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Saturday Morning RPG: Did someone call for superheroes?!

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Hello EcchiDreams,

On this page is a proposal for an RP that I would like to do one day and perhaps will but for now is still in the ideas stage. However, since I haven't shared it or developed it much, perhaps people here could help me with it. Up for discussion today is my idea/version of a superhero RPG, the kind of stuff one would find in cartoons watched on a lazy Saturday morning. Well, back in the 90s. Anyway, this RPG is inspired directly by a number of things which I shall list here:


1) Persona 3+4

2) Super Sentai/Power Rangers

3) Anime

4) Fire Emblem


What I had wanted to do but probably will never get around to do is have a world where there are seemingly no superheroes. In fact, there were once many when there was a major threat to planetary survival but now, there aren't many new ones. The old heroes that survived generall are in positions of power in the world. In the major city that this RPG will take place, not many seem to particularly care that there aren't many superheroes. The world, to them, seems safe enough as the authorities keep them safe enough from the Outsiders. The Outsiders are said to be the enemy of the people in the RP, beings from another world that wish harm on this world. However, that is not the only threat to peace and stability in the world. There are dissidents in the world, those that would bring chaos and confusion to the peace and order the world enjoys. Why they fight the authorities, especially since their higher ranks were also heroes is a mystery. No one knows why they separated from the others and not many bother to think about that. There is also...the others...those with powers unauthorized and thus...are a threat.


In this RP, at least one of the characters RPers will play is one of these Others...a otherwise normal person living in this city that has gained illegal powers from an unknown person via a meeting of chance. This meeting will turn their lives upside down as you will be hunted by the authorities. Whether to flee or fight, it is up to you.


Another possible character RPers could play is a member of the City's Security Force, led by the surviving heroes and manned by their brood...or others like them. They have more information of what happened in the past and why they do things than the populace and even the dissidents. You have authority over the people in the city and are charged to protect them. What you do to the Others is up to personal discretion to an extent but remember, Order comes first.

You could also play as one of the Dissidents, those that oppose the Authorities. Led by other surviving heroes and also their brood. They could be considered the opposition of the Authorities. They wish for a different world to what the authorities wish...though they themselves may not agree what that future entails. 



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This sounds like an interesting RP to get involved with. I'm certainly willing to chat to you and help you with ideas and the like! I already have a character idea in mind X3

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All characters in this RP start with no supernatural powers at all but upon obtaining the mysterious 'Power' Key from the mysterious being known as Smith, all characters will be able to use supernatural abilities depending on the Key they have. All characters created in this RPG have an arm computer [on the dominant hand] which functions like a mobile phone and laptop in one given to them at a certain age. However, it is also a means for the Authorities to track you and those around you. No, no killswitches but they can track your location, conversations and such in the City. However, there is a secret program inbuilt in the arm computer that few civilians have knowledge about, which allows the use of 'Power Keys'. All characters will be able to collect a number of Keys on their journey...however, only Keys of the same colour of your first Key gained from Smith will work. Apparently, the colour of the Key is important for SOME REASON but not many know why. Apparently, there is some sort of 'block' that prevents those that obtain the Keys from Smith to use other colours from their first Key. 


The 'Power Keys' are inserted into the Arm Computer when the 'Transform' Program is unlocked (upon detection of the Power Key) and turned clockwise 90 degrees (if you are right handed) or turned anti-clockwise 90 degrees (if you are left handed). Depending on the Key inserted, you will turned a superhero of that class.



Here are a list of some of the basic classes available:

1. Ninja

2. Magic User

2. Warrior

4. Gunslinger

5. Samurai

6. Monk/Fighter

7. Mechanist

8. ESPer.


However, it is said that there are Legendary Keys out there that gives...unsual special classes to people that can find those that hold them.

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So, if each key starts with the base class as a certain colour, are the following key's the same colours or of similar hues to that base colour? Also, would this collection of key's work like a skill tree to which one can evolve and develop like an RPG does? If so, how could this work in a rp like this? Would there be the master mind, as it were, who would determine the keys and give them to the RPer upon request or would there be certain events that have to take place? 

I do like the idea of this Rp a lot and it has some very intriguing concepts. Would love to hear more.   

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Here is my thinking at the moment!


While each character gets a set colour of their choosing at the beginning, each class has a different shade of the base colour. 

The different classes do have 'skill trees' that develop and evolve as the RPG progresses, like an RPG...LOL. All colours actually learn the same basic skills assuming same class BUT there will be differences when you take into account the THEME bonus and specializations that comes in effect later down the road with things like advanced classes that are obtained with new transformation trinkets. 

As for key obtainment, while you get several from Smith at selected parts of the story, other keys are obtained depending on what path you take...and don't forget the Legendary Keys!!


Now, about THEME bonus. At times, it might seem a 'balanced' party of different skill sets would work great and in the real world, it does. However, this is not the real world but a Power Rangers/Super Sentai RPG and such logic does not apply. In fact, it's actually more beneficial to get you and your team-mates to use the same class all at once against tough monsters. No, not ordinary mooks/cannon fodder but much tougher units. Not only does your entire team get stat bonuses that increases in accordance to the amount of team members you have (there is a limit though) but you also get the following: [WORK IN PROGRESS]


1) Team Finisher - Using certain class abilities in a sequence across the team creates the classic team finishing move this genre is famous for. As long as the first blow connects successfully, the rest can occur and will be considered an instant or free action. Available from the start, once enough party members.

2) All-In Teamwork - Similar to the Team Finisher but only one team member performs the finisher while the others use buff/support, debuff/weaken or create an opening for the strike. OR in some cases, all team members lend power to one attacker for one powerful hit! With this option, the preparation for the strike is considered an instant or free action BUT if the strike should fail, the attacker is instantly vulnerable to a critical if not potentially lethal counter.

3) Team Action: BFG! - Attained later, this team move requires certain themed teams to be used and certain conditions to be met before use. Fusing all the special class weapons (which ironically are weapons influenced by the team THEME) together creates the BFG, which takes a turn and all team members must be close by and alive. Despite the stricter conditions, this move is actually more powerful than the first two and cannot be blocked!

4) The MEGA MECH~! - Once you obtain enough party members and have gotten individual mechs then you can COMBINE them into one big ass THEMED one! Obviously more powerful than the sum of its parts and...comes with a cool theme song? Able to evolve along with the party.


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In this post, I will outline the basic skills the basic classes use. IN PROGRESS!



Swooshing Like the Wind - An air-dash like move that allows for quick traversal of enemy mobs, water and and overall quick movement.

Become Like the Wind - Innate Increase in evasion and agility.

Swoosh~ Now I Got you! - Physical Counter on successful dodge.

Ninja Ninpo~! - Mastery for the Ninja Arts. Increases with level, which unlocks different arts.


Magic User:

You Get What You Give: Using more mana power increases spell power by an associated amount.

Colour Co-ordination: Your Colour will determine the elemental affinity of the unit, which determines what element you can use, resistances and weaknesses.

Contract Familiar: With the key, you are given a familiar that is associated with your element. They allow you to cast spells without words! As long as the familiar lives, you don't need complicated chants or magic circles or nada.

Spell Fusion: The ability to combine magic of different elements together for a massive attack. Has associated rate of failure.



Never Give Up~: The ability to continue fighting despite incurring significant damage. As long as you can still move, you can fight!

Swiss Army Knife: You get a whole lot of knowledge of how to use different weapons but no mastery in particular.

Second Wind: The ability to recover after an enemy is defeated after being put into Critical State. Recovery limited to 30% of max.

Toughness: Increased defence, HP and overall survival.

Anyway's Good: Can dual wield or two-hand weapons.



Unlimited Ammo Cheat: While you have to reload, you don't run out of ammo!

Trickshot: Able to pull off stunts and flashy shit with guns but a penalty to defense. So don't miss.

John Woo Style: Can dual wield small arms.

Matrix Effect: For a short amount of time, you can speed up reflexes so much that time seems to slow. Accuracy and Crits way up. Can't use for long or permanent brain damage.



Who Needs Weapons?! : Attack bonus when using fist or claw weapons or your bare fists. Increases with level.

Dude, You're EXTREME: When your TENSION or emotional state becomes extreme, watch out! Power boost!

Cross Counter: Attack as your enemy attacks!

Fists of Fury: Each attack carries a chance of allowing for another attack. Combos!

Disciple of OP School: Learn powerful physical techniques but have to name the attacks..



I'm an Engineer~!: Crazy Level Ability with Making and repairing anything Mechanical

God Damn Efficient: Lowered resource costs to repair/make/create new mechanical things

Handyman: Tools can be weapons too, you know?

Battle Mecha, Go!: Can create offensive and defensive items on-the-fly assuming appropriate materials.

Walking Toolshop: Always has tools....somewhere.



Lean on me!: Boost to Defensive, Status and Support Skills.

I'm a Ph.D!: Super smart and quick thinking!

Mental Woo: Expert in psychic phenomenon

Mystery Skill: It's fucking mysterious!

Spiritualist: Call on human spirits to help you!


Beast Tamer:

Beast Summoner: Can call on...oversized animal friends to attack from nearby!

Dr Dolittle: You can talk to animals and animals spirits!

Loyal Beyond Death: You can even call on animal spirits!

Beast Fusion: Fuse with your inner animal spirit!



Sword Mastery: Well, you're the boss when it comes to swords.

Deflect to Protect: Block incoming projectiles with your sword! *does not include back attacks*

Style it up: Given the sheer amount of different schools of swordsmanship, Samurai will have to be rather selective in what schools they master. In this RPG, there is enough 'generic' or shared moves sets and techniques so that people don't have to stuck with just one school. They can mix and match.

Strike Later, Kill First: Counter attacks do mucho damage.







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In this post, I will put down some of the Legendary Keys that are KNOWN about. Of course, some keys are not known about at all and have to be found! Legendary Keys are powerful composite or unique classes used by the legendary heroes of yore that protected the planet from the Outsiders. Being such powerful Keys, they are not easily available and cannot be used by the inexperienced. In fact, Legendary Keys cannot be duplicated and while the basic keys are considered derivatives of them, they pale in comparison to the power of Legendary Keys. While some keys are attached to either the Authority or the Dissidents, most Legendary Keys have been lost and the two sides are essentially looking for them. Legendary Keys could be considered Advanced Classes for the sake of this RPG. Each Legendary Key, when put into the arm computer, has an associated 'jingle' or catchphrase emitted by the Arm Computer before the transformation begins. Why this is the case is uncertain.

[Work in Progress]



Dissident Held Keys:

Pirate Key - Gunslinger, Warrior

Transforming Catchphrase - Destroying All in the way of the Dream! [Arm Computer Now Displays Kaizoku Sentai GoKaiGer~! ]

Associated Powers:

- MAX Dual Wielding: As long as the weapons can be wielded in one hand, you can use ANY one handed weapon skillfully...even shields and defensive items!

- Pirates can steal opponents' items such as weapons, items and shit. No Power Keys and such.

- Pirates can traverse the battlefield or get to higher or lower ground via ropes that appear from off stage. No one really knows where offstage is...

- Can call in air support from passing allied air units


Saboteur Key - Mechanist, Warrior

Transforming Catchphrase - Justice is Free as Life in the Fastlane! [Arm Computer Now Displays Engine Sentai Go-Onger~]

Associated Powers:

- Can hack or destroy machines and shit as well as make and fix them.

- They also have ludicrous compy skills and trap laying/defusing skills

- Vehicles or mecha operated as a Saboteur get bonuses to all stats

- Can remove lockdown on Mechs and Power Keys




Authority Held Keys:

SWAT Key - Gunslinger, Warrior.

Transforming Catchphrase - Judgement is in the Hands of the Just, Lethal Force Authorised! [Arm Computer Now Displays Tokusou Sentai Dekaranger~!]

Associated Powers:

- Extra Tactical HUD, which provides extra info on enemies and environment. Also gives passive accuracy buff and increases effectiveness of co-ordinated attacks.

- Can call in friendly ground allies as backup.

- Increases effect of Buffs and Commands.

- Earlier Legal access to exotic or higher class weapons. Does not have to purchase.

- Can detect cloaked units easily.


Spec-Ops Key - Mechanist, Warrior

Transforming Catchphrase - ARE YOU READY~?! Primary Mission: Enemy Shut down, Mission START! [Arm Computer Now Displays Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters~]

Associated Powers:

- Can Slip under Radar and mechanical or electronic detection.

- Has the Overclock Ability, which allows them to boost Attack, Defense Or Speed temporarily

- Can Disguise themselves as enemy units and unless the enemy has counter spies or ninja, have a low probability of detection.

- Possesses the ability to Lock Down Mecha with their Mechs and seal Power Key abilities while using their own Power Key


Known Lost Keys:


Unparalleled Fist Key - Monk, Beast Tamer.

Transforming Catchphrase - My blazing fist shall defeat the Unjust! [Arm computer now displays Jyuken Sentai Gekiranger~!]


Great Ninja Key - Ninja, Warrior.

Transforming Catchphrase: We strike down evil, called by the winds of justice! [Arm Computer now displays Ninpuu Sentia Hurricanger~!]

- Become like the Wind becomes Rampaging Ninja, sacrificing stealth abilities for much higher tanking/physical stats.

- Has ability to 'suss out' location of hiding units.

-Ninja Arts become Super versions of themselves allowing for more AOE, range and damage and lower cost.

- Access to more powerful hand projectiles and more effective ninja equipment.


ArchMage Key - Magic User, Warrior.

Transforming Catchphrase: Courage is the Magic that changes the world! [Arm Computer now displays Mahou Sentai Magiranger~!]


Legendary Samurai Key - Samurai, Magic User. 

Transforming Catchphrase: The True Sword of Providence Strikes Down All Falsehoods! [Arm Computer now displays Samurai Sentai Shinkenger~!]

- Access to the True Providential Sword School, where ultimate sword skills lie.

- No Longer Limited to Swords but has access to Samurai Armaments.

- Swords can now deflect magic!

-High Counter and Block Chance against incoming Melee Damage.


Unknown Lost Keys:


Unknown 1 - Seems to be related to Gunslinger, Beast Tamer and Warrior.

Transforming Catchphrase - *Chomp-A-Chomp!* You'll be amazed when you hear! THE STRONGEST BRAVES IN HISTORY~! [Arm computer now displays Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger~!

- Access to many types of 'Ammo', each with different effects. Selectable via Arm Computer. While only able to use the Dino Multivolver, they can use any form of ammo with the Dino Multivolver.

- Can use up to Three 'Ammo' types in one gun for Special Attack!

- High evasion and agility, with their unpredictable dance like movements.

- Can Wield Two Multivolvers, each with a different config!


Unknown 2 - Seems to be related to Warrior, ESPer and Mechanist.

Transforming Catchphrase - *Please wait behind the White Line During the Henshin~* Imagining Our Way To Victory~! [Arm Computer Now Displays Ressha Sentai ToQger!]


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The Mysterious Transformation Modifier Trinkets are mysterious items that somehow unlock even more power out of the Legendary Keys! It is said to be a security measure so that only the worthy can use the full power of the Legendary Keys. No one knows where they are or if they even exist! Before the invention of the Power Keys and the Arm Computer, it is said that the heroes of old used varying devices and trinkets to transform and all of them were unique to each particular team. Each of the transformation trinkets seemed to be unique and have not been copied or duplicates made. It is not even certain that Arm Computers can even be made compatible with these trinkets...unless you use some sort of modified OS. 


Legendary Samurai Class - Replaceable Hilt guards known as Discs

ArchMage Class - A Powerful Magical Staff.

Great Ninjas - Some sort of Unique Arm Brace or a Shuriken

Unparalleled Fist - A claw weapon?!

Spec Ops - Mysterious USB attachment

SWAT - A License to Kill

Saboteur - Super Processor

Pirate: Secondary Key




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Two questions:

1 - How about under a certain age having an external one, similar to Accel World (maybe as a bracelet/arm band type rather than neck mounted)?
Neuro Linker

  • Would people be able to opt to keep an external device?
    • Would these external devices, if acceptable (for lack of a better word), be compatible with these keys?

2 - How would this function in ambidextrous (capable of using both hands equally well/not having a single dominant hand) individuals?

  • Would they be able to opt for two, or would it just be in the most used arm?
    • If they could go for two (or even without this), can characters be Multitype? For example, if I wanted a character to be a Gunmage (for arguments sake, a combination of a Gunslinger and a Magic User)? Or at that point would it have to be another Lost/Legendary Key?

Suggestion: Mimickey (possible Legendary/Lost Key) -

  • The user of this Key may copy skills as used by anyone in the vicinity (insert arbitrary range here). This includes Allies (Team) and Enemies (Non-team). The strength of the copied skill starts at a base level (insert arbitrary level here), and increases depending on time used/number of times copied/etc. (delete as appropriate)*. It is unknown whether this Key will be able to copy a skill to its maximum (natural/original Key) level, or if it is more a "Jack of all trades, Master of none" type deal (possibly "Jack Key" for short?). It is however known(/believed?) that this key can copy only one skill at a time (and maybe a cooldown period between uses if it seems too OP as is). 
    *Also possible is that the Mimickey copies the skill at its current level, as raised by the individual it is copying from.
    • Alternatively, this key could store information to be accessed at any time (maybe one time use only, until it redownloads the information? But something like Streetpass on the 3DS, basically). It is also possible that you could potentially level up the Mimickey (as opposed to just the skills it copies), to the point that it either shortens the cooldown period, or allows for the combination of two (or more, dependent on level) available skills in the local area.

Let me know what you think, okay? I don't wanna just come crashing into your RP with all these ideas and such if it'd potentially ruin it. I just had the idea and simple curiousity demanded I discover what your opinion was. xD

P.S. Sorry for the wall of text. xDD

Edited by SMFoxy
Edited for clarity/one of my questions was irrelevant.
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I should have said in the post that the arm computer is mounted on the Dominant arm, like on a wristmount or arm brace. It's not literally built into the arm like an implant. I didnt see that mistake actually so thank you for pointing that out. 


Also, in this RP, current thinking at the moment is that people can use one key at a time and legendary keys are like multiclasses as they require both base class keys at a certain level of mastery to be used. 


Havent got all combos yet as im not able to think of a lot yet.

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No, I think that was my mistake. I believe I misread it, now I go back and read it again.

Fair enough to the rest of your comments.
As I said, the ideas pretty much just came to me as I was re-reading through this, and I wanted to know what you thought.

I edited my previous post for clarity, but I'll restate it here: The issue with ambidextrous individuals is being able to use both hands equally well, thus not really having a dominant hand.

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Ahh, okay. In the case of the ambidextrous, they use whatever hand they feel like or use most. People only get one Arm Computer at a time. 

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8 hours ago, Manni said:

Ahh, okay. In the case of the ambidextrous, they use whatever hand they feel like or use most. People only get one Arm Computer at a time. 

Thanks for the clarification.

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Hmm...maybe have to do a few 'Master Classes' on how to do a Sentai-inspired RP.

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Hey people, sorry been busy with college. Yes, SMFoxy, i will integrate your classes into the list somehow. And I will put down some examples of Sentai inspired RP!

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Before we begin, let's start with this video!!





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Now for a really...ill thought out example of a Sentai inspired RP! Only ill-thought out as I lack vocabulary to describe the over-the-top nature of the exercise.


This example scene is called: Samba of the Dinosaurs~! Resurrection of the Dancing Brave!


*Before this strange dragon headed, long necked dinosaur-humanoid lay a few of the best warriors this world had. No, these warriors were not dead...not by a mile. They were merely struggling to get up, their bodies battered and just weary from the struggle before. Of course, this battle was not over, not until this monster wanted it to end. To them, this battle was already won and they were just bidding their time and taking in the sights to relieve boredom. Yes, boredom. To them, these new warriors were not made of the same strong 'mettle' of the previous generation. A valiant fight they put up but not enough to ensure victory and in the end, victory matters. But something bothered this monster about this scene. Not all of the warriors they had expected to show up had shown up, one was missing. A rather important one, in their opinion. Why had they not appeared? Had they turned tail and run after the last beatdown they gave this crew?*

"Does your leader lack the courage to face ME again?" the monster asked rhetorically. "Surely, one would expect a team's leader would be with their team in such dire situations as this? Such a disappointment...but it matters not. I will send them your heads on a silver platter once I..."

*The monster did not get to finish their gloating as a shot ran out from somewhere, the bullet landing only an inch from where the monster stood. The monster seemed amused by this, letting out a hearty laugh.*

"Ah, so they have come. At least you don't have to die leaderless and I'll fulfil my quota for the day." the monster said as they turned in the direction of where the bullet came from. On the top of the cliff looking down on the gully the warriors and the monster were in was..."



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Okay guys, going to redo the class system a bit.


Here are the modified Base Classes!

Knight: A tanking class that has high defense and a relatively good grip on weapons. No magic but higher than normal magic resistance. 

Warrior: A DPS class that's all about using weapons and dealing as much damage as possible. Can use most weapon very proficiently except exotics. Good all-rounder. 

Samurai: Restricted to swords and katanas at the start, a technique orientated class. 

Ninja: Speed and stealth orientated offensive class that's designed to do max damage while trying to minimize risk to user. Great for surprise or back attacks but not so good for frontal assault obviously. Not so good defensively to start. 

Thief: A utility class that specialises utility abilities like stealing. Second most agile class, just after ninjas. Not very high stats.

Mechanist: For making, repairing and disabling mechanicals and even computerized things, this class is king! This class is a offensive support class that builds items, equipment and battlefield control devices. Average stats except for Intelligence. 

Cleric: A defensive support class that's for buffing, debuffing and healing! High mystic score and tied with Thaumaturge for arcane knowledge. For defeating undead and demons, they are tops!

Thaumaturge: Offensive magic class! For blasting enemies with their elemental weaknesses!

Psychic: An unusual  class that uses psychic skills instead of magic! Said to be a component of other classes!

Monk:  Melee combat expert whether unarmed or using exotic arms. Does not use traditional weapons well. 

Spiritualist: A master of summoning arts that can either use their summons offensive or defensively.

Gunslinger: Gun combat expert that obviously use projectile weapons like guns!

Mimic: Special class that mimics the skills and abilities of other classes. 


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That looks to be a nice balance of classes :) I like them!

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Advanced Classes are now just combinations of the base classes! Legendary Classes are more powerful versions of Advanced Classes!


Here are some of the combos I've got:

Archmage: Thaumaturge and Cleric

Spy: Thief + Mechanist.

Master Ninja: Ninja and Warrior

Soldier: Gunslinger and Warrior

Master Samurai: Samurai and Knight

Spirit Master: Summoner and Spiritualist

Iron Fist: Monk + Knight

Warrior Priest: Warrior + Cleric

Eastern Monk: Monk + Spiritualist

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Some very interesting combinations. They all look so good D: Man, when it comes to doing my characters, it's gonna be hard to choose.

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Legendary Classes Include:


Legendary Ninja Classes:

Rampaging Ninja: Ninja + Samurai + Monk

Ninpo Ninja: Ninja + Thaumaturge + Knight 

Assassin Ninja: Ninja + Thief + Warrior 


Shadow Ninja: Ninja + Thief + Thaumaturge + Samurai + 1


Legendary Gunslinger Classes: 

Super-Cop: Gunslinger + Mechanist + Knight 

Super Soldier: Gunslinger + Mechanist + Cleric

Hitmen: Gunslinger + Thief + Ninja 


Gun-Fu BRAVE: Gunslinger + Monk+ Spiritualist + Mechanist + 1


Legendary Thief Classes: 

Super Spy: Thief + Mechanist + Ninja

Saboteur: Thief + Mechanist + Gunslinger -

Pirate: Thief + Mechanist + Knight


Phantom Thief: Thief + Ninja + Mechanist + Psychic + 1


Legendary Monk Classes: 

'Soft' Fist: Monk + Spiritualist + Psychic - 

'Hard' Fist: Monk + Warrior + Knight

Middle Way: Monk + Warrior + Cleric 


Enlightened One: Monk + Spiritualist + Psychic + Cleric + 1


Legendary Mechanist Classes: 

Adventurer: Mechanist + Cleric + Warrior

Combat Engineer: Mechanist + Gunslinger + Knight


Legendary Psychic Classes: 

Psychologist: Psychic + Spiritualist + Cleric - All three must be Mastered

???: Psychic + Mechanist + Mimic

???: Psychic + Thaumaturge + Warrior


Psycho: Psychic + Spiritualist + Mimic + Mechanist + 1


Legendary Thaumaturge Classes: 

Mage Knight: Thaumaturge + Knight + Cleric -

Magimaster: Thaumaturge + Cleric + Spiritualist -


Legendary Cleric Classes

Paladin :Cleric + Spiritualist + Knight

Exorcist: Cleric + Spiritualist + Monk 

All Round Support: Cleric +Mechanist + Psychic


Angel: Knight + Cleric + Spiritualist + Psychic + 1


Legendary Samurai Classes

Samurai Gun: Samurai + Gunslinger + Ninja

Soulsword Warrior: Samurai + Knight + Spiritualist - 

Shogun: Samurai + Warrior + Monk 


Blademaster: Samurai + Spiritualist + Monk + Knight + 1


Legendary Mimic Classes:

Tech Hacker: Mimic + Mechanist + Thief

Freelancer: Mimic + Warrior + Cleric

Soul Hacker: Mimic + Spiritualist + Psychic


Faceless: Mimic + Spiritualist + Psychic + Ninja + 1


Legendary Knight Classes:

Heavy Soldier :Knight + Gunslinger +Warrior

Heavy Medic: Knight + Cleric + Warrior

Walking Tank: Knight + Gunslinger + Mechanist


Master-At-Arms: Knight + Warrior + Monk + Samurai + 1


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Ohh, the Super Spy/Saboteur sounds interesting xP

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Now for the base abilities of the base classes. Obviously, the advanced classes have the skills of the classes they comprise of and maybe something extra~. The Legendary Classes get even more stuff!



  • Well armoured and the Ability to use Shields offensively and defensively!
  • Main use is to tank, receive aggro from the enemy and Protect weaker Units!
  • Weapons are mostly traditional melee weapons.
  • Think of them as a Wall.


  • The good all rounder with an encyclopedic knowledge of weapons and fighting craft.
  • Easy use of most weapons, excluding exotics.
  • Their stats are well balanced and are good all round units to have.
  • The most common starting class.


  • Specialised melee unit that specialises in bladed weaponry and the use of esoteric weapon techniques.
  • Only able to use bladed weaponry to full effect but very good effect. 
  • Excellent counter to those that rely that melee or close combat. 
  • One of the first classes to be able to attack and counter almost at the same time!


  • Super speedy and stealthy, the master of suprise attacks of all forms. 
  • Restricted to light weapons and armours that do not restrict their movement.
  • Access to Exotic Ninja Weapons and Equipment. They obviously wield them with great skill.
  • Famous of their Ninpo Techniques.


  • The apprentice of the ninja in speed but an eye and mind for treasure!
  • Like ninjas, they are restricted to light gear but are the best at trap detection and disarmament (as long as it's not tech). 
  • Thieves favour practical weapons especially long range weapons.


  • Very useful if you need help with technological or computer based stuff.
  • Best class to take on mechanical or tech opponents. Or to do on-field or off battlefield repairs.
  • Great at inventing things, especially new items!
  • Can also salvage and recycle!


  • The healing and support class that does the business...ON your party and not on inventions or tech things.
  • Not very hardy and their equipment is not meant to do straight damage.
  • Obviously best at medical knowledge and can interpret arcane writings (but can't cast Thaumaturge spells even if they can read it)
  • If things don't seem to die, ask these guys.


  • The offensive elemental caster that's a nightmare to most! Except those that absorb or nullify magic.
  • Like the Cleric, not very hardy and their equipment is not meant to be used offensively.
  • Great at using the arcane to achieve objectives by direct methods. 
  • Can enchant weapons with magic!


  • Best at gathering information from biological beings discreetly, negotiation, data processing or anti-espionage among other uses.
  • Their equipment and weapons are considered too strange to be used by other classes.
  • Great at data anaylysis! Not so good at telling you what to do...unless given terms of reference.
  • One of the odder classes.


  • The close range specialist! Uses their fists or Exotic Martial Weapons!
  • They have the ability to fight unarmed and unarmoured increasingly well!
  • Their physical attack prowess is not beaten by many, even if armoured!
  • High endurance but their defense is not that high overall.


  • A class that is not usually taken but has its own rewards if one is patient.
  • Communicates with the 'universe' through unknown means but is able to draw on real power!
  • Best for handling intangibles that even clerics can't. 
  • Only class that with the ability to commune with the dead or those not of the place...


  • Obviously, a long range specialist that uses long range weaponry!
  • Can use guns and modern hand explosives with great ease.
  • Can make and make use of customized ammo to take on a variety of opponents.
  • Will their high accuracy, good speed and high reaction and dodge make up for lower defense?


  • The oddest class.
  • Its primary abilities is to Mimic or copy the ability of enemies, including the Outsiders!
  • Can learn to mimic MORE than just abilities...
  • Very hard to master.
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Man, you're making it harder to pick :( So many cool abilities.

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