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Keep a word... Replace a Word.

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Kerzin Kalamond

Card game

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Kerzin Kalamond

Panty collector

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Kerzin Kalamond

Comic Collector

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lemon store

Edited by xnoirtenshi

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    • Imouto Kanna
      By Imouto Kanna
      Many cell phones have features now a day that go farther than predictive text. Before it was just a word now they can make whole sentences! Let’s see what sentences your phone will make with only one word to start from. 
      The word I’m going to choose is “he”
      He just wanted me a few minutes before he got home. 
      Your turn! You can use my word “he” or choose a random one! Feel free to make as long or short of a sentence as your phone can!
    • Nyaa~Chan
      By Nyaa~Chan
      There are no conditions! You can assume it is 100% consensual, legal and without consequence. It doesn’t even have to be realistic! And if you don’t want it to be I guess it doesn’t have to be consensual. You make up the conditions! You make up the setting! You get to decide what is what!
    • Temaelrin
      By Temaelrin
      So after a bit of a joke on the EcchiDreams Unofficial Discord server, where we were speaking about a horror story of writing a really long descriptive sex post only to have the person who replied just post "*moans*", and similar stories found. I revealed that for me, writing a post that short would actually be a pain in the arse, and a challanging one at that. Then I thought about turning it into a forum game... With some tweaking to the idea from @XenoSera who suggested it should be three words, the idea was a done deal... And thus:-
      Three Word Replies Roleplay... is born.
      This "roleplay" (This is not a serious roleplay) has three simple rules:
      You have to be lazy in replies, no more than three words, including speech and actions, and no; hyphenating a load of words or not putting in spaces, does not count as one word, nor does posting multiple times in order to up your word count, one reply at a time (No double posting). Violate this and your post will be ignored. 🙂 You roleplay as your forum account - no character ID required. There is no OOC either. The story line doesn't have to make sense, and standard roleplaying rules do not apply. I will start this off:
      ~walks in~ Hello!
    • lVergill
      By lVergill
      From the man who brought What would you do if the person above you, enters your bedroom. Comes the come back! Season 2! The return! The rerun! All star. 
      The title say it all but the rule are simple, what would you do to make him/her/that person/trap/futa/etc excited? 😃
      I actually never seeing the reply so I didn't want to spoil the surprise and I want to witness the game for myself. xD
      Of course you will have to use your RP character and think of it as a RP. =P
      He will this and that to her. You get the point. Just don't take it seriously or go too wild....please..
    • Kalvoras Vertal
      By Kalvoras Vertal
      "The rules for this are simple! We'll each take turns trying to find the most creative way we can to scare the person above us. Please come up with your own unique way, but I guess that taking jumpscares from horror movies works too ^_^"
      Example: I would put a sack over Shuya's head and tie his hands behind his back and his feet together so that he can't struggle too much when I pull him into my sweet ass van and realize that it's just a joke!
      "Alright, horrible example, but I think that everyone gets the jest of it. We're starting with me! Good luck ^_^"
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