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What it means to be Dominant

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This is my opinion and philosophy of BDSM. Feel free to disagree but if you do please do so in an respectful manner.

First a little about me, I have been practicing Domination or living the lifestyle if you will for almost 15 years. I have been reading about BDSM for even longer, attended conventions, munches, seminars and clubs. I am heterosexual and have owned 2 slaves. All that I write below is written from that perspective.


What is to be Dominant?                                 The simplest definition is that you are in charge and in control in a relationship. You get to set the rules, customs, rituals of said relationship.

But I would say this definition speaks only of rights not the Dominants responsibilities.

It is a surprisingly common mistake made by many who claim the title of Dominant to believe you can just order others around and expect them to do your bidding.

What is to be a Master?                                   It's a more intense, formal and serious arrengement than merely being Dominant. Your rights increase but so do your responsabilities.

The difference between the two is akin to the difference between boyfriend and husband or the difference between being a soldier and a marine.

Responsibilities                                                     - You are responsible for those who submit to you. The more submission you demand of them the more responsible you are for them.

- You want control, then know how to use it, know when to push and when to soothe. Your submissive well being is paramount.

- To achieve the above two tasks, you should know your submissive and understand her well.

The way I see it, the submissive devotes herself to you, she puts you above the rest of the world including herself, but in return you are her shield. You protect her from the world, from herself if need be. You are her protector, her guide, only then can you call yourself her Master.



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Makes sense to me.
Certainly way more fucking sense than Fifty Shades of Shit Grey. 🙃

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8 minutes ago, SMFoxy said:

Makes sense to me.
Certainly way more fucking sense than Fifty Shades of Shit Grey. 🙃

Thank you. Though it's low praise that book had about as much to do with BDSM as Harry Potter book.

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4 minutes ago, PsychoSexual said:

Thank you. Though it's low praise that book had about as much to do with BDSM as Harry Potter book.

Fifty Shades of Slytherin.

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I completely agree with you, that's how it should be ^^

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      One Wish:
      Neko girl x human
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      I'm a young, male submissive.
      1. I'm looking to RP with someone who is willing to be a female dominant. I'm looking for a Dom that is willing to play with magic as I'm looking for a Dom that will slowly turn into a giantess or force me to slowly shrink. Which ever tickles my Mistress' fancy. Size Difference is the name of the game here.
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      3. I am interested in diaper fetishes where my Dom either puts me in a diaper or denies me permission to use the bathroom to see how long I can last.
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      These can be separate RP sessions or they could be combined. It's up to my Mistress. If a female Dom is interested in any or all of the above, I look forward to RPing with you. Check my preferences for more information and be sure to ask any further questions you may have.
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