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music discussion forums......  

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just a quick suggestion really, I know at one point ED tried to float a music section where people could link youtube videos and such on the site but this didn't seem to last very long (Why?) but I was wondering if we could have a music discussion area where people can make topics around their favorite artists and link videos in and such.......is this doable? is this even something that other people want?

I made this a poll so people can vote. If it's not something that people want then fair 'nuff.

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Interesting suggestion. 

There was indeed an EcchiMusic section that was in progress just literally over a year ago: https://ecchidreams.com/dreamer/1-temaelrin/?status=6736&type=status

However it was shelved and back in June it was completely removed, because of YouTube's restrictions, indeed this seems to be a problem with the forums too. You can see this here with one of my posts. Not all music videos in that topic are going to play.

But I don't see why discussions can't be done. Already this is doable in the random chit chat forums, but if there does seem to be a demand for it, I'll certainly look into it. Direct links rather than embeds shouldn't be a problem either. Although @Manni has set up a club that seems to go on these lines: https://ecchidreams.com/community/forum/122-topics/ 

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I say yes, pretty much for the same reasons as @Temaelrin stated. We have had a general music thread here for years now, but the user who started that thread is no longer active, and the thread doesn't feel... "official". I dunno. I do think it would be nice to have a place for music discussion as something like a new subforum in the General Interests Lounge or something. In the meantime I've just been posting in the main music thread, and, just starting this week, sharing songs in the Music & Audio Club (like this).

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