the Wall was put up, there have been relatively little trouble for the people inside the Wall. They did not really miss the outside, as they literally had everything they needed in the continent. Over time, the Outside World was forgotten by pretty much everyone.

It wasn't until 30 years after the Wall went up that strange things started happened. The two city nations split, stating irreconcilable differences though not many knew why. While tensions had always been there, no one expected a split. Some suspect it had something to do with the joint government's top strike team sent to investigate the Wall's northern edge. The official account was that the strike team was sent to secure the area, which contained a Wall-related facility. Apparently, reports said that mysterious phenomena and beings were spotted in the area and that the strike team was sent to bolster security in the area.  According to unverified rumours that no one takes seriously, the location the strike team was sent to corresponded to a Forbidden Zone or where no one is allowed to go. As for what reason, no one except those on the strike team knows. Not even the unverified rumours go into detail as to what goes on in Forbidden Zones, as no one actually knows.  The two MegaCities which were the two city nations within the Wall were now ruled by two different governments instead of one. This was only the start of the strange events, looking back on it. MegaCity 1, ruled by the Authority...and MegaCity 2, ruled by the Dissidents who just so happen to be made up of surviving members of the strike team that was sent. 

Despite the Split between MegaCity 1 and 2, things did not seem to change that much. Sure, one could no longer travel between MegaCities easily due to their being military checkpoints on both sides...and that quite a number of families were split up now. However, both MegaCities seem to exist side by side cordially enough. That is until...the strange attacks started happening...in both MegaCities. Strange powerful creatures have started to appear in both MegaCities, threatening the population!  Seemingly appearing out of nowhere, with no known cause or rationale, they attack! The government mustered what force they could to protect their citizens and stop the monsters but their conventional weapons did not seem to have much effect on them. It was during this time that The Consortium, a powerful tech company, developed a mysterious new weapons system for the government to help combat this new threat. Using this new weapons system, both governments were able to protect their people. However, with mystery still remaining as to where these monster come from and what they want...mutual suspicion is in the air!





The New 'Class' System


In this RP, all playable characters by those participating in this RP will be given a mysterious update on their government issued arm computer from an unknown source. This update, which mysteriously cannot be refused, blocked or delayed, will give all Player Characters the ability to use the HERO OS. This program cannot be conventionally deleted once installed and can only be operated and accessed by the authorised user/s of the Arm Computer it is attached to. However, the HERO OS' installation and source of the original file has not be successfully traced back to anyone or any place. So no one knows who made it or where it came from. However, the program itself, it must be said, is not illegal and actually any individual who has it is is, for better or worse, is well sought after by the Authority or the Dissidents. A PC may indeed find gainful employment from either party or other interested parties or none at all! Your Playable Characters CAN CHOOSE which side, if any, to join! The main objective of this RP is to find out what is going on in Altech! Is everything as it seems on Altech or is something much more strange going on?


What the HERO Program does is allows for the use of special USB thumb drives that look like miniaturized old school game cartridges called Game Images or GIs for short.  What the GIs do is give the possessor of the HERO OS the power contained in the GI. In other words, you transform into a Superhero whose powers, loadout and abilities come from the GI. The HERO OS allows the person to transform but the GIs are what are required to give form to it. The HERO OS, apart from allowing transformation, also has more functionality such as generating a GAME FIELD which is user selectable. The GAME FIELD's use is to create a sealed battlefield where Playable Character and their opponents can fight safely without endangering others and property. HERO OS user have a selection of GAME FIELDS available to them, depending on what genre their OS is. The HERO OS also collects and provides data on all parties in the battlefield, if any is available. It also acts as a second HUD in case one needs more HUDs. Also, any GI scanned, inserted or spotted will be registered in the HERO OS log, though scanning and inserting GIs remain the best way to get info on them. The HERO OS also allows one to change loadouts in and out of combat, allowing users to change equipped weapons on the fly via voice command. In combat, one obviously cannot shop or configure weapons but users may select between their saved configurations and summon them instantly in battle. Out of battle, one can do a lot more like modify, upgrade, change and purchase new loadouts and tools and stuff. All HERO OS users get access to the SHOP, where they can upgrade, modify, change and purchase new weapons, mods, powers and abilities based on their current genre. Using the POINTS they gain from battles, actions they do during the RP and decisions they make, players can buy what they need to help themselves.


Types of Game Images:

Single Player - The standard, single slot Game Image that loads a single GI or loadout.

Co-Op - A non-standard GI that takes up two USB slots but loads only one game? It is said that it actually creates a perfect duplicate of the original user during battle.

Multiplayer - A game that can only realistically be used with a party of allies due to certain issues. GIs of this type are rather powerful and come in the form factor of Single Player GIs. The GI itself duplicates if an appropriate party is found.

MMO - Unknown type. Exceptionally rare to the extent that no one thinks it exists.

Bootleg - Unofficial GI not recognised by anyone! People who possess these types...get into trouble.

Viral - A type of GI found at the site of Outsider attacks. Often, no useful data is found on these types after the defeat of the one using Viral GIs.

Duals - A type of GI that takes one slot but contains two GIs on it! Usually very powerful.


Genres - All Playable Characters who gain the HERO OS can pick ONE GENRE to be. This genre will affect their loadout, powers and abilities as they can only use Single Player or Co-op that are of the same genre! The only exception is the mysterious Bootleg GIs or Dual type GIs. With Bootleg GIs, they may have ANY Genre on it but only one person can ever use it! With Dual GIs, only the persons with compatible genres can use it but those people can use either of the GIs on it! In the case of Multiplayer, all genres can be Multiplayer but only one Multiplayer game per party can be used at a time. The result of using a Multiplayer game of course is that all players of a party are the same genre.

RPG - Conventionally equipped with sword, shield and offensive spells.

Shooter - Equipped with armour and guns with high accuracy and evade.

Fighter - High melee attack and endurance

Racer - Rather fast! Uses vehicles!

Puzzle - Complicated Class that can use 'Battle Items' to full effect!

Horror - Unknown. Usually a BAD GUY CLASS!

Action - An every man class.

Stealth - Deals with surprise attack and ambushes. 

Simulation - Strategy is the key to the game here! 

Dance- Keeping time with the rhythm and beat (and handy visual cues).

Sports - Unconventional use of sports equipment here!

Music - Similar to dance but using one's voice instead.

CardDeck - Much like Yu-Gi-Oh and MTG, you use 'themed' decks' and booster packs bought from the SHOP to give your character powers.

Strategy - Like RTS, you command units to fulfil objectives.


General Rules to HERO OS Users


1. All Playable Characters, in battle, have a Life Gauge displayed on their Arm Computer. Having one's Life Gauge reduced to Zero in battle causes a GAME OVER, meaning your Playable Character Dies. 

2. Once a Playable Character achieves a GAME OVER, no revival is possible. 

3. While HERO OS, their GIs and their respective Arm Computers are usually bound to the person they are connected to, it is possible to give another person the right to use them. By usage of the SUCCESSION RITE of the HERO OS. 

4. Only possessors of the HERO OS can perform the SUCCESSION RITE. 

5. It is POSSIBLE for the HERO OS and Arm Computer to become useless via OS Corruption. Once the OS is corrupted, the Arm Computer becomes useless. 

6. GIs cannot be corrupted or destroyed BUT they cannot be used without the HERO OS.

7. There is a method to delete the HERO OS but not many know what it is.

8. To Transform, insert GIs into the Arm Computer and employ a voice command that YOU MAY CHOOSE!

9: To Cancel Transformation, remove GIs from the Arm Computer and employ a Voice Command that YOU CAN CHOOSE!

10: Once Transformation is Cancelled, there is a cool down period where one cannot transform. 

11: Once Playable Characters are not transformed, they cannot be killed those Transformed. You may still beat the shit out of them if you choose.

12: Using a Multiplayer GI as a Single Player GI is inadvisable. There are health and safety issues involved as well as friendly fire.



The Shop is part of the HERO OS, a virtual store where HERO OS users can buy new equipment, mods, abilities and powers for their characters. Though this shop does not give you new GIs, the shop does allow you to improve your character no matter what GIs you use. Using the SHOP, one can easily improve the GIs the user currently possesses. Some of the ways the SHOP can help improve one's GIs are the following:

- Power up Equipment or buy new Configs

- Increase the effectiveness of present ability or add new abilities

- Increase Present Powers or Add New Ones.


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I'm now thinking of whether to allow non human characters to be played in the RP. Mind you, if you play a non-human, you may attract unwanted attention.

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As you know, Viral GIs are Game Images found at the site of Outsider attacks, thought to be left behind by the aliens that attack the populace. Viral GIs are THOUGHT to be unusable by the general population and even by those with the HERO OS. In fact, it is suggested that NO ONE should use the Viral GIs as normal GIs. Why? No one explicitly says why...health and life insurance will certainly not cover claims from damage or loss of life resulting from usage of Viral GIs!  However, both the Authority and the Dissidents are after the Viral GIs and will pay good POINTS and EXP for those that hand them in. It is said that each faction has developed special diagnostic hardware and software to extract and decode what is on the Viral GIs. Both factions agree that a possible way to stop the Outsiders is to find out more about them via the analysis of the Viral GIs. That being said, there may be other parties out there interested in Viral GIs for different reasons. Depending on what your character/s think on what is going on or who is more profitable, you might choose to do other things with them.

On the off chance some unfortunate soul has exposed themselves to a Viral GI...there is a way to save them! By use of the HERO OS and GIs, people can choose to save people affected by Viral GIs! To save the people from Viral GIs, HERO OS users must adopt LV. 1 or the base form. To achieve base form easy! Just insert the GI into the Arm Computer and utter the Transformation Phrase! Using Lv. 1 form, HERO OS users can 'excise' the Viral GI from the victim and force it out of the victim! Upon doing so, HERO OS users are recommended to LEVEL UP by shouting the LEVEL UP command!

Edited by Manni

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Alternate idea: A unique class (or maybe a hidden function/super rare variant of Mimic?), with the express purpose of 'curing' Viral GIs. Maybe it can be locked to level 1/no EXP gained for purifying, but they can use the function of the Viral GI without the downside of it being Viral for them. I would suggest this class be called "Purifier", or "Anti-Viral", or something along these lines. That way, not just anyone can cure them, and perhaps the ones that can could turn it into some kind of mercenary/bounty type system, where someone finds a Viral type, and contracts someone to cure them and retrieve their Viral GI.

While on the topic, I would suggest the potential to distinguish the Viral types further, and perhaps instead of Viral GI, refer to it as a Viral Drive, or something like that. Along similar lines, you could also introduce Corrupted or Glitch Drives, which maybe grant stronger (but similar) abilities at a higher cost than standard GIs? Perhaps also initiating messed up 'stages' in which to do battle?

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Viral GIs or your Viral Drives have a specific purpose in my current idea of the RP at present. There is an interesting twist or two involved with their current state that I'm not able to make public just yet. However, I have thought about the process of 'Debugging' them. There are actually special equipment that allows for the use of games that cannot be used normally or have unusual powers. At the moment, you have the Debuggler, which both the Dissidents and Authority have access to but not the right of ownership to. The Debuggler's main use is to decode and decrypt the Viral Drives which aren't useful to normal people but are to the story of the RP. There is also the Glitcher, which is not in possession of either the Dissidents or the Authority.

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Ah, didn't realise you already had ideas for them. It just came to me as I was reading your previous post and thought I'd share it in case it might be useful.

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